Saturday 19 May 2012

That Holy Thing ~ Annie Schissler

    • Daniel Yordy
      9 hours ago
      Daniel Yordy
      • These are just portions of these visions Annie received from the Lord 40 years ago. But they give such clarity and perspective to us to know exactly what God is doing in and through us as we watch the world unravel all around us.
    • That Holy Thing - Annie Schissler
      As I entered His presence, He showed me something so impressive and frightening that I feared greatly. Although He specifically told me not to fear, even so, I could not feel completely at ease, for in almost unbearable pain and in great love, He tore open, as it were, His own spiritual form or body. Even though He had told me to look at it, I feared to and wanted to hide my eyes, for after this great tearing open of Himself I could see within. There I beheld something so terribly perfect in its holiness, that even the word perfection seems to sully it in my memory. This living something was very much a part of Himself, yet it seemed as though He were bringing forth, in a tremendous beginning, a new being from His own person. It was the same beginning in God that He had shown me several days before, in “The Place of a Beginning.” For long eons He has waited to manifest this most Holy Thing which He is about to bring forth.

      The tremendous, radiant perfection – the holy glory of this beginning that He showed me – was so far beyond expression and so filled with holiness and God-life, that I felt greatly perturbed, and trembled even though He told me over and over again not to fear. It was something too high, holy and perfect to look upon.

      When He said, “The hour has now come,” it seemed that He was about to explode, not in an explosion of terrible destructive violence, but rather a pacific explosion. Then He came forth, as it were, in this explosion, and it was tremendously sweet. From this sweet, explosive breaking forth, He extended Himself over all; that is to say, He desired to manifest Himself, pouring this forth upon those of His own ones who were waiting upon Him. To me it seemed so imminent that it appeared to be right now, yet I know it was not at this moment of our time.

      The New Life and the Angry Storm
      Of late, every time He takes me unto Himself, I am made exceedingly conscious of the coming storm of persecution that is drawing ever nearer. It is already forming and developing, gathering its forces and heaping together its strength, preparing to break forth in hellish fury at a predetermined time.

      This great storm of hate and fury, with its pain and bloodshed, is timed to break forth at the very same time as this high and Holy Thing that He (the Father) is bringing forth out of Himself shall be manifested upon the earth. The two things are forming in the invisible world at the same time and at the same pace. The storm of persecution and hatred shall break forth simultaneously with the coming light of this Holy Thing that He is bringing forth; which shall be manifested upon the earth in those whom He has chosen exclusively for Himself, and in whom He shall come forth in this new beginning.
  • Daniel Yordy
    9 hours ago
    Daniel Yordy
    • God’s View of the Storm - Annie Schissler
      In prayer, God lifted me up into Himself and again showed me the great storm of evil and persecution that is coming upon all the earth. For the first time He showed it to me as He sees it, and not as I have seen it through my own eyes. To Him this storm was a most beautiful and glorious working out of His perfect will, which was bringing forth great blessing and not the destruction I had hitherto seen. In spite of being such a tremendous storm, nevertheless, it was not evil at all, but was filled with goodness. Seeing the storm as God sees it took away all the horror I had felt before concerning it.

      Before it had appeared tragic and evil to me, and its image had haunted my natural thoughts because of its evil portents and terrible power, darkness, destruction and pain. I now saw an entirely different image: the storm as it really is - a wonderful and powerful wave of His cleansing power and grace which is bringing forth rich blessings.

      His Presence Develops
      God placed within His own ones something that did not fully develop in all of them. The development of this living thing only came forth into fullness in those who came into a state of His continual Presence, and who were continually dwelling in Him. This development came not by works, nor by strengths, nor by the strivings of man, but only by the continual Presence of Christ in their lives.
  • Daniel Yordy
    9 hours ago
    Daniel Yordy
    • The Coming Persecution - Annie Schissler
      Today He showed me strange, strong pains and sufferings that shall accompany the Holy Thing that He is bringing forth, as it were, out of His own being. The tremendous storm of pain and suffering accompanying this coming manifestation shall break forth simultaneously with it and shall be provoked by that holy, new beginning - the manifestation that He is going to bring forth and place in His chosen ones . . .

      The thought occurred to me that it was almost a deceitful thing which He was about to give to His own ones, for although it was so high and holy, nevertheless, it would bring forth strong provocations, terrible reactions, and much suffering, pain and persecution. The chosen ones who receive this Holy Thing from Him shall also receive the pain and suffering provoked by it, for that Holy Thing shall be tremendously shocking to those who are in opposition to God.

      The Purpose of the Storm
      He showed me the purpose of this world-shattering storm of evil that is coming: to bring forth and produce the government of God in and through His own reigning ones. . .
  • Daniel Yordy
    9 hours ago
    Daniel Yordy
    • The Only Covering: Possessing Him - Annie Schissler
      As I entered the presence of God, I saw the storm approaching - that great, angry, black cloud of evil that covers all – the time of great suffering and persecution that is already gathering its powers and forces together. I realized that before this storm breaks, His people must possess Him in a very intimate and personal way, a possession which can only be attained through a love relationship with Jesus. However, this love is far, far deeper than the glorious and beautiful love which flows freely in a fleeting moment of blessing; this is the state of love abiding within the heart as the one strong, constant, and unfluctuating foundation of the inner being.

      I saw that such a relationship of possession formed a mighty covering power of God over His own ones, which was filled with grace and light and mighty strength . . . I was shown the enemy rushing against that covering in great fury and with much blustering; but they collided against that mighty covering of grace and light and were thrown back. They could do nothing at all against it. This covering was effective as long as the love relationship with Jesus was constantly nurtured and maintained . . .

      Some – even of His own ones – who had not entered this place of possessing Him in intimacy, saw only the storm, and could not see any higher than that cloud of evil and darkness, for the storm had the power to cut off their vision of Him.

      There were others, however, who learned to come into Him and to possess Him, to the extent that they knew that they were His and He was theirs. This intimate communion with Jesus, this state of constantly loving Him, this life lived with Him and in Him, was such a covering and protection that they had no fears, they were filled with security and peace. God opened their eyes to see Him high and triumphant, ruling over the storm, and they were not afraid. Because of this, the storm could not enter into them to possess them at all.

      Possession Now or Later
      While I was with Him in the wonder and glory of His invisible world, He showed me His own entering into the possession which He gives them. He explained that there were two distinct times of tremendous importance in which there could be an entering into one’s possession. Now, before the storm, or later, after the storm.

      Those who entered their possession before the storm became His elect ones, with a far superior place and development, in them the perfect will of God was brought forth. Occupying a place very near to Him, they became the instruments of God in His workings . . .

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