Tuesday 22 May 2012

The Church is not divided,it is immature

The Church of Jesus Christ is not divided. It is immature, so just as children and teenagers doesn't really know how to fully function outside their  own family,Paul said I could not address you as mature because each one says I am of such and such. 
  • Now teachers traditionally do not know how to move in the Spirit.

  •  Lovers traditionally can't do doctrine to save their lives, but they know about hospitality. 

  • Prophets don't do every day life that well. 

  •  Discerners of spirits see drives in people that nobody has a clue about until Swaggart falls in adultery and causes fallout in the whole of TV evangelism.

  • Administrators like St James very nearly, if uncorrected, administrate the life out of the church in Jerusalem. St Paul was used to help break this fascism apart. 
    How about the different groupings then?
    • Methodists need to learn the gospel. 
    • Anglicans need to learn how the Living Body of Christ works. 
    • Plymouth Brethren haven't a clue about living in the life side of the Cross and so even when Christ isn't doing it, still impose law on all their members about relating with unbelievers.
    • Catholics need to learn that they weren't the first church, but are a complete abberration from the sort of church in the catacombs. 
    • Charismatics need to understand their own gospel stops in Romans 5 and they need, like the early teachers that St Paul instructs, to learn the rest of it.

  • Bonnie Morris I like the way you put this...
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