Wednesday 28 January 2015

Losing Patience with Facebook Klever Klogs

The inane "God questions" posed by most on facebook come out of a modern culture raised in ignorance.
- He is accused for how His church is when Jesus Christ specifically told us HOW it would be -messed up.

 Unlike any other controlled faith in the hands of man God honours our freewill, and has a "hands off" approach waiting for a generation that will really go for it which David saw beforehand in Psalm 110.
- God stated the Master KEY as early as the Old Covenant so don't come whining that you are waiting for HIM TO MOVE. The Master Key still stands in the New Covenant.   Love God with all your heart, soul , strength,mind....anything in fact that is still loose and flapping.....and love each other as your self
- John 7.17-19 specifically states how we get hold of Revelation and it has nothing to do with the prissy, dilettante, suck it and see, detached method of learning in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil that all other systems of education rely on. Have manual.....Go DO. the Buddhist saying...when the servant is ready the teacher will come or
"If a man's will is to do the will of My Father  he shall know the teaching whether it be of God."   People on Facebook ask daft questions because only their minds are in gear trained in all the daft religious precepts of the world and religious organisations, and then they expect to build a God House on top of all that ramshackle nonsense.
- Christ is the BUILDING. Christ is the Knowledge. Christ Himself is the teaching and the one doing the teaching by His Spirit.
To See so many on Facebook broadsweep everything aside as if they know it all, when their writings lay them bare as knowing very little.
They know nothing other than American cult teachings. Now American half built Towers or Half funded use Jesus own examples may be considerably further on than English Quarterbuilt Towers and Quarter funded army conscripts...but neither are anywhere near the teaching that is in the New Testament.
- Yer typical American and English interjection against the Holy Name of God is very similar to if humans stood at the side of babies or teenagers and just laughed scornfully, just because they weren't adults. In the natural we don't do this so how come we think it's OK to do a Sanballat on God as He is building His walls simultaneously in all the earth?
Bravo....Brits picked up on the immaturity of TV evangelists somewhere back in the last century. So the Facebook people have just caught up in America?????!!!! Great.
Yes we know Africans like their apostle badges, and their prophet badges. We know Kenneth Copeland believes or "Faiths in" his Lear jets, and Morris Cerullo his 12 million dollar house...or Benny Hinn. We know all these things. But has it not occurred to you that REAL FAITH has to start somewhere? God begins where we are at. Africans do their tribal elder culture and their Big Village Chief. Americans do their Blues Brothers "We are on a Mission from give me money for myLear jet."   But all this is NO DIFFERENT AT ALL from the Book you modernists have just tossed in the bin. I think it's called the Bible.  The WAY of GOD . The Manner in which a man clothes himself with God coming from a fallen world that knows nothing of the protocols of heaven is in the exact three generation sequence we see rolled out in Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Then we see exactly the same sequence rolled out again starting with 12 rather clueless KLUTZES who get similarly powered up, and follow Jesus around...then demand to send fire down on villages that don't want to hear their sermons. But yes....after just 3 and half years we see radically transformed people just about ready for the roll out of the real thing. A breathtaking community that.....stuck for any better ideas....Karl Marx immortalised forever in his atheist cobbled up replica system called Communism.

Heaven is real. The protocols of heaven are real. The fact that you Facebook folk haven't a clue yet is a problem with you, not with God.It's also a problem that you happened to be born in a strange masonic/pilgrim twilight world where it's normal for UK Elites to clone, raise, and instal all your rulers and ruling dynasties and publish Bible Translations by bogus doctors so you will fund Luciferian Zionist goals under the guise of helping God along. (The Scofield Bible published  freakishly by Oxford University Press in 1917 after funding its writing by a random railroad man who then called himself a doctor of letters)

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