Thursday 15 January 2015

Showing its mettle/metal - Annalize Mouton

The Word of Father that we speak, Christ, is our Faith. And like Job, that Faith is tested/proved to "show it's metal" – that it is indeed PURE GOLD, God Himself. Though the circumstances in our lives may shout, "He is dead, they killed my Lord!", His Word, God, is RESURRECTION AND GLORIFIED LIFE. So this is not a test that we can fail (it is His Word, His faith and it is and was always the WINNER) – gold is gold, in what little amount there may be. As we keep standing in the fire and keep resting in Him and His victorious love, goodness and life, that gold will come forth purified and accomplishes that unto which it was sent. It is always Christ Himself, the Victor, coming forth from within us, pouring Himself out in our own earth first and then also simultaneously to the "earths" around us. True prayer is coming into fellowship with our Father and His Word (Jesus Christ) – hearing what they say and then saying the same as what they are saying. That is the only Word the angels and all of heaven listens to, hear and obey. So all of heaven is waiting for that sound. And they respond. The thing that had been lacking, I think, is that we had been speaking much like little children in the past – parroting our Father and Brother, but without much conviction. As children we had said a lot of stuff with mixture in it and with a somewhat wavering mind (double-forked) – one eye on Him and the other on the waves. What He is bringing us into, is the Absolute Authority of His Word. His Word creates, is the Creator. Now He is taking away all fear as we come into greater KNOWLEDGE of Him, and then we speak the Word of His Power with great boldness, authority and conviction from a place of KNOWING, of VICTORY, FINISHED – where we are ONE with Him and His Son. The Word of God purified seven times!

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