Friday 9 January 2015

Briars 16 - Systems of Control. Monarch and Pedophilia

These are conversations on Facebook today together with related subject material on Youtubes.

The reason Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew's links are important are not because it sells more copies of the tabloids and National Enquirer, it's because it is a continuation of the same window that stretches from Sutcliffe (not as random and uninvolved as you think...buddy with Saville) Saville, DuTroux a royal procurer- the Belgian incident, through to names you know via Greg Hallett, a reporter co publishing work with a Spymaster General. Yes you can dig around for every detail, but that's not the point. The point is that Maxwell (probably suicided) and all these other names are involved somehow in pedophilia...not necessarily for pedophilia's sake....but it has been used since the BOGUS Luciferian Templars right down through their education systems in boarding schools as the "unmentionable sin" whereby every leader can be blackmailed to pass any relevant Law which helps further infrastructure for those wanting to profit by it.
Democracy as an ideal hasn't actually been practical for centuries, because of this one technique alone. So when John (Facebook friend of friend) sought to take his abuser (John was raped at 14 in social services) to court, ofcourse he didn't stand a chance. The judge was probably in the same ring, or quietly wheedled out to be in the SEAT that day. Yes, the British system can tosh tosh quietly down it's nose as "unruly John" seeing his chances of justice fade, pours lighter fuel all over the defendant, then gets immediately banged up for it.....but if you have had your whole soul screwed up by someone in authorities overpowering you and raping you....wouldn't you too think nothing of "unruly tendencies"? The very system that is there to protect you damages you worse than if you had spent your life on the streets.

Who would willingly send their kids to a boarding school knowing now that every single institution in the world seems to contain some fraternity practices, compromises,Luciferian belief systems, that all practice the smiling face of rationalism and politeness?

Don't think that I am like the Good Samaritan? I am the priest who passes by on the other side. How do you mean Chris?
I was still quite "charismatic" in my views in the early 90s, and I had a couple in my house. The lady was into David Icke. Because of Wogan, which was a BBC construction, I passed by on the other side. I was charismatic. I didn't want dealings with a man kneedeep in the New Age. I never even looked into the things he said. If I had I could have been among those pushing for Jimmy Saville's arrest, for the exposure of pedophilia, for cleaning up our democratic system.
In God terms, I think you will find that most KEY ISSUES of history are buried Cinderella like, or princess and the Frog like exactly where they are not meant to be. The FACT IS....whatever else David is into...if we'd actually listened to him instead of passing by on the other side...20 years on we may have had something more like politics today instead of the sleaze dustbin that keeps all younger people and those of an artistic bent right away from the BINARY system Polling Booths.
"We'll give you a choice of TWO so you think you are choosing, plus 6 or 7 jokers to make it seem like Democracy"

"When they deny you the right to tell your stories"says Zeph Daniel listening to a Monarch programming survivor,"they are actually participating in the abuse."
Scripture says "we expose the works of Darkness".
That doesn't mean talking endlessly about them. We simply do our part in targeting the heart of the evil that we know.
To simply acknowledge what is happening in our world is NOT to fall prey to fear. Do you know what it is instead?
It is to simply acknowledge what is happening in our world.
People who targeted Apartheid in 60s America.People who targeted Apartheid in 80s South Africa. They were all tarnished. Now everyone beams hypocritically and says what a right thing to do.
This is the same spirit ofcourse that has been around since Jesus. He said you celebrate the dead prophets and Moses. Well they spoke of Me. So if you were real you would be celebrating and recognising Me.
But scaredymongers never target where Satan is now....they just emerge from their barricades of fear about 20-30 years later and take the applause as if they were involved.
I have had dealings with a charismatic brother this week that to me pretty well exemplifies late Vineyard thinking. (John Wimber's Vineyard.) So instead of obeying scripture and targeting this world where it is now, he accuses those who do of spreading fear. At which point after 6 years we have lost patience with each other. He defriended me, and while he is in this late Vineyard softly softly fear of man and devil thing, I don't particularly want to associate. The reason I am so clear on all this is because of Gideon's 300. Keeping your eyes peeled.

From a Facebook Friend raised in Satanic Ritual Abuse

I have a story for you. This past year since I became aware of the mind control fr my childhood and been seeking The Lord daily Bc my life had shut down due to being out of work, divorced, disabled ... In other words not my great devotion to The Lord. In my desperation I sought Him daily as truly my only hope for sanity and going on in every area of life. I had some moments here and there of Him visiting me. One time he sat by me. Not seen, but felt. He told me to stop repenting for things I didn't do. He was very calm and serious. He said this is very important. You must think good things about yourself. (All I could think was how I wa bossy to my little sister) maybe He already asked if I remembered looking at the sky on m walk to and from school as a child Bc I was thinkin if myself as very young. He said I saw you looking at the sky. He said you were looking at me and I was looking back at you. I did remember. I had forgotten, but in that moment I remembered and marveled Bc I did that every day my entire childhood. I looked at the sky. Idk why I just did every day. I looked and looked. My heart was so touched. To know he knew and he cared and it mattered. I just weep thinking about it. It is so beautiful that He sees us. He sees our heart. He knows me more than I know myself. Even now I struggle I thinking one good thing truly about myself. It is an insurmountable task to me. Having had the wrong god somehow foisted on me through witchcraft then the mixture in the church to push works so much. Yes you are saved by grace but now you must work Bc look how much he paid... No every step is still thefirst full of grace. I just wanted to share that all the stories along the way are not scary and sad. How to know the great love and grace except we understand the depths from which we are saved? Well thanks you so much for listenig. Another thing on my heart to tell someone anyone is that people news to know that mkultra abuses/training a do lot make a person strong. It is so valued and respected how much torture someone can go through as if the abuses really make people strong or have super powers of certain skills like sharp shooting or beig determined to go on ... No!!! They only damage people and make them highly function in certain ways and them burn out and crash irrevocably. It is The Lord who saves and makes people able to endure till the end. I would have killed myself many times over if lot for the power of The one true God. NSA, FBI. And any others listenig in - hear me- only Jesus saves. Only He makes strong. Only He has true victory. All the other forced stuff is a sham and ends in defeat. True victory is of The Lord. Please, repent, turn from these wicked ways and do good with whatever is in your power to do. Seek Jesus and so things His way of peace, truth, love. All else is a waste of your time/life. Well I gotta go call the insurance man about my busted pipes. Bless you brother and your wife and the saints by you.

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