Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Government of God

You want to be aware of demons, in the same way that you want to be aware of road safety. If you are too aware of road accidents you would never go anywhere though.
In Kingdom terms, centering on God's Plans makes any thing the devil is planning virtually irrelevant. A day in the Courts of heaven is like a 1000 elsewhere. It's like being in on a central slum clearance committee. Anything the devil had planned before has to be totally reorganised afterwards, and as the church grows, the devil won't be doing any reorganising.

Can you see why the schemes and ruses upon these last generations have been so fierce? The Church IS the means that the devil will be driven off this earth. Here's the scripture....
The Father said to the Son....Sit at my Right Hand UNTIL your enemies are made your footstool. Where is the Government? The Government is upon His shoulders? Where are His shoulders? Right under the poles of the Ark because they are the shoulders of the priests. Who are the priests? A special caste? Well they are a special caste, because Jesus died for everyone in order to make a special caste of them. He took everyone into death with Him to raise everyone up in His FORM. And it is THIS type of priesthood that is the Government of God in the earth. Why does it have to be in the Earth? Why can't the Head do it at the right hand of God the Father? Is He lazy? NO....the earth was GIVEN to the sons of men while they are still alive, to rule and reign. DON'T GET THIS WRONG. Even in your ignorance you are still ruling. But you are choosing for Satan. You are choosing for the Liar. The Thief. The Murderer from the Beginning.
When we choose instead the REIGN of GOD we choose not only God's purposes in the way we have already understood....WE ALSO CHOOSE the GOVERNMENTAL MEANS that everything is to be restored by. THE GOVERNMENTAL SHOULDER PRIESTLY REIGN of JESUS CHRIST

We Didn't KNOW our generation (60s/70s Move of God) would turn out instead to be a SAUL people. IN our minds we were fleeing our SAULS who we regarded as denominational churches. But if you think about it...Saul was ANOINTED in an instant. Then took up rule. So did our generation.The previous types of churches made no claim to the Holy Spirit's anointing.
We were TOLD about apostles prophets pastors teachers and evangelists and thinking entirely in the pyramid forms of leadership we were raised in....
The apostles at the top, the prophets supposedly next, then pastors teachers and evangelists were lower in the pecking order. These are God's GIFTS. Gifts of rulership...hence government of God. Why don't we elect George W Bush a born again Christian to blast everyone in our way while we are at it????

All of this was SAUL. SAUL. SAUL. Read Eyes of Fire by Daniel Yordy.

No the Government of God is not a human government. It's a priestly government which takes its seat in the heavenlies, from the least of people to the greatest.Not by Might Nor by Power but by my Spirit says the Lord.

Any person active in New Covenant believing, shouldering the Ark of the Presence of the Lord by engaging in the Spirit is the "Government" spoken in Isaiah about the Son. The Government shall be on His shoulders.

The "catching up" that the scriptures talk of is the catching up of people in the here and now into Christ as a reality. Neither Lo here, nor Lo there, surely the Kingdom the Reign the Government of God is NIGH YOU EVEN IN YOUR MOUTH.

All the earthly models shall run their course, but the promises, the activation, the reality , the walking out by the FEET of the BODY, the last to be born, is all by a people caught up in the Spirit.

The Government of God looks like Jesus.
As He is so are we in the Earth.
The Government of God is in the HEART as Galatians 2:20 consciousness.
Blessed are the men whose strength is in thee, in whose heart are the Highways to Zion. Psalm 84.
It's NOT a human order though it is human.
The Catholic church is a human order.
The charismatic order is a human order and a spiritual order but without established consciousness, knowing that I have died, and now my life is hid with Christ in God.

The Government of God is supernatural. It relies on the person of Christ and the Holy Spirit for its very core identity AND  its abilities to carry things through.

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