Sunday 25 January 2015

The Death of Secularism

Jesus Christ described the Kingdom and how it would be in a parable. A Farmer would sow good seed in his field. Then an Enemy comes by night and sows evil seed so that it grows alongside the good seed and seeks to strangle it.
What night?
The coming of Catholicism as a system is commonly held by most historians as spawning the Dark Middle ages, Very little advanced over hundreds and hundreds of years. Catholicism has very little to do with the conscious personal recognition of a believer with the words and teachings of the Living Christ in the epistles and the gospels. Jesus simple words are "Repent(Change direction) Be baptised in water, and receive/be filled with the Holy Spirit." By which time you relate with heavenly realities and are not part any more of earthly systems save for doing your best to honour earthly infrastructures for the sake of order. "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's etc."
By invading God's Kingdom the enemy has
prevented people " being born again".....infants are ritually baptised before they have developed conscious free will
and no one in the Catholic church receives nor get baptised in the Spirit but by miraculous encounter with God.
We have a world community of Christians that adopted human patterns of rule, all unable to bear the fruit of Jesus Christ, because they had never received Him supernaturally. It became a laughing stock in the world, as the Enemy had designed and as Jesus Christ forewarned.....take care when you build a tower or conscript an army for battle to see you have enough money to finish the project. A half built tower and a half waged campaign of war will be laughed at in the whole world. Satan, as designed, used the catastrophic failures to foment 18th century revolutions beginning in France to declare Christianity a spent force, upon which foundation Richard Dawkins writes his "God Delusion".
Catholicism may be a spent force but Christianity has never been tried.
The real thing is run in the heart, by people turning to find the reality of God and His power and mercy and living from that in a totally new reality that cannot make sense to a secular world that makes atoms its god.Give and it shall be given you has no space in secular thought. It's non Newtonian physics.Which is why we have to outgrow it.

Annalize Mouton writes

Chris Welch Jim Puntney Marsha Newton-Zornes Anna Kolbe Obery Doug Alexander Barbara Allen and all my other equally "fascinated by quantum physics" friends, watch this and connect the dots: "Adam and Eve's eyes were opened", "already seated with Christ in heavenly places" and so much more!!!!!!!! And what if the sons of God can explore these "higher dimensions" by being able to live in more than "one dimension at the same time" in Christ? Are the natural minds sizzling, yet? Hahaaha! What existed before time and space, before everything that was created, before the "big bang"? In the beginning YHWH… Spirit… And in the end…With all wisdom and understanding, he'd made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.
In him we were also chosen,e having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to the praise of his glory. …And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way. …When all things are subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also will be subjected to the One who subjected all things to Him, so that God may be all in all. HalleluYah!!!!!!!

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