Sunday 11 January 2015

More Bloody Revolutions?

I want to share something on a bigger scale using a bit of history, One of the big things about Union thinking and single eye thinking that Jesus talked about is related to the words of David...even though I make my 4 poster in Sheol there are you
and the prophets somewhere...(listen if St Paul didn't have Google then I can say that too)
You are surrounded by Darkness....or in the Midst of Darkness
Darkness is as LIGHT
we are over SHADOWED by the Most High
in the SHADOW of His wings

Matthew 5 makes it absolutely clear that the BLESSING of the Lord is to be found right in very precise spot where we hate according to the natural man....errrr...but only when He shows up.  We require Him to show up to survive.

A lot of the mad way Christians live....and this is also true of all humans God showing up unexpectedly and undergirding us in completely alien situations.
We are like burning bushes that never burn up.
We are like roots out of parched ground
"Where did you lot come from?"  Ask any of us on the net here regularly making absurd spiritual type statements. They would be absurd but they are coming out of God really showing up in incredible ways.

But God showed up for Ishmael and his mum too!!!!   That's a great bit of prefiguring there by the it for yourselves.
(In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo may well transpire the attackers were "turned" and mindcontrolled" and the whole thing wasn't really Muslim at base, but like so many others, secret service based with Muslim as cover. If that is so my heart goes out to Muslims who now find themselves in the midst of French racial hatred.)

The context of this post of seeing the WHOLE is to do with prayer.
For centuries Christians have been praying THY KINGDOM COME and while Christians have been "meaning that" outwardly, because they may have not been very mature....
God HAS BEEN FAITHFULLY answering...but in the same manner as He answered the prayer for the Messiah

Like a ROOT out of parched ground.

If you can see in the Spirit you can see that particularly in the last 500 years we have started a completely new traversal of the heavenly Tabernacle. Any unbelievers unfamiliar with this stuff check it out for yourselves.....
The Tabernacle, (and Moses one was just a Cornflakes packet model of the real Heavenly One)see Hebrews)...had three sections.
Luther began things again when he stated simply
Salvation is by faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. Not by paying your way in Indulgences to the Pope.
Spiritually this is the BRAZEN altar ...if you stray any further out of the door you are nolonger in God's cease to be a part of the Heavenly Covenant with man....this is what Luther was saying.

Now follow all the "furniture" of the Tabernacle inwards and I guarantee you can understand that each MOVE of GOD from the Anabaptists (Laver and baptisms) onwards corresponds with all the rest of the furniture until we "come home" to the Holy of Holies, God incarnating Himself in man.

BUT SAINTS AND SOON SAINTS.....what did it "look like"?
100 Years War
Birth of America
Millions dead
World Wars
Police States
Cold War
Threat of Nuclear War......wars and rumours of wars

Saints praying "Thy Kingdom Come"  won't be thinking God has ever answered.
But in the reverse sort of Kingdom weave whereby the underneath part of the tapestry is what we see, on top the true Spirit weave is actually what is birthed in corporate man in terms of light,  understanding,and manner of living.....
Revelation as in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John makes it perfectly clear that Christ is reigning and ruling and opening seals that ARE BUILDING A HOUSE in the just doesn't always look like it...

Any more than the birth of the child looks any more like the child that 2 hours later, cleaned up and in blankets is presented to any visitors to see the mum and child.

YOU AND I, like DAD's allowed into childbirth....are just privileged to see the messy birth process of the KINGDOM actually arriving LIVE as it happens.
Amidst screams.
and so on

But history shows us some amazing things.
This is the well known one I was going to pinpoint.
European Revolutions and Britain

In the Spirit it was the TIME in the heavenlies for the precursor to the birth of the new PRIESTHOOD in all the nations of the world.
In Moses time this looked like the Levites all washing ceremonially and being anointed to enter the covered areas of the Tabernacle. Why covered? Because beyond this point ONLY priests could enter, and only the Spirit was going to be the Light source  . Around the 1750s onwards we are at the very earliest preparations for the Baptism in the Spirit to be outpoured again as experience across the earth in the early 20th Century Pentecostal explosion. But in the late 1700s this was still not yet.

But it WAS the birth of the Brethren understanding that we were ALL ministers and priests. So in the Spirit this was the rolling out of the new understanding of who are now the LEVITES?
Without that understanding God is not going to be able to baptise everyone in the Spirit come the twentieth century.

So how did it "look " in the natural?
Well in Europe and America it "looked" like a Freemasonry bloodbath as the peoples severed themselves from the "old priesthood " notion of the catholic heirarchies (especially France) but also from the old order patrimonies of KINGS ruling nations.    THIS WAS GOD's TIME and you either did it in a bloody way or as in did it more in God.

After praying literally for a 100 years non stop, the Moravians went into all the world preaching the gospel....but the100 year  DAM of SPIRITUAL POWER affected nobody more than the UK and America. John Wesley was "Kingdom blasted" by contact with these Moravians and nothing more so than by the incident of the ship in a storm. He knew that they knew that they knew that they knew...
and in that moment he knew that he didn't........

METHODISM was only a RHEMA stage in God. RHEMA is a direct spoken Word of God similar to the manna they received in the Wilderness which went "off " in about 3 days. Methodism may be slightly renewed by now but in the 1960s they had so "gone  off" it is a wonder I could ever become a Christian at all, and as it was I never became a Christian in the Methodist church.

But in 1750s-90s Methodism and Wesley and Whitfield's preaching WAS God's rhema word to be able to affect Britain  so that we never had the bloody revolution that was planned by the occult elite.
Methodism was never meant to be a sum total denomination in its own right. Neither was the Brethren Movement later.


You can either do it in a Luciferian way in New Age, and experience the full force of his hideousness or you can experience revival in God  and experience the change in history in a less bloody way....BUT EXPERIENCE the birth of the KINGDOM in real time you will.  For the LORD of Heaven and Earth has decreed it and is birthing it, and NO MAN can stop the prayer of 2000 years.....


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