Sunday 4 January 2015

The Way of the Lord

The ONLY way you personally are going to know you are entering the Way of the Lord, as opposed to the way of your brain....
("what seems good to a man ends in death")
is to do the BIZARRE things the Holy Spirit will get you doing. Like baptism in water and baptism in the Spirit, with spiritual gifts like speaking in other languages...praying for healing...a whole new world of Spirit which DOES NOT OBEY cause and effect....It may mean selling things, everything. it may mean going places. It may mean loving people you don't love. It may mean hating people you love. (You don't hate them ofcourse...but you may have to say and do things they in their little bubble universes find hateful and quite weird). If you know a lot then it's not that you unlearn it have to completely relearn it according to Galatians 2:20...become as a little child etc.... If you were ignorant before you will find God taking you on steep learning curves, since He doesn't actually want us ignorant, but wiser than serpents and mature sons in His Kingdom operations.
All the normal rules of entrepreneurs and inventors and cutting edge artists will apply to you and more some!!!! because the Spirit that is now in you gets to the root of all things, exposing the hideous lies upon which the whole of the world system you are not just CREATING like your heavenly Father, you are creating on a brand new unseen foundation of ROCK....Jesus Christ. Every demon in hell will oppose everything you are doing in bringing the Kingdom into manifestation.

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