Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Whole Church

I think as well as the third level message and also sharing the truth about the world, my other current burden and it may be an en route marker to the other the wholeness of the Body of Christ.
It's a bit of a Catch 22.
The Body cannot be whole until we as individuals know our new identities. But we cannot readily grow into our new identities because paradigms that fracture and disunite actually strengthen the belief that God's Word DOES NOT MEAN WHAT IT SAYS. The devil knew what he was doing when he sowed all that. It has kept us in a loop for thousands of years.
I was talking about this with DeeDee Winter.
The Body like our own bodies has homeostasis....regulatory systems within it which keep all our chemical levels correct, and keep the whole body healthy.
One of he most powerful strategies of Satan is divide and rule, and the most obvious historic example is the Class system.
An aristocrat cannot ordinarily know what it feels like to be a person waking up in the morning desperately worried about losing shelter or having enough food because they don't know if they are going to earn enough. This has been somewhat smoothed over compared with other countries by the social security system. But nevertheless our churches remain pretty middle class even after the experience of baptism in the Spirit. Actually pentecostals largely came from the lower classes, and until Michael Harper there were two the subject itself and secondly it was deemed "beneath" most English to mix with "those sort of classes".
Thirdlevel Christianity is the type that Jesus preached. His followers were a taxcollector,a doctor, some fishermen and doubtless other trades. He had rich wives of wealthy prominant citizens donating to them, as well as many very poor widows.
The true Presence of the Lord embraces absolutely everyone...but that doesn't mean it's easy. When you tune a piano don't think that you tune every string so that there is absolutely no out of tuneness.
While all three strings to one note must be beatless, without any honkytonk vibrations, if you tuned all 12 notes perfectly you'd never be able to play in every key.
If you let Lukes ramble on about detail, they narrow and narrow their focus as they explain things, you'd be all night hearing how they poured their milk on their cornflakes. So the Spirit shuts them up and moves on. If you let prophets ramble, they seem to get more and more airy fairy....and it isn't Holy Spirit...who is accurate , clear and defined...even about spiritual things.If you let administrators out without a lead, they will box the work of the Holy Spirit in with so many constraints Jesus will personally have to knock on the door of all the churches just to be allowed into His own meetings.
WHAT IDIOT ever came up with that one about having to tell a leader your prophecy first before being allowed to issue it? What kind of a nerd came up with that piece of non Biblical bottom excrescence?
If you let pastors control things as they now do totally illegally, they smoothe down the lapels of everyone present and make everything sweet so their offerings are big, putting duct tape over the mouths of prophets.
If you let healers take over, they'll be praying for every loose fingernail and trying to demolish the right of each person to their own faith to live in Divine Health themselves so nobody ever gets sick in the first place. Healers like sickness, it gives them a ministry. And so it goes on. Church as it is run right now actually prevents anybody at all ever becoming thirdlevel and mature.

Facebook Status Today....Walk In the Light
We want intimacy. Gerald Coates used to call the birth of a church the honeymoon period. We have had one as Christians on Facebook.
What is the honeymoon period.
The free exchange of tons and tons of jewellery that each person now has by virtue of things learned......tough times.....good blessings.....cultural wealth.....skills.....maybe like Annalize Mouton generational wealth of Christians praying.....Or others...hundreds of years of Amish or Moravian or Mennonite believing.
So where's the problem?Gerald Coates in the previous move called it being human. We call it what it actually says in the Bible. Not living with an inward single eye. False seeing. Ultimately any remaining Satan masquerading as me. See, the wounding would never be as bad if the "being human" myth had any reality to it. But it's very much spirit to spirit. It is that which is of God being addressed by devils. And in the worst cases it can wound for a lifetime if we don't keep fresh with Jesus. The book of James discusses these killing fields.
If we have had some of God's wisdom on issues then like exsmokers we see them coming and we also attack....but not the people....just the issues....The spirits of Darkness.....if we all really want the Light then we walk in the Light and let Darkness be shown up. John says....if we wAlk in the Light we have fellowship one with another.....why....because that is what the Spirit in Genesis 1.....when He sees darkness He hovers over it incubating Life.
Yes so.....there is the honeymoon free exchange of great wealth.....followed by the rattling of dead bones.....and no church move in history.....Perhaps other e r than the 100 years Moravian prayer meeting.....has ever seen a whole people get through the rattling of dead bones. Take care brethren lest a root of bitterness spring up and you perish in the wilderness like the Israelites.

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Phillip Owen Morris said...

The light builds the community, not we ourselves. Whatever seed is there will grow upward into its form. Light today is finding it's home all over and the methods being used are greatly increasing an explosion of colors.