Wednesday 28 January 2015

The earth is flat I tell you

So we have got universalists that claim we can just march into God's Presence.We can.
And they claim that God is not angry with us. He's not.
The key is Jesus Christ.
So what's the problem?
The problem is Genesis 3. Until you "see" what happened in Genesis 3, you can "universal"
all you like. You can claim God's Love. Which, it is true, is unconditional for all of us. But sooner or later you are going to have to lose the double vision you have.....the one that you and I inherited from our parents and settled into our race about the time that" our eyes were supposed to be opened.". A bit like a permanent bad LSD trip our eyes were opened all right....but we have been seeing bogus vision ever since.
You can shout. You can scream at what some of us are saying here on Facebook, but nothing you can do or say will ever change the lessons you are going to have to learn. This is it. It's unpopular. Somebody wrote today that the stuff I write is hardly read in comparison to their own writings. Well I could freak out I suppose. But no amount of Catholic writings, or Catholic insistence via Kings and any number of armies made anything Galileo discovered any less true. He possibly only wrote it down on one fragment of paper. But from the moment he discovered it, Catholics could read book upon book, vellum upon vellum, declaring their writings far more important and in keeping with tradition.....
Hal Williamson and Ken Dahl can cut me off, they can claim popularity, they can go on talking for every last breath of their life....but that which Madame Guyon, Jacob Boehme, Norman Grubb, to a certain extent Watchman Nee, Mother Basilea Schlink, Mikkel Thomsen, any numbers of others here, myself....the Bible....that which we patiently reiterate is 100% accurate concerning vesselhood, seeing with a single eye, and all the types of processes in the Bible that we have to pass through to catch this stuff. That just IS THE WAY THINGS ARE. God's wisdom is once again far higher than ours...and reproduces His very Self inside us en route....thus killing about 6 billion birdies with one stone. When we understand what God is laying in us, we begin to understand what we are going through is pretty trifling by comparison.

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Dr. Lewis Gregory said...

Good word, great analogy!