Thursday 23 December 2021

Pyramids and Goldfishbowls


23rd December 2021 Facebook Live Teaching
How single person pyramid leadership just isn't big enough to bring forth people in Christs Crown of 12 star Fulness that we read in Revelation 12.

Thursday 16 December 2021

How are you doing carrying those poles on your shoulders?

 These are this morning's posts on Facebook about the new priesthood that began in Acts

But first some December 2021notes:
As you can see, currently I have been writing more directly to 2400 specific friends on my friends list on Facebook. A few months ago my friends urged me to make the posts public so they could share them easily. This I did, so now any blogreader can read my Facebook posts also on a daily basis should they want to see more.

16th December 2021

Today's writings were trggered through Kathie Walters posting Kev Dexter's experiences with secondlevel church. ( Church that is evangelical AND Spirit-filled but still largely fleshly in operation - what Jesus calls "one flask virgins" Matt25.)

Do You Have the Right Badge?

Kathie Walters 8 h · DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT BADGE I FELT TO REPOST THIS TESTIMONY FROM A FRIEND WHO WAS THERE IN UK AT THE TIME - This is WHAT TO DO IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT "BADGE" Hi EVERYONE HERE IS A NEAT TESTIMNOY – This is the friend I spoke of who got kicked off the prayer team because he prayed too loud.. Well all I can says go and pray for the people in the highways and byways. If they don’t want you in church because you interfere with the “program” and disturb all the religious spirits go where the people are Two years ago the Holy Spirit told me there would be a revival in the pubs in the UK ..Thats where the people are From Kevin - Hi Kathie, that inspired me to write that little episode down, feel free to use it or amend or not at all lol While at church, the head of the prayer team had told me that, quote “I was doing stuff that their prayer team couldn’t do and it wasn’t right because I didn’t have the “badges.” They went on to ask what books I was reading on healing? I replied that I hadn’t read any, that I’d just had a “hands on” guide by the Holy Spirit in healing and deliverance. This caused a frown, followed by a debate. Although I’d been used in lots of healing, some were just straight forward miracles, but some healings were linked to deliverances. Well they disagreed with deliverance ( although the Bible says that Jesus is the Deliverer) from the unclean spirits. Kathie has a book on her website by a Pastor who was delivered from a spirit that brought Aspergers into his family - when they discovered it- he and his son were instantly healed. "I FORGOT TO SMILE" by Tim Cairns. Email Kathie for it Lots of spirits cause sickness and disease- some have come down through the family line. As these people didn’t believe in deliverance I reckoned that’s why hadn’t seen much in the way of healing and miracles. Without really thinking it through I foolishly at the time offered to submit myself under their authority so that they could put me on their prayer team. Because I loved to pray and things happened when I prayed, but I was rejected as I didn’t have appropriate acceptable badges. I loved my church and as the pastor was retiring soon I didn’t want to cause him problems before he left or o be branded a “trouble maker” for his replacement. After all who was I to tell pastors that the prayer team’s doctrine was off.. After about a month of disappointment, one of the ministers who was also mentor to this head of the prayer team rang me and said that they had been compelled by God to call me and asked if I was o.k. Wow this was obviously my opportunity to share my hunger for the church to receive the healings and miracles that I’d been experiencing outside of church, so we arranged a meeting. At the meeting she turned up with a guy who needed prayer, a young man struggling with his identity in Christ, I was a little disappointed as I felt this meeting was important and I wanted opportunity to talk with her. So we both ministered to the young man and to be fair, everything she said was good. So after about an hour I asked him to stand and receive some prayer. I stood in front of him and the minister stood to the side with one hand on his back. I then gently placed one finger on his chest and said in a firm voice “In the name of Jesus,” and at that moment he nearly fell backwards and the minister leaned forward as to check if I had pushed him! I then again placed my finger on his chest and said “In the name of Jesus”, and again he nearly fell backwards, and she checked again! It almost felt that she was looking for an excuse to deny that it was the power of the Lord. So thinking that I was going to get accused of pushing him over, I stepped backwards two paces and raised my hand and said in a loud firm voice, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” and at that moment to my astonishment both him and the minister hit the deck! Wow I never expected that! I had a grin ear to ear inside. Well I knelt by him and placed my hand upon his heart and finished praying for him. When the minister finally rose from the floor she seemed to be furious, she pulled the guy back to where we had been praying for him and then proceeded to pray for him again, it felt like a “celebrity prayer off!” When she finished the guy stood there bewildered by it all and asked me if that was really God that shook him to the ground, I said, “Well it certainly wasn’t me I never touched you.” To which the minister said, Well, I think something else, but I’ll tell you later.” The poor guy was still in the room! His face dropped and asked if we were going to talk about him after he had gone? And that’s when she said it, “Well I think, well you are so loud and this guy is so timid, that’s why he fell over.” The Bible says that God’s voice causes the nations to shake so maybe my voice can shake a spot where someone is standing!!! My heart sank; all that ministry time spent with this guy to end on a note of doubt, what hope is there for this church which I love! I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I was a bit mad by then so I turned and addressed her, “Don’t be ridiculous! What! You both fell over because I’m too loud! Where is your faith in God?” I then turned to him and said, “Don’t listen to her, you received a touch from God and don’t let anyone rob you of it.” He left on that note, and then she composed herself and asked if we could then continue our meeting, unbelievable! For an instant I questioned myself on how I had handled that situation, in the sense of respecting my elders and their authority. But I think the problem today is that the early church chose their “badge holders” who are good people mostly but not full of the Holy Ghost as reuired in the book of Acts. ( Acts 6:3.) Today it seems very sad to me that people can actually be promoted through church by either their own works, leadership courses or by being groomed from the “inner circle”, of being a good businessman who brings money into the church. All without being filled with the Holy Spirit. So if they can’t be led by His voice, how can they help and show those they are leading to hear from God for themselves. I was sad to see the church and people I love robbed of receiving the true Glory they keep singing about every week, but if they rejected Him then they are going to reject you, so I consider this little episode as growing pains. When I saw how many other people have sat under false authority and “bottle necked” structures, and have and are sitting under a spirit of control, I felt compelled to tell my story. Kevin -The too loud praying guy lol.. Kev Dexter

Notes: Being in the thirdlevel, apart from the fact that our spirit is always in God's throneroom, is a specific reference to a two week experience when I was 20 of being in both a natural flow type experience and a Spirit ministering type of flow in and out of meetings with a family in Northern France as we drove then around France, including us singing with angels singing outside the car. My host  got delivered from epilepsy in one instant then a year later got her driving licence back. It was wacky, but it has served as a reference point to how this stuff works.

Melchizedek Order Priesthood

I’ve been in the third level . So I judge everything on that . The thirdlevel is incredible because it’s connected to normality , that’s why it’s taking so long. Jesus spent 30 years “ getting “ normality . God , who created everything , spent 30 years putting on a human form , “ getting normality “. The fact that his family didn’t recognise Him was ofcourse frustrating , but on the plus side it was a great metric of where He was at . Normal doesn’t get seen because it’s errrr Normal . He wasn’t going to the right . He wasn’t going to the left . He wasn’t stretching out His hand to any strange trees. He was like Joel 2 says , marching straight ahead without jostling . Then all of a sudden at 30 , the Holy Spirit said “ Down tools and visit your cousin John by the Jordan “. Now what I’m going to write is important . Hebrews says Jesus was not of the tribe of Levi so He could hardly enter Ministry as Levites did . Jesus is of the tribe of Judah of which it is said no priest ever came . Levites wash their hands and various other laws of purification . They put on outer signatories of their “ office “. In the Melchizedek order we humans have put on Jesus . Jesus didn’t need to wash . We come from a different place as . We do need to wash. But Jesus still had to signify priesthood so to fulfil all righteousness He was baptised . Another way to look at that is that Jesus was cleansing the Jordan by entering into it . The Jordan wasn’t cleansing Him . Instead He was instituting the new priesthood which nolonger was Levitical and washing hands in a bowl to minister . Hebrews says Jesus priesthood was based on the authority of a Divine Life of an imperishable Life . Our only means of entering the Divine Melchizedek priesthood is to die and the one priestly signatory left is our body death in water , which sets heaven free , yes , to cleanse us from our fully complete newborn spirit outwards to our soul , but it enters us by the baptism of the Spirit into a new priesthood of normalcy in God terms , of going not to the left or right , but to walking only in God . Before ,in Genesis 3 we did everything as “ separate beings “ trying to be like God . All earthly priesthood and religion is Cain religion . Religion apart from God trying to get through to Him . All genuine Life not religion , comes through the Cross of believing on Another Life , in us in our spirit , but AS US . Like a prophecy that is spontaneous and involved moving our lips and tongue and out flowed all this speech that we” knew not “…… that’s what we now do in Romans 12.1 . We tested out the water spiritually speaking in Ezekiel 47 , found it worked , then tossed our whole bodies in , and watched Jesus prophesy our lives out of Gods Throne Room as a shoot out of parched ground . Isaiah 53. Totally unspectacular . Until the right time . Until we are fixed enough like Jesus was at 30 . Until we are “God normal “ enough to operate , not like Moses by striking rocks , or by calling fire down from heaven to highlight us as independent selves who then Lord of the Rings like , draw undue attention from Mordor , who then raises Jezebel witches to terrify us with spells . Let me say another sentence . Most current attacks come directly out of wrong protocols . People not reading the priest manual on poles and multi priesthood . There is in the Melchizedek order no Levitical priesthood , but even in the Levitical priesthood there were loads of them . Only the High priest entered the Holiest Place . Now we all get to enter , and we all get to put on this new Body and Blood of Jesus Christ Himself , not as a Nazarene , but as He is now in the heavenlies having cleansed everything in the heavenlies for human beings to enter the Throne . Only angels could enter before that . There is in this new Body only One Head Jesus Christ . He is the only High Priest . There is no vicar . There is no MINISTER . There is no Pastor over the flock . That’s Cain religion . That’s not the New Covenant in His Blood . We don’t put skins of animals over us , we put on Jesus on . In this new Body of God are five types of interacting establishing ministry , plus ongoing gifts that emerge in the Holy Spirit like administrations , healers , discerners of spirits, encouragers , cheerful givers , you name it , you watch , you observe in the Spirit what God is doing in a place . The new Church protocol since the Cross is - 1 John 1 , “ we share what we do know “….. If we don’t know , we shut up . If we get a gift or a prompting we deliver that gift of the Spirit, but the mature are ministering out of what they have “ touched tasted and handled of this Word of life “.

Things Just don't continue the same
Notes : In John 7 Jesus said to His own brothers " Your time is always with you" which means inside Genesis 3 you just do what you decide to do......

In the flesh things continue . In the Spirit things end abruptly . Day follows day in the flesh . In the Spirit Jews leave Egypt in one day . In one day Jeremiah is released from prison . Everybody else goes into slavery . Jews wanted to continue the old order . In one day in 70 AD their whole existence in the Land ended . In one day Jesus downed tools as a carpenter . After 42 months Jesus in one Passover meal , downed tools . No more do I call you disciples but friends if you keep My commandments . In one day a new order formed , the ekklesia of Christ in Acts 2. In one day the one is taken the other left . The old order “ continues “. The new order starts something new by the RHEMA word of God . Ever new . Not conceived in the heart or thoughts of man but of God . We don’t live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God . The natural serves the Spirit as training frameworks , but when the new Spirit thing is formed, the training wheels of the bike are discarded . Forms are subservient to Spirit. When the world has learned not to live in pyramids then the Feast of Tabernacles fully arrives .

Kingdom Stuff Is Free

It’s funny how human stuff is always funded by cash which induces bribery But Kingdom stuff is free so always looks more naff but is in fact the genuine thing . The world induces and bribes by money . Kingdom stuff just IS. I’m not in ministry because I can’t be induced by tithe coercion systems . I have ministered now already non stop since 2008 free of charge . My blog has reached 2.5 million impressions . People ask me have you written a book ? I don’t believe in selling Gods Word . So I have no worldly church recognition . I address all Pentecostals even like Benny Hinn with the same thing “ Why are you still rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp to get the genie ? Dont you know you are dead ?” Every friend I lose , my wife continues to roll her eyes like Sarah and laugh under her breath . “ Another friend lost “ But I know how God works . I can tell real life from Aladdin’s Lamp rubbing . I’m not even rushing after Carlos Annacondia who led 80s revival across Argentina . Because he had life as a converted businessman but I’m not sure what he’s doing now . He seems like Benny Hinn to be teaching the two level gospel and not the one in 1 John 2 which has three stages to it .

Noah’s operation started when he and his family were in the boat .
Joseph and Jacob really started becoming Israel when the whole family were in the boat .
Jesus really began His main operation - The Church , when they had replaced the 12th member and they were all in the Upper Room Boat .
Israel the Nation will really restart when they have the “ we wait for your salvation “ tribe of Dan back and they are all in the boat .

Gates 3,4,5 and 6

Gates 3,4,5,and 6 are important .
 There’s a place of loftiness that is pride  The mountains shall be laid low .
There’s a valley . The valleys will be raised up .

Here we go .
It’s the Gates of Jerusalem .
 Gate no 3 lays out what is known of the Lord up until now . The Old Gate . It includes that which endures from everlasting to everlasting , so it predates Moses and the Law . It sets out what is what . When we enter the Way of the Lord we enter Gate 4. The Valley Gate . The gate of humbling . Why is that good ? Because it gets us out of the limelight so we can investigate all our Matrix pipes . The three classes of pipes are inside the Lord’s Prayer . Those are blocking the Kingdom coming through all the earth right now . When the disciples saw Jesus move in power they thought “ we’ll have some of that “ and they said “ Lord teach us to be Benny Hinn. How do you rub Aladdin’s Lamp and get the genie “ Jesus heard their inner thoughts even though Benny Hinn wasn’t alive yet , and He said “ Pray this , Our Father , who is in heaven …..”etc In other words Jesus wasn’t answering their “ one flask of oil “ question , He was REALLY ANSWERING THEIR QUESTION . Teach us to pray . He wasn’t answering the question Michael o Hara asked me for years “ How do we pray for fire to fall from heaven like Elijah “ Or Pentecostals Andy Elmes ( Portsmouth Uk)going off to learn the power of God from Vaughan Jarrold in New York State Jesus really answered teach us how to remove the Kingdom of the Devil from the earth fullstop . He also taught us Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness And all these Andy Elmes things will be included inside all the other Kingdom things natural and supernatural from the Throne itself . He has blessed us in the heavenly places with every spiritual blessing …… with Cana wine which goes down well , to the blessings and power of Gate no. 12 the Prison Gate which blasts hells doors off its hinges !!!! Like Jesus , then the apostles !! They tried boiling John in oil , but when that didn’t work they put him on an island so the Roman Empire would be safe . And blow me down he finishes the whole Bible !!!! So that didn’t work either . It’s the only book which specifically blesses the reader in a special way !!!! It’s a higher realm leveraging tool !!!! I digressed .
The Matrix pipe dismantling Valley leads to Gate 5 the Dung Gate . The complete Disestablishment of the whole Genesis 3 Matrix pipe platform in the Dung Bin .
Gate number 6 is the fountain gate . The full release of our spirits by the inundation of the baptism in the Spirit . The point of this post is to say the ONLY FUNCTION OF THE HUMBLING OF THE VALLEY is the separation from the system . Gods promise is to always raise the valley . Evangelicals are wrong because they spend their whole lives miserable . They remain in the valley . Gods end goal is Kingdom not valleys of nothingness .

We need to enter the realms of gate 6 and 7. The Anointing and the Water Gate of “ learning daily flow”. God doesn’t have a problem with “ high places “, He has a problem when they are not His Throne Highest places . The devil and New Age , Buddhism and Hinduism inhabit high places of power but they are NOT HIGH ENOUGH . Man has a high calling . The very Throne of the God of Gods . To be the Bride of the Man with the most brass buttons in the Universe . The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords . Power we can arrange with spells Or in Christian circles with rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp But God says this . It’s not by might , earthly or demonic It’s not by staging brief power events in God It’s by My Spirit . It’s always been psalm 123. It’s always been following a Pillar of Cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night . It’s always been about seeing what the Father is doing . He’s not really doing what we called churches any more . He’s building families of broken people into community . He always did . Noah . From Egypt slaves to people compacted together as it describes Jerusalem . New Testament saints after Jesus went home . The Jesus Move . Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk . There is actually no one Graham “ over a people “ . Graham was Episcopalian and they think in those cultic terms . Ephesians 4 lays out how Kingdom works . So does the Old Testament instructions for carrying the Ark . There’s the High priest abd then there’s the Ark carriers . There’s Jesus and His Body . There’s the Head and there’s the shoulders . The shoulders isn’t the Pope. The shoulders are the priests , and now functioning priests are all those ministering under the anointing of the Khavod in the Holiest Place . It’s actually beyond the Holy place charismatic realms , it’s a greater anointing uncontaminated by the leaven of Genesis 3 and pyramids . And the Government shall be upon His shoulders . How are you all doing carrying those new poles ?

Monday 24 May 2021

Letter to New Churches Including Lana Vawser' Word

 Grace and peace to all the new churches and those eagles gathering around the Romans 6 carcass of our death inside Christ, maybe waiting for God to knit you to other saints and churches.

That time is now when the Holy Spirit is joining you to many new people. link

We are in a Nehemiah 8 time period just as our generation lived through the same thing in 1973-8 as God formed the secondlevel churches.
We have just lived through the period God spoke to me about in an aircraft returning from Normandy France ready for the 1978 Dales Bible Conference. link

Figuratively according to the Heavenly Gates of Jerusalem, Gate number 10 is the Gate Miphkad. With each successive Nehemiah 8 "Gathering in the Square " according to generation , comes a change in order. An ordering of the Kingdom of God.

Up until this time since the time of the beginning, apart from rare exceptions, the rule of elders in the Gate has been totally ignored for the rule by one individual.

In 1970s God spoke the "I will do a new things will you now perceive it" Word to us
The " I will make a highway of holiness in the wilderness" Word, which the fool will not tread upon.
The "Enlarge the place of your tents" Word
And we all DID NOT PERCEIVE IT, because we thought entirely according the the Pentecostal tramlines laid by the 1900s move of God.

The NEW thing is not entirely new since it already exists in Acts, and in many histories of genocided and hunted movements, like Waldensians, Albigensians , Huguenots, early Celtic saints (link) (link)
This Move was not instigated by a human life teaching it in the form of Jesus in Nazareth, but by Jesus as Chief Cornerstone and High priest of the New Melchizedek order whose agent as promised in Jeremiah 31 and the chapters of John 13-17 is the Holy Spirit, the Preparer and Beautifier of the Bride ready for the Heavenly Bridegroom.

The New IS The complete 1 John 2 three stage of growth gospel but from the outset in Body format all over the earth simultaneously.

Waves of God all over the earth have brought men into New Birth.
Waves of God have baptised people all over the earth in the Holy Spirit.
But never have Mature thirdlevel Father level saints emerged (1 John 2)simultaneously in Unity and brokenness all over the earth to work together hauling in huge hauls of fish.

Up until this point in history there have never been more than a small handful of victorious mature saints , skilled in Word and Spirit, skilled in grace and truth, skilled in a breastplate of both faith for exploits and faith for trust , love and faithfulness. The Mercy Seat and the Shekinah. The Ephraim Gate (11)of double anointing and the Prison Gate (12)of Hebrews 13.13 intercession. cf Watchman Nee.

Nobody calls the work of God their own, but walk humbly together.
Nobody teaches Old Covenant tithing, but people impart the faith excitement of Giving and the looniness of casting bread upon the waters and see it return after many days.

Says the Lord, "In the transition period all saints must be aware that some of the hidden ones are receiving no payment and are truly of the household of faith . I have called them to the hidden George Mueller provision walk of faith , and while he moved 2-4 billion pounds equivalent worth of supply money entirely by faith, he also went through the early trials of learning this new walk.

From now on do not expect to be asked for money. Do not expect my true servants to highlight themselves at all. I by the Spirit will call you into the excitement of giving by faith and it WILL go beyond what you think you have faith for. No more will saints suffer the chagrine of being accused of preaching for money, because they will not mention it, and as with Norman Grubb and George Mueller, my Divine supply will be evident.

Give and it shall be given unto you does not just mean you will get a larger gift return. I am talking of your vessel in the Spirit. Your capacity to give. The size of your faith bowl in the Spirit will keep bulging at the seams as the bowl itself enlarges, to be able to pour out more.
God loves the cheerful giver does not only mean God loves each cheerful giver, it means the MINISTRY OF THE SPIRIT of the Encourager and the one with a gift of faith regarding giving.

I will send these out into the Body at this time who will impart the principles of Kingdom giving, excitement , blessing , faith , the very gift of the Spirit of a generous heart.

The more each individual enters into the River and the Romans 12.1 life of laying down their bodies as living sacrifices, the more my Church will be filled with great power, Presence, Me Myself.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Marconi, Bees, Frequencies, Queen Victoria,1918 Flu Outbreak and subsequent Flus

This is an excerpt chapter from this book. Hayling Island where I live, lies immediately opposite to the Isle of Wight. This is ofcourse part of the discussion about what 5G will do, and complicated by the very real symptoms which are so similar to flu and ofcourse SARS COVID.  Covid itself is obviously real as it concerns the lab at Wuhan where Gain of function research, tampering with human foetus tissue and bat cell tissue was being carried out, when some liquid was spilt onto a worker's blouse.
Rudolph Steiner the esoteric lecturer had also come to similar conclusions as this Author.
The full book presently can be found here 

Chapter 8 -  Mystery on The Isle Of Wight
IN 1904 THE BEES began to die. From this quiet island, 23 miles long and 13 miles wide, lying off England’s southern coast, one looks across the English Channel toward the distant shores of France. In the preceding decade two men, one on each side of the Channel, one a physician and physicist, the other an inventor and entrepreneur, had occupied their minds with a newly discovered form of electricity.The work of each man had very different implications for the future of our world.

At the westernmost end of the Isle of Wight, near offshore chalk formations called The Needles, in 1897, a handsome young man named Giuglielmo Marconi erected his own “needle,” a tower as tall as a twelve-story building. It supported the antenna for what became the world’s first permanent radio station. Marconi was liberating electricity, vibrating at close to a million cycles per second, from its confining wires, and was broadcasting it freely through the air itself. He did not stop to ask if this was safe.

A few years earlier, in 1890, a well-known physician, director of the Laboratory of Biological Physics at the Collège de France in Paris, had already begun investigations bearing on the important question Marconi was not asking: how does electricity of high frequencies affect living organisms? A distinguished presence in physics as well as medicine, Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval is remembered today for his many contributions in both fields. He devised ultrasensitive meters to measure magnetic fields, and equipment to measure heat production and respiration in animals; made improvements to the microphone and the telephone; and created a new medical specialty called darsonvalization, which is still practiced today in the nations of the former Soviet Bloc. In the West it has evolved into diathermy, which is the therapeutic use of radio waves to produce heat within the body. But darsonvalization is the use of radio waves medicinally at low power, without generating heat, to produce the kinds of effects d’Arsonval discovered in the early 1890s. 

He had first observed that electrotherapy, as then practiced, was not producing uniform results, and he wondered if this was because of lack of precision in the form of the electricity being applied. He therefore designed an induction machine capable of putting out perfectly smooth sine waves, “without jerks or teeth,”  that would not be injurious to the patient. When he tested this current on human subjects he found, as he had predicted, that at therapeutic doses it caused no pain, yet had potent physiological effects

 Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval (1851-1940) “We have seen that with very steady sine waves, nerve and muscle are not stimulated,” he wrote. “The passage of the current nevertheless is responsible for profound modification of metabolism as shown by the consumption of a greater amount of oxygen and the production of considerably more carbon dioxide. If the shape of the wave is changed, each electrical wave will produce a muscular contraction.”  D’Arsonval had already discovered the reason, 125 years ago, why today’s digital technologies, whose waves have nothing but “jerks and teeth,” are causing so much illness.

 D’Arsonval next experimented with alternating currents of high frequency. Using a modification of the wireless apparatus devised a few years earlier by Heinrich Hertz, he exposed humans and animals to currents of 500,000 to 1,000,000 cycles per second, applied either by direct contact or indirectly by induction from a distance. They were close to the frequencies Marconi was soon going to broadcast from the Isle of Wight. In no case did the subject’s body temperature increase. But in every case his subject’s blood pressure fell significantly, without—in the case of human subjects at least—any conscious sensation. D’Arsonval measured the same changes in oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production as with low frequency currents. These facts proved, he wrote, “that the currents of high frequency penetrate deeply into the organism.” 

 These early results should have made anyone experimenting with radio waves think twice before exposing the whole world to them indiscriminately— should have at least made them cautious. Marconi, however, was unfamiliar with d’Arsonval’s work. Largely self-educated, the inventor had no inkling of radio’s potential dangers and no fear of it. Therefore when he powered up his new transmitter on the island he had no suspicion that he might be doing himself or anyone else any harm.

 If radio waves are dangerous, Marconi, of all people in the world, should have suffered from them. Let us see if he did.

 As early as 1896, after a year and a half of experimenting with radio equipment in his father’s attic, the previously healthy 22-year-old youth began running high temperatures which he attributed to stress. These fevers were to recur for the rest of his life. By 1900 his doctors were speculating that perhaps he had unknowingly had rheumatic fever as a child. By 1904 his bouts of chills and fevers had become so severe that it was thought they were recurrences of malaria. At that time he was occupied with building a permanent super-highpower radio link across the Atlantic Ocean between Cornwall, England and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Because he thought that longer distances required longer waves, he suspended tremendous wire net aerials, occupying acres of land, from multiple towers hundreds of feet tall on both sides of the ocean. 

On March 16, 1905, Marconi married Beatrice O’Brien. In May, after their honeymoon, he took her to live in the station house at Port Morien on Cape Breton, surrounded by twenty-eight huge radio towers in three concentric circles. Looming over the house, two hundred antenna wires stretched out from a center pole like the spokes of a great umbrella more than one mile in circumference. As soon as Beatrice settled in, her ears began to ring. From: W. J. Baker, A History of the Marconi Company, St. Martin’s Press, N.Y., 1971 

After three months there she was ill with severe jaundice. When Marconi took her back to England it was to live underneath the other monster aerial, at Poldhu Bay in Cornwall. She was pregnant all this time, and although she moved to London before giving birth, her child had spent most of its nine months of fetal life bombarded with powerful radio waves and lived only a few weeks, dying of “unknown causes.” At about the same time Marconi himself collapsed completely, spending much of February through May of 1906 feverish and delirious. 

Between 1918 and 1921, while engaged in designing short wave equipment, Marconi suffered from bouts of suicidal depression. In 1927, during the honeymoon he took with his second wife Maria Cristina, he collapsed with chest pains and was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. Between 1934 and 1937, while helping to develop microwave technology, he suffered as many as nine heart attacks, the final one fatal at age 63.

 Bystanders sometimes tried to warn him. Even at his first public demonstration on Salisbury Plain in 1896, there were spectators who later sent him letters describing various nerve sensations they had experienced. His daughter Degna, reading them much later while doing research for the biography of her father, was particular taken by one letter, from a woman “who wrote that his waves made her feet tickle.” Degna wrote that her father received letters of this sort frequently. When, in 1899, he built the first French station in the coastal town of Wimereux, one man who lived close by “burst in with a revolver,” claiming that the waves were causing him sharp internal pains. Marconi dismissed all such reports as fantasy. 

In what may have been an even more ominous warning, Queen Victoria of England, in residence at Osborne House, her estate at the north end of the Isle of Wight, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died on the evening of January 22, 1901, just as Marconi was firing up a new, more powerful transmitter twelve miles away. He was hoping to communicate with Poldhu the next day, 300 kilometers distant, twice as far as any previously recorded radio broadcast, and he did. On January 23 he sent a telegram to his cousin Henry Jameson Davis, saying “Completely successful. Keep information private. Signed William.” And then there were the bees. 

In 1901, there were already two Marconi stations on the Isle of Wight— Marconi’s original station, which had been moved to Niton at the south end of the island next to St. Catherine’s Lighthouse, and the Culver Signal Station run by the Coast Guard at the east end on Culver Down. By 1904, two more had been added. According to an article published in that year by Eugene P. Lyle in World’s Work magazine, four Marconi stations were now operating on the small island, communicating with a steadily growing number of naval and commercial ships of many nations, steaming through the Channel, that were equipped with similar apparatus. It was the greatest concentration of radio signals in the world at that time. 

In 1906, the Lloyd’s Signal Station, half a mile east of St. Catherine’s Lighthouse, also acquired wireless equipment. At this point the bee situation became so severe that the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries called in biologist Augustus Imms of Christ’s College, Cambridge, to investigate. Ninety percent of the honey bees had disappeared from the entire island for no apparent reason. The hives all had plenty of honey. But the bees could not even fly. “They are often to be seen crawling up grass stems, or up the supports of the hive, where they remain until they fall back to the earth from sheer weakness, and soon afterwards die,” he wrote. Swarms of healthy bees were imported from the mainland, but it was of no use: within a week the fresh bees were dying off by the thousands.

 In coming years “Isle of Wight disease” spread like a plague throughout Great Britain and into the rest of the world, severe losses of bees being reported in parts of Australia, Canada, the United States, and South Africa. 4 The disease was also reported in Italy, Brazil, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Although for years one or another parasitic mite was blamed, British bee pathologist Leslie Bailey disproved those theories in the 1950s and came to regard the disease itself as a sort of myth. Obviously bees had died, he said, but not from anything contagious. 

Over time, Isle of Wight disease took fewer and fewer bee lives as the insects seemed to adapt to whatever had changed in their environment. Places that had been attacked first recovered first. 

Then, in 1917, just as the bees on the Isle of Wight itself appeared to be regaining their former vitality, an event occurred that changed the electrical environment of the rest of the world. Millions of dollars of United States government money were suddenly mobilized in a crash program to equip the Army, Navy, and Air Force with the most modern communication capability possible. The entry of the United States into the Great War on April 6, 1917, stimulated an expansion of radio broadcasting that was as sudden and rapid as the 1889 expansion of electricity. 

Again it was the bees that gave the first warning. “Mr. Charles Schilke of Morganville, Monmouth County, a beekeeper with considerable experience operating about 300 colonies reported a great loss of bees from the hives in one of his yards located near Bradevelt,” read one report, published in August 1918. 5 “Thousands of dead were lying and thousands of dying bees were crawling about in the vicinity of the hive, collecting in groups on bits of wood, on stones and in depressions in the earth. The affected bees appeared to be practically all young adult workers about the age when they would normally do the first field work, but all ages of older bees were found. No abnormal condition within the hive was noticed at this time.” 

This outbreak was confined to Morganville, Freehold, Milhurst, and nearby areas of New Jersey, just a few miles seaward from one of the most powerful radio stations on the planet, the one in New Brunswick that had just been taken over by the government for service in the war. A 50,000-watt Alexanderson alternator had been installed in February of that year to supplement a less efficient 350,000-watt spark apparatus. Both provided power to a mile-long aerial consisting of 32 parallel wires supported by 12 steel towers 400 feet tall, broadcasting military communications across the ocean to the command in Europe. 

Radio came of age during the First World War. For long distance communications there were no satellites, and no shortwave equipment. Vacuum tubes had not yet been perfected. Transistors were decades into the future. It was the era of immense radio waves, inefficient aerials the size of small mountains, and spark gap transmitters that scattered radiation like buckshot all over the radio spectrum to interfere with everyone else’s signals. Oceans were crossed by brute force, three hundred thousand watts of electricity being supplied to those mountains to achieve a radiated power of perhaps thirty thousand. The rest was wasted as heat. Morse code could be sent but not voice. Reception was sporadic, unreliable. 

Few of the great powers had had a chance to establish overseas communication with their colonies before war intervened in 1914. The United Kingdom had two ultra-powerful stations at home, but no radio links with a colony. The first such link was still under construction near Cairo. France had one powerful station at the Eiffel Tower, and another at Lyon, but no links with any of its overseas colonies. Belgium had a powerful station in the Congo State, but blew up its home station at Brussels after war broke out. Italy had one powerful station in Eritrea, and Portugal had one in Mozambique and one in Angola. Norway had one ultrapotent transmitter, Japan one, and Russia one. Only Germany had made much progress in building an Imperial Chain, but within months after the declaration of war, all of its overseas stations—at Togo, Dar-es-Salaam, Yap, Samoa, Nauru, New Pomerania, Cameroon, Kiautschou, and German East Africa—were destroyed. 

 Radio, in short, was in its faltering infancy, still crawling, its attempts to walk hindered by the onset of the European War. During 1915 and 1916, the United Kingdom made progress in installing thirteen long-range stations in various parts of the world in order to keep in contact with its navy. 

When the United States entered the war in 1917, it changed the terrain in a hurry. The United States Navy already had one giant transmitter at Arlington, Virginia and a second at Darien, in the Canal Zone. A third, in San Diego, began broadcasting in May 1917, a fourth, at Pearl Harbor, on October 1 of that year, and a fifth, at Cavite, the Philippines, on December 19. The Navy also took over and upgraded private and foreign-owned stations at Lents, Oregon; South San Francisco, California; Bolinas, California; Kahuku, Hawaii; Heeia Point, Hawaii; Sayville, Long Island; Tuckerton, New Jersey; and New Brunswick, New Jersey. By late 1917, thirteen American stations were sending messages across two oceans.

Fifty more medium and high powered radio stations ringed the United States and its possessions for communication with ships. To equip its ships the Navy manufactured and deployed over ten thousand low, medium, and high powered transmitters. By early 1918, the Navy was graduating over four hundred students per week from its radio operating courses. In the short course of a year, between April 6, 1917 and early 1918, the Navy built and was operating the world’s largest radio network.

America’s transmitters were far more efficient than most of those built previously. When a 30-kilowatt Poulson arc was installed at Arlington in 1913, it was found to be so much superior to the 100-kilowatt spark apparatus there that the Navy adopted the arc as its preferred equipment and ordered sets with higher and higher ratings. A 100-kilowatt arc was installed at Darien, a 200-kilowatt arc in San Diego, 350-kilowatt arcs at Pearl Harbor and Cavite. In 1917, 30-kilowatt arcs were being installed on Navy ships, outclassing the transmitters on most ships of other nations. 

Still, the arc was basically only a spark gap with electricity flowing across it continuously instead of in bursts. It still sprayed the airway with unwanted harmonics, transmitted voices poorly, and was not reliable enough for continuous day and night communication. So the Navy tried out its first highspeed alternator, the one it inherited at New Brunswick. Alternators did not have spark gaps at all. Like fine musical instruments, they produced pure continuous waves that could be sharply tuned, and modulated for crystal clear voice or telegraphic communication. Ernst Alexanderson, who designed them, also designed an antenna to go with them that increased radiation efficiency sevenfold. When tested against the 350-kilowatt timed spark at the same station, the 50-kilowatt alternator proved to have a bigger range.  So in February 1918, the Navy began to rely on the alternator to handle continuous communications with Italy and France. 

In July 1918, another 200-kilowatt arc was added to the system the Navy had taken over at Sayville. In September 1918, a 500-kilowatt arc went on the air at a new naval station at Annapolis, Maryland. Meanwhile the Navy had ordered a second, more powerful alternator for New Brunswick, of 200-kilowatt capacity. Installed in June, it too went on the air full time in September. New Brunswick immediately became the most powerful station in the world, outclassing Germany’s flagship station at Nauen, and was the first that transmitted both voice and telegraphic messages across the Atlantic Ocean clearly, continuously, and reliably. Its signal was heard over a large part of the earth. 

The disease that was called Spanish influenza was born during these months. It did not originate in Spain. It did, however, kill tens of millions all over the world, and it became suddenly more fatal in September of 1918. By some estimates the pandemic struck more than half a billion people, or a third of the world’s population. Even the Black Death of the fourteenth century did not kill so many in so short a period of time. No wonder everyone is terrified of its return.

A few years ago researchers dug up four bodies in Alaska that had lain frozen in the permafrost since 1918 and were able to identify RNA from an influenza virus in the lung tissue of one of them. This was the monster germ that was supposed to have felled so many in the prime of their lives, the microbe that so resembles a virus of pigs, against whose return we are to exercise eternal vigilance, lest it decimate the world again. But there is no evidence that the disease of 1918 was contagious. 

The Spanish influenza apparently originated in the United States in early 1918, seemed to spread around the world on Navy ships, and first appeared on board those ships and in seaports and Naval stations. The largest early outbreak, laying low about 400 people, occurred in February in the Naval Radio School at Cambridge, Massachusetts. 8 In March, influenza spread to Army camps where the Signal Corps was being trained in the use of the wireless: 1,127 men contracted influenza in Camp Funston, in Kansas, and 2,900 men in the Oglethorpe camps in Georgia. In late March and April, the disease spread to the civilian population, and around the world. 

Mild at first, the epidemic exploded with death in September, everywhere in the world at once. Waves of mortality traveled with astonishing speed over the global ocean of humanity, again and again until their force was finally spent three years later. 

Its victims were often sick repeatedly for months at a time. One of the things that puzzled doctors the most was all of the bleeding. Ten to fifteen percent of flu patients seen in private practice, 9 and up to forty percent of flu patients in the Navy 10 suffered from nosebleeds, doctors sometimes describing the blood as “gushing” from the nostrils. 11 Others bled from their gums, ears, skin, stomach, intestines, uterus, or kidneys, the most common and rapid route to death being hemorrhage in the lungs: flu victims drowned in their own blood. Autopsies revealed that as many as one-third of fatal cases had also hemorrhaged into their brain, 12 and occasionally a patient appeared to be recovering from respiratory symptoms only to die of a brain hemorrhage. 

“The regularity with which these various hemorrhages appeared suggested the possibility of there being a change in the blood itself,” wrote Drs. Arthur Erskine and B. L. Knight of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in late 1918. So they tested the blood from a large number of patients with influenza and pneumonia. “In every case tested without a single exception,” they wrote, “the coagulability of the blood was lessened, the increase in time required for coagulation varying from two and one-half to eight minutes more than normal. Blood was tested as early as the second day of infection, and as late as the twentieth day of convalescence from pneumonia, with the same results… Several local physicians also tested blood from their patients, and, while our records are at this time necessarily incomplete, we have yet to receive a report of a case in which the time of coagulation was not prolonged.” 

This is consistent not with any respiratory virus, but with what has been known about electricity ever since Gerhard did the first experiment on human blood in 1779. It is consistent with what is known about the effects of radio waves on blood coagulation. 13 Erskine and Knight saved their patients not by fighting infection, but by giving them large doses of calcium lactate to facilitate blood clotting. 

Another astonishing fact that makes no sense if this pandemic was infectious, but that makes good sense if it was caused by radio waves, is that instead of striking down the old and the infirm like most diseases, this one killed mostly healthy, vigorous young people between the ages of eighteen and forty—just as the previous pandemic had done, with a little less vehemence, in 1889. This, as we saw in chapter 5, is the same as the predominant age range for neurasthenia, the chronic form of electrical illness. Two-thirds of all influenza deaths were in this age range.  Elderly patients were rare.  One doctor in Switzerland wrote that he “knew of no case in an infant and no severe case in persons over 50,” but that “one robust person showed the first symptoms at 4 p.m. and died before 10 the next morning.”  A reporter in Paris went so far as to say that “only persons between 15 and 40 years of age are affected.” 

The prognosis was better if you were in poor physical condition. If you were undernourished, physically handicapped, anemic, or tuberculous, you were much less likely to get the flu and much less likely to die from it if you did. 18 This was such a common observation that Dr. D. B. Armstrong wrote a provocative article, published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, titled “Influenza: Is it a Hazard to Be Healthy?” Doctors were seriously discussing whether they were actually giving their patients a death sentence by advising them to keep fit! 

The flu was reported to be even more fatal for pregnant women. A further peculiarity that had doctors scratching their heads was that in most cases, after the patients’ temperature had returned to normal, their pulse rate fell below 60 and remained there for a number of days. In more serious cases the pulse rate fell to between 36 and 48, an indication of heart block.  This too is puzzling for a respiratory virus, but will make sense when we learn about radio wave sickness.

Patients also regularly lost some of their hair two to three months after recovering from the flu. According to Samuel Ayres, a dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, this was an almost daily occurrence, most of these patients being young women. This is not an expected after-effect of respiratory viruses either, but hair loss has been widely reported from exposure to radio waves.  

Yet another puzzling observation was that so few patients in 1918 had sore throats, runny noses, or other initial respiratory symptoms.  But neurological symptoms, just as in the pandemic of 1889, were rampant, even in mild cases. They ranged from insomnia, stupor, dulled perceptions, unusually heightened perceptions, tingling, itching, and impairment of hearing to weakness or partial paralysis of the palate, eyelids, eyes, and various other muscles.  The famous Karl Menninger reported on 100 cases of psychosis triggered by influenza, including 35 of schizophrenia, that he saw during a three-month period. 

 Although the infectious nature of this illness was widely assumed, masks, quarantines, and isolation were all without effect.  Even in an isolated country like Iceland the flu spread universally, in spite of the quarantining of its victims.  

The disease seemed to spread impossibly fast. “There is no reason to suppose that it traveled more rapidly than persons could travel [but] it has appeared to do so,” wrote Dr. George A. Soper, Major in the United States Army.  

But most revealing of all were the various heroic attempts to prove the infectious nature of this disease, using volunteers. All these attempts, made in November and December 1918 and in February and March 1919, failed. One medical team in Boston, working for the United States Public Health Service, tried to infect one hundred healthy volunteers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. Their efforts were impressive and make entertaining reading: 

“We collected the material and mucous secretions of the mouth and nose and throat and bronchi from cases of the disease and transferred this to our volunteers. We always obtained this material in the same way. The patient with fever, in bed, had a large, shallow, traylike arrangement before him or her, and we washed out one nostril with some sterile salt solutions, using perhaps 5 c.c., which is allowed to run into the tray; and that nostril is blown vigorously into the tray. This is repeated with the other nostril. The patient then gargles with some of the solution. Next we obtain some bronchial mucus through coughing, and then we swab the mucous surface of each nares and also the mucous surface of the throat… Each one of the volunteers… received 6 c.c. of the mixed stuff that I have described. They received it into each nostril; received it in the throat, and on the eye; and when you think that 6 c.c. in all was used, you will understand that some of it was swallowed. None of them took sick.” 

In a further experiment with new volunteers and donors, the salt solution was eliminated, and with cotton swabs, the material was transferred directly from nose to nose and from throat to throat, using donors in the first, second, or third day of the disease. “None of these volunteers who received the material thus directly transferred from cases took sick in any way… All of the volunteers received at least two, and some of them three ‘shots’ as they expressed it.” 

In a further experiment 20 c.c. of blood from each of five sick donors were mixed and injected into each volunteer. “None of them took sick in any way.” “Then we collected a lot of mucous material from the upper respiratory tract, and filtered it through Mandler filters. This filtrate was injected into ten volunteers, each one receiving 3.5 c.c. subcutaneously, and none of these took sick in any way.” 

Then a further attempt was made to transfer the disease “in the natural way,” using fresh volunteers and donors: “The volunteer was led up to the bedside of the patient; he was introduced. He sat down alongside the bed of the patients. They shook hands, and by instructions, he got as close as he conveniently could, and they talked for five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, the patient breathed out as hard as he could, while the volunteer, muzzle to muzzle (in accordance with his instructions, about 2 inches between the two), received this expired breath, and at the same time was breathing in as the patient breathed out… After they had done this for five times, the patient coughed directly into the face of the volunteer, face to face, five different times… [Then] he moved to the next patient whom we had selected, and repeated this, and so on, until this volunteer had had that sort of contact with ten different cases of influenza, in different stages of the disease, mostly fresh cases, none of them more than three days old… None of them took sick in any way.” 

“We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps,” concluded Dr. Milton Rosenau, “if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.” 

Earlier attempts to demonstrate contagion in horses had met with the same resounding failure. Healthy horses were kept in close contact with sick ones during all stages of the disease. Nose bags were kept on horses that had nasal discharges and high temperatures. Those nose bags were used to contain food for other horses which, however, stubbornly remained healthy. As a result of these and other attempts, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Watkins-Pitchford of the British Army Veterinary Corps wrote in July 1917 that he could find no evidence that influenza was ever spread directly from one horse to another. 

The other two influenza pandemics of the twentieth century, in 1957 and 1968, were also associated with milestones of electrical technology, pioneered once again by the United States. 

Radar, first used extensively during World War II, was deployed on a spectacular scale by the United States during the mid-1950s, as it sought to surround itself with a triple layer of protection that would detect any nuclear attack. The first and smallest barrier was the 39 stations of the Pinetree Line, which kept vigil from coast to coast across southern Canada and from Nova Scotia northward to Baffin Island. This line, completed in 1954, was the roots, as it were, for a huge tree of surveillance that grew between 1956 and 1958, whose branches spread across mid- and high-latitude Canada, sent shoots into Alaska, and drooped down over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to guard the United States on east, west, and north. When it was complete hundreds of radar domes, resembling golf balls the size of buildings, littered the Canadian landscape from ocean to ocean, and from the American border to the Arctic. 

The Mid-Canada Line, extending 2,700 miles from Hopedale, Labrador to Dawson Creek, British Columbia, consisted of 98 powerful Doppler radars 30 miles apart and roughly 300 miles north of the Pinetree Line. Construction of the first station began on October 1, 1956, and the completed system was dedicated on January 1, 1958. 

The 58 stations of the Distant Early Warning or DEW Line kept their frozen watch roughly along the 69th parallel, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in a chain extending from Baffin Island to the Northwest Territories and across Alaska. Each main site, of which there were 33, had two pulsed transmitters, one controlling a pencil beam for long-range precision tracking, the other a wider beam for general surveillance. Each beam had a peak power of 500 kilowatts, so that each site had a maximum peak capacity of one million watts. The frequency was between 1220 and 1350 MHz. The other twenty-five “gap-filler” stations had continuous wave Dopplers rated at 1 kilowatt and operated at 500 MHz. Construction began in 1955 and the completed system was dedicated on July 31, 1957. 

The DEW Line extended down into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in lines of Navy ships—four in the Atlantic and five in the Pacific—supplemented by fleets of Lockheed aircraft that cruised in twelve- to fourteen-hour shifts at 3,000 to 6,000 feet in altitude. The radar-bearing ships and planes of the Atlantic Barrier were based in Maryland and Newfoundland and patrolled the waters out to the Azores. Atlantic operations began testing on July 1, 1956, and were fully deployed one year later. The Pacific Barrier, based in Hawaii and Midway, scanned the ocean off western North America and patrolled roughly from Midway to Kodiak Island. Its first two ships were assigned to Pearl Harbor in 1956, and the Barrier became fully operational on July 1, 1958. In addition, three “Texas Towers,” equipped with long-range radars, were placed about 100 miles off the Atlantic coast and affixed to the ocean floor. The first, 110 miles east of Cape Cod, began operation in December 1955, while the third, 84 miles southeast of New York Harbor, was activated in early summer 1957.

Finally, every one of the 195 initial radar sites blanketing Canadian skies had to be able to send surveillance data from mostly very remote locations, and so high power radio transmitters were added to each site, typically operating in the microwave spectrum between 600 and 1000 MHz, with broadcast powers of up to 40 kilowatts. These used a technology called “tropospheric scatter.” Huge antennas the shape of curved billboards aimed their signals above the distant horizon so as to bounce them off particles in the lower atmosphere six miles above the earth, and thereby reach a receiver hundreds of miles away.

Another complete network of such antennas, called the White Alice Communications System, was installed throughout Alaska at the same time. The first ones were put into service on November 12, 1956, and the complete system was dedicated on March 26, 1958. 

The “Asian” influenza pandemic began about the end of February 1957 and lasted for more than a year. The bulk of the mortality occurred in the fall and winter of 1957-1958. 

A decade later the United States launched the world’s first constellation of military satellites into orbit at an altitude of about 18,000 nautical miles, right in the heart of the outer Van Allen radiation belt. Called the Initial Defense Communication Satellite Program (IDCSP), its 28 satellites became operational after the last eight were launched on June 13, 1968. The “Hong Kong” flu pandemic began in July 1968 and lasted until March 1970. Although there had already been a few satellites in space, they had all been launched one at a time during the 1960s, and at the beginning of 1968 there had been a total of only 13 operating satellites orbiting above the earth. In one fell swoop the IDCSP not only more than tripled the number, but placed them in the middle of the most vulnerable layer of the earth’s magnetosphere. 

In each case—in 1889, 1918, 1957, and 1968—the electrical envelope of the earth, which will be described in the next chapter, and to which we are all attached by invisible strings, was suddenly and profoundly disturbed. Those for whom this attachment was strongest, whose roots were most vital, whose life’s rhythms were tuned most closely to the accustomed pulsations of our planet—in other words, vigorous, healthy young adults, and pregnant women—those were the individuals who most suffered and died. Like an orchestra whose conductor has suddenly gone mad, their organs, their living instruments, no longer knew how to play.


Sunday 25 April 2021

Does a Protest Do anything? London 24th June Protest

 After the BBC reduce the incredible buzz of hope freedom and positivity of possibly 1 million people to 10,000 people and 8 arrests and police swooping in , this is a grassroots conversation about whether anything like true democracy can still survive.
A hugely important resource document. 

This is a collection of material from different online sources such as  Facebook Group Passport Pushoff - UK

Vikki Stevens asked a question . 6 h · This is a really genuine question, and i'm a bit scared to post it, but here goes 🙈 How do protests actually help? How are they meant to work to make change? I am totally for it, but exactly how do they make a difference in our current situation? Is the hope that it will make the government change their decisions? I am really rubbish with politics so could somebody just explain it to me in laymen's terms please? 😊 314 comments Helen Fitzpatrick This is another way protest helped and made a change May be an image of one or more people and text that says "UW 10:43 100% Oxford Royale Academy inspirational cultural and acadomic OursOs MENU 9. The London March against the Iraq War (2003) Around 1 million protesters filled the streets of London. Probably the largest protest march in British history took place in 2003. Approximately million people marched through the streets of London in protest at the Afghanistan war and especially the intention to go to war in Iraq as well. Despite its enormous size, the march passed without major incident, even from the Londoners whose travel plans it disrupted." · Reply · 4 h Helen Fitzpatrick May be an image of text · Reply · 4 h Hev Wilson So exactly what are you saying??? DO NOTHING?People are now fighting for their voice, their bodily rights, and should they be ignored there will be repercussions and the people will go onto fight for a life free of any government, and a life of peacefu… See more · Reply · 4 h Paul Shepherd It Unifies and reassures and sometimes creates a tipping point with enough power to overcome tyranny. E.G. Ceaucescu in Romania 1989. The uprising was big enough to flip the Police and Military to the side of the people. · Reply · 4 h Merlyn Gasong Wright I was 14, back in Indonesia, when I got caught in a bloody protest between Uni students and the riot police. The protest was up and down the country. The aim was to take the dictatorship president who was in power for 32 years, running the country full of corruption and absolute power. It had to come to that as peaceful protests were ignored. The president stepped down, and the country has had changes in president since. Some tried to stay in power longer than they should but the people knew not to let their claws in. But that how protest achieved something. To me personally, yesterday was a show of numbers, to people who were in London yesterday, that we do not consent. Someone somewhere probably is starting to think for themselves now. That 'conspiracy theory' post they usually ignore, might catch their attention now. Whatever action we do, big or small, will bring awareness. No change happens over night. Of course there are other ways of action, we'll do them all, anything, to make the govt acknowledge that a lot of people actually do not consent. · Reply · 4 h · Edited David Westrope My views on big central protests like yesterday's won't be popular in here so I'm almost afraid to even give voice to them... The sad truth is if I wasn't in groups like this and had friends that went yesterday I wouldn't even be aware there was a protest. The media deliberately downplayed it or didn't cover it at all, the government can easily just ignore it, and the majority of the public are unware it even took place. So what changes does it bring? None. A few more people who witnessed it in person may have changed their minds perhaps. The protest are also too unfocused. I mean, what are they about? Anti-jab, anti-jab passports, right to protest, anti-lockdown, pro-freedom, anti-corruption, against the media bias and lies, and many other things too? There are so many related issues being covered the protests lack focus and clarity. The message, if it even gets out to people at all, is very unclear and easily portrayed incorrectly. It helps the people who attend feel like they are doing something positive, it gives them a day out with like minded people (always a good thing), and it let's everyone know they aren't alone, but bringing real change? No. I still remember the massive protests against the Iraq War and the non-existent WMD's. Far bigger than yesterday's protest and with wide media coverage. Guess what, we still went to war! It made zero difference, these big central protests never do. The only major change I can recall ever coming from protests is with Ghandi and Dr Martin Luther King, but they were huge peaceful civil-disobedience movements lasting many years. They caused real problems for their governments that could not just be ignored. A march through London every few weeks on a Saturday can be ignored by our government forever, even if a few million people attended. They don't care about public opinion, it doesn't matter to them at all! They control the media and through that they control what the majority of people think and feel, as we've seen this past year. We need to be much smarter about how we do this, and it needs to be done in a way that impacts government and the people that don't yet see what we see, and continue to be done peacefully. As it is government, the media and the masses will just continue to ignore it and it's a waste of everyone's time and energy. The very fact that permission has to be obtained to have these protests should tell anyone all they need to know about how effective they are. If they were a real threat permission would not be granted. I am not saying we do nothing, but shit needs to start getting real. It's time for real peaceful mass civil disobedience. We need to stop asking permission to protest and just do it anyway, but do it smarter. How about simultaneously outside every MP's house, the SAGE committee members houses, major media news personalities houses, outside BBC offices, police HQ's, Pharmaceutical company offices, outside the offices of companies getting crony contracts from government ministers etc...? Stop wearing masks (those that still do), withdraw your children from school, stop complying with the system. I won't even get into the slippery slope of talking about protesting against something giving more energy and focus to what you don't want... · Reply · 4 h Lesley Taylor For every single person in that March you can easily say that there are another two people who couldn't go for their personal reasons. So this tells the government and others who it may concern they have a huge problem on their hands we the people are not happy! So I conclude that there must be a change in the consciousness of us the people. Change is coming we will overcome evil and the humans will win.🙏 · Reply · 4 h Rita Sadrettin O'shea Lesley Taylor Yes I’m one of them Arthritis can’t walk to far or stand to long 😞 A wheelchair would be a hindrance. · Reply · 4 h Lesley Taylor Rita Sadrettin O'shea same here I'm only 56 but have had a poorly hip for the last 19 years. I do my best but after 15/20 mins walking im in pain and need to sit, my heart was there all day yesterday and watched everything I found. 🙏 as long as we stick to our principles and don't go along with what we know to be WRONG in our hearts we will overcome this evil. · Reply · 4 h Rita Sadrettin O'shea I’ve had this illness 25 years some days are good but now 62 the older I get the more i suffer but hey ho life has to go on. I want the Freedom for my Kids and Grandkids xx 😘 · Reply · 4 h Andrea Dolan Olah Lesley Taylor 1000000%♥️ · Reply · 2 h Deb Hosking Lesley Taylor Also, they suddenly decided to shut Kings Cross stn Fri to Mon, and unplanned railworks appeared on southern lines on Saturday morning. · Reply · 40 m · Edited Write a reply… Ria De Lambert To show that many are against the current situation · Reply · 4 h Kamala Lynda Todd They are forced to acknowledge growing amounts of folk are pushing back , have had enough and they can’t keep pushing people. It shows people are waking up otherwise sitting a home doing nothing .....?! · Reply · 4 h Wayne Howard Protests embolden people but Govts don't pay too much attention to them in reality and I go on lots of protests The video makes good footage and that's why it's not shown across mass media If it was to go back into the eu it would be wall to wall Personally I want to see stunts like surround parliament with people wearing a yellow star Protest at every local council doing the same There are numerous things you can that help break this down · Reply · 4 h Vesna Petar Wayne Howard yellow stars around parliament 👍👍 · Reply · 4 h David Westrope With you on this Wayne. We need to protest smarter. The fact a protest march like the one yesterday has to get permission first should tell everyone how effective it is. If the government feared it could bring real change they wouldn't allow it. I reckon a separate protest outside every MP's home at the same time would be a good one. · Reply · 3 h Janice Garwood Politicians cannot say they don’t know how we feel. That goes for unanswered emails to MPs, Ministers and the PM. THEY KNOW. · Reply · 4 h Steve Heselden protests like this one that are not reported on msm show they are worried about the growing army of people who are not conforming, it rattles them and the government, i was there and it was peacefull and no problems, it seems the police had to stir it up at the end for god knows what reason except to get some violent footage, just proves to me that there is far more going on behind this than a flu varient put out as a massive pandemic, · Reply · 4 h Wayne Howard Steve Heselden over the last 5 years there have been numerous protest marches of thousands ignored by the media 73,000 people marched in London opposed to terrorism and the Govts response but not a single news channel covered it 20,000 people protested for Brexit to be implemented, Khan had the protest moved from parliament to allow a pro eu protest to go ahead They kettled all these people in a number of streets for 90 minutes with no toilets and in the blazing heat. The Police moved a few hundred people at the front forward and held the rest and this allowed the journalists and news helicopter to show footage and claim there was a few hundred people there The Police are wholly political now and far too many enjoy destroying the right to protest You will notice their numerous attempts to cause scuffles for cameras of the media We are all being played but thankfully Covid is waking up many · Reply · 2 h Steve Heselden I agree the police seem politically controlled and certainly try to stir up trouble, its both a mad and sad way this country is going, · Reply · 1 h Ashleigh Shaw If for no other reason than to openly show disapproval. ..being silent when you know the truth is condoning. · Reply · 4 h John Comer Keeping quite only goes in there favour and protesting peacefully keeps them on there toes we need to be seen and heard just my opinion · Reply · 4 h Sarah Larking Protests DO work if done properly , thought through properly on how they can achieve the results wanted. Think about the Suffragettes and what they achieved. … See more May be an image of 1 person and text that says ""Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead Goalcast" · Reply · 4 h Mark Brown Article 61 (Practical Application of the law) YOUTUBE.COM Article 61 (Practical Application of the law) Article 61 (Practical Application of the law) · Reply · 4 h Folu Ibadan It's a good question. Never be afraid to ask a question when you're truly interested in the answer. The fact that you were scared to ask implies that we may be in a cult and all have dogma to adhere to. I hope that is not the case. There are lots of good answers to your good question in this thread. · Reply · 4 h Michelle Stubbs I was thankful for those that marched yesterday it helps to see the numbers and I bet the government were not expecting such a high number either to attend · Reply · 4 h Frances Moran Michelle Stubbs : hopefully they noticed even if it didn’t get the coverage on the news. · Reply · 4 h Michelle Stubbs Frances Moran I shared the photos of the crowds as I knew there would be no coverage · Reply · 3 h Rosita Espinosa I don't believe they hv changed anything in this whole year, but just by walking on a march it shows passers by strength and may make those ppl question it. Overall they don't change anything, it s just a spread an awerness · Reply · 3 h Suzanne Sterritt I’ve sometimes asked the same question. Part of me thinks they make no difference because the government will ignore and do what it wants anyway.… See more · Reply · 3 h Rosita Espinosa Suzanne Sterritt I agree with you · Reply · 3 h Susan Wheelband Talking to family and friends today that do not share my beliefs on what the agenda is. Most are saying they have seen the march on their phones thanks to the alternative media and we the keyboard Warriors. Hopefully they will think with so many marching for freedom that there may be something they need to research & question.We live in hope.🤞🙏 · Reply · 3 h Beccy Pagan Protests like marches uplift the soul because you know you aren't the only one that feels so strongly that you have to do something...they are our right to say that we disagree with what the powers that be are doing ..they are currently trying to take that right away from us with the Police crime sentencing and courts bill which we can't let happen..although I can't at the moment get to the marches in London as I live too far away now...I would if I could..I used to go on loads when I lived down that way ...and it brought people together.. it educated as many leaflets were handed out to people watching...networks are strengthened and contacts are made...and the powers that be see that people are against what they do... it is the tamer side of direct action but its still very much needed and a part of our right to protest! · Reply · 3 h · Edited Lucy Still Opp of apathy · Reply · 3 h Penny Croal Great question ! So many great answers It helps to show the community and support and not feel isolated … See more What Gandhi can teach today's protesters THECONVERSATION.COM What Gandhi can teach today's protesters What Gandhi can teach today's protesters · Reply · 3 h Helen Fitzpatrick Penny Croal love this will read later fascinating · Reply · 3 h Teabag Johnson May be an image of one or more people, people standing, outdoors and text that says "WE WOM'T GOHOME EXPOSE ADEENOCAEE UK news Eight officers injured policing anti-lockdown protest in London" · Reply · 3 h Teabag Johnson May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes. Alexander Haig AZQUOTES" · Reply · 3 h Bowen Morgan I felt we were losing the fight for freedom until the march. Now I know we have a chance. My emotions filled sustained for more peaceful battles ahead. · Reply · 3 h Daphne MacOwan Because a lone voice is ignored. · Reply · 3 h Lee Gibson Daphne MacOwan so are a thousand voices · Reply · 3 h Suzette Bakker It may not change a thing! But it shows the government we won’t stand for their bull shit, that their are people out their that will stand up and say oi stop talking bollox!! · Reply · 3 h · Edited Lisa Smith Bork The first protest had a handful of people, under 20 from what I heard. Yesterday there was around a million people. They help to gather momentum and spread awareness, but they also connect us all, so the seeds of plans for the next steps to take can be planted. There was a million of us there yesterday, and all the live videos I’ve watched are full of comments from people wishing they were there that will now make the effort to come to the next one, once enough people are on board (I’ve heard the magic number is about 12% of the population) then the people who just blindly follow whatever is currently mainstream start getting on board and we tip the scale 🙂 · Reply · 3 h Deb Hosking Also, the usual police violence towards innocent people, basically inciting it for the msm... Jenna, RGN RMN 0:00 / 2:20 · Reply · 3 h Yvette Fedorenko Deb Hosking thanks for sharing this x · Reply · 2 h Laureen Stevens Deb Hosking wat a shame that you have nothing filmed to prove this . After wat was such a good day 🥲 · Reply · 1 h Sophie Claire It’s about raising awareness more than anything. People need to be able to speak out for what they feel is right, especially when it is a public matter, when they are unable to do so through other avenues. It also encourages those that are on the fence… See more · Reply · 3 h Andrea Dolan Olah It helps people visually. It helps information sink in more. It has an impact on people. It makes people think. It's the energy it gives out whether you are participating or not. It's the strength people create together, when they stand and unite together. · Reply · 2 h Shaun Martin Townsend Ask your parents or grandparents.womens rights protests equal pay etc etc etc.meththinks thou does'nt protest too much. · Reply · 2 h Spoken Wordnerd One thing to bear in mind is the number of people actually hitting the streets is usually representative of a much larger portion of the population, and the government know this. It's a good marker for where things are at. By example 1.2 - 2 million people attended the anti Iraq war demo in 2003, but 80% of people were against the war (before Blair lied to Parliament about WMDs anyway). The largest anti cuts demonstrations peaked at around 500,000 people and that was with a lot of promotion and build up, however unlike those protests, this demo had no backing from the usual big protest groups (at all - too busy posting pictures of getting themselves vaccinated) I've never seen anything like these numbers and have been covering demos for 10 years or so, amazing to see. Keep an eye on the reaction. They aren't the answer to everything but still very important. This was huge and considering the media black out, the lies and total lack of support from the larger groups, it's an amazing and historic result. 🙏✌✊ · Reply · 2 h Francesca Ruber When’s the next one o · Reply · 2 h Theresa Reed My take... a group of 15 of us met today anti lockdown. 3 had attended the protest yesterday. Thats 4 to every 1 that were unable to go... if there were 1 million plus at yesterday’s protest that’s potentially 4 million that couldn’t go. 5 million strongly against lockdown and loss of freedoms out of 67 million seems very substantial, not such a small minority. More people who are uncertain and asking questions, thinking things don’t add up but don’t understand why, might just take comfort and knowledge to such large numbers gathering in protest · Reply · 2 h Wayne Howard Theresa Reed won't happen Two million marched against the Iraq war and govt ignored them … See more · Reply · 2 h Theresa Reed Wayne Howard what wont happen? The government do a u turn? I don’t believe that either. I believe in strength in numbers and freedom and power to the people, I have faith the tide will turn when more are against all this than for it. I feel so strongly that’s happening right now and picking up pace. The jabbed don’t know why they can’t travel, why things aren’t opening up with 90% of vulnerable and over 60 jabbed and that’s apparently 100% effective. Testing up cases down, yet being primed for a 3rd lockdown before this ones over. All the wrongdoings of Hancock, inflated figures. The deniers are realising it’s not a theory now it’s undeniable · Reply · 2 h Lisa Brown In the case of the poison insertions by needle, peer pressure coercion and isolation is being used. This vast outpouring in London has shown we are not alone and we are not a minority. So many of us think and feel the same. · Reply · 2 h Rowan Elder Hodgkinson Protests in the U.S. were the onlything that stopped the Vietman War. Protests earned women the right to vote. Protests stopped children in the UK working 12 hour days. Thy don't always work but they are the only way (I know of, apart from petitions etc - too easy to ignore) to voice our displeaure at the actions of those in power. · Reply · 2 h Connor New Non compliant unity is the governments worst fear · Reply · 2 h Barbara Lillford I think protests are a visible indication of the number of people who are aware of what is happening, and who vehemently oppose it. This can give confidence to others, who might otherwise feel they are just in a small minority. A protest involving vast numbers, which the police are to absolutely powerless to control, also sends out a message to the government that a revolution is not just in the realms of fantasy, but is an actual possibility... · Reply · 2 h Rae Stones ThEy highlight serious issues and see people won't put up with what's going on, it dosent always solve things but let's people know that there are more people than they think out there.. · Reply · 2 h Luke Prince they dont work, havent you realized yet · Reply · 2 h True Steel Luke Prince women got the vote , so yes they do work · Reply · 1 h Luke Prince True Steel walking a few hours a day making some silly chants does NOTHING · Reply · 1 h Carlos Charlton I honestly believe this mess will only stop when they end furlough pay, then you will see the true numbers of people challenging the goverment but maybe it will be 2 late as I can see lots of companies going under by then · Reply · 2 h Jill Caretto If nothing else it shows the Govt how people feel and that they won’t just sit back and accept what is going on. · Reply · 2 h · Edited Kate Tisdell People coming together, of all ages creed, colour is power its a visible message and what The swamp is most frightened of, a very powerful No. · Reply · 1 h Sheyla Bonnick Kate Tisdell great stuff. But dont u think the deep state has calculated these reactions? Don’t get me wrong I would have been there too in a heartbeat and have been to few when I lived in london but just wondering as well how it helps as these freaks seem to have thought bout everything. Next they’ll have the army out or m/and the third wave scare but hope more and more people are beginning to see through it all · Reply · 1 h Kate Tisdell Sheyla Bonnick well i think they have relied on the brain washing for last 30 years, complacency of people wanted material things, cheap holidays etc.,the throwaway society. They have continually tried to divide us, George Soros is the manipulater in dividing us and causing hate, but we must resist at all costs and stay united. Our deep state is the Civil Service, it does not matter who or which party or puppet is in power, they can stall policy they can disrupt from within, Tony Blair has members deeply inserted in the machine to disrupt and they do. Blair and Hancock want the digital world, the digital control like China. Sage is loving the China model of life and that's what they based all of their lockdowns on. Control, they couldn't believe it when people complied, we dont normally. Brain washing and fear driven media, the more people outed the media and government departments and i include the biggest government department a fear driven monster, the NHS, but the people are feeling betrayed, the shops, the nhs, the police overstepped the law, ordinary people going through a nightmare, our elderly in prison, while a new kind of anarchist protester was given leaway, another mistake. I mean look at this nhs advertisement that we the people have paid for, typical example of the propoganda, im very very angry. Your right to about the psyops, and how government can manipulate to their advantage, seasoned protesters know how they operate. Yesterday was a huge success. May be an image of text that says "NHS Sponsored It's much safer for your immune system to learn how to protect itself through a vaccine, than by catching the virus. NHS + + It's much safer for your immune system to learn how to protect itself through a vaccine, than by catching the virus. NHS.UK Read about the COVID-19 vaccine. LEARN MORE" · Reply · 1 h · Edited Sheyla Bonnick Excellent meaningful question 👍🏽 · Reply · 1 h Kenny Bancroft The more people to get together lets the government know that we will not give up our rights and will not adhere to lies and crap...freedom is all our rights to live our lives without tyrany or force.... · Reply · 1 h Geoff Jills There are many ways that they work. And they have worked in the past,as we all know by now. In modern times (now) they are more for motivational purposes,and to get the public thinking and joining the next protest. The numbers are rising rapidly,even though the corrupt "mainstream media" are not covering them. · Reply · 1 h · Edited Lena Bowling Those who think that this lockdown and jabs are wrong but are frightened to voice their opinions keep quite. When they realise they are not completely on their own and their thoughts and concerns are shared by others it gives them the confidence to speak up. When we all start saying no the government has to listen. Big problem is the media. It doesn't get covered unless by lies. · Reply · 1 h Anne Gomez Your Q is what everyone should be asking... 👍 · Reply · 1 h Theresa Reed Anne Gomez and reading through the comments there are a thousand good reasons. Nobody expects the government to acknowledge, accept, and change. This is bigger than that x · Reply · 1 h Anne Gomez Theresa Reed agree, and questioning helps us to collate our thoughts towards progress... 👍 · Reply · 1 h Lynn Newton Some of you may remember the protest regarding the Pole Tax the demonstrations against it sadly saw the resignation of Margret Thatcher and yes government did bow to the will of its people. What came after is history now wether you are Tory or Lab that is politics .... sometimes it is necessary to make government listen and hope it is in the best interests of all 🤔 · Reply · 1 h Teabag Johnson Lynn Newton do you still pay poll tax (council tax)? · Reply · 1 h Teabag Johnson Lynn Newton do you still pay poll tax (council tax)? · Reply · 1 h Colin Hamilton 😉 xx - Just look at this rabble of a mere "500" or is it a "10k" strong, unmasked and unjabbed crowd of trouble makers gathered in London disrupting things for all the sensible Sheeple that just want to go to the pub and on holiday asap, but arent showing their unquestioning support for the big plan, with their chanting and moaning about the absence and contortion of truth and singing songs of freedom and waving placards talking about Goverments and their Media lies . Whats the matter with them? Dont they know that full compliance is the quickest route back to normality and its new parameters of passports and jibjabs? Dont they know its in their interests for their elected governments to hand over the reigns of organic human destiny and experience over to a small minority of the most wealthy individuals and captains of industry for a brighter and more sustainable future for their chipped and pinned children? Dont they watch the television, listen to the radio programs and read the newspapers where all the official authoritative information comes from? Or do they just get their info about their communities and the wider world from random online Citizen Journalism sources that arent authorised to give them the truth? Surely everybody knows that if its on social media and contradicts the narratives maintained by the "reputable" and "authorised" "official" sources then its all fake and made up, dont they?,,, If youre one of them at home either with or without company, and feel isolated by your thoughts, just look at this footage and know that even though youre still in a minority, YOU ARE BY NO MEANS ALONE, and there are infact many millions of us that share the exact same Anti Bullshit stance that you do, and can also recognise a monumental con and identify its salesman when we see it. And millions of us that dont need the television to affirm what is real and what is fabrication for them. It is ok to talk about it and express your views, to show solidarity and support for what you believe, know and understand. For the fraud and for the tyranny to continue and to worsen, this entire thing is constantly riding on a public perception of there being in effect a 60% or more majority consensus of continued public support for what is being spoken about and proposed and implemented. The maintenance of this wider public perception is why your MSM even exists at all and why it has always lied to you on every big move going to have taken place in your life or just going back for the last 20 years with every other outbreak, war or any number of other post 911 world game changing events. It is also the reason why your protests exist, and why the coverage of them is always so shamelessly played down to always appears as a damp squid events only attended by small numbers of random, mentally unbalanced, fringe, tin foil hat conspiracy people. But there is a limit and a tipping point to be reached that when numbers of protests and their participants swell beyond it, the MSM can no longer continue to play down the numbers or ignore the events and the issues and concerns around them that are all openly shared by what are clearly growing numbers of ordinary people just like you, like your neighbours, because despite how the MSM would have you to view these people and their motives for joining protests voicing their common concerns, THEY INFACT ARE YOU, THEY ARE YOUR NEIGHBOURS. They have just reached a point where they know and understand what has been going on to decieve and conive the public mass mind into acquiscence and silent consent in order to manufacture and maintain this entirely engineered majority consensus, and knowing what is at stake if they remain as apathetic bystanders, and how that means it is their duty now to add their voices to help to convey what they have learnt and know to be the truth that isnt being communicated to the wider public reliant on MSM outlets to give it to them. They know it is the only way. That is the only way that any of this changes, is by engaging in and ultimately winning the war for the perceptions and consensus beliefs as it is "perceieved" to be held by the captive audience majority at any one time, and to be able to co-opt the passions and energies of that majority in the cause for truth and justice and put an end to the wholesale deception paradigm that makes all this possible. Sure, they have their stations, their army of paid actors and liars, the technology and the reach and the ballot boxes etc, but the numbers that generate the success or the failure of the endeavours of these outlets 'all come from us'. We do not need to energise their media machine. With our recognition of this we can disconnect from it entirely in droves with the sufficient level of will and intent to not engergise their liar mills and starve them and their lies out from our mental diets and general company. If you can see it then speak it. If you see through the illusion then you are the solution. But you cant keep that light under a bushell anymore, you have to seek out and gather amongst the other lights, and eminate its billiance unto the whole house for its collective illumination. You have to get involved now, and to no longer feel isolated for your beliefs and your views and add your voice to the growing chorus until the place resounds in its symphony. Or what else is there? Endeavour Freedom ♡ 😉 xx - · Reply · 20 m · Edited Hugh G. Rector Imagine the world today if no one ever had protested? If Emily Davison had never thrown herself under the kings horse, women probably still wouldn't have the vote. Not that voting is actually worth anything....