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TEF15 - Restitution by Daniel Yordy

Why am I sharing all this? Because Christ is always and only made personal through us, and because the future will be the same as the present, as the present really is in truth. That is, the Great Story of God does not change just because someone loses their earthly body and lives in heaven only. And the Great Story of God does not change with the passing of human folly.
So yes, there is no question in my mind that when God restores all things stolen in the darkness, He will do so through us His body, in very specific and personally meaningful ways. That has nothing to do with atonement for sin. – By one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.
Rather, it is the justice of God, the restoration of all things.God is not a static vibration, oozing good vibes. He is action in Person; He is adventure forevermore.God is service; He is practical and detailed love out-poured. D. Yordy

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I am He who lives and was dead and behold I am alive forevermore, Amen. And I have the keys of hell and of death. I am He who lives and was dead. A song from Revelation 1
 Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached to you before, whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began. Acts 3:19-21
In my letter, “Judgment in Heaven,” I spoke concerning the restoration of all things. The word means “to give back.” God will restore everything that was ever stolen. BUT, there is a big difference. God now has a body, and He does all things through His body.
In my previous letter I speculated concerning that restoration, God bringing all things back into balance, the fulfillment of justice in all respects. First, it is not possible for us to know what the future looks like for real. We can only surmise from our present limited knowledge of God. Yet all of our surmising comes out of present seeing, and our present seeing is pressed from all sides by the darkness and unbelief of separated Christianity.
Here is what I said:
And the rapist who found mercy in the terror of judgment? I am convinced that in the ages to come, out of that forgiveness, out of the Blood of the Lamb, out of the rivers of living water flowing out of his belly, he will return to that girl double of what he ever took from her.
God is just.
Some will need many ages of time to meet the requirements of God's justice.
Being a son of God does not remove us from the requirements of God's justice in any way. In fact, being a son of God does the opposite. It is the only possible way by which we can meet the requirements of God's justice. That is, it is the only possible way we can “subdue all things,” that is, overcome, that is, bring all things into subjection under His feet. The heart of Christ in us desires to make all things right for each individual person.
You see, God does not want us to live by the law, for that is only death for us. But the law is still of God. And although the law limited human justice to take back only that which was stolen, an eye for an eye, yet God Himself requires the return of double. All sin, all evil, is theft. All theft will be payed back double by the thief to the individual from whom that thing, whatever it was, was stolen. God has plenty of ages yet to come for all that to take place. Physical death cannot remove the requirements of justice.
All things will be brought back into a correct balance. All things will be restored.
A dear reader wondered how this view of justice fits in with the atonement. How could some future action atone for the wicked sin of rape? How could a rapist ever atone for his crime by some future payback?
God is changing the way we think. I hope to be a part of that, that as God transforms my thinking, so, by His grace, He would use my little bit as He transforms yours. Thus I am so grateful for this sister's questions, both because many others will hold similar questions and because responding to them in the gracious Spirit of Christ also enables me to see Him more clearly.
Atonement and restoration are two absolutely different things separated from each other by thousands of years.
Look at the line from Revelation 1 again: I am He who lives and was dead and behold I am alive forevermore.
Do you see that little phrase “was dead”? All atonement for all things in all ways at all times is PAST tense. All atonement happened for all, at this moment that I write, 1984 years and two months ago. There is no other atonement.
Sin is not and cannot be an issue. Yes, sin must be dealt with in the heart, it must cease, but sin is no issue with God. All sin is absolved.
My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world. 1 John 2:1-2
Consider a rapist attempting to atone for his sins by serving the girl he raped. It would be offense piled upon offense, an abomination to her and to God.
All thought of the penance of Catholicism must be banished from our minds. All “penance” is an offense; it is gross unbelief. It is piling sin upon sin. A rapist, attempting to atone for his sins, is simply adding sin to sin. He does not know Christ; he is yet bound in his sins. His motive is self-pity; his actions are disgusting.

Do you see that little phrase “was dead”? All atonement for all things in all ways at all times is PAST tense.

As I wrote concerning the justice of God in the restitution of all things, no element of atonement or “penance” was anywhere near my thinking. All I saw was rivers of joy; the joyous ministry of Christ.
Another problem is that we still so easily think separation. One who was formerly a rapist is that no more. All that is gone in “was dead.” He is a new man in Christ; he is the body of Christ. He is the revelation of God; God fills him full and moves through him in all ways and at all times.
As I shared concerning the justice of God in the restoration of all things, I was thinking only out from full union with Christ, that all that He does, He does as and through us.
Let's speculate a little further concerning the future. As I said, I cannot see clearly. But one thing is for sure: I see much more clearly now than I did when I viewed the future out from Nicene Christianity only.
First, all sin is theft. But there is sin and there is theft. There is a huge difference between the two. The sin is a moral offense, a breaking of God's law, a wicked deed of darkness and evil. The theft is possessing something that belongs to another. Finding full atonement for the sin part of things does not give back what was stolen.
Let's make it small. Say I steal ten bucks from my brother at church. He left his wallet lying on a table, and when he wasn't looking, I filched a ten dollar bill out of it. Later, I spent that ten bucks on a hamburger and coke. The money is gone. Now, let's say that I am convicted of my sin. I go to the brother and confess. I ask forgiveness. We pray and together place my sin into the atonement of Christ, into the forgetfulness of God. My brother forgives me, and we are restored into joy.
Do I keep the ten bucks?
You see, there is no more sin. There can be no shadow of penance. Does that mean I get to keep the ten bucks?
Do I owe my brother ten dollars? Not really. Owe no man anything except to love one another.I do not owe him a thing. But my brother needed that ten bucks. It belonged to him. And it wasn't “ten dollars” that I stole, but rather the thing the brother would have bought, but now had to forgo, something that was his possession, but was now lost to him. More than that, the ten dollars was part of the opportunity of Christ God had placed in the brother's hands, that he might reveal Christ. Everything God designed us to be and placed into our hand is for the revelation of Jesus, even if it's eating lunch. If someone steals that, we no longer have the opportunity to reveal Christ through it, however small it may be.
Here I am, a new man in Christ, filled with all the fullness of God, love abounding in my heart, rivers of life flowing out of me. How is it that love would not delight in giving my brother, not just his ten bucks, but much more?
Justice is God; God is love; justice is nothing other than the outworking of love. We cannot think of justice in any other way. The restoration of all things is the joyous operation of love; it is the river of life.
There is no doubt that the vague ideas about our futures that we have held inside of separation cannot be true. We should never be surprised that the Lord would, from time to time, blow them quite out of the water.
Separation is huge; it is Adam's coloring of everything. That separation is found only in the imagination of our minds, in the continual telling of our own false story. It is the ego, the “I,” created by a story not Christ. Yet that story of separation in the human mind has colored everything with separation.
Two things bound up in separation in the imaginative stories the Christian mind has created are heaven/earth and present earthly life/future heavenly life. Let's see if we can bring them back together.

Heaven and earth are intrinsically tied together. One could say they are mirror images of each other. We can see that in the human part of heaven, our spirit is larger than our body, yet it permeates all through our body and relates to it at every point. It is more than the energizer of the body; it is related in far more complicated ways, organ by organ and cell by cell. Yet our spirit is utterly heaven, it lives and moves in heaven and not earth. Our body is utterly earth, it lives and moves in earth and not heaven. Yet the two, our spirit and our body, are married. Yet, they are completely different in substance and operation. Yet they are very much alike, when seen from a heavenly perspective. And we, our soul, draws from and moves out through both equally all the time.
We can understand that in this way. I have read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy twice. I consider it the greatest work of creative fiction ever written. It is a unique story with its own characters and plot. However, if you gave me the book Anna Karenina without telling me who wrote it, it would not take me long at all to look up and say, “This is written by Leo Tolstoy.” How could I say that? It is a completely different story with different characters and plots.
Very simple, the evidence of authorship runs through both. The same mind and heart that formed one formed the other.
Heaven and earth are of different substance, yes, they have differing characters and plot taking place in them, yes. But the same author designed both, and His mind and heart permeates both to equal measure.
Yet in the separated mind of Christianity, heaven and earth are just completely other. On earth we work, we live in houses, we play, we buy and sell, we eat and drink. In heaven, we sit on clouds, play harps and exude goodness. On earth, events are measured by time; we plan and we execute. In heaven, everything just is, instantly. There is no doing. (I am repeating human non-thinking and misconception.)
Heaven, in the mind of most, us utterly, insipidly, painfully BORING.
That is not possible.

There is no doubt that the vague ideas about our futures that we have held inside of separation cannot be true. We should never be surprised that the Lord would, from time to time, blow them quite out of the water.

Think of all your unfulfilled desire. If I could list all the things I have tasted and love to do and really want to do in fullness, you would be amazed. Yet I suspect you have your own list. That list is God in you. He designed you for endless adventure and doing.
But most of all, He designed you for service.
I love to design and build houses. Now, I walk through Lowes and feel a vast nostalgia over something that is so familiar to me, yet no longer in my life. I hated building houses for money, working for some contractor. I loved building houses for people whom I loved.
I like teaching college, but I MISS junior high kids, the 8th through 10th grade range. There is an emptiness in my heart that can be filled only by them. The problem is, I just can't handle too many of them at once.
God created us to serve, yet to serve with all the innate expression of our ability, to serve in the many ways that affirm us as the individuals of His design.
The future for us is filled full with service to others in all the creative exuberance of the expression God made us to be, in all wonder and ceaseless adventures and unexpected journeys, yet always coming home to family and friends and goodness.
I am so very much like my mother was, both filled with a heart of love, but with an outer form that is simply incapable of speaking good things to others. My mother never once spoke an encouraging word to me. I found it nigh to impossible to respond to her in that way either. Yet we visited warmly in the goodness of the Lord; yet to call her on the phone was something I just could not do.
I could not have survived adulthood without the continual assistance freely given to me by my mother. Yet I am not the only one of her children who must say that. She was generous beyond measure, sacrificing herself always for us. Yet, when I could no longer hold a full-time job, I could no longer pay her back. Neither could I respond through the enormous block that existed in the inability of both of us, inability carried utterly inside of Jesus.
Why would I be prevented from devoting hundreds of years of future service to my mother, paying her back double and again for all I could not do inside my earthly limitations? I do not condemn either me or my mother for our earthly inabilities. Yet part of my hope is for that time yet to come when, as a brother in the Lord to a sister in the Lord, I can serve her double for all she ever did for me.
You see, life does not end when we die. Life continues right on from the day we are in our physical bodies to the next day when we are not. If you die in a car crash, you will get out of the car. You will look back and be astonished at seeing someone still in the seat where you just were. You will not understand why the people rushing up to help will not talk to you. Your life will continue on without a break. Yet your expression will be confined to heaven only, you will no longer be able to express yourself in the earth.
You will pursue what is presently in your heart. There is no huge and instantaneous change into something totally other. The development of your own person in God will continue in the same way as before.
I fully intend to build many beautiful houses in the future, for myself and for others – community is shared life. I intend to grow wonderful gardens and raise lots of chickens, for myself and for others. I never envision myself alone. I fully intend to travel the world and the universe, stopping and visiting along the way, meeting new folks, embracing good friends I haven't seen in some time. I fully intend to teach school, to fill my classroom and my heart with young people.

You see, life does not end when we die. Life continues right on from the day we are in our physical bodies to the next day when we are not.

Listen, a chicken came out of the same Heart and Designer as any harp on a cloud. And I glorify God as much by tending a flock of chickens as I would by any “heavenly” convolutions or vibrations someone might imagine.
Yet all service comes out of the river of life flowing out of our bellies. Yet the word of Christ through James cannot be dismissed, even ten thousand years away from the time of human folly. (My paraphrase) If your brother is in need, don't just say, “Be blessed,” give him what he needs, for goodness' sakes.
And that is the whole point of restoration.
Everything stolen in the darkness is something that BELONGED to the person from whom it was stolen. It was something in particular given by God to that person as an essential element of the revelation of Christ through them. The Covenant of God is to restore all that was lost. We're not talking about a general, “Oh, I love you, that's enough, don't expect anything else.” Such is not God. God restores double what was stolen, yet He does so by the only means available to Him – through His body, that's you and me.
A life for a life?
YES!!! The whole message of the gospel is found in these words:
 By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. 1 John 3:16
Even a murderer is not prevented from restoring, out of a river of joy, all he ever stole from the one he once murdered, and to do so as Christ at the heart of the gospel. Why would we imagine that the love of God, filling the heart of one who, in former times, murdered, would not desire with all fervent joy, to restore love and life, over and over, to the one from whom he robbed so much?
May I suggest that you read The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. This little book informs my thinking very much, not literally, but as a way of seeing and understanding.
Over and over, the one sent by God to draw the lost soul out of their false story of self, was the very one who had offended that lost soul in life on earth. The reason is, so very often, the false story the lost soul has woven all around their hurting self, is hatred against that very person. Thus, the only way they could possibly escape their false story was through the love coming now through that same person who had done them so much wrong on earth.
Read The Great Divorce to gain very specific insights into the psychology of the false stories of self different people tell themselves and how those stories are counteracted by the true stories coming from those who have escaped their own false story, and who have escaped all the doing that comes out from that false story.
You see, there was a brief time in my life when I “blamed” my mother for my troubles. If I have ever sinned, that was sin. Yes, it's true; my mother never once spoke an encouraging word to me. And if I had wrapped my story all around that lack in her, weaving the horror of my self into an endless weeping over what she “stole” from me, then the only grace that God could have sent to me would have been my own mother, by love poured out, drawing me out, bit by bit, from the insanity of my own false, but wicked story.
And that new story of love poured out would have come through the open and laughing acknowledgment of her own inability. And you know what, that may yet happen. I tell you what, were my mother to come to me now, together with my father, laughing in joyous acknowledgment of their own inabilities, yet speaking Christ all through me as I am, if I were remaining in any kind of limitation, that sure would bust me out.
One of the largest deliverances of my life came by writing an assignment in my Family Lifecourse in college. We were to write about how our parents had raised us. I wrote something along these lines. “My father was unable to express his love for me with words, yet I know now that he did love me with all his heart and gave so much of himself for my sake.” That was the first time I had thought, let alone expressed such an idea, even though it was clearly true. I tell you what, at that very moment great kingdoms of darkness vanished from my mind and heart. I spent the next several days in the clouds of heaven, and that particular darkness has never returned.
Why am I sharing all this? Because Christ is always and only made personal through us, and because the future will be the same as the present, as the present really is in truth. That is, the Great Story of God does not change just because someone loses their earthly body and lives in heaven only. And the Great Story of God does not change with the passing of human folly.
So yes, there is no question in my mind that when God restores all things stolen in the darkness, He will do so through us His body, in very specific and personally meaningful ways. That has nothing to do with atonement for sin. – By one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.
Rather, it is the justice of God, the restoration of all things.
And I suspect that, for the sake of all, God will do the same through all.
The thing we must do is escape the false story of separation and see only the joy of Christ flowing out from us in service to all. God is not a static vibration, oozing good vibes. He is action in Person; He is adventure forevermore.
God is service; He is practical and detailed love out-poured.

Thursday 30 January 2014

TEF14 - Judgment in Heaven by Daniel Yordy

Judgment is the vanguard of mercy. Judgment goes before to prepare the way that mercy might follow. Judgment and the Curse are two very different things. Judgment is the first part of God come to us; the curse is contrary to God's will. Death is the consequence of separation from God, of rebellion. Judgment is the bucket of ice water dumped over one's head to wake that person up to the reality of the curse and thus to seize hold of mercy.
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To understand judgment, we must define two other things: consequence and mercy. Just as jumping off a high building results in the certain consequence of death because of the law of gravity, so eating of knowledge results in the certain consequence of death because of the law of life. Separation from the source of life in the imagination of the mind, human perception, can result in nothing other than death. Death is consequence, not punishment.

Yet God, moving out from Love, would have mercy. But mercy is easier said than done. It is easy for God to extend mercy; it is difficult for the cursed to receive it. God never forces Himself upon anyone; life remains by invitation only.

Here is a man plummeting to his death because he has severed himself from life. The hand of God extends mercy to that man, but he prefers separation regardless of the death. He neither likes nor trusts God.

The consequence is certain – death. You see, the only other option is life, and life is God, and God cannot force Himself upon anyone. All of this is taking place in the man's perception, his view of reality. The man exists only in God; he has already been reconciled to God, his sins already purged. But he will not know it is so, and God cannot force.

So, what is God to do? Just let people die because they will not regard His mercy?

Enter judgment.

Judgment is the vanguard of mercy. Judgment goes before to prepare the way that mercy might follow.

Judgment and the Curse are two very different things. Judgment is the first part of God come to us; the curse is contrary to God's will. Death is the consequence of separation from God, of rebellion. Judgment is the bucket of ice water dumped over one's head to wake that person up to the reality of the curse and thus to seize hold of mercy.

From the human point of view, judgment and curse look the same; they are not. The problem is that people blame God for both. Yes, God is responsible for the judgment; it is His mercy, Himself. But God has nothing to do with the curse, even though He spoke it. The curse is entirely of man's own hand.

Now, a man can see judgment as curse and, in the end, merge it together with the curse in accusation against God out from death. Those who end in death see everything of life as the curse, including all the judgment occurring because mercy is at hand. Those who end in life see everything of life as blessing, including all the judgment sent to birth that blessing.

The curse, in all of its forms, including death, is not the desire of God; it is the certain consequence of living as a self separate from God in the imagination of the mind.

Judgment, whatever it looks like, is the holy desire of God extending mercy.

Those who say, “God is love; He won't send judgment to anyone,” are saying that God will simply let people die and make no effort to save them. That is a strange kind of love.

A wonderful example of the extreme value of judgment in a man's life is the movie, “It's a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. If you have seen it, you'll know what I mean; if you haven't, it's one of the great classic movies, well worth watching.

A man has everything a man could want in life, but he does not know the value of what he has. Then he loses it all (judgment). Out of his loss, he chooses suicide (curse – death), but the mercy that sent the judgment is already working. Thus he is shown the reality of his life until he repents of his desire for death and embraces life and mercy.

There is curse and there is judgment. They may look similar, but they are utterly opposed. Curse is the enemy of God; judgment is the first parts of God in mercy entering into a man's life.

Consider a man, arrogant, proud, boastful, filled with the conceit of self. What will save him from death? Facing the certain inevitability of death – consequence – will such a man reach for mercy? Not even! And so, out from the mercy of God comes judgment. Judgment strips him of his fortune, humiliates him before his friends, causes him to be the loser he really is. There, at the very bottom, he experiences a moment of honesty, the first such moment in his life. In that moment of honesty, he sees mercy for what it is and grabs for mercy with all of his heart. Such a man will bless judgment forever.

But judgment is always and only for a specific purpose; judgment is not God's first choice. As God's full will is revealed, we will all be as blessed with abundance as Abraham.

The Bible is filled with judgment verses and it is filled with blessing verses. Though part of God, the judgment verses are there ONLY to allow the way for blessing to come. But teachers of the word tend to pick a handful of verses they like, verses that fit their own bent. Those who have a bent towards the blessing verses teach blessing and ignore judgment. Those who have a bent towards the judgment verses teach judgment and preach against blessing.

Pastor Joel is one who has a bent towards the blessing verses. He teaches what God says; every blessing verse is there in the Bible. But Pastor Joel also brings into view a consideration of judgment. Yet that judgment is always only a servant of blessing. Judgment finds its meaning and place only inside of blessing.

In contrast, those who have a bent towards the judgment verses do not just ignore blessing; rather, they speak against it. Thus blessing remains in their minds as an enemy of the work of God in a man's life. This perversion is a misuse of Scripture; it gives, in fact, a sense of superiority, a stroking of religious ego.

God is all about blessing and abundance; sometimes He sends judgment to pave the way for His abundance. We never remain in judgment nor exalt it as a fetish. Rather, we allow judgment to release God's blessing into our lives. In so doing, we abandon ourselves into all that God is, both abundance and peace.

As sons of God at this time, we go forward seeing clearly the extreme difference between judgment and curse. Yet the people who so desperately need the mercy coming as judgment, to them both judgment and curse look identical, and they will curse God for both. Yet curse is their own doing, and judgment is God's love in them.

Without judgment there can be no mercy.

Forgiveness of sins is terrible. A man must see his sin as it is in order to know forgiveness. There is nothing more terrible to face. The very act of forgiveness is judgment.

To say, “Oh, it's okay, raping that little girl was no big deal. God just forgives everybody,” is to be far away from God. If a rapist buys into that lie, nothing can save him from the curse. In complete contrast, the forgiveness of God comes first as judgment; the man sees the full horror of his sin and is broken by that horror. Then, out of his brokenness, he sees the mercy of God extended to him. That is forgiveness; it is terrible.

And if God “just forgave everybody” in that way, what would God Himself say to the little girl. “It was no big deal, after all”? For God to say such a thing, or even to hold such a reality, would make God as evil as the rapist.

God requires justice.

God's justice first sends judgment to make mercy possible. If judgment does not win a man's heart, then God withdraws that judgment and the full consequence of sin must now take its course. But God's will was the mercy behind the judgment, never the consequence – death.

And the rapist who found mercy in the terror of judgment? I am convinced that in the ages to come, out of that forgiveness, out of the Blood of the Lamb, out of the rivers of living water flowing out of his belly, he will return to that girl double of what he ever took from her.

God is just.

Some will need many ages of time to meet the requirements of God's justice.

Being a son of God does not remove us from the requirements of God's justice in any way. In fact, being a son of God does the opposite. It is the only possible way by which we can meet the requirements of God's justice. That is, it is the only possible way we can “subdue all things,” that is, overcome, that is, bring all things into subjection under His feet. The heart of Christ in us desires to make all things right for each individual person.

You see, God does not want us to live by the law, for that is only death for us. But the law is still of God. And although the law limited human justice to take back only that which was stolen, an eye for an eye, yet God Himself requires the payment of double. All sin, all evil, is theft. All theft will be payed back double by the thief to the individual from whom that thing, whatever it was, was stolen. God has plenty of ages yet to come for all that to take place. Physical death cannot remove the requirements of justice.

All things will be brought back into a correct balance. All things will be restored.

You see, that's part of why the “Christian” concept of God's “banishing the lost to a state of eternal hopelessness and uselessness” is so contrary to the justice of God. No individual in such a “hell” can restore anything he has stolen to the individual from whom he stole, and thus God's required justice would be denied.

God's justice cannot be denied.

But as sons of God in this hour, we must move forward in the wisdom and understanding of this God who fills us full. Judgment goes forth in three different directions. We must understand each of the three and how each differs from the other.

Understand the implications of “filled with all the fullness of God.” That means that whatever God does, wherever He does it, and however He does it, all of it is contained inside of us as well and all of it goes out from us as well. If all the fullness of God is inside of me, then all the fullness of God is inside of me. I know it's a stretch to grapple with such a reality, but there it is. God said it, and He always tells the truth.

All judgment flows out as the first part of the God who fills us with all that He is. All judgment is pure and holy and good.

Judgment is the enemy of death. Judgment causes death to cease. Life causes death to cease; judgment is life.

First judgment comes to each individual person as an individual without reference to anything or anyone else. That judgment comes to every single person, human or angelic, alone before a holy God.

Second judgment comes upon the rulers of heaven, the principalities and powers in the spiritual realms.

And third judgment comes upon the rulers of earth, the men and women who manipulate and control others for their own gain. A pastor in a church who abuses his flock for his own gain is in the exact same category as a dictator who slaughters millions. He is a ruler of the earth, and the rule of his abuse must be broken as the judgment of God comes into his church.

Judgment must come upon the rulers of heaven before it can come upon the rulers of earth. The demon ruling that abusive pastor must be broken before the pastor can find brokenness.

God is so kind; that's why He comes as judgment to everyone. He wants everyone to know mercy.

Let's start with the judgment that must come upon the rulers of heaven, the principalities and powers in the heavenlies. That judgment comes through us.

And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. . . Romans 16:20

This is a profoundly meaningful statement. Most read it as incidental, but it cannot be incidental. This is an absolute that we will know right here on this earth.

Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, take up a lamentation for the king of Tyre, and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God. . . You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; you were on the holy mountain of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.

“You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity was found in you. By the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within, and you sinned; therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the mountain of God; and I destroyed you, O covering cherub, from the midst of the fiery stones.

“Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor; I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings, that they might gaze at you. You defiled your sanctuaries by the multitude of your iniquities, by the iniquity of your trading; therefore I brought fire from your midst; it devoured you, and I turned you to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all who saw you. All who knew you among the peoples are astonished at you; you have become a horror, and shall be no more forever.”’” Ezekiel 28:11-19

The first time I used the word “Lucifer” in my letters, I received a fiery reply from a good brother who is a leader in the ultimate reconciliation arena. This email included an article “proving” how this reference CANNOT be towards any element of the heavens, but is restricted entirely to a single earthly man, the king of Tyre in Ezekiel's day. I took the time to read the article, but I could find no sense in any of the argument.

People do not know the heavens. They do not know a Spirit word, because they choose to remain in the outer court, in the light of their human intellect alone; they will not be immersed in the Holy Spirit that they might know the reality of the heavenly realms in which they live. They look at a word like this, and all they can see is earthly things. They see earthly things only because they remain earthly. They do not know a Spirit Word.

Jesus said, “Earthly seeing profits nothing; the words that I speak to you are Spirit, and they are life.”

Nothing exists upon the earth except that thing comes out from a spirit reality in the heavens. There is no earthly evil except that which flows out of its direct counterpart in the heavens. There is no earthly purity except that which flows out of its direct counterpart in the heavens. More than that, the earthly and the heavenly have no “distance” between them. The are utterly and intrinsically tied together in all ways and at all times. There is nothing earthly that is not also heavenly first. There is nothing in the realms of spirit that does not show itself in its immediate form in the earth.

If there are wicked persons in the earth, their wickedness can come only out of wicked persons in the heavens. There are no “innocent” human “victims.” All humans who close their hearts to God, do so with full willfulness for some “value” of self-gain they have measured for themselves. All humans who close their hearts to God make an agreement with heavenly evil to do so.

Now, if this brother would humble himself and allow Jesus to immerse him into the Holy Spirit, allowing that Holy Spirit, then, to open his eyes to heavenly reality, he would know a Spirit word when he sees it in the Bible, Old Testament or New. He would know it by the knowing of his spirit.

These verses from Ezekiel 28 are clearly a Spirit Word, using earthly symbols to open our understanding to heavenly reality. Because we see through eyes of fire, we see all things as God sees them.

Now, I say these things in order to bring in Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14, because, as Chris Welch often says, part of what God is doing with us now in the revelation of Christ is zeroing in on the first things that went wrong in the history of heaven/earth, and dealing with that wrong in the birthing of what God intended from the beginning.

Judgment deals with first things.

...Take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say: “How the oppressor has ceased, the golden city ceased! The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of the rulers; he who struck the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he who ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted and no one hinders...

Part of seeing so differently is the growing awareness of how horrifically wicked the practice of seeing a “fallen human nature” inside of us really is. It is the tree of knowledge; it is death, the carnal mind.

“Sheol from beneath is excited about you, to meet you at your coming; it stirs up the dead for you, all the chief ones of the earth; it has raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. They all shall speak and say to you: ‘Have you also become as weak as we? Have you become like us? Your pomp is brought down to Sheol, and the sound of your stringed instruments; the maggot is spread under you, and worms cover you.’

“How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the lowest depths of the Pit.

“Those who see you will gaze at you, and consider you, saying: ‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms, who made the world as a wilderness and destroyed its cities, who did not open the house of his prisoners?’” Isaiah 14:4-17

Again, reading through these words, it is impossible for me to comprehend how people can read them and not see a Spirit word, but see earth alone, as if earth could possibly exist separated from the heavens. But that is why God does not measure with Christ at this time those who remain in the light of human and earthly seeing.

My intention is to bring in a full picture. The serpent is never alone; he is always accompanied by hosts of heavenly spirits under his whip. Anything God speaks of the serpent is also equally true of all who wail under him.

And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born...

And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him... Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.” Revelation 12:3-12

And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. . . Romans 16:20

So it was, when they brought out those kings to Joshua, that Joshua called for all the men of Israel, and said to the captains of the men of war who went with him, “Come near, put your feet on the necks of these kings.” And they drew near and put their feet on their necks. Then Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed; be strong and of good courage, for thus the Lord will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.” Joshua 10:24-25

But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God, from that time waiting till His enemies are made His footstool. For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified. Hebrews 10:12-14

I am putting all of these verses here in this way for us to have before our eyes a clear picture.

An essential element of our knowledge of God at this end of the age, a knowledge intended by God for us, is the full feel of the neck of the defeated accuser under our feet. God intends for us to explain to our hearers through all the ages to come, just exactly what that is, what it means, what it feels like.

How, exactly, do we defeat the accuser? We defeat him by speaking Christ our only life, by persisting in that speaking against all voices until we see all things only as God sees them.

I would testify to you as filled with Christ as I can be, that this seeing is utterly different from most Christian thought I have known, heard, read, and experienced. Part of seeing so differently is the growing awareness of how horrifically wicked the practice of seeing a “fallen human nature” inside of us really is. It is the tree of knowledge; it is death, the carnal mind. Yet there is no condemnation of our brethren in such seeing; Jesus is Savior, and He is exceptionally gifted at His job.

For in that He put all in subjection under him, He left nothing that is not put under him. But now we do not yet see all things put under him. Hebrews 2:8

Inside the church age, this present age of Christ-in-part in which we live, the writer of Hebrews said, “Right now, we do not see all things under our feet.”

Yet the Covenant we signed with God requires God to crush the accuser permanently under our feet.

I have no stomach for people who are planning for death to execute them, but who also say, “Well, Jesus has already won; we are already resurrected; Satan is already fully defeated.” When I read those things as a dismissal of the fullness of Christ revealed now through us here upon this planet, I find myself in complete frustration.

How can anyone be satisfied with such trite when all iniquity stomps cruelty across this earth. Yes, it is all defeated, as a seed. Yes, it is all finished, as a seed. But seeds must come to full fruit. And right now, Jesus is sitting down, waiting, expecting, looking for the day when someone else brings all of His enemies solidly and forever under his feet. Right now Jesus is planted as that seed inside of us, that He might prove all things through us in all reality.

We will know all-fullness by no demons in the heavens of this earth, by no rule of wicked men, by resurrected bodies that can never die, and by the glory of God covering this earth as the waters cover the sea. And I will not rest until God proves all that He speaks through me right here in the reality of this planet.

I am in no way separate from Jesus nor He from me. If He does it; I do it. If I do it; He does it. Jesus and I are one.

Judgment begins in heaven before it can show itself upon the earth.

The judgment of God against Adam was Abraham. All Adam has to do to know his own folly is to look at Abraham, a man who did not have 1/10 of what Adam had, but who chose God against all else anyway.

The judgment against the accuser is the sons of God.

The serpent is a heavenly being at the present moment. He does not have an earthly form. Yet Revelation 12 suggests that he will be cast out of the realms of spirit and possess only an earthly form. That earthly form will still be the accuser from the beginning.

What this means for sure, I do not know. I do know that the entertainment industries are preparing all mankind for the entrance of “alien beings” into the experience of man, coming as our “saviors.” I do not devote myself to this kind of knowledge as some do; I only maintain an awareness of what is being said concerning many different arenas.

Yet we must reckon with the possibility that some “people” upon this planet, particularly those psychopathic individuals in high office across the earth, may simply not be human at all. Now, we do NOT make a big deal out of this thought, we do not trumpet it around or study it out or any such foolish thing. We are taught of God alone; we are sons of God sent into this earth out from the Father for His purposes. We are sent into the world as it is. We are wise as serpents, and harmless as doves, as Jesus said.

What is the thing that causes this great shift in the reality of heaven/earth?


And where is this judgment found?

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and by not loving their lives to the one death of Christ.

As we continue to speak Christ our only life, we are altering the fabric of the universe.

The ax is laid to the root. That begins with Christ as us, but it continues on from there to engulf all things.

Now, I want to get as practical as I can.

I have posited three arenas of judgment and three arenas of speaking the prophetic Word of Christ. Let's match them up. Speaking the prophetic Word of Christ to ourselves, that Christ is our only life, is the judgment of God in the heavens, the casting down of the accuser. Speaking the prophetic word of Christ as a testimony against evil in this world, turning the lights on, breaking the false identities people hold to so tightly, is the judgment of God on the earth, towards the powers that rule the earth.

And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. . . Romans 16:20

And speaking the prophetic Word of Christ as a blessing upon all others is the judgment of God coming to each individual person.

“If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:20-21

The goodness of God leads you to repentance. Romans 2:4

Wrath is directed only towards the systems of darkness binding people with chains, the false identities, the hiding behind cruelty. The goodness of God is the judgment sent to each individual human being. Pretty cool, eh? Yet judgment as goodness can still seem painful to the receiver, even though it is pure goodness.

Judgment on earth is coming up in another chapter. Judgment in the form of goodness I will leave for a discussion of the New Jerusalem. Here I want to bring to a conclusion the judgment of God through us upon the powers of heaven, casting down the accuser.

...the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty Eden, the garden of God... /the anointed cherub who covers... established... on the holy mountain of God... in the midst of fiery stones... /perfect in all... ways from the day... created, till iniquity was found in(side).

By the abundance of... trading... filled with violence within, and... sinned; therefore... cast... as a profane thing out of the mountain of God; and... destroyed... from the midst of the fiery stones.

...heart ...lifted up because of... beauty /...corrupted... wisdom for the sake of.... splendor... /...defiled ...sanctuaries by the multitude of ...iniquities, by the iniquity of; therefore from your midst... devoured... /have become a horror...

I have reduced the wording so we can see exactly what God says about this covering cherub. I don't understand it all, but I must see what God says clearly.

The argument that this is speaking of some individual man descended from Adam, or even Adam himself, was more empty of substance than almost any argument I have ever read. I say that so no reader will be tempted to send me any such argument again. Adam rebelled by hating the way God made him; Lucifer rebelled by exalting himself as the image of God. God created Adam weak, that Adam might be His image; God created Lucifer wise and glorious, that he might serve man. This is not a description of Adam; Adam was ashamed of his whole being.

In fact, just as God created horses to be man's primary servant in the earth, so He created Lucifer and other cherubs as man's primary servants in the heavens. A horse is far stronger than a man in the earth; a cherub is far stronger than a man in the heavens; they are both for riding, for taking us as fast as the wind.

We dance for joy in the middle of ruin. We see Jesus only, though we are blind as a bat. We declare His absolute victory in all things in our lives while we feel as if all is lost. We rejoice in tribulation, we pray for our enemies, we repay evil with good, we give thanks for all things.

Our desire is to break evil where it began, to cast this accuser, the original serpent, the heavenly dragon, Satan, out of the heavens. This is the one that God said we will know fully under our feet. Satan cannot be under our feet and running around doing cruel and wicked things to people at the same time. It's the one, first, and then the other; he is not omnipresent. When Satan is under our feet, his work is finished, over with, no more.

When accusation is cast down, it has a short time to vent its fury in the earth, as part of God's judgment upon human government, upon the nations, and then all accusation ceases.

Understand that we are speaking of the words, “Did God indeed say.”

It is Christ, the Word God speaks who is spoken against. Accusation is the speaking of anti-Christ. “God does not speak the truth.”

As we speak Christ against all accusation, against all anti-Christ, we are casting down the accuser.

Listen, this is for real; it is, in fact, the gospel.

From the moment I began to speak Christ as me to myself, in early spring of 2008, from that moment a more viral form of accusation hit me than I had ever known. More viral and ugly, yes, but, at the same time, accusation that was entirely weak. Accusation that was not difficult to cast down. Yet it rose in fury, yet I cast it down.

From the very start I knew without question that I was engaged fully in the fulfillment, not only of And they overcame him, but also, of the war breaking out in heaven. Michael never moves separately from us; he is a servant only of the heirs of salvation (Hebrews 1:14). I knew that the immediate result of my victory over ALL accusation is the casting down of the accuser out of the heavens.

I knew that my winning all victory against all accusation is the cause of the fury of darkness being released now upon the earth. And when I say, “my,” I never imagine that I am alone. I know I am a member of the body of Christ, a body prepared for God.

It was Paul who said that God crushes the accuser under out feet; it's an essential part of the gospel. Revelation 12 is God showing us that He fulfills the gospel in our lives on this earth. It is normal for Jesus to defeat the accuser; it is the normal Christian life for us to know the feel of his neck under our feet. It is Christ as us.

An essential part of our mission, of the sending of God, is to cast every ounce and shadow of accusation out of our minds and hearts. Any form of “I wish” is an expression of the accuser. Any shadow of seeing ourselves as other than Jesus Himself is an expression of the accuser. We are at war. We ruthlessly cast him down.

We do not allow the accuser to mock Jesus; we do not allow him to mock us. We refuse to see anything but Christ as all that we are.

“Did God indeed say” is the true nature of the accusation we hear, but it comes to us in the form of: “You are not Christ.” We see the cross and we say, “I am.” It comes in the form of: “Look at your sin.” We see the blood and we say, “I do not know sin.” It comes in the form of: “Who do you think you are.” We see the resurrection and we say, “I am Christ. All that He is, I am. All that I find myself to be in the present moment, is He.”

We dance for joy in the middle of ruin. We see Jesus only, though we are blind as a bat. We declare His absolute victory in all things in our lives while we feel as if all is lost. We rejoice in tribulation, we pray for our enemies, we repay evil with good, we give thanks for all things.

And as we do so kingdoms of darkness all through the heavens are reeling, they are shattering, they are giving way. Rank after rank of Michael's forces are breaking through. At the appointed moment, all heavenly darkness collapses. It is cast into the earth, the accuser and all his hosts of wickedness.

Then judgment begins in the earth. Once the evil of heaven is broken, God in us now turns His attention to the evil powers of earth.

Before we continue on with judgment, however, we must look at two things. We must have a clearer view of the Main thing and a clearer view of the Main other thing. There are two lambs in John's vision, not one.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

CREDO..London 1966..Malcolm Muggeridge

From the extensive library of clippings and segments of Merrill Thompson on Facebook.... Just ask to subscribe to these.

CREDO..London 1966..Malcolm Muggeridge..In trying to formulate what I believe I have to begin with what I disbelieve.
In trying to formulate what I believe I have to begin with what I disbelieve. I disbelieve in progress, the pursuit of happiness and all the concomitant notions and projects for creating a society in which human beings find ever greater contentment by being given in ever greater abundance the means to satisfy their material and bodily hopes and desires. In other words, I consider that the way of life in urbanised, rich countries, as it exists today, and as it is likely to go on developing, is probably the most degraded and unillumined ever to come to pass on earth. The half-century in which I have been consciously alive seems to me to have been quite exceptionally destructive, murderous and brutal. More people have been killed and terrorised, more driven from their homes and native places; more of the past's heritage has been destroyed, more lies propagated and base persuasion engaged in, with less compensatory achievement in art, literature and imaginative understanding, than in any comparable period of history.

Ever since I can remember, the image of earthly power, whether in the guise of schoolmaster, mayor, judge, prime minister, monarch or any other, has seemed to me derisory. I was enchanted when I first read in the Pensees (Pascal being one of the small, sublime band of fellow-humans to whom one may turn and say in the deepest humility: 'I agree') about how magistrates and rulers had to be garbed in their ridiculous ceremonial robes, crowns and diadems. Otherwise, who would not see through their threadbare prentensions? I am conscious of having been ruled by buffoons, taught by idiots, preached at by hypocrites and preyed upon by charlatans in the guise of advertisers and other professional persuaders, as well as by verbose demagogues and ideologues of many opinions, all false.
Nor, as far as I am concerned, is there any recompense in the so-called achievements of science. It is true that in my lifetime more progress has been made in unravelling the composition and mechanism of the material universe than previously in the whole of recorded time. This does not at all excite my mind, or even my curiosity. The atom has been split; the universe has been discovered, and will soon be explored. Neither achievement has any bearing on what alone interests me—why life exists, and what is the significance, if any, of my minute and sotransitory part in it. All the world in a grain of sand; all the universe too. If I could understand a grain of sand I should understand everything. Why, then, should going to the moon and Mars, or spending a holiday along the Milky Way, be expected to advance me farther in my quest than going to Manchester and Liverpool, or spending a holiday in Brighton?

Education, the great mumbo-jumbo and fraud of the age, purports to equip us to live, and is prescribed as a universal remedy for everything, from juvenile delinquency to premature senility. For the most part, it only serves to enlarge stupidity, inflate conceit, enhance credulity and put those subjected to it, at the mercy of brain-washers with printing presses, radio and television at their disposal. I have seen pictures of huge, ungainly, prehistoric monsters who developed such a weight of protective shell that they sank under its burden and became extinct. Our civilisation likewise is sinking under the burden of its own wealth, and the necessity to consume it; of its own happiness, and the necessity to provide and sustain the fantasies which embody it; of its own security, and the ever more fabulously destructive nuclear devices considered essential to it. Thus burdened, it, too, may well soon become extinct. As this fact sinks into the collective consciousness, the resort to drugs, dreams, fantasies and other escapist devices, particularly sex, becomes ever more marked.

Living thus in the twilight of a spent civilisation, amidst its ludicrous and frightening shadows, what is there to believe? Curiously enough, these twilit circumstances provide a setting in which, as it seems to me, the purpose which lies behind them stands out with particular clarity. As human love only shines in all its splendour when the last tiny glimmer of desire has been
extinguished, so we have to make the world a wilderness to find God in it. The meaning of the universe lies beyond history, as love lies beyond desire. That meaning shines forth in moments of illumination (which come and go so unaccountably; though, I am thankful to say, never quite ceasing—a sound as of music, far, far away, and drowned by other more tumultuous noises, but still to be faintly and fitfully heard) with an inconceivable clarity and luminosity. It breaks like a crystalline dawn out of darkness, and the deeper the darkness the more crystalline the dawn.
Let me express it, as I have often thought of it, in terms of a stage. In the middle is the workday world where we live our daily lives, earning a living, reading newspapers, exchanging money, recording votes, chattering and eating and desiring. I call this the Cafe Limbo. On the left of the stage is an area of darkness within which shapes and movements can be faintly discerned, and inconclusive noises heard; sounds and sweet airs which, as on Caliban's island, give delight and hurt not. I call this Life. The right of the stage is bright with arc-lamps like a television studio. This is where history is unfolded and news is made; this is where we live our public, collective lives, seat and unseat rulers, declare wars and negotiate peace, glow with patriotism and get carried away with revolutionary zeal, enact laws, declaim rhetoric, swear eternal passion and sink into abysses of desolation. I call this the Legend.

Across this triple stage, between Life, the Cafe Limbo and the Legend, a drama is endlessly presented. Two forces shape the play—the Imagination which belongs to Life, and the Will which belongs to the Legend. Out of the Imagination comes love, understanding, goodness, self-abnegation; every true synthesis ever grasped or to be grasped. Out of the Will comes lust, hatred, cupidity, adulation, power, oratory; every false antithesis ever propounded or to be propounded. Those who belong exclusively or predominantly to Life are saints, mystics and artists. In extreme cases—Christ, for instance—they have to be killed. (This is superbly explained in the famous Grand Inquisitor passage in The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky being, like Pascal, of the small sublime band.) Those who belong exclusively or predominantly to the Legend are power-maniacs, rulers, heroes, demagogues and liberators. In extreme cases— Hitler, for instance—they bring about their own destruction. In Life there is suffering, deprivation and sanity; in the Legend, happiness, abundance and madness.

Most of us spend the greater part of our time in the Cafe Limbo, casting an occasional glance in the direction of Life, and more than an occasional one in the direction of the Legend. Laughter is our best recourse, with the bar to provide a fillip as and when required. The Cafe Limbo is licensed. When a character passes from the Legend into Life he brings some of the light with him; shining like a glow-worm, until gradually the light subsides and goes out, swallowed up in the darkness of Life.
This same pattern may be traced more particularly and tragically in a single countenance, as anyone will be aware who has had occasion to watch over a loved face hovering between sanity and madness. (And many have; for as we abolish the ills and pains of the flesh we multiply those of the mind. By the time men are finally delivered from disease and decay—all pasteurised, their genes counted and rearranged, fitted with new, replaceable, plastic organs, able to eat, copulate and perform other physical functions innocuously and hygienically as and when desired—they will all be mad, and the world one huge psychiatric ward.) You study the loved, distracted face as a scholar might study some ancient manuscript, looking for a key to its incomprehensibility. What you see is a fight to the death between the Will and the Imagination. If the former wins, then the flickering light will be put out for ever; if the latter, it will shine again, to burn with a steady radiance, and you can cry out from a full heart: 'Oh, beloved, you have come back to me.'

I am well aware that, psychiatrically speaking, this is nonsensical. Yet I believe it. I see these two forces struggling for mastery in each individual soul; in mine, in all men's; in each collectivity, throughout our earth and throughout the immeasurable universe. One is of darkness and one of light; one wants to drag us down into the dark trough to rut and gorge there, and the other to raise us up into the azure sky, beyond appetite, where love is all-embracing, all-encompassing, and the dark confusion of life sorts itself out, like an orderly, smiling countryside suddenly glimpsed from a high hill as the mists disperse in the sun's light and warmth. One is the Devil and the other God. I have known both, and I believe in both.

For us Western Europeans, the Christian religion has expressed this ancient, and, as I consider, obvious dichotomy in terms of breath-taking simplicity and sublimity. It was not the first word on the subject, nor will it be the last; but it is still our word. I accept it. I believe, as is written in the New Testament, that if we would save our lives we must lose them, that we cannot live by bread alone; that we must die in the flesh to be reborn in the spirit, and that the flesh lusts contrary to the spirit and the spirit contrary to the flesh; that God cannot see a sparrow fall to the ground without concern, and has counted the hairs of each head, so that all that lives deserves our respect and reverence, and no one man can conceivably be more important, of greater significance, or in any way more deserving of consideration than any other. God is our father, we are his children, and so one family, brothers and sisters together.

It is true that these basic propositions of Christianity have got cluttered up with dogma of various kinds which I find often incomprehensible, irrelevant and even repugnant. All the same, I should be proud and happy to be able to call myself a Christian; to dare to measure myself against that sublimely high standard of human values and human behaviour. In this I take comfort from another saying of Pascal, thrown out like a lifeline to all sceptical minds throughout the ages—that whoever looks for God has found him.
At its most obscurantist and debased, the Christian position still seems to me preferable to any scientific-materialist one, however cogent and enlightened. The evangelist with his lurid tract, calling upon me to repent for the Day of Judgment is at hand, is a burning and shining light compared with the eugenist who claims the right to decide in his broiler-house mind which lives should be protracted and which must be put out; or with the colporteurs of sterility who so complacently and self-righteously display their assortment of contraceptives to the so called 'backward' peoples of the world as our civilisation's noblest achievement and most precious gift.

The absurdities of the kingdom of heaven, as conceived in the minds of simple believers, are obvious enough—pearly gates, angelic choirs, golden crowns and shining raiment. But what are we to think of the sheer imbecility of the kingdom of heaven on earth, as envisaged and recommended by the most authoritative and powerful voices of our time? Wealth increasing for evermore, and its beneficiaries, rich in hire-purchase, stupefied with the tclly and with sex, comprehensively educated, told by Professor Hoyle how the world began and by Bertrand Russell how it will end; venturing forth on the broad highways, three lanes a side, with lay-bye to rest in and birth pills to keep them intacta, if not virgo,blood spattering the tarmac as an extra thrill; heaven Iying about them in the supermarket, the rainbow ending in the nearest bingo hall, leisure burgeoning out in multitudinous shining aerials rising like dreaming spires into the sky; happiness in as many colours as there are pills—green and yellow and blue and red and shining white; many mansions, mansions of light and chromium, climbing ever upwards. This kingdom, surely, can only be for posterity an unending source of wry derision—always assuming there is to be any posterity. The backdrop, after all, is the mushroom cloud; as the Gadarene herd frisk and frolic they draw ever nearer to the cliff's precipitous edge.
I recognise, of course, that this statement of belief is partly governed by the circumstance that I am old, and in at most a decade or so will be dead. In earlier years I should doubtless have expressed things differently. Now the prospect of death overshadows all others. I am like a man on a sea voyage nearing his destination. When I embarked I worried about having a cabin with a porthole, whether I should be asked to sit at the captain's table, who were the more attractive and important passengers. All such considerations become pointless when I shall so soon be disembarking.
As I do not believe that earthly life can bring any lasting satisfaction, the prospect of death holds no terrors. Those saints who pronounced themselves in love with death displayed, I consider, the best of sense; not a Freudian death-wish. The world that I shall soon be leaving seems more than ever beautiful; especially its remoter parts, grass and trees and sea and rivers and little streams and sloping hills, where the image of eternity is more clearly stamped than among streets and houses. Those I love I can love even more, since I have nothing to ask of them but their love; the passion to accumulate possessions, or to be noticed and important, is too evidently absurd to be any longer entertained.

A sense of how extraordinarily happy I have been, and of enormous gratitude to my creator, overwhelms me often. I believe with a passionate, unshakable conviction that in all circumstances and at all times life is a blessed gift; that the spirit which animates it is one of love, not hate or indifference, of light, not darkness, of creativity, not destruction, of order, not chaos; that, since all life—men, creatures, plants, as well as insensate matter—and all that is known about it, now and henceforth, have been benevolently, not malevolently, conceived, when the eyes see no more and the mind thinks no more, and this hand now writing is inert, whatever lies beyond will similarly be benevolently, not malevolently or indifferently, conceived. If it is nothing, then for nothingness I offer thanks; if another mode of existence, with this old worn-out husk of a body left behind, like a butterfly extricating itself from its chrysalis, and this floundering muddled mind, now at best seeing through a glass darkly, given a longer range and a new precision, then for that likewise I offer thanks.
Observer, 26 June 1966


The Moshiach * (the Jews awaited Messiah)has come as Isaiah predicted in Chapter 53. He comes again to rule and reign. But just as God only spelled out the exact nature of the first coming in intermittent stages through His prophets....He is doing the same beginning with St Paul and St John and then by the Holy Spirit again unpacking all these things for us.
Moses declared the coming of a Deliverer....but en route, nobody saw that Jesus Christ was Himself going to be the Lamb sacrifice, and nobody saw that He was going to call forth a complete co-priesthood who were going to rule and reign on Earth BEFORE His return.

Penny Kanefield used this spelling...are there different spellings?

Monday 27 January 2014

Miracle Testimonies with Roger Webb

Facebook Testimony

About 1% of what I do involves street ministry. Much like Phillip in Acts 8 when Holy Spirit leads me then I go and obey. Phillip was conducting a mighty revival then he was led to go see one man in the desert and great things took place. Below is such a story that took place as the Lord spoke to me and I obeyed.

Homeless Woman Begs God The Night Before To Send Someone To Pray for Her. Then I Show Up And She Gets A Miracle.

While in California, I was sitting in my motel room resting, when all of a sudden, I strongly felt the Lord leading me to go down a trail that led beside a set of railroad tracks. I got up and headed off to my assignment. It was a dangerous place, but I felt zero fear being there. A woman told me the day before that her ex-husband was beaten to death there a few months ago. As I was walking, I came up to four homeless people sitting under an overpass. I felt the Lord leading me to talk to them. As I walked up, I told them that I was praying for the sick and asked if any of them needed a miracle. IMMEDIATELY, a woman jumped to her feet and grabbed me and held on to me for dear life. Then she said to the others, “I TOLD YOU GOD WOULD SEND SOMEONE TO PRAY FOR ME. I TOLD YOU!”

The woman was almost in tears. I asked her what the problem was and asked if she was in pain. “Yes, I'm in pain,” she said, and then she pulled up her blouse to show me her HUGE swollen stomach. She said, “Last night, I was in so much pain, and I begged God to send someone to pray for me so I could be healed.”

I prayed for her and then asked her how the pain was. She said, “It is leaving!

I waited a few seconds and asked again, “How is it now?”

She said, “It feels like my stomach is pulsating, and I CAN FEEL THE POISON LEAVING MY BODY.” She kept telling those standing by, “SEE, I TOLD YOU GOD WOULD SEND SOMEONE TO PRAY FOR ME. I TOLD YOU.”

The woman kept asking me, “Who are you??? There is power flowing out of you. Who are you????”

I said, “Jesus Christ is healing you; it's not me. It’s Jesus Christ, the Son of God!”

She said, “I got to go to the bathroom for I feel the poison leaving me.” Then she said, “ALL THE PAIN IS GONE.”

Well, that is when I gave her a big hug and walked off. She was one HAPPY WOMAN! It all happened so fast. Street people do not have private bathrooms for privacy, so I did not stick around to find out the rest of the story. By the way, I did make the way of salvation plain to everyone while I was ministering to this dear woman… GLORY!

This is from Roger Webb's homepage.

From Roger's Testimony Site

Complaining Men
During a set of miracle services I prayed for a man who had 90% hearing lost. After prayer he could hear a whisper. The next night he testifies he was unable to sleep last night because the ticking of his clock was so loud it keep him awake. GET THIS.... the clock was DOWNSTAIRS!
Another man comes to a service same thing happens. His ears are opened he returns the next night and tells his story.... Last night he made a mistake and turns on the dishwasher just before he went to bed (as he usually does) but now he was unable to sleep because he could hear it running. He said it was so loud it keep him awake until it ran it's cycle..... GLORY!

Pastor Gets Drunk!
A pastor comes forward for prayer. As he walks toward me the power of God comes upon him and he gets instantly drunk in the Holy Ghost, he staggered around and falls on the floor. When he stands back up he notices his shoulder has been completely healed. You talking about someone getting fired up....WOW!

Years of Severe Pain
One man who has had severe pain in his whole body for years came forward for prayer, doctors were unable to find the cause of his pain. After several surgeries and still no relief. After prayer instantly ALL the pain left his body, his wife came forward crying and telling how much pain her husband has been in and so thankful that now his pain is all gone.

Colitis & Shoulder
During a set of meetings a woman gave testimony she was totally healed of shoulder pain in a service I held there 7 weeks before. Man also give praise report that was in the same meeting 7 weeks ago that he was healed of sever Colitis that he had for years, no more pain, every symptom is gone.

Priodontal Disease
Denny sent me this email.... Roger, you prayed for dental miracles during the meeting. I had a checkup today, the last 20 years dentist said I had priodontal disease, they said I was losing bone. Today the dentist said I have the bone structure of a much younger man. Also all the pain is gone. Praise Jesus.

Hot Flashes
I just recently did meetings in Cleveland, Ohio (Jan 12-13) a woman who attended testified she was healed of hot flashes the last time I ministered in that area and that was in 2010. Not one hot flash since then.

Mass In Lung Disappears
Woman attended one of my miracle services for prayer. The week before Doctors found a mass in one of her lungs. When I prayed for her she fell to the floor but as she was on the floor she felt nothing happening.... ZERO…BUT…days later when she returned to her Doctor for test. The Dr. told the family "She had a mass on her lung last week, and I am not God, so I don't know all that goes on, but SHE DOESN'T HAVE A MASS NOW!"

Woman attended the service with scoliosis with a lot of pain in her shoulder and hip area. When I prayed, her spine started popping, cracking and twisting and became perfectly straight...... GLORY!

Whiplash & Planters Fascitis
Here's Jacks testimony he sent to me in an email months after his miracle took place
Roger, during your crusade I received healing from whiplash from a car accident a week previous. I attended your meeting on Wednesday night and experienced 50% healing in my neck and on Friday night received the other 50%. Why it took 2 meetings, God only knows. The most wonderful came Saturday night when God healed my feet. I had been suffering from Planters Fascitis for several years and on the way up all the way from home in Canada one foot was burning fiercly with pain. When I got to your meeting, I had to take my shoes off to get some relief.
After a few songs were sung, you took the mic and instead of preaching you told all of us to ask God for what we wanted. Of course I asked Him to heal my feet. You went on to bring words of knowledge to many people and they were healed, all the while I cried out to God for my foot to be healed. After about a half hour you finally called out "Foot". My hand shot up like a rocket and you called me to come up front. Still in my sock feet, I went forward and somewhere during that short walk all the pain left and when you put your hand on my foot it became warm and then I knew that God healed me and to this day my feet remain healed (plus my neck). Praise God!

Another Cleveland, Ohio testimony... I just recently did meetings in Cleveland, Ohio (Jan 12-13, 2013) and there was a man that testified he was healed of Asthma the last time he attended one of my meetings and that was in 2010.

Testimony I recieved in an email from a man that was in one of the meetings. He asked me to pray that he would stop snoring, here is what the email said................ Praise God Almighty, I don't snore anymore! My wife loves it. I actually wake up refreshed.

Dripping lungs
Woman with asthma after prayer felt the power of God in her chest. And said that she could feel inside of her lungs stuff dripping out of them, it kept dripping until it all left. She could then breath without restrictions.

Teenager Instantly Healed of Severe Intestinal Issues
Here is her testimony she sent to me: I'm almost 19 years old and I had severe intestinal issues. After prayer my belly got really hot. That night it was like infection just left my body. It has been over two years since I've eaten anything besides saltines and rice. NOW I CAN EAT! I still stay away from "greasy foods". Through God's power my life has been drastically changed. Words cannot describe the kind of impact that this has had on me.

Pastor Out Shouts His Wife As They Both Get Healed.... OVER THE PHONE!
While at the airport waiting for a flight I received a call on my cell phone. It was a pastor from New York. A friend of his, another pastor in another state, gave him my number and was telling them about my ministry and told them to call me for prayer. Both him and his wife had arthritis. She had it in both knees and the man had it in his back. I prayed for the husband first. All the pain instantly left and he could bend over without any pain. I heard the wife in the background while he was bending over freely she started shouting and praising God for healing her husband. She was getting VERY excited to say the least.
Then I prayed for the wife. Both her knees were stiff but as I prayed one knee loosened up then the other freed up and all the pain left as well. I could now hear the husband in the background as he started shouting and praising God as he watched his wife get a miracle in her knees for she had suffered so much for many years. As we were hanging up I could hear them both in the background, sounded like they were dancing around the room shouting and praising God for His wonderful miracle working power for they had been suffering for years but now they were FREE.... GLORY!

Hysterectomy & Pain From Back Surgery
A woman attended one of my miracle services at the invitation of a neighbor. As I started to pray for people I told her that the Lord was there to touch her, her response was she had been trying to find Him. She had ongoing pain from a back surgery and a hysterectomy. When I prayed for her, ALL pain instantly left, her eyes got big as saucers realizing she had just gotten healed. She then prayed to receive Jesus Christ into her life.

Assaulted Woman
A woman attended a service who had been assaulted. She had a fractured cheek bone and pain in her neck and shoulder. After I prayed for her all of a sudden she had this excited look on her face and said IT’S ALL GONE. The woman was amazed!

Man had a tooth pulled a few days before my meeting and gets a dry socket. I get a word of knowledge about teeth, as soon as I gave the word ALL pain instantly leaves.

Woman Dances around the Dr's office when the report was read to her that her "medically incurable" disease is now completely GONE!
This dear woman attened one of my miracle services. When I prayed for her the power of God knocked her to the floor and the rest is history. Below is the testimony she sent to me.
I am thrilled to report that my health practitioner [Medical Analysis and Research Services of Bow, NH] can find no trace of a significant disease process that contributed to the transverse myelitis for which I was hospitalized.
I attended your healing meeting and received prayer. It has been slow yielding to management and medically "incurable". BUT NOW..... It has bowed its knee to the sovereign Power of Christ Our Lord Our Healer..... Completely GONE!
I had my Dr. check me before I said anything and she observed that it was gone and asked me what happened. I told her I was in a meeting and the power of God hit me and I vibrated for 45 minutes then it lifted. I did not know what precisely had been done but I knew healing something.
Her evaluation showed the specifics. I did a happy dance around her office lol. Hallelujah!!!!! Our God reigns!

Autism Healed
I have another testimony from the Jefferson meetings. You prayed for a young girl with autism, and since then, there have been NO SYMPTOMS! Thanks so much, Roger, for coming and ministering!

This was a little girl who would SCREAM for hours when in a threatening situation, such as seeing a bug, being told what to do, etc. The week after Roger prayed for her, she went camping (lots of bugs there) and NO OUTBURSTS AT ALL. She has been totally changed and healed by the power of God!
Man's foot grows out in front of everyone!

A man is in the service and asked for prayer and his request was "I want my foot to grow to the same size of the other one"! His one foot was two shoe sizes smaller than the other. He had to buy two pairs of shoes at a time. One pair for the left, the other for the right. I reached down and prayed "Lord grow this foot out to the same size as the other" Right there right then IT GREW OUT while people were watching! All this took place so fast I was not able to grab my video camera fast enough to tape it but I was able to tape his testimony
Man falls 40 ft, breaks ALL bones in foot and splits open his heel. Instantly healed!

From Pastor...... Roger just heard from a man you prayed for in the meetings @ our church. He had fallen 40 feet and crushed his heel. He was unable to walk without pain and crutches. He came to the meetings in NH! Roger prayed for him and he felt his leg get cold! Then he said the Pain went away! He got saved and Baptized in the Power of God and called me yesterday! He had walked 15 miles without pain!!!..... .... Another testimony from the meetings in NH! The man who got saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit at the meetings, foot was healed of pain after falling 40 feet and splitting his heel open and breaking all the bones in the foot! Went to the Dr. today. He was supposed to be on crutches for another 3 months as well as a walking boot for another 9 months, GOT A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH and was told he can take the boot off and put his regular shoe's back on and also was given a slip to be able to go back to work!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!

New Skin Grows back

This miracle took place last summer and just now was sent the testimony. What is wonderful about this is the fact that it is time tested.

Londa.... I was in an accident in which the dashboard casing came apart and caught my leg and cut about 4 inches square of skin off my leg.It had been raw and bleeding for several days,but I pressed through to get to the meeting to have Roger pray for me. The next day, when my friend changed the dressing, it was totally dried up and replaced with brand-new baby skin!

Documented .... Kidney comes back to life

This is the same Londa in the testimony above. Also this is time tested as well.

Londa.... I had been told by my doctor that my left kidney was dead and had no life whatsoever anymore. The doctor said that it must be removed. I had been having a lot of back pain and urinary infections. After Roger prayed for me, the pain stopped. A few weeks later, my doctor requested another kidney function test. When I called, I found that the creatinan level had begun to come back. The kidney was coming to life again! I have had no pain, infections or difficulty since and I still have my kidney!

Broken toe instantly healed!

A woman comes to my revival meeting that had broken her toes that very day. I prayed for it, all the pain leaves and she was able to stand on her tip toes and walk around without any pain what soever. As she walked around the church you could hear her bones popping and cracking.

In the last several weeks there has been 2 documented cancer miracles

In my revival meeting one man has liver cancer. I get his name by a word of knowledge and two other words describing his condition. He goes back to the doctors and now he is cancer free. The other is a woman with lung cancer after prayer she returns to her doctors and now she is cancer free as well.

After 17 Words of Knowledge Man Gets A Creative Miracle
What does a 1963 blue corvair, red apples and Del Rio Tx have in common? One service I had 17 words of knowledge for a man. By the Spirit I gave him his grandmother’s name, where she lived, what kind of car he drove years ago and so forth. One word after another, 17 in all. Faith in the room was electrifying. I asked him why he walked with a cane, He said when he was in Vietnam he got shot in his ankle and now he only has one. I said I am going to pray the Lord gives you a brand new ankle RIGHT NOW! I prayed the power of God touched him. Right in front of the church he hopped up and down on his NEW ANCLE like a pogo stick demonstrating his creative miracle... GLORY!

Supernatural Oil

I was holding a signs and wonders meeting at a motel conference room and the Lord started moving and oil started coming out of people hands. One lady walked up to me and asked me why was this happening to her. I told her it is a sign of the power of God. I told the woman to go and lay hands on that man lying on the floor that was slain in the Spirit. She obeyed and afterwards the man on the floor got up and said when he was laying there someone touched his back and warmth flowed though it and was instantly healed of a back condition...... GLORY!

Motel Hall Way Miracle

During a revival I was holding the hotel I was staying at one of the maids was in horrible pain due to arthritis all through her body. I prayed for her in the hallway as she was standing beside her cleaning cart. The power of God came upon her and she was instantly healed. MAN THAT WOMAN GOT EXCITED...... WOW...... The next day she brought her daughter to me to be prayed for that also worked there but was off the day before. The daughter told me her mom was telling everyone about her miracle. I was able to lead the mom and daughter to the Lord. BTW.... the daughter was also healed of arthritis. We were having our own revival right there in the hallway.

Electric Current Flows Through Woman's Arm

I prayed for a woman who had a brace on her arm. When I reached out and touched the brace the woman testified a bolt of electric current shot from the spot I touched and went up her arm into her shoulder then up to the back of her neck to the exact vertebrae that was causing her so much difficulty. Can you say two in one miracle?

Business Explodes

A man had me to pray for his business to prosper that was almost completely shut down and was going to have to close his office he was almost completely broke. He ran a private investigation service and offered personal bodyguard services. Later he told me he got so swamped with business he had to hire more help to keep up with the demands. The man became very successful.

Supernatural Hair Color

A woman had me to pray for her hair that had turned grey in one spot in the front of her head. When I prayed right then the hair started turning back to the natural color until you could not tell the hair was ever gray.

Hair Falling Out

Another woman's hair was falling out. She could reach up and pull out a handful of hair at a time. I reached out and touched the top of her head and from that time until now her hair stopped falling out..... WOW-O-WOW Jesus!

Dental Miracle

I got a phone call from someone I knew with a very bad toothache. After prayer the swelling and all pain left. A few years later I got another call to tell me she just returned from a dentist to get her teeth cleaned and after x-rays it was revealed inside one of her teeth is gold. It was the very tooth that was giving her all the problems the day she called.

Mother Gets Healed

A woman who had suffered many years with horrible allergies asked me to pray for her. After prayer the allergies went away. BTW..... This is a very special to me for this is my own mother.

Twisted Arms Gets A Miracle

Jeni was standing in front of me with her right arm that was turned outward due to an accident years before. Standing in a relaxed position her hand was turned so that you would see the palm of her hand instead of the back of her hand. She could not hold her hand to her hip without turning her whole arm because of the way it was. After prayer in front of everyone her arm turn to the normal position and she could once again stand with her arm hanging straight down in a relaxed position

Money Miracle

I was getting ready for the service that night when the Lord spoke to me and gave me an amount of money even to the cent and told me to take up an offering and give it the woman who ran the mission. When I ministered that night I told the people I was going take up an offering and to trust me because I had heard from the Lord. I told no one about the amount the Lord gave me. After the offering was received I had them to count the money. They did and it was 7 cents short of the amount the Lord gave me. I was puzzled but still obeyed the Lord. I took the offering in my hands and told everyone whom this offering was for and handed it to her. She broke out into tears for she had been praying to meet a deadline and this offering was her miracle. After the service she happened to look on the floor and there was 7 cents making the total exactly what she need.

Vision Over Woman's Shoulder

I was giving out words of knowledge one night during a set of revival meetings. I looked at a woman and over her shoulder I saw a vision of her falling backwards off a horse. I gave the word and the woman was instantly healed of the injury she suffered from that fall so many years ago

Skeptic Gets A Miracle

A man came to the service as a skeptic. He sat there with that look on his face. When I finished preaching I gave a word of knowledge as soon as I did the man jumped to his feet. I started to walk toward him as I did he hit the deck without even a catcher behind him. I just turned around and never touched the man and started ministering to others. After spending some time on the floor the man got up healed. He had carpel tunnel in both arms and was scheduled for surgery. God knows how to penetrate the heart of man and reveal His power!

Woman Starts to Sing

A woman came forward for prayer. She told me her vocal cords were damaged and she wanted to be able to sing once again and praise the Lord with her voice like she had done for many years. The woman loved to sing. After I prayed for her I commanded the woman to open her mouth and sing...... Guess what? The woman started singing like she had never had a problem. There she stood with her hands raised up and tears running down her face singing praise to her God......... GLORY!

Growth Disappears

A man testified after being in the service a growth he had for years on his back had shrunken to the size of a pea while sitting in the meeting. It had given him much grief for it would always fester up and puss would come out of it and cause a lot of pain. By the time the service was over it had totally disappeared. After the service his wife raised up his shirt to show everyone where the growth had been.

Another Growth Disappears

While conducting miracle services in the Northwest last Spring (May 2012) I was praying for growths and tumors to disappear. Several weeks ago (March 2013) a man contacted me to give me his testimony. He was in that service about a week later he noticed the growth he had for nearly 30 years between his fingers was gone. It was about the size of a pencil eraser...... GLORY!
NOTE: I often tell people the best testimonies always come in later when time has proven a miracle has taken place. So if you are ever in one of my services even though it seems nothing took place that night God's power to heal is upon you while attending so expect a miracle from that night forward. It is called the gifts of healing at work. Miracles are instant supernatural healing involves time. Either way it is a miracle when it's all said and done.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever!

Egg Size Growth Disappers

I reached out to touch a woman on neck but before my hand touched it the egg size growth disappeared.

Bones Start Cracking And Popping

Bones started popping and cracking as the man stood in front of me in the miracle line. I had not even prayed yet but God stepped in and the miracle took place. The man turned around and took off running around and around the church totally healed of an automobile accident that took places years ago. The dear man lived in constant pain for 12 years until the power of God drove that injury and pain out of his body that night in Denver, Colorado... GLORY!

The Semi Man Gets A Miracle

The man had fallen off his semi and landed on his heel and split it open three years ago. When I prayed for the man instantly all swelling disappeared. He said he could move his foot around in his shoe. It had been swollen every since the accident and has caused him much pain and suffering. After the swelling left so did the pain. The man threw down his cane and took off running around the church showing off his miracle. After the service he walked home with the cane over his shoulder pain feel and enjoying his new heel.... GLORY!

Horrible Bladder Infection

She stopped me in the hallway of the church and asked me to pray for her for she has suffered with horrible bladder infections for a many years. She was very elderly. The poor lady, I could smell her and tell she had issues in that department. I prayed a simple prayer and went on my way. I found out a number of years later she never suffered with a bladder infection again.

Kidney Miracle

The young man had been having blood in his urine for a number of years. He asked me to pray for him. Looked like nothing happened but later he testified since that prayer the blood stopped. I know this young man and he never suffered with that again.

Stiff Toe Instantly Healed

I was holding a miracle service in Central Michigan when a man had me to pray for his middle toe. He had broken it when he was a small boy and it had become stiff and was unable to bend it whatsoever. The man was in his middle 40's. As soon as I touch the man he instantly started going up and down on his tippy toes. Right there in front of everyone the man's toe was freed up and he was able to bend it like there was never anything wrong with it all those years. He took his shoes off and showed everyone how he could now bend his toe. You should have seen the look on the man's face........ GLORY

Woman Falls Into A Miracle

While I was preaching I looked to my left and pointed at a woman and told her to quickly stand up and get out into the aisle. I told an usher to quickly get to the woman. Before he could reach her she collapsed into the floor. She laid there for a few minutes and got up totally healed in both knees. After the service she went home and started in on housework. The next morning she sprang to her feet out of bed and went back to working around the house totally healed by the power of God.... GLORY!

Ear Miracle

While conducting miracle services I gave a word of knowledge about a right ear. A woman responded to the word and came forward. After I prayed for her I whispered very softly in her ear and could hear my faintest whisper. Later during the service she went to the restroom and was amazed at how loud the exhaust fan was. She had been in there many times for this was the church she attended and had never heard that fan before that night.
BTW... This dear lady worked with hearing aid and professionally knows about hearing loss. She stated she had conductive hearing loss. With this you don't hear background noises, men’s voices and so forth. So when I barely whispered in her ear and she could hear my voice, she knew a miracle had taken place..... GLORY!

Shortness of Breath

A woman came up front for pray for shortness of breath. When I touched her on the head instantly she fell out in the Spirit. As she was lying there warmth started flowing through her chest then followed by coolness. When she stood up she could breathe normally and take deep breaths. She was a very happy lady.... GLORY!

Large Growth Disappears

A woman came forward for prayer. When I laid hands on her she was slain in the Spirit. After being on the floor for a few minutes she tried to get up only to fall back down. When she fell to the floor the second time a rather large hard growth in her stomach instantly disappeared. When she stood up even her cloths were loose........ GLORY!

Injured Back

Jack came to one of my miracle services in Orlando last summer in much need of a miracle. He had injured his back at work several years before and had been living in a lot of pain. When he came forward for prayer I laid hand on him and NOTHING happened... ZERO. The very next day shortly after 1pm heat started and keeps increasing in the exact spot of his injury. Within minutes the heat left and so did his pain and injury. He returned the next night to testify of his miracle... GLORY!

Another testimony from my Portland, Oregon Meetings March 9-10, 2013

Ann writes... while people were being healed of 4th stage cancer at the Portland Hyatt, you instructed the people not to think of their "lesser" problems as less important miracles! My lower back has been bothering me for some time. It became debilitating, It felt like there was a 4 x 4 planted in my back, pain surged through my left leg and down both of my arms (I really didn't "think" that God would heal "me"). I began to pray for a woman in front of me who has MS. She's been in a wheelchair for six or seven years. And my heart really went out to her, and I began to pray fervently for her, I really prayed to see her get up and walk. While I was praying for her it was as if warm water flowed down through my back, through my arms, through my legs, through, my whole body. That pain just melted off. Completely! Praise God* who sees me! PRAISE HIM* for men who teach us to fight!
Doctors told her she would NEVER be able to do this!

Woman had not been able to stomp her feet for 30 years and was not supposed to be able to run but she did!!!!!!!!!!!!

This woman had a surgery 30 years ago. 75% of the people who has had this type of surgery did not survive from it. Then those who did survive the surgery would not be able to walk properly and not be able to lift there legs. During the service while I was preaching and she was sitting in her seat the power of God came on her, it surged though her legs and feet. She started lifting her legs and stomping her feet. She got up out of her seat and walked around stomping her feet and came forward and keep saying, YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND! YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND!, the doctors told me that I will never be able to do this. She walked all around showing everyone what the Doctors told her she would never be able to do!

We have had three that I can think of that has been delivered from fibromyalgia this summer alone. In the state of Michigan and Ohio.

Migrain Headaches Healed

There has been many with migrain headaches healed. One man came to service that has had a continual migrain for 1 1/2 year. After prayer the next day it dawns upon him that his headache is gone! One woman after prayer her headache leaves, she goes back to her Nuerologist, he takes her off the medcation she was on for the migrains. There has been many others that after prayer their headaches leave not to return, MANY!

Sinus Conditions

Many with sinus conditions instantly healed!

Three cases of shingles

We have had 3 cases of shingles healed this summer.

1. Woman with shingles in her eyes for 1 1/2 years. After prayer the pain left and was able to stare at a bright light.

2. Woman with painful shingles with blisters around her lower back. As she enters the church building all pain leaves instantly. She goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror and the blisters have dried up as well. She shows her husband and he is in shock as he looks at her back.

3. Woman with re-occuring shingles. After prayer the pain leaves. The next day they try to return. Through the Word of God she refuses them by quoting "By His stripes I am healed". The pain leaves and does not return.

Children and teenagers moving in the miracle anointing!

I am collecting some very powerful testimonies from parents of children that have been touched during my meetings and now are moving in the miracle anointing. These range from 8-15 year olds. They have seen blind eyes open, bodies full of arthritis instantly healed, deaf ears opening and the whole 9 yards. Please keep checking back for these testimonies you will be richly blessed!

I use these children and teenagers in my revival meetings to pray for the impossible to take place. And it happens! When they lay hands on the sick, diseased, and afflicted, the power of God is released and mighty miracles take place. GLORY!

6 broken vertbreys and in wheelchair since 1999 .... WALKS!

Flint Michigan July

I preached at a mission where they give food to the needy. I spoke for about 1 minute then started to pray for the sick and afflicted. There was a man there that has been in a wheelchair with 6 broken virtibreys since 1999. He has been in severe pain since 1999. When I layed my hands on him all the pain left his back and body and got up out of his wheelchair and walked and stood without any pain. He said this is the first time I have stood and walked this far without any pain since his accident in 99. Many others with pain and sickness in the bodies where instantly healed as well. It is just to hard to keep track of the many miracles I am seeing.

Two more gets out of wheelchairs!

Flint Michigan

I spoke at 2 more missions where they give out food to the needy. When I prayed for the people there where deaf ears opening and many other sickness and diseased that where being instantly healed. One woman in a wheelchair had a brace on her knees. The brace made her leg stick straight out in a stiff position. I layed hands on her, she took off the brace and walked without any pain or stiffness. There was another woman that got out of her wheel chair, all the arthritis pain left her body. Many other miracles took place during these meetings. MANY!

So many miracles!

Flint Michigan

I know this may sound like a broken record but I am seeing so many very powerful miracles taking place in my meetings to the point to where it is so hard to keep up with them. It sounds so repetative to keep listing all the miracles like, backs, knees, arms, hearts, sinus conditions, colds, sore throats, lungs, diabetes, high blood pressure,headaches, pain leaving bodies and such and many different ailments being healed, but this is the fact, GOD IS HEALING SO MANY IT IS HARD TO KEEP A RECORD! What a wonderful problem! GLORY!

47 years of pain GONE!

Flint Michigan July

A man came to the service for prayer. When he was 14 years old a drunk driver hit him while he was riding his bicycle. The car ripped his left hip and leg from his body. He died but was revived. For 47 years he has had constant pain as the result of the accident. Doctors had preformed surgeries and has been given many different medicines over the years with no relief of the pain he had in his body. After prayer for the first time in 47 years all the pain left.

GET OUT OF MY WAY she commanded me!

Flint Michigan

There was an 81 year old woman who came forward for prayer that had to use a walker to get around. She could hardly walk even with the aid of her walker. As I touched her her leg it made a popping and cracking noise. She yelled out, DID YOU HEAR THAT! I said yes and asked her what was that? She looked at me with a look only an 81 year old grandmother could give and get away with and said "THAT WAS MY LEG"! She then said I want to walk without my walker. She could barely move an inch at a time and keep saying. DON'T LET ME FALL DOWN! DON'T LET ME FALL DOWN! It was all she could do not to fall down for she could hardly walk. I assured her that we would not let her fall down. She was very wobbly!

As she took little baby steps (which seemed like nothing was happening). She then said I want to walk down the isle! I helped her walk toward the isle, then all of a sudden she started to walk faster and faster. Then she stopped and said she wanted to take the brace off my leg. I stopped and she reached down and pulled her brace down to her ankle. She then continued to walk up the isle. With each step she keep saying, "Jesus only you and me know the pain that I have been through, only you and me know what I have been through!

As we got to the end of the isle (it was a long isle for the church seated 800) she turned around and said, "I want to walk faster". She then started to pick up speed. The whole time I am walking beside her. As we got to the front of the church she turned around and yelled out to me and said! GET OUT OF MY WAY! and jerked her arms away from me and took off walking faster up the isle without any pain or help from anyone. The church was roaring out with excitement and praises as this 81 year old grandma was giving out praises!

Fred Astaire dances in church!

This is an email from a pastor where I preached one Sunday morning

Just a note to let you know a week after you left, on a Sunday morning...... the guy you prayed for who had no feeling in his legs and could hardly move or walk at all came into the church dancing, and leaping praising God (He looked like Fred Astaire).

Ps. This man had not been able to walk properly for at least two years. (Diabetes related)

The last 30 days 100's of Miracles

There is no way that I can even begin to list the many miracles that I have seen in the last 30 days alone. There has been 100's. There has been people healed as they sit in the services. There has been people healed as they are driving to the meetings. There has been people healed as they enter the building where meetings are being held. Here is some of the things we have seen healed. Deaf ears, backs, COPD, legs, knees, dental miracles, TMJ, chronic headaches, lung conditions of all types, all types of arthritis conditions and stages, asthma, sinus conditions, hearts, necks, bones broken were all pain has left, eyes, shoulders, feet, hands, fingers. Right now as I type it is hard for me to remember the so many different kinds of instant miracles that have taken place. I know that I am leaving out so many wonderful miracles. I stand amazed at what I am seeing. All praise and Glory goes to our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the price He paid for our pain and suffering.

The Power of God has been present

On top of all the miracles we have been seeing there has been a great outpouring of the Spirit as well. Every night there have been bodies all over the floors, even on top of one another at times. Many nights it is hard to find a place to put people when they go out in the Spirit. Drunkeness, laughter, shaking, running, yelling, screaming, children having visions, people feeling the power of God coming on them. You name it, it has been taking place. Bodies laying on chairs, under the pews, across the pews. Children shaking under the power of God. The halls are full on people under the power at times. People just falling out under the power with no one laying hands on them. It has been a wild Holy Ghost time for sure. If you are nervous when the raw power of God hits a place you better stay at home Jack for this is not your Sunday morning service at Willow Creek!

A glittering light hits her in the chest

I was standing on the platform and gave a word of knowledge about someone lungs being healed. As I gave that word, I saw the power of God coming upon a woman standing at her seat. She started yelling, I SEE IT, I SEE IT, I SEE IT, JESUS I SEE IT! All of a sudden she gets slammed to her seat and starts hollering and yelling. What took place was, when I gave the word of knowledge the power of God came upon her and she could see a glittering light coming at her. It keep coming closer and closer and then it hit her in the chest. When it did her lungs cleared up!

Man shot in 1987 gets a miracle.

I prayed for a man that back in 1987 was shot. As a result he has been in constant pain for 21 years. Before the man got saved he was a drug addict. He said that no matter how strong of a drug he was on the pain in the body never want away. When I prayed for the man every bit of the pain left his body. He was in tears as he was enjoying a pain free body.

Pastor born deaf 49 years ago

I prayed for a pastor that was born deaf in his left ear 49 years ago. The doctors said he was born without the parts nessasary to hear. When I layed my hands on him and prayed he said I felt something swelling in his ear. He keep saying that all night. The next morning when he woke up he could tell he could hear out of his left ear. He called his wife and told her to talk to him. She thought it was strange him saying that but he told her to talk to him. When she carried on a conversation he then told her he was talking to her with the phone up to his left ear. She got excited and starting praising God. He then called others and did the same thing.

That night there were 15 people lined up for me to pray for their ears to be opened. 14 out of the 15 were opened right then and the other one needed to be able to test it out the next day to see of their condition was healed.

78 year old man takes off running around the church

I had a word of knowledge that strength was coming in someone's body. A man 78 years old man then takes off running around the church. The next day he testifies when I gave the word of knowledge immediately strength came into him so much he started to run for the first time in years, Also that morning he got up and went and got out his ro-tiller and plowed up his garden and planet tomatos and other seeds. His daughter called him latter that day and said I see someone came over and tilled up your garden. He told her "I did" she would not believe him for she knew his condidtion. He had a hard time convincing her he was the one that did the work. When she finally belived him she was amazed.

Off she goes running around the church

I prayed for a woman that had arthritis throughout herwhole body. When I asked her where is the pain, she all of a sudden realized all the pain was gone. She got so excited she took off running laps around the church and yelling, all the pain is gone, all the pain is gone! She has had that condition for years.

Asthma leaves the building

A woman came up for that has had asthma for 46 years. After I prayed for her I told her to take deep breaths. When she did she exploded with praise as she for the first time in her life could breath with clear lungs.

Woman almost de-capatated by a deer

Last night there was a woman present who was injured in two automobile accident. Years ago she was driving down the road and the car in front of her hit a deer which threw it in the air which threw it through her windshield. The head of the deer hit her in the head almost cutting her head off, the head of the deer went through the rear window of her car and the body of the deer ended up on her lap. That was one of two accidents she has suffered thru. Together these accidents left her with great pain in her body. Even after many surguries the constant head, neck, back, hips and body pain consisted.

When I prayed for her and all the pain left her body. ALL THE PAIN! After she testified of her miracle she then said she now needed God to touch her arm because of so many miss aligments and broken bones in her body, and body parts twisted so much her one arm was now shorter than the other. She extended her arms to showed everyone that it was indeed about 2 inches short. As her arms where extended straight out in front of her I prayed that the Lord would grow her arm out. I did not touch her but just prayed. As those around her watched, the Lord grow it out to the same length as the other arm. The pastor and his wife, the woman husband and others where standing beside her watching it grow out. Then the pastor and others said "Did you see her arm grow?" all where stunned and in awe.
Cell Phone Miracles

Today while at the airport waiting for my flight to Kalamazoo, Michigan to hold revival meetings I got a call on my cell phone. It was a couple from New York. The husband and wife both had arthritis, one had it in both knees and the other had it in his back. I prayed for the husband first. All the pain left and he could bend over without any pain. I then prayed for the wife. Her knees were stiff as I prayed the one knee loosend up then the other got free as well. All the pain left and as we lung up the phone they were praising God for His wonderful miracle working power.

Brevard County Florida Miracle/Impartation Service

Tonight I held a special miracle/impartion service in Titusville Florida. The power of God moved and we saw so very powerful miracles take place. One man suffered from a injury back in 1986 by diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool. He split his skull wide open and suffered permament injury to his spine. After 22 years of constant back pain he was healed by the power of God and a miracle took pace. He was in shock of his miracle! One woman was healed while driving to the meeting of a breathing problem and back pain. Another woman was healed of a breathing condition when she came into the room before the service even started. Backs, necks, knees, shoulders were healed as well.

Another Wheel Chair Miracle

I prayed for a woman last Friday, a couple day before had Broken her Vertibrey (not for sure on the spelling), was in terrible pain. Prayed a simple prayer, all her pain left, I told her to get up out of her wheel chair, she got up, walked around without pain and threw her arms up in the air crying and praising the Lord. Took off her back brace and the two pain patches she was wearing. 2 days later (Sunday) I talked to her pastor and the pastor said the woman was beside herself and gave her testimony that morning in church how the Lord had healed her.


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Jill Janiec Down the Gym
I am so happy I got to share the gospel with an atheist man at the gym. He talked to me and I just listened to him talking about organized religion and how wrong it is and he made some good points, but I pointed him back to Jesus and his heart for him to be forgiven and to know his Love. I looked in his eyes and put my hand on his shoulder and told him how much God Loves him and he began to cry. I shared with him God's Love demonstrated in Jesus Christ on the cross to bring forgiveness to his soul. He said WOW! That is the best thing I have ever heard. Pray for him to get the full revelation of this glorious gospel to accept him fully. Thank you all...don't want any to perish but all come to eternal life.