Thursday 4 May 2017

Post Christendom Brian? Nope. Post Meetingdom.

Jesus lived in real time in the "land of appearances" and also seeing in the Spirit.
In one of His "appearances" moments, when the disciples had so much trouble with the epileptic boy Jesus said
"How long must I endure this generation of unbelief?"
At another time He said
"But shall the Son of Man find faith at His return?"
He was living in real time, but as the Son of God.
He was heard for His loud cries to God.
He was acutely aware of two leavens....and which would win out? He knew in the Spirit that God was the ruler of heaven and earth but He was living in real time.
There was the leaven of the Kingdom.
But there was also the very real leaven of the Saducees and the Pharisees. And the leaven of unrighteousness.
Jesus knew from the Old Testament that God had to step in at Babel because the leaven of unrighteousness was threatening to grow to such a pyramid force, as expressed by the Tower of Babel, that nobody soon would be able to live righteously. So God divided the nations.
God hasn't a problem with globalism once people know how to live together in the Spirit.
Moses disappeared a few weeks and found his own precious people all dancing naked round a golden calf, as though that was a good idea!!!
Having a European Union per se is no more wrong than having a United Kingdom. But Europe has already showed exactly what its roots are.
Outside the buildings is the half man half bull. The Union buildings are designed in the shape of an unfinished Babel to make it quite clear they are masonically run, and built round the notion of completing the Babel Tower in defiance of God in a world system run under Lucifer. Even politically all the elected representatives have no actual say, and their task is to simply roll out directives from Brussels in the style of some great Socialist Federal State.
But there IS ANOTHER leaven. The leaven of the Kingdom of God and looking to the land of appearances is quite often hopelessly flawed. Reading back from Acts 2 to the time of Jesus crucixion....
In the land of appearances, with all the disciples deserting Jesus , save John.... I think you'd agree that the whole idea of Acts 2 and the birth of the Church did not look that promisng.
But Spirit leaven works seasonally, and is unstoppable.
Actually very similar to natural seasons.
I mean how likely do daffodils look in Britain at Christmas?
Looking out of the window, is there any hint at all in December that Spring will ever happen?
i rest my case.
In 1966 the World Council of Churches gathered in Lausanne and it was declared that by 1990 Christianity would have died out in the earth.
Right then, maybe the same week, Watchman Nee retired from all the Christian conferences and heard God's intercessory word, to go back to China, present himself to the authorities as a banned underground house church leader, and allow himself to be put in prison.
But in his heart he KNEW it was on behalf of the Western Church. His friends called him the womb of the West.
It was Mao's cultural revolution that began in 1966.In 1971 so many warders and inmates had got saved, the authorities decided to cut out Nee's tongue. He survived a year more.
In the years of 1971 and 1972 Jean Darnall had had the vision for the Festival of Light, and then people also a year later held the Festival for Jesus in London. Thousands upon thousands of people like myself were swept into the Jesus Move....the first Move in recent history where not only did we receive salvation and were baptised in the Spirit but we were imprinted from Day 1 with the vision of the Body of Christ, which was also Nee's vision.
The land of appearances is so hopelessly wrong. When a woman is about to give things look compared with what is actually occurring are two completely different things, and ten hours later or whatever, holding the baby, the mother looks quite quite different.
Brian Zahnd (see my blog) announces that Christendom is dead. That we are in a time of post Christendom.Brian's blog
We are in a time of changeover. When Jesus arrived Judaism was dead. He came to bring in the Spirit reality of "Holy Place" Church but all the while He was looking to a Holiest Place Church which He described in John 4.....a people who just "were the stuff".....who worship Me in Spirit and in truth....whether they meet or and out of gatherings, just as He Himself lived.
So I would say we are post "meeting centricness"
Does that mean we nolonger gather?
But like Acts, the apostles just went continually from house to house. Jesus who came to give life gives LIFE CENTERED LIFE.....not meeting centered life.
It can seem that way in the beginning because Jesus KICKSTARTS our spiritual journey with
where two or three are gathered in My Name there am I in their midst....
but eventually we are Galatians 2.20 centered
which is 24/7.
So we don't gather?
No actually we should gather more
But whereas the cart used to get before the horse
and meetings became "the thing"
now the horses pull the cart....
and the horses are Jesus in us the hope of glory
and our very own Jesus consciousness....
which ofcourse when we get together is only going to be magnified.
There is only ONE JESUS and all those who receive Him
He gives the right to become the sons of God, even to those who believe in His Name John 1.12

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