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Books and Messages that have helped me

Dan Bowen on Life On Wings will help out with many older books of note. Lydia Joy, Dan and Julie, list or frequently mention new books, some of which we are wading through also. Books by Bill Johnson, Mark Stibbe, Joseph Prince. This list I realise contains some teachings in specific areas, but largely they are testimonies of the growth of faith in a believer, or describe the growth of the Life of Christ in a believer. Some of them describe lives lived on the cutting edge of God's purposes.....truly the Melchizedek order. This is a list to dip into , and reference for some time to come....not to get a hemorrhage over.
There is a balance between"Those who do not read, can have little to think, and far less to say...." Jane Austin andmy Christian friend who hardly reads a single Christian book, she is too busy hearing and obeying Christ in the minutiae of daily living, showing hospitality to the Body of Christ.If books are out of print, you can usually find them on the UK or USA sites.Where possible get them in the same country. Or you may be paying twice as much for postage as the book itself!
The Holy Spirit.....
Dennis and Rita Bennet The Holy Spirit and You - Shawna says it now comes with 9 0 clock in the morning
Don Basham -
Face up with a Miracle
Benny Hinn -
Good Morning Holy Spirit, The Anointing
Claudio Friedzon -
Holy Spirit I am Hungry for you

The Fatherhood of God.......
Floyd McClung: The Father Heart of God
William P Young: The Shack
Mark Stibbe :Orphans and Heirs
Ruth Heflin : Revival Glory.
George Warnock:The Feast of Tabernacles
Juan Carlos Ortiz : The Call to Discipleship. (pub.Logos) written with Jamie Buckingham, the latter by the way was another man who only came to world prominance and effectiveness after a dizzying crash in his pastoral ministry through adultery. This was the book that described what was happening with us young people in Amersham, after the school revival had waned. It wasn't a text book for rather helped explain this new way of the Spirit that we were already on.Cry of the Human Heart is a brilliant evocation of the true meaning of the New Covenant. It is the forerunner of the current revelation to do with the outworking of grace in the Body of Christ. Both books are so important.
Dr Larry Lea: "Could you not Tarry One Hour"? Messages on the Our Father prayer and in mid 90s was used to break open the whole area of Shame, such that he even earnt a parody on The Simpsons.
Books by Spurgeon. 12 specially produced book on Spurgeon's sermons recently given to Morris Cerullo partners. That by the way is how I got to receive many useful books during the period of my exile from 2nd leveldom in the late 80s and most of the 90s. These Spurgeon books such as "Spiritual Warfare in a Believers Life" come in two 6 part series: Believer's Life series and Life of Christ Series. They are available from Emerald Books. If not does others
George Mueller: The Life of George Mueller His amazing life of faith .Free downloadable mp3s.
Larry Christenson: The Renewed Mind...Using Romanas12:2 as a spring off point
Watchman Nee: Normal Christian Life(Probably only superceded by Norman's book Yes I am),Release of the Spirit,Song of Songs, Sit,Walk,Stand, What shall thisMan Do?
Graham Pulkingham : Gathered For Power. The testimony of Church of The Redeemer,Houston. (Or how God starts to invade denominational churches.) They Left Their Nets. (Testimonies - plus contains one of my alltime favorite poems by Martha Keys)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Discipleship. As you have experienced ,a difficult read but you will look back and it will grow increasingly precious.Praise and worship...see also Ruth Heflin
Ed Miller: Thy God Reigneth, The Flaming Flame. (Testimonies of Argentina)
Judson Cornwall:Let us Praise Greatly influenced by Ed Miller. Took my German friend Martin Franke around with him for a month in 1976. The real deal. See also a superb study on true faith, written in response to American 80s TV faith ...well the worse kind : Unfeigned Faith
Merlin Carruthers Praise series. Especially - Prison to Praise.
Heaven and the Glory - People who have been there. The great thing about these testimonies is, like the gospels themselves, they are different enough to know they are not cloned, that they contain new information, but they tally enough with all the rest...and some contain such striking similarities...while all bear out the scriptures on heaven in our Bibles.Here's looking forward to what's in store Kings kids!!!!
Percy Collett: I walked in heaven with Jesus. 12 cassette series of a 3 day trip to heaven by an American missionary to South American indiginous peoples. Had prayed for decades to be able to see heaven (In my possession - pressed into my hands at Martin Franke's wedding by a little South Korean lady, who said she had prayed who to give this to.)
Roberts Liardon: We saw Heaven. Also 2 other extremely important items. Liardon's God's Generals series, which Jesus specifically commissioned him to complete when he went to heaven. Also Smith Wigglesworth : His Complete Life and Teachings.......a collection in the same vein as the John G Lake book.
Jesse Duplantis: Close Encounters of The God Kind 2 DVD set. Again an amazing testimony.
Ian Mc Cormack A Glimpse of Eternity - free download. You may want to donate a gift to his work
Don Piper: 90 minutes in Heaven ISBN 1 84291 227 5Angels.....Charles and Frances Hunter : Angels on Assignment
HA Baker (Roland Baker's grandad) Visions Beyond The Veil
Terry Law :The Truth About Angels
Mother Basilea Schlink : Realities. (Describes Life on their Canaan Community - everything from walking in the Light together to how God blesses the very fruit and produce of the land)Repentance - The Joy - Filled Life, ( I'd now describe this as the secrets of living a life not hooked into the Devil, but hooked into Christ full-time), Those Who Love Him - (will inspire love for Jesus), Lo He Comes (an example of an earlier book heralding the sort of signs that indicate Jesus' soon Coming) She was Lutheran. Very Lutheran in style. Very very Lutheran! Be warned. But if you are listening in the Spirit you'll catch the heartbeat of God...and many of the Kingdom tricks that make Jesus life work in our lives, and in our Christian communities.
Mother Theresa : Transforming Love . An amazing and hard-hitting book which will show how a 3rd leveller goes into operation. In her case she spent some 40 years being established in her identity in Christ before she received her full call to go to India's slums. Great for Protestants to get their heads round. This is someone who takes the Eucharist in faith. She experiences the Presence of Christ in the Bread and the the same way that say, many experience the reality of the Holy Spirit's anointing going through a Fire Tunnel. You see once we've got the Realities of Jesus...Prots can start really communicating with Catholics...and if they still don't like's not because we're not oozing Jesus....which let's face it probably the main reason why the Northern Irish were beating each other Jesus Name, by the way!!!
Jorge Pradas : Congregados Para Darle Gloria Spanish PDF download . Free. Use Google Alta vista to translate it...badly....or perhaps you speak Spanish. Apostle of the Vision of Living and worshipping as the Body of Christ...and being transformed in a step process into the image of Christ corporately. The vision was correct. Just needed a few 3rd level extras!!! Which we've now got hold of!!! His life message was also "Unity In the Body of Christ" mp3 Spanish message free download. You can hear his spirit of gentleness and firmness...even if you can't get the Spanish!!! I have very little time for 2nd level tunnel vision. Especially when I've had my spirit ripped open by the extremes of the Kingdom as expressed in this book and message list. The Corinthians had tunnel vision and Paul writes to them in a similar vein to Jorge's burden here.
Lee Strobel : The Case for Faith. The Case For A Creator. The Case For Christ. 3 books by this ex-legal journalist. Really absorbing fact-filled books....also introducing you to some of the main Christian intellects around the world today.
Sadhu Sundar Singh: A converted Sikh Sundar, wise holy man. His extraordinary story, his visions
Grant Jeffrey: Is a very prolific author providing much information on how the world is getting ever nearer to fulfilling the very prophecies they scorn and laugh about. Covers a whole variety of topics such as Jewish background, Prophetic fulfilment, how the Jews want to rebuild the Temple, even practical Christian issues of how to manage finance. Probably have received over 10 quite lengthy tomes through Morris Cerullo. Good to be informed on what secular media never tell you.
Bill Cooper: After The Flood. Tries to explore some of Biblical history outside of the territories delineated by the Bible itself. Why are so many of the geographical names derived from Hebrew names? How Israeli artefacts have turned up even in Japan. Some of England's pre Roman history. In a word, don't let the secularists snatch all the real details just cos it doesn't fit their worldview. Let's try and tease out real history.
Bert Ghezzi: The Angry Christian . Ann Arbor Michigan was the epicentre of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and produced some fine Bible teachers and worship music. Bert Ghezzi goes into this thorny area of the different ways unprocessed anger can seep out of a Christian's life, souring all those in his/her immediate environment. Often the Christian is absolutely blind to it. Probably similar to Griff Rees Jones' recent TV Programme. I had a baptism into this subject with the many related anger verses mentioned in Proverbs.
Colin Whitaker Rheinhard Bonnke: A Passion For the Gospel. One of the best biographies of the fellow-countryman the German's ignored for many years as he started to storm through Africa. Lessons in boldness! Like Morris Cerullo.
Maurice Smith - in particular..."20th Century Pilgrim". Why. Because although 5-5-55 and Amazing Grace detail his initial revelation of the Grace of God, this latter takes him further through a virtual breakdown, which was hugely worrying to many other key leaders in the UK, into an understanding of what I call the 3rd Level which Norman describes. I believe this is a fuller more accurate revelation than his previous writings which only went so far. I am biased because I experienced a similar breakdown in my more sheltered context. I was never a high profile conference speaker!!! Actually no kind of speaker at all.
Norman Grubb : Yes I am, (The most complete of all his books studying how Christ's life works in a believer ) CT Studd(How a top cricketer is turned into a fiery missionary), Rees Howells Intercessor, (Indepth biography describing God's training steps for a mighty national intercessor. I would call this 3rd Level Intercession. More on this later.)
Gene Edwards: writes on historical figures who have ploughed the furrow of the depths of Jesus Christ. Also the vision of Body Life,how the Church functions or doesn't....then also several novels on Bible events. Christian Classics Transcribed:100 Days in the Secret Place featuring Guyon ,Molinos and Fenelon, Practicing the Presence of God Brother Lawrence and Laubach in one volume by Edwards publishing name Christian Books,Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Teachings of Madame Guyon); Three Kings - had me in tears, about Saul,David and Absolom , Divine Romance (The Whole Bible as love story) , Our Mission - how to handle splits and disagreements in the Body.
Ern Baxter: Study Books :The Beginnings of Christian Life. The Beginnings of Church Life.His greatest influence on me has been his messages.
Dan's the man to sort you out on these. see also New Wine articles/ many other things.Key Messages
1975 series "The King and His army" On Saul and David.
"Going Into The Land "series on the people in the Wilderness.
Dales 1976.
"Thy Kingdom Come " Kansas City Shepherd's Conference 1975. Door opening Word on how the Church does the stuff now...not relegating everything to Jesus some time in the future.
"Jonathan and David" - Covenant Love - a vision for how we now should live in the Body of Christ. 1976 Capel Bible Week. Devastatingly moving. You will never live the same again.
Richard Wurmbrandt: "Christ on the Jewish Road" (restores the Jewish content in Jesus story )"Tortured for Christ" "Marx and Satan"0-89107-379-5 This latter book gives lots of background details that are hardly known, and together with the secular book on Mao by Jung Chang and others by Solzhenitsyn will help fill you in on how evil this spirit of so called "secular independence" that we hooked into in Genesis 3:5 really is when allowed free reign, manifesting in the form here of Communism. All this info should serve to wake you up to what according to The Book of Revelation., is around the corner, in the battle to see God's reign come to Earth. I lived in a second level Christian Community. Second levellers are not defined on who they are. They slide in and out of Christ dangerously. Like Peter, they will stab you in the back without thinking about it....until Christ has pinned them down and prepared them for 3rd Level living. Paul's decription of the Corinthians captures 2nd levellers perfectly. Unbroken saints in community together can be at times nearly as bad as any socialist/communist state... or maybe in extremis worse. Unfortunately we have to pass through the 2nd level to fully understand our need for the 3rd Level, and Christ's free and flowing grace.
Brother Andrew: "God's Smuggler", and "Light Force". It's not just what he is doing. It is about who he is, who God has made him. Hears God and gets on with it.Often a decade ahead of the general Body of Christ. Light Force is about his 90s Muslim work. If the Body had listened to him, if USA had listened to him, it is unlikely 7/11 could have happened in the way it did.
John G Lake : "His Life, His Ministry and Sermons" A collection of writings and sermon transcriptions. This man was a pioneer on every level. An apostolic breakthrough ministry in South Africa, then after returning to USA and to Spokane, Washington, is on record for making this town the healthiest in the a national statistic. He started sketching out many spiritual and Biblical principles which describe life in the Spirit....principles we are building on and seeking to fill out in many of today's writings and messages, including Bill Johnson and RobRufus.
Steve Lightle: "Exodus II". Life and ministry in the Melchizedek order.Probably the true value of this book will only be seen in the difficult years ahead.
Arthur Blessitt: "Turned onto Jesus". Evangelist to the Jesus People. This is a testimony book of these times...but important because He too had a real encounter one night with Jesus Himself.Preached in Trafalgar Square to us all in Summer 1972 at London Festival For Jesus.
Graham Cooke: Develop Your Prophetic Gifting
Sentinel Group Transformations I and II DVDs. Check for your area whether to order PAL or NTSC. If you've not seen these examples of how whole areas and regions can be released by the power of the gospel. Should be seen by every UK Town Council before planning anything.
Fasting and Intercession.....
Arthur Wallis God's Chosen Fast. Perhaps THE classic on this.
Derek Prince: Shaping history through Prayer and Fasting
Cindy Jacobs:Possessing The Gates of The Enemy. A training manual for Militant Intercession. I think this book is a great 2nd level book....but bet you anything you like it will all be revisited at a deeper level as the 3rd Level breaks out.
Lydia Prince: Appointment in Jerusalem Third Level intercession fore runner in the same vein as Rees Howells see Norman Grubb.
Morris Cerullo : Just about any book is worth reading. A Fore runner general in the Body of Christ. I have supported him and his operations with thousands of pounds over the years. He is both the best of what there is, but alternately drives me nuts as well. Has brought a lot of stuff /paraphernalia from his conversion time (1950s America) with him to the present day. The closest I have seen him to the 3rd level message in print was (absolutely surprisingly for its subject) a recent booklet on Generational Curses. In general has great revelation on 60 whole years of subjects including for example "God's Covenant Anointing". "You can know How to Defeat Satan" Life testimony book "Son Build Me an Army". Has absolutely awesome authority in Christ, but probably needs a few other 3rd Levellers to tell him some truths. Probably surrounded by too many that are overawed by him. Americans are very pragmatic. I am called such and such. I have a ministry. Therefore my ministry is called "Kenneth Copeland Ministries, or Morris Cerullo Ministries, or Kenneth Hagin Ministries. They haven't a clue how offensive that is to the rest of the world....saints such as Mel Tari of the Indonesian Revival. Best things you can learn from reading Morris and watching him move: how revelation is an advanced burst of supernatural knowledge. He runs all his meetings and big operations on this principle. His God is a big God, so he expects the projects he undertakes to be on an absolutely massive scale. Has operated like this for 60 years!!!! His sons in the faith are legion and work on similarly massive scales.
Mel Tari : Like a Mighty Wind, and Gentle Breeze of Jesus. 2 books by this gentle forerunner ministry with the vision of the Body of Christ on the outbreak in the 60s in Indonesia.
John Rea: Mel's father in law. Great and exhaustive learned tome on "The Holy Spirit". American Professor does Holy Spirit studies. My Dad liked it when nothing else was learned enough. Very similar to Dr Heribert Muhlen's effect on Germany in the Paderborn seminary when I was with Martin Franke in Paderborn in 1977.
Bob and Rose Weiner studies. 1980s.Quick way to learn about Jewish subjects and end-time revelation in the Bible from a Holy Spirit perspective. Had to tone down their message for 20 years to wait for America to catch up. But contains a lot of 3rd Level details way ahead of time.Haven't wasted their interim years though, moving at very high levels with Harvard students and mobilising Christian political activism. Studies include: Overcoming Life parts 1 and 2. Bible Studies for the Preparation of the Bride - a study of the Song of Solomon.
Yonghi Cho -"The Fourth Dimension". And "Prayer:Key to Revival" The former is an attempt to describe through biographical testimony the actual practics of how faith works. This marries up with details in Norman Grubb's books about the use of faith, and the training that Rees Howells underwent. The annoying thing to an artist is it can seem a bit deluded in its conceit. Though if you read the terrible things that Cho experienced en can see his way through to the Tree of Life was very much through the double-edged swords of the angels guarding nearby.(Genesis reference). Probably needs a bit of balancing with Judson Cornwall's book "Unfeigned Faith"
Brad Jersak Can You Hear Me (developing listening prayer) Kissing the Leper (seeing jesus in the least of these. Both excellent. see blog Links section
Corrie Ten Boom The Hiding Place. Her wartime autobiography in a labour camp. Tramp For the Lord. Amazing Love. Was truly an apostle of Love.
Jessie Penn Lewis War on the Saints free. Awakening in Wales.(1906 revival) . Thy Hidden Ones (Song of Songs...influenced Watchman Nee's book) Life in the Spirit (Ephesians)
Israel......Basilea Schlink - Israel My Chosen People
Neal W May - A Biblical Tour of The Holy Land
Michele Guiness - A Child of the Covenant
Muslim subjects..........
Don Richardson -
Secrets of The Koran
Bilquis Sheikh
I dared to call Him Father

Doctrinal Struggles
Using the example of predestination v freewill in this case, but could be anything.
The sort of destruction it can cause:
Roy Hattersley
:A Brand from the Burning - The Life of John Wesley, and containing the struggles with Whitfield.
Roger T Forster and V Paul Marston - God's Strategy in Human History. More of an Armenian balance to the Calvinist tendency of Freezing solid into a Que Sera Sera attitude to the Church moving forward.
The Blood Of Jesus and Truths about what Covenant is........
Benny Hinn Power in the Blood
Andrew Murray The Power of the Blood of Jesus. (See all his other books too)
Kenneth Copeland The Blood Covenant
Copeland is half Cherokee and understands the old covenant rituals of blood covenant, which reflects on the absolute binding nature of Christ's Covenant. The CD message. If you can ever get to see the old 80s DVD will be marked for life!!!!
Two books on the secular shelves.............
M.Scott Peck The Different Drum . The one on everyone's shelves is "The Road Less Travelled". This guy is a respected Christian psychologist counsellor. But this book again helped shape my understanding of how we grow internally as we get older. The sort of transformations that we go through in our different growth stages, which help again re-define the growth stages listed in 1 John 2:12ff.
Jeffrey Satinover - The Truth Behind The Bible Code.0-283-06335-1 Grant Jeffrey also covered this subject, to do with the way that God seems to underline the inspiration of the Bible in the very warp and woof of its internal structure. Kaas is even more sceptical in his approach than Jeffrey....but at the time of writing he had become at least a believing Jew, and was noting how scores of high level Jewish mathematicians the world over have been converting back to Judaism or Messianic faith and were becoming increasingly excited by the mathematics in the scriptures. EW Bullinger, a Unitarian, and Bible Scholar has also researched scriptures along similar mathematical well as doing a treatise on the Gospel themes as written in the stars....basically God knew how the universe would look from our little old planet, so allowed constellation shapes to declare pictures of His the Water Pourer for example. Jesus pouring out the Holy Spirit.


Jamie said...

Ahhhh, my Christmas Wish List. :)
Food for my Spirit; you have laid a banquet out before me!

Chris, I am humbled by your generosity and your kindness. God has blessed me with such a brother in you!

With sincerest thanks,

Jamie said...

That was such a wimpy little "thank you"; I had to drop back in and say, "YOU ARE AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!!"

Words are truly inadequate to express how much your time, effort, and love in compiling this list means to me. Feel hugged! :)

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I feel hugged.By the way, a group hug to Ryan, Matthew Daelon, yourself and any others in range.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is quite a list. Thanks so much for putting it together, you put a lot of time and work in to these posts. Hey, I've heard of some of these authors and references before, cool. I have actually read Dennis and Rita Bennet's "The Holy Spirit and You" too! I have the two books in one edition that pairs it with "Nine O'clock in the Morning". I'm going to go down to the last post and write a comment too. I am a ssslllloooowww thinker, and what you write gives much to mull over.

Ursula said...

Wow! Thats an incredible list! Love so many of them....and some I don't know! Inspires me to write a some point! Since I'm coming your way...can I borrow some!!!!? Lol - Kidding - well maybe!

I'm so desperate to read Mel Tari's books! Plus its required reading for me...but dying to read them!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Shawna - I've included your comment.
Ursula - at the mo' it's so easy to get anything you want on alibris.And the most expensive aspect is the postage ,not the books! may be you'll get to prise the odd book out of me.

Sheila Atchley said...

Chris -
What an absolutely fun blog entry! Some of these titles I have read, others I'm aware of but not read, some are "news to me", and that is the best part - new ideas for my ever-lengthening reading list.

I remember reading "Like a Mighty Wind" as a young teenager...unforgettable. It marks you for life. And you are right - with all the controversy surrounding Copeland and some of what he has taught, he is unbeatable in terms of learning what blood covenant really means.

For anyone new to the things of the Holy Spirit, I'd also recommend Catherine Marshall's oldie but goodie, "Something More". You talk about everything old becoming new again!!! That book of her's on the HOly Spirit is much like the izod golf shirts *(we called 'em "alligator shirts") of the 80's being a current fashion again.

Or for that matter...big hair and big, low slung belts. Ah, those 80's! ACK! (Both of which, hair and big, low belts, I took to embarrassing and dizzying heights and depths in my high school days...)

If you've ever seen an old Julia Roberts movie - very early on - with the huge hair, and the suits with the gigantic shoulder pads....that was so me, in 1984. Along with the huge laugh.

Styles change...personalities mature...but a hunger for that "Something More" (harking back to Marshall's book) is forever.

Besides. I rather miss casting out devils. That was real life drama at its finest!

You have posted some great, old titles, my friend...along with more current and excellent selections.

Anonymous said...

I'm utterly impressed by the amount of detail, description and time you must have devoted to creating this list. Well done. I have to say I love Watchman Nee's books.

Well done.

~Amy :)