Friday 12 September 2008

Prophecy - with Special Reference to Singers and Musicians

This prophecy dates from 1989 and was one of the very few written prophecies, as opposed to the more usual spoken prophecies given in meetings. It contains some aspects which blend with the writings in the previous post.

Prophecy - with special reference to Singers and Musicians 

I have opened a new door in Heaven. The way to this door is very difficult .It is difficult because of the pride of man. 
But in fact it is a very simple way.
A way of faith. A way of humility. 

This door is deceptively unimpressive, but in truth it is a door to great Things. 
Great powers.
Great movings and stirrings of My Spirit.
As always,the singers and musicians go ahead, and their song becomes a 'way' for many to follow. 

Many great individuals, (great because of My workings in them, not because anything was in any way special about them) have found their way through this door in this century. They have been responsible for great outbreaks of My Spirit over cities and lands.

They have, at times, almost singlehandedly - held the enemy at bay as he sought to prevent the outpourings of the Spirit
over the last thirty years - the very outpourings in which you yourselves were bom of My Spirit. 

You need to acknowledge their work in your heart.

But, I say I open a new door, I do a new thing, in that I now call a corporate people into this place.

You enter as individuals. But you enter corporately. 
Now is My time for this. 

 Many will resist this move, saying that it is not necessary. They say "It has not yet been necessary, so why should it now be necessary?" But I say to you, while you were playing as children in the other place, these former individuals were baring their very breasts to the enemy, unsure of their own lives, as if giving their lifeblood, and in some cases they actually did, in order to protect you while you were still children. 

The time has now come for you to grow up, to take your place, to find your life by losing it for the sake of others.
You speak of weapons now • • • but in reality, these are as but toys compared to the forces and powers I will unleash among a mature people. 

Many have grown discouraged during these years of training. Many have hardened their hearts. But the scripture is true which says. Wait upon The Lord. 
My word remains true. 
My promises remain true. 

You should fear lest you run ahead of me, lest you build what I am not building. For I build swiftly and well. My work will arise amidst your works and yours will splinter like matchsticks in front of the solidity of My work. When I build, people stand and stare, dumbstruck. 

Fear, lest you too be ashamed.

The song of My Spirit is a mighty song. You will feel the surging awesome power of My Spirit arise when there is no song. When your song has long been exhausted then I will sing.

The dance of My Spirit is a mighty dance. You will feel the surging awesome power of My Spirit rise when there is no dance. When your dancing has long been exhausted, then I will dance.

As in the Feast of Tabernacles, the Great Day of the Feast of which it is said "He who has not seen the rejoicing of the pouring out of the water, has not seen rejoicing in all his life" so shall there be a dance among men, the likes of which all history has not seen.

Chris Welch 1989

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Jamie said...

I know what you mean about feeling contrived. I never write anything down before posting...I pray and let the Spirit go. "When We Meet Grace", which a lot of people have identified with, was written in one sitting, just me and my Bible and the Holy Spirit. I told Ryan that pre-writing would feel like not being able to give a Word as you receive it. :)
Also, funny thing, it was not until after the pastor who taught us about Grace and finished work and Tabernacles suddenly passed away, that I received the gift of prophecy. Unbeknownst to me, someone had told my mom I would prophecy, but she never said a word!
If you ask for "more", watch out! God will roll over you like a wave. I feel the spray on my face too, like Ursula said!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I love that "spray"phrase. I feel it in many of our Havant know the "beyond thing just arriving on platform 4 " type of feeling... I feel it certainly in things like RiverCAMP, as I described with the young men,...there are also some days when Christine and I find an incredible flow in the business...and you think, there's something going on here. Some of the most amazing things in terms of "humanly unexplainable," are when planning piano removals. As you see on there is a removals page where we advertise in a stop press section. This is the contrived version and often takes 4 weeks. Imagine some obscure part of the States, that you never hear anything about, then in the space of 5 minutes or half an hour you get 2 piano removals in that area. We need 2 jobs minimum, you see to be commercially viable with rising fuel prices. How incredible is that! And it happens over and over again.

Jamie said...

I do know what you mean. God has told me He will show me far beyond what I can begin to think or imagine.

Side note: our piano is a Henry F. Miller, made in Boston, @ 100 yrs. old. Try keeping that tuned. (And a keyboard.)