Saturday 29 August 2015

Roll up Roll Up

We did a quick run through of George Warnock's key book on the Heavenly Tabernacle a few years back....
so people can ask more questions this time and see the context of the GREAT PLAN in God's Spirit....I am forming a temporary group
If you know anybody who'd like to read along with us...just let them know....and ofcourse your goodself!!!

The group is on Facebook, so if you ONLY JOIN FACEBOOK for this one teaching series....don't be scared.

This is what the page looks like

We will be glad to see you there. if you have already read Daniel Yordy's Tabernacle book....please come along and share things from that too.

Thursday 27 August 2015

Triggering Open Heavens

In 1978 I had my first 2 week long foretaste of the thirdlevel. Some people call this revival. Kisa Emmanuel Amos is experiencing it now.
All of our life God is conforming us to His a sense all of life , all 70 years or more or less is waiting upon Him. But it's not that passive, iffy, empty "Waiting for Godot " stuff.....waiting upon the Lord means in Aramaic
entwining around/being joined as a strand of rope with....
kind of exactly like our DNA helix.
You have to separate the idea of spirit from soul and body. See you can be waiting for God in this active engaging sense spiritually EVEN while your soul is active in work or family or play. It's a secret thing. Your family will only see the results....but they can't see it happening. Jesus brother's didn't know Jesus was the Son of God until after He died.
What I am saying is, just as I was 20, you can trigger thirdlevel events right don't have to wait until you are 70.
Thirdlevel events are triggered by an elaborate series of "secret codes"like on a SAFE DOOR....if you go through the whole sequence the SAFE DOOR springs open....or you find there is suddenly an OPEN HEAVEN....people are getting saved....the work of God accelerates...a BURST of HEAVEN comes to earth. Yonghhi Cho runs his church like this having a PRAYER MOUNTAIN. Which is OK...but we really have to move on from here.
The ENTIRE TRICK of this planet is to ONLY DO what you see the Father doing. Since the Fall we have been doing GOD PLUS activities....doing more than He is doing, and GOD MINUS activities...NOT doing what He is doing.
All prayer was....was geographically having a shut down....stopping everything to reconcentrate on your innards....what New Agers call centering down. But in Christ this becomes specifically what your RECREATED YOU, in direct connection with the Father is doing.
When you learn the Galatians 2:20 walk you don't do much "formal praying" or sometimes like me, youcannot even get to visit a church because they tell you to be silent or worse chuck you little formal Christianity remains....and so like Fred Pruitt or Nancy Gilmore or tons of us on here we don't go to church....we walk Christ in us as us all the time. And this is the secret of thirdlevel triggering.
Kisa isn't experiencing revival in a main Muslim region because central leaders in Kampala have laid their hands on him and prayed big charismatic prayers over him. It's because Kisa REFUSED to run when the police came 38 times to lock him away and beat him and poisoned him.....and Jesus Kisa wasn't Kisa didn't run. Each stupid thing was unlocking spiritual doors in the heavens. This is how St Paul operated. To the world he just looks clumsy being locked up in prison all the time....but in the Spirit you can see Jesus unlocking the whole of Asia Minor for the gospel!!!!
My foretaste happened when I was going to France, because I refused to do what all the other students were doing....which was picking grapes...or going with student organisational the Holy Spirit said...for you I want you to contact the most live church you can find....rue de Musset in Paris . That was November 1987. They wrote back and said you cannot stay here we have nobody to stay with. But the Spirit didn't say to do anything more. So months went by. The summer holidays came. I looked like an idiot....which is why I am now quite skilled at this!!!!.....then on the very last 2 weeks, as I finished my parent's huge hedges....a phone call came from Northern France....We used to be in rue de musset and heard of your request....come tomorrow."
People know that on the first morning God came through my fingers to electrically zap the mother so she lost her epilepsy in 10 seconds and got her driving licence back one year later from an atheist French government.
And the two weeks kind of went on like that!!!! It worked because Christ was opening doors....but ALSO this family RECEIVED THIS 20 year old student in the name of the Lord....and literally sucked all my Jesus out of me.
SO instead of Prayer Mountain which is still a bit formal.....
3rd level church gatherings should be collections of
PEOPLE who have walked all week long in the righteousness of God according to Galatians 2:20
and secondly....
EVERYBODY HUNGRILY Receiving each other in the Name of the Lord and not in the independent self delusion....AND SUCKING ALL JESUS OUT OF EACH OTHER.


Tuesday 25 August 2015

Spirit is Spirit, neither to the left or the right

We can view most things Jesus says as enigmatic. But they are not. They are Spirit. That's the difference. When interpreted through our human thoughts and feelings they become tainted. We go to the left or the right. The Spirit is single eyed and walks straight ahead. This is the subtlety with proverbs by the way. It's not a Tree of Knowledge Book. Don't go left go right. Don't go right go left. It's a Tree of Life book....don't go left or right....walk in God, walk in the Spirit.
Let's take a real world example. Kisa Emmanuel Amos
Kisa is right in the thick of it!!!! He is ministering the gospel as an evangelist right in the middle of the new planned Muslim hub of central Africa ...Iganga. It's almost similar to St Paul wanting to minister in Rome, the centre of everything. Kisa was reporting back his success, and I said...well I am not concerned with your success in ministry...but I am really happy about what Jesus is doing in you and through you. Making the point that Jesus often did with His man can do great works....but we can be vessels for God to do His stuff through us. That's one side of the Truth. But the Spirit did say the other side of the Truth namely that because Kisa has identified with the gospel such that he has been willing to be imprisoned 38 times, be beaten such that he spent 3 to 4 months on crutches, and also was poisoned in prison, so that he had to go to hospital....the Holy Spirit Himself is making Him a minister of Jesus Christ in this precise place at this precise time. Jesus on location in Kisa's body as Nancy Gilmore would say.
This morning I was writing about apostles.
This subject too has two sides...both are incorrect.
Barnabas and Paul were called gods at one point, because of surviving lethal snake bites. As soon as Paul and Barnabas pricked this bubble...the hearers wanted to stone them. There is a reverence for ministry that is pure DOG'S BOTTOM. It comes straight out of Satan's Kingdom. And this is the spirit Paul and Barnabas were addressing. Actually God has a special type of person He has lovingly created to destroy DOGS BOTTOM spirits. He is called ST MARK. These are people people. They are the Darin Hufford s.
Their God given purpose is to remind all humans that they are in the end humans. Every ministry should have one in tow. They are like the kings who employed jesters who always cut them down to size.
But for St Mark's God has designed another beautifully crafted arch nemesis who reminds them....humans aren't just humans
although made lower than the angels....God crowns us with glory and honour
He puts on Transfiguration episodes which wow everybody
He reminds us ....actually we are spirit.....and spirit awesomeness squashed temporarily and awkwardly into molecular flesh and blood for a while.
He says if we say (in our hearts more than anything) blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord, then we shall receive a reward from the Lord, a blessing from the Lord. St Johns are hot on this one.
So ministry when described in flesh terms is always an enigma. Either over revered in a dogsbottom sense....or underrevered and people miss Spirit coming through flesh.
Can you see though....once you have a single eye you are able to see Spirit for what it is. Spirit is NOT is SPIRIT going on. It's viewing things in separation....with a Genesis 3 hat on.....with bogus inner seeing which infected us all from the Fall....that makes things appear in a prism of enigma. WE ARE AT FAULT. It's not Spirit.
Elaine Waterfield knows what it is to be used by God as a nothing, so nobody is going to fool her that by putting on white sheets and various forms of bling and being "ordained" that that is going to add to anything Jesus is in her. It may open various doors for the ignorant in England who still have dogsbottom spirits, but in the Spirit of God it doesn't make any difference at all.

At spirit level everything is from Source Life or derived life, God or the devil. At soul level things are to the left, to the right, straight ahead, or shades of grey all over the place. Never mix the two realms.

Likewise on the other end of the spectrum I was writing about how the Anderseck's are SO INTO apostles they almost are at the other extreme and he probably needs to spend more time with the Union brethren like Merrill Thompson, Mikkel Thomsen, Sylvia Pearce, Brian Tandy Coatney Fred Pruitt Nancy Gilmore and DeeDee Winter . In the thirdlevel of Christianity ministry almost has no meaning. Why? Once you are all walking as Jesus Christ in you as you...all you can really do for one another is add or confirm the things God is at work and willing in you anyway. At any point prophecy,speaking a Word of faith,praise,worship, hospitality,love are in your life anyway and you will be well on your way in your own personal "impossible" commissioning anyway.
When you see "an apostle"....always look carefully in the Spirit. Do you see a pyramid? With the "apostle " on top. Or do you see a family of individuals being raised in Galatians 2:20 around the guy or gal who all know how to walk as Christ in their forms? Mostly what we see are pyramids of "charismatic apostles" who wouldn't know how to reproduce after their own Spirit kind even if it was an overhead menu screen in a Macdonalds outlet. So look carefully. Do you see family members all taking the main positions??? Yup. Thought so !!!! Flesh has tremendous leverage over its own!!!! Who is my family Jesus asked.....all those whose will is to do the will of the He was surrounded by a whole mishmash of different unlikely types. LOOK FOR THE UNLIKELY TYPES !!!! And that isn't quite the same as compliant, bespectacled quiet Luke and Mark characters that don't ordinarily say boo to a goose. No....LOOK FOR A REAL MISHMASH....people who wouldn't ordinarily be seen dead together!!!!!
That's God's family!!!!! That's ministry.

Friday 21 August 2015

Sound and Fire

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Christians can waffle all day about whether things are really as bad as they seem to some.
I would just put it this way.
I don't trust what I think. I don't trust what media say. Strange to say I don't even fully trust experts who are totally geared to their subjects. But this is the trick that I use, which Ern Baxter used to talk about. THE SOUND of TRUTH. THE SOUND OF HEAVEN. THE SOUND OF THE WHOLE WORD.
In recent months I have talked about the 12 GATES of JERUSALEM. Watchman Nee used to say "Nothing less than the whole Bible makes a whole Christian."
Now Nee isn't stupid enough to think we shouldn't eat bacon sandwiches or shellfish...because God sent a fresh mandate through ST Peter....Arise Kill and Eat!!!!
But Psalm 2 and the trial of Jesus have a sound in the Spirit, and it is an identical sound to the gathering together of Royalties, bankers,Kaballist and Sionist Jews,Freemasons and secret orders and New Agers.
In the end it's the same sound as Hebrews 4 as it slices flesh life away from spirit.
The charismatics are partially deaf. Their Hebrews 4 sword is blunted. They are happy in what is going on.
But God didn't say follow Hillsong or Kensington Temple or Bethel Redding...
you have to follow the Spirit...these are the sons of God. And this type of people know each other and "find each other". How do I know? Because Jesus knew it too and it is how He lived.
Where the dead Body is there the carrion gather.
Where's the agenda sheet? Who has the bulletin plan?
Bulletin ....**BOTOX**** or similar
We are starving. We'll rip things to shreds to get to the bottom of it and eat!!!!!


I think we went mad on waiting upon the Lord in Emsworth because the meetings and the sense of His Presence was so freaking awesome. You can understand why the current mystic move and Prayer 24 /7 behave like they do. That can be like an addiction to a legal high.....very high. Throne of God high. But I want to explain something. Sooner or.later God gets your attention and says something like....draw closer....or.don't pray anything.....or be still before.Me. I found it is not the having a blank mind....because you are seriously focussed on Him....but what you are trying to do is get beyond even a mental image of Him to the real Him. It can be wordless. For.Me it was darned frustrating.....just to be silent. But I will describe what I think was happening. Remember....when I was initially baptised in the Spirit God spoke to my being and said I want you to shout with all your might. I was in a nice quiet north London suburb at the time and you didn't do this sort of thing. I felt the whole of nice English behaviour pressing down on me...but I did obey. And in response the Spirit baptised me in fire. Now as I waited in silence early in the mornings in the 80s alone in Bible.House emsworth I became aware of.the This was when I wasnt dosing. I found the whole thing frustrating but I felt called to it. I became aware that I could leave my own life needs desires and agenda comfortably with the Holy Spirit.....this was about God Himself. His plans. His secret plans before the foundation of the earth. I wasn't talk. To think too much. To even imagine what these plans.were.....but just sense them as Fire forming themselves materially over time. I don't know another Christian like this. Whether Daniel Yordy is like this too. Even R Edward Miller was seeking God with reference to Argentina. Sure I wanted revival for England but God wasn't even letting me talk or think about that. It was also 5 or 6 years before I got the commission to pray in Kingdom media particularly for the UK.....No that's what drove me nuts about this was humbling. Everyone the house was leaving,getting married,getting on with their lives....getting positions in the many churches we had.....Including even say to anyone what God was saying....because He wasn't saying.....but there was just this fire of God Himself....His own Person burning in my being. In the odd meeting I was given prophetic Word.....but it never came from anything concrete from.waiting on God. But what we all started noticing was the Words were.coming with frightening authority. People.began using phrases like Old Testament prophets to describe the nature of the prophecies.Thirty years on we know a lot more about what God is doing. It all makes more sense. We don't want God for money. We don't want God for a successful job or church..... we don't even want God for revival. We want God because we feel the heart.....The burning heart of Him who is from the Beginning.....whose ideas plans and agendas are far better than ours ever will be....He can fill universes with them. This is about Him. Because He is awesome. This is about Him because we Must be about our Fathers business... Now in 1983 although some like.Sam Fife were already talking about another level.....apart.from revival....we.we're quite content in the second level. God would.come.visit in the meetings.....we didnt see a .need for.another level. As we see many of the. secondlevel.churches veer increasingly off course and breed those awful sons of prophets that Elisha had to contend with....,.well it's really obvious there is another level.opening up.....but at that time it wasn't. So the point of waiting on God is a sifting. You feel that fire burning away what we know now is the total delusion spirit of self powered soul....of I am a God in my own right independence.....this separation delusion. Now there's a whole floodtide of people.being caught up in the Spirit in God. What a precious thing online to be among so many now......whereas before you felt like a freak.....The only one. It turns out this is normality....or us returning to normality as spirit beings coming home to our Dad who is Spirit. But in doing so we learn that life is lived as consciousness.....we.are.being reconnec ted to the Universe which got severed from us in the Fall. things like walk round things like Jericho and get them on our insides first.....then shout!!!!! Jesus you remember....The first true thirdleveller....was so moved and angered by the death of his friend the pressure put on by Martha and the hyper.religiosity and pretence of the mourners....It says he groaned deep.within......He GOT IT FIRST WITHIN.......THEN HE COMMANDED.......LAZARUS come back here!!!!!. It's a .New way of living that is consciousness.......believing.......and speaking. SELAH.

Thursday 20 August 2015

What was the real plan with Mark Stibbe?

1 John 2 .12 I am writing to you, little children, because your sins have been forgiven you for His name’s sake. 13 I am writing to you, fathers, because you know Him who has been from the beginning. I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. I have written to you, children, because you know the Father. 14 I have written to you, fathers, because you know Him who has been from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one.
This morning I got an email from Father's House Trust who have relocated centrally in Watford....and one thing that caught my eye was loads of massage chairs where you can be professionally massaged.

Mark Stibbe was under a clear anointing concerning restoring the image of the Father. He was removed/stood down from the above Trust he pioneered after adultery.

Anybody notice something puzzling about 1 John 2?

Well there's repetition in different sequences. But anybody notice the Father gets mentioned in the children section and the Father section? I am going to broker this one. In restoring the Father/Abba to the Christian gospel are there two things going on? The Holy Spirit clearly brought the Father gospel to the forefront after the Toronto Blessing....which chicken noises aside...brought a wave of revelation concerning God as our Daddy. Derek Prince, after 60 years ministering on Spiritual Warfare, had a revelation that God actually loved him!!!!! So if he wasn't scared to admit that nobody should be.

But this is what I am going to broker.....supposing the whole Church history is mapped out in the two repeated sequences....almost prophetically....well exactly prophetically. Supposing the initial headlong run into the new Covenant 33AD to 315AD before being snaffled by the Catholics....supposing an element wasn't in the foundations!!!!

 Supposing that element....first by Catholic Spirit teacher Steve Martin in 1979....followed by the YWAM book in 1989....followed by Larry Lea's (Simpsons famous reference to shame) ministry revealing the power of Shame from Genesis 3....followed by Derek Prince/Toronto/Mark Stibbe.....supposing the entire Father teaching was the necessary missing STONE that is now , secondtime referred to in the phrase.... I have written to you, children, because you know the Father.

Surely you HAVE TO RELATE THAT TO.....Jeremiah 31....No more shall a man say to his brother Know the Lord for they shall all know Me from the least....(the children stage of knowing Him) to the greatest...(.the Father stage of knowing Him.)
OK....Got that? Well the child stage of knowing Daddy God, may not be the same as knowing/ being in union with the Father in all His revelation from the Beginning.
To even be able to take the immensity of His love and depth on board requires STORY......HIS STORY in our lives.

Was the initial revelation of Daddy to an orphan called Mark Stibbe, but who was adopted in an Oxford educated family, nay a CS Lewis educated father....was the plan all to end up in a Watford Christian massage parlour? Or was it to spearhead the THIRDLEVEL in Britain?

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Sambaland: Now the water well is in operation

Justine Samba aided by his parents have long opened their lives to feeding and caring for street orphans. This summer God provided a well and boy that has changed things!!!!
They are able to irrigate properly and plant out the land.

The Barn Christian fellowship having fun with the children of Samba Land.(video)

Pumping the water

So be encouraged, each pound , dollar or  whatever goes a long way and leads to all sorts of spinoffs you couldn't imagine!!! Streetkids with little or no hope, are learning together many vital lifeskills

Mermaids,Shapeshifting etc

Kisa Emmanuel Amos :
Yes, mermaids are heard of in many African countries and some of them are owned by rich people who get their wealth through black magic. We have one singer here, who even transformed into a mermaid on when a person says they are a mermaid they mean they are possessed by some kind of shapeshifting entity that can take that form or that likes hanging around in the water areas?

They just change shapes. I was in Kisi - Kenya preaching, and I saw someone I knew who had died some years ago, and she knew me.
I was shocked... because we had burried her and I attended the burial.
That evening, a business man came to Bishop Bony's house, who was my host and he requested that the preacher from Uganda should go and pray for his family and businesses. Bishop allowed it and I went with him. When I was in his house, before I started to pray, I sensed the presence of devils around. So, I pleaded the blood of Jesus, but still I could feel it.
Two women knocked at the door. The man was shocked because there are guards at the gates, who would have to first call to know if visitors were to be allowed in. I was surprised when these women knew me in and out and even said they were listening to my radio programs and that when I preached on TV, they saw me.
When I started praying in my spirit, they started feeling uncomfortable, and they couldn't look into my eyes. When I looked down on their feet, they had feet like goats. I immediately started opened my mouth to pray into war. These women spirits just disappeared.
Then immediately, the man took me to his yard. There were 17 trailers (trucks), that seemed to have been there for a longtime, not working on the road. He told me that his business counterparts bewitched his businesses. I opened the door of one of the trailers and sat. When I held the steering wheel, I felt a snake slith in my hands... and indeed, the steering wheel turned into a snake. That is what would happen every time any driver who was given a job to drive would try driving.
I couldn't stay in. I got out and only to find, 17 snakes surrounded us, wanting to bite us. I prayed, and they diminished. From that day on wards, his trailers are working.
These mermaids turn into anything, I think.
But with information from Lucifer's agent who got saved during one of my crusades, he said that these mermaids are in different forms, half human and half animal and they can turn into the type of animal they halved
My Ghanaian evangelist friend had a wife that was somehow into all this stuff and used to go off and have sex by astral projection with her "spiritual husband" in some cave by the sea. You can understand this was my first hearing of such things....

Kisa:I have had several encounters with these spirits and also have had real physical attacks

Chris Yes you said....not surprised either. You can see why Morris Cerullo shuts himself in hotel rooms for two or three days before gatherings and refuses to eat and meet people first.
i think before i ever ministered with you....I'd do what I did with my Ghanaian friend and like the book of Acts just spend ages with you in prayer and worship first.

Kisa It's very important to also have an equipped team of intercessors. There are times when you are on mission and unable to keep check in prayer all time. Intercessors are very vital.
Keeping in prayer and fasting is essential as well. Before any mission, I involve in a time of prayer and fasting. I must see victory before I even go to the field. I see miracles happening before they happen. Knowing that missions' field is a warzone, preparation is essential.
The devil targets you when he sees something is about to happen.
When Lucifer's agent got saved, he had come to stop the miracle of a deaf and dumb boy receiving deliverance. He confesses being told by Lucifer to stop all the work I was doing in Iganga. He sent many agents to stop me. They made me lose many things... a car, a house, a wife, a child, land, and money. In doing this, they thought I would give up on ministry, but this was fuel for ministry. When I was about start preaching on that day, I prophesied that the devil will make a great loss... and here, when he tried all he could by casting spells to interrupt me and he failed, he caused power to go off, and the people started rioting ... but I continued praying ... and then, the Holy Spirit told me to call a boy who was deaf and dumb so He could heal him. I knew once this happens, the people would stop rioting ... and indeed, when they power of God touched the boy, all people shouted in praise and the situation was restored.
When I made the alter call, he heard a voice commanding him to give his life to Jesus, and that it was his last chance... he accepted Jesus. His story is long, the prayer time with him for his deliverance, his turning into different forms of animals and birds and reptiles... his death and smelling in less ten minutes, it is all a long story. He had spent 7 years feeding on only human blood and flesh. How the Lord helped him start eating human food... so much more
But prayer is essential...fasting is essential too
his death and smelling in less ten minutes, it is all a long story. ????

Yes, he turned into a breathless body, and started stinking like a rotting corpse
yes....that smell stuff certainly seems to be a consequence
17 February 18:02

You have lost a wife for the gospel?
I love the thing about seeing it first before it happens...that's a great key. That's what happened a lot in the revival in my school

Yes. One time in October 2013, she asked me to choose between her and the gospel. I told her I choose God, and all that concerns Him. I told her it was His command and I have to obey every command from my commander. She told me if I set my feet from the house to the missions, I would not find her Home. So, I went to the mission in Luwero for one week. On the 3rd day of the mission, one of the big girls at the orphanage called me and informed me that "mum has left" ... I felt bad, i called her and tried to plead, but she said when I am ready to be with her, she would return. But I made my choice to serve Jesus, regardless. I told her I loved her so much, but I loved God more... this couldn't help. She is now married to another man, a famous Illuminati false prophet.
17 February 20:09
man, you have been in the thick of it.
is there a famous Illuminati false prophet in Uganda? How is he going to be any better....even if he is serving the enemy but has a good front if he is in ministry then he will be all over the place. I don't get her reasoning. She will have more money....but I can't see he will always be with her
17 February 21:47

There are very many on local TV channels
you reckon loads of them really are connected with the Illuminati?
18 February 04:26

Yes, their attachment to illuminati musicians and tycoons. Most of these guys have publicly confessed their allegiance to bephomet . These prophets perform rituals. This particular man called me and told me that I needed peace, and to recover my wife, and for my Church to be established, and have a croud of members, and become rich and famous... I should join them. And that if I don't, I will lose everything. I told him that there is no point in enjoying the pleasures of evil and then go to hell. And he said that Lucifer is everywhere and he has power over everything, and that hell is for those who don't worship him. That clearly proves who he is, and what these are other guys falling in the same category are
18 February 16:56

Shalom my brother
I only just read the last my my.....he left no doubts did he? Offering your wife back too...
He clearly wants others.

wow wow wow what times we live in. I am glad God has given you some trust of me....because normally speaking evangelists like you who speak to big crowds never ever have anything to do with people like me and the sort of message I am bringing. So I consider it a great honour to be trusted.

You and I are serving the same Master!

Mermaids-Water creatures and Demons  , the Underwater Kingdom of Satan
taken from this article

The information here should not be branded as folklore or urban legend or fairy take. They are real information which came from the experiences of real victims who have been serving Satan and have been in contact with the spirit world for many years.
I also have a copy of a picture and testimony of a Mermaid from Africa who got saved, became a Christian and lived to give her testimony on the Sun Newspaper in Africa.

Over the centuries, there has been a great deal of sightings of these creatures around the world, notably, the Eastern countries and few places in the Caribbean.
Documents have been made that the creatures seen in the sea and on the shore, resembles half fish and half of what looks like the resemblance of a human. Sometimes, the creatures would assume a full human resemblance.
These information also came from real men and women of noble stature in society who lived to share their testimony. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

The Marine kingdom (WHICH IS SPIRITUAL) is established beneath the Atlantic Ocean and the Headquarters of Marine kingdom of Satan is said to be located beneath India’s Sea. The “Queen of India’s sea” is the head of Marine kingdom, while the “Queen of the Coast” is next in command and resides within the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that both are also among the fallen angels and travel in the form of half humanoid and half fish.

These Demonic spirits are called “Aquarius spirits” or “Marine spirits”. These Demons are contacted through witchcraft as to receive supernatural powers.

This Marine kingdom is a highly organized and strategized; a place where extreme technology and sophisticated equipments are used by high ranking Satanists to design things that are seductively beautiful and irresistible.

They are occultist; psychiatrists and scientists, technical engineers who work tirelessly in Labs to design the latest weapons, perfumes, and assorted types of cosmetics. Many perfumes to lure men and women are designed there; many model of women’s underwear and sexy clothing to seduce and distract men are also made there. Also flashy cars and different designs of electronics etc.

This is run by the Queen of the Coast herself.

One may wonder how could physical humans be in the spirit world doing these things. Remember, the spirit realm is real like the realm of the earth; it is just in another dimension and one need supernatural aid to enter there.

Many of the high technological researches and the invention of many playstation and other games are designed under the waters in order to take children away from the desire to becomes Christian or dedicated Christians and to carry them into a vagabond-like lifestyle. This is why most games are demonic, having demonic characters. Demons are specifically placed in the games to kill the children’s desire for school and have it replaced with the desire to live in play station studios all day.

The things that are designed in that spirit world are use on earth to supply people who have signed a contract with the Devil. There victims receive good sale and prosperity but in return must sacrifice one to two souls to the Devil every year. Failure to do the yearly sacrifice could result in serious consequences, including bankruptcy and foreclosure of business and home.

Some of these things are also given to a group called “Recruiters”, agents of the Occult for the sole purpose to distract people from Jesus Christ.
This is a war against Jesus Christ and His Lordship and Kingdom. Revelations 12:12, “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and in the sea! For the Devil came down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has but a little time.”


Water Demons are creatures that exist outside our dimension. They are disembodied spirits of hybrid water creature.

These came about through an abominable union between the Fallen Angels and fishes and also demons and fishes. These half spirit and half fishes became water demons. These are all descendants of the Falling Angels, therefore, because the essence of Angels are immortal, their descendants are also immortal. When they die, they live on, but not as a human soul. These disembodied spirits make up the myriads of wicked spirits in the kingdom of darkness. They are abominations.

Many people who are in witchcraft worship these water spirits for power. Fallen Angels and Demons also had sexual union with other water creatures bringing forth hybrid creatures.

These Demons cannot be caught in nets, nor can humans see them unless the demons allows someone to see them. People who are haunted or possess certain gifts may see in the spirit world and see these creatures. They cause drowning and bad dreams and unclean sexual arousal in the night.

Mermaids who are humans are those engulfed by Demonic powers through sorcery and are able to transform into these water entities. These are mostly servants of the kingdom of darkness who resides within or is in connection to the Marine kingdom.

I have had an opportunity to spend time with a woman who is an ex-Satanist, who held one of the highest position in the kingdom of the Satanism. She was a High Priestess, a General and the Regional bride of Satan in the Caribbean. She is one of those who has escaped the powers of Satanism and lived to tell the tale of these underwater creatures and hidden works of the Devil, of which she is a witness.

Throughout the centuries, many Occult practitioners through the working of witchcraft and Satanism have seen and been with these creatures. The reason why science cannot prove their existence it is because we cannot prove the spiritual with the natural, unless the supernatural manifest in the physical to leaves a physical imprint.

For thousands of years, we have been told tales of beautiful and dangerous creatures which inhabit the waters of the world. The question is, what do we really know about them? Mermaids are not what Walt Disney or Hollywood presents them to be.

A great deal of information on water Demons or mermaids can be found in Witch's Guide To Faery Folk: Reclaiming Our Working Relationship with Invisible Helpers (Llewellyn's New Age Series).

Here is this fact to clear your mind. There have been stories on the media where the carcasses of what is said to be a dead mermaids were washed up on a beach at Chennai after a tsunami, and also, the body of what looked like a mermaid which was found on Florida’s beach and few other places. ALL of these physical findings are hoaxes.

The mermaids who are Demonic spirits are in a spirit form, half humanoid and the lower part of fish. Demons are immortal beings, yet can be killed. Nevertheless, if a demon dies, because it does not have a physical body it cannot be found in the physical realm.

Also, the findings cannot be humans who have been transformed into these creatures because a human can only transform to a mermaid by Demons. If the person dies, the Demon goes away and the person’s body will regain its normal human shape and features.

The findings cannot be the creatures created through genetic manipulation because these creatures are in a watery world distant from human civilizations. Nevertheless, because they are physical deformed creatures, there are possibilities that they can be caught with physical instruments.

If a real sea mermaid is caught, humans would know it is a real mermaid; humans are too intelligent not to know the difference.

Marine spirits are dangerous, though some may appear harmless but a Demonic spirit will always be a demon, evil and wicked.

Types of Water spirits

It is believed among the worshipers of these water spirits that Saturday nights is the time when mermaids in rivers and seas all over the world are most likely to be seen.
Not only these creatures were seen, but also it was said that only few who encountered them escaped immediate death by the powers of these creatures and live to tell the tale. They would drown sailors, cause shipwreck and storms. These paintings were made after the story of sailors who encountered these spirit beings at sea.

Strong physical evidence have not been seen and therefore scientists and philosophers have dismissed the stories and theory as hoax, nevertheless the great account of encounters from all over the world seems to be similar. All the water spirits live in water, most have fish tale, vicious, caries a comb and causes death. Why aren’t people seeing the water spirits as common today as it was years ago? They have been exposed and therefore seek to remain to people as a myth. Also, because of the prayer of the saints of God their manifestations are not commonly seen, but is still present to those of the Occult.

These spirits are call “Nymph” or “Water Nymph” from which we have a sect of spirits called “Naiads” (fresh water spirits) and “Oceonide” (sea water spirits).

Nymphs are “spirits” who manifest in the form of human females, and are typically associated with particular locations. There are different types of Nymphs, but there is a set of spirits that I want to discuss here and they are from a class called “Naiads” and “Oceonide”

Naiads are spirits and are called fresh water Nymphs (spirits) or Aquarius spirits and reside in bodies of fresh water like rivers, streams, brooks, springs, fountains, lakes, ponds, wells, and marshes. These spirits are divided into various subclasses: Crinaeae resides in fountains, Pegaeae resides in springs, Eleionomae resides in marshes, Potameides resides in rivers, and Limnades or Limnatides in lakes.

Oceanids are sea spirits, and are most common to human, for they cause more disaster than the naiads who resides in fresh water. The sea is bigger than fresh water bodies and is the main passage for ships and other water vessels.

The waters over which Naiads presides are thought to be endowed with inspirational, healing, and/or prophetic powers. Thus the Naiads were called water gods and were frequently worshipped by the ancient Greeks. The genealogy of the Naiads was determined by the geographic region and literary source. Naiads were either daughters of Zeus, daughters of various river gods, or simply part of the vast family of the Titan Oceanus or Poseidon (Neptune). Now, as I said before, these Greek gods are not only Greek myths, but are real spirits or Demon princes who take up residential areas to allocate themselves. As much as it is a myth to the ignorant person because of lack of substantial evident, these spirits really exists and are valuable to Wiccan, [nature spirit worshipers] and other pagans.

MAMI WATA (Mermaid of Africa)
All mermaid spirit are called mother of the water or ocean. According to the African culture of spiritism and witchcraft, the Mermaid spirits who resides within the waters of Africa are called “Mami Wata,” which is in the corrected English language (Mommy Water or Water Mommy, which is just another way of saying Mommy or Mother of the Water).

Mami Wata is a pantheon of water spirits or deities, venerated in West, Central, and Southern Africa, and in the African diaspora, in the Caribbean and parts of North and South America.

The most popular-and powerful-African water spirit or mermaid is named “Mamba Muntu” which is her personal African name.
Some devotees of the Igbo people of West Africa, and the many who have encountered Mami Wata have reported to anthropologists that she is a mermaid spirit with the upper part of her body as human and her lower parts as a fish or serpent. It is said that she possesses inhuman beauty, unnaturally long hair of three different textures which ranges from straight, curly to kinky, and either black or blonde, and is combed straight back, and a high complexion that’s beyond normal. She is described as having a large snake (which is a symbol of divination or divinity in many African cultures) around her neck, which wraps itself around her, laying its head between her nude breasts.

In one report it is said that Anthropologist, Mary Bastian (1987-88) did a field research in Nigeria on the Onitsha Market System. During this research, it was reported to her that Mami Wata is female, and that she displays her unimaginable wealth of jewellery such as combs, mirrors, and watches, wristwatch, which represent foreign wealth and would blind those who view it.
Those who are seduced by her or the other spirits are killed immediately under the water and some would come back as her mediums with special powers and would be use for her evil purpose. She also has other forms and can manifest as a man, or fully human.

This report and description came from people who are worshipers of demons.

African legend says that hundreds of years ago, numerous water spirits were living in West Africa and their manifestation to the public were eminent.

These African water spirits were most time encountered as snakes or Crocodile, but were also encountered as half fish and half-human like.

In different African religious systems, such as the Voodoo which is highly practiced in the southern parts of Togo and Benin, and Southern Ghana, there exists consecrated pagan priests and priestesses of the water spirit. Today Mami Wata worship is a wide spread tradition in West Africa, the Caribbean and in America.


THE MERMAID LASIRÈN (Mermaid of Haiti)
This mermaid Demoness is also said to be a powerful water spirit popular in the Caribbean Island of Haiti.
She is called “LaSiren” but in reality, LaSirèn came from the English word Siren, which is a sect of spirits that is said to be half bird and woman and manifest around water as mermaid and sings very beautifully as to attract humans and destroy sailors.These Sirens were said to be manifesting in many areas around the world and was encountered by many. Nevertheless, the name LaSirèn was given specifically to the goddess water spirit of Haiti who is said to be a Mermaid and Queen of the sea.

It is said by the Haitians that LaSirene has the ability to hypnotize people with her beauty. Many say that she is elegant, a beautiful woman who is a temptress and deceiver. She rules over dreams.

In Haiti, Voodoo is one of the most popular religions there. Water spirits are said to be manifesting to the voodoo people there as they seeks the help of these spirits from under the water. Followers of LaSirèn say she takes them below the water to her world for 3 days, 3 weeks, months or even years, and when they return to land, they would return with new powers, yea, it is said that some women become Voodoo priestesses this way.

The Little Mermaid is held as myth and a story, but it came from a background of reality. It is no co-incidence why this Olympian god Poseidon or Neptune (Roman) [a Demon Prince] who is said to be the “sea-god” is a Mermaid, (Merman). He carries an enchanted trident. Therefore, Ariel the Little Mermaid who is the daughter of the Sea god or Sea Demon Neptune would then be a goddess or Demoness.

THE MERMAID YEMAYA (Caribbean Mermaid)
Yemaya's is also a Mermaid similar to the Mermaid in Haiti called LaSirene. Yemaya is an orisha, (goddess) in the Yoruba religion. An Orisha is a spirit which reflects one of the manifestations of Olodumare (God) in the Yoruba spiritual or religious system. The Yorùbá is a large ethnic group in Africa.

Yemaya is being worship in the Caribbean by afro-Caribbeans, in Brazil by Afro-Brazilian and in Africa.
In Brazilian Candomblé, she is known as Yemanja or Imanje. Her feast night is held on Saturday night.

Yemanja has been discovered in the Occultic world to be a beautiful creature with the powers of a constant wave-like movement and is surrounded by lesser mermaids, mermen, fish and other marine life, and is pictured as a Mermaid Queen holding a mirror while standing between the Sun and the Moon. Whenever she dances, there would always be a snake wrapped around her arm, her familiar.
This sea goddess (demon) is having ceremonies made to her throughout the year such as January 1st, June 22nd, September 7th and 9th, October 26th and December 31st. In the north-eastern Brazilian coastline, her greatest ceremony is being held on February 2nd where her so-called children or cults call upon her in the greatest number. In Haitian Voodoo, she is worshipped as a Moon-goddess, and is said to be associated with the mermaid-spirits of La-Sirenn. This Mermaid is popular throughout the areas of Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, Mexico and Venezuela.

Monday 17 August 2015

Havant Passion Play (UK)

I was shocked again how moving straight dramatization of Jesus life can be.
The volunteers who acted were very convincing, and some portions were spellbinding.
The underlying music, props and sound were very good indeed.
Jesus as you can see is really as we imagine Him and acted without religion
much as we'd have seen Him had we been there.

Well done, all those who volunteered and worked so hard and it was great to
see so many turn up to the public event.

Sunday 16 August 2015

Doctors Fail to Address Patients’ Spiritual Needs

By ROBERT KLITZMAN, M.D. AUGUST 13, 2015 10:24 AM August 13, 2015 10:24 am
original New York Times Well article here
Bob Klitzman
Bob KlitzmanCredit Columbia University
My patient, a woman in her 20s with cancer, was doing poorly on chemotherapy. The disease had spread throughout her body. We were doing everything we could to help her, but didn’t know how long she would live – probably only a few months, at most. Her mother came regularly to visit, and sat by her side. Around their necks, they both wore gold crosses on tiny gold chains. Taped on the wall, near the foot of her bed, was a greeting card with a picture of Jesus, in a red cloak with pointy gold beams radiating from his head.

She had long, light brown hair, and her bangs clung to her forehead, sweaty from fever. Initially, her blue eyes looked searchingly up at me with hope, but over time, she more often squinted with anguish. Since the chemo lowered her body’s ability to fight infections, she was confined to her room – a prisoner. I felt bad that we could not offer her any better treatment.

I wondered: Should I call a priest? Should I ask her if she wanted to see one? I wasn’t sure, and didn’t even know how to raise the topic.

I was raised Jewish, and had no idea about when to call a priest, or what doing so might imply. I feared that if I raised the issue, she and her mother would feel that I was giving up on her. So for a few weeks, I did nothing. But every time I visited her, I felt bad.

“Do we ever call a priest?” I finally asked my resident one day in the hall, trying to be casual. I felt uncomfortable asking – as if I should somehow know better. I occasionally noticed priests in white collars and rabbis wearing yarmulkes or black hats riding the elevators and walking the halls, but was surprised to find that other doctors and I simply ignored them, never speaking to them. They operated in an entirely different world.

My resident looked at me as if I were nuts. That is simply not something that we did as physicians. Senior physicians and I never mentioned religion and spirituality on rounds with any patients. In the world of scientific medicine, these topics were taboo. Yet it felt odd to do nothing. I sensed her aloneness and terror in that room – even though she was with her mother – but none of us ever tried to address these feelings in any way.

Religion was never discussed in my medical training. In medical school, a priest maintained a small lounge, providing coffee and tea, where students could sometimes drop in to get coffee, but that was wholly optional, and most students never did so.

Yet studies have documented the importance of religion and spirituality to many patients. Seventy percent of dying patients want their doctor to ask them about their religious beliefs.

Religious beliefs also often affect patients’ wishes when it comes to choosing aggressive end-of-life treatment or palliative care.

However, only half of those patients who want to discuss spiritual or religious concerns with someone in the hospital end up doing so. Those who discuss these issues – whether they initially wanted to do so or not – are, however, more likely to rate their overall hospital care as excellent. Among advanced cancer patients, 88 percent feel religion is at least somewhat important, and 72 percent feel the medical system supported their spiritual needs only minimally or not at all.

Consequently, in 2001, The Joint Commission, which accredits healthcare organizations, decreed that health care providers “receive training on the value of spiritual assessment.” Partly as a result, the number of medical schools with some education on spirituality and health has increased from 13 percent in 1997, to around 90 percent in 2014.

But many medical schools provide only a single lecture on the psychological aspects of end-of-life care, often involving a chaplain who discusses how religion can be important in end-of-life case.

Other barriers exist. In one recent study, half of doctors had received some education in this area, but 62 percent felt their training was inadequate; 73 percent didn’t have enough time to provide spiritual care; and 48 percent felt uncomfortable talking about these topics with patients whose views differed from their own. Still, most medical schools deans do not think more education about spirituality is needed, even if time and resources were available.

Over the years, however, I have increasingly seen how many patients, especially when confronting the end of life, value their emotional, existential and spiritual feelings over further medical treatment when it begins to seem futile.

Eventually, my patient dying from cancer did speak with a chaplain. I noticed him visiting her one day as I walked by her door. I again spotted him two days later heading toward her door. The next morning, I thought that she looked calmer, more relieved than I’d seen her in weeks. She still had unremitting fevers and died a few months later, in that room. But the chaplain had helped her, I felt, in a way that I and medical treatment could not.

I still regret my silence with that patient, but have tried to learn from it. Doctors themselves do not have to be spiritual or religious, but they should recognize that for many patients, these issues are important, especially at life’s end. If doctors don’t want to engage in these conversations, they shouldn’t. Instead, a physician can simply say: “Some patients would like to have a discussion with someone here about spiritual issues; some patients wouldn’t. If you would like to, we can arrange for someone to talk with you.”

Unfortunately, countless patients feel uncomfortable broaching these topics with their doctors. And most physicians still never raise it.

Robert Klitzman, M.D., is a professor of psychiatry and the director of the Bioethics Masters & Online Course and Certificate Programs at Columbia University, and the author, most recently, of The Ethics Police?: The Struggle to Make Human Research Safe.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Franz Kafka on Truth

"Truth is seen in the grimace on the Face of a retreating Lie." Franz Kafka
Written in the context of a German speaking Jew in Prague (Bohemia)
What does it mean?
You can see truth in two ways. In all its gloriousness, boldly in your face.
But also in a kind of reverse double negative in the crumbling edifice of Darkness posing as SUBSTANCE.
I studied Kafka at Exeter University. He was a part of the contemporary (1920s)EXPRESSIONIST Movement which sought to expose the HIDDEN DRIVES and AGENDAS that up until then had been plastered over with the veneer of civilisation. It was contemporaneous with Freud who began to open the inside psychology of the human condition.
Why mention it?
Because many of you of sunny disposition, and not a few of you used to Christian settings, will find many of my statuses very dark indeed, and some have doubted that I have the Holy Spirit at all.
Anybody read the psalms lately? Anybody read phrases like "And even if I make my bed in Sheol then YOU ARE THERE."
By outlining the very edges of conspiracies and dark histories I am doing two things. I am saying everything is purposed in God. Even the dark underweave is doing something.
But secondly , if you stare hard enough, you see the cracks in the joins of Satan's fake constructions. These things, that were meant to be the foundation of our opposition to God, the base upon which we curse become the HUGE we see God peering over Satan's shoulder, showing that these are small black boxes of Satan's own construction, that far from meaning there is no God, now show us the sort of balsa constructions, painted black, that Satan has to come up with to trick us, since GOD ACTUALLY IS IN EVERY SQUARE INCH OF HISTORY AND THE CREATION. It is like the moment in the Wizard of Oz when the curtain is torn aside, and this huge powerful god like figure turns out to be a small elderly man with lots of loudspeakers and gizmos and light effects.
Juri Lina's book Architects of Deception is a potted (still 600 pages) summary of recent history....and "how the devil pulled it off".
I hope, rather than see me as this forlorn bowed figure forever rooting around the poisoned extremities, you will see I have a delighted grin....GOD IS IN ALL THIS RETREATING LIE.......the KNOWLEDGE OF THE (ALREADY PRESENT) GLORY OF THE LORD SHALL COVER THE EARTH AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA!!!!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Presenting Every Man as Perfect in Christ

Two Facebook notes by Chris Welch

.Seminaries are Liars.

They teach "the religion of Christianity" in the same way the university philosophy courses teach the thinking of Confucius or Socrates.
They deny baptism in water....unless Baptist and they deny being filled.with the Spirit unless Pentecostal.
The first instruction which is repentance they do the same thing and teach a change of other words put a different left brain hat on. Many people in seminaries are genuine.....but deceived and have to contend with all this half believism. Repentance or metanoia not only means a change in what you think as a complete change in how you think. You have to learn a completely new way of thinking.....waiting on God.....meditating upon Him and listening to Him.
Seminaries are Liars because they give you a piece.of.paper.and.say you have sufficient knowledge to minister to an unsuspecting congregation. You are not fit to minister in any way. You don't know how to heal the sick,cast out demons,lead people to the Lord nor have any idea how to reproduce Christ in another is not even true of you. All you know is to teach Law out of a book and headknowledge just like a good synagogue rabbi.
Seminaries, out of all senior education are the most dangerous delusion on the earth. It's bad enough being a professor of biology and teaching we all.randomly evolved......but at least, most people won't immediately get hurt. But anybody coming out of.seminary is now going to inflict his or her religious Genesis 3 appeasement teaching on a whole.set of willing and open people thinking they are learning about Christ. Its like serving cyanide in with Coke to an unsuspecting thirsty people in a cafe.

Ephesians 6 as Third Level Commissionings

Let's take Ephesians 6 as a text to prove something.
3 basic options....dismiss it totally, secondly, to "think " you understand it, thirdly it has grabbed you and working you almost like you are its Avatar.
The Holy Spirit "leads us into all truth" means in grace terms...He frogmarches you into EXPERIENCING these truths, into having these truths switched on in you.
This is the grace work of the New Covenant. It is in itself a PROACTIVE force if you on your part are saying like Mary..."Be it unto me according to your Word."
How will He do it? It will be unique to you and the story of redemption He is writing in you, but it will mirror all the other saints in and out of the Bible.
What I am trying to show you is the difference between a theological course and the Holy Spirit Himself presenting every man as perfect in Christ, bringing us to the thirdlevel which is Ephesians 6.
Ephesians is a local Body book. Jerusalem was something was the firstfruit of CHURCH going to the altar. It was smashed up by the religious authorities. Not a building...the PEOPLE. The people were scattered.
Antioch was the first real church to produce thirdlevellers: Barnabas and Paul. Paul took this blueprint of local church with him, and Ephesians is the carbon copy that we have for posterity.
If you go to an evangelical church, not having the release of the Spirit, nor any kind of experience in corporate "stands" against the enemy, Ephesians 6 will be reduced to a description of one solitary individual, which it is ofcourse as well.
But Ephesians 4 is very clear, and actually gives the lie to evangelical teaching, and the dreadful Disney versions of Ephesians 6 told in Sunday Schools.
Ephesians 4 clearly states the context is ONE MANY MEMBERED NEW MAN.
Forgive me, I have no personal experience of the Apostolic Denomination. I am aware it spawned the 1950s Manifest Sons Movement. However, to the best of my knowledge, the first real corporate sense of this NEW MAN on any scale was in the 1970s UK Bible Weeks and the 1975 Kansas City national Men's Shepherds Conference. In Kansas you can to this day hear something in the Spirit akin to the roar of the Lion of Judah within the 5000 voices. (Go to my blog for Ern Baxter's message Thy Kingdom Come). Secondly in the 1976 UK conference in the Cowshed in Harrogate, it ended with something like an Ephesians 6 declaration against the Enemy. Bulbs suddenly fused in the auditorium and that night angelic sightings were both reported in local newspapers and singing from an empty auditorium by local residents. This is all PROTOTYPE stuff for what is coming. A TYPE. A PATTERN.
So this is the context then.
The restoration of all things means the restoration also of the Ephesians 6 blueprint.
The Armour is not so much what we wear, as what Christ IS IN US full time.
Notice the first two elements the Holy Spirit is frogmarching us into onFacebook
GIRDING YOUR INNARDS/ YOUR LOINS with the Galatians 2:20 truth of who we now are. Christ in us the Hope of Glory. Christ in us AS US in our Christ branch form.
Secondly our breastplate of Righteousness is Christ's own rightousness which does away with all our appeasement WORKS.
"Arbeit Macht Frei" wrote Hitler on Auschwitz. WORK DOES NOT SET US FREE...we are free already, with every last thing against us nailed to a TREE in Jesus.
This is the starting point of the thirdlevel....the commissioning level of the Spirit.
It's not some intellectual is now being made consciousness to us by the Spirit of the Living God.
On the basis of that consciousness WE WALK. As He IS, so are we in the world.
This is the PREPARATION of the gospel of peace. In other words, how can we bring the PEACE message, if we are not living ,walking and manifesting that peace as a real time thing. "We" as independent selves cannot walk this stuff....WE HAVE TO HAVE COME through our Romans 7 to realise the TRUTH. That before it was never us as selfpowered souls...there isn't such a our "delusion of independence" it was , too it not I a self empowered is Christ who lives within me. I am living in UNION. And this great discovery makes my life start to work and IS THE PREPARATION of the gospel of peace, as my FEET actually get to walk this thing out. Some of us have been doing this now, like Jesus, for decades. Unlike Him...we have still fallen. We need Him totally. The Shield of Faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit are the active weapons but COME AFTER the previous context. They are the ones charismatics and evangelicals talk about but NEVER in their right context.
We are not play acting here. This all has to be real for us for we are coming into a time like no other.....of which God says....if the days were not shortened even if it were possible....the elect should not make it...

Monday 10 August 2015

Two Testimonies about Outworkings

WalMart employee

Maggie Dnistran

Years ago I attended a local fellowship. One of the first scriptures I learned there, and subsequently heard and shouted out at every meeting was this; "You shall declare a thing, and it I shall come to pass…."

We declared wealth! Health! Happiness! New cars! New houses! New husbands! Whole marriages! The weather! You name it! If you want it, shout it out by golly!

Now, being the thinker that I am…. I began to scratch my head and question this approach at Job 22:28…. And, yes, I tested it frequently! Funny thing is, that new car was never parked in my driveway the next morning, it rained when I declared sunshine, etc.…. OR, I’d accomplish something extraordinary and think, “wow, I didn’t even declare this thing!”

It got to the point in our home where we were afraid to speak ANYTHING negative, for instance, “I don’t feel well” or “I’m nervous about my test tomorrow” or “I am sad.”

This rationale just did not work. It did not produce abundant life in our household. It produced confusion and fear and extreme frustration. (Ok, ok, it really pissed us off! My teenage daughters first…. then I finally caught on! Those girls, they are so wise!)

So, we freed ourselves from that doctrine (law) and walked away from that system of belief.

It wasn’t until years later that I truly understood the power of what we declare…. and how it indeed comes to pass.

Now, these are just MY thoughts, this is not cast in stone… these are just MY simple thoughts.

Do you know a “woman at the well”? I’ve known many. Perhaps he or she is a person who suffers with an eating disorder or cuts themselves, or spends too much or eats too much or works too much…. as part of their futile search for love in all the wrong places! Do you know an “adulterous woman”? Perhaps you know a “greedy tax collector”? I do. Do you know someone who suffers from depression or someone who isolates themself? Do you know a bully? Yep! Mmm hum, me too!


What if…. the thing that was declared to them…. has come to pass?

You will never amount to anything!
Putting a few pounds on there?
You bitch!
You little man!
You loser!
Why didn’t you get an “A”?
You are too sensitive!
Don’t you raise your voice at me!
Your brother did it better!
I don’t love you.
Why didn’t you do it my way?
Why did you buy THAT color?
I told you so!
That’s a stupid choice.
I could have done it better!
Next time, let me do it, I’ll do it right!

Oh, and don’t forget the unspoken words!

The rolling eyes.
The condescending sigh.
The grunt instead of response.
No response.
The threatening glare.
The arrogant smirk.

I think you get my point.

Perhaps these declarations simply came to pass in the life of that person above.

Now, some believe these damaging declarations are irrevocable. That these folks are just damaged goods. That “people just don’t change” and we all know, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”!

I beg to differ.

I have living proof!

I am living proof!

I was that “woman at the well”… looking for love and approval and belonging in codependent relationships, dysfunctional church groups, work, people pleasing, denying my own needs, etc… all because I believed some lies that were declared over me as a child and reinforced as an adult that just kept coming to pass in my life!


Today, I challenge you to scratch your head and question THIS approach at Job 22:28!

You are VERY good!
You are amazing!
I am so thankful for your life!
I love that!
You are so smart!
GREAT job!
GREAT color choice!
You are such a treasure!
You belong!
You’re included!
My door is always open!
Look at you! I love that about you!
Let’s have dinner together!
You did your best!
I love you!
I’m so proud of you!
You are beautiful!
You are so kind!
I’m so happy for you!

And, don’t forget the unspoken words!

The genuine smile!
The look of delight!
The hug!
The patience!
The forgiveness!
The kindness!
The pat on the back!
The gasp of joy!
The wink across the room!
The thumbs up!
The eye contact!
The ________________________________!

Does the transformation happen overnight? I’d say no. Do you plant a seed and instantly see the growth? Nope, but germination begins the minute the seed is planted! Underneath the soil! The change is underway! Hang in there! You are patient!

So, keep planting!

The rain will come!

The Light will shine!

You will see the growth! I promise! You will see the fruit!

Some will plant! Some will water! Love WILL make it grow! Love WILL do it’s work! I promise!

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Science Versus Evolution P.6 - Twelve Bits of Science why Evolution is Masonic Cobblers

FromScience versus Evolution pamphlet page10
The following are a series of simple problems that the evolutionist has no answer for. Not only do these scientific arguments undermine the theory of evolution as popularised by Charles Darwin (a fact acknowledged by prominent evolutionists themselves), they show Darwin's theory to be unscientific and impossible when put under the spotlight of the laws of

Physics &
Information Science.

The Oxygen Problem
For amino acids and nucleotides to have formed in a primordial 'soup' the atmosphere would have to be void of oxygen because oxygen would 'corrode' these essential building blocks for life. However if there were no oxygen there would be no ozone layer and the ultra violet radiation from the sun would have destroyed the amino acids and nucleotides. Michael Denton in his book, 'Evolution: A Theory In Crisis' comments: "What we have is a sort of catch 22 situation. If we have oxygen we have no organic compounds, the building blocks of life. But if we don't we have none either. " Michael Denton Evolution:A Theory In Crisis . Bethesda MD 1985 Adler and Adler p261 . This is not an emotional argument against Evolution theory, but a scientific one.

The Left Handed Problem
Proteins are made up of entirely left-handed amino acids. There are 20 amino acids found in living systems but only about 10% of these have been able to be produced in laboratory experiments designed to simulate the earth atmosphere as proposed by evolutionists. Out of the l0% that have been formed by `random chance' in a laboratory, there has been a mix of 50/50 right and left handed amino acids. Evolutionists have yet to explain how, by random chance, l00% left handed amino acids are found in living systems.

The Right Handed Problem
Whilst the best scientists with the best minds have been unable to produce 'by random chance' any nucleotides (long complex chains of nucleic acids) the building blocks of DNA and RNA the problem that would have to be faced even if this could be done, is that DNA and RNA are made up entirely of right handed nucleotides. If random chance could in some way construct a complex nucleotide chain, how is it possible that these randomly selected nucleotides would all be right handed?

"I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it has been applied,
will be one of the great jokes in the history books of the future. Posterity will marvel that so flimsy and
dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has"
Malcolm Muggeridge, British journalist and philosopher.

The Law of Mass Action Problem
Proteins are long chains of left-handed amino acids that are built up by adding one amino acid at a time. If, as evolutionists claim, life arose by chance, then long chains of amino acids would have to defy chemical laws to randomly join together to form proteins. If you take one amino acid and chemically combine it with another amino acid you produce what is known as a dipeptide and a molecule of water. In the same way, if you have a molecule of water and a dipeptide,
the chemical reaction can go the other way to produce two amino acids. Evolution theory
suggests that life began in a 'primordial soup' made up primarily of water.
However, the law of mass action states that a reversible chemical reaction (a reaction that goes both ways), will never go in a direction that produces more of something that already exists in excess amounts. This means that amino acids, which would have to join together in long chains to form proteins, would have to defy this law of chemistry because every time they joined together they would produce another molecule of water which would already exist in abundance.
Exactly the same problem exists with nucleic acids that join together to form nucleotides, nucleotides being the building block of DNA and RNA. This fairly simple law of chemistry is yet further proof that the spontaneous generation of life from a primordial soup millions of years ago is science fiction, not science fact.

This fairly simple law of chemistry is yet further proof that the spontaneous generation of life from a primordial soup millions of years ago is science fiction, not science fact.

The Information Problem
Even if proteins and nucleotides could be formed by random chance, a potentially even bigger problem exists; information. You need intelligence to produce information. For example, a book consists of ink and pages. Even if the ink fell onto the pages and arranged itself by random chance into letters and words, it is still meaningless. Why? Because the only reason we can read it is because we know what the letter means. Each letter has a shape, which is meaningless unless there is a pre-agreed meaning for the shape. Suppose I were to invent a new alphabet with new letters. Now if I were to write you a poem it would just iook like scribble unless I had explained to you what the letters meant etc. In other words information such as contained in a letter, or on a strand of DNA, must come from an intelligent source. The code in the chromosomes within a cell is more complex and holds more information than all the computer programs ever written by man... combined! If typed out, it would fill enough books to fill the Grand Canyon 40 times! And yet all of this information is stored on less than two tablespoons of DNA – no man-made storage system comes close!
In an interview with Richard Dawkins for the documentary 'From a Frog to a Prince', he was asked "Can you give an example of a Genetic mutation or evolutionary process that can be seen to increase the information in the genome? Dawkins takes a long time to think, and then changes the subject. Why? There is no process (and it's obvious to anyone gifted with intelligence) from which new information can arise as a result of a mutation. A mutation is a loss of information, or a scrambling of existing information. From the word Christmas you can make a number of other words, but you will never be able to make the words Zebra, Xerox or Queen because the letters are simply not available.
This is not just another problem with spontaneous generation as proposed by evolutionists, it is the end of the road... unless of course evolution is not science but a religion. "Religion: noun – a belief held to with ardour and faith"

The Fossil Problem
Fossils are often put forward as 'evidence' of evolution and also 'proof' that the earth is billions of years old; in fact, they are one of the strongest evidences against these two assumptions. Fossils do not show any evidence for evolution at all; a fact well recognised by Darwin himself. In his book 'The
Origin of the Species' Charles Darwin said: "But, as by this theory, innumerable transitional forms must have exited, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?"  (page 163). Darwin added: "The number of intermediate varieties which have formerly existed must be truly enormous. Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain, and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be argued against the theory of evolution" (Page 323).
Stephen J Gould, a Harvard University geologist, in an article called "Evolutions Erratic Pace" published in `Natural History Vol. 5' May 1977 concludes that the well-known evolution tree, found in almost all school biology textbooks, that draws on supposed 'evidence' from the fossil record is in reality made up by 'inference' not evidence. In other words, because there is no fossil evidence, they have just guessed, or to be more precise, made it up! He comments: "The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record, persists as the trade secret of palaeontology".... ibid.
What he is saying is that geologists and palaeontologists know no evidence for intermediate forms (i.e. one creature changing into another) exists in the fossil record, but they prefer to keep it quiet! He continues: "We fancy ourselves as the only true students of life's history, yet to preserve our favourite account of 'evolution by natural selection' we view our data as so bad, that we never see the
very process that we profess to study".   ibid.
Fossils do not show any transitional forms but rather variation within
kinds – exactly in accord with the Bible.
One such example of this can be seen with the supposed evolution of
the horse: "The popularly told example of horse evolution, suggesting a
gradual sequence of changes from four-toed, fox-sized creatures, living
nearly 50 million years ago, to today's much larger one-toed horse, has long been known to be wrong. Instead of gradual change, fossils of each intermediate species appear fully distinct, persist unchanged, and then become extinct. Transitional forms are unknown" . Boyce Rensberger
In addition to this, there is a problem in regard to the misconception of the way fossils are actually formed. Evolutionary propaganda has led many to believe the fossils are somehow proof of millions of years etc.
The reasoning goes like this: a particular fossil must be x number of millions of years old because it is found in a certain rock layer. We know that the rock layer is that old because we find fossils in it that are x number of million years old! This is circular reasoning, bad 'science', extremely misleading and dishonest.

Charles Darwin said: "But, as by this theory, innumerable transitional forms must have exited, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?" 

J. E. O'Rourke, in the 'American Journal of Science' notes: "The intelligent layman has long suspected circular reasoning in the use of rocks to date fossils and fossils to date rocks" 1976 vol276. 51
Larry Azar in'Bioscience'asks the question: "Are the authorities maintaining, on the one hand, that evolution is documented by geology and, on the other that geology is documented by evolution? Isn't this a circular argument?" "Biologists Help!"vol28. Nov1978pp714
Fossils are almost always formed rapidly by sudden death, burial and extreme pressure being applied to the creature or life form in question. This implies some sort of upheaval or catastrophe (such as the worldwide flood described in the Bible). Very seldom (if ever) will a creature just die and get fossilised, because unless it is covered rapidly it would simply decay or get scavenged by other creatures.
There are many examples of fossils that were obviously buried suddenly, including ones where one creature is in the middle of eating another.

In a radio interview on BBC Radio One (`Steve Wright in the afternoon' 27th September 2004), Alan Titchmarsh (best known from the 'Ground Force' gardening program) was commenting on his most recent documentary series that looks at the geographical and geological history of the British Isles. In the interview he stated that there are marine fossils on the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales, and went on to say that they are there as a result of glaciers.

It is incredible that an intelligent man can take, without questioning, an explanation like this. Glaciers move slowly. There is no way a slow moving glacier could pick up a fish, push it to the top of a mountain and then bury it quickly! Glaciers may well have covered much of the British Isles but this cannot explain how marine fossils can end up at the top of a mountain. So how else did they get there? Again, the rational answer would point to a worldwide flood where everything was violently turned upside down and mud and silt would have been deposited
at random, combined with the massive upheaval of the land during and following the flood (as recorded in the
Bible and corroborated by over 270 flood legends and ancient accounts
in almost all cultures around the world). This would also explain the many
geological features like the Grand Canyon in America that have been
formed by huge quantities of water flowing through them eroding the
softer materials and leaving the harder rock.

Fossils do not show any transitional forms but rather variation within
kinds – exactly in accord with the Bible.

There are examples of fossilised trees standing upright through different layers of rock strata, thus clearly demonstrating that all of those particular rock layers were deposited at the same time.
`Recent laboratory experiments have demonstrated that many layers are laid down together, building up crab­wise. Thus fossils in lower strata could have been buried after those in higherstrata. Studies of volcanic explosions show that hundreds of feet of stratified sediment can be laid down all at once' – Dr David Rosevear

Clearly, geologists need a new theory, or perhaps a return to the Biblical explanations that give answers that do not contradict science or observation.

"Evolution is unproved and unprovable"
Sir Arthur Keith (who wrote the forward to the 100th edition of Origin of the Species)

The Survival  Of The Fittest Problem
One of the backbones of evolution theory is the notion of survival of the fittest, only the strong survive etc. However when you actually stop to consider the implications, this is one of the strongest rebuttals to evolution theory possible. Take for example a reptile evolving into a bird. In order for this change to take place, the reptile's front legs have got to become wings with feathers. As this supposed change takes place the reptile reaches a point where its front legs are not now really legs impeding its ability to run away from predators, but they are not yet wings so it can't fly away either.
 Nor could it hunt very successfully as its claws would by now have given way to its prototype wing structure. What has happened is that it has become less fit and less able to defend itself hence it
would not survive. This same problem exists with every proposed transitional form; rather than becoming stronger, it would actually become less able and weaker as it hits the intermediate stage where it is neither one thing nor another. Survival of the fittest is a reality, the strong and most able, that are suited to their environments must stand the best chance of survival. This is strong evidence of Design, and another major problem for evolutionists.

The Mutation Problem
Another vital component in the theory of evolution is the idea that mutations were the mechanism by which one life form changed into another. In many senses the problem is the same as with the 'Survival of the fittest problem" because almost all mutations are harmful to the creature or life form concerned, thus reducing its life expectancy rather than improving it or allowing it to change. However, what evolutionists suggest is that a series of 'beneficial' mutations occurred that allowed the creature to change.
What often is not told is that for every one 'beneficial' mutation that occurs, there would be l0,000 mutations that at best are neutral, but many of which would be lethal! Given the number of mutations required to change one creature into another the odds are clearly stacked against it. Also, a mutation is actually a loss of genetic information, but evolution would require an increase in the genetic information if a life form is to become 'more advanced' (see "The Information Problem"). These two problems combined don't just make evolution unlikely, but according to the science of Information Theory, show that it is absolutely impossible!

Furthermore, how could any creature choose the mutation it needed?
For example, let's assume a reptile  could change into a bird - for that we also have to assume it was able to change from warm blooded to cold blooded, change its entire respiratory system, and change its skeletal structure - how could that reptile choose that its front legs became feathers? Why would this mutation not randomly occur on the rear legs? How could any creature guide the random unguided mutations necessary? Why would the mutation affect both sides of the body in exactly the same way?
"Many experiments have been performed on fruit flies (Drosophila), where poisons and radiation induced mutations. The problem is that they are always harmful. PBS 2 showed an extra pair of wings on a fly, but failed to mention that they were a hindrance to flying because there are no accompanying muscles. Both these flies would be eliminated by natural selection" 36 - Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D
As already noted, from the letters in the word 'Christmas' you can make a number of other words, but you will never make the words Xerox, Zebra or Queen because the letters are not there to choose from. So it is with mutations.

A mutation is a loss or scrambling of existing information - It cannot create new information

The Entropy Problem:
All but one of the sciences acknowledges the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, also known as the
Entropy Law. This law basically states that in a closed system, all spontaneous processes lead to a decrease in order and a loss of information. In other words, things go from order to disorder. We can observe this every time we tidy the house or garage! Have you ever not bothered to tidy the garage for a month and at the end of the month found it tidier than it was at the start? The same is true in the universe around us, everything is going from order to disorder.

That is, unless you are a 'state-trained' biologist. For our education system, from schools to the top universities, disregard this basic law because unless they do, their theories of 'The Big-Bang' and the `spontaneous generation of life' have to be abandoned.
The suggestion that all this order - the Sun being exactly the right size and distance from the Earth, the Moon being exactly the right size and distance from the Earth in relation to the Sun, the exact balance of chemicals in our atmosphere, the incredible symmetry in living things, - the list could go on and on - the suggestion that all this order came about as a result of an explosion - which can only create disorder - defies every scientific
law and discovery we know.

It has been said that the theory of spontaneous generation of life on earth is equivalent to the idea of a tornado blowing through a scrap yard and producing a Boeing 747 from the scrap parts! No one would believe that this could happen; it's about time that people were told the truth that evolution can't happen either!

We discover there is another nail in the evolutionary coffin in that the human race is suffering from `genetic entropy'. In his book "Genetic Entropy", Dr J.C. Sanford states: "One of the most astounding recent findings- in the world of genetics is that the human mutation rate (just within our reproductive cells) is at least 100 nucleotide substitutions (misspellings) per person per generation... When an earlier study revealed that the human mutation rate might be as high as 30, the highly distinguished author of that study concluded that surf a number would have profound implications for evolutionary theory... But the actual number is now known
to be 100-300!" Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome, Sanford,Dr,J.C.,p34, ISBN 978-0-9816316-0-8
Dr Sanford concludes: "By now we should clearly see that the Primary Axiom [i.e. the theory of evolution] is not "inherently true", nor is it "obvious" to all reasonable parties, and so it is very clear that it should be rejected as an axiom*. Moreover, what is left, the Primary Hypothesis" (mutation/selection can create and maintain genomes), is actually found to be without any support! In fact, multiple lines of evidence indicate that the "Primary Hypothesis is clearly false and must be rejected." 38
~- Axiom — Definition: a generally accepted proposition or principle, sanctioned by experience: Collins.
Evolution is anti-science and anti-God

The Great Debate : the science versus evolution magazine spends a page and a half on the famous Great Debate at Oxford on June 30th1860 between Thomas Henry Huxley (Darwin's ideological tame bulldog) and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce. Huxley's famous argument revolved around infinite time being given 6 monkeys with 6 typewriters and by random keystrokes alone to be able to produce all of Shakespeare's works, and the 23rd Psalm etc. This foxed Wilberforce. But for reasons discussed fast as amino acids may join a long chain,  an existing amino acid would break off. Monkeys trying to simply type "Evolution" would find the first E breaking off....and just never get to that one word.   

The Laws of Probability Problem
From a mathematical basis, a possibility of less than one in 1050 is considered absurd or miraculous (that's one chance in l0 with 50 zeros after it or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)
Sir Fred Hoyle, the British astronomer, calculated the probability of the origin of life being the result of random chance, by just looking at the possibility that the basic enzymes of life could have come about by random chance alone. He concluded that it would be approximately one chance in 10 with 40,000 zeros after it! (yes, that's forty thousand zeros!). In other words, it couldn't happen - ever! By way of comparison, there are estimated to be 'just' 1 x l0 80 atoms in our universe. Hoyle states: "The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate matter is 1040,000. It is enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. If the beginnings of life were not random they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence."

Sir Fred Hoyle said: "The speculations of The Origin of Species turned out to be wrong... It is ironic that the scientific facts throw Darwin out, but leave(Bishop) William Paley, a figure of fun to the scientific world for more than a century, still in the tournament with a chance of being the ultimate winner"

Again, we should note that Hoyle's probability was based on just the proteins necessary for a single cell organism. He did not bother including the DNA / RNA / cell walls etc, etc in his calculation; all of which would have to evolve simultaneously for the cell to function at all.
Harold Morroitz of Yale University in 1968 calculated that the chance of life evolving on earth is 1 chance in 10100,000,000,000 (that's one chance in 10 with l00 billion zeros after it!). So by mathematical definition, all emotion aside, the theory of Evolution is absurd.
Of course, the above calculations, as ridiculous as they are, are still dependant on an environment in which the supposed generation of life could have occurred. Michael Denton in his book 'Evolution, a Theory in Crisis' wrote: "Considering the way the pre biotic soup is referred to in so many discussions of the origin of life, as an already established reality, it comes as something of a shock to realise that there is absolutely no positive evidence for its existence. It is purely theoretical." Michael Denton -  Evolution: A Theory in Crisis 1985
In other words there is no evidence that there was ever a prehistoric 'soup' from which life could have originated in the first place. Now that's not something they tell you in school!
Hint to evolutionists: question what you have been told, chances are, it wasn't true.

Harold Morroitz of Yale University in 1968 calculated that the chance of life evolving on earth is 1 chance in 10100,000,000,000 (that's one chance in 10 with l00 billion zeros after it!). So by mathematical definition, all emotion aside, the theory of Evolution is absurd.

The Chicken & The Eggs Problem
In the scientific arguments we have looked at, we have shown how, for evolution to occur, miracles would have to take place, i.e. things that cannot occur naturally. Thus an evolutionist has to have considerable faith.
However, even if all of the required steps for evolution could take place, there is still an unanswerable conundrum. Which came first, Proteins or DNA? To understand how to form DNA, the information system for all life, we have to understand how Proteins are made, because DNA is made of Proteins. To understand this we need to go down to the microscopic world of the cell.

Within the cell there is the Nucleus, which is surrounded by small pours (holes) that allow access to and from the Nucleus (these pours are made up Of 50-100 Proteins) and act as 24 hours security guards protecting the Nucleus and the DNA molecule (Chromosome) contained within it.

Within the Nucleus a molecular machine starts to unzip the tightly would DNA molecule, and then a 2nd machine starts to make an exact copy of the DNA, much like a photocopy. This copy is called the RNA, and once the copy is complete the DNA is `zipped' back up again.

What staggers the mind is that this unzipping, copying, and re-zipping process (called Transcription), is equivalent to having two lengths of fishing line, 125 miles long, stored inside a football; unzipped, copied

and then restored on spools at 3 x the speed of
an airplane propeller – all without tangling!
Once the RNA chain is complete, it leaves the Nucleus through the pores – which somehow know what to allow in and out! The (messenger) RNA chain then heads (instinctively!) to another molecular machine called the Ribosome (also made of proteins) where a process known as 'Translation' begins.
"A strong case, then, can be made that the cell has turned out to be a lot more complicated than Darwin or his contemporaries imagined. Not only did they vastly underestimate the complexity of the cell, but it's probably vastly more complex even than we imagine today"

While the mRNA chain is en route,
yet more machines (transfer RNA) are already starting to bring Amino Acids along,in the correct order. Inside the Ribosome a molecular assembly line starts to build a long complex chain of Amino Acids, each with a lock and key arrangement so only the correct Amino Acid can be added in the correct sequence.
When the chain is complete (and a
simple chain can be around 1500
Amino Acids long), the chain
leaves the Ribosome and heads to
another molecular machine (made up of Proteins!) to be folded into precisely the right way to form the protein. Chemical reactions should naturally cause the chain to fold in on itself as a result of attracting and repelling forces; however, 'chaperone' proteins assist in preventing our chain from folding into a useless blob. Instead they help mould it in to the correct shape. (See 'The Law of Mass Action Problem'). The time it would take for a small, 100 amino acid chain to 'randomly' fold into all the possible permutations, eventually 'hitting upon exactly the right one' (which is what would be required for evolution) is estimated to be 1087 seconds. To put this into perspective, there are 'only' 1016 seconds in a 16 Billion year old universe! And thus we have formed our Protein, made with the assistance of... er... well, Proteins!
Dr Vij Sodera comments: "In fact, the whole process is far more complicated than this, and involves a large number of other associated molecules and enzymes without which the rate of formation of peptide bonds would be very slow. However, the ribosome protein-making factory can speed up reactions a million, or even a million million times. In a typical mammalian cell, more than one million peptide [Amino Acid] bonds are formed each second" Vij Sodera- One Small Speck to Man- The Evolution Myth
So, you need Proteins to make DNA, and DNA to make Proteins.
Sorry Mr Darwin, by your own admission, your theory absolutely breaks down, The show's over!
"if it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight
modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find no such case"
Charles Darwin

The population problem
The evolutionary scientists who believe that man existed for over a million years have an almost insurmountable problem. Using the assumption of forty-three years for an average human generation, the population growth over a million years would produce 23,256 consecutive generations. We calculate the expected population by starting with one couple one million years ago and using the same assumptions of a forty-three-year generation and 2.5 children per family... the evolutionary theory of a million years of growth would produce trillions x trillions x trillions x trillions of people that should be alive today on our planet, To put this in perspective, this number is vastly greater than the total number of atoms in our vast universe.
If mankind had lived on earth for a million years, we would all be standing on enormously high mountains of bones from the trillions of skeletons of those who had died in past generations. However, despite the tremendous archaeological and scientific investigation in the last two centuries, the scientists have not found a fraction of the trillions of skeletons predicted by the theory of evolutionary scientists. Article taken from T lie Signature of God, Grant R. Jeffery
Think of a problem and double it!

Evolution = IMPOSSIBLE  x 2
When the idea of life arising spontaneously is considered, one fundamental question is often overlooked. Was it male or female?
Supposing to start with it was asexual and able to reproduce itself, at what point did it separate into a male or female? Supposing it was a male what would it have done? It would obviously need a female to reproduce. However, in order to play out this little scenario, let's believe 'another impossible thing' for a moment, and assume that time and chance had evolved one of each, a male and female, at the same time.
From the point of this separation, every random mutation;ranged the male would also have to happen to the female. The supposed mutations which are meant to have caused Mr Lizard to change its front legs into wings, must also have happened to
Mrs Lizard exactly the same, by random chance, at the same time' This is like two people rolling two dice simultaneously and always getting the same numbers, only far less likely! In addition to this, they would both have to evolve sexual organs that would be compatible with each another, and at the same time; (Mrs Lizard would not have been able to wait around for 150 years while Mr Lizard got the right mutations!), and also hope that Mr Lizard didn't move east while Mrs Lizard moved west, or they would have never got together to produce Lizard Jnr.
The following article from Ray Comfort's 'The Evidence Bible' raises some other interesting questions:
If every creature "evolved" with no Creator, there would be numerous problems. Take for instance the first bird. Was it male or female? Let's say it was male. How did it produce offspring without a mate? If a female also evolved, why did it evolve with differing reproductive organs? Did it evolve by chance, or did It evolve because it knew that it was needed by the male of the species? How did it know what needed to be evolved if its brain hadn't yet evolved? Did the bird breathe? Did it breathe before it evolved lungs? How did it do this? Why did it evolve lungs if it was happily surviving without them? Did the bird have a mouth? How did it eat before it evolved a mouth? Where did the mouth send the food before the stomach evolved? How did the bird have energy if it didn't eat (because it didn't yet have a mouth)? How did the bird see what there was to eat before its eyes evolved? Evolution is intellectual suicide. It is an embarrassment. Enough said.

Four times less likely than impossible!
If this isn't convincing enough,
various Scientists have recently concluded that due to the immense variety in living systems, one cell would not have been sufficient to provide the genetic information that would be required. It has therefore been postulated that at least four separate cells would be required.
This means that for all of the rebuttals that have been presented here, you have to multiply each problem by a factor of four as each cell would have to follow its own unique evolutionary path!
Evolution is, without question, like a house built on the sand, and the tide is coming in!

Evolution is, without question, like a house built on the sand, and the tide is coming in!

Lets Let Science Speak
"The basic principle of scientific enquiry is to test an hypothesis against all the evidence. If an hypothesis fails in a number of significant aspects it is likely that the hypothesis is invalid. Now, starting from only simple chemicals, if it can be shown that chemical laws and biological constraints will not allow the evolution of any number of biological systems, organs, and structures, nor allow the conversion of one creature into a quite different creature (for example, a dinosaur into a bird), then we must face the inescapable conclusion that: no matter how much time you give it; no matter with what energy you supply it; no matter what your interpretation is of fossils or of their supposed dates; no matter how much you dislike the thought of it; no matter if you have no alternative working model to present in its place; and no matter what else... the evolution of one type of creature into a different type of creature did not occur, and cannot and will not occur under any circumstances...
ever."  Dr Vii Sodera (fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh) from his book "One small Speck to Man - the evolution myth" 

"Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever."  Dr. T.N. Tahmisian

"We have reviewed compelling evidence that, even when ignoring deleterious mutations, mutation/selection cannot create a single gene within the human evolutionary timescale. When deleterious mutations are factored back in, we see that mutations/selection cannot create a single gene, ever. This is overwhelming evidence against the Primary Axiom [theory of evolution]. In my opinion this constitutes what is essentially a formal proof that the Primary Axiom is false. "  Dr J.C. Sanford "Genetic Entropy &The Mystery of the Genome"

"I reject evolution because I deem it obsolete. The foundation-less, fantastic edifice of the evolution doctrine would long ago have met with its long-deserved fate were it not that the love of fairy tales is so deep rooted in the hearts of man"  Dr Albert Fleischmann, Biologist, University of Erlangen

"What is the mystery of the genome? Its very existence is its mystery. Information and complexity which surpass human understanding are programmed into a space smaller that an invisible speck of dust. Mutation/ selection cannot even begin to explain this. It should be very clear that our genome could not have arisen spontaneously. The only reasonable alternative to a spontaneous genome is a designed genome. Isn't that an awesome mystery - one worthy of our contemplation?  Dr J.C. Sanford "Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome"

"Atheism is so senseless. When I look at the solar system, I see the earth at the right distance from the sun to receive the proper amounts of heat and light. This did not happen by chance."  Sir Isaac Newton