Monday 7 May 2018

Letter recommending Sam Bashir

You know our "recommendations" DO FALL short in cetain ways.

Supposing you  are not in the Western recognised mould

of a pastor of a large church
of a Principal of a theological college
or id you havent published a book
or have never been on Sattellite Christian TV
or are in no way in particualr affiliated to the modern methods of recognition like Apostolic networks under say Barney Coombes, or Terry Virgo, or more modern names like Che Ahn,etc

SUPPOSING you are into some unique form of ministry that God has raised up specifically in  Muslim areas but that is nearly unknown outside these territories,


This by the way is also my own problem, and nobody seems tyo have the patience to wade through  my hence, apart from the genuine readers here, I am still unknown.

So I feel for Sam Bashir very keenly.
He wants to get to the CGI conference and the plane flights, and the conference cost money. But nobody knows Sam Bashir and he like many others before him is trusting God to supply.

Here for your information then is  a letter recommending him for a Visa.

Sam Bashir's Bank details

Bank Name: Summit Bank LtdBank Address: Mumtaz Hassan Road Off I .I Chandigarh Road Karachi IBAN # Pk49SUMB0313027140135841 SWIFT CODE:SUMBPKKA