Sunday 26 March 2017

Why even bother with a thirdlevel?

I want to drop one of the secrets of the thirdlevel. As I said earlier thirdlevel in a while can be conveniently dropped as a term. The reason we have to use it or something meaning it.... like third Feast... or Father stage or union...
Is because the three previous forms of Christianity out there, are actually not the Life of Christ.
Denominations don't generally preach John chapter 3 and press people unto a born again experience.
The second form of Christianity called evangelicalism does centre round John chapter 3, which is ofcourse good but they stop there.
The third form of Christianity recognises the baptism of the Holy Spirit and engaging with the gifts of the Spirit.
But none of these are normal life.
Norman Grubbs phrase is " out at elbows with yourself". You are trying to be " something" but it doesn't really work. That is why we have to " be divisive" as somebody said earlier today and mess everything up by saying..... look... there's more.
If zero ,first and secondlevel Christianity worked there would be no need to shake the world down.
None of the previous Christianity types do a thing about the basic problem with planet earth.
Genesis 3
I am not saying sins.
Other christianities try to tackle sins.
But Jesus said He came to lay the axe to the root. Which is the spirit of sin.
Brian Zahnd isn't quite there yet because he is still, as we were and Gene Edwards was in the 80s still using
Thirdlevel is about cutting to the chase
The Genesis 3 bottom line
It's about going inside , going into your inner room,yes,....... but not to become something....
but based on the truth of the Cross, the exchange of Romans 6. We died in Christ and we were raised new creations in Christ.
The trick of the thirdlevel is we are not really doing anything to become anything.
Oh so you just remain normal then.
Nope, not that either. Nobody is " normal" as in God normal or Jesus normal. Everybody is dysfunctional.
But we have been told to accept this because we are " human".
But the other lie we have been told is that there is no spirit and instead we are selfpowered " front of house beings"
Souls.....emotions mind and will... entirely self powered.... autonomous.
Psychology is a whole pseudoscience based around and supporting this soul powered belief.
The ultimate is Buddhism, basing itself on the same lie but " spiritualising" that lie.
We are spirit. We have a soul and a body. We are dependant on spirit .
The " reptilian " lie, the serpent nature, is that while we are focused front of house , it powers us spiritually from behind. We aren't just human autonomous beings.
Coming back under the Lordship of Christ, wanting Him to properly indwell us again, casts out this false serpent spirit at the back of everything we are.
But the lie of all other christianities is NOT that we claim our deliverance, have a born again or even Spirit filled deliverance to return to bring a new soulpowered autonomous me.... that pushes me right back where I started going wrong in the Genesis 3 false delusion again.
No.... thirdlevel Christianity is normal life as originally designed for the very reason that the entity Jesus Christ me is the empowering and the life source of the rest of my being.... mind will and emotions.
Romans 6 " reckoning" or the process of inwardly accepting this as continuous fact by cold faith....
Gives birth to a continuous knowing
A whole inner change to identity back to root source, the life of the Father in me as it was in Jesus.
We become the very same blasphemy that Nazareth thought Jesus was.
Actually Jesus wasn't the blasphemy. All the rest of the world is.
The offence of blasphemy is simply that you are committing an act of revolt in Satans lying reign on earth. If you continue quite happily saying you are an autonomous being, Satan is happy, for ,by proxy ,through you and your complicity he is reigning here on earth.
To suddenly put up your hand like Jesus in the wilderness and say
You devil are not the ruler here
God is King
God is my sole source
Then you break Satans rule over the earth here... which he regards as an act of treason,
Or as he calls it, you have committed blasphemy against God for saying you are His Life.
But we are the Life of God on this planet... we are not the life of a usurping serpent reptilian creature....
If we make that inner choice out of here....
that inner choice to leave!!!!
Being this specific again spiritually about what a human is and the God who is our Life...
Actually connects us with reality again.
My spirit connects back with creation.
I am able to engage with things as they ARE.
God the one who sustains the universe by His Word of power anyway is the reality I am clicking back into by faith.
As we do we become more and more clear about the Matrix we are leaving behind!!!!
Those new to this check out Romans 12:1-2. which really summarises this entire post and is the baseline of thirdlevel Christianity or life lived out of the Holiest Place.

Friday 24 March 2017

....And that is the problem, nobody has seen a thirdlevel church....

Picture of a Thirdlevel Church
This is the problem today, nobody has seen a church. Nobody knows what ministry is....precious few have ever been in a room with Corrie Ten Boom, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Watchman Nee, Ed Miller, Witness Lee, Mother Basile Schlink or Richard Wurmbrand.....
so everybody is blissfully unaware that there is a thirdlevel, they have only ever met first and secondlevellers.
You start to see how Jesus caused such a reaction, being the first ever thirdleveller on earth.
Even in the East they get the thirdleveller business. They call them gurus. Sadhu Sundar Singh Sadhu Sevelraj is following on.
Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, the two Chinese men clearly impart the Union message.
Flipping eckulo even Star Wars understands thirdlevellers: people who are bigger on their inside than out, like Yoda. Smith Wigglesworth used this Tardis phrase before Dr Who.
There it is for all to read
1 John 2 children young men fathers
Like a Seed,    falling ito the griound,      you shall be raised
Go the Way    to the Truth      find the Life
Abide in My Word....No really abide in my Word like disciples,      find the truth,     the truth shall set you free
Abraham (faithlife) Isaac (uncover wells - supernatural charisms) Jacob (wrestle until you get your Name change)
12 disciples were Jews of the Old Covenant, Jesus picked them and raised them in the charismatic, but after catastrophic failure they discovered their real new identity and became Life giving Fathers and apostles in Acts
Moses first level in Egyot, secondlevel with the sheep, thirdlevel in ministry
What on earth is Don K. Preston on about?It really is like the old days in 1972 trying as a 13 year old to lead a Church of Scotland minister and his wife into the baptism in the Spirit.
They were just the same as Don is, and the Pharisees and Saducees were with Jesus. If you see Spirit stuff it's obvious....but if you don't..... you really don't. Its really one of the wonders of the world. it's as bad as showing a molar that has completely grown in your mouth in a meeting to an atheist.
 " There's no proof"
You slap your head in a Homer Simpson fashion

Thursday 23 March 2017

Preterism: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Facxebook Intro to this post
In Nehemiah he was instructed by the emperor to return to Jerusalem and rebuild. How about that? And then a local bunch of satraps, try and tell him what he is doing is illegal in some way. In these days God has been rebuilding the walls and Gates of Jerusalem again according to the prophetic Words of the 70s about rebuilding the waste places of Jerusalem. Then this whipper snapping dog comes around called Preterism. I am not sure how big it is in the UK but on Facebook it seems quite large.
Like middlemen you see these forums sprouting:
You can't build that here
You can't do that
You cant use spiritual gifts they are all out of date
You can't be an apostle ,prophet pastor ,teacher, deliverance ministry or whatever they are all discontinued
You can't get baptised in the Spirit that all finished in 70 AD !!!!!
Well after having two whole days of this stuff, let's look at what God is saying through His Word, rather than all the things the yapping middle managers say we can't do.

In the last couple of days I have likened Preterism to Mormonism in this fashion:
They take a few verses and according to their carnal understanding build a whole edifice of doctrine out of what was a wrong reading in the first place.
Preterism does this with Daniel chapter 9
and Mormons created our entire genealogical industry out of one verse of Paul that was written in a totally different context. Paul talks of being baptised for the dead, so Mormons trot off and try to proxy baptise people on behalf of every single person who ever lived. And you thought Anglican Infant baptism was bad!!!! Huh?
Preterists take a passage in Daniel 9 wildly out of context and kill off all supernatural engagement in the whole church. It is one of the most devilishly paralysing things in America at the moment, probably second only to the bus stop Rapture concept.
After prayerful thought this afternoon, here are some thoughts:
Aspects of the text of the book of Revelation have been understood by some as being indicative of an earlier date.
Chilton holds that since Scripture teaches that all prophecy would be complete by the end of the 70th week of Daniel (Dan. Dan. 9:24-27) and since the book of Revelation contains prophetic material, therefore the book must have been written prior to the end of Daniel’s 70th week: END QUOTE
While the actual points of the second article regarding the contemporaneous churches make a lot of sense, the above paragraph, which seems to be a major foundation for preterism and the winding up of prophecy, is just simply a wrong reading of what was meant.
Seventy [t]weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to [u]finish the transgression, to [v]make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and [w]prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.
I would not dare make pronouncements outside what God reveals, which is one of the disturbing elements of preterists and futurists like John Hagee.
Both groups have no fear of going ahead of God and telling Him what he meant by His own words.
So in vagueness, my insides are telling me that God has allotted a definite course for Israel,
but somewhere somehow God is using the "switching off" from the purposes of God for our inclusion.....
there is a delay until the 70th week. Although as usual, Gods ways being higher.....He has fulfilled the 70th week at one level in the Death of Jesus, and this is why certain aspects of Preterism are correct.
But examine with me this sentence
Seventy [t]weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to [u]finish the transgression, to [v]make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and [w]prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.
Israel and specifically Jerusalem have been given the task, in a manner that is "fixed" "chosen", "set in stone" and "appointed"
Just as it was St Peter to be given the Keys of the Kingdom as we saw in Acts....
so it has been fixed and appointed that the Remnant, after all the devil has thrown at the Jews....
the remnant and God's chosen city Jerusalem have been chosen to wrap everything up
St Paul calls it life from the dead.
If we have been included in as a wild olive during their "off period"....and that was an amazing blessing, then what will their inclusion be, but life from the dead!!!
So like one of those movie freezes, like in the Matrix, the Jews go into a long freeze.....they never completed the 70 weeks
they never did do any of the things they were appointed to they have been frozen in time, while the camera sweeps round and grabs any Gentiles willing from the four corners of the globe....
and when the fulness of the Gentiles have come in,
the freeze frame stops and the Jews actually get to be the
"Last shall be first"
having been the first that was made last for 2000 years, in terms of New Covenant operations.
Certainly right now Jews, who are as infested as you can get with the Khazar peoples who "say they are Jews but are not", they are currently leading the charge for their "Messiah"....but the Messiah has already come in a form they did not recognise. So the devil, understanding perfectly the sort of superman they are looking for, wont disappoint them.
While everlasting righteousness has indeed been brought in by Christ, as EW Bullinger noted, in precisely the 70th week....
For everlasting righteousness to be permanent in the earth
we have to see a Day of Atonement come when the two houses, Israel and the Church are literally become One THING
with the manifestation of the wall of hostility broken down.
"to seal up vision and [w]prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.
WAS accomplished by Christ in the heavenly Tabernacle
as yet we do not see everything in subjection to Christ but we see Him who was made a little while lower than the angels crowned with glory and honour....
BUT until the full manifestation on earth......nope not at all do we see the sealing up of vision and prophecy .....
I haven't checked the meaning of sealing up of vision and prophecy but I would suspect this means something like
zipping a banana back up again
or consummation of union as of two entities becoming one.
The Lord has determined HOW He will achieve these things
Not by Might nor by power but by my Spirit.
So indeed the supernatural ministries and the supernatural gifts, and people walking supernaturally in Galatians 2.20 consciousness are indeed the methods God has designated in a context that John was writing and that the writer of Hebrews was writing of a new nation of Kings and Priests according to the new Order of Melchizedek.

Sunday 19 March 2017

Why Did Paul write Romans? John Stevens

NB this post is a simple distillation of my thoughts concerning Romans – I will allow my experts, Douglas Moo, Thomas Schreiner, NT Wright, Watchman Nee, and others to have their say in a following post but for now you’re stuck with me!
The letter is written by Paul, the ‘apostle to the Gentiles’ and highlights how the gospel intersects with local circumstances in the church in Rome – not an end in itself; it was not written as a theological deposit for future generations though it fulfils that brief extraordinarily well.
The mission to gentiles stems from the covenant promises to bless the whole world through Abraham and it seems to be important to Paul that the believers in Rome get a grip on this.
Paul was a walking ‘Israel’, an embodiment, in himself, of the purposes of God bringing ‘light to the gentiles’; Paul ‘goes to work’ providing a theological foundation for the call for unity between Jewish and Gentile believers as a necessity for the glory of God:
‘therefore receive one another just as Christ has received us to the glory of God’…’that the gentiles might glorify God’ 15v7 and v9
Is it truly possible to enter the mind and thinking of a first century apostle and claim to understand his motives for writing an epistle to the church in Rome? It sounds a little far-fetched at the outset. A quest, perhaps, based more on instinct than evidence? In fact we find that it is Paul himself that provides the evidence.
Before we look at the direct evidence in the epistle it would be good to immerse ourselves in Rome itself which had become a vibrant and ethnically diverse city comprising of slaves and freemen from conquered regions from the Empire. Jews were permitted to live in Rome, allowed to build synagogues, and to worship according to their customs. At the time of writing the epistle it is likely that the Jewish believers were in the process of returning to Rome having been banished by Emperor Claudius in approximately AD49.
‘And (Paul) found (in Corinth) a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome’ Acts 18 v 2
Claudius died in AD 54 and it may be that the Jews were permitted to return after his death. The church, therefore, comprised of Jewish and Gentile believers and had witnessed the racial tension between Jews and Greeks, the expulsion of the Jews and then the return of Jewish believers. Paul wrote a letter specifically to contrast the unity brought about by Roman conquest and rule with the unity brought about through the gospel; through the death of Jesus and his resurrection.
(1)    Paul’s impending visit to Rome – in chapter one Paul writes     ‘I long to see you…I often planned to come to you but was hindered until now’ v11-13
(2)    Paul wanted to preach the gospel in Rome and bear fruit – ‘…that I might have some fruit among you also, just as among the other Gentiles…I am ready to preach the gospel to you who are in Rome also’ v13-15
(3)    Paul had Spain in his sights – ‘whenever I journey to Spain, I shall come to see you…to be helped on my way there by you…I shall go by way of you to Spain’ 14 v 24-28
(4)    Paul was anticipating mutual blessing – ‘I long to see you that I may impart to you some spiritual gift so that you may be established that is that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me’ 1 v 11,12 ‘I know that when I come to you I shall come in the full blessing of the gospel of Christ…with joy by the will of God, and maybe refreshed together with you’ 14 v 29-33
(5)    To tackle important issues arising in the church – ‘I myself am confident concerning you…that you are filled with all knowledge…nevertheless I have written more boldly to you on some points…’ 14 v 14,15 ‘Now I urge you, brethren, note those whom cause divisions…and avoid them’
If we attempt to arrange these themes into a coherent paragraph it could read like this:
My dear brothers in Christ in Rome. I’m on my way to Jerusalem to deliver a contribution from the Gentile churches in Macedonia and Achaia to the poor among the members of the church there. After that I have two aims. One is to come to you and the other is to push on to Spain. How I have longed to see you all in Rome and to preach the gospel and have some fruit among you. Your faith is spoken about everywhere I go and I am confident you know the gospel well. I’ve written to you on some points quite boldly as a reminder to keep in the grace of God and to note those who are divisive. I look forward at last to seeing you. I’ll arrive in the full blessing of the gospel and am sure that I can impart a spiritual gift to you as you will also encourage me. After that Spain. And I hope you’ll be able to help me on my way’
Read like this one could be forgiven for not anticipating such an outpouring of theology and teaching as we encounter in the rest of letter. It is unexpected. Perhaps Paul was simply caught up in moments, maybe hours, of clarity of thought that he felt compelled to record and include in his letter to the church in Rome? Maybe. But we must remember that Paul, by this time, had been an apostle to the Gentiles for nearly twenty years. I think we can safely dismiss this extraordinary letter as anything other than purposeful and designed to fit into the life of the believers in Rome.
In which case, of the aims above, two stand out as inextricably linked; his planned visit to Rome and the future plans to take the gospel to Spain with the help of the church in Rome.
Paul detected a problem in the church. Division. There were two sets of divisions. One was over attitudes towards Jewish believers from the Gentile believers. The other, which may also had exacerbated the Jew/Gentile division, was to do with varying practices such as whether to hold particular days in honour of the Lord or to treat all days the same (14v5). So Paul goes to work providing a sound theological foundation showing how the gospel has brought about a deep unity between Jews and Gentiles in Christ. And how that two believers can express their love and faith for Christ differently and yet remain united with each other. This, I believe, is the ‘spiritual gift’ that Paul is seeking to bring. Unity. ‘Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity! For there the Lord commands the blessing’ Ps 133 v1,2. In chapter 11 Paul brings revelation and a prophetic warning. He shows the Gentile believers that whilst they are theologically correct in believing that the Jews had rejected the gospel so that they could be included, they had become boastful and arrogant towards their Jewish brethren. He warns them if they continue they, like the unbelieving Jews, will be cut off 11v22.
To uproot these damaging attitudes Paul does not simply instruct the Gentile believers to repent and love their Jewish brethren; he digs a comprehensive theological foundation sustained over 16 chapters. We will be looking at how this argument unfolds later.
It is with his dual purpose in mind that Paul develops his argument. I have no doubt that Paul would have been anticipating gaining financial help towards his ambition to take the gospel to Spain but I suspect, too, that he was after good travelling companions. He wanted to ensure that those who would travel with him, Jewish or Gentile believers, would be filled with the same fullness of the gospel and joy that Paul possessed so that they could dig good foundations for the emerging church in Spain, full of unity and joy in Christ, in the Messiah.
In summary then Paul was reminding the believers in Rome that the gospel and Christ, not political power or Caesar, had brought about true unity between Jews and Gentiles and that the prevailing culture should not invade and spoil the church. Indeed Paul warned that the church would be cut off if it did.
The teaching included in the epistle was with this in mind culminating in one verse:
‘Therefore receive one another, just as Christ has received us, to the glory of God’ 15v7
Paul takes fifteen chapters to build to this point. And the verses that follow on from 15v7 are gripping in the light of the foundations laid earlier. His argument is developed on many fronts and it is to this persuasive argument that we must now turn.

John Stevens is the author of When Rabbis Cry

Saturday 18 March 2017

Stacie Schulz Shares on El Roi

Facebook Post from here

Is it just me or does it feel like the spirit of indifference has spread all over the planet? The scriptures say at the end of the age the "love of many will grow cold". It feels like we are there. I scan the news & it's one story after another of injustice & heart aches to see the continual oppression of certain populations (Native Americans, Palestinians, North Koreans, Yemenis, Syrians, etc.,)....and then I see posts about how God is love &there will be no judgement.
As most of my friends know--I preach the good news of ultimate reconciliation, but let me be real clear!--God is love AND God is just --He is ONE.
Stacie Schulz on Pinnacle Mountain
Yes in the end He will save all...every knee will joyfully bow to the Lordship of Christ, doing so out of deep love and gratitude (not by fear or force)....but before that happens the scripture tells us there will be a resurrection of life for some & a resurrection of chastening for others. Those who die in their trespasses & sins will continue in that carnal condition in the unseen be carnally minded is death, this is the condition of hades...the word Hades means "the place or realm of the dead" (Strong's Concordance) "the region of departed spirits of the lost" (Vine's Expository Dictionary) and Thayer's Greek Lexicon says "a dark and dismal place, the common receptacle of disembodied spirits, in the very depths of the earth).
With those definitions we can accurately understand this is a condition of the carnal nature, the earthy nature...this is all the scriptures tell us about Hades (also translated as Sheol, Hell, Grave).
No one knows what that unseen place *looks* like...but we all know what that condition *is*. Who has been through their own personal hell on earth? who has felt the sting of death--who has suffered the pain of living in the death of addiction, perversion, lying, cheating, adultery, greed, lust, confusion, pride, selfishness, gluttony, ego, and a host of other carnal minded pursuits?
Thankfully there comes a day when Jesus comes into our personal hell & swings wide our gates & opens up our everlasting doors...he removes our grave clothes...and puts His robe of righteousness on us! Glory to God!
We too now say "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"
We now have the victory!
Jesus will continue to go into the depths of Hades, whether it be on this side of the river or the other side...and He will minister to all the spirits in prison (the prison of the carnal nature)...until all are set free.
How long will this long will this be?
Only the Father knows.
As I said above, God is love AND God is just.
I believe what keeps many people from embracing the good news of ultimate reconciliation is they feel like there is no justice...they have a hard time reconciling how God could let a person or an entire population suffer without any judgement coming to their tormentors and oppressors.
Justice and punishment are 2 different issues.
God is just. God does give forth judgements (rulings/decisions). In fact, the scriptures teach that the saints will also be given the authority to judge the world and angels (1 Cor.6:2-3).
To judge means to weigh, to decide, to give forth a decision (positive or negative) these decisions are ultimately to bring forth the good in the end for all.
What we sow in our lives we will either reap the rewards or the consequences. This spiritual principle works individually and corporately (nations).
God does not punish people...people punish themselves from the seeds they have sown within their own lives.
Nations punish themselves from the evil its government has sown into the lives of those it oppressed.
El Roi is one of the many Hebrew names for God, it means "God sees".
God does see the oppressed and afflicted.
God sees the corruption & evil.
God sees the indifference.
God weeps.
He weeps in me. He cries out in me.
He intercedes through me.
He is coming. His voice is going forth!
There is coming a day where ALL of the people of God will say in ONE ACCORD ...
"But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream." (Amos 5:24)
Oh Lord! Hasten the DAY!☀👑

Friday 17 March 2017

Andy Rogers - The Cave Sessions Volume 1

St Patricks day vibe

Andy Rogers to Chris Welch in only two connections

A long time ago in a galaxy far away was a band called Iona.
The Chapman stick player and bass player became Belinda Carlisle's Music arranger....her of Heaven is a Place on earth
This arranger is called Nick Beggs.Having been in the worldrenowned 80s pop combo Kajagoogoo.....him of the long blond locks decided to learn some music. So he went back to college.
Nick Beggs, Dave Bainbridge,Joanne Hogg , Dave Fitzgerald and more were IONA, arguably one of the first ethnocelt bands outside Clannad. Maire Brennan now a Christian and her sister Enya are beyond the realms of famous. Practically
U2 Famous.
Now all these people cannot help being Irish, they were simply born that way.....and they have this nasty habit of conveying deep spiritual stuff even when Rothschild would prefer they didn't.
So what's my connection with Andy twice removed?
I brought Nick Beggs into River Studios London  to record a track and a half on my own double CD, and his sheer genius at arranging meant that he kindly donated a lot more than his bass playing which I hired him for. Nick was in Iona with Joanne, and Joanne sings here with Andy. THIS IS GOOD STUFF!!!!

from, Andy's  bio page

OK, here’s the one-liner: I write songs, I record them, I sing them around the planet in bars, churches, people’s houses and even parliament buildings.
And here’s the official bio written in the 3rd person 🙂
Andy RogersAndy Rogers is a singer songwriter and worship leader from the Causeway Coast of Ireland with songs published and recordings produced on EMI’s Kingsway label.
An artist on Kingsway’s original ‘New Celts’ album (along with Robin Mark, Brian Houston & Joanne Hogg) and more recently on ‘Engage24’ with Ian Hannah, his style has been described as ‘Ethno-Celt’ – a mix of acoustic ethnic sounds fused with contemporary musical sensibilities.
He has been part of the pioneering team at Causeway Coast Vineyard under the leadership of Alan and Kathryn Scott since 1999.
His music has taken him throughout Ireland and beyond to such diverse venues as churches and conferences to the nightclubs of Eastern Europe and even the brothels of Thailand (you can see video clips of that here). He passionately believes that when people worship then God does amazing things just like He promised – and it doesn’t have to be ‘in church’.
He has also created, a global songwriting collective where song writers and worship leaders collaborate freely on an ‘open source’ basis with their ideas.
If you’d like to consider Andy for an event, gig or tour please check out the booking page and get in touch via bookings[at]
You can get 2 of Andy’s Ethno-Celt flavoured tunes to download at
Here’s what others are saying:
Kathryn Scott‘I’ve known Andy for 18 years – both as a worship leader in the church I attended as a teenager, and then as a friend and co-leader as we grew a little older together.
He is one of the most servant-hearted people I know. Few understand, and live out true worship like Andy – and I feel honored to serve with him because of it!
If you ever get the chance to have him come and lead at your church – or to listen to the songs that he has been writing – or to input as he explores the whole idea of writing as an online community ( – I cannot more highly recommend that you jump at it. Andy really is one in a million – he’s the real deal.’ – Kathryn Scott

Download Your Free Songs Here

The Lamb that takes away the sin......

Chris Welch with Joan Reilly and 2 others. Facebook
7 February ·

The Lamb of God can take away your sins. And has done so.
But you only read that with fuzzy scales over your eyes.
What you read, c'mon now admit it, is
Christ can forgive you of your sins and declare anything against you as nought.
And it's true He can. But we haven't gone far back enough.
The Word of faith Movement took us back to Deuteronomy 28.
If, they said, all the curses were nailed to a Tree.
If they said, Martin Luther rightly exposed afresh that we are saved by grace and not by our own works, by believing upon Christ's victory and not upon ourselves, and if the curses were nailed with Him to a Tree...
Then righteousness is mine by faith
blessings are mine by faith
prosperity is mine by faith
healing is mine by faith
But it still doesn't go back far enough.
My problems and your problems are actually not
disease, though nasty
generational curses though they bind us into patterns of living
a lack of Cadillacs
not having a lovely big house
not having a lovely model husband or wife or kids
we can have all these things
Christian -type culture homes like the Methodist one I grew up in can have many of these things....
But it doesn't go back far enough.
John Noe has just written a book, the Last reformation
Torben Sondergaard's ministry is called the Last Reformation Ministries
Both in different ways speak about the Kingdom, but they don't really nail it. They don't go back far enough.
The gospel isn't outward to begin with. It is spirit.
In Genesis 3 Adam and Eve exchanged spirit.
They exchanged spirit empowering.
Unless we go right back, when we "ask Jesus into our life"
Jesus DOES come in.
But we earnestly believe He comes into our independent existence to help us with it, so deep is our sense of being an "alone-I" in the universe......fighting through it all alone.
Jesus says unless a seed fall into the ground and dies, it abides alone.
Well we take that notion and place it right upon our "alone -I ness" and don't really get anywhere....
In a blinding flash in extremity in Romans 7, as we all do by the holy Spirit, we see as if by Xray the whole LIE upon which humanity has been impaled now for thousands of years, and in these last 200 years it has increased to become this society called "secular".
There is NO SUCH THING AS SECULAR. The whole thing stinks. it's a lie.
So we return to the first sentence.
The Lamb of God can take away your sins. And has done so.
The Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world.
Not just your particular outward manifestations and instances.
He removed the SIN SPIRIT......PERIOD.
Unless you really catch that
then you don't see Kingdom at all.
There has always been Kingdom.
AS WE OPERATE AGAIN OUT FROM HIM and what He is genuinely doing in His incarnation by us....
and there will be the odd Cadillac
and there will be the pretty spouse and kids
and there will be the big houses and the blessings....
But that isn't the point....
the point is that now God is really KiNGING through us again
because we are again empowered by His Life.
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Tony Maden
Tony Maden By Jove Chris you've it the snake 🐍 on the head with this post. You're right of course that all these new reformation movements are still outward not inner... yet... I'm grateful that you, Nick Cabbiness Fred PruittDavid Heisler  et al are by BEing mature encouraging Fathers offer this mincemeat to be shared and stirred around Christendom at large making new wine 🍇 🍷
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Making delicious new wine! &; still trying to pour them into old pyramid patterns... Concrete automons clomping around stupidly arranging themselves into neat rows & layers upon layers... & the sick get sicker & the thin get thinner & the mean get meaner... & people shake their collective fists & wonder why God won't "come down"... when He's already here.
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Annalize Mouton
Annalize Mouton Thank you, Chris, excellent!
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Andrew Thurner
Andrew Thurner Blown away!
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Chris Welch

Chris Welch
Chris Welch I've read it again and it is good!!!
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Thursday 16 March 2017

Beware: The Invitation is in the small print

In the west we are instructed that there are no demons. The clever thing is that the Luciferian community dynasties actually rule the planet.... or think they do. I think I will always remember my Facebook friends book which talks about witches completely dying out by the 1700s the same week somebody contacts me on Facebook for emergency help from Darmstadt. He had been sold as a sex slave by his Icelandic -Canadian dynasty witch parents to a 70 year old woman and had escaped and now all of them were after him because of the amount of money in the deal.

The absolute truth is that fallen angels are immensely powerful but here is the good news. The earth is out of bounds. And as that great bastion of Hollywood Truth: ghostbusters showed..... the only inroad they have to the planet is via human beings complicity. So each black square of the chequerboard has to be sold as "white". 80s kids were sold the talent of Madonna and Michael Jackson and their songwriting is amazing.....but what we got was making holding your crotch in public kind of errrr normal.
That actually wasn't in the bargain that humans struck .... but IT WAS IN THE DEMONIC SMALLPRINT.
All you signed up for with your girlfriend was a kiss and a caress in the car.... the demonic smallprint was the conception of a baby and a vacuum pump destroying that life in an abortion.
You signed up to be a bit moody but in the demons smallprint was that sudden phrase set on fire by hell which for the rest of your life lost you your best friend.
What the atheist Jew in the Isle of Wight dabbling with the paranormal signed up to was astral projection. After a couple of good experiences what was in the small print was demons blocking his way back into his body. Just as he was about to die, he did the last thing a Jew ever does.... called on the Name of Jesus Christ.... who in the nick of time grabbed him and put him back in his body. He then became Christian but the struggles out of demonic strongholds were fierce.
Another long term witch signed up for power and respect among his witch and human friends. The actual small print included this final episode at Great Mandeville hospital. He experienced the horror of demons coming for him at his death. He called out. Nurses came to his room. The doors were firmly locked. After the man died the doors mysteriously unlocked and the nurses were able to enter normally, but they could see how the man died still etched on his face.

But ordinarily this is Not their realm. It's our planet. The earth is given to the sons of men. Submit to God says the Bible, then resist the devil and he will flee. He has to. It's not his place. Only if we are conned to invite him.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Signs that you are Detoxing from Religion

If you detox from denominational,evangelical and charismatic churches what will you find?
Well, yes, the phrase "gather together more as you see the Day drawing near" will be a tough one.
and "Where two or three gather in My Name there I will be in the midst" gonna be tougher.
Remember guys....some of us were around for the switchover from first to secondlevel in the 70s. Huh? We're already professionals at this Hebrews 13.13 Game that is the 12th gate of Jerusalem ....the Prison Gate...
But it's the ONLY WAY to insist upon the world church that they relate purely with the Throne Room.
The Evangelicals didn' we left when we were baptised in the Spirit.
But the shock to our entire generation was that the so called Spirit filled don't relate with the Throne Room purely either.(Read Entering the Holy of Holies by David Swan)…/9839985361.htm
They relate with ministry gifts like Bill Johnson's Bethel
They relate with Big Auditoriums and BIG charismatic personalities like Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo.
No the first thing detox will teach you is an ALL OF LIFE CHRISTIANITY. YOU WON'T EVEN BE ALLOWED THE "HIGHS OF WORSHIP". You will either have to draw from those wells yourself at home....or dive off head first into the total different form of Consciousness that is
Galatians 2.20
that is Proverbs 3.....acknowledge Him in all your ways and then learn the delight of Him making straight your paths....
Michael W Smith Living and Learning (by chance on right now)
You will never use ridiculous charismatic language anymore unless it is precisely what you want to say in the Spirit, and doubtless that will also have some twist that will offend a charismatic.
You will ONLY DO that which the Spirit directs you to do and blow the human pressure they try and exert on you
You will do very little....concerning yourself whole heartedly with the ONE THINGS God gets you to concentrate on.
Psalm a weaned child you won't consider high and mighty things that are total fantasy...
that doesn't mean what you will be involved in wont be at times totally just means you're not like that crazy frikkin child anymore in the Spirit that is always putting its hands out to prevent what God is really engineering from impinging on your previous cute life.....
It's Romans 12.1 now, it's not your life anymore...
and anyway as the whole of the universe begin to engage around you....or Christ as you rather, you are more than excited to be at the centre of God's will anyway.
Humans surrounding you will almost continually find some fault with what you do, how you speak,your timing, your ideas.....
we see this in John 7
we see this in King David's brothers when David rounded the corner with some cheeses and fixed his eyes on Goliath
if you are in the "300" your eyes fixed on the banks on the other side of the river are going to infuriate people. "They are just leaves blowing in the trees for heaven's sake....get a grip man....just bend down on your knees and get your mouth in the water like a normal person"
But you can't cos you are in the 300.
Or like John 4, the others will come back from the shops and walk right over the ministry that has just led a foreign woman and her village to the Lord.....because you missed the shopping agenda for the day and it's your fault , right?
You won't relate to the Pyramid heads that everybody else relates with. You will feel keenly the spider's webs that radiate in different ways from all people that are still stuck in Genesis 3 without knowing it.
Like King David, at times you will relate more with outsiders than you do God's people. But while doing so, you will only be further confirmed that the world system is ludicrous, a system that MUST solid as it pretends to be.
You will soon have little patience for even charismatics and their slimy ways, and false consciousness and separation seeing. The whole disgusting scene will be anathema to you just as the Pharisees and Sadducees were to Jesus in almost everything they did and said.
Why are all these things so?
Simply because God's Word is true
Jeremiah 31 The New Covenant really is a Holy Spirit engraving tool writing its way deep into your heart making it now impossible to live the Genesis 3 life
Galatians 2.20 does really mean every single thing that it says on the tinlid....Jesus Christ is walking as you
Ephesians 6 describes our feet.....our walking it having been SHOD with the gospel of peace...
Because we live the life of detox....
we really compare spiritual with spiritual
and we really have trained our senses in righteousness (HIS BY THE WAY) to discern the base/root/foundation/agenda difference between the spirit of good and the spirit of evil
that founds everything.
And as the "300" we learn the trick of the trade of having our lives on show as dung ready to be walked underfoot, while in reality the Kingdom Ladder is being fixed ever more firmly at its base to the earth.
Is it worth it?

See also Frank Viola's Book
Pagan Christianity

Tuesday 14 March 2017

What Romans is not about! John Stevens

Romans – digging a foundation

Way back, not long after my family first plugged in a (black & white) tele and shortly after the last woolly mammoth strode across the South Downs, I ventured into the deep on board Calypso and its submersibles with the irrepressible and seemingly congenial Jacques Cousteau, care of BBC2 if I remember correctly?
This journey into Paul’s letter to Romans is similar. I want to take you on a dive. I’m not the expert so I’ve enlisted a few others. In other words I’ve read a few commentaries, mostly to get a feel for what is out there amongst the mostly protestant and evangelical authors who translate theology into print.
Here’s a list:
Douglas J. Moo – The Epistle to the Romans
Thomas Schreiner – Romans
Craig Keener – Romans
NT Wright – various but especially Justification and other website articles
Mark Reasoner – The Strong and the Weak
FF Bruce – Romans
The Normal Christian Life – Watchmen Nee
If I was to produce a heat map I’d say that Nee is closest to what I feel we need to hear but oddly at variance with what the letter actually addresses whilst NT Wright paints the picture for the setting of Romans really well. Moo and Schreiner are classic verse by verse commentaries, which is great if you have the time, but, if you’re interested I’d recommend getting your aqualung (Jacques Cousteau invented the aqualung by the way!!) and mask and float around their introductions – wood from trees. FF Bruce is good value and succinct, as is Keener, and Mark Reasoner has a very good surname!
Never one to miss the opportunity to mix a few metaphors – digging foundations and strapping on an aqualung…let’s teeter on the edge of the boat, spade in hand, and see what we find in Romans.
I have no doubt that you’ll see different sights that I will, but when we re-emerge up top, maybe we’ll convince each other that we’ve seen some things worthy of a pint or two at the Prince of Wales

What Romans Is Not About
The book of Romans is often viewed as the Everest of the NT as if Paul was pouring out the essence of the gospel, which he often calls ‘my gospel’, in the form of an apologetic containing dialectical passages resolved by the apostle as he builds his thesis and argument. It has especially become the treasure store for protestant theologians; seen almost a reference book containing summation texts often packed into dense single verses that encapsulate the gospel itself, for example: ‘all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’ or ‘There is, now, no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus…’.

John Wesley had a powerful spiritual experience at a meeting on Aldersgate Street in London on May 24, 1738. He described the experience as having his “heart strangely warmed.” Wesley’s encounter with Jesus Christ on that evening was intense and personal. He later wrote, “I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone, for salvation; and an assurance was given me, that he had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death.” Aldersgate was a pivotal moment in Wesley’s life right on the cusp of the Methodist revival. Wesley’s Journal entry for May 24, 1738 was Luther’s preface to Romans

John Wesley had been reading Romans.

Such has been the effect of Romans on so many including Wesley, Calvin, Luther, Knox that it is almost viewed as a treatise on personal salvation carefully expounding universal truths that can be applied to any individual in search of salvation. So much so that Romans is often seen to be synonymous with salvation theory or soteriology. This view often leads to the keenest minds reaching an apparent summit in chapter eight or twelve only to view the subsequent chapters as secondary or even irrelevant; the main arguments having been fully developed. After all in chapter eight we are faced with the ultimate destination of the whole creation – where does one go after that?

‘…the creation itself will be delivered from the bondage to decay into the glorious liberty of the children of God.’ Rom 8 v 21

Viewed this way Paul’s letter to the Romans could really have been written to any church by any apostle – it is universal and supplies sublime arguments that connect individuals with the destiny of the whole of creation. If so really it isn’t a letter to the church in Rome it is simply Paul setting out the fundamental truths of the gospel and the context into which he is writing is irrelevant. In fact, it is this irrelevancy that makes Romans all the more relevant to us as it is compendium of Christian theology available to anyone in any age rather than written to apply to a particular church in Rome passing through a particular set of historical and political times outside the church and circumstances within the church.

But can this really be why Paul wrote Romans? If it is, it almost suggests that Paul wrote this as a defence of his own apostleship; as if he needed to self-authenticate himself in their eyes.

It is likely that all believers have had their eyes opened to the riches of the gospel through its pages; but, if Romans 1-8 contains a carefully laid out soteriology disconnected with the particular circumstances in the church in Rome, it could easily be argued that the final seven chapters are merely closing comments, polite addendums, and if they were lost, the letter will hardly be diminished. More than this; do they really have a place in holy writ the as the inspired word of God? Putting bluntly if the first eight chapters are inspired, the final seven are less so.

The author, Paul, was an apostle charged with being a steward of the gospel, to bring the gospel to the gentiles, to all nations. The notion that this letter could have been sent to any church is unsustainable and I will attempt to dismantle this notion and to build a picture about the letter and the context into which it was sent; Rome and the church in Rome.

If Paul’s letter is not primarily a teaching epistle it is nonetheless unlike other epistles which, perhaps, are more clearly dealing with local issues that had arisen within specific churches. In his letters to the church in Corinth Paul’s perspective is that of a father whose dear immature children are incapable of resolving their own disputes:

‘And I brethren could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food, for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are not able for you are still carnal. For where there are…divisions among you…are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?’ 3v1-3

The Galatian church had been infiltrated by false teachers who were successfully fooling the congregation into adopting Mosaic Law, and, specifically, preaching that Gentile believers should submit to circumcision:

‘…there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ…let (them) be accursed…I could wish that those who trouble you would even mutilate themselves…’ 1v7,8 and 5v12.

Paul deals with Gnosticism in his letter to Colossians and false teaching concerning the last days when writing to the church in Thessalonica.

None of these letters dealing with specific local issues are bereft of sections of good solid teaching that can be applied across the church in all ages but the letters themselves had obvious focal points of pastoral concern. When Paul writes to the Ephesians however, he is let off the hook; he has no local pastoral or doctrinal problems to address, and Paul pours out a unique blend of the cosmic implications of the revelation of Christ and individual responsibility: ‘…the eternal purpose which He has accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord…’ 3v11 ’I…beseech you to have a walk worthy of the calling with which you have been called…’ 4 v 1.

On the one hand Paul writes letters that to deal with specific pastoral problems that have arisen in the churches with which he has a fatherly relationship towards. Or, on the other hand, with churches with no immediate concerns, he delivers encouraging teaching consistent with the gospel that brought the church into being.

But in the letter to the church in Rome there are no false teachers to slay and the church, seemingly, is not dominated by problems due to immaturity i.e. genuine believers walking in the flesh and not by the Spirit. Nor is the church in Rome a church that would consider Paul as its spiritual father – the apostle that brought it into being. The origin of the Christian community in Rome is unknown and may well not have had an apostolic founding father.

It should be noted that it is thought that approximately half of the population of the Jews at the time were distributed around the Roman Empire; only half lived in Palestine. Travel was fluid. Paul was not the only Jew that travelled extensively across the Mediterranean world; Jesus had warned the scribes and Pharisees not to travel the world to make their disciples into sons of the hell (Matthew 23 v 15). In Acts chapter 2 we are given an insight into the international flavour of the pilgrims in Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost; maybe some of these early converts had been the seed of the church in Rome. All we do know is that by the time Paul penned his epistle to the church in Rome a significant Christian community had formed and it contained Jews and Gentiles all of whom had placed their faith in Jesus as Messiah and Lord.

So why did Paul write this letter? If it isn’t a treatise simply outlining the truth of the gospel that could have been distributed to all churches what was in Paul’s mind as he wrote this letter specifically to the church in Rome?

Two Introductory articles by John Stevens first appearing here

Monday 13 March 2017

Kim Ilene Shares some discernment about the Shack

Kim Ilene
"#The_Shack" COULD be a useful teaching tool if one were using it to teach what Christianity is NOT, but unfortunately all Christians see is that it "teaches forgiveness," without asking WHY it teaches forgiveness. They don't see the Catholic(universal)/Androgynous Black Madonna (satanic), the New Age Issa Messiah (satanic) & the Hindu Shiva (satanic). They don't understand that Mormons & New Agers - & especially New Agers! - believe in "spirit babies" who existed before they were born & "chose" the life they were going to live fully KNOWING all that was going to occur during their life span - that's why they believe they can't get mad at perverts, murderers, etc., because they chose their lives, too. They believe that pretty much everything that happens in this life is irrelevant except learning to love & learning to love means learning to forgive. Similarly, Hindus are cool with the movie, because they, too, can recognize the reincarnational elements. Most everyone fails to recognize that the entire plot of the movie was laid out by the dad in the beginning: A little virgin princess had to die sacrificially to save the father. And THAT is, in fact, precisely what happened. His own daughter had to die, because her sacrificial death ultimately "saved" him. This is the very sick heart of paganism: Child sacrifice. I will say it again: It's NOT Jesus' death on the cross that saved the man, it was his own daughter. Pagans everywhere, New Agers, etc. have no problem with this "gospel," because it meshes very well with what they already believe. So you have Saruyu - who represents Shiva, the Hindu destroyer God/God of death & destruction - leads the man on an archetypal "hero's journey" (which, in this case, turns out to be a fantastic inner journey into the subconscious) by means of wandering into an overgrown/jungly labyrinth (because you wouldn't want the Christians to recognize it for what it is) - at the center of which he eventually buries his own child (bizarre, since he had earlier seen her alive in heaven) & there is much ado & fawning over a moth covered (inlaid wood) coffin (that was lovingly made by Jesus) - buried in a "ceremony" eerily similar to satanic child sacrifice in a circular wooded area... But let's go back to the labyrinth imagery for a second. The labyrinth originated in Greco-Roman culture - every year 7 girls &; 7 boys had to be sent into the center of the labyrinth to appease the insatiable rage of the Minotaur monster who lived in there... Is it ironic that the man had to "sacrifice" (give up) his insatiable rage & desire to kill the pedophile monster by burying his child in the middle of this labyrinth? And then, of course, once he buried his "seed" (his child) a beautiful dualistic tree of Good & Evil sprang up in its place with satanic snake swirls bursting out all over the place & a Monarch butterfly playfully tweaked the man's nose. (Monarch butterflies are used to symbolize child sex toys.) Again, New Agers & paganists of all kinds will immediately recognize the symbolic imagery as it zooms right over naive Christians' heads. The entire movie was a pagan child sacrifice reenactment... & nobody noticed.

Chris Welch approaches from a different angle

A reply to those saying that the Shack doesn't represent God as the Judge of the whole earth properly and matters of sin judgment and hell.
I don't wish to remove anything from God being God and He is the Greatest Judge. But we are not now living during Jesus time. We are living in the time Jesus prophesied....the time when the Kingdom appears overrun by bad seed sown by an enemy by night.
So while you wish to carry on as if nothing has happened, actually the world is now deliberately traumatised by anything to do with the Kingdom. And deliberately so. Satan meant it that way. So whereas Jesus is still preaching in a time when God is perceived as an honest balanced Judge, Satan has stuck a great big sign in the middle of the Farmers field with a monstrous trauma inducing head of THOR and called this the Christian God.
Now be my guest all you old guys living in pews in churches trying to pretend we are in the same even handed world of Anne of Green Gables or during Jesus time when church was still a virgin concept.....but nobody on earth is listening to you and your generation. They simply couldn't care less about anything you represent.....your churches.... your prqctices....your way of running Christs church for Him....
they have voted with their feet.
As the Shack says to's useless God appearing anything like He is, because Mack was transposing his entire trauma onto the face of God the Father.
You can speak about judgment til you are blue in the face....
what you will find is exactly the same response as if you were talking to a newly converted family member of the thirteen major Illuminati dynasties........complete and utter trauma
an inabilkity to think straight about anything for long
fragmented personalities
lots of complete delusion regarding reality and ofcourse God.
Now be my guest. Carry on traumatising people. But I would suggest that long before you can get anywhere near influencing people,
you have to do a lot of waiting
a lot of doodling in the sand
and at the end when it is quiet,
smile at the adulteress with empowering eyes and say
Neither do I condemn you but go and sin no more.

Clergy Protocol. This MUST BE OBEYED

I am a member of the clergy. I proudly stomp on Christ's message and instead practice the message handed to me in seminary. I proudly accept the certificate given to me after some theological study which preside over a local.congregation as a single father figure in a pyramid. I honour the tradition of the fathers to support myself with the bastardisation of the Old Covenant tithe scheme. I take on the responsibility of preaching about an aspect of.morality each week like.a.synagogue rabbi and to never share.about the Holy Spirit I proudly.deny access to God in the form of the Holy Spirit and rebel absolutely against all the apostolic.instructions in Corinthians and to how church services. Instead it was taught me in flagrant disregard for John chapter 4, by running and maintaining a building at exhorbitant cost, filled.with people baptised as infants and robbed from any conscious and experiential commitment to their own personal.death and resurrection in Christ,.and I maintain the regular sea.of.faces in that duplicity in the unsaid sense of duty to church and a distant God, such that they feel a sense.of.satisfaction, and I am.maintained in a job.
I spit on Christ's command to and warmly accept that you shall I have not studied all this time to be called.anything less in the community.
I have great difficulty with words in the Bible like.Grace, and Holy Spirit and New.Covenant because I have no.experiential knowledge of them and I.spit on Christ whenever John 3 because I have no intention in becoming like the Methodist John Wesley.....and that includes if I am a Methodist minister. Although there are many things I cannot tally in my life, broadly happy and willingly accept this post.for.the duration career. I don't expect anything particularly memorable to.happen during my posts,.and indeed the shock would.probably upset me.But as long as I don't call these things too specifically to.mind happy to.continue the many ways I.insist on speaking against Christ and His ways but always outwardly acknowledged His service and morality.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Romans Study Course : Assertion One by John Stevens

Before the course starts, John writes a series of articles to define his new parameters. You could think of them as a string of Forewords
The original is here

Assertion One: It’s difficult to lose things…experimental post 28th January 2017Real theologyAristotle, geocentric, St Augustine, Theologian, Theosis, Thomas Aquinas, Watchman Nee
It’s difficult to lose things.

Jesus said ‘for nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to the light’. I love these ‘Confucious says’ type aphorisms. My hunch is that they express universal spiritual truth that is deafeningly obvious to anyone with an ear to hear and that Jesus applied these truths to the many contexts that he was immersed in. It cuts both ways. On the one hand the hidden (evil) leaven of the Pharisees would eventually come to light in the grotesque manner in which they rid themselves of that inconvenient and dangerous Jewish upstart, Jesus, and on the other hand the gospel – a minority pursuit in 1st Century Israel – would also come to light and transform the lives of countless individuals and civilisations.

The truth is that I lose things temporarily quite often. After the blissful ignorance of the loss is shattered, frustration and frantic searching set in and threaten to overwhelm us as we search desperately for our keys, or diary, or…well it’s usually my keys or diary. It doesn’t take long before we find ourselves pouring out prayers to God to help us to find ‘it’ ‘after all Lord, You know where it is and, by the way, I’m sorry for being a clot – again. Have mercy…please’. In direct proportion to the anguish and reminder of personal weakness is the sheer joy on finding the lost items. Smiles, sometimes tears, certainly woops, and probably impromptu dancing all tumble out and life it seems can begin again.

In 1054 the church finally split in what has been known as The Great Schism. Jerusalem had long been replaced by three great centres of Christian leadership; Alexandria (in the West), Rome (in the middle), and Constantinople (representing the east). The great split – which some say would have occurred anyway due the increasingly different geographies, language, political persuasions and cultures at play – divided the church into two halves; Alexandria and Rome in the Catholic west and Constantinople in the Orthodox East.

So deep has this schism been that each ‘church’ has, over time, developed its theology in different directions. Some of the good news landed up in the East and some in the West and there has been a mutual loss. But Jesus said there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed – and I believe Him. Perhaps our blissful state of ignorance of what we’ve lost is about to experience a jolt?

One of the criticisms of the East of the West is that the Western version of Christianity (meaning, at the time, the Bishops who looked to Rome) bases its theology largely on reason and thus exalted the mind above the heart. Symptomatic of this approach, says the East, is the appeal to Greek philosophy and in particular the philosopher Aristotle 384 BC – 322 BC.

Thomas Aquinas 1225–1274AD lived near Rome at the time when Aristotlean literature became freely available in Latin. Aquinas’ influence on western civilization cannot be underestimated. He was known as a teacher and philosopher and – despite the overthrow of the Aristotlean geocentric universe in the 16th Century – Pope Benedict XV 1854 – 1922 declared that ‘The Church has declared Thomas’ doctrines to be her own’ and to this day they are used in the preparation of the Catholic priesthood. Fifty years after his death he was canonized as St Thomas Aquinas.

Aquinas developed much of his theology from St Augustine of Hippo. The Orthodox Church, for example, has a high regard for St Augustine of Hippo (354–430AD) as does the western Catholic and Protestant church. St Augustine is considered by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint and a great theologian; in the East he is considered to be a saint but not a theologian!

A theologian in the East is someone who demonstrably ‘knows God’ through direct spiritual experience and engagement with the divine – called ‘theoria’ – whilst in the west a theologian’s personal experience of God is not considered to be important at all, simply his or her ability to make sense of spiritual and biblical interpretation. You’ll search in vain, for example, for an Eastern Orthodox commentary on Romans that explains salvation in terms of a forensic courtroom scene between God the righteous judge and the guilty sinner in the dock awaiting the intervention of Christ to take His punishment so that the judge can pronounce the verdict ‘Not guilty. Justified and acquitted’.

In the West the emphasis to explain salvation is to ask ‘saved from what?’ in the East it is far more ‘saved for what?’.

Late in Thomas Aquinas’ life he had a direct experience of God. He said the effect of this experience was for him to realise that all his work had been like ‘straw’ alluding to 1 Cor3v12,13 ‘if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each one’s work will become manifest for the Day will declare it, it will be revealed by fire’. As a consequence Aquinas dedicated the final two years of his life to the reconciliation between East and West but died two months before he had a chance to attend the Council called in May 1274 to attempt this reconciliation.

Watchman Nee (Normal Christian Life p150f) speaks of one of the consequences of Adam eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil as leaving man inheriting an ‘over developed soul’. So fallen man is left to attempt to live a life from the soul rather than, as has been made possible through Christ, from the life of His Son. Fallen man, in fact, ‘walks according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience’ Eph 2 v 2)

James A Fowler ( has written an extensive examination of Christ in us and Christ as us in the light of the Eastern Orthodox doctrine of ‘Theosis’; otherwise translated as ‘divinisation’ or ‘deification’. His article will go far further than this little jab or provocation to realise that what perhaps was lost in the great schism cannot be lost forever.

God regularly allows us in our fallibility to lose things. There is something deeply human and therefore deeply divine in the joy of finding the lost. It is beyond emotion. It contradicts systematic searching – often a waste of time – and, like running out of petrol, it is often when we have spent the last drops of our own will that the wretched and beautiful lost object reveals itself. If God is opening our eyes to see what has been hidden by western theologians (and here I include Catholic and Protestant together) let it be. God will do what Aquinas could do not.

Theosis directs our attention to seeing ourselves as a living temple in whom God lives; and as Jesus Christ was 100% human and 100% God, so, in Christ, God has come to dwell in us. To say more is to drift from the point of assertion one that God will bring to light all that is hidden. It’s the way things are.

ps If you are after a shorter version of James A Fowler’s article maybe start with the October 2008 Christianity Today article ‘Keeping the End in View’ by James R. Payton Jr. To quote: ‘Orthodox understanding of theosis reminds us that salvation is less about what we get than about what God gets. It is about his purposes being accomplished in us’

Wednesday 8 March 2017

No More Daleks

What's the difference with the apostolic thirdlevel Christianity that owns the God processes of Abraham Isaac and Jacobs life.... and the one and two level gospel we have now in every church? Precisely this. Grab your mug of coffee.

You make new Daleks. You give them a new operating system.... brand new so it can fire back all 1000 pages of the Bible quicker than ever before. You Duraglit the outer metallic case so that it gleams even in moonlight. You even change the wheels so they run smoother than ever before. Your churches of renewed daleks smiling in a friendly manner in rows of tens fifties and hundreds every Sunday are a phenomenon that has to be seen and the world is acutely aware
Who fight
Who have empire thinking
St Peters final question to Jesus face to face was about empire
Jesus just looked at him, looked at his watch and the incoming angels....
Look Peter.... I can't go over this again, just go over there wait in Jerusalem and wait until the Holy Spirit comes
He will tell you what you are not hearing
We are building a race of brand new human beings
oh and then the spinoff..... not the primary motivation.... the spinoff

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Is Fluoride good for you?

BBC Do great programmes. The filming on Attenborough and TopGear and now many drama series are film quality.
But they do have a lying problem. It is difficult to know how many know they are lying or whether the minion anchormen just trot out what is given them.
They lied about Andrew Wakefield who is now established and recognised in the USA regarding his vaccine research.
They lie about anything that the mega pharmaceutical companies want them to say against free or natural remedies that do the same thing or better than synthetic and expensive counterparts.
They lie about Syria and never ever use reports by truth tellers like John Pilger.
And they are now lying about " fake news" which is often more accurate than their news but they warn people off of whistleblowers as if they are freaks.
Pedophilia and Pizzagate stories are swept under the carpet or confined to their own employee who is now dead, Jimmy Saville.
A few months back they were lying about fluoride being introduced to Southampton UK water supply. Every scientist or spokesman wheeled on denied all the science about fluoride and the fact there only remains 10 countries across the entire earth that have more than 50% of the population with fluoridised tap water. Science has proven that fluoride reduces intelligence measurably , that while increasing bone density it weakens the strength of bones. Oxide increases iron density but no one recommends rust!!!!
First video removed, but left here as a record

wow! @15 minutes in the doctor explained why fluoride's in the water. Since it's labeled as a "hazardous industrial waste product" it costs a fortune to have it properly disposed of. They relabelled it to sell it to the municipal governments where they will dump it in the water!

Monday 6 March 2017

The Wailing Wall and stuffed backpockets

To watch the idiots on Facebook who regularly recite "the murder of the innocents" you would think that's what the Old Testament is about. No, the actual events are tiny slices of history planned hundreds of years ahead of time if those people don't repent from passing their children and culture in the fire and worshipping Horus. The only reason you are taught these things is because the same dynastic lines that still worship Horus and pass their families through rituals.....some to fragment their minds, some born for the purpose of sacrifice....these ones are intent on blotting out all name of God from the earth, and in revenge for.Babel ,finishing the job with a Luciferian world. And if they can't do it with human will, they will remove will and fulfil their goals in transhumanism.
The Old Testament is only about an angry God if you are steeped in these bloodlines. Such bloodlines would.have prevented anything of God being achieved on earth, so first via the Flood, second via the strongest judgments upon Canaan tides of sin , judgment and self destruction were held back long enough for God to form and nurture His Seed.
The Old Testament is the New Covenant picture played out in an Adamic setting. The New Testament is the same thing played out in a childish and young man form of the New Last Adam Seed.
The Climax of the ages is when a now mature Ephesians 4 corporate Man in Christ takes on a Canaan which is now become a Pyramid over the whole earth run by shadowy figures of a King of Tyre type.description.
But all this is not the point of this status. The point is to highlight the real nature of the Old Testament which preconfigures everything God does.
He wastes nothing but predetermined everything.
He knew Laban was going to play tricks on his key man Jacob. He used it to make a tribe of 12 sons.
He Knew about the twins Jacob and Esau. He predetermined a bigger operation that's all....and yes they kissed and made up.
He knew Israel would reject their Head and choose to be run by kings, He even told them exactly what would happen and it happened and the tribes split.
He knew Israel.would be rebellious and go into.Babylon......and He told them how long for and that if they still.didn't listen that they would be scattered to the people.
Here's the key thing of the status.....
In all previous.conflict, God brought about bigger fulfilment.......we see this with Joseph.and his brothers.....
So God got the principle of person stands INSIDE the operations of God this we call in the New Covenant intercession living or thirdlevel Father living (1 John 2) or.Romans12.1 living......or Jerusalem Gate no. 12 living which means prison gate......all the same picture in 4 forms......
I MEAN REALLY!!!!! This time St Paul shows us in the Spirit.......God only takes THE WHOLE WORLD AND STUFFS THEM INSIDE THE BAD RELATIONSHIP---.
He takes the wild olive and stuffs them in the main olive plant.
So what triggered this morning's post is the wailing.wall. See, the Israelis have their insular agenda because their eyes are still blinded....
But what is taking the time with the wailing wall and praying for the peace of Jerusalem is that unknown to them.......THE REST OF THE WORLD IS STUFFED INTO THEIR BACK POCKETS!!!!!!_