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Faith Machines and A Proper Denouement

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Faith Machines

We 've never been here before........errrr....quite.
We are to be confident that everything we need for the works that we are to walk in have been planned since before the beginning of Creation. Like one of those computer games where all the tools for.the mission are.somewhere around if you hunt for them.
Every stage had its tools, had what was needed.
Gracers don't get that God isn't just answering needs......He is building us into machines that answer needs. That weird sentence that is a bit like a seesaw with a fulcrum in the middle. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word.of.God. Gracers are at that simple.stage where Daddy does it all, so what they hear is faith comes by hearing the Word of God.....But that isn't what the Bible says. Gracers also hear.....the earth shall be filled with the glory of God. The Bible doesn't say that either. It says the earth shall be filled.with the knowledge of the glory of God. It is there now but through hardness of heart and circumcision we haven't got single eye vision yet.
So God isn't just supplying answers....He is making us into answers.
He builds spiritual hearing into us so we can receive the supernatural faith for.stupidly enormous things on our newly built antennae.
A gracer just sees around his baby environment and sees when his or.her needs are.met. What God is really doing through pushing us forward by the Spirit into Christ's own Isaiah 53 walk......out of parched ground kickstarts our own earthmoving machine that resides in our inner parts. We are led into the most gruesome raising......Like the Bible characters.....Moses 40 years in the desert alone.....David's years in the desert as a fugitive.....other prophets excluded like Elijah.....or Jeremiah in a prison. And we know exactly how they felt for David's psalms encapsulate his thoughts and feelings minutely. Why do the heathens do so well without a care and here am I grubbing along just because I said I.would follow.God? What Gracers don't get is that unless you pass through these exact experiences.....this birthing pool....God can't excavate His huge earthmoving machinery In your insides. We have to share His own huge heart and suffering as He lives and breathes through every fallen human with spirits that are in prison.
Oh God isn't like that say the Gracers.
Well this is exactly how He moves us into different stages. He engineered that Adam would feel.desperately alone as he named every pair of reproducing animal. Hey.....they have counterparts. Where is mine? God engineered that Adam feel exactly what God feels out of eternity as He desires His Bride. And that very intercession birthed the next move.....of.Adam being put to.sleep and receiving a wife pulled.from his own body.
To a gracer all pain, all negativity is entirely a mistake.....either of God or the accuracy of the history or the written word. While pain is not great at is the fulcrum the launch pad for a cry of.such intensity that we bring forth or God fused to our innards brings forth the solution. And in this way we are.schooled.for the future in how we.operate in our new priesthood before the Throne.
To a gracer the mistake. They work backwards from their childish view.of the world and construct answers like..... the Old Testament is bad. Is a mistake. The law.was.thought up by controlling committees. God.was not in the all. the giving of the Law to Moses. You try surviving with no food and water for.two.lots of.40.days!!!!!
No.....we need the seriousness of the Law to up to the severity of our plight and our total bondage to.sin and the Misusing spirit that indwelt and empowered our bodies. Like the cry that went up under Pharoah to be released.from his clutches and leave Egypt......So the Law.itself brought forth the cry of the human heart that makes people.receptive to the real Jesus our Saviour and Redeemer.
So each stage of.history brings forth the unfolding plan of God. The mess of the church was Meant.....
Not as the devil.says to show Jesus is useless....
But to bring people to the realisation just how.deep the New Covenant cuts before it's up and.running. Read Hebrews 4 :11to 12
But don't be will be up and running and not just in a few.
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Andrew Thurner
Andrew Thurner No divorcing the Incarnation, the word that became flesh, from the legacy of His investment ... for God so loved the world.
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Andrew Nwauzu
Andrew Nwauzu Beautiful and insightful!
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Kimera Betz
Kimera Betz Spot on, Chris Welch!
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Sarahlyn Joy Betz
Sarahlyn Joy Betz Yes& yes!
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene So much truth. I kind of see it like an electrical circuit. You can receive the power, yes, and that's good. But at some point you need to throw open the circuit and let the power flow to and through you!
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I knew someone who used to say that all liberal (i.e. left leaning) beliefs and actions are aimed at one thing and one thing only: The avoidance of pain at all costs. (As if the planet owes them pleasure and nothing but!) The 2nd half of your treatise ...See More
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Universalism could end by being totally true. Who knows the inner global heart of.God. But so far my observation of universalism is people in armchairs talking among themselves without reference to anything else in the Spirit at all. Like grand theori...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Speaking of people sitting around thinking big thoughts... I was fascinated the first time I heard about this:

Karl Marx Lived In Filth And Neglected His Children
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I think there's going to be a flipflop on the people who end up in heaven - I mean, flipflopped in terms of expectations and how it's been preached by some. God hasn't forgotten, nor does He neglect, His people. All Israel will be saved (and I take tha...See More
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch I'm glad Paul.wrote this phrase
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Do not say who will.ascend for that is to bring Christ down and do.not say who will descend etc..... In the Spirit it's the yea and amen and next Rhema Word we concern our self with and leave God the right to govern and operate His Kingdom. One thing I am aware of or can now articulate this Christmas.....
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Because people live in the Linear Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil they receive us in this spirit. And to remain true to the Tree of Life we have to wriggle out of their expectations. We have nothing to do with the Tree of Good. So while they bus...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Bringing out the symbolic meanings of the two different trees has opened a new world of thought for me. I had been trying to tell people (believers and unbelievers) that we belong to two different families (and of course we do), but I think the tree ...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Oh yes and the bloodline thing. I believe this is why God may have ordered some of the slaughters that seem so incomprehensible to many of us today. It especially makes no sense to folks who reject the supernatural - all they can see is that somebody g...See More
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Andrew Nwauzu
Andrew Nwauzu Kim did you say "essentially fixed"? Actually in the Tree of Life, even forms are in a fluid, dynamic state and, in that state, even the essentially fixed sycamores can be commanded to move to the sea!
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I am talking about the difficulty for most people of imagining something, of going from one realm to the next, from Satan's kingdom to Christ's kingdom. Since most trees that we see every day don't march around - they stay fixed and rooted - and since ...See More
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Many seem to connect the bloodlines with Babel. Certainly the Bloodlines by their admission do. It is amazing to think what kind of world would have occurred if Israel had actually done what they were told. Some say the very Herods were from these lin...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Exactly Chris, the whole "blaming the victims" thing which runs so rampant today, while the instigators sit on high and chuckle. I try not to think about that part too much - there's no need for me to waste energy by being mad about it all the time - the injustice of it - when I can focus on love and the things God has set before me to do.
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A Proper Denouement
The reason why the American gospel is a travesty of the real one is that God is the Alpha and Omega. In America their God is Alf and O me !
He doesn't finish jobs as we can see with their wars on so-called terrorists and Iraq and Afghanistan. Once they have their poppy fields and pipelines and once Bush's Halliburtons Has the building contract they are not bothered really and leave, never having had the money for the warmongery in the first place.
The true God is the Alpha and Omega of the whole project. In plays it is called the denouement. The unwinding of all the knots. The American version is as pathetic as those kids stories that get fiendishly complex then end in one sentence with an alarm clock and then I woke up. Jesus came and captured us all out. Pathetic.
No vision of the church. No conception of the arcs that are being fulfilled and compounded on one another to make a glorious finish .....a table prepared in the midst of our enemies....
No.idea that the same type of thing that happened at the Cross that the land of appearances completely bowed the knee to Jesus as He strolled out of that tomb and ascended after 40 days to the the same basic pattern that is being.worked.out now in the Church with an Antichrist. There's an arc for the Jews and the khazar mishmash that they are. There's an arc for the evangelicals who will.learn Spirit. There's an arc for the Charismatics who.have been saying more Lord for.ages. There's an arc for the world who know that the church has never been really it and so have hived off into atheism in one direction and New Age belief in the other. All these arcs are superimposed like clocks at different speeds waiting to hit 12 o clock at the same one massive tidal.wave of integrity.....BONG.
There is no.denouement in the American version. It's half.assed. God is the Alf and the O Me!!

Thursday 24 December 2015

Wilderness Conversations...

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My experience is the same as others describe. Like Ed Miller.
So I only know about getting thirdlevel stuff on your own. Ian Clayton was the same I think. But John Fina Paul, Kimera Betz and Sarahlyn Joy Betz seem to be trekking in together.
It should theoretically be possible although we know what happens in churches and groups up until now. You can read it in Job. His friends were pretty useless.
But when Church works properly as in
1 John....the walking in the Light passage
and Ephesians 4, twice mentioning speaking the truth in love....
The CHURCH should be the WOMB that brings forth the Manchild. If IHOP Kansas actually press in and don't get caught up in the charismatic merrygo round they should find that too.....
But if not....well they will be the same as all other churches and moves for the last 2000 years.
Galatians 6 shares the mystery in this passage:
Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted. 2 Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ. 3 For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. 4 But each one must examine his own work, and then he will have reason for boasting in regard to himself alone, and not in regard to another. 5 For each one will bear his own load.
Each one will bear his own load is a huge part of it....not all....but a huge part of it. You will feel totally alone.
The whole alone-I feeling and identity will virtually consume you as it rises to the surface. All your life you have stuffed it down. You have not faced it. You have covered it with work activities friends family and church......but at's just you and can nolonger finger another person....
It's you.....
You and the DOCTOR
You and the Surgeon's Hebrews 4,11 knife.
I was encouraged by what Wendy shared on God Channel about intimacy, and coming close to the Father. But what has she had to go through to have to have this new area open to her?
The process Jesus went through is described in Isaiah 53....
like root out of parched ground....
.He has no stately form or majesty
That we should look upon Him,
Nor appearance that we should [b]be attracted to Him.
3 He was despised and forsaken of men,
A man of [c]sorrows and acquainted with [d]grief;
And like one from whom men hide their face
He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.
He was at that point carrying all our stuff so we don't need to.
But where Gracers get it wrong is......we ARE carrying it anyway until we release it. But in order to release it it has to rise to the surface. You have to let those figleaves be peeled away. It feels as though the figleaves are you because they have been pressed to your skin so long. THEY ARE NOT. Though your feeling carry on proclaiming the truth of Romans 6. YOU are in fact dead.
Mother Basilea Schlink said it feels that you will never be beyond this point. It can be unutterably dark. But it will pass. Jesus Name is stronger. This is the battle of faith. This is passing from 1 John 2 young man stage into Fatherhood.
Franz Kafka wrote
Truth is seen in the grimace on the face of a retreating lie
There never was an old man.....he was a lie.....he was you empowered by Satan. The entire condition was a con.
Oh yes his misuse of you like a glove puppet is real....but he'd told you it was you...because you were a god, he said , striding your own universe....
but he had his hand up your bum all the were never independent. The entire thing was a lie.
Christians on facebook sound so holy fighting against their old man....but the fight is a delusion. To fight, you have to have a separate existence....and you haven't.
The switch in reality is so clean....
It's to recognise that God is the source of ALL LIFE. You are not in separation. And the whole Adamic permanence of death has been ripped off us, even as the veil was torn.....the very flesh of Christ was the veil that was torn.
Jesus never got His old body back.
I'll repeat that
Jesus never got His old body back
He was the pioneer of the New Creation model
As He stepped onto the catwalk out of the tomb, later He modelled the new body's ability to walk through walls. could touch his scars....He was fully there in other words.
And we are in Him and He in the Father.
This is the third level.
Coming home for the last time.
In our heart.
Fused, interleaved, hidden with Christ in God.
After this we speak what we know, what we have handled , touched tasted.
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I thought BEING alone was going to mean FEELING alone, but it doesn't. (I'm talking about when precious family members die and leave you and the fear process you go through before it even happens.)

But I was wrong. I mean, my fears were wrong. In fact, I feel very sustained and surrounded by God. I feel very FREE. This is completely opposite from the fears that were whispering about how awful it was going to be (in anticipation of the "event"). You pass through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, yes, but you don't come out the other side all bloody and bowed, scraped and gaunt and suffering starvation like someone who barely made it through. No, you burst out victorious like someone rising from the grave WOO HOO!

Which brings home to me all the lies I have believed. I don't know if my experience can transfer to someone who is still going through it? I long to give this feeling away! But maybe like every baby has to travel through the birth canal - like growing pains - it simply is part of the process and there's no way to shortcut it?
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Chris Welch

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Kimera Betz
Kimera Betz Right on. Everyone, even if you're in a group, comes to that alone time when you feel utterly forsaken & devastated. There is no escaping it. You must realize & except that you're dead & that the only life you live is the one in Christ. There is no separation between you. As He thinks so you think, as He moves so you move, as He is so you are & on it goes. But, the striping off of the "fig leaves" must be something akin to being skinned alive they are so closely held. I cannot say that I have been completely flayed, but I do know that I have come a very long way in the process.
There is one more person on this journey with us - David Levitsky. We have had others come & go, but we 5 have pushed through thus far. God deals with us both individually & corporately. He's been able to move us along more quickly because as a group we've been able to learn many lessons by experiencing it corporately through one of us & talking it through & then experiencing another lesson through someone else. We have borne one anothers burdens & carried our own individual burdens.
God has taught us that He loves to give us messages individually & corporately. Sometimes He will give each of us a small piece so that we have to communicate extensively with each other in order to get the whole thing. Sometimes He'll give us a little tidbit or a topic & then we start talking about it &, oula, a whole new understanding of scripture or God or something that is going on in the spirit or in the world comes about. Sometimes He gives us a word for ourselves alone. But, one of the main things He has taught us is that together we are virtually unstoppable & not easily deceived.
I believe that as more of us connect across the world we will fulfill our purpose as the bride of Christ without spot or blemish. How that will look or even how that will transpire is still not plain, but as we live out each day following our Head it will become clear.
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Excellent! For me, the irony (and I don't know if I conveyed it well in my last post) is that I felt more alone when I was still WITH SOMEONE (i.e. while they were still alive and not dead), than when they had actually died - because after they had actually died and I really was alone, I didn't feel alone AT ALL. It is very ironical - this idea that you could be very alone physically and yet feel one with Christ. I would not have believed it possible and yet I have read about it in missionary biographies and recently I was reading one of Jo Kimmel's books on prayer and in the very last chapter she wrote about how wonderfully uplifted and sustained she felt after her husband had died unexpectedly in a plane crash. People told her that it was some kind of grief-induced denial that would eventually go away, but it never did. I believe Catherine Marshall described the same thing after her husband died. I guess another way of saying it is that what we would call "worry," is really the devil's voice whispering in our ears, because it's all lies. So, yes, the process of squeezing through that birth tunnel is definitely painful - there's no denying it - but the FREEDOM on the other side! Glorious. I'd heard about it, but it seemed too good to be true. Lol!
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Kimera Betz
Kimera Betz I understand what you're saying because the time I actually FELT the most alone was when I was married & had everything I thought I wanted & the times I don't feel alone at all are when I'm working the night shift at my job. The first brought to desperation to come back to the Lord, the later increases the depth of my relationship with the Lord. smile emoticon
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Excellent stuff. But before Norman Grubb Nancy Gilmore Fred Pruitt and Page Prewitt I dont know of anybody daring to say there is nobody else. I Am Jesus Christ in my form as me. Its pretty obvious thats what Paul meant by Galatians 2.20 and As He is so are we in the world....... but in recent history even the most mature never quite got this defined this specific.
We came in in the 70s by being this specific about the church but not about us as individuals which meant there was a gap for Satan to use. Jorge Pradas's first Word to the loose fellowship of spiritfilled from all sorts of churches.....was are you a fellowship or are you The Church of the living God. When we get specific in our believing and confessing then the cat fur begins to fly. The process you describe Kimera was happening corporately in Emsworth in the context of something similar to Ihop today. I am just not certain how specific everybody in that hall is being. Also ......for a while you can have the right confession like many in Normans group did......but because we are raised in the West.....for the first bit of time its leftbrain. Saying Jesus stuff like a Dalek is almost worse than not saying any thing at all. But we must start somewhere and God sees the direction of our heart.
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I am obviously not privy to all the past history and people, but I think I understand how easy it is to believe that God lives in you and to feel God working through you and how amazing that all is - God in us, Emmanuel, and even greater works than this! - and then to have that disconcerting moment where someone comes screaming at you: "How dare you believe that you are God!" Oh good grief. The only life we can experience is in our own skin and when the invisible God of the Universe enters in? Well I think it really boils down to a linguistical problem where we don't have adequate language to describe it. I KNOW that I'M not God and yet here He is, in me, working. Man, if the church could just get past the linguistical difficulties and just BE... O the greater things we could do! But we know that day is coming and for some it is already here.
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Kimera Betz
Kimera Betz He does, indeed. When we get stuck on something we've been taught He shakes us up with something completely outrageous & then begins to unravel all our previously held beliefs . Sometimes he does it by you or one of our other friends. Sometimes it's from a completely "worldly" source like a commercial. Whatever the trigger it sparks something inside that's been brewing for a while & is ready for its first taste. Frequently, He will have been talking about it to all of us right before we have a time when we're all home at once & have time to talk for a long time. We all ask Him to keep us flexible & open to what He's saying & to keep us on track with Him always. So, if someone disagrees with what we've said we take it to the Lord to find out the truth. If we're wrong we certainly want to know it.
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch John 15 is great. I am God....I am the Vine.....but in my iddy biddy branch twig form now currently on location as Nancy Gilmore Hayling Island and manifesting in limited space time beginning in 1958. All we are doing like the early Celtic Christians is seeing God going on. We are not like Satan seeing himself as something separate puffing his chest out and saying he is God in his own right. And he firmly believes this tho every bit of all the life he has left comes.from God. He lives and implants delusion wherever he goes. The secular people make.such a big thing about.....Hey are you saying you are God......not knowing that by living in the separation delusion of the devil.....that's actually what they do every day.....and that's what Charismatics do to this day. When Jesus said.....but I will say to you I never knew all those miracle.workers saying Lord.Lord.....but I did all these things......yes He means.....but you never came home to me. You spent your in the devils proud separation are basically a rebel like.him.....go away. You don't want me nor love me.....well because you are neither hot nor cold.....I out.
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Kimera Betz
Kimera Betz In the vine smile emoticon
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch On the cote de Portsmouth
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Exactly. If you're one with Him, then how can you not be one with the God "part" of Him? (As if God could separate Himself into parts!) But intellectually I know that this flesh "branch" is not God, because, if it was, I would be FLYING through the air like a superhero (something I would dearly love to do, gosh darn it) and walking through walls and time-traveling!
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch All I know is if the secondlevel had powerful attendance of the Presence of God.....what on earth is a third level gathering like???

The Cuban nun told us tales of supernatural dance and an old man who took off....they had to bring him down with an umbrella....

It sounds absolutely crazy....but if Dynamo is doing the things he does and as far as I can see its with demonic assistance....then God's got some wacky things lined up for the about being caught up in the air!!!!!
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Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Kingdom Has 12 Gates

21st Dec Facebook
Tonight I have in my email an invitation to some World pentecostal Fire event, including some invitation to join leaders in Europe. You would think....Fire. You would
think something that will boost the gospel and the Word of God going abroad. Also a chance to "become more effective" by being with other "proven leaders".
Here's my response.................

God anointed me with Fire in 1972 which i took into school at 13.
Within 2 short years the school revival was nothing but about 15 remaining faithful embers.
The devil faced pentecostal fire and found it laughably easy to shut us down. Looking back he did it through Freemasonry. Something I knew nothing about. He did it through Anglicans.
It was easy.
Now since then I have been in smaller moves. I also know Paul wrote that it is needful that every work of God be tested, and that wolves will come and quickly attempt to rip everything to shreds.
We read something similar in Revelation12.
But this, and also meeting thirdlevellers (1 John 2) people drew me up short.
I spent a decade with people who are now at the level that IHOP is. We literally sought God. That is what we did. it DOES put a foundation in you....but without the clear foundation that Norman Grubb explains in Yes I am, with a greater clarity than Mother Basilea Schlink, pastor Wurmbrand or even Ed Miller....many of those who were with me....where are they now 30 years later? Many are dead. Many are blown out by life's crisises.
So join some world Conference? Why would i waste my time?
If you are not going to read the Word, why would i waste time with you?
It specifically describes 2 similar events in the gospels.
2 Fishing trips.
They returned with nothing and both times Jesus directed them where to fish. Both bumper harvests.
The first time they were not co ordinated, and their nets broke.
Much of the haul was lost.
The second time they were co ordinated, and like they experienced a few days later fishing for people in Acts 2....the nets didn't break and they were moving as one.
Ah? say the pentecostals. There's the trick. We move as one. let's have a conference!!!
No you mistake it all.
The disciples weren't one because of a conference. They were one after entering willingly into the WAY 3 and half years earlier. The WAY led them to the truth.....They were useless.
But here God could meet them and break open the LIFE like wells from within.
I hate pentecostalism. I hate any form of Christianity which doesn't build on the Rock of Jesus, the Rock of overturning Genesis 3 and the entire delusion.
Why would i want anything to do with your hyped up seminars? Your machinery which replaces the genuine Life of God? The attempts to fill in your evident lack of the knowledge of God's ways by plugging the gap with faith, and miracles, and all sorts of things which are secondary to your own great rebellion.
The LOG in all your eyes.
You want YOU.
In everything you do it's all about YOU.
You are orphans still and you abide alone because you have never obeyed the call to fall into the ground and really die.
And what does it say about such? It says they abide alone.
So the only thing left is to plug the evident lacks with more rubbing the Aladdin's lamp. More prayer. More all nights. More conferences. More streetpreaching.....more just desperation instead of finally coming home to your God.
So no. I haven't the slightest interest in your conferences. I want to be in events like Evan Roberts flat on his face while a nation awakens all round him. I want the strong version of where we left off in Lakeland 2008. The genuine Melchizedek Order experienced in full force among a eunuch leadership.
Please I am not anti miracles. Just try and stop them when God is around. He doesn't even know He's doing them...because He keeps forgetting the laws that He originally designed here.
But anything that happens isn't then coming from a forced orphan desperation that feel there have to be miracles to show God is there. God is everywhere there. The problem is you have Darkness and you don't want Him to be everywhere there. In the end Todd Bentley did what I did years ago, and chose a woman instead. He was the bold one who initiated the Move.....generally God prefers a group of bold ones. Todd seemed almost surprised that the whole thing fell apart. the new Cart episode with King David.....God never asked to be brought in on a cart.
Bless David for His zeal. Bless David for his boldness. But sometimes boldness without the blueprint is just stupid.
Pentecostalism isn't the blueprint. It owns about two or three Gates of Jerusalem. The Fountain Gate, the Water Gate and maybe these days quite a bit of the Horse Gate.
We aren't building Pentecostalism. We are building the Kingdom.
The Kingdom has 12 Gates.
That's the blueprint.
If you don't know them, that's your problem. You should have learned them.
So no....I have no interest in your type of Conferences.

On GATES......
The thing God has been doing by the Spirit and as announced by Arthur Wallis in the early Fountain Trust meeting.....has been a literal raising up of all the Gates that have been smashed to pieces. That our generation and the ones before were literal Nehemiahs in the Spirit seems to have all.....but yet it has been true without us even realising. See while Terry Virgo and Salt and Light have been building their pyramids and 12 step programmes and reformed theology courses.....and while Pentecostals have been running around like headless.chickens......what God has actually been doing is layer the teachings of Romans Ephesians Colossians and Hebrews again in quiet but unfathomable power. Nothing can beat the power of these doctrines.seizing people's.hearts.....even baptism in Spirit which is wonderful cannot plug the centuries of.neglect and symbolic understanding and lack of revelation around what Paul.was sharing with the early apostles concerning the ground zero brokenness that they and King David had all come into. If people do.a.walk in the Spirit around these Gates then they become complete in Christ and not just some Barnum figure selling his Holy Spirit potions of the back of a market wagon.

Monday 21 December 2015

This is My Body

Earlier Facebook note which then inspired the diagram

Put off then the old man and the evil deeds...... Is the Spirit version.
The secular version never attempts anything below the surface and says just "Stop it"
The new covenant message is the old spirit link up forcing us to do everything from behind while.we swan around thinking we are independent selves.....that whole thing was terminated in Jesus on the Cross. He who knew no Sin was made sin on our behalf.
Although Christians are useless at saying what just happened to them.....The New Covenant is about the resurrected spirit of Jesus coming into a person's spirit centre. The first ones were the disciples when Jesus actually physically blew on them in the upper room. This was before the even flasher events in Acts 2 at Pentecost. The old man was a spirit link up that is severed when you come to Christ.
How about this then? Or.Is this too much?
There never was an old man. Well not in the way Satan lied in genesis 3. He independent like gods. But for battery operated lumps of clay this is not a possibility. What he forthrightly lied about was death. You shall not die. Perhaps he was doing a Jesuit lie. Jesuits believe as long as they are thinking the truth or finishing a sentence the right way they are morally right to say pretty much what they want. So perhaps the devil was saying in his mind....your spirit soul and body shall not immediately die today in a heap on the floor....just your spirit. Because that is what happened. We became empowered by His own dying spirit.....dying as in carrying in yourself death. But an actual separate existence of a man self empowered.....Nope.....never existed.
So put off the old man isn't this fight to the death wrestling match they have in evangelical and charismatic churches. This is the huuuuuge discovery Norman Grubb was used to spell out for us. I went through 9 years of hell over this....about one fifth of my life. You ask why I am so anti charismatic churches and evangelical.churches.....Well it's because Satan lives in them still ,perfectly happily masquerading as this false belief in a separate old man.....a self empowered existence which was always a lie.
The words "put off" is an image of a former snakeskin. But an illusion. A false seeing. If it was just psychology it would be a mental condition. But because it is spiritual and from the pit of hell Buddhism cannot touch it.....we needed Jesus to fix it. Because spirit is who we are , this is no small thing. Secular people don't even believe in spirit in the west....but even if they did, like the Buddhists.....mind is everything. Mind is not everything. We are spirit we have a soul we have a body. It is because such a big thing happens when we are converted that we are allowed to do the small things.....The cosmetic things thereafter.....Put off....slough off like a skin the old outer shell of former things. The old deeds and habits.....though real were rooted in a totally alien life form living from your spirit centre....but you are now a new Creation in Christ. The former things have all passed away the new has come. Put off the old clothing that had the appearance of the old man. You are now Christ in your (put your name here) form. The old clothing looks stupid.
James meant the same things in his letter. How can bitterness and fresh water come from the same spring? In other words if you are Christ's....if He is alive in you.....How can any streams of bitterness flow? This is not the usual lawbased way James is taught completely missing the point of what he wrote and would have imparted in his sharing.
If you need to be born again ask Jesus now? If you are born again this is the truth of who you now are. So put off.....slough off this whole independent delusion daftness that a selfempowered old man was ever Satan as you....but his only hold on you as a Christian....Is continuing in the belief in an independent- state of an old man.
Your route out is I am Jesus Christ in my ........Chris Welch form.....Galatians 2.20.
As.daft as it sounds it unlocks the whole of Genesis 3 and the attendant curses for all time. Now do you see why St Paul was going for.complete bodily resurrection while still alive!!!!???

Sunday 20 December 2015

Slit Theory - John Stevens

Facebook Link and email cut and paste
I am sure Jeff Turner,Michael Hardin and Brad Jersak are not really idee fixe people, since God has made them also sons of God in training.
For very intelligent people to get so hung up on whether there is a hell as well as a heaven seems extraordinarily childlike somehow.
Like, if there is a hell it means that God can't be kind. So like others who would call themselves universalist there simply is no jeopardy in their idea of how things are. This is entirely going on in their heads, because life as you know isn't like it, The Bible is full of jeopardy. Jesus nearly, but for an angel, didn't make it. He was hours away from slaughter as a baby.Imagine what then?
I have no firm answers, but i really believe strongly this email received today from John Stevens is part of the conversation.

Melchizedek Particle about to surprise an atom

Hi Chris - some further thoughts on waves....

It gets very strange down there with reality. Electrons were nice and simple always turning up near the +ve end of things so we all thought 'ah another nice piece of matter...-ve and light' and then someone blew the whole world apart by passing an electron through a single slit and detecting it in more than one place the other side of the slit. electron can interefere with another and do the loud/soft bright/dark interference pattern thing.

Whatever an electron may turn out to be it just seems to be able to morph according to each experiment acting as a particle in one and a wave in another.

I've been reading through Isaiah and getting completely lost in one sentence on grace and mercy the other on fire and brimstone. The world melts and the world is remade. Jerusalem crushed, Jerusalem restored. Occasionally the fog clearsand it gets very historical e.g. the Assyrian attack or very alleagorical/prophetic like ch 53 but on general it's left me thinking 'o boy what must have Isaiah been thinking as all this revelation poured through him?'

So there's a clear message of grace and mercy and glory. And also one of judegment and disaster. And they co-exist. Occasionally time (like pulling a single time-line strand of spaghetti out of a steaming pile) seems to sequence things i.e. pride before a fall, but most often it's simultaneous.

Prophetic word-waves interfering with one another producing amazing patterns of judgement and grace across the Middle East and Israel.

This is the ministry of surprise people by the Life of Christ.
Melchizedek order particles do the same to this universe all the time.....they are in the world but not of it!!!!!

In David's day there was judgement wave with Saul and David's Adullum grace cave-wave. Lots of interference until the slit was closed in heaven and earth and only one kingdom remained.

In Jesus' day there was Herod and Pilate and other contenders to his throne. But in the end the slit closed with the cross and Israel is forever redefined around the Messiah.

Again in our day the Israel we hear about is perhaps more Saul than David but beyond the media slit lies the alternative true story of gentiles and Jews in congregations within the historic borders of Israel. Adullum like. Hidden from view. That's where the grace and mercy and glory lies.
And for us. Do not confuse apparent lulls with inactivity of the Spirit. Paul, in jail, chained, wrote epistles that have changed the world.

Jesus began his ministry surprising everyone at a wedding reception with the quality of His wine.

Thursday 17 December 2015

God moves in Waves

God does things in waves like the sea.
Read the return from Babylon. They returned in waves.
Read Acts....after killing Jesus Jews returned in waves. 3,000 the first day, what was it 4,000 or 5,000 by the next wave in Acts 4.
Then when the Jews smashed up the first church....individuals already had enough LIFE that when they scattered, like dandylion seed they transmitted the Kingdom everywhere they scattered in new churches.
So whether through natural growth and scattering or through persecution and scattering,the Word moves forward in waves.
And so on through all those groups the catholic church have torn out of the history books....the Bogomils, the Waldensians, the Lollards,......down to you dear reader on the internet.
I was lucky to be in an early prototype wave of the Melchizedek Order. This is church run in the Holy Ghost with leaders who are spiritual eunuchs....where many sold their own private houses to buy 12 acres of land and a big house. Where like Acts 2 we could live in Acts 2 style sharing everything.....our very existence. If I didn't sell the gifts(to be sold in UK gift stores/gift trade) they were making in the house.....then we starved. So I learned sales the hard way and God was good, we sold £30,000 worth in 18 months or less, but sadly divided between 20-30 no one got rich. But hey, we were young inexperienced and like the disciples thrown in the deep end.
You haven't missed out. Why? because the next wave every single thing we learned will be rolled out bigger,more comprehensively and with greater anointing. I can get angry about this....but Jesus told a parable. About vineyard workers working all day and then the owner hires more late in the day and pays them just the same. The original hired workers get angry. You have paid them just as much!!!! The owner asks "Did I or did I not keep my word with you?" "Yup"...." Well I am the owner here and the contract I sign with new workers is none of your business!!!!"
In the next wave, it will be normal for everybody to function in the Melchizedek Order.
In the next wave there will be masses of preprepared workers, whereas for our generation you could almost count them on one hand.
In the next wave, the way the Church acts in the Spirit as a womb for the next Manchild/ the next revivalwave, as we see in Revelation 12 will be a normal concept.
In the next wave, the way the Spirit broke us down....both in our individual lives, and in worship settings, that is through the use of gifts of the strip our false seeing, our figleaves, our worst fears, our poor self image, our addictions, our general independent self DREAMWORLD DELUSIONS...the high speculations of our inner psyches raised against the knowledge of Christ.....
in order that the true Christ Person from before the beginning of time , our Person from above, take root and grow fast.....
all this will from now on be normal.
Everything takes so long now because people are mostly moving in the leftbrain. It's like being told about stereo music but only listening through one speaker. We know it exists but it is still theory because nothing really is stereo.
Ephesians says when each part is working properly really is stereo....then the Body is joined by that which each joint supplies.
So instead of one preacher/teacher squeezing his bottom out to try and just get one genuinely mature saint!!!!!!
It becomes a doddle because so much Christ is being imparted from all over the place throughout the whole Body.
Quite apart from the 10 days prayer, and also the fact that the 120 had seen Jesus rise into heaven....I mean that helps uh!!!!
The demonstration of the Spirit upon the newly anointed 120 plus the fact that the 12 actually did stand together in Fatherhood authority and actually could stand each other's guts!!!!! (which is debatable on most platforms if you look at elders today with Holy Spirit Xray glasses on)....this yes....was a DEMONSTRATION of LIVING LETTERS that could be read by all.
You didn't need posters, and music bands, and newspaper ads....because this stuff was so real people felt and saw it.
This is what a wave is.
It's the Jerusalem 9th Gate open day....the Eastern Gate.
It's the direct equivalent of the FEAST of INgathering in the third Jewish Feast of Tabernacles which has all these component feasts.
This is revival.
It's natural's not induced labour....or Caesarian section by Rome!!!!!!
You don't need to fake God's get on a surfboard and just hope you can hang on!!!!!!

  • A colour blind man thinks he is seeing colour like everybody else until it is pointed out to him.
  • A person with one ear thinks he is hearing stereo like everybody else until he gets his other ear working
  • Jesus said repeatedly He that has ears to hear let Him hear
  • If you listen to Spirit people and all you can hear is rather simplistic leftbrain facts and illustrations, it means your spiritual ears are not bored out yet. You think you are hearing...but you are only hearing on a surface level.
  • Faith comes by hearing....and HEARING (itself) comes by direct access/confrontation with the Spirit Word of God Himself.
  • If a man is preaching in what Paul calls the futility of the mind....basically leftbrain stabs in the dark at what it attempts to build of the edifice of truth.....then nothing of Spirit just happened and you get a continuation of the last 2000 years of stagnant stone church increase of faith, of revelation, of impartation, and exponential growth. God's human families...grow exponentially because God's Seed gives birth to REPRODUCTION machines.
  • Man forms idea movements which peter out.

New Priesthood in Jeans- Ruth Selhi mum

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Isaiah 60 and the Coming of Light

Joan put up the picture.....
I have just seen something really clearly. The whole world is waiting for Isaiah 60. 1-2 Light. The same light talked about in the Laodicean church....I counsel you to buy eyesalve. The single eye seeing of Jesus.
See, the excuse of an Isis person to himself at least is that they are issue based. We Kuffars don't comply with the Koran so the second half of the Koran orders that we be killed.
The rest of the world ceased becoming issue based in the sense of a.remote control holy book and a Dalek like approach, with the Enlightenment.
Since then we have been in "suck it and see" land.
On the side of the Isis atrocity monger.....they are according to their light seeking to establish a Koran based righteousness by hating all people who are not interested in it. And if you are holiness based you have the approximation of a point.

Remember my 4 pink boxes? Well the rest of the world are in box 2 living and this type of.Muslim are.still back in Box 1 linearity.....or from a lawbook . Through Christianity we have lived and treated the Bible as some furtherance of.a Jewish Law book......and people have now.voted with their feet to do Proverbs 1 themselves.....suck it and see.

Why get married? Why not kill unborn babies? Why not kill old people if they want it? Why not marry your goldfish if that is your sexual preference?

This  " Do what thou wilt kind of world IS a great opportunity for demons.....but it IS a great opportunity.....and here's why?"
Yes.....Isaiah saw Darkness was to fill the earth and as a result gross Darkness the people.....
So why if God disallowed this freedom at Babel....isn't it showing some inconsistency that He suddenly allows this freedom now?

The answer is timing.
You can't allow 5 year olds the same kind of anarchic freedom that you allow university students. They might end by killing each other. Hopefully university students have learned enough not to do that.

On the side of the Isis atrocity monger.....they are according to their light seeking to establish a Koran based righteousness by hating all people who are not interested in it. And if you are holiness based you have the approximation of a point.

God is bringing forth the earth in realms of Light.
If he was bringing forth Daleks who could obey a lawbook He would have stepped in at the Enlightenment when they ditched the authority of the Bible. This is where Isis still is regarding their holy lawbook.

The devil was allowed free reign among the sons of men in these last years since witches gathered themselves together to take over the planet about 300 years ago.
This is a spirit that has been bubbling ever since the days of psalm 2.

Why are the nations in an uproar
And the peoples devising a vain thing?
2 The kings of the earth take their stand
And the rulers take counsel together
Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
3 “Let us tear their fetters apart
And cast away their cords from us!”
4 He who sits in the heavens laughs,
The Lord scoffs at them.
5 Then He will speak to them in His anger
And terrify them in His fury, saying,
6 “But as for Me, I have installed My King
Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”
7 “I will surely tell of the decree of the Lord:
He said to Me, ‘You are My Son,
Today I have begotten You.
8 ‘Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance,
And the very ends of the earth as Your possession.
9 ‘You shall break them with a rod of iron,
You shall shatter them like earthenware.’”
10 Now therefore, O kings, show discernment;
Take warning, O judges of the earth.
11 Worship the Lord with reverence
And rejoice with trembling.
12 Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way,
For His wrath may soon be kindled.
How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!

Unpacking the word witches
While I understand in the Spirit what I mean, nobody else will because of how we have been programmed to understand witches.

Witches take an impossible number of forms, but at its broadest:
  1. deceived or deliberately worshipping demons, spirits, Satan. If deceived, then they are in the lower levels and just think off themselves as using strange mystical powers. The common lie is that White witches use these powers for good.  Just get any group of Christians near them and they soon turn to black magic, and feel themselves totally justified in their blindness.
  2. Spiritually speaking if you rise to the top of any pyramid of spirituality....druids, witches, Mormons, Catholics,Shamen, the new Super soldiers in the military who are spirit programmed
    everything leads to contracts with Satan himself in return for power.Freemsaons and High esoteric orders, the Tibetan White Order,Aleister Crowley's OTO. (What he never tells you as he didn't in Genesis 3, is what it is going to cost you. Possession, and increasing control of your will and being. NOW Jesus Christ is above every Name that is named. Even if you make your bed in hell He is there, He is NOW a Deliverer and NOT a don't listen to those demons who say you can never come back.....see Bill Schnoebelen's own testimony)
  3. The psalm speaks of kings and rulers. Although , yes, leaders are invested with powers by God to keep order, and to do so pretty brutally, they are at the moment almost universally I suspect chosen behind secret doors by Satan's people.  Democracy is currently only a sham choice between compromised people.  When Psalm 2 speaks of kings.....the spiritual way of understanding power is that there are controllers across all aspects of life and they have covenanted together against Jesus Christ, though most give the appearance of being subject to Him. 
  4. Without being able to talk with the people at the top, who Fritz Springmeier and others say are mostly from within 13 main dynasties with different cover names, and whose upbringing has been so strenuous they are very compliant to their Orders or Groups, or even have shattered and fragmented personalities that appear very warm, but are actually psychopathic.
To summarise.
Modern witchcraft is entirely compliant with banking ,high corporations, top education , medicine and transport, the head of Nasa,and ofcourse media. Literally the kings of the earth. But they all use psychic and spiritual tricks which they learn from very young in elite schooling and secret societies and Catholic Jesuit training colleges (see again Bill Schnoebelen's talk)

A great coup for witchcraft was Tony Bellow's Book on there being no witchcraft today, written at the precise time his island was completely overrun with witchcraft organised pedophilia in Haut de la Garenne, Jersey

God's answer we see in Psalm 2 is His Son.
But His Son upon Zion.
The Government shall be upon His shoulders.

For this reason Satan wants to rule from the New Temple in Jerusalem which they have built.

But Zion means a hundred thousand things that you can only really "get" in relation to all of scripture, to being baptised in the Holy Spirit who leads into all truth, and by taking up your cross and following Him.

Zion comes OUT of heaven.
The Bible YES is clear that Israel have suffered this HUGE gashwound into whose side all of us rebel Gentiles who come into relationship with God's own Son are being grafted. But an earthly and Satanic view of Israel as the devil understands and builds it.....NOPE....not at all.  But GOD will fulfil His Word in exactly the same  windy unfathomable way that Jesus
fulfilled that he was born in Bethlehem  (Ramah)
fulfilled that He did come up out of Egypt after they fled there
fulfilled that He did come from Nazareth area.....where His mum actually lived.

So God's answer to the SON is
HIS PEOPLE He is forming, His congregation, who the gates of hell shall not prevail against
and finally
those who take Psalm 91 Refuge in Him.
Those who LIVE and find the spiritual secrets to John 15 living
Those who walk with Galatians 2.20

IT'S ALL IN THE PSALM and I hadn't noticed before.

Back to the POST SUBJECT
My parent's generation did not know what had hit them when the Freemasonic and Protocols of Zion finely tuned watchsprings all went off simultaneously in the 60s.

NOBODY and I mean NOBODY had an answer for.....

Hey.....Marriage is a piece of paper.....means nothing.....let's just live together.

The same with Abortion

The same is coming right now with Euthanasia.
And marriage of Homosexuals and Lesbians.....what is next is INCEST marriage
Or marriage to pretty much anything

Or cloning and marrying yourself????   Who knows?

But the main thing is, just answering
Well the BOOK SAYS....meaning the Bible or the Koran just didn't have the authority.

Why?  Because if you function like a Dalek according to the leftbrain system of living that we do currently, all you have to do is change a few parameters, change a few reasons, and you can change behaviour.   THIS IS THE STORY OF GENESIS 3,

So what's the answer?

I saw so clearly this morning that the answer, the ultimate answer is a PEOPLE BROUGHT FORTH IN LIGHT.

And in order to HAVE the single EYE Jesus talked about, we have to Pass through a period of the devil's   FALSE single Pyramid eye. His THIRD EYE.   His FALSE LIGHT.

A Grand delusion so strong, that were it not shortened even the elect would not be saved.

We can already see this on Facebook, as Mother Basilea Schlink propesied it would be back in the 70s. People who were Bible based believers being sucked away by Rothschild publications....

Lying archaological tomes that aren't describing the real Sinai at all.....the location of that is being guarded by the witches.
The territory where the Ark of Noah is on Ararat is also closely guarded.
The Flood, though recorded in all parts of the world gets scarce a mention on BBC.
Now they even rewrite Israel out of existence as nothing but an Amon Ra cult.

Well excise me....I know Jesus and His Father is the same as the God of Abraham and Moses, and in the Spirit everything ties up and agrees.

So you see.....Until we can SEE BY THE ONE LIGHT we are kept here in our present form of world where Isis members try to kill non Muslims because they have reduced their judgment to
Person does not pray 5 times a day facing Mecca.....person does not read Koran....Exterminate exterminate....

And we live in an Illuminati paradigm where they invent new laws like Homosexual marriage
and those who don't believe in it, or like any young child not yet indoctrinated, feel like vomiting at the thought......they call homophobic.....and they want to put them away.

But what we are waiting for is a people who don't obey or disobey words from a Lawbook

But can look at any person or thing and see with their single this Christ going on in the earth or is this Satan masquerading as human flesh?

Jesus gave to His new Church gifts of the Holy Spirit.....and perhaps the biggest of all is the least talked about......which like everything of importance is about par for the course.
The Gift of the Discernment of spirits.

Lead us not into temptation /the time of testing but deliver us from evil !!!!
But what we are waiting for is a people who don't obey or disobey words from a Lawbook

But can look at any person or thing and see with their single this Christ going on in the earth or is this Satan masquerading as human flesh?

Monday 14 December 2015

Third Level Excursion

Everyone has their stories. Usually the technique God gives is prayer and fasting. In the charismatic move many are the men and women that pray and fast then launch forth in the anointing.

But I want to break it down a further level under the microscope.
Here's how it happened for me when I was 20.

1. Doing something normal but God's way
I was a language student.Language students get practice by visiting their subject's nation in their summer holidays. In France, students pick grapes....or join student collectives that farm you out to different a family....extra English tuition to French schoolchildren.
God said NO.
He said find the most lively church in Paris and write to them.
This was November 77. Rue de Musset church Paris.
February, they wrote back and said there was no one to stay with.

2. Waiting
Absolutely convinced in my knower that my leading wasn't wrong. I waited upon the Lord....carried on my Exeter studies.
3. Waiting until egg on my face.....waiting until it was stupid
Summer holidays themselves came.
Still felt God was up to something. That internal excitement that has nothing to do with visuals.
4.Just do what is in your hands to do.
My parents thought I was completely stupid. They needed their huge hedge doing, so I did their hedge. It was now two weeks before Dales Bible Week at the end of my holidays
5.BANG!!!! God moves
I was just on my last section of hedge when the phone rings from Northern France. "We used to be in rue de Musset, are now in Normandie and need some help with a student.Can you come immediately?"
6. Thirdlevel Portal wide open.
From that phonecall nothing was normal for two weeks.
Arrived as a 20 year old student to help with English and help round the farm....until the next morning.
The family were Christians converted was 80% paralysed by a heart attack and in a chair...and pensioned off as disabled by the French state. The Dad had then been 100% healed, converted, but the french atheist state wouldn't believe it and continued paying him as an invalid!!!! This helped them set up a "Ville de refuge" as God called them to build a city of refuge through Oral Roberts .
The mother had an epileptic fit the first breakfast. The anointing hit me like lightning and I zapped her, she fell asleep, came round two hours later 100% healed. This family didn't do half healings!!!!
A year later the Statedid recognise this and gave her back her driving licence.
We had an episode with angels singing outside our car which the Dad and myself both heard and sang to....thinking it was the other person's song.
We networked with leading french apostolic types. We travelled up and down the country. I was received as a prophet so this pulled my Prophetic anointing out of me.
Loads of answers to prayer....and then believing to get back to Dales....but the plane was had to believe for a space....which suddenly occurred.....

Just another realm. And as those who pray and fast know...this is how the portal opens....

But I now want to tell you something more shocking...
Because up until now we only knew the first and secondlevel Christianity which is
IN and OUT of the anointing.... referring by the way to 1 John 2

Thirdlevel is even more dynamic.
You see it's not the fasting that is the point. All fasting does is centres you down to living very sensitively from your KNOWER within. In the Old Testament the verse is
Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

In Aramaic renew means two things
EXCHANGE.....your strength...
AND like ROPE....entwine your cord with God's Cord.

is entwining God's DNA around your DNA. it is much more specific than Buddhism.....which gets you to blank your mind so any which demon or principality can entwine round you and possess you, ultimately capturing you.....
God is always about freewill....
And far from feeling trapped....
If you entwine round His Psalm 19 frequency.....Day to day pours forth speech.....
You open portals of great power for God's divine blessing...

Here's the shocker....
The thirdlevel walk....which is Christ as you Galatians 2. 20....does this full time.
Romans 12 1-2 is this continuous thirdlevel walk.
You don't go where you want to don't do what you want to do....but permanently in your innards Christ is imprinting on you

I come to do THY WILL O LORD....behold it is written of me in the scroll......about this state of just doing what the father is doing...but in your own Christ branch form.

In other words the "fasting thing" and the "all night prayer meeting thing" and all this feverish activity of the secondlevel is now swallowed up in a
24/7 Freefall of faith
where you are effectively "risking" or "betting with your whole existence"....because each of us only has one life.....that God will show up and do His thing through our bodies.

We sow in weakness....but we reap in eternal glory.....and also the odd revival portal opening up in our time space world.

As the whole church adopts this thirdlevel walk we get to
Kick the Illuminati
Kick princip[alities and powers
Kick the last enemy which is Death
off the planet.

God's Grace Power is made available in weakness.

One last thing....Paul let me in on something when he wrote this good to all that in the Day of visitation all may glorify God on behalf of you.....

Do you catch the inevitability of Revival in that phrase?
Ed Miller proved it. He triggered at least 5 in his lifetime beginning with Argentina.
This is the outworking of the thirdlevel teaching regarding the Gates of Jerusalem......
Gates no 2 and 9 are revival type Gates. Revival or Ingathering Gate 9....the Eastern gate is the POSHEST GATE.....
It is what was going on in the Spirit in the explosion in Acts 2.
it's inevitable. If you do the Spirit cycle of the other Gates an egg timer revival goes off automatically in the Spirit when that point is reached!!!!!!

it's like a woman after 9 months.....she doesn't have to wonder whether it's 12 months or 13 months.....when 9 months is reached the egg timer goes off and her body does what it does!!!!!!

Can you start to see why the devil hates thirdlevel teaching....and why although I have 1700 acquaintances on facebook , only 2 or 3 at any time comment???? The devil doesn't want any of you knowing this stuff or the planet will be set free......
And then GUESS who comes for TEA in the 9TH GATE when everything is completed?????

YUP.....Our Bridegroom comes rolling in!!!!!!!! See, the Bible has nothing to do with American Christianity at all. They can go on believing their cult ways as long as they like but Psalm 134, Ephesians 6 and psalm 149 say completely different things. Leave the Americans to their popcorn, we Brits, Africans and Asians will get on with opening thirdlevel portals!!!!!

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Chris Welch
Chris Welch John Edwards Well I'm one of your three Chris. Great piece, I love this and try to live it. My journey has been similar, I can't find any presence in most of what goes on in 'Church' these days, Third level is where we are meant to live, move and have our being. A question, what's your thoughts on present things in the world regarding 'End Times'? God has been speaking to me re world happenings this last week or so and it crossed my mind to ask your slant. you know Russia, Turkey, Middle East, Isis, USA etc. I'm not sure so that's why I ask, so many conflicting teachings out there its hard to know.
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch The protocols of Zion which Barry Smith never really mentioned by name, but was the blueprint he worked to....state that thir aim is to produce consternation and precisely the confusion we all feel.
They set off alarm clocks to all go off at once.
Obviously the Wars and Communism were three....
but the 60s was something different....the Cold War was obviously like the "rumours of wars" that Jesus speaks of....
but we weren't actually at war. Yet they set off loads and loads of things to go off in the 60s and look natural. They effectively cut the old order with a knife, right through the West. From then on we nolonger treated those in power deferentially, religion became "irrelevant", they launched the youth explosion in order to weaken the old Guard and bring in their programming. Women though liberated provided a secondary source of income so mortgages could double and triple, against which the credit card was born. Kids were then taught by the state from age 3 destroying all belief systems which now didn't have long enough to pass from parent to children......most of this is also in the Protocols written in 1880 we think by Lionel de rothschild.

So in answer to your question, loads more alarm clocks have been set to go off in our present period of such complexity....(which they actually talk about in the Protcols in terms of fine watch springs) that no one person can get to the bottom of the sets of DUALISMS they have built into the world system.
ISIS....causes wave of immigrants....and also kills and displaces Christians from all Muslim countries.....which means as Trump says we cannot but help but take in destructive forces to our nations.

In 2009 a German reliable Spirit filled prophet warned that a huge explosion was going to go off in the desert of Syria and we are not to be alarmed. So whether this will be nuclear or made to look nuclear.....
Nuclear doesn't help much if you want to take over the earth shortly like a Tom Cruise film....I guess it will appear nuclear but be harmless.....

But as the plans of Darkness reach their height God IS PREPARING a Gideon 300....this time all over the world....and obviously in my jargon I call it thirdlevel.....many use other names....but in the Spirit it's about a mature overcoming church.....quite different from the fat lazy Jabba the Hutt type Blob that is
non born again denominationalism
Bless Me "Ra Ra Ra" Charismatic merrygo rounds.

John, just like God got hold of you
In Iceland in Rekjavic God suddenly got hold of a pimp mafia guy who became a street pastor 3 or 4 years ago....

and in the last few months God has done the same here in Bognor Regis with a guy who was a major UK drug trafficker and who was about to machine gun down a roomful of rivals.....when God zapped him and said...."don't you dare pull that trigger....."
He then was converted and has become a new leading pastor down here.....

All these new guys are being zapped direct with downloads on thirdlevel principles without having to go through the years and years that we have been through....

So watch out for these guys....they are this new church God is building out of wrecks and Mary Magdalens!!!! They come pre-broken!!!!! straight off the conveyor belt.
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Sunday 13 December 2015

Saturday 12 December 2015

More about why the current Pastor model isn't working

Pastors, it's your day of rest. Consider this.
You spend your whole life cajoling people in your playpen
to pray more, to read the Bible more
to help more people....
Can I drop a bombshell?
You are part of a "holding system". A waiting room. A place like Bethsaida in the New Testament.
Here's the shocker.
You are the good part of the holding area known as
The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil.
The Krays and the Mafia and the Illuminati are down the evil end
You are down the good end.
People are being "held" there in the realm of sin and judgment, or sin and death......
Understand I am not saying you are holding them....I am saying this is God's holding's the Divine alternative to anarchy and breakdown and you are caught in a divine function.
It's a reciprocal relationship. They pay your living and you provide the encouragement to go on living in the playpen.
You get frustrated because they don't ever seem to change.
They, generally, live their own lives and when there are problems, they feel their ten per cent insurance kicks in, and people can pray and support them. In these contemporary times, it's like being in an olden day village except at one remove...because everyone lives miles apart.....but when things go wrong they are covered by their ten percent insurance.
It's totally symbiotic....takes two to tango. It's co-dependency and you are supporting their addiction.
The Kingdom is not lo here or lo there it is near you (every person) even in their mouth
Revelation 12 describes the DOUBLE ACTION of the CHURCH and KINGDOM in one concept
That is MOTHER and CHILD
The Child is swept up hurriedly to God to be taught divinely, the Mother is pushed out from society to find another location , another wineskin.
Those who follow the Spirit, these are the sons of God.
The Spirit is like the wind it/He blows where it/He wills.
The Kingdom is Psalm 110.
The Kingdom is voluntary.
The Kingdom is Romans 12 1-2 but only first having gone through the previous chapters experientially
The Kingdom is Grace....Grace as a POWER to bring forth Christ in man
The Church is a living Person, it's the rest of the Body here on earth with the Head in heaven.
It has local cells.
Each cell has many pastors....there is NOTHING in the BIBLE about pastor pyramids.
Each cell would have many fathers or apostles were they not always being thrust out to break open new places....and also were the New Testament older (ie more years between AD33 and its writing) Apostles are produced by either 3 and a half years squeeze in a true LIVING KINGDOM BODY...but there are none of now they take decades.
Unlike Matthew Mark or Luke who wrote a diary, John wrote the Kingdom blueprint....
Baptism of water and the Holy Spirit
followed by John 6....the Romans 6 and 7 equivalent crisis...nearly everybody went home
followed by John 7 and Tabernacles and the Feast of Ingathering....or in other words a revival event.
Ist level second level thirdlevel triggers revival....
In an unending seedtime harvest cycle.....the leaven leavening the whole lump in the end.
In each cycle only a "remnant" finish....but that is enough to trigger the BUBBLE.....POP!!!! EXPLOSION
Think of a ceaseless engine, a motor.
Think of the ONE SPERM that makes it to a human egg out of millions....
Because the whole world is full of churches almost devoid of the Power of Grace....
Or certainly perhaps containing only the first grace message.....the forgiveness of sins.....with some pressing into Baptism in the Spirit....
But the second grace message, which is an exchange of Person at our innercentre resulting in continuous 24/7 consciousness.....nope.....nearly nowhere to be seen.
So BECAUSE this is NOT so....
Grace is only partially kicked in....
There is no psalm 110 voluntary laying down of whole lives
There is no loving God whole heartedly and mindedly and strengthily and others with the same fervour....he who is forgiven much loves much.....he who thinks forgiveness is a sin here or there is still absolutely clueless and loves little....
So you pastor remain on your neverending chain of cajoling within the structure of the Universe called the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil....and you wonder why nothing really works.....
Well....on this your day off....

Friday 11 December 2015

Tony Maden's selection from Early Harvest

Early Harvest is as it says on the tinlid an early harvest of my songs since becoming a Christian in 1972. Most was recorded in John Daniels studio in Farlington Portsmouth 1990-91. John was one of a handful of professional born again musicians and producers who lived exclusively working on Christian projects in the UK.
The Cathedral Project which is the first track here was recorded in Chichester Cathedral nearby under Alan Thurlow in 1994. It cost me personally £800 or more and was the most expensive music per minute on the album. I hope you think it was worth it. A lovely wet sound in the south wing of the church.The ex BBC sound technician I hired came all the way from Bristol, but his sound recorder broke. At the last minute Chichester festival Theatre helped us out.

A 90th Degree Freemason Speaks - Bill Schnoebelen

Catholic Freemasonry Link
A Baal Religion.....Obelisks
The Nature of the Oaths and why they are immediately a denial of Christ
The number of Baptist pastors who are Freemasons
Presidents and Founding Fathers

90th degree freemason

Here is the LONGER session.   These are MUST SEE VIDEOS because if you weren't sure before, these should pile drive you into seeking you....the HOPE OF GLORY.
He is ofcourse extraordinary because he has been round all the houses so to speak. Now while many do, very few have managed a return to Christ midway in their life. So he is a treasure of Darkness and able to fill out our picture of how the world system is truly an interlocking pyramid built around the common denominator of the false independent self delusion. But this talk is more than that in that it digs into Jewish and Christian roots and the whole of history, and we can see how different forks in the road have occurred.....very similar to the paths the Israelites took in the Old Testament. After this there should be no doubt in your mind about the true nature of the Psalm 2 Conspiracy. We are talking SPIRITUAL fact clothes in different garbs and we are not meaning what the CIA coined by the term in 1967 when it introduced the phrase conspiracy theory to mean wacko rumours.
Understand with mindcontrol you can shape everyone's the same word THEORY is applied to Evolution theory and that suddenly means fact, when as my series Evolution versus science shows there isn't a shred of evidence anywhere for the theory of evolution, but try speaking to the western world about it? This is how Freudian mindcontrol works. Frightening isn't it?

Thursday 10 December 2015

Germany and EU to Legalize Pedophilia and With It, Child Pornography As Well!

There are 13 mainline Satanic dynasties according to Fritz Springmeier's research.
SRA or Satanic ritual abuse in shorthand is so raising a child that it has no real conscience left, by sexualising them and hurting them physically and psychologically so that all belief in a God is completely abandoned.
The early public version is now being rolled out in the form of public training of pedophilia.

generic online pic

By: Michael O’Brien -

Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government's Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. Two 40-page booklets entitled "Love, Body and Playing Doctor" by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung - BZgA) are aimed at parents - the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.

"Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex," reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, "The child touches all parts of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same."

Why do some people still vote for these scumbags? Next time we must all vote our local NATIONALIST (extreme right) Political Party to restore normality.

Canadian author and public speaker Michael O'Brien who has written and spoken extensively about the crisis of culture in the West spoke to about the shocking and extremely disturbing phenomenon. It is, he said, "State-encouraged incest, which in most civilized societies is a crime." The development is, he suggests, a natural outcome of the rejection of the Judeo-Christian moral order.

"The imposed social revolution that has swept the western world is moving to a new stage as it works out the logical consequences of its view of man's value," said O'Brien. "It is merely obeying its strictly materialist philosophy of man. If man is no more than a creature created for pleasure or power. If he is no more than a cell in the social organism, then no moral standards, no psychological truths, no spiritual truths can refute the 'will to power' and the 'will to pleasure'."

The pamphlet advises parents to permit young children "unlimited masturbation" except where physical injury becomes apparent. It advises: "Children should learn that there is no such thing as shameful parts of the body. The body is a home, which you should be proud of." For ages 4-6, the booklet recommends teaching children the movements of copulation.

Another product of the BZgA is a song book aimed at children of four and slightly older which includes several songs espousing masturbation. The song-book entitled "Nose, belly and bum" includes one song with the following lyrics: "When I touch my body, I discover what I have. I have a vagina, because I am a girl. Vagina is not only for peeing. When I touch it, I feel a pleasant tingle."

"The wiser and deeper position of most civilizations recognized that children need a period of innocence," commented O'Brien. "Now the state, the German state, is encouraging destruction of this state of innocence," he added. "This is consistent with the materialist philosophy that sees all moral norms and all truths about human nature as repressive. Pleasure and their distorted concept of freedom are their only guiding principles."

According to the Polish daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, the BZgA booklet is an obligatory read in nine German regions. It is used for training nursery, kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Ironically it is recommended by many organizations officially fighting pedophilia, such as the German Kunderschutzbund. BZgA sends out millions of copies of the booklet every year.

"A society such as Germany's which is already in steep decline, indeed into degeneration, will only inherit the whirlwind of violence and further levels of degradation of their own people," warned O'Brien.

"It has happened before in Germany. It has happened in other nations. Different causes but the same dynamic, the rejection of the moral order of the created universe results in radical evil. The German state intervention in family life is a new level of auto-destruction," said O'Brien.

Rzeczpospolita reports that the Eckhardt Scheffer of BZgA claimed that before releasing the manual the organization consulted parents, educators and child psychologists. 93% of whom gave a positive evaluation.
"A society such as Germany's which is already in steep decline, indeed into degeneration, will only inherit the whirlwind of violence and further levels of degradation of their own people," warned O'Brien.

"It has happened before in Germany. It has happened in other nations. Different causes but the same dynamic, the rejection of the moral order of the created universe results in radical evil. The German state intervention in family life is a new level of auto-destruction," said O'Brien.
Even for a Western nation, Germany's billboards and television ads push the limits of public pornography. Last year reported that a very popular teen magazine in Germany publishes nude photos of teens in sexual positions which would be in almost any other nation illegal child pornography.

With a licentiousness as the new morality of the secular materialist establishment and homeschool a forbidden practice, parents in Germany may well wonder what will transpire in public education.

"Will those children who are not liberated by their parents have special classes in their schools where they're introduced to these practices," asked O'Brien rhetorically. "If the state intervenes in this way, what won't it intervene in?"

O'Brien concluded his comments quoting G.K. Chesterton: "When men cease to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing anything."

To express concerns to German authorities:

In Canada:

German Embassy
1 Waverley Street
Ottawa, ON, K2P 0T8
Tel.: 613-232-1101 Fax: 613-594-9330

In the US:

German Embassy
4645 Reservoir Road NW
Washington, DC, 20007-1998
(202) 298-4000
The embassy can be e-mailed from its website:

To express concerns to German authorities:

President of the Federal Republic of Germany
11010 Berlin
Telefon: +49 30 20 00-0
Fax: +49 030 20 00-19 99

Angela Merkel
Willy-Brandt-Straße 1
10557 Berlin
Telefon: +49 180 272-0000
Fax: +49 1888 272-2555

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