Monday 30 June 2014

The Jacob Generation

Having seen Michael Kaminski's encouraging reports about Kenya I was saddened to see some kind of rift between him and his host George Odero. I am equally saddened by my own one with Daniel Yordy. Anyhow, these things were being discussed on a thread by Michael yesterday and I felt to lay down some of the bigger picture in two statuses (Facebook)

I don't understand this situation specifically...and like someone said....I wasn't expecting this after the general really upbuilding reports of earlier.
But it is INTERESTING!!!
This is how I am seeing the time we are in.
We are in an incredible time period.
Absolutely unprecedented.
We need all the inner resources we can,
Prophet Daniel said about these times and the build up to Antichrist a word equivalent to "wondrous or astonishing" but ofcourse NOT USED POSITIVELY.
Just a cursory and not particularly indepth look at how "shrewd" the sons of Darkness have been is truly left Daniel weak and off food for days....and believe me it IS like that. My wife told me she thought I was having a breakdown.

But into this Darkness a Light is shining.
God told our generation, "2 Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thy habitations; spare not: lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes.

And this was in the context of Isaiah 54.1 about the barren bringing forth.

But first , do you see....strengthening the stakes.....that means they have to be THICKER and RUN DEEPER than ever before, if we are going to see the sort of glorious rebuild of David's Tabernacle that He has in mind, now stretched across the Earth.

The second thing I want to say is that we are in the time of Jacob's TROUBLE.

Now some have ascribed this to mean Israel.
And some other things.


Read Psalm 133 again about the new priesthood God has raised by the Spirit.

Like the dew of Hermon, That cometh down upon the mountains of Zion: For there Jehovah commanded the blessing, Even life for evermore.

Ever thought about that?
What's Mount Hermon, which is overrun by Gentiles got to do with Zion?

That's the POINT. Nothing and everything.

2 HOUSES are rising to be made ONE.

Without saying too much about Israel here because it is TRULY a RE RUN of the original Jacob but this time in corporate watch....while all of Satanic hosts are trying to stop it and boobytrap it

MEANWHILE the Church in the earth is ALSO in the time of Jacob's Trouble.

It's no wonder there is conflict. We can nolonger do church as usual ever again.

It is truly a time of Psalm 24 and Psalm 110

This is the generation of them that seek after him, That seek thy face, even Jacob.

Think about Jacob a moment?
He was the third in a specific line of one consecutive family that sought God with all their heart mind strangth and soul.

And he was the LAST jigsaw in the God package

I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

That is in the name of the Revelation of Abraham
combined with
the Revelation of Isaac
combined with the
Revelation of Jacob

The one complete package of dealings that were then rolled out into
a holy nation, the natural Israel.
Who was Israel? Jacob. His name was changed to Prince with God,
or one who has contended with God.

Why is this so important?
Because the evangelical revelation is really just a corporate version
of the faith of Abraham.
The Pentecostal and charismatic outpouring of the last 100 years
is like the wells of Isaac. Supernatural provision.

Jacob’s life BEGINS as a continuation of Isaac....
learning supernatural provison in speckled sheep and striped sheep to order!!!
Very like the charismatic continuation of the Pentecostal outpouring which
led into the Word of faith movement of the 60s 70s and 80s.
Many want to ridicule it. It was entirely in God’s Plan.

BUT THERE IS SOMETHING visceral in Jacob.
Something that moves right outside the realm of religion.
Christo Odero is talking about man as he is, mankind as he is.
Kind of leaving religion out of it.
This is letting God be God of all of it.
This is the Jacob generation, who are not concerned with line or lineage.
Who are not concerned with forbears.
Who are not concerned with formulas.
But want God FACE TO boldness.
Not as a theology....but the reality of God indwelling Man.

Now to have churches like this we must have individuals like this.
We impart Christ in us the hope of glory individual by individual.
And the one affected individual has the genuine stuff which he imparts
to other souls, and so the Word transfers.

Word transfer. Seeking the Face of the God of Jacob.
Abiding in the SHADOW of the Most High....think the Darkness of inside an oven
except the Lord is Light so it can never really be just looks that way to onlookers.....

But all this freaky visceral stuff is SO DEEP
churches that we have now cannot handle it. They are not built for it.

THINK of what Mike Kaminski has endured in disability...his own and his kids.
THINK of the excruciating pain of some of that.

These are the STRENGTHENING OF THE STAKES and the STRENGTHENING of the CORDS of the future church.

Church as it is now has different agenda from just transplanting Christ.
And we as believers must decide

Do we go with the other agenda of an incomplete Abraham and Isaac revelation....
a Halfbuilt Tower

Or do we go right into the THIRDLEVEL of a Peniel Church....where our very Name
gets changed




Where we are going is transparency.
God has many of His Church seeking His Face at the moment.
This is not random. This is the birth of a New Church.
This is the birth of what revelations 3 calls "eyesalve".
This is the birth of a new Church age.
THIS IS ACTUALLY the promised Word of the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. This last phrase has been used and quickened since the Holy Spirit was first poured out again in great number 100 years ago.....but it is NOT the same outworking of that Word.
What people have called the Restoration movement was not. We had firm warning about that from 2 famous men.
Smith Wigglesworth and R,Edward Miller.....actually the latter was a report of an angelic manifestation where Fort Lauderdale was mentioned before it meant anything.

Restoration is something born on the inside by God Himself, and we are right in the middle of that. Like most births it is messy.

But the Child of promise has nothing to do with the child of a bondwoman.

I was given a strong Word over 20 years ago, but I want to highlight this phrase.....

"You should fear lest you run ahead of me, lest you build what I am not building. For I build swiftly and well. My work will arise amidst your works and yours will splinter like matchsticks in front of the solidity of My work. When I build, people stand and stare, dumbstruck.
Fear, lest you too be ashamed."

the rest is here

When we "see" properly and accurately we can go from place to place looking to see as Paul said....for Christ crucified.

There is a fragrance, a Presence, a Character formed by the Holy Spirit.
We do not ask is this the work of Kaminski or is this the work of Odero....we ask simply how much of Jesus Christ is born and reproduced in this place?

We should as eunuch ministries of God be able to increasingly move from work to work, honoring the God wrought, and building upon that foundation. But for that ever to occur ministries need to be huge in their inner breadth of wisdom, "seeing", and understanding of all the "Gates of heavenly Jerusalem".

At the moment people are submitted to streams, to ideas, to passions and agendas of men. People are weighed up by which stream they are in submission to, but no one sees clearly to be able to see whether Christ is being imparted in fulness. Those days are coming to a close.
It won't be by will be simply the unfolding of
the words of Psalm 1 and Isaiah....

4 The wicked are not so, But are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.

5 Therefore the wicked shall not stand in the judgment, Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.


the literal form YLT
8 And a highway hath been there, and a way, And the `way of holiness' is called to it, Not pass over it doth the unclean, And He Himself [is] by them, Whoso is going in the way -- even fools err not.

See up until now, people have decribed the WAY, and in the most intense worship times people have sensed it starting to the same way Elijah's servant saw a "cloud the size of a man's hand"

But this WAY forming itself and birthing itself amongst us will just simply not allow half the things we allow presently. But there won't be any force involved in stopping them....people will just feel idiotic carrying on with the tithing system
carrying on with the halfhearted worship at present
carrying on with the overconstructed sermons of men whose intelligence is great but their hearts are far from the Kingdom
from inadequately Spirit prepared servants of God
from ministry dominance at the expense of a freeflowing Body ministry
of so many of the ways we currently do things but are not really His Son lived by us, nor the real BLOODBOUGHT Church of God.

Sunday 29 June 2014

Well, I am impressed!!!

Well, I am impressed .
I have just come back from cleaning in the pub to find that yet again the Yes I am post by Norman Grubb is high in the readership Top Ten this week. At least one reason for the blog has been to promote this last book by Norman Grubb which can be read in instalments here, or bought as a book or on Kindle. Yet, even though this blog has now existed for 6 years next month, and has had nearly half a million hits, could i ever get Norman's book in my Top 10 list???? NOPE. And it always puzzled me.

Similarly right now, a propos of nothing....or maybe the Kindle announcement....I find people have naturally been pushing this post or set of posts up the top ten.
WHICH I SAY AGAIN really encourages me. This is part of what this very blog is here for!!!!!

The Yes I am series is here

Saturday 28 June 2014

Two types of Hairy-tic


Facebook Status in the Hairy-tics group

There are two sorts of Hairy-tic.
In Different Drum by M Scott Peck he spells out 4 stages we pass through
1. egotistic and unsocialised
2. socialised
3. wanting to break out again and find what is really OUR TRUTH
4. a contented fusing as we understand who we are and how we work but in the context of the whole.
Peck who was a counsellor, wondered why one set of Christians would continue as Christians after counselling, and another set would do just the opposite.

Well, as for any other person, the Christian version sort of happens in 2,3 and 4.

So you can have a hairy-tic who is in stage 3 reappraising their whole identity....and once the process has settled down they are content to toddle off back to church....but another sort remains a hairy-tic in the more heretic sense and say finds Buddhism is more their thing. Or weird as this sounds to me...someone can go to what was one of the most radical praise churches on the planet....certainly in the UK....then next thing they are going to the most high Anglican service you can find.

Originally the phases as created in God were meant to match our growth.
Because of the Luciferian way in which we are brought up as people in a secular bubble with the briefest dashes of anything religious....much of the idea of worship and sensitivity to the Divine that say a Muslim or orthodox Christian or Buddhist or Orthodox Jew, or American Indian or Aborigine or shaman culture would be be brought up in, certain parts of us are held back....and if you believe in the different cabals all vying Game of Thrones style for supremacy.....then you'd better believe this as deliberate as only allowing Radio 2 music in all the factories, to create a sort of mindless vague level of contentedness while stuffing widges into a doodad on a production conveyorbelt. We are not encouraged in any way to relate to anything outside a certain set of pyramids. If we think too much we might just want to overturn their system which benefits a few.

So Jesus went through the stages in 1 John 2 roughly at the same time as
natural development. By 30 He was a FATHER stage person able by the Spirit to speak the Word necessary to bring 12 ragamuffins into His own Father stage of development.

WE HOWEVER are rather catching up.
Most westerners don't know they have been raised lopsidedly in the leftbrain and need to spend a certain portion of their adult life getting back in touch with who they really are. THIS HAS THE LOOK OF being a heretic. BUT IT IS totally necessary psychologically if all the parts of our being are going to progress to the next stage. The final stage demands utter harmony between all parts of us. just isn't good enough if all the while we are squashing down a rather nattered and bruised upbringing, trying with all our might to swim as fast as we can with our head above water, to try and show that we are every bit as good as the next man.

Secondlevel churches start to become a problem about the time individuals should really be entering into the father stage of Christianity, but all they are faced with every week is a pyramid pastor who may allow five to ten minutes free stuff...but basically it's still largely his show, and he loves to be paid a tithe to ever keep it that way. None of this is Biblical Christianity.

Someone said yesterday they hate the phrase
And we should gather ourselves together ever more often as we see the Day approaching
Well, for the reasons above....GATHERING just fills you with shudders.
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Chris Welch Oh....the other sort of Hairy-tic is in Hebrews 13.13
One who
"enlarges the place of the tents" as it says in Isaiah.

Friday 27 June 2014

What Is Thirdlevel Intercession?

Facebook questions around my phrase :  thirdlevel intercession is apparent.

Craig Geis What is thirdlevel intercession?
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Jody Burns What is thirdlevel intercession?
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Chris Welch One of the things God is and does is be for others. We cannot "ask God into our life" (as if He wasn't there) experience a rebirth from Darkness to Light, let Him establish Himself in us and expect Him to behave suddenly differently.
He is SELF FOR OTHERS. HE is intercession. Laying His life down for others.
His first intercession by us , while all the other "self for other " things are going interceding within us that we become established in who we now are....or as Francois DuToit puts it....who we always were but never knew or forgot.
This takes place in our 1 John 2 Child Stage and the young man stage. At least a good part of what is going on , but by no means all, is intercession to get US established and on into adulthood in Christ.
There are many things that can shortcircuit us.....( the first bunch of Israelites grew hard of heart and died in the wilderness) but if we don't harden our hearts God is faithful to bring His own Life to maturity in us.
Now this is no different to the natural world. Kids tend to be absorbed more with self...AND THAT ISN'T wholly wrong. You need to be growing in all ways ever to reach adulthood....but there comes this shock in fallen natural life....when self absorbed youngsters (both in the right way and the wrong way) suddenly learn the universe does not revolve around them at epicentre.....and they start to hold down jobs, and provide for their own families etc.

In the Spirit....maturity....or fatherhood...or knowing Him/fusing/ with Him who is from the beginning is when we start moving into the unique commissions God has us all in. We become pourers outers. As i said from DAY ONE we start to become that. John says....herein we know we are in Him....
whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him:

Having experienced the love of God....we begin truly and unconditionally to love others.
But often in the hurly burly of the "fixing stage" we feel like we are in a no.3 wash in a washing machine. We don't know which way up we are.

But Romans 6 to 8 doesn't last forever.....and once we "see Him in us as us" properly....everything settles down much more and everything we do is done "out of rest"

So that was the phrase "thirdlevel intercession".
By apparent we mean JESUS HIMSELF was not evil.
But our ADAMIC DEATH which He carried into the grave with Him, really did kill Him...or killed His first mortal body anyway. He came in the likeness of sinful flesh....but unlike Adam....never blew it...
so as the Last Adam He was the Perfect Lamb to take our condition completely on Himself and lose it in the Eternal waste dump. From whence the Spirit raised Him up according to the will of the Father.
And there you have the Trinity in operation.

Jesus is now in the heavenlies with the Father, but the Spirit's role is on Earth preparing the Bride.
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Chris Welch One of the processes we go through is "being framed". That is people ascribe to us things which are not us. if we refuse to do other than what Jesus is doing through us...this is what it means to go the way of the Lamb.....we march through all these "apparent fixes" and the Spirit unlocks doors by us.

This "apparent " nature of things is prefigured by Abraham.
God took an instamatic photo for all time of the moment Abraham raised his knife to slaughter the Child of Promise. It was an "apparent" moment. But it was what God needed to be able to tie down the Covenant on earth and begin the huge adventure of salvation. This was God in Abraham....being willing to sacrifice not just his own son...if that wasn't incredible enough....but this was maxed up millions of times by virtue of Isaac being a total miracle son, a Child of God's Word promise, and thus something that was totally God for Abraham....and even then he was still willing.
For this reason God has fixed the promise of natural Israel AS WELL as supernatural Israel, which we all become by faith.

Sunday 22 June 2014

David Hathaway April and May 2014

Chris writes: I post these two latest updates from  David Hathaway.
I recognise the call upon his life in much the same vein as I do Morris Cerullo and Rheinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn.
But I don't like the way all of them seem unaware of God's secret army that are being thrust out right now, people like Michael Kaminski who was in Kenya last week or so. Jesus DOES have things in hand. But not in some easy way, or some gentle handover kind of way. This 50s generation seem the last to observe what God is actually doing, which makes them prone to terrible Ishmaels if they don't listen very acutely to the Holy Spirit, out of the manic burden they feel for the lost. It is NOT our generation's fault we don't show up on their radar screens. All we've been doing is trying to grasp the blueprint in much finer detail then just blitzing places Cerullo style with a basic gospel of forgiveness and blessing followed by a zap me do encounter with the Holy Spirit. If that was my first night, I would spend the next 4 nights on explaining more about how the Kingdom operates. This older generation have become dull of hearing concerning the "HOW" of God....their writings do not resemble the Holy Spirit clarity upon St Paul and the other apostles. This troubled me way back in my 14th year just after being baptised in the Spirit. I spent the first summer holidays in particular reading and rereading the new testament letters, but I could not yet put my finger on what my pastor and Tim la Haye, and Dennis Bennett were NOT saying. This whole blog is about what David is NOT saying. He is particularly frustrating because in himself, the Holy Spirit HAS worked many thirdlevel attributes, but this is smething the Holy Spirit has done almost direct and David is sometimes a bit like St Peter speaking under the anointing in Acts 2. Peter spoke so clearly that the Promise was to ALL men...those far and those near....but by the time he had his trance at  his time of prayer and saw the sheet coming down from heaven, he had completely forgotten. David is very bad at explaining the doctrines of what the Holy Spirit has worked in's like an operation which the Spirit undertook in Communist jails...but perhaps David was under Holy Ghost anaesthetic the whole time, because he certainly cannot explain it in terms to help other people. You almost feel like flying to China and getting them to lock you up  in jail so you can get the same testimony.

The second thing relates to David's ideas about Israel and Europe. David ignores that Ezekiel talks of a nation ruled from Sidon area (Tel Aviv)...complete rebels....and naively ministers in Israel as if this is the same nation described later by Ezekiel ruled from Jerusalem. He also ignores what Grant Jeffrey told us , namely that Israel is building a New Temple for "their |Messiah". Europe , like America...are stepping stone powers....but the aim of Antichrist is to instal himself at Jerusalem under the name of Apollos or Lightbringer, or Lucifer, or Prometheus, or Ra or Isis. Indeed the Roman empire NEVER just changed its spots becoming the "Holy (UNHOLY) Roman empire"....but the figure seen in different stages and manifestations by Daniel, has been more or less the same image of CONTROL in the secondheavens, where the principalities and powers have operated, in one unbroken chain since the time of Daniel until now.

This to our generation is extremely obvious...but John Hagee and Morris Cerullo have completely missed the secret realities that are now ever more widely exposed on the internt and much much more in keeping with true history and the passages in the Bible. But that said....all these ministries are bold....and are seizing opportunities to invade with the gospel. David Hathaway writes below:


30 April 2014
Dear Friends
Several of you asked whether we received the £300,000 we asked you to pray for in March, I did say
that we actually received £200,000 from those of you who were able to help, but the real miracle
was that God gives 'exceeding abundantly, above what we ask'; including a one-off gift, the actual
amount we received was  £l million!! Praise the Lord!
As you know, our main evangelistic outreach this year is to reach the whole of Poland. With your
help we are covering the ongoing costs in instalments of approximately £85,000 per month.
However, while the budget remains exactly as forecast a year ago, this did not include the cost of the
buses which will be needed to bring the thousands from all parts of Poland. So far, six months in
advance, we have a total of 603 (yes, you read it correctly), six hundred and three buses already
booked! The final total may exceed a thousand buses, plus all those travelling by train, by car and
even on foot! The extra we need to cover this is over £600,000 on top of the original budget!
it is difficult for us here in Britain actually to visualise what God is about to do in Poland. Nothing like
this has been seen in Europe before. In 2012 we actually counted over 80,000 who attended the
meetings, not in a stadium, but on an airfield in Krakow. This year in Katowice we are holding the
meetings in the largest open air recreational park in Europe and – by prayer and the power of the
Holy Spirit –we could see well over 100,000 attend!!!

So far, six months in
advance, we have a total of 603 buses 

But we do very much need urgent prayer over the situation in all the countries bordering Russia. Our
main European office is in Estonia, our support workers in Latvia and Lithuania; they need prayer to
protect them from Russia 'defending Russian-speaking people outside Russia'. These countries have
requested NATO troops, and I see that NATO troops have already been sent to Poland for protection.
When God called me to Europe, He both revealed the prophetic significance and the timeline. Over
the years, many have questioned why I have said that God has always been specific in telling me
where to go and when. Yet looking back the timing was always right – and the truth of prophetic
revelation is not merely to prophesy a future – but to see in retrospect that it actually happened as
God warned me.
For example, after 25 years of working in communist countries God told me to hold the now famous
'East/West Conferences' in Karlsruhe because the Iron Curtain would open; within 3 years it did. In
1993 after Russia opened, He told me to take 400 people to Siberia for 3 months. This we did in
1994. Even one year later what we achieved would have been impossible. God warned me that
Russia would not remain open for evangelism, and in 2005 told me to move into the Baltics. In Russia
it is now impossible to rent any public hall or stadium for religious purposes, although they still issue
me with a multiple entry religious visa! Now time is running out in the Baltics and even Poland is
under threat – but my next move is into Western Europe, the EU. My call from God was clear exactly
50 years ago this year – Europe! But God also said that I would end my ministry in Israel!!!

For example, after 25 years of working in communist countries God told me to hold the now famous 'East/West Conferences' in Karlsruhe because the Iron Curtain would open; within 3 years it did.

The call of God is on my life – the vision remains clear and unclouded – Europe, then Israel, then
Christ returns. Exactly as Hudson Taylor prophesied in 1889. That is why I need your support in
prayer and in finance because Jesus said, 'The fields are ready for harvest but there are too few
workers.' In 1941 in Kilsyth, Scotland, as a boy aged 8 years I heard the voice of God saying, 'Who will
go and work for Me today, who will win for Me the lost and dying, who will bring them to the narrow
way?', and I answered Him saying, 'Speak my Lord. Speak to me, speak and I will answer, Lord send
me.' Seven years later in Brighton aged 15 He told me the price I must pay to serve Him. He said,
'David you must give Me everything.' Again I said yes. Down through the years I have not changed
nor has God. Both question and answer remain the same! That is why I ask you not only to support,
but encourage others to support this call. I know this is why I was born and, like Moses, Elijah and
David of old — God had a plan for my life.
We are living in difficult times — Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Ukraine and the latest news from Israel etc, are
evidence of a growing unrest. I believe that we are living in the last days when there is a satanic
power taking control even in our major nations like America, China, Russia, the EU and the Middle
East. I believe that we are living in the last days during which we will still be able to evangelise. Thank
God that even as recently as 2012 1 was able to evangelise very powerfully in two of the Ukrainian
towns which are now the centre of the 'Russian Protest', Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.
I believe that the EU is the restoration of the Roman Empire, as I have shown in both my book
'Babylon in Europe' and DVD 'The Rape of Europe'. Before the Return of Christ, the antichrist must
appear and according to the Bible, there will be a period of spiritual darkness when, as Jesus said, 'no
man can work', John 9:4. For this reason and the urgent need to evangelise Europe before the end
comes, I feel strongly led to return to the subject of Bible Prophecy, as I believe that God does reveal
what is about to happen to His prophets. As a result Eurovision has an agreement with an evangelical
group in Britain who have researched 'The EU and the antichrist', and have produced a report which I
have read. I recommend it and, although some of it may be controversial, it is the best researched
report I have seen on the relationship between what I have already written on the EU and the
identity of the antichrist. If you enter the following link on your computer you will see the preview
free and can then download the whole document for a fee, If you have no computer — you will need
to talk to someone who has, as this and other reports we shall offer you are only available online:
David Hathaway

28 May 2014

Dear Friends
Thank you for your prayers and support, this is very important to me. To evangelise is an enormous battle these days, public opinion is against any form of religious 'proselytization' as they call it. They never see evangelism as it really is, a battle to rescue souls from a lost eternity and offer them a new life with Christ and deliverance from the power of the devil! That is the reason why the devil hates us and fights tooth and claw to hinder us!
But praise God we are on the winning side — victory is ours through Christ. That is why despite all the problems, we are succeeding both in Europe and Israel. I have recently returned from evangelism in Finland — small, yes, but opening a door which may lead to a real move of God in that nation. We must not be afraid to start small — if God is in it, then we shall see a tsunami of God's power!
Just this week as I write this, I have returned from a fruitful visit to Israel. The first thing was to meet with the leaders of the Russian Messianic group of 40 congregations with whom we are working. They tell me that the door is very wide open, we must increase our work while there is opportunity. The problem is not lack of opportunity, but limitation because we need the finance. However we will hold a small mission in Israel this year in November, after Poland, but the major emphasis will be May next year — to hold the largest evangelistic mission in Israel since the days of the Apostle Paul! It will change the face of the nation. I will be meeting up to 50 converted Rabbis in Israel shortly. I also had a very significant meeting in the Knesset.
God is moving by His Power in Poland, and now our major need is for more powerful prayer and a lot more finance! We believe that it is important for us to concentrate in this area of Katowice this year. Because of the location, many buses will be coming from the surrounding countries including Slovakia and possibly Ukraine and even Belarus — with the possibility that we may evangelise Slovakia next year, God is giving us a strong strategy for the future! Unless God shows otherwise, this may be our last major mission in Poland and, because the Catholic Church is experiencing a major upheaval, it is vital that we show the message of Jesus, that salvation is not through works, church membership or infant baptism, but that we are only saved by confession of our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus,
As you know the situation in Ukraine is still volatile. We need to pray that the newly elected President can defeat the troublemakers now that Putin has withdrawn his support for them. We are in direct contact with Believers in Donetsk and the suggestion is that someone is paying unemployed drug addicts money to throw bombs or attack people with guns; if you have a lot of alcoholics and drug addicts on the streets, they will do crazy things for money to pay for the next fix. I have had to cancel my evangelistic mission scheduled for the first week in June in the troubled city of Donetsk!

But by faith I am invited to a major conference of Ukrainian pastors in Donetsk in September 19-21, and have accepted the dates, believing that God will miraculously intervene.
If you want to come with US to be part of the Katowice Mission, which is September 5-6-7, there are direct flights from the UK and we can organise a tour of Auschwitz (which is only 40 minutes from Katowice) for you. There is a hotel in Katowice we can recommend if you let us know quickly, most hotels are filling rapidly – this one would be approximately E55 per night shared or £110 single, or you can arrange your own accommodation. We do ask you to continue with special prayer for this mission, the devil will always try to stop us and we desperately need finance. But with Christ we already have the victory and this should be the largest outreach ever held in Europe! You can see the size of the Mission if you look on the web link
This month I am speaking in Tubingen, Germany, followed by Denmark. So you see that the work continues in addition to the larger outreaches – Europe is a vast mission field and still the least evangelised continent in the world! So much of prophecy is being fulfilled in Europe and I shall be dealing with this both in these newsletters and the next magazine. Many of the major events leading up to the return of Christ will be in Europe, and if you have not seen my film, 'The Rape of Europe', you should buy it because when we released it 12 years ago people did not believe it – but now it is being literally fulfilled daily, and I intend to show you the next steps in prophecy – which will be fulfilled in our lifetimes! We have a new website if you want to download more on the EU in prophecy
David Hathaway

Thursday 19 June 2014

Jargon Recap

Mark Jones Thanks for providing the blog links, Chris. I don't know if it's just me but I struggle to follow some of the things you are saying. It's not a left-brain vs. right-brain thing, I think, but lack of context / information. For instance, I don't really know what you mean by "1st / 2nd / 3rd level church" (though I've started now reading some of your blogs on the topic) or the "order of Melchizedek" (I've come across the latter concept before but I'm not sure if we're thinking about the same things).

If you could generally give some more background information about things that may not be universally-understood concepts, or blog links if you've written before about it before, I think it would help (me at least anyway). Thanks mate.
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Chris Welch 1. a thirdlevel church....and I don't know of like a bus that has its destination sign clearly written...say Portsmouth to Glasgow and not London or York.
 Denominational churches are forever quoting thirdlevellers ...St Francis,Madame Guyon, Fenelon, Basilea Schlink....but similar to the manner in which they quote the Bible itself they haven't a clue how to "get there" nor how to make those other experiences their reality. They should really have Petersfield on the front of their buses. 1 John2 spells it out. The child stage is our entrance into the Kingdom through the shed blood of Jesus.
The young man stage is like mature evangelical churches or charismatic churches that start to talk more about our new identity. Dave Bilbrough : I am a new creation. A fight of faith. many in this phase leave or progress no further than their child stage of believing.
Stage 3.only happens after your consciousness has been "fixed" in the new Christ reality in stage 2. And like a fruitbearing plant you toddle off to scatter some seed elsewhere. So far since Acts 2 and perhaps Antioch we don't know of any other thirdlevel churches. Clearly Paul intended Corinthians to be one in time...but beacuse he was killed and because Acts is unfinished we don't know the outcome.

 2. Many charismatic churches are led by pastors who don't know how to follow the Spirit. So after half an hour's song list...which they have usually vetted....they then recommence something like a standard protestant sequence of events in a church meeting.
If people really lock in to the Living Presence of Jesus Christ, then the meetings really start to function according to Christ's own Priesthood at the right hand of God the father. The environment Jesus moves in, the protocols, can be summed up in the phrase...the Melchizedek Order.
The reason so many are being called to "soak", to seek the face of God, to wait on Him, is because this is how we gain sensitivity to "only doing what we see the Father doing". Churches that don't have this sensitivity, (also described in Psalm 123) are already beginning to stick out like sore thumbs...but this will only increase in time.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Norman Grubb available on Kindle

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Great Titles by Norman Grubb

Who Am I?

God Unlimited

The Law of faith

Yes I am

Once Caught, No Escape

The Spontaneous You

The Liberating Secret

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No Independent Self

To all believers's as simple as this

Intercession in Action

Paul's Key to the Liberated Life: Romans 6 to 8


Life: The What, The Who, The Why by Page Prewitt

The Intercession of Rees Howells
by Doris Ruscoe

Monday 16 June 2014

Roel Velema on Watchman Nee

From "Christ in me" to "Christ as me"

We thank God for the increasing light relative to His fulness. Many Christians are aware that Christ is in them, yet as a Someone apart from them. We recognize this when someone says: “I am perfect in Christ, but not yet in myself”. Once this apartness or dualism has gone, and we see that we died and are one spirit (1 Cor. 6:17), we can have a single eye that Christ is ALL. Then we have moved from “Christ in me” to “Christ as me”, from ‘receive’ to ‘be’.
 Watchman Nee never used the expression “Christ as me” and therefore didn’t have the full light yet, but in his following words he definitely moves in the right direction:


by Watchman Nee

 First we must understand clearly that God has not constituted Christ our example to be copied. He is not giving us His strength to help us imitate Christ. 

Watchman Nee or Ni To Sheng
He has not even planted Christ within us to help us to be Christ-like. Galatians 2:20 is not our standard for record-breaking endeavor. It is not a high aim to be aspired to through long seeking and patient progress. No, it is not God’s aim at all, but God’s method.

When Paul says, “Yet no longer I, but Christ liveth in me,” he is showing us how only Christ satisfies God’s heart. This is the life that gives God satisfaction in the believer, and there is no substitute. “Not I, but Christ,” means Christ instead of me. When Paul uses these words, he is not claiming to have attained something his readers have not yet reached to. He is defining the Christian life. The Christian life is the Christ life. Christ in me has become my life, and is living my life instead of me. It is not even that I trust Him as a separate, sufficient act. No, God gives Him to be my life.

Moreover, in the new life there is a law—the law that determines what that life is like in expression. It is not just that a life is present in me, for if this were all, I would then have to hold tightly onto it. No, there is a law of that life (Romans 8:2), and that law looks after itself.

The daily life of the Christian is summed up in the word “receive.” Every challenging thing that God demands of me—long-suffering, meekness, humility, goodness, holiness, joy—is not something I am, or something I do, or some virtue I acquire or attain to. It is Christ in me. Each is the manifestation of Him. Let Him be revealed, naturally and spontaneously, and that is enough.

He has not even planted Christ within us to help us to be Christ-like.

 “He is made unto us …” (1 Cor. 1:30). If He were our Justifier, Sanctifier, Redeemer, we could understand. But it does not say He does these things. It uses abstract nouns: He is these things (1 Cor. 1:30). Christ in us meets every demand of God, and every demand of the circumstances around us.
It is not in us to be humble, nor shall we find it helps to trust in the power of Christ to make us humble. Christ is humble, naturally—that is, by his very nature—and He is made our humility, for Christ is our all. Even faith and trust and obedience, if we regard them as virtues by which we attain, will prove ineffective. It is not that I trust His word, therefore I can be long-suffering. It is that Christ is long-suffering, and, praise God, Christ is in me! Once again, this is Isaac, natural, simple, spontaneous, trusting implicitly and without question, because the Father has made absolutely sufficient provision.
How can we be victorious, righteous, holy?

He is these things

Sunday 15 June 2014

Dogmatic versus Catmatic

More explanations on how I write... written originally for a group on Facebook

I need to come back on things so that if it happens again it doesn't offend as much....but it is absolutely crucial if we are going to get along together.
imagine the leftbrain like a ruler.
Imagine the rightbrain like an artist's sketchpad.

The leftbrain looks at weights, measures,dates, hard facts
The rightbrain like an artist, gets a hunch then daubs marks on a blank artspace.

What we call that rightbrain way of doing things is going to vary from New Age "the Truth is out there",
to an entrepreneur using the word hunch,
to a scientist like Einstein daydreaming of a sunbeam and thinking what if I went as fast as light?
to a Christian talking in greater or lesser terms about spirit/Spirit or God

Universities only really handle leftbrain stuff. it's the way Luciferians have set things up. Originally Oxford and Cambridge were Christian and you had tutors who were close to discipling mentors for your whole life.
Harvard was actually evangelical.

Luciferians and /Freemasons and Templars made sure that in creating their world that was going to act as a barrier to a buffer...they had to first put the breaks on Christianity using Deism, then slow things down spiritually altogether by creating a "secular bubble" world....more or less totally leftbrain, before eventually reintroducing spirituality in the opposite direction and setting up actual Luciferian rule.

So all 18th century pillars had to be invaded, secretly embedded with their people, then guided round to their actual plans.
Jewish seminaries and Christian seminaries were invaded quite deliberately with "higher criticism"....which was never higher was just plain Luciferian refutation of any belief system in God and His works. Law has been invaded. In the USA one of the biggest tools has been ACLU.

if you are not aware of this already please understand that the Elite are NOT SECULAR.
The Nazi Jew wing from the Black Forest Germany who are behind the worship of Molech at Bohemian Grove are out and out Luciferians.
Hitler was following a family tradition in his following spiritist guides.
All these Elite are plagued with the stuff.
It is perfectly normal that Clinton's wife should have a Christian front but make no bones about following the stars for guidance. This is totally their background over generations.

Dawkins is but a stooge for the elite....they themselves are not confined to secularism at all. Rothschild has recently built a new temple for Apollo in his Waddesdon House Aylesbury.

So why is Dawkins useful?
Encouraging a society which is trained mainly in maths , economics and engineering as the Protocols outline, creates almost a "cyberclass" who perform functions un flinchingly for the Master level or Master Class. This subclass are then in their downtime given
XFactor and Britain's Got Talent, and Pointless on be the slightly more benign equivalent to the Roman Coliseum...and if things get more barbaric it will be like Hunger Games.

As the New Age and it must also be said....scientific brain research is now demonstrating....we function best by being right and leftbrain balanced.

I think Martin or Mark felt I was being too dogmatic.
Leftbrain truth can only be dogmatic when it has facts to prove it.
Rightbrain truth can be dogmatic when it has fixed the "spirit" or the "attitude" or "inner agenda" of the ones doing the actions. In order to make headway with leftbrain people
Einstein must now write all his hunches in the form of mathematical proofs
Christians have to wait until certain precise "crossings of the line" (which is the word for transgression by the way) are measurable
Artists often have to wait decades to even articulate why on earth they were led to create a copy of their bedroom with an unmade bed (Tracey Emin)

So I am coming back to say
Not that "You should believe such and such"
But whatever you call things on your insides, you should be aware that there are two equally valid systems of weighing things up inside of you.

My experience in the last two years is that while piano tuning in particular....quite a meditative procedure....I have again and again been nudged in an Einstein sunbeam type of way into ways of thinking, which I have boldly learned to put up now on my statuses.

I have now lost count of the numbers of times now, within 2 days to 2 weeks that precise information is then spelled out in fact form on Youtube.
1.That it was no coincidence that modern psychology and psychiatry emanated from Vienna. The police state of the early 19th century was an early experiment in population control, and this was the very purpose that drove the study of how we tick. It wasn't random at all. Ofcourse, how we are led to believe history works, we are told all these things are random.

2. Anthropology in the 19th Century
The regimental study of all people groups and belief systems wasn't random interest. It was the direct result of cold planning by Freemasons as they began to roll out ways of getting grips on each culture to bring them under their control. Again, it is gaily painted to us as something the then peoples of the world just happened to think was time for study. Garbage.

So when i make dogmatic statements about is because the parts of us that have a feel for truth and reality...but at a more hunch turns out incredibly accurate....once temporary emotions have settled, and paranoiacal fears have been calmed.

So please...instead of reacting in leftbrain ways to what I am saying, try to ask yourself
Is Chris saying a rightbrain thing....and hasn't quite got the leftbrain measurements for it yet or is he really being dogmatic in the leftbrain.

I cannot force my "calling of God" this and that upon you, because spirit stuff is spirit stuff....deliberately I might we can learn this inward way....

but in our theology GOD is the ALL IN already.....even if it looks like Darkness. (All members in this group can believe whatever about the current situation....and attach whatever name tags or none)
In other words, as dark as a Hitler is really the rocket fuel behind the sort of supernatural power needed to raise up thousands and thousands and thousands across the earth to suddenly become Christians in their desperation. When i became a Christian Albania was more or less in complete God lock down....and ofcourse most of the Iron curtain. Arab nations had virtually no Christians and many other nations and tribes were similar. Quietly and unreported by Luciferian media, this has changed immensely in just 40 years. But like Britain, we have in these nations much immature Christianity. But babies always did cause effort....but aren't they lovely and full of life!!!!!
Here are some things I believe which I won't force on anyone here.
1. The Inner precedes the Outer
2. God says "yet once more will I shake the heavens and the earth as of things which can be shaken".
3, The outer is directly connected to the Inner.....and Christianity and in fact New Age is about reconnecting a humanity lost at sea.....back with its environment. The Romans 8 phrase is in the Living Bible and it is now a song
And all creation waits on tiptoe just to see
the sons of God come into their own.......(as in own inheritance, or come into what is rightfully theirs as fully mature inheritors of a property)

Tuesday 10 June 2014

For G-d has confined all in disobedience in order that He might have chaninah (mercy) on all

Romans 11
25 For I do not want you to be unaware, Achim b’Moshiach, of this raz (mystery), lest you be wise in your own estimation, that a hardening in part has come over Yisroel, until the full number of the Goyim has come in;

26 And so Klal Yisroel shall be delivered, as it is written: "Out of Tziyon shall come the Go’el (Deliverer, Redeemer); He will turn away, remove peysha from Ya’akov (Jacob),

27 "And this will be My Berit (covenant) with them, when I take away their sins" YESHAYAH 59:20-21; 27:9.

28 With regard to the Besuras HaGeulah they are oyevim (enemies) for your [you Goyim] sake, whereas with regard to the bechirah (election) they are beloved for the sake of the Avot (Fathers).

29 For the matnat Hashem and the kri’at Hashem are irrevocable.

30 For just as you Goyim were once without mishma’at to Hashem, but now have received chaninah (mercy, pardon) by their lack of mishma’at,

31 So also they have now been without mishma’at for your chaninah (mercy, pardon) in order that they also might receive chaninah (mercy) (Ro 9:15-16).

32 For G-d has confined all in disobedience in order that He might have chaninah (mercy) on all;

33 O the depth of the riches and the chochmah (wisdom) and da’as (knowledge) of Hashem. How unfathomable are His mishpatim and unsearchable His ways.

34 For who has known the Ruach of Hashem? Or who has been ISH ATZATO ("His Counselor") [Isa 40:13]?

25 Lest you be self-opinionated (wise in your own conceits), I do not want you to miss this hidden truth and mystery, brethren: a hardening (insensibility) has [temporarily] befallen a part of Israel [to last] until the [c]full number of the ingathering of the Gentiles has come in,

26 And so all Israel will be saved. As it is written, The Deliverer will come from Zion, He will banish ungodliness from Jacob.

27 And this will be My covenant (My agreement) with them when I shall take away their sins.

28 From the point of view of the Gospel (good news), they [the Jews, at present] are enemies [of God], which is for your advantage and benefit. But from the point of view of God’s choice (of election, of divine selection), they are still the beloved (dear to Him) for the sake of their forefathers.

29 For God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable. [He never withdraws them when once they are given, and He does not change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call.]

30 Just as you were once disobedient and rebellious toward God but now have obtained [His] mercy, through their disobedience,

31 So they also now are being disobedient [when you are receiving mercy], that they in turn may one day, through the mercy you are enjoying, also receive mercy [that they may share the mercy which has been shown to you—through you as messengers of the Gospel to them].

32 For God has consigned (penned up) all men to disobedience, only that He may have mercy on them all [alike].

33 Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unfathomable (inscrutable, unsearchable) are His judgments (His decisions)! And how untraceable (mysterious, undiscoverable) are His ways (His methods, His paths)!

34 For who has known the mind of the Lord and who has understood His thoughts, or who has [ever] been His counselor?
There are two great phrases there
For G-d has confined all in disobedience in order that He might have chaninah (mercy) on all;

for who has known the Ruach of Hashem

The Ruach of hashem descended for the first time upon Jesus at Jordan, then later at the birth of the church in Acts 2.

All peoples were divided at Babel talking different languages. All peoples who were atJerusalm in Acts 2 were united and found themselves suddenly speaking each other's languages and those of angels.

Both Jew and Gentile have to get caught up in this Ruach, because it is there and there only that the "former hostility is broken down" as it says in Ephesians, in the ONE NEW MAN.
Neither Jew nor Gentile continues in their former manner of life but has to learn a totally new one in Christ.
There are two great phrases there
For G-d has confined all in disobedience in order that He might have chaninah (mercy) on all;

for who has known the Ruach of Hashem

The Ruach of hashem descended for the first time upon Jesus at Jordan, then later at the birth of the church in Acts 2.

All peoples were divided at Babel talking different languages. All peoples who were atJerusalm in Acts 2 were united and found themselves suddenly speaking each other's languages and those of angels.

Both Jew and Gentile have to get caught up in this Ruach, because it is there and there only that the "former hostility is broken down" as it says in Ephesians, in the ONE NEW MAN.
Neither Jew nor Gentile continues in their former manner of life but has to learn a totally new one in Christ.

For who has known the MIND of the Lord?

For who has known the Ruach of Hashem ?    Ruach / Breath /Spirit

Now compare that with this....

Not the Place of the Ribcage, or place of the midriff, or place of the heart

2 Corinthians 10:5 in Youngs Literal Version
4 for the weapons of our warfare [are] not fleshly, but powerful to God for bringing down of strongholds,

5 reasonings bringing down, and every high thing lifted up against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of the Christ,

Do you see then how we in the West have even twisted such a Bible phrase to suit our own limited leftbrain understanding?
We say Mind of the Lord for Breath/Spirit of the Lord.

But Golgotha was the destruction of this LEFTBRAIN LOCK, that the Fall left us in.
This very article is me tearing down strongholds in our whole believing system. In the WEST this is HUGE.
We DO NOT KNOW GOD AFTER THE RUACH/ THE BREATH/THE SPIRIT and the whole Anglican Church in particular is completely dominated by this abberrant theology.
Proverbs 3 :5-6 says
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your insight   (It doesn't say don't use it)

Sunday 8 June 2014

Lost Spontaneity versus Saved Spontaneity by Brian Coatney

The original can be read here

God means for us to see that the pot (vessel) indwelled by Satan is the “old man” that Paul describes. This old man cannot be reformed but must die, meaning be crucified with Christ. The holdup on humanity’s end is the deception related to the law. Lost people think they can keep it, and carnal Christians think they should be like Jesus, which is the same thing. Mired up in deception at first, we think that God gives the Law so we will keep it, or at least get a passing grade, or perhaps God will grade on the curve.

However, only a perfect score passes. That’s shattering. It conditions us, however. God never EVER thought we could keep the Law. He’s laughing His head off and has been continually over what non-Christians and Christians alike think about the Law. He’s laughing, thinking, “They think they can keep it! Let’s pour it on, commandment after commandment, even though they never seem to wear down.

God must convince us of our need so that He can save us. Non-Christians and Christians battle the law, and God means us to because the law awakens us from our self-satisfied view of ourselves. Now even Paul’s testimony says, “I was alive without the Law once” (Rom. 7:9). But was he really alive? No, of course not. He felt good because things were going his way in his deceived state of thinking that he was keeping the law.

Dan Stone often told about the spontaneity of lost people—a spontaneity he enjoyed in his carefree days before the law. He then became a Christian but spent years trying to be like Christ, all the while secretly jealous of the non-Christians who still lived life spontaneously. After years of wearing down under the Law, Dan discovered that a Christian can live spontaneously by trusting Christ within to keep His own law. Dan saw that God uses the law to condition us away from self-effort and into Christ’s life in us as our supply. So there is a spontaneous version of the spontaneous life for a Christian.

Saturday 7 June 2014

Covenant in Process.....

Joan Reilly wrote this week

My son, Patrick is home from the hospital and out of danger of losing his life. I'm thanking God that I/we still have him to be the blessing in my/our life/lives that he is. Thank all of you who prayed for him from the bottom of my heart.

Covenant in Process....All In Christ the Head

I don't think he will mind me sharing this, but back in February and March Patrick was inspired to lose weight and began a diet of just juicing with vegetables and some fruits. He had done quite a lot of research on the subject of juicing and felt this was a healthy way to lose weight and get into better shape. He was very faithful in his endeavor and he stuck with just juice for over forty days. At this same time, he quit smoking and was on his way to the healthiest he's been in his nearly 38 years. He lost 40 pounds and looked and felt great. He told us he had never felt so energetic, alert and fit. He slowly began adding (mostly) healthy food back into his diet and kept pretty much on the straight and narrow.

About three weeks ago, he began feeling terrible. Gradually, daily he began to decline. I being the over- mother that I am, began urging him to see his doctor. You know how mothers are. He would say "I'll be alright" as we all so often think we are. My dear friends and ministry partners, Rich and Linda and I pray together most every night. This has been our practice for over two years. Of course we've been praying for Patrick recently because he wasn't feeling well. As the days progressed it became apparent to me that he was in trouble. When I mentioned this to Rich and Linda they kept urging me to see to it that he gets checked out. I said, Patrick something drastic is happening to you. I treaded lightly because I didn't want to overstep but I was worried...very worried but didn't know what more to say. Finally, Linda said just tell him to please "do it for me" which was exactly the key words that moved my sweet son to get checked out. You see, my son would do anything for me. The next day we went to the emergency room where tests were run as we waited nine hours for him to be admitted. It was discovered that his kidneys had failed completely. He began being treated immediately. He was hospitalized for nine days where many more tests were performed and where he had five dialysis treatments. He had excellent medical care. After all was said and done, the doctors told my son that had he waited a day or two more, he would not have made it. The toxins, fluids and poisons in his blood would have overtaken his body beyond the point of no return.

Here's my point in writing other than to thank you for your wonderful prayers and to publicly thank God for my son.
I thank God for using Linda to speak those words of urgency which I repeated verbatim. I attribute God using Linda to sustain and even save the life of my son.

I thank God for His idea of putting Rich, Linda and me together in a covenant by his very own hand. This is the not forsaking the assembling together, having no need and all things in common. This is what we call Church. I believe I have my son because of His Church! God bless you all.

As I write this, my precious friend, Linda is undergoing her first dialysis. I and her other covenant partner, her wonderful husband continue to lift her up to the Lord to sustain and even save her life. Praise His wonderful Name.

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Jinny Hofer So happy for you and Patrick. Answered prayers for sure. He's healed because of Jesus and the Father love him. And you too Linda, just because He loves you you are healed!!!! Is a finished work
31 May at 06:51 · Like · 4

Joan Reilly Amen Jinny.
31 May at 06:53 · Like · 2

Heidi Marshall Oh Joan, this is such a heartfelt testimony to our Lord Jesus.
I am so blessed to have been able to share a part and have been touched by your tiny church so deeply in my own life too.
God gave us mothers that instinct that so drives our kids nuts! Yet, we cannot help it, it's a real as our hearts that beat. I thank God that you still have your son. I thank God that Rich "IN" Christ! Church saved my life.
I thank God that Linda is finally on dialysis too and the water weight is leaving her body along with all the toxins and poisons.
I thank God for the 'no condemnation' message that I received from The Lord using Rich, Linda & yourself. It is that message that finally has me walking in step with The Real Gospel and feeling and receiving the true Grace of God.
I pray and dream of the day we can all meet and worship together ... it is a very deep longing I have in my soul.
Sometimes the paths you walk seem barren, as though nobody is listening to Rich, yourself and Linda, yet someone is. A small nobody here in England, for some crazy reason, only He knows, I didn't commit suicide because of your tiny church across the Atlantic.
Size, distance & time are nothing to God.
You, my dear sister, are one of my most beautiful blessings, yet I have never heard your voice.
I love you
31 May at 09:54 · Like · 2

Joan Reilly Oh Heidi, you have no idea how this blesses my heart. Since we've known you we have been so encouraged by your own testimony. How I can identify with you how God used Rich Novek to save my life too. That's why I wanted to to be part of his ministry. It has become my life's calling to see others "hear" the true Gospel as God reveals it through Rich. I'm so glad you have shared your heart as you confirm that God put me here for a reason and if I never received another testimony such as yours, this is more than enough to fulfill His faithfulness in my heart. I know for a fact that Rich and Linda feel exactly the same way. God bless you my friend. Yes, we will meet at some point and won't it be glorious! Love you dear friend!
31 May at 10:39 · Edited · Like · 3

Rich Novek Wow, Joanie you once asked me, "Rich, if I am the only one who ever receives what it is you are saying, will that be enough?"

And all I could think about at that time was all the broken dreams and lost opportunities, all the years of being thrown up on God's shelf and passed over, the years of not seeing my 5 kids, the struggle with all the addictions that are common to men, the 11 years of striving for the 4 college degrees that I would never use, and the 20 miserable years I spent behind the wheel of a truck longing for the REAL God of ALL Grace one minute and hating Him the next! And on top of all of it, watching all that I thought He promised me come to nothing over a period of 30 plus years. And that doesn't include my illnesses and injuries that devastated me physically and financially over the past 10 plus years, or all that Linda has gone through as we watched God pull us butt first through the eye of the needle!

If I remember right my answer at that time was "I don't know." But after reading this dialogue between you and Heidi and knowing who both of you beautiful ladies are as I do, I would NOW have to say a resounding "YES" to that same question if you were to ask me today! And the reason why? Without you here there would be no book that Heidi could have reached for on that day! And without you, who God has used to save me and Linda IN more ways than we can imagine, this message of FREEDOM would not have had the chance to end up IN England for precious Heidi and her daughter!

God said IN Zechariah He searched for just One to stand IN the gap, and there is not one person on this planet that could ever convince me that One was not Christ IN the Joan Reilly form, and that because of the revelation of Christ as her IN her weakness, is the most selfless, loving, and giving person I have EVER known!

And YES Heidi, mark my words, we will see you face to face at some point and what a day of rejoicing that will be!
31 May at 13:58 · Like · 4

Joan Reilly WOW! I'm speechless!
31 May at 14:59 · Like · 3

Linda Novek Congratulation, Patrick! I'm home too....feeling good also! This is just the beginning of feeling better for us both. God is IN this my brother from another mother! I will continue to pray for you! Love you.....
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Betty Lorine Schwabedissen Reading through this whole communication from all of my Sisters and Brothers In Christ has made my day like none other for a long time! I was crying and Praising Father God all through all the stories and responses and feel like I KNOW you all as we are ONE IN CHRIST! This small group of Temples that Father has put in my path here on Gracebook has been my church for the last several months NOW and I feel so apart of each one of You as we are Part of ONE ANOTHER IN CHRIST JESUS our Lord who lives and abides in each one of us! lOVE YOU ALL AND PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES EVERY NIGHT WITH MY PRAYER PARTNER...MY TWIN SISTER JEAN MEPPEN...WE ARE ONE IN FLESH AND SPIRIT AND FATHER GOD HEARS OUR PRAYER REQUESTS FOR ALL OF YOU THROUGH THE SPIRIT THAT LIVES IN US...CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF...AMEN & AMEN
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Rich Novek Awww, we love you too Betty and Jean. God be praised for bringing us all together as His body, so He can live, move, and have His being IN us by His amazing Grace!

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Christ and Christ crucified

but we preach Christ crucified, unto Jews a stumblingblock, and unto Gentiles foolishness;1 Cor 1:23

For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.1 Cor 2:2

Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified.Galatians 3:1

Paul said I preach Christ and Christ crucified.
Somebody wrote yesterday that he didn't get all this what he called New Age talk about I Am, and things like that...he just believed in the simplicity of Christ. All sorts of people liked this and probably I would like this in one way.

This is what came to me this morning while driving.....
Paul said he would build on no other foundation than the foundation laid, who is Christ. He wasn't in a hurry to build on another man's work.

 I was reminded of people who try to help clear the homes of hoarders. Now hoarders are the actual problem...not the inanimate objects they hoard. But there is only usually one hoarder. In pre established churches you have loads of "hoarders" all interacting and all connected to all sorts of wrong spirits over years and years.

Every wrong doctrine or "wrong seeing" has a spirit attached. So if you look in the Spirit you have loads of hoarders of traditions of men, of wrong perceptions of an angry distant God, of works to appease this God, of reluctance to be really really real with men and with can understand Paul.

 The Holy Spirit drew my attention to the two phrases...I preach Christ and Christ crucified. People who talk of the simplicity of Christ usually mean they preach the forgiveness of Christ through His Blood. In their heads they are thinking or presuming, as I was, that this also covered the phrase Christ crucified. But no. Paul is being specific. He means the whole raft of his teaching that is summed up in Galatians 2:20, and Romans 6 to 8, and was initially quite particular to him and the spirit the other Apostles had come into....and that is what they all referred to as laying a foundation of Christ.

I am not sure that the one who was extolling the simplicity of Christ wasn't wanting the second message particularly...the FULL EXTENT OF THE CHRIST CRUCIFIED MESSAGE.