Saturday 29 September 2012

1 Corinthians 12 Fascism

This is hopefully a more light hearted post and before I start, if I crush a few toes, I really am not referring to anything I've just heard, or anything that has happened in my locality or on Facebook recently. But if the cap fits, wear it and chuck it in the bin!

I have written many posts about the positive and negative of 1 Corinthians 12.
The Body has Apps

1 Corinthians 12 again

The fascism referred to in the title is the condition Paul is describing when a body part says that because another body part is different then it has no need of it.

Which is basically a humorous idea! It's hilarious. Meant to be.
Because if our own bodies behaved as we do in the Body of Christ, it would be extremely bad news for our existence on earth as an individual!!!

I'm sorry that as yet I have no categorical blueprint as to what the 12 characteristics of the tribes of Israel and the corresponding 12 character traits of the disciples are, so we'll have to work with personal observations of people types in churches as they come to the Lord and DON'T really get to grips with what God is actually wanting to do with them.

For you see, every single one of us is geared to having God live through them to excel in certain characteristics which they are particularly well suited for. But we also know something of darkness. We still have tendencies to carry on living in old now defunct  "independent self" mindframes, and in this condition we continue to impose "our way of thinking and seeing" upon other people as if it's a relevant guage of measurement for anyone else.

So how does this work?

The Musician and Creative Fascist
Well let's take me, a musician. Bono of U2 describes it well. We are divas. We love an audience. Because U2 have spent years battering the edges off each other (Except The Edge perhaps), Bono can speak lightheartedly about his tendencies.

You imagine, a musician who writes music and finds that it moves people powerfully. That they love it. That they love you for it.

Now if that's not intoxicating enough, imagine it all hyped up into the stratosphere as God anoints you with the Spirit, to sing songs prophetically off the cuff. To inspire you with songs that you just know you were not capable of writing....or at the very least...not to order. And that these songs are deemed worthy of publishing, or people buying CDs.

How incredible that is!  Then add to that that God Himself. The God of the Universe has determined that praisers and worshippers, musicians, the Tribe of Judah....GO FIRST.

So take this into the independent self realm, and you begin to understand how the first worshipleader, Lucifer himself....gets it so wrong....completely oversteps the limit....and all his musical followers do the same.

Now imagine a whole generation like ours who God chooses to bring forth a new revelation about worship and praise through. The calling is legitimate ofcourse....BUT THE FASCISM ISN'T.

And so in this very day and age God is having to counteract this very fascism.

The Be all and End  All of Church is not worship in the form of singing songs. Worship is huge, and it is the subject of my new worship series. But that which God is bringing forth in his Church concerns the birth of His Son into every area of life.

There is however a natural filter system in life for musicians, creatives and prophetic people. Quite often they are inept at many practical sides of life and this is constantly pointed out.  The other thing is that outside the context of meetings and listening to music, music as a subject is nearly irrelevant, especially in a country as leftbrain as England is.

Finally, have you ever heard a musician or prophetic character talk naturally? Everyone else talks normally in a linear fashion. They say what they mean and build their conversation in easy to follow stages.

Someone like St John in his gospel represents this other type of person. They talk in parallel all at once. It's like having 5 completely different ideas land in the same sentence at the same time!!! It's as though while a normal person has a normal fuel feed  to his head, the creative has a huge thick fuel lead which in turn within it has five separate pipes, and people are meant to be able to follow  this simultaneous gush of information. Well, it may work in poetry, or in sung poetry, like Suzanne Vega, or Shakespeare plays, or in prophetic utterance, but it sure as anything won't get you far at Tescos!!!!  So this helps counteract Musician Fascism enormously!!!

The Teacher Fascist
In a leftbrain culture this has come to mean a leftbrain articulate person who can string together ideas in a logical fashion, even when they shouldn't be. And they impose this on other Christians.
They are really necessary so they are found in all areas of learning, including outside of pure education , in work environments, and the media.

Just as the musician is undergoing a role redefinition in the third level, so will the role of the teacher.
Daniel Yordy and I have already observed this some 30 years ago, so we are not saying anything strikingly new, it's just the rest of the church didn't know the third level exists so it comes as news to them.

In a Greco-Roman based world, teachers have a clearly defined leftbrain template. The Hebrew perception of teaching was far more rounded, as is understood in the Eastern world ; for it has to do with wisdom, or application of knowledge, and deep and penetrative insight into who we are as humans. In a secular environment where we are more or less understood to be thinking machines with no spiritual element , or if this is acknowledged it is more or less assumed to be part of the substratum of the same brain machinery, so much of what the Holy Spirit, who has come to lead us into all truth teaches, largely by revelation, is absolutely meaningless to Westerners.

Sadly in the first two church worlds, three, if you include the secular church world,
Level 0....cultural Christianity by philosophy
Level 1 ...the evangelical world
Level 2...the pentecostal/charismatic Christian world

teaching takes this sole leftbrain form.

Probably the extreme form of ludicrousy is when the Catholic Charismatic Renewal at Ann Arbor, followed by John Wimber in his dicipleship manual, tried to reduce teachings on the Holy Spirit-filled life to  a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil format, eminently titled
Living in the Spirit Seminars.

Some measure of this was repeated through Selwyn Hughes teaching seminars.

I must stress, as in the modern day Alpha Courses which have penetrated traditional UK churches so effectively, that ALL of these courses have served a real function and were reflective more of where the church was at at the time. But overall it IS A FORM OF FASCISM to which the third level church, or mature version of church is not CALLED.  It's passing the GRECO-ROMAN mindset right through what is really a totally NEW CREATION that has never been truly seen on the Earth in any fulness....

A Body of multinational believers ALL IN UNION with their Saviour, expressing Him through spirit,mind,will,emotions, and body.

The Teacher already has his come uppance in recent years as the discoveries in brain research have begun to weaken their domination over the Body of Christ.  Frequently, and rightly, they are observed to be "anal" in their attention to the minutest detail. Now in some cases this is important, because of the phrase "the devil is in the detail". But teachers don't seem to be fitted with an off switch. They seem to have poor empathy skills, concerned primarily with getting their teaching across, whether anyone is even mildly interested or not.

Very rightbrained individuals and also very empathetic individuals who are also quite poor at articulating to any complicated degree, have suffered over centuries from teachers, who have been given way too much prominance in place of other humble souls who have got on for years helping others and serving them.

The Evangelist Fascist
I have yet to meet an evangelist who has the vision of the Body of Christ.
Paul Noble may be the nearest in recent years who has both, and in time past, I felt that Stan Warren of Emsworth had some perception of both. Stan was to have gone off with his wife to the Australian Inland Mission but a Divine Encounter with some traffic and a hospital bed for both of them arrested their plans, and they came to Emsworth and submitted into learning about how the Body of Christ really operates under the teaching and impartation of Ian McCulloch, Ed Miller and Jorge Pradas.

You see, neither David Hathaway,Morris Cerullo and Rheinhard Bonnke seem to "get" what the Church is?
Just about all the evangelistic people on Facebook I talk with have the same problem.
Their understanding of the Church is completely fascistic. It's somewhere to tuck their new converts so they never have to bother with them again, while they go out and blast new converts in.

Well, honour where honour is due. Unless the gospel is preached how are people going to hear? And evangelists up until now know that most churches develop this insular, navel-gazing approach, and never actually reach people, so you can understand their total frustration.

My frustration ,and I think it's born from God's own heart, so it is also His frustration is that
They preach forgiveness.Now Jews used to preach forgiveness too, all  while killing Jesus. Forgiveness represents approximately one tiny third of the gospel message.
Some are actually starting to understand that God IS ABOUT RECONCILING the world to Himself
But that also falls short of the whole picture.
The whole picture MUST INCLUDE what went wrong in Genesis 3, and how completely and effectively the Cross has met that problem head on. I haven't yet met an evangelist who gets that to anywhere near the level that Norman Grubb defines in his lifelong faith resume here:

So evangelists in their current form are relics from a first and secondlevel church period, that manage to get the seed of Life into someone's heart, but really don't have the first clue what they just did, a bit like a sixteen year old who gets his hapless girlfriend pregnant, and they both stick the newborn child in some social adoption programme, to be raised impersonally and without any clear identity to who they are....which is ofcourse the church as organisation ...or as pile of unrelated bricks...which is the format we have on the streetcorners the world over.

So ofcourse evangelists become quite fascistic in their almost robotic, military herding style of scooping as many unsuspecting individuals into the herding pens as possible.


there is a catch....

you actually need to have revelation about what all the New Testament letters are on about and not just head knowledge learned in a factory farm like
or Alpha Courses....

This is the social justice person gone mad....gone to the nth extreme.
There's a whole load of these on facebook. They are people who rightly, are frustrated at being totally overlooked in churches by imperious teachers and pastors, who, paid tithes, swan around in arecognised way in the communities, whereas often the people quietly getting on with Kingdom caring and pouring out themselves for others, are unfunded, poorly articulate themselves, and are often just taken for granted.
So, in reaction, they in turn become as fascistic in their approach to helping people as other ministries are in their areas. In the carers favour I have to say that the Bible says nothing about pastors or single figureheads heading up local churches. This is pure human invention and has no part in God's Melchizedek Church.
There are elders in God's church by virtue of knowing who they are in God, and being "elder" in the faith until the others around them become elder in their faith!
There are NO hard and fast guidelines to supporting or not of ministries. If you are being greatly used for a time, then you are going to find it hard to hold down a normal job....but perhaps things will steady out, or God will call you aside, and you can get some normal sort of employment again. Everything is fluid. St Paul went to virgin areas and wouldn't let any of them say that they paid for the gospel in any way....he completely funded himself, particularly in the early founding stages of a work.
Back to Carers.
Now I have some authority to say this because I have been a musician in many forms of God's church in the 70s and 80s, and twenty years ago felt to lay the whole thing down....partly to learn the third level, but more directly to learn that Chris Welch is Chris Welch. I was beginning to get an identitiy that was too wrapped up in the creative or prophetic things God did through me....but had to learn whether God never does a thing like that through me again, I am still God's Chris Welch. He in me is my identity and that is enough.

Most carers types I have met are doing their stuff for mixed motives. Some part of it is naturally "them". That is, as God created them. Some part of it is just works. They are driven to do something in a church system which largely exploits this in order that the pastors or church leaders can then "look more successful" as a church.

These sort of folk are the worst...oh especially when they are evangelistic as well.
They are the worst form of Salvation Army types.
But they also exist in most churches.
There will always be these tensions between all the different functions in the Body of Christ. Jesus Christ seems to have formed His church with the need for masses of Cross experience just to interrelate as His Body.
All kinds of tensions were running beneath the surface in the Gospels as the disciples learned to live together.
You even had Judas piling the pressure on when Mary "wasted" a whole years wages in perfume on Jesus feet. That money could have been given to the poor Jesus. (Then it hints that his real motivation was that he was the treasurer!!!) 
Carers will always be putting pressure on to meet the very real needs of folk. In God this is right. When it's not God though it's a false fascism that ties up the rest of the Body who should be really getting on with what God is doing through them.

Now in any bunch of people leaders emerge.
They just think on a bigger organisational scale.
I was going to do a whole post just on this alone two years ago but never got around to it.
I was going to call it the QUARTERMASTER SYNDROME

This is an identifiable type that profit from other's hardship. In Dad's Army it was the spiv type character who always knew where the bargain offers were. Monetarily these people always station themselves in between supply and customer. It's a natural entrepreneurial streak. This would be the person who got the Quartermaster position in the services.  They'd be in control of who got what.
On the large scale the 13 luciferian dynasties have positioned themselves at the gateway of all the main areas of our international,monetary,political, artistic, etc etc A secretive council of 300 rule the entire world behind a glassfrontage of people we know, like President Obama, and our English politicians.

In any church the prophetic seems to fall foul of leadership.Leaders, as I said are the invention of God, because they have this natural flare for administration which works extremely well when you have a whole group of people trying to assert their own rights and needs.

One of the worst aspects of leader fascism is this FEEDBACK LOOP they get themselves into.
It works like this:
God honours leadership
God put me here
I am honoured

What may actually be happening is:
God has honoured this person as leader
I must submit faithfully to this leader
I get my identity in the reflection that comes from my relationship to this leader
He/she is honoured

Prophetic people who get their self-identification more from their quest for absolute truth
are a real pain to leadership fascists, because they seem quite rebellious, and don't seem to be
honoring that "very serious honour bestowed me by God Himself".

So instead of realising and honoring God in their own innate flare for getting a handle on the larger picture, the leader fascist sees everyone else through his own distorted lens of whether they have as much ability in leading. The ones who don't ofcourse are in some way lesser.

In other words the leader fascist measures everything by the size of pyramid of which he is the peak.
This is particularly dodgy in first and secondlevel churches.

Why so?
As we read in John 6, there comes a time in every Kingdom leader's life where they have to face the question of what the Gospel really is about. If they flunk it, they effectively lead the church in a 40 year wilderness journey which is totally without meaning and simply avoids the path designated by God to get them into the Land and exercising godly authority in their local area.  Jesus DIDN'T Flunk IT, but to the leader fascist He behaved like a complete dork, because He lost all His multitude, except for 12 lonely looking disciples.

There are many very successful churches numerically on Facebook. There are many leaders who are experiencing great and encouraging additions to their flock. I have had leaders really looks down at me and calls into question my own "fruit". But I look straight at them and say "Yes, but have you actually ever spelled out John 6 to your own congregation?"

Ofcourse no first and secondlevel church have, they simply haven't had that revelation yet. This is the territory of the "exposure of the independent self"....and it is the one all fascist leaders back away from because it is not faced in their own lives.

To conclude then, there is ONLY ONE LIFE going on in the Universe. God. Who is self-giving Love.
If we live one iota outside of this Life expressing itself through us, then those assets which  are our natural strengths and abilities start crossing the borderline that enters into a form of fascism. And it is this very fascism that hinders the Body from building each other up, and instead dissipates the power and the glory of the Body into the fractured mess we see today, with various relics of different very real moves of God distributed on every street corner.

"You DO NOT DISCERN THE BODY OF CHRIST ARIGHT. For this reason many of you are sick and some have already DIED."

Friday 28 September 2012

Through the Eye of the Needle - Frances Ashcroft

Facebook  on Friday, 28 September 2012 at 19:02 ·
When my kids were much younger, twenty-five years ago
Unemployed, our bills past due, and rent we did owe

During that difficult time a lesson I learned
God will supply all our "needs", when money's not earned

He will not only provide, He'll always exceed
Maybe not all that we "want", but all that we "need"

He just wants us to trust HIM with all of our heart
It's HIS faith He has given, that HE did impart

"Through the eye of the needle", the Lord said we'd go
At that time when He said that, little did I know

The circumstances that HE would bring us through
But, here and now at THIS time, I think that I do

Now, the rest of this poem, to GOD is a prayer
And you may pray in agreement, if you are HIS heir

Life's burdens are easy when we take on YOUR yoke
To YOU and YOU alone, CHRIST, we only invoke

LORD, with YOUR help we'll focus upon YOU our KING
However YOU choose to, GOD, all we need YOU'll bring

Through the eye of the needle, we will enter in
Leaving all else behind us, this race we will win

As we seek first YOUR Kingdom, we let everything go
Then all else shall be added, through Christ it will flow

So, to worry, doubt and fear we will yield no more
You've proven Yourself faithful, always, here-to-fore

We've been taught through past lessons that we've undergone
YOUR Providence in our life, we can depend on

Lord, we ask, take us further than we've ever been
Through the eye of the needle, and then out again

Where covetousness and greed no longer have hold
But to YOU and YOUR Kingdom we are wholly sold

Our life for YOUR Life, Oh God, is quite the exchange
This is something YOUR Spirit can only arrange

Now in one accord, God, we give YOU our will
Trusting that all YOUR purpose in us YOU'll fulfill

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Worship series Part Two- Digging Out The Ears

This is the second Part of The One True Worship of the One True God
So, if in the first part we laid the cornerstone of true worship, lets go back a bit and expand some of the parts of this cornerstone, which is ofcourse the New and Living Way through Christ's own flesh and blood back into a relationship with Our Daddy God, Abba....the One, really as human beings we have spent thousands of years estranged from.

The header  image quotes John 4 and it says some powerful things.

  • that there is such a thing as TRUE WORSHIP, implying that there is a false worship.
  • It's stating a firm YEA and Amen statement of prophecy that  THIS WILL COME ABOUT. It's firm. It's definite. There's no question about it. There's no arguing. We know what we currently see with our eyes.....but since when have our eyes told us the truth about what IS TO COME? Or as Jesus puts it often "What is now already....and Is TO COME."
  • It's ALL ALL ALL about the Father, in the sense that Jesus wants a whole bunch of companion Brothers and Sisters with whom to worship and give consummate glory to His Father. see Hebrews Chapter 2 verse 11:
11 For both He who sanctifies and those who are [l]sanctified are all from one Father; for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren, 12 saying,
“I will proclaim Your name to My brethren,
In the midst of the congregation I will sing Your praise.”
  • This will come about, but NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER,BUT BY MY SPIRIT says the Lord. Worship is in spirit. Because God is Spirit, Jesus says. 
  • GOD IS LOVE. GOD IS HOLY. All these things are communicated in Spirit. If we were not of the same substance and likeness of God we would feel awkward. We actually would not be able to bear it. Psalm 1:Not so the wicked: But -- as chaff that wind driveth away!......Therefore the wicked rise not in judgment, Nor sinners in the company /assembly/congregating of the righteous,
  • And in truth . 
Which is the main subject of this post.
Digging Out the Ears.

Three words and phrases.
Digging Out The Ears.

We are to build our house upon the Rock. Anything else is to build upon sand, and the storms come, and what looked so good, comes tumbling and crashing down because it has no foundation.

Knowing the deep things of God awaits the work of the Spirit of God in the believer. Jesus did not play the game of modern religion—that of trying to fabricate a life and then present it to the Father as an offering.Who is the Life in Paul’s writing? We know Galatians 2:20: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.” This coupled with Galatians 4:19, “until Christ be formed in you,” presents the idea of who the Life is and where he is. It is in Paul and it looks like Paul.In Colossians 1:27 Paul speaks of “Christ in you.” Dan Stone

Digging out the ears is both a longterm process,as well as meaning just a set point in time,on a certain day or in a certain gathering of God's people.
I associate the phrase with a couple of places in scripture and the time period God spoke through Stuart Wentworth and Ian McCulloch in Emsworth to introduce the concept.

Strong's Hebrew: 3738. כָּרָה (karah) -- dig
[כוּר] verb meaning dubious, perhaps bore, or dig, or hew (DlProl. ... כ Psalm 40:7 ears hast thou dug (with allusion to the cavity of the ear) for me, thou hast given me the means of hearing and obeying thy will. ... KJV: in my grave which I have digged for me in the land ... NAS: which hENDe had cut out for himself in the city ...End quote
It was the first week of my arrival in Emsworth. A prophet had come to our door Nathan style, to question me regarding adultery. Within hours I was in another church in another part of Britain stripped of everything and everyone I knew. If anything is going to get your attention and begin digging things out, a supernatural brush with the government of God is probably going to do it.

You see, like many of the Bible characters, this was IN THE CONTEXT of God's people ,of worship,of  a relationship with that's going to get your attention. How can I be this sinful?Where did that all come from in the midst of this wonderful Holy Spirit life?  So effectively, your inner ear starts getting pinned back, and you nolonger take anything for granted. Because if not even God stuff is to be trusted, what's going on?

Well God stuff IS TO BE TRUSTED. But not the way we interface with it.
God stuff I continued to learn is not just Leftbrain learning. And it's not just charismatic feeling,or to put it more accurately not just surface feelings which rise and fall with the wind.
Whole philosophical movements swing pendulum style from generation to generation on whether to trust feelings or the insight. In themselves, the enemy can draw upon either and lead us astray. So we must learn a deeper way....and indeed this is HOW we begin to learn Spirit.

For God CAN be in feelings and He can be in thoughts, but the Bible says the mature know how to train their senses in righteousness.

The question we are asking ourselves really is WHAT IS GOD DOING?
To see with a single eye is to see what God is really about in a matter.There  really is only One Life going on in the Universe. Everything else doesn't really flow. Is not really happening. There is no grace for it. God's not really in it. It is empty. It feels really heavy to our insides.....things like that.

But even those things can be manipulated. Daniel Yordy calls it " we only learn by story....our story"
And like walking , we learn by falling on our face.
Proverbs 1 describes a kind of extreme version. To summarise, we swing along in life, in our naivety thinking what purports to be wisdom is really heavy and restrictive, and we are really sure that while it might be OK for some people, there is no way that message is for us personally....until....suddenly we find ourselves without any more rope. We've actually gone over the precipice, and we can't just turn back. We may be allowed further time on earth, but one thing is for sure....our Eden is no more....and if we are going to learn anything and not remain ignorant all our life, we have to,in the face of very real obstacles,and wisdom appearing to call us names.....Dig INTO the unseen world
by faith, and CALL our self by a NEW resurrected in Jesus 2000 years ago.

And it's hard, because all else is screaming at us that it s not so. Now it would have been  easier perhaps for us to have learned this when our life was still looking pretty normal. But somehow we don't. And it was the same for the Bible Peter, who told everyone unequivocally that there was no way on God's earth a person like him would ever deny Jesus. Jesus roundly addressed him and said not only will will do it three times.
And when it came to it was worse still...because Peter used the foulest of language to accompany it.

So, as I said digging out our ears has a longer arc to it , over months and years and decades. But thankfully there's a short instant meaning to it too.  Until we are practically just living there.

Any time we are seeking God.
Having meetings.
We are really having our ears dug by the Holy Spirit. He has to do it. And He will instruct us what He wants us to do to help bring it about.
One session for me was when He put it on my heart to get up early and wait upon Him. No praying. No praising. No tongues.Just waiting. Wow...that was hard...and the times I dosed. But I knew there was no condemnation.

There is a verse which I want to bring up here : Psalm 51:17The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.

The verse appears in the context of people doing outer forms of penance or religious activity  but not engaging on their insides.

The thing is we are incapable of being contrite in the natural. This sort of phrase is something the Holy Spirit works in us and it is the working of His grace. Just getting up at 5am to do some religious activity is a load of rubbish...even if it is written in the Bible. "Seek Him early".

This is Law. Jesus Himself awakes in us the things He's asking us to do...or not do.
Churches are filled with people who know the verse about God dwelling among a people of contrite heart. The old denominations are filled with this stuff. Well if He dwells in this stuff why is there no revival?

Because 98% of it is just pure religion. Not only have we got to the stage of mimicking penance with all the outward show that is criticised in Psalm 51, we've now reproduced the "inner contrition" with manufactured religious soap opera. Trouble is the Holy Spirit knows this stuff. And His Spirit people perceive it too.

No, in third level terms Psalm 51:17 is just a state of believing.
Are you a self-powered human self, swanning around making your choices as some sort of independent self picking from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.....??? your life clearly demonstrates...that just doesn't work does it? You see, the independent posturing doesn't exist.
That very spirit, is hooked into the devil himself. It is he in fact living his life through you. Which is why it is so puzzling for charismatics, where one minute they are soaring into the heavens in praise and a very real sense of the Presence of God....but their day to day living just doesn't cut it. And the more they try, as Romans 7 says,the more their noses are pressed against the glass to realise that the "independent state" just doesn't exist. It's a lie.

So a contrite heart, is one that permanently has reached this realisation....and even though he or she slip in future...they don't have to beat themselves up to much about it...but more like getting back on a bike...realise Life is in the Son...literally. That our life IS ACTUALLY HIS LIFE. There's not two of us. I have died as all of Adam died in the Cross, and my life is now hidden within Christ IN GOD.
This is really what the phrase "Henceforth we see no man after the flesh means."
We see ourselves, other Christians, and nonbelievers all as one having been created to have God live through. And yes we can't help but observe then "false seeing" on our insides and other's insides as all of us seek to overstep the mark of what God is actually doing. But this is the true Spirit meaning of Psalm 51:17.

This is having our ears dug out.
This is getting down to THE ROCK and building upon it, firmly and surely.
What must we be doing to do the works of God? Believe ON ME says Jesus, and Him who sent Me.What do you mean believe on You?
Believe that I am from God. That I am a new entity called the Son of Man, living entirely IN the Father who sent Me. That such a Life exists and that I am reproducing this very same Life in you as you take My Word and believe it.
Contrite heart is where you allow Me to disabuse you totally of the notion that there exists a self-powered life. That you must choose between one of two Deities living through you as you...and instead of the devil, you have chosen Me and the very Life by which
I lived as a man, from the Father in heaven.

Digging out the ears also means forming the mechanism whereby we can hear and act on the Faith that actually is the faith of Christ Himself.
Faith does not come from the Word of God direct.
Paul said there is an intermediary stage.
Faith comes by hearing, and hearing....spiritul formed or comes by the Word of God.

So to sum up. Worship, unlike praise, which is commanded of us in whatever spiritual state we find ourselves, comes from a different place.Worship bubbles up from this newly excavated discovery of the ROCK within us, which is Christ's actual Life.

Praise, as we have been taught is how we enter into His courts. "I will enter into His gates (the external part of the Tabernacle) with thanksgiving and His courts with praise."
The Lord's Prayer starts
Our Father
who art in heaven
Hallowed be your Name.....

But worship comes out of "true inward seeing"
it comes out of Jesus consciousness
It is actually Jesus praising His own Father from within the entire congregation.Remember the Hebrews passage? He is not ashamed to call us His brethren.

After the mid section of the Lord's our internal seeing has again been adjusted
we rise, with force, and conviction and power and declaration,
and we all say  with Jesus Himself

For Thine Father is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory
Forever and eveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr

You getting the hang of it?

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Notes on why history is so important

Why is it important to know as much about history as we can?
Because the template of the spirit world, although it always has a different outsides changes not from generation to generation.

Just about the only missing strand missing from the trial of Jesus is drugs...or perhaps there was something we dont know about.

Britain has been built on the slave trade and the drug trade...and Royalty were right in the thick of it. One of the first uses of Kew Gardens was to develop opium production.
But just about all the other forms of manipulation on all levels were all part of Jesus trial.

Tavistock and the military, particularly military intelligence and mind control come up again and again.

Rothschild it seems is , by virtue of Satanic ritual and rape, the relation of all manner of key figures.

Tavistock seemed to have spawned Stalin and Hitler. And elsewhere I read Pol Pot. and Mao and Lenin were all trained by a related course (somehow Rothschild linked) in Paris.

This is why the same blueprint of horrendous terror emerges when dictators take over. It's basically the same plan repeated over and over with the changing of American Laws by stealth today , plus FEMA camps plus enormous passenger trains being built we can know that everything is going in only one direction.

Tavistock were behind Woodstock being flooded with LSD. And the police forces were instructed to arrest nobody...this ofcourse was so a whole generation could be hooked on LSD. The other thing was that the Peace Mov't and some of the hippy philosophies had to be quickly broken before they sabotaged the Pyramids of control being set up to establish NWO.

EMI Studios isn't what we think. It was a centre of military communications equipment until Bankers saw that a new market could be developed>>>the profit...and also as leverage for controlling attitudes and overturning long established structures barricading international takeover. The Beatles actually weren't quite the success story we were told. rent a crowd was used in the beginning to kickstart their careers into stellar stardom(if you can have stellar stardom).

Why drugs. Why music?
For establishing control overtly and subliminally. How?
By rewarding and promoting everyone that was moving in a rebellious direction.
Who was Ken Kesey?
of One flew over the Cuckoos nest?
In some way involved with the Tavistock mindcontrol programme alongside Timothy Leary.
It was Ken Kesey who was commissioned to hand out all the free drugs at Woodstock.

The spirit world has a department that pushes drugs and drink.(Made sure Noah got drunk in the OT)
Why...cos they want us to have a good time?
Addictions and drugs lead to possession. Possession leads to control. The control leads to people being compromised and twisted into world takeover by demonic spirits. etc etc.

The more we discern this stuff from the past...the more we recognise the patterns recurring in different formats....and the quicker we can recognise traits such as
spirit manipulation through "comedy" like Family Guy....which is introducing my Ben to every form of
perversion sexually and drug use and total cynicism about anything to do with Jesus. I tell you Family Guy American Dad and South park are vicious....and way stronger than Simpsons...but even Simpsons has become a lot harder in the episodes in recent years. The attacks on minds are relentless.END

Some notes on modern medecine's ties with "unhealthy" influences.........
The Hitler / Pharma connection in G. Edward Griffin's"World Without Cancer"
  The book is divided into two parts, and in the second half of the book, Griffin goes on to reveal some disturbing information about an international drug cartel that came into being in the years before World War II that he says played a significant role in shaping the field of medicine in this country. This powerful cartel was cr
eated, Griffin argues, when I.G. Farben, a German-based chemical company and financial backer of Adolf Hitler, joined together with Standard Oil of New Jersey, founded by American business tycoon John D. Rockefeller, in an agreement not to compete. The partnership was largely concealed, since neither company wanted their countries to know about the relationship in the event of an inevitable second world war. In a lecture, Griffin once referred to the Farben-Rockefeller merger as "the largest and most powerful cartel the world has ever known, even though most people have never heard about it."

And so the extremely influential Rockefeller came to be interlocked with the drug industry, and under the guise of philanthropy, began donating large sums of money to America's faltering medical schools. Of course, the catch was that such schools were told the money had to be used for drug research, which would create a great profit for Rockefeller interests. In their time of need, medical schools readily complied. "When they accepted the money, they had to follow the dollar, and they designed their curricula so it favors pharmacy (and) pharmaceutical drugs," says Griffin.

This effectively gave birth to the conventional medical care system we know today, which is based almost entirely on prescription drugs and knows little to nothing about basic nutrition. "The medical schools of the United States now teach the students everything there is to know about their product, which is drugs," Griffin says, "And so [doctors] come out as highly trained drug salesmen, and they don't even know it!"

Learn more:

Dressed in Fine Linen..Ole Henrik Skjelstad

...I now live on Mount Zion, a mountain renowned for its stunning scenery.

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His Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure”— for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints. (Rev 19:8)
How many righteous deeds are you able to perform during a day? I must admit I have lost count. They simply flow quite effortlessly and natural from me, so I do not give them much thought. There was a time, though, when I with great eagerness kept a track record of my sins, or to be more precise, my imaginary sins. Ignorantly, I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was dressed in fine linen. I hope you don’t mind if I share a secret with you: I have relocated from Mount Sinai. I have some vivid memories from that place, though. It was in those days that my consciousness was filled with thunder and lightning. My thoughts were billowing with clouds and smoke so that I couldn’t see clearly. And it was when I was there that I had this crippling fear of God which rendered me in a state of mind where I seldom dared to approach Him. I preferred to keep a distance, because as long as the commandments and sin dominated my outlook I had this terrible feeling of always falling short before my Father. I thus thought He was terribly disappointed in me.
I now live on Mount Zion, a mountain renowned for its stunning scenery. It is a joyful and peaceful place. Another fascinating quality with this mountain is that it is always sunny here. Clouds and smoke are completely absent, so the view is never obstructed by a deprecating consciousness of sin. With this new clarity in sight I am empowered to distinguish the real me. Moreover, I am always close with God. Even though I do not always feel His presence I know we are connected in a unique and indissoluble way.
Mount Zion is my guarantee that I am as righteous as Jesus. I see that clearly now. God has not dressed me in fine linen to cover my filthy, dirty self. When God does something He does it thoroughly and not half heartedly. I am clothed in righteous deeds as a sign of my new status; clean through and through. I didn’t earn my righteousness. It was a gift which I received and fully embraced when I switched mountains.
Do you think I live differently now when I know that I am righteous? Of course I do! All of us live according to how we think. To linger on Mount Sinai as new creation is like being a former convict who voluntarily prefer incarceration and bondage to liberty and a life as a free citizen with all the rights that entails. The quality of life soars exponentially when you are a free citizen of Mount Zion...Ole Henrik Skjelstad

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Barna Proves Nobody Has a Clue about Spiritual maturity. (This blog's main thesis!!)

Many Churchgoers and Faith Leaders Struggle to Define Spiritual Maturity
altBarna Group Post  May 11, 2009

America may possess the world’s largest infrastructure for nurturing human spirituality, complete with hundreds of thousands of houses of worship, thousands of parachurch organizations and schools, and seemingly unlimited products, resources and experts.
Yet, a new study from the Barna Group identifies an underlying reason why there is little progress in helping people develop spiritually: many churchgoers and clergy struggle to articulate a basic understanding of spiritual maturity. People aspire to be spiritually mature, but they do not know what it means. Pastors want to guide others on the path to spiritual wholeness, but they are often not clearly defining the goals or the outcomes of that process.

The research was conducted by Barna Group in partnership with Living on the Edge ( and included a nationwide, random sample of adults and a similar national survey among Protestant pastors, exploring definitions of, perceptions about, and perceived barriers to spiritual maturity.
Five Challenges
The study showed five significant challenges when it comes to facilitating people’s spiritual growth.
1. Most Christians equate spiritual maturity with following the rules.
One of the widely embraced notions about spiritual health is that it means “trying hard to follow the rules described in the Bible” – 81% of self-identified Christians endorsed this statement, and a majority agreed strongly (53%). Even among those individuals defined by their belief that salvation is not earned through “good works,” four out of five born again Christians concurred that spiritual maturity is “trying hard to follow the rules.”
2. Most churchgoers are not clear what their church expects in terms of spiritual maturity. 
An open-ended survey question asked churchgoers to describe how their church defined a “healthy, spiritually mature follower of Jesus.” Half of churchgoers simply said they were not sure, unable to venture a guess regarding the church’s definition. Even among born again Christians – that is, a smaller subset of believers who have made a profession of faith in Christ and confessed their sinful nature – two out of five were not able to identify how their church defines spiritual maturity. Among those who gave a substantive response, the most common responses were having a relationship with Jesus (16%), practicing spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible study (9%), living according to the Bible (8%), being obedient (8%), being involved in church (7%), and having concern for others (6%).
3. Most Christians offer one-dimensional views of personal spiritual maturity. 
A second open-ended question probed self-identified Christians’ personal definition of what it means to be a healthy, spiritually mature follower of Jesus, regardless of how they believe their church defines it. One-fifth of self-described Christians were unable to offer an opinion. Other identified elements included: relationship with Jesus (21%), following rules and being obedient (15%), living a moral lifestyle (14%), possessing concern about others (13%), being involved in spiritual disciplines (13%), applying the Bible (12%), being spiritual or having belief (8%), sharing their faith with others (6%), and being involved in church activities (5%). Born again Christians were similar in all respects to self-described Christians except they were more likely to mention having a relationship with Jesus (30%) as the sign of spiritual maturity. Further reflecting a lack of depth on the subject, the open-ended questions typically produced, on average, just one response from survey respondents, despite the fact that interviewers repeatedly probed for additional or clarifying comments.
4. Most pastors struggle with feeling the relevance as well as articulating a specific set of objectives for spirituality, often favoring activities over attitudes.
The research among pastors highlighted several inter-related challenges. First, while nearly nine out of 10 pastors said that a lack of spiritual maturity is the most significant or one of the largest problems facing the nation, a minority of pastors believe that spiritual immaturity is a problem in their church. A second challenge is that only a minority of churches has a written statement expressing the outcomes they are looking for in spiritually mature people. A third challenge is that pastors often favor activities over perspectives in their definitions of spiritual maturity. Their metrics for people’s spirituality include the practice of spiritual disciplines (19%), involvement in church activities (15%), witnessing to others (15%), having a relationship with Jesus (14%), having concern for others (14%), applying the Bible to life (12%), being willing to grow spiritually (12%), and having knowledge of Scripture (9%).
5. Pastors are surprisingly vague about the biblical references they use to chart spiritual maturity for people.
One of the reasons churches struggle with making disciples may relate to the lack of clarity that pastors have about the underlying biblical passages that address the process of spiritual maturity. This is most clearly reflected in the huge proportion of pastors who give generic responses when asked to identify the most important portions of the Bible that define spiritual maturity. In fact, one-third of pastors simply said “the whole Bible.” Other generic responses included “the gospels” (17%), the New Testament (15%), and Paul’s letters (10%). In all, the survey showed that three-quarters of pastors mentioned some type of generic answer to this query. In addition, one out of every five pastors gave a semi-generic response, such as “Romans” or the “life of Christ.”
As for verse-specific responses (mentioned by just one-fifth of pastors), the most common passages included: Galatians 5, John 3:16, Ephesians 4, Matthew 28, and Romans 12:1-2. Just 2% of pastors specifically identified the Galatians 5 passage relating to the “fruits of the Spirit,” which includes love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Theme specific answers represented just 7% of responses, including the Sermon on the Mount, the Great Commission, the Great Commandment, and the Beatitudes.
Five Opportunities
The research also identifies a number of opportunities that can be leveraged to address the problems related to spirituality maturity.
1. Christians and pastors have clarity about the major boundaries that must be addressed to tackle the problem.
What are the perceived reasons that people do not grow spiritually? Self-identified Christians were asked about the obstacles they experience while pastors were queried to see how well they understand the barriers facing their congregants. Church leaders believe the three primary obstacles to people’s engagement are lack of personal motivation (32%), other competing obligations and distractions (26%), and lack of involvement in activities that nurture growth (19%). In this respect, they do not seem too far off in their perceptions. Born again Christians identify distractions (24%), lack of motivation (20%), and lack of involvement (13%) as challenges they face, even if two of the three are mentioned less frequently by adults than pastors. Born again Christians, however, are more likely than pastors to identify sinful behaviors and habits as tripping them up (14% of believers versus 8% of pastors).
2. While most Americans are relatively content with their spirituality “as is,” millions aspire to grow spiritually.
Most adults think of themselves as both spiritually healthy as well as spiritually satisfied, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is that most people’s satisfaction can lead to complacency. One opportunity is to connect with the 18 to 20 million Americans who describe themselves as spiritually unhealthy or as dissatisfied with their personal spiritual maturity. Still, a majority of adults say they are “completely” (14%) or “mostly” healthy when it comes to spirituality (40%); nearly two-thirds of Americans describe themselves as “completely” (22%) or “mostly” satisfied with their spirituality (43%). The opportunity among these individuals is to help them move beyond complacency and embrace a deeper understanding of spiritual growth.
3. Compared to older believers, Christians under the age of 40 are less satisfied with spirituality and less “rule oriented.”
Young Christians show signs of spiritual openness that older adults do not. People under the age of 40 are different than those Christians over 40 by being less satisfied spiritually and also rating their spiritual health less favorably. In addition, the generational difference over rule-following was striking: most Elders (ages 63+) and Boomers (44 to 62) strongly endorsed the spiritual metric of rule-following (66% and 56%, respectively); however, fewer than half of Busters (25 to 43) and Mosaics (18 to 24) embraced this view (45% and 33%). Among the young, this signals a dangerous propensity to rethink the Bible’s standards, but it also shows unique responsiveness to grace and forgiveness.
4. Pastors realize they need more help when it comes to assessing spiritual health.
Just 9% of clergy said they were completely satisfied with their ability to measure and assess the spiritual health of their congregation. Still, few pastors (8%) were expressly dissatisfied, leaving a majority of leaders moderately satisfied. Perhaps churchgoers would become less complacent about self-evaluation as pastors embrace more effective forms of evaluation for their congregations.
5. Pastors tend to be harder on themselves than are congregants.
About 1 out of 10 pastors said the church itself was a barrier to people’s growth, while none of the churchgoers offered a similar critique. Similarly, when asked to rate the church’s ability to help people grow spiritually, pastors were significantly less likely (6%) than churchgoers (33%) to give the organization high marks, reflecting the fact that pastors are often their own toughest critics. The opportunity is to forge a greater sense of partnership and mutual esteem between leaders and laity to address the challenges, to work against self-deception in the process, and to craft deeper, more appropriate routes to spiritual maturity.
David Kinnaman, President of the California-based research firm, directed the research project. He pointed out several implications of the study:
“America has a spiritual depth problem partly because the faith community does not have a robust definition of its spiritual goals. The study shows the need for new types of spiritual metrics. One new metric might be a renewed effort on the part of leaders to articulate the outcomes of spiritual growth. Another might be the relational engagement and accountability that people maintain. Of course, spirituality is neither a science nor a business, so there is a natural resistance to ascribing scientific or operational standards to what most people believe is an organic process. Yet, the process of spiritual growth is neither simplistic nor without guidelines, so hard work and solid thinking in this arena is needed.”
“As people begin to realize that the concepts and practices of spiritual maturity have been underdeveloped, the Christian community is likely to enter a time of renewed emphasis on discipleship, soul care, the tensions of truth and grace, the so-called ‘fruits’ of the spiritual life, and the practices of spiritual disciplines. A related challenge is that as spiritual formation becomes ‘trendy’ it will inevitably become ‘watered down’ with products that over-promise or are simply counter-productive. Leaders have to take on this issue more effectively, and part of that task is weeding out the good from bad.”
This report is based upon nationwide telephone surveys conducted by The Barna Group with random samples of adults, age 18 and older, and Protestant clergy. The survey among adults was conducted in August 2008 among 1005 adults randomly selected from across the continental United States. The maximum margin of sampling error associated with the aggregate sample is ±3.2 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. The survey among pastors included 611 clergy, with a maximum margin of sampling error of ±4.0 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. Statistical weighting was used to calibrate the sample to known population percentages in relation to demographic variables.
“Born again Christians” are defined as people who said they have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today and who also indicated they believe that when they die they will go to Heaven because they had confessed their sins and had accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Respondents are not asked to describe themselves as “born again.”
The Barna Group, Ltd. (which includes its research division, The Barna Research Group) is a private, non-partisan, for-profit organization that conducts primary research on a wide range of issues and products, produces resources pertaining to cultural change, leadership and spiritual development, and facilitates the healthy spiritual growth of leaders, children, families and Christian ministries. Located in Ventura, California, Barna has been conducting and analyzing primary research to understand cultural trends related to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors since 1984. If you would like to receive free e-mail notification of the release of each new, bi-monthly update on the latest research findings from The Barna Group, you may subscribe to this free service at the Barna website ( Additional research-based resources, both free and at discounted prices, are also available through that website.
© The Barna Group, Ltd, 2009.

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My Transfiguration Experience - Oliver Bob Lagumen

The Unexpected Change - My transfiguration experience (July 13, 1998)
When I was 16 my Father and Mother broke. It touched me very deeply. I was the eldest son but I could not relate to how both of them felt about the situation but I was the most affected of the 3 siblings.

During those days until the age 17, my mom did her best to send me to college to enroll bachelor of Music. The age 16, 17 and 18 were my most intimate days of fellowship with the Lord.

During those years I weep a lot, (had suicidal tendencies as the effect of the broken home), pray a lot and sing to the Lord a lot. There was no one at my side to comfort me with the heartaches. When I reached 18, my dramatic experiences with the Lord began.

I was baptized In the Holy Ghost on my mother's birthday while I was walking on the road from my mother's house towards my uncle's farm (where we use to call it - a place of ministry, though it was Babylon then).

My mother had to ask me to quit school so I stopped because she could not afford the tuition fees anymore. But I started to find my joy in the Lord.

He comforted me from all of my sorrows and sadness. At times, I would see amazing bright lights in the stary nights of heaven while I was praying in the midst of the night.

At another time, I got my first laughter in the Spirit and litterally in stead of stopping me from laughing I felt him hold my side as a father would kid his child that I laughed because it did even hurt my ribs, but I couldnt cease from my great laughter in the Spirit to know that THIS IS THE VERY GOD. In those Days I addressed Jesus as My Father, Lord and God.

This was February 1998. And on July 12, 1998, after days of seeking for wisdom, knowledge and the face of the Lord, even the fear of the Lord with fasting and prayer, I went further to tarry one unexpected night. I prayed for the whole evening, but my prayer was just over my head. I felt like the heavens were like brass and my prayer did not pass the roof top.

I went out the door and walked about 200 meters about 3:00+ or 4:00 in the dawn. There, I cried to the Lord and said, "I am a man of sorrows and aquinted with grief". I am an outcast of the earth, earthly - a scum of the earth. Then I picked up a handful of soil and I threw it away.

Then with that I said, "I AM AN OUTCAST" but Lord in the Midst of this, if I found favor before your sight, please let me hear your voice just this once and then no more for the rest of my life. It would be my greater joy if I know that you are there always at my side.

I told him, "Lord, I know you are watching the world and the whole universe, you never sleep all day and all night but you are watching all of us from heaven. I know Im not the only person in the planet, and neither am I the only creature in the whole universe, but I know that you love me and that you will never forsake me in as much as you have watched every little thing in the universe and give attention to them. Therefore I pray that you will reveal yourself to me. I ask that you will focus on me just this time Lord, Just for a very short time. Just let me hear your voice and it would be enough for me."

Then immediately I could feel a presence so cool, so loving, so close yet invisible. I tried hard to cry but I couldn't cry any longer. Then I could understand his words where I hear no words. I find myself talking but now with a difference because I was made to talk by the directive power of his presence. I find that this is the Lord who even dictates my conscious being what to think and what to talk : ).

So I tried to align my thoughts to THIS PERSON WHOSE PRESENCE IS EVERYWHERE who knows even the inward parts of myself and nothing is hidden from him from my past and at this present time. I felt that this God knows me more than I do. And his presence was everwhere I went that would never let me go. Then he asked me, "What is it that you called me for?" Why did you call for me? I said, Lord, I cant believe it, you are here? You cant be here, this cant be you. But Lord you are here. Lord..., but... I have many problems. He told me to innumerate, and I tried to count with my fingers and none of them came to my remembrance. And then I laughed and said, "You just took them away". How can I count?

And then he laughed at me saying: "I took them all from you because this is what I want you to be". I want you to be happy. I want you to always think of me and to always have faith. And then he asked me, "do you know how much I love you?" I remembered Moses and the big guys whom I admired as well as the prophets and the apostles in Bible days (and I think, could I be counted in that love among them?). Then I said, how much do you love me Lord? And who are you Lord?

He told me: I died on the cross for you. Can you measure the depths of the sea? I said no Lord (and at that moment he showed me the sea). Deeper than that is my Love for you. Can you measure the extent of heaven above? (then he showed me a glimpse of its heights), I said no Lord, he said, higher than that is my Love for you. Can you measure how wide is the universe? (And he showed me a glimpse of the endless universe) I said no Lord, he told me wider than that is my love for you. In all of these questions, he showed me a glimpse of them all - the universe, the sea, and the physical heaven.

And then I said to him, Lord, I can't still believe that this is you. Please take off this unbelief from me. And he knew what I was thinking, and so He told me: "Can the Devil talk to you like this?" Does he have power to do like this kind of fellowship with you? Then I remembered: "The hills melt down as wax at the presence of the Lord". But I did not know what I was talking about. And then I said, please forgive me of my sins Lord Jesus. And then He told me: "As far as from the east is from the west, so have I removed your transgressions from you. And I have forgiven you from your sins. You are clean through the words that I have spoken to you.

So I said to him: "Lord, this is my greatest problem, please take this CARNAL MIND FROM ME." I know you have power to do this. He never answered me at that. And he seemed silent for a moment. (And I could not yet recall what exactly he did tell me at this moment). But there was this great comfort especially when I would like to ask more and more questions they are most readily answered. And then the most amazing thing was the clear remembrance of scripture and especially THE EXPERIENCE OF KNOWING WHAT HE IS ABOUT TO SPEAK AND TO KNOW HOW THAT HE KNOWS WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO SPEAK BEFORE HE OR I COULD EVER FOLLOW TO DISCUSS IN WORDS. I could hear his thoughts in the same way that he hears mine that to speak by the lips becomes a matter of choice because OUR MINDS CAN COMMUNICATE MORE CLEARLY AND MORE UNDERSTANDABLE THAN THE WORDS IN OUR LIPS.

And a greater joy seized me. And I told him, Lord I must go leave now and sleep. I need to rest.

Then the Lord told me, are you sure you want to leave me now? I said, yes Lord. I know you'll gonna be there for me everytime I need you. I believe it. Are you happy then about this? I said, Yes! Is this because you can tell people about this? I said "YES"! So are you happy about this? I said Yes! I feel how that even this Lord was so humble and I was playing a bit with my a little human pride and "WE BOTH KNOW THIS". But I sensed that there was something he had in mind REGARDLESS OF THIS which he has never told me but I can only think that it had to be something greater and very important for him.

Then he told me in what seemed like a very sad tone: "I have something I want to tell you. There are yet so many things I need to discuss with you". But of course, if you wanted to leave, I could bless you and be there beside you and yes you can always call for me and I will answer you. I will bless you and comfort you in times of your troubles and in your time of need. Then I said to Him, Lord I really must go now, I feel sleepy. Its almost day. I must now go. Then he told me, "I still have so many things to show you". But I was already walking towards the house where I was staying (which was the one we used for fellowship) but The Lord stayed behind me. Although He was invisible, I knew he stayed behind me.

Then I heard him within my spirit saying: "Call unto me and I will answer thee, and show thee Great and Mighty things which thou knowest not".

And for the last time I heard the Holy Ghost talk to me saying: "DO YOU REMEMBER THE DIVINE APPOINTMENT?" I said, Yes Lord, I remember. Then I stopped walking and He said, "THIS IS YOUR DIVINE APPOINTMENT!" And I said to myself, if this is the Divine Appointment, I must not miss this. This was the one I read about in Derek Prince's Book on the foundational series. This is the Lord. This is my Divine Appointment! The Spirit bore witness with me that I should not miss this time. So Like John on Patmos who heard the trumpet Voice of God behind himself and turned to see the voice, I TURNED TO MEET MY LORD AND MY GOD.

And having turned, I WAS CHANGED in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, (IN A FLASH) I saw myself clothed in white raiment, shining with brilliance and glory that even my skin was shining with radiance of beauty and I was walking as A NEW MAN with NEW CONSCIOUSNESS and NATURE. I had a beautiful body and travelled at the speed of thought disappearing from once place and appearing in another. And I ran and shouted: "I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE I BELIEVE!" AND EVERYTIME I SHOUT those words, my voice became bigger and bigger, more mature in tone each time they were spoken.

Then immediately, SCALES FELL FROM MY EYES, and I COULD SEE BY THE SPIRIT side by side with the things that I see in the flesh but the things of the flesh becomes less important and my attention shifted to that of the things of God and of the things that matters to God. I touched one of the tress, but I could still touch the tree - IT WAS A YOUNG TREE. And it was a proof that I was still in the flesh. But there was an inner personal force and power and energy greater that seemed to draw my attention (WITH NO SPOKEN WORD) but there was an invitation TO COME IN And it caught my attention again!

And I shouted once more but with a new word saying: "THIS IS THE OPEN DOOR! THIS IS THE OPEN DOOR!" And I was amazed that I could now talk in English in perfect vocabulary where I could hardly do or even think before. But I also remembered my younger brother sleeping at home. But my attention was caught by THE VOICE with no spoken words.

And there was an inner call to enter. And I had not sensed any difficulty to respond to that VOICE WITHIN ME THAT CALLS ME TO COME (But there were no words that can be heard with my natural ears) but There was only AN Irresistible FORCE AND POWER calling me Nearer and I shouted to my brother and told him in the Spirit: "BROTHER, I WILL COME BACK TO YOU, I PROMISE TO RETURN TO YOU, BUT I MUST NOW MEET MY FATHER".

And as soon as I entered in through that INVISIBLE PORTAL IN THE SPIRIT my voice became more mature and mature than the first, more BASS IN TONE THAN THE FIRST - A voice which I have never at any time in my life has ever heard or which can be produced anywhere in the earth. AND AS SOON AS I HAVE CENTERED MY ATTENTION TO HIM WHO WAS CALLING ME, HE WAS THERE ALL AROUND ME AND WITHIN ME AND I SAID: "F-A-T-H-E-R I'M H-O-M-E"! I heard those words coming from my lips so effortless, with THE GREATEST EMOTION AND EXPRESSION OF INTIMACY LIKE I NEVER FELT AND EXPRESSED BEFORE.


I saw glory within myself and without myself which I could not describe in words. And my voice turned to be "LIKE" THE TONE OF THE FATHER'S VOICE and it was as the sound of many waters and I felt so much Love and So much Loved with a kind of Love that is ETERNAL LOVE!

Then I saw many things that happened to myself which mostly I could not remember but one of them was that I SAW MYSELF WEARING THE MANY CROWNS OF A KING IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD and the clearest remembrance I can remember was that I was THE SON OF GOD - as The Only Begotten of the Father, Full of Grace and Truth and Power and So much One with God, So much One with The Father. There was no personage of the Father Nor the Need for the Voice of the Father for He was within me and I was within Him and HIS VOICE WAS WITHIN ME.

There was Power and Great Glory indescribable which I saw within and witout myself. The Mind of That Son, The Vision of that Son, The POWER OF THAT SON and ALL OF THE SON was WITHIN MYSELF! I could feel my presense was everywhere my thoughts would reach or think, whose boundary is only THE REALM OF THE FATHER. Whenever I think of a place, I was at that place. There was nothing which are at the reach of my thoughts that I was not there. I could sense that I have multiple minds all active within me (as strange as it may seem) yet interconnected at the same time. And I felt that I was more than and bigger than my visible glorious expression of the body. I felt, heard and seen myself because I WAS OVER MY BODY IN THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT AS GOD's SON AND WAS ONE WITH THE FATHER WHO WAS WITHIN MY SPIRIT BUT ALSO OVER MY SPIRIT. As the Father is Pleased to reveal Himself to the Son, The Son sees the Father IN THE SPIRIT, and as the Father wills to HIDE HIMSELF FROM THE SON EVEN IN THIS REALM OF THE SPIRIT, THE SON CAN DO NOTHING ON HIS OWN BUT FULLFILL THAT WILL OF THE FATHER IN GREAT JOY AND A GREAT SENSE OF PURPOSE!


I REALIZED HOW BIG AND HOW GREAT THE FATHER WAS! I knew there was A REALM WITHIN HIMSELF AS HIMSELF WHICH WAS SO GREAT AND HE SHOWED ME (WITH NO WORDS) BUT ONLY THE TRANSFERENCE OF HIS MIND INTO MY MIND HOW THAT I WAS BEGOTTEN BY HIM IN THE BEGINNING AND WAS ALWAYS AT HIS SIDE. It was a perfect fellowship and communion with him and I can only glorify HIS NAME. And there was also what seemed like sparks of light going all around my body as a part of my body and so much indiscribable but VERY ACTIVE ENERGY ALL OVER ME. You could feel that you were a LIVING ELECTRICITY WITH ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY IN THE REALM OF THE SON! I can only term it Glory. The colors I can remember are blue, and colors of that which seemed like fire, a blend of Gold and/or yellow and white and many things I can not now remember or describe.

Then I could recall speaking: "FATHER RIGHTEOUS ARE YOUR JUDGEMENTS... AND VERY SIMPLE WORDS LIKE: "BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE HUMBLE AND KIND..., RIGHTEOUS BEYOND COMPARE OMNIPOTENT..., LONG SUFFERING FATHER". And many mysteries (which were not mysteries then) but which mysteries (or simply my inability to remember) I can not now recall. Though I know that was the Holiest of All, I was still further Coming into the Reality of The Realm of THE ULTIMATE POWER OF GOD - HIGHER THAN MYSELF WHO WAS THE MANIFESTATION OR EXPRESSION OF THE POWER AND LIFE AND THE REALITY OF THE SON. I could sense that there was even grander waiting in the purpose of God and Within Himself than who or what I am and I knew that it was THE FATHER.

And though I knew I was eternal and have existed from the beginning before time and have seen how that I was there with him when He Created the universe by the Word of His power. And that we were together at the time of its creation THERE WAS SOMETHING OF HIMSELF THAT MADE ME APPRECIATE HIMSELF SO MUCH THAT IT IS EVEN MORE IRRESISTIBLE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, EVEN MORE IRRESISTIBLE THAN THE REALM OF THE SON, AND THAT REALM IS THE REALM OF THE FULLNESS OF THE GODHEAD OF THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD HIMSELF AT THE LEVELS HE CHOOSE TO MANIFEST THAT REALM TO HIS SON. But then suddenly, this realm was opend to me, there was a portal totally incomprehensable to the Son. A portal of Total Union and PERFECT ONENESS OF LIFE and it seemed to mean NO RETURN TO THE FORMER STATE. [And at this writing, my conviction is that THIS IS THE REALM IN HIMSELF TOGETHER WITH ALL THE SAINSTS AND THE SONS OF GOD FROM AGE TO AGE OR EVEN ALL OF THE AGES WHICH IS: "GOD-ALL-IN-ALL" AND that it is only a matter of willingness TO BE SWALLOWED UP OF THIS LIFE IN UNION WITH THE PLEASURE OF THE FATHER'S OWN WILL that we can be given entrance to this great COLLECTIVE REALM OF THE DEITY which is the ORIGIN OF ALL ENERGY, SPIRIT AND MATTER AND ALL CREATION.]

And then all of a sudden, I was reminded of the earth, and for this joy that I have seen within Myself and HIGHER THAN MYSELF for the GREATER GLORY THAT AWAITS - EVEN THE GLORY WHICH IS THAT OF THE FATHER, I PLEADED HIM at the REMEMBRANCE OF THE EARTH SAYING, FATHER, SHOW ME BACK THE VEIL TOWARDS THE EARTH. [And we all know that THE VEIL WAS HIS OWN FLESH - EVEN THE FLESH OF THE SON OF MAN!] I suddenly realized while on earth, how great and how glorious and how high was that power and force and might and energy and strength of the Living God where I was lifted up by the COUNSEL AND PLEASURE OF HIS OWN WILL alone compared to the STATE OF THE EARTH where even the purpose of why I came back or had to come back I could not recall but at this [present time I could not even truly believe 100% wither or not I am a part of this great ministry of the Sons of God but could only sense that at least perhaps this is the will of God that I came down from heaven in order to come back to heaven that just as JESUS SAID, so it might be true for each and everyone: "I GO UNTO THE FATHER". To let it come true or not, only depends on the Father and The Father ALONE! But that ALSO, GOD WILL BRING FORTH HIS MANY SONS UNTO GLORY BY THE MERE SPEAKING OF THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST IN UNION WITH THE HEADSHIP OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST in this life or in the afterlife BECAUE IT IS MY DEEPEST FAITH THAT EVEN THE SONS OF GOD SHALL ALL COME INTO THE UNITY OF THE HEADSHIP OF THE SON OF GOD - EVEN THE HEADSHIP OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST].

And immediately, For a reason that He alone knows, I was lowered back as a human being gradually. It lasted about 20 minutes before the Glory was taken off from my body like a garment that was taken up and you could feel how heavy was its weight but you were enabled to carry such heavy weight of glory until it was gradually taken off from the sole of my feet to the top of my head.

But yet after that I felt THE OVERWHELMING JOY AND SO GREAT EMOTION that I could shout it so loud but because the day was breaking and for the sake of the Neighbors that might hear me, I controlled my voice. But I really did praise HIM FOR THE GREAT GLORY OF JOY THAT FILLS MY HEART. I loved it all. The last thing that was taken from me was the PERFECT VOCABULARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE MYSTERIES OF GOD AND THE AUDIBLE MASCULINE VOCAL SOUND OF THE NEW MAN - Even the Son of Man.

I said before it was taken, and I knew we had an agreement which even that agreement I could hardly remember. But it was a promise of that MAN JESUS CHRIST - THE GLORY WHICH I PUT ON and this man that I am [WHERE THE BORDERLINE OF CONSCIOUS SEPARATION OR LOWERING DOWN IN VIBRATION WAS OBVIOUSLY TAKING PLACE]. It was like something on the concern of overcoming (because you could think multiple things and multiple thoughts at the same time). But if I could remember well what was the last statements I've said which he confirmed, it was something like this: Lord, If my people/brethren and parents/mother and "kins" in the flesh will see me or hear me in this, they will not be convinced that it is I myself because of this power and mind and voice. Please take this from me and restore it back to me at a later time (where there is an opportunity).

And immediately, it was all taken from me and while I spoke in Englesh in the Spirit, I found myself talking in Cebuano in my hearing and I could hardly understand or speak again the English words I just spoke and could even hardly remember the things I just experienced. He took some of the most wonderful recallection of it, but just left within me some evidence that I have indeed seen THE GLORY OF THE LORD within myself and in my outer body.

But I went on with Joy to my mother's house, for I was walking on the Road and it was now around 5:00 in the morning. I waited for around 3 months (or three weeks [I could not remember it well due to short memory]) before telling it to anyone. The first one I told about it was my brother, then my mother. and then relatives and the church.

That time, I wanted to start to write about the experience but I had no vocabulary of the English language nor did I possess any writing skills. I was afraid to mispell my words but more than that, I could not find the words to express or describe the experience in a more understandable way and also found it too many to recall and to write down what I just witnessed and experienced within myself in the Reality of the Realm of the Son of God.

So far dear sister Sharon Healey, Mike Parsons Sr. with  Marrissa Parsons,  Cyril Mcalpin, Andre through Sledge Embassy, Gerri Bolton, Patrick Parisi, Susan Driver Slay, Chris Welch, Cindy Ledford and all of you who are my BEST OF THE BEST OF FRIENDS IN FB, even to my dear sister and mother Sharon Tucker and brother Griff Thompson, this was my experience which influenced me a lot as to why I am all the more convinced about THE POWER OF SONSHIP and the Manifestation of the Sons of God and THE DESTINIY AND MYSTERY OF GOD HIMSELF THAT AWAITS ALL OF US WHICH IS ALL-IN-ALL!

I hope that at least this will give all of you courage in your walk in God seeing that the Day of The Lord is fast approaching dispensationally for mankind. Let us therefore encourage one another to walk in Love, and to comfort each and everyone with this hope.

For he is the rewarder of all them that deligently seek Him. And please pray that the Lord will comfort me from my infirmities and sorrows and that much courage and GRACE with The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation from the Almighty Father will BE GRANTED TO ALL OF US FOR OUR  BUILDING UP INTO THE UNITY OF THE FAITH AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SON OF GOD INTO A PERFECT MANHOOD OF THE HEAD AND BODY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY AND DISPENSATIONALLY.

May this serve as a testimony for the true overcomers in the churches and among the company of the Sons of God.

Know that you are always in my heart together with All saints and especially, Brother Mike Parsons who is a very close friend and a true FB BROTHER but also A HEAVENLY BROTHER.

I declare blessing from Him who sits on the Throne and from the Lamb by the Revelation of His Life through the Unveiling of Jesus Christ with Much Grace and Fullness of Truth. May we all love the GLORIOUS APPEARING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

In His Love,


Friday 21 September 2012

The One True Worship of the One True God. Part One

By Chris Welch although contains other authors as linked

John4:23 But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.
24 God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

There is only One Worship as there is Only One God.

It is the secret behind the words " A body thou hast prepared for me. Behold it is said of me in the book  I come to do thy will O  Lord ."

Romans 12 : 
I appeal to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.AMP

 Romans 12 has a very key foundation. "By the mercies of God?"
Which mercies? The foundations of spiritual revelation in the previous eleven chapters and broken open so effectively by Norman Grubb in his final book "Yes I am " . This is the apostolic foundation of the church.What is? That every individual know "Christ in me the hope of glory." Similar material is available in audio form here.

The webpage The Expository files lays a foundation here to do with Tabernacle worship below:

The high priest washed his body in water in preparation for putting on his holy linen garments. It was the Day of Atonement and he would enter the Most Holy Place, into the very presence of God to offer blood on behalf of the people. Entering the tabernacle, he placed a censer with burning coals and sweet incense behind the veil that separated the two rooms of the tabernacle to create a cloud of incense before he entered the Holy of Holies (Most Holy Place).

In the course of this annual ritual, a ram would be offered as a burnt offering and the high priest would bring the blood of a bull and then a goat into the Most Holy Place and sprinkle that blood on the mercy seat. He would also sprinkle blood on the altar in the tabernacle courtyard. The bull was offered for the sins of the high priest and his family to make atonement; the goat was offered on behalf of the nation as a whole for their atonement (read Leviticus 16 for a more detailed description of this sacrificial ritual).

God commanded the people of Israel to observe this ritual and so, year after year, the blood of bulls and goats was shed and sprinkled for the atonement of sins. Yet, the Hebrews writer states quite clearly that "it is not possible that the blood of bulls and goats could take away sins" (10:4). He argues that if these sacrifices could have indeed purified the worshippers, there would have been no further need to offer them again the next year! Why, then, did God command that these sacrifices be made?

Although the Levitical sacrifices were intended to teach man about the seriousness of sin and the cost of forgiveness, the contrast between the copy and shadow of the heavenly things (Hebrews 8:5) and the heavenly things themselves is striking. As High Priest of the good things to come, Jesus did not come into a tabernacle made by men's hands, repeatedly with the blood of bulls and goats like the high priests of old (Hebrews 9:11-12). Instead, He offered Himself once at the end of the ages for the purpose of putting away sin and entered into heaven itself to appear in the presence of God on our behalf (Hebrews 9:24-26).

The ineffectual nature of animal sacrifices necessitated the incarnation of the Son of God. This is the argument of the Hebrews writer in chapter 10 as he ascribes the words of Psalm 40:6-8 to the Son of God.

David, the author of Psalm 40, began his psalm with a thanksgiving song for the Lord's help (vs. 1-3), but he also noted, in the section of the psalm quoted in Hebrews, the importance of obedience rather than ritual sacrifice. One is reminded of Samuel's comments to king Saul on the occasion of his disobedience to the Lord's command to utterly destroy the Amalekites. Saul claimed that the animals were saved for sacrifice to the Lord. Samuel responded, "Has the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams" (1 Samuel 15:22).

There is something interesting, however, about the quotation in Hebrews 10:5-7. Compare the quotation as it appears in Hebrews 10 with the passage in Psalm 40 in our Old Testament.

"Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, But a body You have prepared for Me. In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin You had no pleasure. Then I said, 'Behold, I have come -- In the volume of the book it is written of Me -- To do Your will, O God.' " (Hebrews 10:5-7)

Sacrifice and offering You did not desire; My ears You have opened. Burnt offering and sin offering You did not require. Then I said, "Behold, I come; In the scroll of the book it is written of me. I delight to do Your will, O my God, And Your law is within my heart." (Psalm 40:6-8)

The second phrase in the quotation in Hebrews is different from the reading of the Old Testament in our English Bibles because the Hebrews writer actually quotes from the Septuagint (our English Bibles, by contrast, are translated from Massoretic texts).

Lightfoot, in his commentary Jesus Christ Today, wrote, "The words, a body has thou prepared for me, follow the Septuagint, in keeping with the usual preference of the author. The Hebrew text, however, literally reads, 'ears hast thou digged for me,' which apparently means that God has given man ears to hear that he might obey Him. The Septuagint translators dealt freely with the text by substituting the whole ('body') for the part ('ears'), resulting in the meaning that instead of God equipping man with ears, He made or prepared for man a body" (185).

Of course, the Hebrew text used by the Septuagint translators was actually somewhat older than that used by the translators of our English Old Testament. A possible explanation for the difference in quotations (besides the view that the Septuagint translators "dealt freely with the text") is that the text used by the Septuagint translators was not only older, but actually a more accurate text.

Whether the Septuagint translators were "free" in their translation or simply working from a different Hebrew text, Robert Milligan offers an intriguing perspective on the difference in the two quotations. He wrote in his commentary, "To the careless and superficial reader, there may at first seem to be no connection between digging out, or thoroughly opening the ears of any one, and providing a body for him. But the thoughtful reader will at once see that, in the case of Christ, the two expressions are nearly equivalent, and that the latter differs from the former chiefly in this: that it is rather more specific and expressive. To dig out the ears of a person means simply to make him a willing and obedient servant (Ex. xxi.6). But in order to so qualify Christ as to make him a fit servant for the redemption of mankind, a body was absolutely necessary. Without this, there could have been no adequate sacrifice for sin, and without an adequate sacrifice, there could have no suitable atonement, and without an atonement, the claims of Divine Justice could not have been satisfied, and without this, the will of God could never have been accomplished in the redemption of mankind" (269-270).

Milligan's comment seems to fit well with the context of Hebrews 10 as the author notes that by the will of God "we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all" (vs. 10).END

So the One True worship requires a body. 

It required a Firstborn....and it requires many brethren. 
First the Head, then the rest of the Body.
Jesus is the Son of Man.
Jesus is the Only begotten Son of God.

Adam was scooped up from the ground. He wasn't born. Sure, we are born as of the order of Adam. Adam became the self-replicating man after the order that was originally "scooped up from the Earth", then had life breathed into his nostrils. We are all born after the flesh. But it was a flesh scooped up from dust. "From dust to dust ,ashes to ashes".

But Jesus is different.
He eternally is the Word and what is that Word that is always speaking before the Father?
A BODY you have prepared for me. And more specific than that. "I come to do thy will O  Lord."

Hebrews begins from this very point in verses 8 to 9 of chapter 1.

Your throne, O God, is forever and ever,
And the righteous scepter is the scepter of [h]His kingdom.
You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness;
Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You
With the oil of gladness above Your companions.”

which is taken from Psalm 45:6 and 7.

The Digging out of the Ears 

The paragraph taken from the Expository Files page and marked in red is very important.
To a theologian with only carnal understanding of words, they will not follow the link between "a body you have prepared for me" and "the digging out of the ears."
In the Spirit however they are the same.
Which brings us to a second important foundation of the One True Worship of the One True God in the next post.