Wednesday 28 February 2018

BIO AVAILABLE Multi vitamins

Ty Bollinger here in Conversation with Dr Nuzum

What should our ministry goals be?

Ministry goals?
God has a great levelling system. It’s called fire. Every mans work will be tested by fire to see whether we build with something of straw or gold.
It’s kind of handy to short circuit the fire by building in Gods fire to begin with.
If you are building in any other name but Christ, then it’s going to come down. Your name. The Anglican Name. Any denomination or moves name.
People randomly praying in revivals for weeks months years, should know there is a definite protocol. One is according to the meaning of the 12 Gates of Jerusalem that Nehemiah was building.
Pastors running churches should learn local churches are run by Jesus not by single pastors. Just like DAvid had to learn you can’t do what the Philistines do with the Ark of God on a cart, even if it’s a brand new one. You cannot run a church with a human CEO. It’s not a business.
Worship leaders should know worship is always in the context of making sacrificial space for the incoming Kingdom. You can’t buy the Kingdom but you can make space for it. We give to projects. We praise and worship within the context of growing relationship, steps of growing faith,stepping out of the boat into water. God always calls us to the impossible. God is always asking to move in further , to fuse with us more.
Training other saints is organic. Just like bringing up children is according to leading them in the ways they should go. Seminaries are quick work rounds. They are at one remove. 1 Corinthians 12-14 , and Ephesians 4 are the patterns for growth training and discipleship. Real church is community and Word and Divine Seed are given in that context in the midst of real life events.

All the gifts and graces are to form Christ within your soul from the “complete in you Christ “in your spirit . Praying , fasting, worship, teaching , all the gifts among the saints, they are all to establish you in Galatians 2.20 consciousness.
Christ in you the hope of glory.
Discernment of spirits, walking in the Light , words of knowledge and wisdom.... they are all to accelerate you in The Way, so your senses become more quickly attuned to righteousness which is a spirit, not just an outer behaviour.
Most churches are way off course in their actual aims, they get lost in their own jungles of what they are trying to achieve.
If we make Psalm 123 Living a priority and we are doing as the Master bids, hardly anything will be burned by fire, since it originated in Him, and has been carried to completion by Him Living our lives in us.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Permission from a Pastor to minister elsewhere?

Jackie Walker
I was having a conversation with someone and they believe that you have to get permission from your Pastor to minister somewhere else.
FBF what are your thoughts on this and please conversation purpose only...

........very very important question as the worldwide church move from the second to the thirdlevel.
(This on Facebook)Had some good wise answers.
What did Jesus do? He sent people out in twos but with the power of the Holy Spirit. Why is this genius?
.- Because KINGDOM cannot be manifested easily by one person. Two is the basic operating minimum to show forth Kingdom.
_Because right here, at the outset you nail on the head any idea of a Morris Cerullo or Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland named operation.
- Because even when people are still learners they can be a check and balance to each other, and often there is a bit of this reason in a pastor's reluctance....
If a pastor is doing his job right he is teaching his sheep the ability to lock into Psalm 123 lifestyle, into the lifestyle Jesus lived "I only do what I see My Father doing."
It should be possible , if we are all mature in flowing in the Melchizedek Order to be able to minister anywhere where the sheep are gathering.

Some patience is needed because we are at a time when the "returnees from the catholic Babylon cultures" are still in the process of rebuilding the Gates and Wals of the heavenly Blueprint.
I am ashamed to say that people who have the blueprints ot Gates 6 and 7, the Fountain Gate and the Water Gate of the Holy Spirit are still not welcome in evangelical settings. And thirdlevellers who have the keys to Gates 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are still not welcome in the rest of the churches on earth.

Earth Situations NOW 3 :Can't Buy a Home? That's the Idea

Monday 26 February 2018

Earth Situations NOW 2 : Monsanto attack Avaaz is fast taking the place of Greenpeace using online weapons of social media

Dear Avaazers,

We've just been hit with a 168-page court subpoena from Monsanto.

We have only days to respond, and it "commands" us to hand over every private email, note, or record we have regarding Monsanto, including the names and email addresses of Avaazers who have signed Monsanto campaigns!!

This is big. They're a $50 billion mega-corporation, infamous for legal strong-arm tactics like this. They have unlimited resources. If they get their hands on all our private information, there's no telling what they'll use it for.

So we're going to fight this. Because Monsanto may have unlimited resources to intimidate, but Avaaz has unlimited people power, and our members just aren't afraid.

Our deadline to respond to the subpoena is just days away -- donate to help defend our movement, and let's send Monsanto a message: every time they come at us, they'll only make us stronger -

Please Donate£2
Please Donate £6
Please Donate Other Amount
We urgently need to hire outstanding lawyers to go up against Monsanto's best. Just fighting this subpoena will be costly, and it could be just the beginning.

We don't know Monsanto's plan, but we know one reason why this is coming -- Avaaz has repeatedly beaten Monsanto in huge regulatory battles, including blocking the long-term relicensing of glyphosate, the herbicide that is the cornerstone of their chemical empire. We're winning. So they're changing the game.

The subpoena indicates that Monsanto needs all our private information to fight class-action lawsuits against them claiming that their glyphosate caused people's cancer. If that seems absurd to you, you're not alone. But they've gotten the authority of a US court behind them, and we urgently need the best lawyers behind us. Donate to help defend Avaaz, and let's send a message of defiance to Monsanto:

Glyphosate -- Crushed it!! (Avaaz 

Campaign group Avaaz calls on EU to block Bayer's Monsanto deal (Reuters) 

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear (Vanity Fair) 

Patients: Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company (CNN) 

Sunday 25 February 2018

Earth Situations NOW 1 : NO, American Teachers do not need guns, they need this.

Ever had that squashing patronising phrase squeezed sideways at you?
You are not a conspiracy theorist are you?

The phrase "Conspiracy Theory" was one of the many genius CIA inventions, this one from 1967 to stop people prying into JFK's murder.
Means No Fishing Here, when there are fish all over the place.

Psalm 2 clearly says there is a conspiracy, and anything written that long ago would not still be relevant , but for one thing.  What Jesus referred to as "the generation of unbelief", referring to the whole Adamic spiritual state, is still with us, and one of the things the state of Genesis 3 orphanhood does, is feeling that the whole universe is against it, it feels it is necessary toput artificial plans in place to twist things in its direction.

Jesus referred to this whole attitude as "the sons of this present age, (there it is again) are more shrewd than the sons of the Kingdom."

Street kids, while appearing to be street smart, and they are, only have to be that way because extreme poverty, no parents, no friends but street compatriots (which when the chips are down is a pretty weak relationship) mean they have to fend for themselves, but the shortcuts they learn for today's needs, arent at all related to the skills you need to live life for the long term and make a success of it. (Well perhaps the extremes force you throught tests of endurance to keep on going when others would just give up)

Jesus Christ came to give us LIFE, HIS VERY LIFE, the one that began as a skilled carpenter making his way honestly in a fallen generation, who then out of His own strong relationship to His own Father, and then in the anointing of the Spirit, at 30, was training others up in this Father quality of Living. (See 1 John 2)

For some reason it is important to the Elite to get Americans to disarm. There are just too many similarities between each shooting incident. To me they are staged to create a revulsion against all private ownership of weapons.

But the mirror view seems just as extreme, when Trump says schoolteachers need to be armed.

America's Teachers do not need arms if they can keep adjoining doors in the building firmly shut. Traditionally locks can  be shot off. This gadget holds doors tight.

Thursday 22 February 2018

Flesh life manifestations :Overpolicing

One of the deeply ironic things about “flesh life””the independent self” “ living without Jesus “ what would Buddhists say? “ the over aggrandised soul”.....

Is actually in the realm of health itself.

It’s the same sort of “ over policing “ problem that Jesus had actually.

Firstly let’s look at health.
Practitioners of health using natural substances in or out of our culture may have been working decades
May have consistently treated queues worth of people with simple repeatable procedures
Let’s keep this simple, say treating nettle stings with dock leaves
( please understand I really mean cancers, severe deadly conditions inside and out, but this is Facebook and these words will be seen in America)
So for years these doctors have been healing people with nettle rashes,
But as soon as they reach the shores of America or write to be read in America
They have to use the “ May” word.

Now please understand there is no “ may” about it. For millennia people know that dock leaves do sort out the pain of nettle stings.
But because of the FDA anything with dried dock leaves and supplied in a pot off the shelf has to be done so in the realm of nutrition if it is to be sold and ( in this case eating dock leaves doesn’t sound good) and has to have the phrase
This is not intended as a medicine but may in certain cases help.

This is a lie on two fronts. The nutrition industry rises or falls on whether the products work.... well... other than ones you buy once... but many of those have buy back clauses...
They are entirely being sold on their efficacy to heal or prevent disease....
And it’s a lie on the part of the FDA, who let’s take an example, hemp, they are well aware of its efficaciousness, why do you think they took out a cancer patent on it in 2003?
So you could use it freely?
No. Not at all. So you couldn’t use it, and so they could keep you in the dark while they isolate the compounds and sell them under a completely different name Like say IQ170.
So two lies are going on just so Big Pharma can bully everyone else around.

Has Big Pharma done a published study on the cancer healing properties of “kale”?
According to medical doctor Michael Greger
No not ever.
But in the back rooms you can bet your doodle dandy that they have researched it and isolated the phytochemicals decades ago.
Will they submit that? Will they publish that it releases some of the most powerful immunity building chemicals known for staving off colds flus and bacterial infections?
Not on your nelly.

This is a case of over policing and here quite deliberately and nefariously.

I began this referring to our health as ironic.
Because overpolicing is exactly what allergies are. It’s when our own immune system wrongly ascribes danger to something that isn’t dangerous.

“ Fleshlife” is always doing this.
1. Mistakenly
2. Purposefully

MI6 and CIA know what they are doing. Their whole purpose for existence is to wage war by disinformation.
Right now the cleverest of graduates are being headhunted and offered absurd amounts of money for disinformation purposes. To invent new and totally misleading but believable lies.

Big Pharma do this
The tobacco industry do this .
In 1980 Phillip Morris deliberately employed people to quash all studies showing the categoric link between passive smoking and cancer.

The reason Jesus was never a real rabbi in the official setup was overpolicing.
There was a question of who he was. It was known Joseph was not his Dad. For the Jews Jesus was a bastard. Kabbalistic publications put this in books to this day.
Either that Jesus never existed when as has been refuted, there is better evidence for Jesus than Shakespeare.... or that he was fathered by some Roman soldier.

So this post is not to isolate health , it is to isolate how big and broadly encompassing in all forms of “ flesh life” overpolicing is.

Overpolicing is expending useless energy in a misdirected way which actually lets the real criminals pursue their actual crimes.

The best criminals of all are actually part of our system. They are the lawmakers of the FDA stopping people knowing about the readily available healing means so they can sell many of their highly questionable procedures at exhirbitant cost through a broken insurance industry that also has their members managing it.

The DEA is exactly the same when it comes to managing the drug trade routes while declaring they are closing them down.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

The New Creation is built differently

(Facebook Post today)

Yesterday’s revelation never got posted.
So maybe not everything gets to Facebook as it used to.
The Body is built by that which every joint supplies

Is a different way of working from the first creation

The first creation God formed and then we got into living from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil and purely moving things around by our five natural senses.

The new creation in Romans 10 starts by us “ supplying”
By believing in our heart by confessing with our lips and by it activating Gods salvation in us

( actually wasn’t so different with Abraham) his faith was accredited to him as righteousness

But this accounts for the crazy madcap way of training the 12 disciples

In university you study under professors and receive lots of knowledge and then this knowledge becomes your authority.

With Jesus, early on He sent them out proclaiming the Kingdom.
The Body is built by that which every joint supplies.
But I haven’t got anything Lord
Just like a pipe conveying water, we are instructed to begin by opening up our pipe and letting the Kingdom flow through from source.....

And by it somehow we grow, and the Kingdom is established in us too....

And accredited to us as righteousness

It accounts for the deluge in Acts 2.

How did the New Creation Church get established in one day....
Everybody was endued with power to begin speaking proclaiming , even if it wasn’t their own language.

That day the new Body was being joined from scratch by that which every joint supplies.

Amazing no?
Also helps you understand why the first two gates of Jerusalem are those two gates.

You become a sheep- the sheep gate

Then almost straight away you bring in more fish
The Fish Gate

Certainly was our experience. We barely knew anything but the four spiritual Laws verses, but we shared that didn’t we?

Sunday 18 February 2018

The Race for a True Health Model V :Phyto Plankton beat Chlorella to top position

First, if you are not familiar with the story so far, here is the last 100 years featuring chlorella.

Even though chlorella has existed on earth for over 2 billion years, it was first identified in 1890 when Martinus Beijerinck, a Dutch microbiologist, was studying pond algae. In the early 1900's, scientists from various countries discovered that chlorella was 60% protein and multiplied very quickly, so they began to research how chlorella might be used as a source of food. Since then, there have been thousands of studies conducted in countries all over the world and chlorella has become the most researched algae ever! 

By 1950, a Carnegie Institute study concluded that chlorella could indeed be grown on a large commercial scale and could help solve the world's hunger problem. But the Japanese, who had been using chlorella for many years for its impressive health benefits, were the ones to develop the technology to actually grow and harvest chlorella commercially. Today, chlorella is grown in filtered fresh water ponds under the most favorable conditions. 

Chlorella is very popular throughout Asia, but especially in Japan. In fact, the Japanese take more chlorella per capita than Americans take vitamin C, which is the United State’s most popular vitamin. They add it to tea, juice, soup, yogurt, noodles, and other foods. Chlorella has been called the "Green Gem of the Orient," a term that describes just how respected this micro algae have become to these people!

In the United States, chlorella has been steadily increasing in popularity. More people have discovered that living in a world that is constantly bombarded by chemicals and pollutants can disrupt the balance in our bodies, compromise our immune systems, decrease our energy levels, and increase our risk of disease. As a natural superfood, Perfect Chlorella has the amazing ability to detoxify, energize, nourish, and balance all of our bodily systems to ensure overall good health and optimum functionality. 

Chlorella is a microscopic plant and vegetarian protein source with a higher protein percentage than meat, fish, and eggs. It contains significant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and iron. Chlorella also includes a high percentage of chlorophyll, which our bodies use for digestion, elimination, and purification of waste from the bloodstream.

Perfect Chlorella is a trade name, this is off their webpage Health Benefits
Perfect Chlorella only contains “Broken Cell Wall” Chlorella, a process that makes the nutrients in chlorella more digestible. Chlorella has been used for many centuries for detoxification, and may help to remove environmental pollutants and heavy metals, such as mercury, from our bodies.

Perfect Nutrients:
61% Vegetarian Protein: Supports Organs such as the Heart, Lungs, Brain, Liver, Kidneys and Sex Organs.
16 Amino Acids including all 8 Essential Amino Acids: The “Building Blocks” of Protein.
Essential Fatty Acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6: Promotes Healthy Heart, Nervous System, and Brain.
Important Minerals: Iron, Magnesium and Potassium.
Immune Boosting Vitamins: 130% RDA of Vitamin C and 60% RDA of Vitamin A in a 3g serving.
Vegetarian Source of Vitamin B12: Usually found only in animal products.
90mg of Chlorophyll per 3g Serving: May assist with heavy-metal detoxification.
Japanese researchers claim that Chlorella may:
Reduce the percentage of body fat and blood glucose levels. This is highly beneficial to those with Type 2 Diabetes and those who are battling obesity, cancer, or heart disease.
Stimulate the growth of probiotic (good bacteria) in the gastrointestinal tract which can assist in the treatment of ulcers, diverticulosis, colitis, and Chrohn’s disease.


Well there is a new kid on the Block and People are Excited

How the Most Potent Food on Earth Eliminates Nutritional Deficiencies and Causes Cellular Regeneration and Rapid Healing

Marine phytoplankton is a single-celled aquatic organism, or micro-algae, which grows in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. It provides planet Earth with 90% of its oxygen, which is more than all of the
world’s forests combined. It is the food on which more than 99% of all ocean creatures depend for survival. It is also considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods in existence.

Most people are acquainted with micro-algae such as spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae and astaxanthin, which have become popular health supplements in recent decades. Marine phytoplankton is the lesser known variety which many health experts believe is the most nutritionally superior.

Following over 10 years of research costing millions of dollars, a group of European doctors, microbiologists and botanists discovered one remarkable strain of marine phytoplankton called Nannochloropsis Gaditana, which contains the greatest nutritional values for human consumption. This strain of marine phytoplankton is exceedingly diminutive, 9 times smaller than a red blood cell. There is absolutely no known food which is smaller in size. Curiously enough, there is a significant amount of life energy stored in this single cell. It possesses the ability to multiply and proliferate exponentially, producing trillions of healthy cells that human beings need to maintain and restore health.

This one-of-a-kind micro-algae contains over 65 nutritional properties, including all the amino acids, all the essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, vitamins, key minerals and trace elements, enzymes and co-enzymes, rare anti-oxidants, phospholipids, and electrolytes. It’s this rare combination and concentration of elements and nutrients that makes this strain of marine phytoplankton extraordinary and highly effective in enabling cellular regeneration and healing.

Many health practitioners, nutritionists, and even doctors agree that if you were to consume this strain of marine phytoplankton daily, your health, well-being and overall health would actually improve as you grow older!

Among its many attributes, Nannochloropsis Gaditana may quite possibly be the world’s top source of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid that Dr. Mehmet Oz declared as the most important food supplement one can consume for health. DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain and retina. The brain needs sufficient levels of DHA in order to function more efficiently. Approximately 60% of the fats in the human brain are composed of DHA as are the heart’s nerve fibers.

Furthermore, Nannochloropsis Gaditana is remarkably rich in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), another fatty acid which works in tandem with DHA to produce nearly every nutrient the human body needs. As such, nutritional supplementation with this micro-algae could single-handedly erase most, if not all, existing nutritional deficiencies.

The high chlorophyll content of this marine phytoplankton also strengthens your immune system, produces cancer-fighting carotenoids, and protects the body against free radicals in the air, water and food we consume.

Individuals who consume this strain of marine phytoplankton often enjoy enhanced brain function, anti-inflammatory support, improved immune function, allergy/asthma relief, antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial effects, improved cellular repair, radiation protection, detoxification support, antioxidant support, improved circulation, improved heart function, and increased energy and vitality.

Bulletproof Adjunct

Having explored Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Site further I have discovered further mines of knowledge:
Checkout the Bullet Proof Podcasts and latest Blogs. They read like a TED Talks List of Cutting edge Science Health
Blogs - Here

Podcasts -  Here

Friday 16 February 2018

The Race for a True Health Model IV

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by Andrew Wheeler

The Race for a True Health Model III

So what would a day's food intake look like if we respected the RDA vitamin and mineral recommendations?
I googled that question and came up with this DailyMail article

How to get all the nutrients you need in one day's food (crisps and wine included)
There are many nutrients that many of us consistently don't get enough of
Good Health has put together a day's balanced diet
Provides total RDA of all 17 major vitamins and minerals for 1,900 calories
By Angela Dowden

PUBLISHED: 22:25, 18 May 2015 | UPDATED: 08:15, 19 May 2015

Many people take vitamin pills as 'insurance', but recently there's been evidence suggesting that in high doses at least, it could actually increase the risk of disease.

So should you be taking vitamins? There are several nutrients that many of us consistently don't get enough of.

These include iron, which protects against anaemia, and selenium, which may boost our resistance to viruses.
The expert consensus is that the best way to get our nutrients is through our food

According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, 46 per cent of girls aged 11 to 18 and one in four adult women have low iron intakes, while half of women do not get the minimum recommended amount of selenium.
Vitamin D, which is only found in high quantities in oily fish and is also formed by our skin when it is exposed to the sun, is also low across both sexes and all age groups, with 40 per cent of us having low blood levels during the winter months.

So if you're in an at-risk group, a supplement might be a good idea. However, the expert consensus is that the best way to get our nutrients is through our food.

But how easy is it to get everything you need from your diet? Here, Good Health has put together a day's balanced diet that would provide at least 100 per cent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of all 17 major vitamins and minerals - all for around 1,900 calories.


Breakfast is a good chance to get some bone-building calcium

A medium bowl of porridge with 80g blackberries
Breakfast is a good chance to get some bone-building calcium, with a bowl of porridge made with around 200ml of any type of cows' milk providing a third of your recommended daily amount.

Milk is also an important source of vitamin B2 (vital for skin and eyes) - you get about a third of your RDA here. The porridge made with milk and fruit supplies a fifth of your daily magnesium intake (for healthy muscles) along with B vitamins (including around a third of the daily B12, which is essential for nerves to function well). Oats are also good for fibre and slow-releasing carbohydrates to keep you going until lunch.

Blackberries add around 15 per cent of your daily vitamin C (for healthy skin and the immune system); other berries such as strawberries and raspberries would give you more, but blackberries have the benefit of containing more vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects cells from damage. Blueberries would be lower in both.


A banana also provides a sixth of your daily potassium, which is needed to regulate blood pressure +6
A banana also provides a sixth of your daily potassium, which is needed to regulate blood pressure

50g roasted cashews and a smallish banana (around 100g)
Cashews are a great way to help you reach your iron intake for the day - you get nearly a quarter of your intake from the handful here. The banana is especially good for magnesium, which is required for healthy nerves and muscles, as well as vitamin B6, which allows the body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates - you get more than a third of your requirement of both.

The banana also provides a sixth of your daily potassium, which is needed to regulate blood pressure and the fluid content of the body.


Chicken salad sandwich (at least 55g of meat) with six cherry tomatoes, 75g carrot batons, 40g bag Kettle Chips and an apple
Both the chicken and the grains in the bread (white or brown) provide the B vitamins thiamin (B1) and niacin (B3), essential in unlocking energy from food. You get over a quarter of your B1 here.

Crisps cooked in sunflower oil will bump up your vitamin E intake, with about a quarter of your RDA in a small bag
The lunch also provides up to a fifth of your daily zinc (for healthy skin, cell repair and the immune system) and iron - you'd get slightly more if you chose darker leg meat from the chicken. Beef or lamb would have more zinc and iron, but eating lots of red and processed meat (more than 500g a week) is linked with an increased risk of colon cancer.

Tomatoes and carrots are good sources of vitamin A: one average carrot will provide your entire daily requirement.

Crisps cooked in sunflower oil will bump up your vitamin E intake, with about a quarter of your RDA in a small (40g) bag.

Tomatoes also add a bit of vitamin E, plus the plant chemical lycopene that gives tomatoes their red colour. This is an antioxidant, which has been linked with lower risk of stroke.

The apple adds potassium, traces of B vitamins and some more vitamin C.

Both chicken and grains in the bread (white or brown) provide the B vitamins thiamin (B1) and niacin (B3) +6
Both chicken and grains in the bread (white or brown) provide the B vitamins thiamin (B1) and niacin (B3)


150g pot low-fat fruit yoghurt
Not only would a small pot of yoghurt top up your calcium intake (adding around a quarter of your RDA) - it bumps up your intake of iodine. This nutrient is important for thyroid function, which regulates your metabolism and you'd get 48 per cent of your RDA here.

The yoghurt also provides B vitamins including B12 - almost a fifth of your RDA. Very low levels of B vitamins can contribute to fatigue.

Ideally choose natural yoghurt and add your own fruit to keep sugar to a minimum. However, shop-bought flavoured yoghurts contain about the same levels of nutrients.


Oily fish is a chief source of vitamin D - and the salmon here would provide two to three days' intake

One 140g (cooked weight) grilled salmon fillet (the size fillet in an average supermarket pack)
200g boiled new potatoes
3 tbsps each of cooked spinach and peas, large 250ml glass red wine
Oily fish is one of the chief sources of vitamin D - and the salmon here would provide two to three days' intake.

Vitamin D is only found in animal foods, so if you're a vegetarian you need to get it from fortified foods such as breakfast cereals, or by exposing your skin to the sun for 20 minutes or so without sunscreen each day between April and September.

Although potatoes don't count as one of your five a day, they are an excellent source of potassium - you get nearly 40 per cent of your daily intake from this meal.

It's worth noting that individual vitamin and mineral needs vary

All the ingredients in this meal supply modest amounts of magnesium, which together adds up to 40 per cent of the RDA.

The meal also provides 93 per cent of the RDA of folic acid - needed along with vitamin B12 for healthy blood cells, as well as during pregnancy to prevent birth defects - with the lion's share coming from the spinach, followed by potatoes.

The peas and spinach - like all green vegetables - are also good sources of iron and calcium. Spinach has more vitamin A, while the peas also give you energy-unlocking vitamin B1.

The red wine tops up your iron intake, providing a sixth of the RDA. Cheers!

It's worth noting that individual vitamin and mineral needs vary, and pregnant and breastfeeding women tend to have greater requirements, as may those with conditions such as coeliac disease and women with heavy periods (who require more iron).

People over 65 are also more prone to vitamin B12 deficiency, which can cause anaemia, even if they get enough from their diet, as this vitamin is harder to absorb as we age.

If vegetarians swap the chicken sandwich for an egg one and choose a Quorn or tofu-based dish in place of the salmon, they would meet all the RDAs for vitamin and minerals with the exception of vitamin D.

This would have to be supplied by supplements or daily exposure to the sun in the summer months (for 15 to 20 minutes).


Nearly three times your recommended daily amount of niacin and vitamin A
Twice your recommended amount of potassium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin B1
Up to one-and-a-half times your daily amount of vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine, iron, vitamin B2 and zinc
Plus, nearly seven portions of fruit and veg

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Thursday 15 February 2018

The Race for a True Health Model II

Last week I reported an almost identical story to do with the Hoxey Clinic. Same type of elite Pharma guys trying to buy out the solution then prevent its use. Same tough and exhausting battle with Pharma just because Pharma are more interested with charging their top dollar for the body shattering cures of chemo and radiation than they are of healing anybody for virtually no cost.

In the mid-1920’s, Rene Caisse (pronounced “reen case”) was head nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada. While nursing an elderly patient, Rene noticed that the patient had a scar on her breast. The patient said it was left over from an advanced breast cancer which she had over 30 years earlier. Her doctors had wanted to remove her breast immediately, but having no money for the surgery, she decided instead to use a natural herbal remedy suggested by an old Indian Medicine Man from the local Ajibe tribe.

The Medicine Man showed her certain herbs (such as burdock root, sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb root), and instructed her to make a tea from those herbs, and to drink it every day. She was immediately cured of cancer, and there had been no recurrence in the 30 years since then.

Rene Caisse promptly jotted down the names of the herbs that the patient told her she had used, and decided that if she should ever have cancer in the future, she would use that herbal tea.

A few months thereafter, Rene received word that her aunt had been diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, and the doctors gave her only six months to live. Rene spoke to her aunt’s physician, Dr. R.O. Fisher, told him about the herb tea, and asked if she could give the tea to her aunt, under his supervision. Upon his consent, she obtained the herbs and proceeded to make the tea for her aunt to drink every day. Her aunt’s cancer went into remission, and she lived for 21 years without any recurrence of cancer.

After that successful experience Rene quit the hospital and began curing people privately, using the same mixture of herbs that would become known as Essiac (Rene’s last name spelled backwards). Word spread quickly, and soon, the number of patients healed from cancer started to multiply.

When a doctor from the town of Bracebridge in Ontario sent Rene a patient who had cancer of the bowel, Rene cured the patient using the same herbal mixture. As a result of that miraculous cure, the doctor went before the town council and mayor and urged them to give Rene a building where she could treat cancer patients with her natural cancer remedy. The clinic was established soon thereafter, and in a few months’ time, it was busy with activity because patients began flocking in from different places. She treated 3 to 600 patients a week. The only condition required by the city was that she had to provide the treatments free of charge — and there had to be a doctor’s diagnosis for every case she treated.

Despite the success stories and undeniable healings accomplished at the clinic, Rene attracted unwanted attention, particular from a Doctor Leonardo, a cancer surgeon from Buffalo, New York, who warned her that the medical profession would never allow her to continue giving free cancer treatments because it threatened doctors’ livelihoods. Not long thereafter, a mysterious group of entrepreneurs showed up at Rene’s clinic offering her a million dollars for her secret herbal formula. Rene refused to sell the formula because the entrepreneurs would not guarantee that her natural remedy would be made available for free to anyone who needed it.

In 1938, Rene was called before the Legislature to determine the legality of the Essiac remedy. Over 55,000 people had signed a petition to legalize Essiac, but when the matter went before the Legislature, it lost by 3 votes.

Before long, a cancer commission was established to investigate herbal remedies. The majority of Rene’s case studies and evidence of hundreds of patients being cured of cancer were rejected, and she was soon forced to shut down her clinic and turn away desperate cancer patients who sought her out when the medical profession could do nothing for them. Rene suffered a nervous breakdown over the investigation and the medical profession’s refusal to admit that Essiac was a cure for cancer.

After Rene recovered from the breakdown, she started her health practice again from scratch, brewing the herbal mixture and curing patients in the basement of her house. However, authorities didn’t leave her alone, and instead, began harassing her again, arresting her a few times for the most absurd reasons. Nevertheless, the fame of Essiac continued to spread and crossed the border to the United States. Proponents of Essiac, including Dr. Charles Brush, President Kennedy’s personal physician and friend, endeavored to study the effects of the non-toxic natural remedy in the treatment of cancer. At some point, Dr. Brush even recommended Essiac to be approved by the FDA as a possible cancer cure.

The medical establishment immediately set up obstacles to prevent this from happening, and eventually, Essiac was not approved by the FDA. Throughout the 5 decades from the 1920s through the 1970s, the response from the medical authorities had always been the same; and they concocted preposterous excuses to reduce the chances of future FDA approval — even at the cost of making themselves look ridiculous.

Some even went as far as to prevent Essiac from being used in the future by doctors, who might eventually give in to a higher calling and medical responsibility. In the state of California, for example, the state legislature declared it a felony for a doctor to use any other than the accepted methods of treatment for cancer—namely, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

After years of her exhausting battle against the medical establishment, Rene withdrew to her home and continued treating patients quietly on a private, one-on-one basis until the day she died in 1978 at the age of 90.

Note: Essiac is just one of the many proven natural remedies for cancer that have subsequently been suppressed by the medical establishment. Chapter 5 of The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures presents the growing body of evidence that supports the efficacy of Essiac tea in the treatment of cancer, almost 50 years after Rene’s passing. It also details the herbal tea’s other spectacular health benefits (including its promising potential against AIDS), and shows the exact ingredients, recipe and instructions for making Essiac Tea –

Monday 12 February 2018

The Race for a True Health Model I

Today's post are a series of my Facebook posts written  as I have been looking into the whole subject of health and nutrition for my own body, and also to be more clued up for others, even if it is only knowing where people can learn a bit more.

Medical authorities refer to peer research papers. They dismiss almost out of hand loan operators with insufficient testing behind them. The problem here is that medical mainstream is funded by the dollar and the pound, and if eating a strawberry is going to heal you, or if a strawberry synthetic material that can be manufactured and sold can remove your surface symptoms in £50£100 or £1000 packets, it won't be the 30 pence strawberry that will be researched, nor tested for FDA or NHS approval. However equally, if a loan operator has found some success with watercress or turmeric, their own need to pay their way by selling books, or selling treatment might also get in the way of realising actually ANY fruit , vegetable or mineral that contains the right substances which make up the depletion which somebody is experiencing from the 60 -90 substances we all must have in correct proportions in order to function healthily.
While there is a whole industry round Aloe Vera (Forever Living Products)  how many know that a huge reason aloe vera works is because of the chelated forms of sulphate it contains. specialises in herding 100-200 experts in the field of cancer, where as peers they can all share their findings as well asbe some kind of check to each other.  Ty Bollinger is the man that was so disgusted at losing many parts of his family to cancer he vowed to enquire WHY none of the remedies had saved his family members, and to hunt down things that do work.

When the American Medical Association pressed Hoxley for proof concerning an awful test case of a policeman with horrific and advanced shoulder cancer, and he was treated, they then pressed Hoxley in order to buy the formula.
Hoxley replied that in the contract there must be a clause that says people who cannot afford treatment will get treated. This was the Promise Hoxley had made to his father on his deathbed.
The AMA wouldn’t hear of such a thing and were looking to buy the treatment outright.

Many times official bodies run by bankers and elite have repeated this same trick. They buy up the formula, or in Tesla ‘s case finish him off while he is weak and steal his papers , as Hitlers bodyguard confessed,
Then they use the advanced knowledge themselves among the elite while suppressing the knowledge for the public.
This has been done with alternate power sources to replace coal and oil, this has been done over and over again with medicine, and a clear example is with the train locomotion system of magnetic levitation. Seemingly ignored , the inventor Laithwaite sold his tech to the Japanese for their bullettrain. But in reality the elite have used nothing but magnetic levitation got all the interconnecting trains between the worlds underground cities.

So here we are yet again. There is no compromise on this point. It needs sorting.
The BBC are doing another radio programme chasing up the state of play on leukaemia treatment, a particular type.
Their only input is hospitals, NHS and medical research, which in the last few years has been further research in the key body of knowledge gained by the genome project.
So what’s wrong with that both you and the BBC will say? Surely it’s cutting edge science?

Well it’s surely the same as getting foxes to manage your chicken coop.

Research and health should be nowhere near private organisations for profit.
Here’s why. When people learn that turmeric has a component called curcumin which reprogrammes cancer cells
You don’t Feed this information to Fox organisations? Why?
Because they suppress the fact that it can be obtained cheaply from any supermarket and administered 1 teaspoon with every meal. Instead a fox organisation isolated and synthesizes the compound and tells you it is a result of their private EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH , has a special drug name, let’s call it F.C. 716 for fox crap 716 and is only available through them via the NHS and private healthcare at £50,000.

So it is with the genome project based in their hands.
The genome project should be nowhere near a firms hands or private investor. It is our DNA. We co own it and we should like libraries and the best transport systems co own them and pay for their upkeep.

Allopathic medicine is the sleazy fox based principle of topical application of substances to cure symptoms in the manner of , say,steroids, and only in the rarest best examples to cure the root problem.

Natural medicine works along side our bodies immunity systems for rooting out and destroying the source problems.

This has now been found out concerning leukaemia and most tumours in the realm of nutrition and naturopathic medicine.

Dr Joel Wallace began his career in health mainstream researching cystic fibrosis in youngsters. He made the radical discovery that cystic fibrosis was caused by nutritional deficiency. He also proved that he could form cystic fibrosis at will using research monkeys.

Within hours of publishing his report he was sacked. He continued his career within the Naturopathic organisations.

It seems neither the medical institutes here or the USA want you connecting your nutrition with certain diseases because you won’t buy their expensive treatments which are often a long workaround cure or at worst don’t even really cure you, just lighten your symptom load.

and see Chris Wark's own story here      (Don't confuse with Chris Welch owner of this blog.)

Of all the Common flags of bad nutrition and poor immunity the thyroid is right up there.
If we had proper vitamin and mineral training, if we had proper medical teaching on subjects learned over thousands of years but now forgotten such as lactose fermentation, we would immediately realise what hyper and hypo thyroid condition was all about. It is the body trying to manage imbalance and being so overloaded the systems are failing.
But the answer isn’t to prop up the failing thyroid with artificial chemicals which are then used like crutch support for the rest of life, and especially after radiation damage has impaired the organ.
The answer is to teach medics properly in the first place how to bring Limbic system back into order.
It is extremely painful to have to watch people you know undergo the mutilation of doctors when I am but a nobody compared with medical doctors who have been professionally trained in organ mutilation by medical schools.

Sunday 11 February 2018

No More Blue Pill

Let me explain something.People with no faith in Christ, and that is a key, because up until now they find no need for an outside Saviour,
then (1 John 2) firstlevel Christians and secondlevel Christians......
so that's three classes of revelation concerning reality
zilch, 1 and 2.....
all three types are still dealing with things as "out there " subjects.
Our non need of Christ, or our need of Christ....but it's an out there subject.
Then comes that nowfamous moment in the Matrix film where Morpheus offers Neo the red pill or the blue pill.

The pill you take threatens your personal existence, your idea of that existence and who you are, in short your whole paradigm from which you live, your inner seeing.

We as thirdlevel Christians deal with how things actually are.
We are yes speaking the gospel, but we are speaking it in its many many bits of clothing to address the Genesis 3 spirit everybody else is living in, Christians included.

We are not preaching an out there subject.
Want an example of a thirdleveller in Christ.
A little old Indian lady who is invited into Britain in 1990 and instead of speaking diplomatically and saying how nice it is to be invited, opens her mouth , eyeballs Britain through the camera lens and says.....

Her name was Mother Teresa, and had not MI5 or whoever later killed Princess Diana , the world would have made much much more of this woman's death, but ofcourse , that week, it was swallowed up behind the grief of Britain.

To find out where you personally are in Christ I have only to take you to the week of Jesus Crucifixion. Like the red pill or the blue pill of the Matrix you will show up where you are as I take you through that last week. The Bible is the only book that maps things forensically in what happened and how it happened. But in doing so it flags up exactly how humans behave when Darkness is moving through a situation , and like iron filings standing to attention, everybody who has not rid themselves of any hooks in their lives, are quickly sucked into performing whatever Darkness wants.
The Bible even describes Pontius Pilate psychology.
"What is truth?"
The Bible describes Peter's fear in two ways.....the fear that pushes him like a form of Catholic Army, to strike a soldier with a sword, then cause Jesus to literally have to pick up the pieces and stick them together again. The second manifestation of fear caused the three specific denials Jesus had a Word of knowledge about, seeing them ahead of time.

The Bible even forensically catches out the Romans and chief priests as they colluded after resurrection day, when they concocted the ludicrous story of the crack SAS guardsmen all falling asleep. In Roman days if you fell asleep you were killed !!!

In a similar way today, DO YOU WANT reality exposed to you? You can choose for now. But reality is still reality.

Reality says in Romans 8 that to set the mind on the flesh.....
that is this whole entire bogus form of living and believing about ourselves since Genesis 3 IS ACTUAL DEATH....
your choice

Or to set the mind on the Spirit, and what is really true is life and peace.

Now first and secondlevel Christians have got so far, but as soon as they leave Christian meetings, they cant help it, they are back in the old consciousness again, making the same mistakes. And like the apostles, when Darkness was moving big time the week of Jesus crucifixion, none of the apostles had any option,they were sucked into absolute uselessness.

That's where they were. At that point.
This was their own personal Romans 7.
This was all prophesied about in Psalm 22.


There was nolonger any grounds whatsoever for any type of blue pill. This was it. LIFE, TOTAL TRUTH, SETTING THE MIND ON THE SPIRIT, and nothing else.

Saturday 10 February 2018

Success : Attitude,Ethic,Character and Responsiblity

by Esther Gayfield
Success isn't about being the smartest or having the best education. It is about attitude and ethic, character and consistency. That is too much work for most people, unfortunately.

Yesterday I sat in a class taught by a company that trains in almost 5000 hotels around the world. I met the lady who created the training at the beginning of my career. I learned from her and applied everything to the best of my ability consistently. Doesn't mean I did it perfect, but it means I was always striving for improvement no matter how short we fell. I didn't do it perfect but our efforts made the difference and helped make me successful in my role. (That and applying wisdom from various other people as well). Despite the fact that she has grown her training to something that is in 5000 hotels, I cannot believe the people who sat there and had a negative attitude about it and many had the training but weren't using it. All of these people have the opportunity to be successful in this area because they are receiving training in something that helps control the largest hotel operating expenses and still they roll their eyes, make sarcastic comments and talk about why it won't work. Here I am, a VP at an ownership company, same age or younger than many of them and I know all the reasons why it did work. The training offered is now far more developed and refined than anything I received in my career. It is attitude and follow through that makes the difference.

Friday 9 February 2018

The Final Battle for the Bees -

Chris Welch comments:
I nolonger give too much regard to the lack of comments on this blog. Someone is reading this blog because the Google stats seem to indicate the current page openings to be around 27,000 per month worldwide. Nobody invites me to speak in my own country and has never done so in the ten years this blog has been running. Nor did they ask me to share in the twenty years before that aftr leaving Emsworth Church in 1988.  Yet nobody could have guessed how many of us have found each other here online.  If I had waited for people contact before seeking God for the ways ahead I would never be where I am now, nor then, would I have met up with so many that think and believe likewise.
So no, I cannot wait for others to catch up first before deciding to state what I believe God is saying.
Tonight another little confirmation came when the UK chef Jamie Oliver began to cover the very important agricultural phenomenon of aquaponics and hydroponics. I wrote about how important this was a few months ago. I can only sow the ideas of what I am seeing in our way ahead. Like Patrick Dixon, in this respect I am a futurist. It is the way I function.

Yesterday I covered a vital basic, the question of bread, and how we should now be thinking about it.
Today is even more basic still, since it is the precursor to having any food at all. The pollination of bees.   It is my contention that Monsanto and other groups are quite deliberately trying to wipe out bees so we will be increasingly dependent on BUYING our seeds through these commercial sources.
How can I think like this?
Quite easily.
The chief banking dynasty in the world are Rothschilds and in 1850 they stepped down from their high position of banking to begin entering their first TRADE BUSINESS.
So what do you think Paris Rothschild would choose as their very first business?
What substance is the most vital to us as humans, and consequently would most bring us under their control the fastest?
WATER.   So the very beginnings of the current megacorporation known as Veolia was born.
If the very first business Rothschild dynasty can think of entering is water, do you have any doubts that 170 years on they can very deliberately and consciously organise a chemical war against bees?
The same man who pioneered the devastating fertiliser chemicals DDT became no less than the President of the EU, so no, I may be proved wrong, but I wouldnt put anything past these planners of international control mechanisms.


Dear friends,

This is massive news! This year could see a crackdown on toxic bee-killing pesticides in Europe, Canada and the United States. But it won’t happen unless we go all out.

Neonicotinoids have turned our farms into bee-killing fields. Billions are dying globally, and without them our crops won’t be pollinated. Our whole food chain is under threat!

It’s a no-brainer to ban these poisons. But shockingly officials close to the chemical companies are blocking the votes, arguing there isn’t enough evidence of a bee die-off. So we’ve come up with a three-point plan to win:
Turn the pesticide scientists into whistleblowers to testify to officials and Ministers;
Run urgent studies to show how crops will flourish without these poisons;
Launch massive public campaigns with political champions to win the bans.
We know all the key players, and our movement is uniquely able to raise enough, fast enough to run this campaign worldwide. If 50,000 of us chip in just the cost of a couple of bottles of honey today, we can do this. This is a final battle for the bees -- chip in what you can:

We’ve funded key scientific studies. We have the world’s largest petition for bees -- 4.4 million strong. And our global campaign helped win a moratorium in Europe and turn blockers like Britain to support the ban. But it still isn’t enough.

Chemical companies fund political campaigns, lean on officials, and muddy reporting on the science. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency is being gutted by Trump’s new administrator. And in Europe the German Agriculture Minister, renowned for his close ties with Bayer and Syngenta, just delayed the vote.

Bees are vital to life on earth -- they pollinate one in three of our bites to eat! And even studies run by pesticide companies confirm the scale of the crisis! It’s crazy that we need to pull out all the stops to fight to get these toxins banned. But this is exactly the kind of battle our movement was made for.

Chip in whatever you can now so we can all get to work:

The real experts -- the beekeepers and scientists -- want these deadly pesticides banned. Let’s amplify their voices, show massive public support for a ban, and stop the poison profiteers killing off a beautiful species we depend on to survive.

With hope,

Alice, Danny, Marigona, Allison, Mia, Spyro and the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

Europe poised for total ban on bee-harming pesticides (The Guardian) 

Strongest evidence yet that neonicotinoids are killing bees (New Scientist) 

Would we starve without bees? (BBC) 

Attack of the bee killers: Documents show Bayer and Syngenta teamed up with farmers to get around bee-friendly regulation (Politico) 

Farms could slash pesticide use without losses (The Guardian) 

Pesticide Lobby Spends Millions To Defend Chemicals Tied To Bee Deaths (Huffington Post)

The 5 Most Dangerous Lies You’ve Been Told About Bread by Kelley Herring

This is a copy of Kelley Herring's Advertorial. It may not be for all my foreign readers whose bread and grain is still quite healthful and nutritious. I include this for us particularly in the UK Europe and America.

Is Bread Really the Staff of Life… or the Stuff of Disease?
The (Definitive) Answer Below…
Written by: Kelley Herring, Editor, Healing Gourmet

For most us, there are few foods more comforting than bread.

Fluffy biscuits, crusty baguettes, flaky croissants… even a simple slice of toast topped with melted butter can taste like heaven.

And that smell… few scents are quite as pleasant as fresh bread baking in the oven.

But there is a lot of confusion as to where bread fits into a healthy diet.

The Bible practically commands followers to eat it: “Give us this day our daily bread…” The government put it at the base of the food pyramid. And for centuries, it has been called “the staff of life.”

Of course, there are some who disagree…

Well-known cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, calls wheat “the perfect chronic poison.”

And for a poison, we sure eat lots of it…

The average American consumes 55 pounds of wheat flour every year, making refined flour the #1 source of calories in the American Diet – a situation that nutrition expert Chris Kresser describes as, “a public health catastrophe.”

So, what is the truth about bread and wheat?

Is it the perfect poison… or an essential daily food?
Is “gluten-free” bread better for you than regular bread?
And can you still eat bread… while maintaining a lean body and optimal health?
The answers to these questions may surprise you!

So, let’s get right to it and discuss the 5 most dangerous lies you’ve been told about bread… and be sure to read #5 – the biggest surprise of all!

Loaf Lie #1: “Whole Grains & Whole Wheat are
an Essential Part of a Healthy Diet”
If you’ve set foot in a grocery store or read a newspaper in the last 50 years, you’re familiar with the message that whole grains are healthy… and the more you eat, the better off you’ll be.

This is a LOT more than a “little white lie” invented to sell cheap agricultural products at huge markups… it is the biggest health scam ever perpetrated on the public!

Of course, this message comes to you from the same corporate interests and government health nannies who urged you to replace farm-fresh butter with heart stopping trans-fat (in the form of industrially-manufactured margarine).

The truth is that there is nothing “essential” about whole grains. In fact, they are among the unhealthiest foods you can consume.

One of the most important reasons is that…

Whole Grains Spike Your Blood Sugar
You probably know that high glycemic foods cause a rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin.

This triggers a cascade of inflammation and increases your risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, fatty liver and diabetes.

And it doesn’t make you look very good either…

High insulin levels promote the storage of “visceral” belly fat, which surrounds your organs and sends metabolic messages that promote disease.

High blood sugar also causes the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) – nasty little compounds that speed up the aging process and damage tissues (especially the skin, in the form of wrinkles and lost elasticity).

And guess what?

bread healthy halo

And it’s the specific TYPE of carbs in bread that are to blame.

About 75% of the carbohydrates in wheat are in the form of amylopectin A – a compound that is unique in just how rapidly it is transformed into glucose.

This is why wheat spikes your blood sugar higher than almost all foods – even when the same number of carbohydrates is consumed!

glycemic index of common foods

And that’s not all this health-harming carb can do…

“Heart Healthy” Whole Wheat… Causes Heart Disease!
The medical establishment has greatly exaggerated the role of cholesterol in heart disease.

But there is one type of cholesterol closely linked to this killer – small dense LDL particles.

american heart associationA study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that people with high levels of small dense LDL have a 300% greater risk of heart attack!

Many doctors believe it is the number one risk factor for heart disease in the U.S.

And guess what triggers these dangerous compounds to form more than any other food?

It is the amylopectin A found in wheat!

Think about that the next time you see the American Heart Association “Seal of Approval” on a package of whole grain bread.

And to think they recommend you eat this food AT LEAST three times per day!

In fact, if you are eating grains this often, it might not be your fault…

Are You High on Bread?
The Addictive Properties of Wheat
You’ve probably heard that sugar triggers the same pleasure centers in the brain as drugs of addiction. That’s why it can be so hard to “just say no” to sweet treats.

But wheat has drug-like properties even more powerful than sugar!wheat nicotine

That’s because in addition to the rapid sugar rush wheat provides, it also produces specific compounds that bind to morphine receptors in the brain.

In addition to subtle euphoria, these opiates cause a repetitive cycle of cravings – for more grains!

It’s no wonder a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine showed that people who eat wheat consume an average of 400 calories more per day.

So, let’s move on to the next dangerous misconception about bread (as well as cookies, crackers, cereal, pasta and cake)…

Loaf Lie #2: “Gluten-Free Bread is Healthier than Bread Made from Wheat”
If you’ve already given up traditional grain-based foods, you’ve made a wise decision!

But if you replaced these foods with their commercial gluten-free counterparts, reconsider.

You see, most gluten-free breads, cereals, pastas, crackers and cookies use ingredients that are not much better (and in some cases, worse) than those made with wheat!

Like any processed junk food, these products usually contain chemical preservatives, soy protein, dough conditioners, industrial seed oils, corn and rice syrup… and often, GMOs.

And that’s not all, because…

The Ingredients in Most Gluten-Free Products Will Also Send Your Blood Sugar Soaring!
In place of wheat flour, most gluten-free products – and many online recipes for that matter – use flours with glycemic values that are off the charts, including:

Corn Starch
Rice Flour
Potato Starch
Tapioca Starch
Sorghum flour
Here’s what Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, has to say about these unhealthy alternatives…

“These powdered starches are among the few foods that increase blood sugar higher than even whole wheat. It means these foods trigger weight gain in the abdomen, increased blood sugars, insulin resistance, diabetes, cataracts, and arthritis. They are NOT healthy replacements for wheat.”

Take a look at how some common gluten-free foods impact your blood sugar…

glycemic index gluten free foods

It should come as no surprise that…

Most people GAIN WEIGHT on a gluten-free diet. In fact, one study showed that 81% of people who adopted a gluten-free diet had gained weight after two years!

You should also know that…

Some Gluten-Free Products Contain 90 Times More Arsenic Than the EPA Allows for Drinking Water!
Of course, you know that arsenic is a deadly poison…

But you might not know that many gluten free baked goods contain potentially toxic levels of it!arsenic gluten free foods

The problem comes mostly from brown rice flour and brown rice syrup, often major ingredients in gluten-free baking mixes, breads, crackers, chips and pasta.

In fact, analysis conducted by Consumer Reports showed that some popular gluten-free products contain up to 90 times the arsenic allowed in drinking water!

Of course, the same risk applies if you’re using brown rice products in your recipes at home.

Chronic arsenic exposure – even at very low levels – can lead to headaches, fatigue, brain fog and digestive issues… not to mention heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness and diabetes.

Keep this in mind the next time you hear that “gluten-free bread is healthier than bread made with wheat.”

Loaf Lie #3: “If You Don’t Have a Problem with Gluten, You Don’t Have a Problem with Wheat”
Most people are aware that a little protein in wheat can cause BIG problems for some people.

For those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity (two completely different conditions), even a small amount of gluten can cause serious digestive problems… systemic inflammation… autoimmune disease… and the list goes on.

At least 300 health-related issues have been linked to gluten.

But here’s the thing…

Gluten is a REAL Problem…
But the Problem is NOT Just Gluten!
Most doctors (mistakenly) believe that any problems with wheat are problems with gluten. In other words, if you don’t have a problem with gluten… you don’t have a problem.

However, the protein we call “gluten” actually consists of hundreds of smaller compounds. Any ONE of these could trigger an inflammatory or immune response.

And that’s not even a fraction of the whole story, because…

According to a study published in Plant Physiology, modern wheat is capable of producing at least 23,788 unique proteins!

This would explain the studies where people have shown a severe reaction to wheat – and no reaction at all to gluten itself, even in high doses.

gluten in your headThe problem is that conventional lab testing looks for just two antibodies related to gluten.

If you test negative for these two, most doctors will give you a clean bill of health – and probably tell you that any symptoms you’re experiencing are “all in your head.”

But science has found numerous compounds in grains – besides gluten – which can cause serious long-term health issues…

The Powerful Chemical in Wheat
That Protects it from Being Eaten
Unlike animals, plants cannot escape being eaten. That’s why many plants have defenses to discourage predation. Thorns on a cactus are an obvious example.

But wheat and grains have defenses too, including compounds which can deprive you of vital nutrients and slowly leak out toxic effects. (This is called a HINT!)

One of these is wheat germ agglutinin (WGA).

Studies show that WGA can have direct toxic effects on most tissues in your body, including the heart and brain.In fact, it enters the brain so easily that scientists are hopeful it can be used to deliver Alzheimer’s drugs.

Like gluten, WGA can also disrupt your hormonal system, weaken immunity, cause digestive problems and promote systemic inflammation (the cornerstone of degenerative disease).

And the highest concentrations of it are found in whole grains – including supposedly “healthy” sprouted grains!

Loaf Lie #4: “If Wheat Doesn’t Cause You

Digestive Distress, then it’s Safe to Eat”

When some people eat the tiniest bit of wheat or gluten, they can be doubled over in pain or running to the bathroom within minutes.

In a way, these people have an advantage… at least they can identify the problem and its source.

But just because you feel fine after eating a bagel, doesn’t mean it is not damaging your body.

What You Don’t Know (or Notice) Can Still Hurt You…
Studies show that even if you are NOT “gluten intolerant” these foods can cause inflammation and perforations in the gut – allowing unwanted substances to “leak” into your bloodstream.

And you might not feel the slightest gurgle in your belly. In fact, almost 50% of newly diagnosed celiac patients have no noticeable abdominal distress.

Yet, with each bite you are causing damage to nearly every tissue, system and organ in your body.

Here are just a few of the symptoms this can cause:

Headaches and fatigue
Chronic sinus issues and lowered immunity
Arthritis, bone and joint pain
Nutrient deficiencies, and
A VERY long list of skin conditions, including everything from acne to wrinkles.
More troubling is that…

This Can Set the Stage for an
Astonishing Variety of Diseases
Research shows that wheat can trigger a variety of autoimmune conditions (where the body attacks itself), including: type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

It can also cause chronic disease…

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a report showing that gluten sensitive people who still consume grains increase their risk of death up to 75%!

The New England Journal of Medicine lists 55 conditions that can be caused by eating gluten, including:

Heart Disease
Irritable Bowel Disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue
Thyroid disorders
Canker Sores

And it doesn’t just affect your body…

Bread Madness:
Don’t Destroy Your Brain with Grain
More than 50 years ago, doctors discovered that some mental patients made spontaneous recoveries when bread was not available to them.

The term “bread madness” was even coined to describe schizophrenia.your brain on gluten

Recently, doctors at Duke University reported on a woman who had a 50-year history of delusions, hallucinations and suicide attempts. Within a week of stopping wheat, her symptoms disappeared!

Now, I’m sure you’re perfectly sane…

But if you (or someone you know) has ever suffered from depression… insomnia… anxiety… dementia… or nearly any other psychiatric or neurological condition – there’s a good chance a grain-free diet would help.

And now for the final (and perhaps most surprising) misconception about bread…

Loaf Lie #5: “There is No Such Thing as
a Healthy Loaf of Bread”
If all this bread bashing has caused you to reluctantly swear off buns, biscuits, bagels and baguettes forever, I understand. After all, if whole-grain and most gluten-free breads are bad for you… what else is there?

Well, I have great news…

You Don’t Have to Choose Between
Your “Daily Bread”And Being Healthy
You Just Have to Choose Healthy Bread!
paleo french toastWhat if you could sink your teeth into a hot stack of French toast… a sandwich thick enough to make Dagwood proud… a chewy bagel…. or a crusty piece of fresh-baked focaccia…

And what if these delicious real-food breads were not only gluten-free… but low glycemic too?

When you choose bread made with “intelligent ingredients” it can actually protect – not wreck – your health.

It can even help you sculpt a lean physique… instead of puffing up your muffin top!

And I’m not talking about weak imitations. I’m talking about REAL bread so delicious you’ll swear that it’s bad for you.

And you won’t believe just how easy it can be…

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
kelley herring better breadsMy name is Kelley Herring and I’m the founder of Healing Gourmet®, the world’s leading provider of organic, sustainable recipes and meal plans for health and weight loss.

I’m also the author of more than a dozen books and e-books, including a four-book series, published by McGraw-Hill, on the power of foods and nutrients to promote health and protect against disease.

My background is in nutritional biochemistry. I’ve spent a lot of time in the library… and the laboratory.

But my true passion has always been cooking and baking and creating recipes.

In other words, it is the “kitchen laboratory” where my heart is truly at home.

I have also been diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. So I have personal motivations for solving this dietary dilemma.

A few years ago, I wrote an e-book called, Guilt-Free Desserts where I showed how to use the latest functional ingredients and metabolic power foods to create delicious (and healthy) gluten-free and low-glycemic desserts.

Thousands of people from dozens of countries purchased that book and told me how grateful they are to be able to enjoy these foods again, without concern for their health.

But one request that came up over and over again…

It seems that people have the hardest time giving up bread. And if they have, they truly miss the enjoyment of a burger on a bun… a crusty piece of French bread with garlic and oil… or even the simple pleasure of melted butter on warm toast.

I missed those simple pleasures too.

But there was no guidebook anywhere (until now) for creating truly delicious bread – not some weak imitation – that is both gluten free AND low glycemic.

That’s because, while you’ve certainly heard a lot of bad things…

Gluten Does Have a “Good” Side…
Many of the things we love most about bread are because of gluten.

It helps create that crusty-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside texture. It helps bread to rise. It makes pizza dough stretchy and chewy. And it provides stability and structure to baked goods.

Baking is a science. And baking with gluten-free, low-glycemic ingredients is an EXACT science.

You can’t simply substitute grain-free flour for regular flour and expect it to “magically” achieve the characteristics you love about bread. Replacing wheat flour in a bread recipe is a LOT harder than replacing sugar in a dessert.

If you’ve ever had to apologize because the “biscuits” you made could double as hockey pucks… or the “loaf” you were expecting turned into a “pancake”… or if the expensive gluten-free bread you bought at the store made you turn up your nose and proclaim, “This is NOT bread”…

Then you know what I’m talking about.

Creating REAL Bread with Good-for-You Ingredients Required Science-Based Solutions
and Extensive Testing…
My goal was to create breads so good they could be served in a restaurant.

They had to be made with inexpensive real-food ingredients
They would contain NO grains or gluten
And the final product had to be low-glycemic – no blood sugar spikes.
And that’s not all…

I would only be satisfied if the recipes were fast and easy to make.

No complicated techniques… no fancy equipment (not even a bread machine)… and no need to knead.

And because we all have unique taste preferences, allergies and dietary needs, I wanted to make it simple to make ingredient substitutions whenever possible.

To do all of this, I knew I was going to have to reinvent the rules of baking.

And that’s exactly what I did…

It Wasn’t Easy – But My Hard Work has
Definitely Made it Easy for You!
I wish that all I had to do was take a few classic bread recipes and tweak the ingredients to make good-for-you versions of your favorites.

It took a LOT more work than that.

To create each recipe, I tested numerous variations – each time, swapping ingredients, changing the amounts and ratios, trying different preparation methods, cooking times and temperature. You wouldn’t believe the difference one small variation can make.

Every formula was carefully examined in terms of taste, texture, rise, crumb, ease of preparation – and most important – how close it was to the classic original.

In some cases, it took more than a dozen formulations of a single recipe until I was satisfied with the outcome. There were some weeks when I would work on just ONE recipe.

Sometimes I just wanted to collapse in a heap and cry.

Okay, I really did that once – just ask my husband.

And Do You Know Why I Worked So Hard
to Make these Recipes Foolproof?
Because I know the feeling of failure and frustration when you have to throw away a recipe that flops – or even worse – have to eat something that tastes terrible, because you don’t want your time and money to be wasted.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

I went through the learning curve and made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

In fact, even after I had nailed a formula, I tested and then retested the final version to make sure the results were reliably foolproof… and tasted reliably great!

And because you don’t want to be in the kitchen any more than you have to…

Most of the recipes I created can be made in just 15 minutes hands-on time, with little more than a mixing bowl and a spoon. Then just pop the dough into the oven.

About an hour later, gorgeous golden loaves will emerge… ready to slather with butter or pile on your favorite meats for a superfood sandwich!

So, without further delay, please allow me to introduce Healing Gourmet’s newest creation…

Introducing Better Breads™: 25 Quick & Delicious, Gluten-Free, Paleo & Low-Carb Breads

After months of testing and hundreds of trials, we’re happy to announce that we have finally “cracked the code” on making gluten-free, low-glycemic bread that tastes so good, you’ll never look back.

Our reinvention of this all-American staple has everything you want – and nothing you don’t – when it comes to your health.

In fact, on average, the breads featured in Better Breads have:

Less sugar than two grapes
Fewer net carbs than a quarter of an apple
As much heart-healthy monounsaturated fat as 10 almonds
As much protein as an egg white, and
As much fiber as a serving of broccoli
You can’t expect these benefits from most other gluten-free bread recipes. Their super-high starch content will send your insulin levels soaring.

And if you’ve been buying gluten-free bread at the store, you’ll be amazed how much better these fresh-baked breads taste… and you’ll NEVER have to worry about artificial ingredients, dough conditioners, unhealthy fats, or chemical preservatives.

Take a look at how the recipes in Better Breads stack up against popular store-bought versions:

gluten free breads

If you take the average nutritional value of these four commercial gluten-free breads, this is how Better Breads compares:

And you will enjoy all this superior nutritional value for less than HALF the cost!

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Our reinvention of this all-American staple has everything you want – and nothing you don’t – when it comes to your health.
In fact, on average, the breads featured in Better Breads have:
  • Less sugar than two grapes
  • Fewer net carbs than a quarter of an apple
  • As much heart-healthy monounsaturated fat as 10 almonds
  • As much protein as an egg white, and
  • As much fiber as a serving of broccoli
You can’t expect these benefits from most other gluten-free bread recipes. Their super-high starch content will send your insulin levels soaring.
And if you’ve been buying gluten-free bread at the store, you’ll be amazed how much better these fresh-baked breads taste… and you’ll NEVER have to worry about artificial ingredients, dough conditioners, unhealthy fats, or chemical preservatives.
Take a look at how the recipes in Better Breads stack up against popular store-bought versions: