Tuesday 31 May 2016

And then the end shall come

We don't generally refer to flowers as corms or stalks, it's the flowers of the plant that hold our interest.
There's the preaching to individual hearts and neighbourhoods. This has greatly expanded through satellite TV.....except we are not always keen on the foundation it's coming from. No matter as Paul said, at least Jesus is being preached. But Ecclesiastes shows something else too. It shows one man exhausting all the avenues in his quest. The Bible isn't that conclusive on Solomon's.life. The Muslims oral tradition is that Solomon DID chase after women who led him into the deep things of Satan, deep magic, but they say he returned even from there. Bit of a Faustian story going on. The five different possibilities that a man can explore, and remember I usually ignore the first. The first is that thuggish totally selfish world.view of someone that never really really experiences weaning......everything centres still.around them and what they perceive are their needs. The grand narcissist but without even the veneer of.being civil. Then there's the socialised stage where a lot of the edges have been hammered by external authority infrastructures ....parents family school police or.worse prison.....Or our work life.....Or.real.responsibilities when we have our own family and facing down our own very real bottom lines.....and either meeting them or failing. But at some point the sociologists say we break out from even this robotic form of going through the motions to beginning to function from our.insides. But we need a certain space to experiment, to be ourselves ,to enter the Freefall of our inner understanding of things. At which point we begin to learn the esoteric truths......that in fact I am an interior me. That all is spirit. That I have to choose deep down from only two spirits. This is initially fuzzy and in its first form outside of Christ we only may see one form of.spirit within a new Age or esoteric Order blueprint. But it becomes really alarming when we see what we are drawing into ourselves. So.we must go right right down to the foundations of being in our very basement. To what Jesus calls living on the Rock, the immovable, the Eternal, God the Father, the sole pure source who is ONLY GOODNESS BRINGING FORTH GOODNESS,BEARING GOODNESS IN OUR BEING. The esoteric moves and bodies state that they are doing this. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner, David Spangler, Lucis Trust and the United Nations may be convinced that they are about this task. But they are deceived because they love Lucifer, and he has convinced them he is an angel of Light.....but at root he has always been a liar, a destroyer, a detestor of human beings having no understanding of God living the way of the Cross in real time in man.
So what I am saying is, yes there is preaching , trying to catch man in his tracks before he finds out the inevitable for himself anyway.....that there is Only One Way.....and it isn't the broad road.....it's a very very narrow road.....because it is IN CHRIST ALONE AND WHAT HE IS DOING. HIS STORY. Psalm 85 is about many people finding this for themselves through history. When God.says in frustration to the Israelites
Surely as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of my glory as the waters cover the sea.......He is.speaking yes as one who can see the end from the beginning.....but He is speaking as a Father who.can see his kids having to try everything out.....but like any parent knowing that the fixed order of things is that people grow into parenthood.....into more.wisdom. But unlike the human level of.fatherhood psalm 85 speaks in complete terms......Or righteousness and the finished experiential work of Christ and the New.Covenant springing up.from the earth. Acts 2 was a prototype. There were Jews from all over the world that day. God wasn't biting His fingernails thinking......oooh I.wonder if people will like the message Peter speaks......Will he be able to.persuade any of them by oratory...? God never left it to Peter. Righteousness was popping up.from the ground. People.were.rolling around behaving drunk. They were speaking praises in all the then known languages. The love, the extraordinary agape of God was oozing from every pore. Peter was just explaining what was going on. Preaching is good...
But what God is doing through man's Faustian walk through history is better...
The experiential knowledge and breakdown of man in Romans 7 terms that there is nowhere else.we.can go.......that there is only one Rock on which we can build our lives......Righteousness and peace from below.and on high kissing themselves quite naturally because it is an internal spontaneous discovery and not some imposed Commandment of.stone from on high.
That's why Satan hates revivals. That's why he hates the 9th Gate of Jerusalem.....the Open House Gate.....the Eastern Gate....the come in and look round Gate..... the Part of the Third Jewish Feast of Tabernacles that is the Feast of.In Gathering....
Think flowers in full bloom. Now this is but one stage in a plants life through the seasons of the year but no one calls his plants anything else. Are they stalks? Are they called corms? Hey Christine I am just off to the corm centre. I am just off to the stalk shop.
No....we call them flowers because of this.one brief period in the plants life. Same with revival. Same with the end of Psalm 85. Same with the whole point of history.
And when THIS KINGDOM is preached in the whole earth then shall the end come. Which Kingdom? The agape Kingdom Life of 12 completely disparate people living hook by jowl with Jesus Christ for 3 and a half years non-stop. Which Kingdom? The Kingdom of all cultures inundated with God Holy Spirit Agape being simultaneously and spontaneously manifest on the Day of Acts in some type.of.Psalm 85 explosion!!!! THAT KINGDOM. THOSE FLOWERS!!!-.

Friday 27 May 2016

George H Warnock 1917-2016 Terry Miller and others and in George's own words

Chris Welch writes....I only heard about this through Doug Alexander on Facebook. Thanks Doug.

RIP #GeorgeWarnock -- a significant passing yesterday (5.25.16) at 98 y/o. I learned so much from his writings. A true feast for the spirit.
They set a template in my Spirit that can't be removed. More than instruction... I was fathered by this faithful scribe's pen into the true spirit of sonship. Have read his classic FEAST OF TABERNACLES several times. Double honor to your humble servant dear Lord.

Feast of Tabernacles Ministries posted:
I just found out that a grandfather of the faith, George Warnock, has passed into glory at over 98 years old. Here was a man who, like Simeon, waited patiently for decades to see the light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of Israel, which he was shown many years ago. He was a teacher, an author of 14 amazing books (available for free - see http://www.georgewarnock.com/, a father of 7 children, and an inspiration to me. I was blessed to travel to his beautiful home in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada twice - once in September 2001 (shortly before 9/11) and again in 2003, with Wendy. George's wife of 55 years passed into glory 4-1/2 years ago, and now he has followed. Truly, with long life he was satisfied and shown the LORD's salvation. He is survived by 7 children, 19 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, and hundreds if not thousands who grew in their faith through his faith and teaching gift. Rest in peace, man of God.

Robert D Torango:
"Another Pioneer has been called home at age 98. Bro. George Warnock whose book, The Feast of Tabernacles, should be requisite reading for all seeking deeper truth about the Kingdom of God.

Terry Crisp:
Just learned that a brother who has influenced multitudes (including myself) through the profundity of his writings has passed from this realm to the next. George Warnock, author of the book, “The Feast of Tabernacles,” was called home Monday at the age of 98. What a humble servant of God he was!

Elwin Roach:
"Our Canadian friend and sojourner in Christ, Terry Miller, sent a notice of the passing of of George Warnock, author of “The Feast of Tabernacles,” “Hyssop That Springeth Out of The Wall,” and many more books. He was certainly one of the pioneers of today’s present truth who impacted the body of Christ in a mighty way.

Br. George H. Warnock, who was called home yesterday at the age of 98, "received" the following poem in the early years of this Move of the Spirit. He said, "I awakened one morning with these words running through my mind..."


Just content to be a son
With no ambition to succeed
In realms of earth, and have no need
Of popularity's acclaim,
Or purchase for myself a name
In serving Christ; for He must be
The Lord throughout eternity.
To see His face and hear His voice,
And do His bidding is my choice.

Just content to be a son,
A son of God without a home,
To stay, or go, or wait, or roam...
Hither and yon without a plan,
Led of the Spirit, not of man.
I'll have no monument of praise,
But I'll have peace in God's own ways;
And though I tread this earthly sod,
I'll walk with Him, I live in God.

Just content to be a son,
Misunderstood, and yet I know
The path I take shall overflow
With life abundant and with grace,
I only need to run the race
With patience, waiting, seeing Him...
Hearing the still small voice within.
If others want the earth to quake...
I'll hear His voice when I awake.

Just content to be a son,
No words to say... but what He says;
No work to do... but what He does;
No fear or worry, anxious care,
I live with Him, His yoke I share...
No name to make, He writes His own
Upon the heart's pure glistening stone;
No life to live, I lay it down,
I'll share His cross... and live again.


Submitted by Br. Terry Miller,
Travelling Deacon

Official website

A Brief Outline of My Life   George H Warnock taken from his website

I was born on September 22, 1917 - to my parents, David Edmond Warnock and Alice Pearl (McCann) Warnock, who lived in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. I was the third of five children. A younger sister passed away a few years ago, my older brother and sister are still living as well as a younger sister. Our father was a carpenter in that town. We lived in a small home on the outskirts. Being the son of a carpenter, it was not unusual that I learned the trade early. For reasons I had not planned, I also took up the trade. I remained a carpenter during most of my life, after my school days.

As children we had a good Christian upbringing, for which we are all very grateful. We learned about Jesus as soon as we could talk. As we grew older, we knew that we must, as individuals, come to know the Lord personally and surrender our lives to Him. We all came to the Lord early in life. I think I may have held out longer than any of the others. I was 19 when I made a public stand for Christ. Almost instantly I had the assurance that I was "saved." The joy of having this assurance flooded my heart. Within the next 10 days or so I was baptized in water in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Before this, I read the New Testament all the way through (except for a couple of chapters at the end of the Book of Revelation) just to make sure that this was the way the disciples baptized their converts.

In our small town there were a lot of churches…but many people longed for a greater reality than they had discovered, and would not hesitate to leave one church to attend another, as they sought for the "better way." Our folks were of that mind, and I can recall in those first 20 years of my life, having attended many different churches: Pentecostal, Nazarene, Holiness Movement, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Salvation Army, Four Square Gospel, Apostolic Church of Pentecost- and often we were involved with an Independent church group. Our folks were never denominationally minded, and none of us grew up with the thought: "My church is the right church."

Eventually our whole family moved to Vancouver. My brother was the first to do that, to attend a Bible School in that city. Then later the rest of us moved there - and our family was together again. I worked with dad quite a bit…as finding a job was not easy in those days. Then came World War II, and being in good health, it was inevitable that I would be called up. In the meantime I had been called before a committee that was appointed to decide whether or not one’s claim as a conscientious objector was valid. Because I had no affiliation with a church background that resisted going to war, there was no place for me as an "objector." I had total peace in the decision I had made: I would not kill my fellow-men, nor would I undergo military training to learn how to do so.

In due course I received my order (along with a ticket) to report at the army training center in Victoria, on November 22, 1940. I wrote them a respectful, but firm, letter explaining why I would not be there on the appointed day. I closed my letter with a statement something like this: "When I received the Lord Jesus into my life, I determined to follow Him the rest of my life, regardless of the consequences." I didn’t go into hiding. They had my address and I expected I would be "picked up" almost any day. But for some reason I heard nothing from them for several months. Then I got my notice to report for Alternative Service in a forestry camp... set up to handle COs of many denominations. They were mostly Mennonites, but there were several from other backgrounds: Seventh Day Adventists, Christadelphian, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hutterites, Brethren, and "Independents." We were in camp four months, released for a short season, and then sent to other work camps, or forestry camps, for the duration of the war. We did not know what to expect until we got to one of those camps. They were civilian camps managed by one or two foremen - some of whom were veterans of World War l. We had no armed guards, nor were we kept in fenced compounds. We were detained on our honor, were required to put in an 8-hour workday, with weekends off. We were treated well and respected by our foremen. (At least this is the way it was in the camps I was in.) Later some of us were given the option of going to one of those isolated places where industries found it difficult to keep the crew they needed, as men could almost pick and choose the job they wanted. I volunteered for one of these, and was sent to Pacific Lime Company on Texada Island, a few miles west of the mainland of British Columbia. We remained under Alternative Service regulations…but worked along with the employees in the plant. The company was not subsidized by our cheap labor ($25. per month plus board). They were required to pay the going wage, we received the $25, and board allowance, and after taxes and other deductions -- the net balance was sent to the Red Cross Society. For a short while I fired one of those large furnaces with cordwood, that burnt the limerock into lime. Then I was taken into the office as Timekeeper, and later when the local accountant at the plant resigned, I took his job. We had freedom to gather for church services, and I met with a group comprised mostly of Mennonites who knew the Lord, and some other evangelicals…Brethren, Baptist, Pentecostal…or Independents. I also had freedom to share with them from time to time, and we had some good times of fellowship. We remained under the Alternative Service jurisdiction for several months after the War ended, and were then finally released in August, 1946.

From early childhood I had only one thought in mind, as to how I would spend my life, and that was to become involved in the work of the Gospel. I think the fact that I was raised up almost from death, had much to do with the thought I had: did God raise me up for a purpose? I was around 5 years old when I came as close to death as one could come…with pneumonia and other complications. Finally one day my dad took my sister by the hand and they walked down to the Canadian National railway station and dad sent a telegram to his mother-in-law (my maternal grandma): "Please pray for Georgie, he is almost gone." My grandmother was "baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire"…as I often heard her say years later. It happened in the great Pentecostal revival that swept through Winnipeg, in the early part of the last century. Out of that experience the Lord Jesus became her Lord and King, her Saviour, her Provider, her Great Physician. They were on a homestead far removed from the help of a doctor. One time one of her sons lay dying on his bed with a ruptured appendix. She looked for no help other than her Great Physician - and her son was raised up, and lived to be an old man. A cow or a horse that was sick - she would go to the barn and lay hands on them, and they would be healed. Anyway, when she got the telegram she went to fervent prayer immediately, and I was raised up by a miracle. I sat up in bed that very day, and gradually returned to full strength.

Oh how great and majestic and powerful the Church appears to be in our day. But in actuality…how weak, how poor, how miserable, how blind, how wretched she really is. And our Lord stands at the door, and begs for admittance, that He might come to us with the "white raiment" of His righteousness, with the "anointing oil" for our eyes…with the "gold, tried in the fire"…that we might be rich.

So now I am released from the work camps, and back in Vancouver. What will I do? Prepare to be a missionary, perhaps. I looked into the possibility of going to Japan. I was serious about it. But I soon learned that "A man’s heart deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his steps" (Prov. 16:9). We plan our way in life…but He lays our plans aside, and directs us in His way -- if we truly love God and desire to walk with Him. One night at the church that I attended, while the Spirit of God was heavy upon me, I had clear direction to move to Lethbridge, Alberta. For what purpose I did not know. For about three years in that city I was involved with a handful of people, mostly in downtown mission work. My time there seemed to be very unfruitful and uneventful. Yet I would have the assurance in my heart that I went there in His will. While living with friends in their home I felt to go on a long fast…as long as would be necessary to discover a greater reality in God. Then one evening an old Pentecostal preacher who was a friend of our family, looked me up. After a time of fellowship with the family members that were in the room, he came over and laid hands on me and prophesied words of encouragement. I thought that was quite strange…I never had anything like that happen to me before.

Shortly after this we heard about a move of God starting up in Saskatchewan, in my old hometown. It was a time of great spiritual dearth, and many of God’s people in many places had been earnestly seeking the Lord for revival. In North Battleford a small Bible College had been formed, and the faculty and students alike were constrained in earnest prayer and fasting to seek the Lord for a fresh move of God. This went on for months and in the Spring of 1948 the Lord began to move very sovereignly in "prophecy and the laying on of hands" - with the impartation of gifts and ministries of the Spirit. Then we heard that a Camp Meeting was scheduled for July and some of us in Lethbridge felt to be there. We were not to be disappointed. There was a great emphasis not only in prophecy and other gifts of the Spirit but we were greatly impacted by the evident presence of the Spirit, the anointed Word in teaching, and the spontaneous prophetic utterances that came forth. It was a corporate anointing - with the Spirit Himself very much in control. The people as well as the leadership were participants in this fresh anointing. To myself and many others it was a new day dawning. A day in which the Lord would unfold Truth in a new dimension, for the edifying of the body of Christ. The revival had started in February of 1948, in what was known as Sharon Bible College, and now it was early July. In those 4 or 5 months the word had gone far and wide, and there were probably six or seven hundred people there from different parts of Canada and the USA. The "order" of the Spirit prevailed, and there was much love among the brethren. It was a new visitation and in the days and years to come, many thousands would be refreshed and changed as they discovered new vision and new hope in what God was doing and would yet do in the earth. The Word became "alive." The worship was spontaneous, as those who had long panted for the living waters found new hope and new reality in God.

A few months later, at the request of one of the leaders…I was invited to come and work with them…particularly in the office answering the mail that started to pour in from different parts of Canada and the USA and other countries. I enjoyed those times, and have no regrets for having worked there those four years or so, in what I would call a "deacon" capacity…helping out where I could…ministering at times in the local church…or in the Bible College. It was during that time that I wrote the book "Feast of Tabernacles," which was inspired in part by what one of the young prophets had said in one of his classes; "This feast is still in the future." It was this key that started my own research into this great Feast, and I was aware of much anointing as I wrote about it.

But after a few years I was becoming more and more aware that the Spirit of God no longer hovered over us as He once did. Several others felt the same way. God forbid that I should attach any blame to anyone…He alone is the Judge. Perhaps all of us who were involved, were responsible in one way or another, for causing the Holy Dove of God’s Spirit to be grieved. I knew I must leave…but I never lost confidence in what God had done, and would yet do…when a new generation would earnestly seek the Lord to come again, and set up His habitation in the midst of His people.

I went back to my trade as a carpenter, and remained at that till I was well-past retirement age. Yet during this time I would occasionally take a ministry trip here and there, as I felt it to be the Lord’s will. On one of these earlier trips I went to a small gathering in Oakland, California…and I stayed on after the gathering working at my trade. Then in 1956 I came back to Canada to marry Ruth Gray, who also was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and used to come with her parents to those annual summer Camp Meetings. After we married we returned to California for another couple of years where I had unfinished work to do. Then I had agreed to build a small summer home near Lake Tahoe. After that we returned to Canada…with our firstborn child, a daughter, Linda Faith. We lived in the Calgary area for 14 years and have lived here in Cranbrook since 1972. Ruth has been a faithful and devoted wife all these years, and we have been blessed with 4 daughters, 3 sons and 17 grandchildren. In 2005 we were saddened with the passing away of a grand-daughter, Rebekah Grace, at the age of 15. She had been handicapped for the greater part of her life. Her passing has left a void in the hearts of many.

Summer 2015 - update by the family:

Our father George is nearing 98 in September, nestled away in the Canadian Rockies; a grandfather to 19 and a great-grandfather to 4, with another on the way. His beloved wife of 55 years, Ruth Marie, passed away in November of 2011 after the debilitating disease ALS ravaged her body for nearly a year. It was excruciating for the family to watch our lively fun-loving mother so constrained by the end that she could move only her eyes, though her mental capabilities were sharp. She is dearly missed beyond words by our family, and by others who loved her as a mother and friend. We hang on to the assurance that our times are in God's hands. We are humbled and grateful to have been raised by two such precious and faithful Godly parents. Though we may not understand the constraints and limitations of the aging process, we can have confidence that God's purposes continue to be fulfilled during this fragile phase of life.

"Can the clay say to the potter, what are you making?"
(Isaiah 45:9)

"But we have this treasure in fragile earthen pots,
in order that the surpassing greatness of the power may be seen to be God's
and not to come from us."
(2 Cor. 4:7, Weymouth)

George's key blueprint which he was led to write at 32 years of age The Feast of Tabernacles
we have serialised here on this blog beginning here

Wednesday 25 May 2016

First Arrival at The Garden Annexe , Our New Self-Catering Holiday Let

We live in a fabulous part of the world spoiled in part out of necessity by the fact that the once sandy beaches of Hayling have to have routine fresh coverings of shingle and stone to keep the island from being flooded by the seas. Apart from Sandown on the Isle of Wight and Eastbourne which both get even more sunshine hours per year, we are certainly in Britain's sunnier region.

The Garden Annexe here which you can find online at
www.gardenannexe.net  is a suntrap, and so we took down  a large tree which was ailing anyway, removed a rockery and built a patio outside the annexe to make full use of the sunshine.

It takes some cleaning to prepare two large rooms so our one night Bed and Breakfast prices are not the cheapest, but if you want your own complete self-catering appartment with proper facilities:
fullsize cooker,microwave , fridge freezer, TV with Sky etc it is a great place to get away for the weekend and have your home away from home, rather than being cooped up in a motel room.
Weekly rates are discounted and monthly rates more so.

How many can sleep there?

The flat has one double bedroom best serving two adults, but the sofabed in the lounge will easily sleep two children as well.

BUT THEN THERE ARE THE SPECIAL EVENTS !!!!And for these you may only be looking for a place where 4 adults who know each other well are looking for a place to bed down cheaply while the bulk of their days are spent at the BIG EVENTS and maybe even eating out locally afterwards.



In Chichester people rent out their houses for four or five nights for anything up to £1500 for a house or part of house.  We are ten miles further out, but four fanatic adults could rent Garden Annexe for only £25 per adult per night, £300 for Friday,Saturday and Sunday nights. At the time of writing this slot is available.
The other main year's events are all here

Thursday 19 May 2016

My third level trek

Some of what we learn is by direct revelation, some is Word through God's ways with others. Some we, like Ruth and Boaz, have sensed the Holy Spirit to "go up by night and get".

Today is Ben's first ever national exam GCSE. 44 years ago I was 12 and got 11 A's in school.....but having achieved and it brought no change whatsoever......didn't make me feel better.....and didn't buy me more or.less favour with my Dad.....I kind of divebombed into questioning everything and fell into deep depression. I left my Methodist distant God and my language and behaviour was totally perverse. My born again school
friend needles me for.a year.....so I.went eventually to hear Billy Graham in films being shown in an Amersham outreach centre. Later in Chesham Bois in another Big Bible.study for youth on Romans my little ex Methodist eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing. In an era of Jimi Hendrix and Courts of the Crimson King and national power strikes.....all these teens were praying unashamed and studying by candlelight as the power was off. That touched me.deeply. Then they said there was going to be a Holy Spirit teach in day.......
So yes.....I was born again and baptised in the Spirit and I'd like to say I've raised up a great ministry throughout England and Europe.
And yes I preached into my posh Dr Challenors school at 13. And yes the head boy even became a Christian......and yes.....those that survived school are now elders up and down Britain....
But I got myself Schlinked.....
At 16 I went with other mixed youth to the sisters of Mary in Darmstadt fresh from the Grace outpouring in the London housechurches except Mother Basilea Schlink wasn't there. For four weeks she was away in prayer having heard that Mao was assembling his troops to begin an attack on Europe. Read Jung Chang. God used Basilea in the same way He had used Rees Howells with the three War dictators, and she paralysed Mao's advance. He never again made another move until his death. Basilia returned a bit like Moses from the mountain. She delivered two talks that blasted me out of my own generation. It was pure third level light. Talk 1 was......Go the way of the Lamb it is a way of Great Power.
This talk was nothing less than the little understood 12th Gate of Jerusalem......the prison gate......describing the no holds barred body intercession of Romans 12.1 and psalm 110....which is totally thirdlevel stuff.
Talk no. 2 was......seek the Face of the God of Jacob as at Peniel.....psalm 24 and Genesis 32.
In other words.....the mechanics of how you get into third level operation.
Now obviously as a 16 year old I couldn't explain any of this had they listened.....to John Noble or Gerald Coates or Dave Mansell......who were really otherwise our then current UK gurus....
But one thing I had experienced was being with a woman who had just possibly stopped another World.War and who had spoken in such Spirit authority to us youngsters......our souls had literally been cleft in two by God's Lightning.
I couldn't articulate it.....but it was clear my life was something about carrying the thirdlevel back into the world church. Christianity doesn't really actually work properly outside the thirdlevel. That's where Jesus lived. It's not just anointing....or.else Jesus wouldn't have said.....many will say to me Lord Lord....I cast out demons in your Name.....and I will.say....but I never Knew You.
And 1 John 2 Father level Christianity is precisely this......knowing Him who is.from the beginning.
But as a first and secondleveller still in separation from the bad old.days of Genesis 3......you think in terms of emotional Presence....or signs....which is of course.part of the package.....but like in Bethel or IHOP.....you forever cry.....more Lord More Lord.....without knowing you are booking an appointment with a steam roller. If you'd only shut up a minute God will swing into action. He heard you the first time. All that is necessary for.life and godliness is actually within you......namely His own DNA.....you can't miss it.....only if you harden your heart in the day of testing....and go back into unbelief. What first and secondlevellers don't get is that after God has sat on you.....you are fused.
You feel lucky to be still alive.....
In the words of the psalms.....66 I think.....all men have ridden over my head....
You can't help.feeling circumcised
That you are marked
Isaiah 53 says.....there is nothing about how you look .....but you are a shoot appearing out from nowhere in a parched wasteground.
You don't do this stuff. You can't do this stuff. You just go the Way of the Lord and He writes His stuff in you. The true church will.recognise where you have been. Everybody else will look for certificates and tassels and won't find any and just walk past you. Isn't it amazing that probably the greatest work in the English language in the twentieth century is still hardly known for the simple.reason that God called Norman Grubb onto the mission field 2 months before his final Cambridge exams. Now, the only people reading his books are people hungry for God.....and especially his final book "Yes I Am." Which is the final treatise on individual thirdlevel revelation, whereas the church blueprint is George H Warnock 1950 Feast of Tabernacles. Mother Basilea Schlink taught on how Romans 6 and 7 works. And Ed Miller used to take churches through and found that some way into the journey sequence in the Spirit there was a Gate 9 open day.....the Jerusalem Eastern Gate.....Revival.....the Jewish Feast that was a component of the third great last Feast of Tabernacles.....called the Feast of In Gathering.
So no.......my hidden generation has not leapt into Terry Virgos shoes.....nor been knocking on the door of Bill Johnson so he can now.retire....
No...like the Angel speaking back to Joshua when he asked.if we.we're on his side or not.....
To Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Bill Johnson, Kenneth Copeland.....to all the "young men breed" of anointing and victory and prosperity Isaacs..... we say......No
No? To a yes no question????
Indeed....we are not in your thing. You can be in ours. But one greater than an evangelical is here. One greater than a charismatic is here.
This Move operates out of thirdlevel fusion. THIS STUFF IS THE ANTIDOTE TO THE GENESIS 3 LIE.
You can look at my path like that of Judah and discount me. Genesis.28 is a bad chapter. But God raised Judah as the preeminent tribe of praise and Jesus came out of Judah. This may not look good to all of you.....but this is what God taking a heart and making it His looks like.
I greet you on the date of my birth!!!!.

Here are the clear BIBLICAL Teachings regarding growth in Christ

The Three Levels of Maturity
Sylvia Pearce
I John 2:12-14
Little Children
“ I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for His name sake.”
“ I write unto you, little children, because you have known the Father.”
Why do we need our sins forgiven? And how can we know the Father?
The Fall Of Man.
Gen 3:1-15
Result Of The fall:
John 3:19-21-“Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light.”
Romans 3:10-18-“There is none good, no not one.”
Eph. 2:1-3 “Dead in trespasses and sins,” “the spirit that works in the children of disobedience” and “they were by nature children of wrath.”
Acts 13:46-“Judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life.”
I John 3:10-“Children of the devil.”
John 8:44- “you are of your father the devil.”
Rom. 6:17-“Slaves of sin.”
I Peter 3:19-“Spirits in prison.”
Romans 9:23-“Vessels of wrath.”
Romans 5:12-“Death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.”
The Provision For Our Sins Through Christ’s Subsitutionary Death.
John 3:16-“For God so loved the world that he sent His only begotten Son.”
II Cor. 5:19-“To wit, that God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself.”
Col. 1:14-“Through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins.”
Romans 3:24-25-“Justified freely by his grace, through faith in his blood.”
I Peter 1:18-20-“Redeemed by the precious blood of Christ.”
Heb. 10:12-“One sacrifice for sins forever.”
How is Christ Made Mine?
John 1:12-“As many as receive Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God.”
Acts 16:31-“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved.”
Titus 3:15-“Not by works of righteousness which I have done but according His mercy He saved me.”
Romans 3:24-“Being justified freely by His grace through Christ’s redemption.”
Romans 3:28-“A man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.”
Eph. 2:8-9-“For by grace you are saved, through faith.”
Romans 10:9-“Confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart, you shall be saved.”
How Can I Have The Assurance Of My Salvation?
Hebrews 4:9-10-“There remains a rest, labor to enter in.”
Hebrews 11:6-“For without faith it is impossible to please God.”
The Three Levels of Maturity
I John 2:12-14
Young Men
“I write unto you, young men, because you have overcome the wicked one.”
“I have written unto you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.”
How do we overcome the wicked one? Our sins are forgiven, but how about victory over sin, Satan, the works of the flesh, and the world?
Victory And Power In Daily Living
Romans 5:10-We are reconciled to God, by His death, but saved daily by His life.
Eph. 3:19-“That you might be filled with all the fullness of God.”
I Cor. 2:10-“That we might know the deep things of God.”
Eph. 1:18-“That you might know the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.”
II Cor 9:8-“God makes all grace abound towards you that we might have all sufficiency in all things.”
The Provision For Daily Living Is Through The Body Death Of The Cross
Romans 6:6-“The old man is crucified with Christ.”
Galatians 2:20-“I am crucified with Christ, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”
II Cor. 5:21-“Christ was made sin, that we might be made His righteousness.”
Romans 6:2-“We are dead to sin.”
Colossians. 2:11-“We are circumcised with Christ, putting off the body of sins.”
Romans 6:3-“We are baptized into His death.”
2 Peter 8:1-“We are partakers of the divine nature.”
Colossians 1:22-“In the body of His flesh to present you holy, and unblameable.”
Hebrews 10:10-“We are sanctified through offering of the body of Christ.”
Hebrews 10:14-“By one offering He hath perfected forever them who are sanctified.”
The Law, Not Sin, The Problem
Romans 7:4-“You also have become dead to the law by the body of Christ.”
Romans 6:7-“He that is dead is freed from sin.”
Romans 6:14-“Sin shall not have dominion over you for you are under grace.”
I Cor. 15:56-“The power of sin is the law.”
How Does This Work Out As Our Experience?
Romans 7:15-“For that which I do I allow not: for what I would that do I not; but what I hate, that I do.”
Romans 7:24-“O wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
Why Do We Experience the Bondages and Defeats of Romans 7?
Because not having completely learned, or easily forgetting, the basic helplessness of self, and its only function to be the container of the Spirit, we are constantly assaulted by temptation to be something or do something or not do something. Obey those commands pray more, give more witness more, be more patient, don’t lose your temper, get rid of those evil thoughts, struggle against your lusts, and so on.
The human being is only a receiver and not a producer of righteousness.
John 15:1-You are the branch, not the vine.
Romans 9:22-We are vessels of mercy, but formally vessels of wrath, but always vessels.
I Cor. 6:19-“You are the temple of the living God.”
Romans 6:17-You are slaves of righteousness, formally slaves of sin.
Romans 6:7-“He that is dead is freed from sin.”
The Human Being Has Never Been An Independent Self.
I John 4:6-“He that is in this world, and He that is in us.”
I John 4:6-“Spirit of truth, and Spirit of error.”
I John 3:10-“Child of the devil, child of God.”
Galatians 2:20-“I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”
Romans 7:17-“It is not I, but sin that dwelleth in me.”
The Leap Of Faith
Colossians 3:3-4-“Christ, who is my life.”
Galatians 5:24-“In Christ we have crucified the flesh.”
Romans 6:6-“The Old self is crucified with Christ.”
Colossians 3:9 ; Eph. 22-24-“You have put off the old man with His deeds.”
Colossians 3:10-You have put on the new man which is renewed with a new mind.
Soul and Spirit Differences
I Thes. 5:23-“Sanctify your spirit, soul and body.”
Matt. 11:28-29-“There is a rest for our souls.”
Hebrews 4:13-“Sabbath rest for the people of God.”
Hebrews 4:13-“Diving soul from Spirit, joints and marrow, thoughts and intents.”
The School of Faith
Hebrews 11:6-“For with faith it is impossible to please God.”
Mark 11:22-“Have the faith of God, say unto this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea. And whatsoever you say, you shall have.”
Romans 4:17-“Call the things that be not as though they are.”
( Nothing in this life is yours)
Luke 14:26-27—“Hate not his father, mother, wife, children, brethren & his own life.”
Genesis 22:2-“Take thy son, thine only son Isaac, & offer him there a burnt-offering.”
The Life Of Faith
Romans 4:20-“Abraham staggered not at the promises of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what He had promised He was able also to perform.”
Hebrews 11-The great heroes of faith.
The Three Levels of Maturity
I John 2:12-14
“I have written unto you, Fathers, because you have know Him, that is from the beginning.” Our life is poured out for others.
John 21:18-“Another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou would not.”
Credentials of an Apostle
John 10:17-18-“Why does the Father love me?” “Because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.” “I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it up again.”
Hebrews 5:14-“He that is full of age has their senses exercised to discern good and evil.”
I Corinthians 4:9-15-“God has set for the Apostles as last as it were appointed to death,” “We are fools for Christ sake, but you are wise, we are weak, we are despised,” “Being reviled, we bless, being persecuted we suffer it, being defamed, we retreat.” “We are made the filth of the world, and the off scouring of all things.”
II Corinthians 1:5-“For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us,”
Works of an Father/Apostle
Ezek. 22:30-“I sought for a man to stand in the gap.”
Colossians 1:24-“I fill up that which is behind of the sufferings of Christ.”
Galatians 6:2-“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”
The Call Of An Apostle/Intercessor
Don’t look for your intercession, and when it comes you won’t want it.
Jesus said “Take this cup from me.”
Jonah 1:2-“Arise go to Nineveh,”
Exodus 3:10-“I will send thee unto Pharaoh”
Isa. 6:9-“Go, and tell this people.”
John 1:6-“There is a man sent from God.”
The Cost of an Intercessor
Isa. 54:4-“He bore our grief, and carried our sorrows.”
Isa. 53:12-“He has poured out his soul unto death.”
II Corinthians 1:9-“We have the sentence of death in ourselves.”
II Corinthians 4:8-12-“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed: we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus might be made manifest in my mortal flesh.”
II Corinthians 4:11-“For we which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.
The Completion and Fruit Bearing Of An Intercessor
II Corinthians 4:11b-“Death works in us, but life works in you.”
John 12:24-“If the seed die, it brings forth much fruit.”
John 15:16-“He has chosen you to bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain.”
Hebrew 2:10-“Bring many sons to glory”
Little Children,
Young Men,

Monday 16 May 2016

Saturday 14 May 2016

God's Sealing Process

Man's idea of the seal of approval is a very touch and go process depending  on many many parameters that change like the wind. God's idea of Approval is seeing through to Himself.....there is none other that such a Being could swear by,  We "see through" to the seal of His Being stamped in our very creation before the foundations of the Earth.

“[j]We have a little sister,
And she has no breasts;
What shall we do for our sister
On the day when she is spoken for?
9 “If she is a wall,
We will build on her a battlement of silver;
But if she is a door,
We will barricade her with planks of cedar.”
A bit more about Fatherhood.....
1 John 2...they know Him who is from the beginning
and the verses which precede the song of Solomon verses above
“Put me like a seal over your heart,
Like a seal on your arm.
For love is as strong as death,
Jealousy is as severe as Sheol;
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
The very flame of the Lord.
There should perhaps be a healthwarning that goes with
enter into your inner room and shut your door and meet with your Father in secret....
you will soon notice a strange burning....
God is a consuming fire....
God's consuming fire seal will tear and burn at the fatty layers of your heart......this seal seals your heart...but then it seals every action of your arm....
People in Facebook don't get union, so every time you try to speak about works....they think in their separation mentality....
oooooh....you must be careful about works!!!!! brother.
for me I have been diligent since meeting Richard Wurmbrand, Mothe Basilea Schlink, Graham Pulkingham, Ed Miller....
I have been diligent to seek God. The best years of my life were given to this.....only nobody really explained what would happen.
I don't really know who gets sealed upon whose arm....all I know is that burning flame is fusion. You don't worry about "works brother" after fusion.....you are happy to still be alive....
But yes....
the flashes of fire now come out of your spirit....unpremeditated....
can be extremely embarrassing.....
It's part of spontaneous freefall of faith.
Before you minded your business and kept your nose out.
Now you are ONE.
You see as ONE.
You are really really really offended by disunity in the Body
You are really really really offended by the ghastly prostitutes on every street corner that are buildings....
Methodist church
Anglican Church
Catholic church
Unitarian Church.....
We are filled with flashes of jealousy. You can see it in our eyes.
When does Jesus get to have His Church....who are called alone by His Name....who gather in HIs Name and are in fact ONE across the whole of the Earth?
You don't mean humanly to stick your nose in....it's just that now when you speak to people it's like you are in their insides.
Because God is in their insides....whether they know and recognise it or not....
so you now find yourself talking out of people's insides. How mystic is that?
You see a wall....and you want to build battlements upon him /her because you know what is coming.
You see a "door" a freeflow two way drainhole between somebody and the pyramid world system....it's like you see the Matrix tubes in real time.....
And sure....you feel you have to build planks of cedar....of resurrection life to somehow plug the gap.
It's a bit like a hole in a spacecraft through which all the oxygen is escaping......
But you know that person is looking at you and wondering....
Just who gave you authority to even speak into my life????
But that flame of fire, that Fatherhood of God is now in you, doing the next thing....the unpremeditated thing....
God is holy. But the world system has no idea of what holy is. They think it's moral or something?
You can have the most extreme clean code of behaviour and be as sterile as a morgue.
Holiness is OTHER and you get this OTHER by coming alongside it....HIM.....by FUSING...or better....BEING FUSED UNTO....
but at least this next generation will know something more of the health warning......
YOU WILL NOLONGER BE A DOOR....YOU WILL BE PLANKED IN WITH RESURRECTION LIFE.....so that you will nolonger just be anybody's whore....
You will know to whom you belong
Your own SELF....with God inside

Friday 13 May 2016

American Reports

I can take you to Batesburg, South Carolina, and show you what hunger looks like. Damon Thompson, a powerful voice to this generation, has been leading a revival there for two years now that has not stopped. It's not just good services, but it is spilling into the community. The town was once had one of the highest crime rates per capita in South Carolina, but since the revival there it was just named one of the safest cities in South Carolina in the local paper.

Join us on our new podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News. Listen at charismapodcastnetwork
We are living in the greatest times the world has ever seen. God, by His divine plan, chose for us to be alive right now in this time—not in the days of the Welsh Revival, or in the days of Azusa or any other time in church history.

That means that God sees something in us. He sees the potential that we have to bring heaven to Earth and a mass harvest of souls come to the knowledge of God. The exciting part is He wants to use you and me to do it.

I was recently reading some statistics about church growth in other parts of the world, and I was astonished at how different they are compared to the church in the U.S. in the past. The article stated that, in China, there is a person born again every three seconds, which comes to 28,800 people every 24 hours! I minister in Brazil often, and that country is seeing a revival sweep across it that is bringing societal transformation.

At a service I recently ministered at in Brazil, the service didn't start until around 10 p.m. My thoughts were, "Who is going to show up to a service that starts that late?" To my surprise, when I arrived, the place was packed with 2,000 young adults who were 18 years of age and under. They were there to seek God and worship. I was blown away. Try calling a service at 10 p.m. in most places in America and see how many show.

What is the key to this type of move in these other places? As I have sought the Lord over this question, He keeps taking me back to this one key—hunger. Those who are hungry for God will be filled. It's kingdom economics; where there is a demand there will be a supply. God will always pour Himself out on those that are desperate for Him.

What about the church in America? Aren't we desperate? My answer to that question is we are beginning to be. For years, I would say no, the church hasn't been hungry for God. However, I am seeing that change in our nation rapidly. There are places I know of that are starting to experience real revival and transformation as a result of seeking hearts that are committed to devotion with the Father.

I can take you to Batesburg, South Carolina, and show you what hunger looks like. Damon Thompson, a powerful voice to this generation, has been leading a revival there for two years now that has not stopped. It's not just good services, but it is spilling into the community. The town was once had one of the highest crime rates per capita in South Carolina, but since the revival there it was just named one of the safest cities in South Carolina in the local paper.

A couple years ago, we started to experience the winds of revival blow through our region again. Myself and several other leaders gathered weekly to pray and seek God to come.

The Lord was faithful to answer our cry of hunger, and several leaders started to experience unusual moves of the Spirit in their meetings. One friend of mine, Rick Curry, saw the Lord walk through the back of His church one Sunday morning and Rick was out in the Spirit for several hours after that encounter. He held meetings at his church nightly after that with several senior leaders, which quickly became known as the Gulf Stream Revival and spread all over the gulf coast. We were seeing hundreds come to the Lord every weekend as it moved throughout the panhandle of Florida.

There are many other places where this is happening in America. I know of a move of God in the hills of West Virginia where a young youth pastor named Kaleb Hanshaw moved to take a position at a church just a couple years ago. I remember talking with Kaleb as he made this move to West Virginia from Bartow, Florida. His purpose for moving was to see a generation in that community experience revival fire.

Recently his labor has paid off, as he and several other youth pastors have come together for extended meetings because God is pouring Himself out among the youth in the schools. They are filling the local high school stadium as students are coming out and getting saved and baptized—1,500 so far. It is revolutionizing their community.

These are just a couple of places I know of. We can't lose hope for our nation! God is doing something that is unique and the dead stale religion of yesterday is not the inheritance for our future. Our inheritance is revival, awakening and a nation on its knees bowing to a holy God!

Continue to pray for hunger in your community and believe that if God can do it in Florida, South Carolina and West Virginia, then He can do it where you live also!

Chris Mathis serves as the lead pastor of the multi-racial, multi-generational Summit Crestview in Crestview, Florida.

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Dare to go deeper in your faith. Our "Life in the Spirit" devotional takes you on a journey to explore who the Holy Spirit is, how to interact with Him, and how He works in your life. Are you ready to go deeper?   
Chris Mathis

Gareth Malone and Grayson Perry

I felt some different levels of truth kicking around last night on Television which are worth commenting on because they were both connected to the artistic process.

Gareth Malone was doing the second part of his choosing and training of the Invictus Choir ready for the American hosted event, the Invictus Games. These are where the war wounded compete against each other in disabled events, showing their skills in overcoming their condition.

Not only were the biographies of the lives of the choir looked into more, but also how their stories impinged on the preparation process.   The BIG BOMBSHELL, after Gareth had unsuccessfully been able to identify a song to sing....


Very ordinary people with only modicums of musical skill, being asked to write their own expressions of how they felt about their lives.

Gareth collected key phrases from each choir member, and then with them put some melodies to them

Very powerful lyrics. Very true lyrics.
Greater than the sum of their military experience lyrics.

War is awkward

Because a nation asks its inhabitants to lay down their lives to fight for freedoms.....but often the causes are dubious.  And especially in the last 250 years since the Freemasonic Great Plan has been  the underlying blueprint, but only the Elite know anything except the "cover stories".

eg....we fight against the threat of Western democracy ISIS.....but the real events are the decimation of Christian culture in the South of Sudan and the takeover of the last bank in the world that Rothschild doesn't own.

But that all said, war is also awkward for the reason that it is a moneymaking programme for the wealthy, and a decimation programme to keep the earth's population from growing too big.
It is awkward because no nation adequately cares for the people it has asked to become disabled on their behalf, and not have the courtesy of dying and keeping things simple. In other words, who carries them now for the rest of their lives???  Who engages with the traumas hese people carry in their souls?

And this ofcourse must play a part in the truthfulness of the lyrics in the songs.
TRITE HEROISM doesn't cut it. because the truth is very messy and insidious indeed.....soming ultimately from the Enemy of our Souls who has been a liar , a thief and a murderer from the beginning.


It is not my purpose here to discuss the two famous people in UK who regularly dress in woman's clothing(Eddie Izzard and Grayson)......spoken about expressly in the Old Testament.
But you should know at least one reason for David Bowie's stratospheric success was because he actually complied with  one of the Elite's programming of society....the blurring of the genders.
Whatever you may feel about this it is helpful to know where some of their thinking is originating.
Some of Steiner's 1906-7 lectures are influencing current thought and programmes without most of the public being even slightly aware of the things he was saying.

Rudolf Steiner lecture 1906 Woman and Society.
In every human being — this is a fact — the etheric body consists of two parts; the etheric body of a man, as he lives among us, shows itself to have feminine features, and the etheric body of a woman to have masculine features. Many facts in life become clearer when we recognise that in a man there is something of the feminine nature, and in a woman, a more masculine nature. From this it can be explained why certain character features can arise in Man. In truth we never have before us in the physical, material human body anything other than a physical expression of the totality of the individuality. The human soul forms for itself a body with two poles, just as a magnet does. It forms for itself a masculine and a feminine part, each of which can be either a physical body, or reacts at another time as the etheric body. Hence, with regard to those emotions which are associated with the etheric body — devotion, courage, love — a woman can clearly evince masculine characteristics, and a man womanly characteristics. In contrast, with regard to all those characteristics which depend more on the physical body, the consequences of gender will express themselves in outer life. -

So Steiner is describing  a "completion" of man and woman that takes place as they spiritually rise.

And for me in the Holy Spirit isn't this the work Jesus does.  In 1 John 2 it describes us fusing with , knowing He who is from the Beginning in His Fulness.
God is the Warrior King and also El Shaddai, the One who gives Suckle , a female aspect of care and nurture.

I hope by this preamble to give glimpses of a bigger perspective on Grayson Perry, because he himself did so last night as he continued his series analysing what is a MAN?

And ofcourse the irony is, as an artist who cross dresses, you would think he is the least likely candidate to comment.

So, he is picking examples of ultimate manhood....or so recognised, beginning last night with the police force as they conduct dawn raids in Skelmersdale. This town represents so much about a culture of life on  benefit.

So in that context Grayson was looking deeply into both sides caught in this web......the drugs pushers and no-hopers, and the law enforcers, who self confessedly seek to hold the condition from complete takeover, but also state they fully expect others to take the place of those convicted.

Complete with penis graffiti, Grayson does two works of art encapsulating the Skelmersdale situation then invites the townspeople to view and comment. He also explains why the graffiti feature.....and why he chose the model of an African occult power figure, distorted to become a powerless figure.

God's heart for the whole of the situation, rather than the rather two dimensional approach of current police strategy, helps you understand the difference between
"worldly thinking"
and real "kingdom thinking".

Wednesday 11 May 2016

"Get Involved or be subjugated" Facebook Thread with Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore
4 hrs ·
It is obvious that the news distraction's the Obama organization is running are to hide the more sinister plans it has. Get involved or get subjugated. Your choice. Do your really think Zika virus was ever a threat? Who killed Ted Bundy? Do you think men in womens restroom is a threat? Who is killing the cancer doctors? Get your facts straight the media is bought and controlled by the Obama admin and the NWO. Your lives and wealth have already been cut in half because of the planned first economic failure. The second is coming what are you going to do but be sheep to the Government Mafia you created. God help us now!
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15Cheryl Harrison Lowry, Fran E. Vestal and 13 others
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Sylvia Dunn Mobley
Sylvia Dunn Mobley SELAH. YES, FATHER. heart emoticon
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs
Saji Joseph
Saji Joseph I'm not fully sure I believe that getting involved necessarily keeps us from being subjugated.
Like · Reply · 3 hrs
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore Saji Joseph - The Republic needs help. We all can pray nad do what God shows us to do. Surely sitting down will lead to ruin.
Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hrs
Fran E. Vestal
Fran E. Vestal Read Bonhoeffer saja
Like · Reply · 3 hrs
Fran E. Vestal
Fran E. Vestal So Jeff can you vote are you still Canadian I do love what you wrote is very thorough
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs
Saji Joseph
Saji Joseph I have read Bonhoeffer. He was involved and subjugated. I didn't say we shouldn't get involved or pray, but that doesn't keep us from being subjugated.
Like · Reply · 3 hrs
Fran E. Vestal
Fran E. Vestal He took a stand and lost his life
Like · Reply · 3 hrs
Saji Joseph
Saji Joseph I deeply respect him and and believe his taking a stand was a good thing.I think maybe my post came across as someone who is waiting for everything to go to Ruin and then we must endure that bad place. I believe we should take a stand against evil. I really just have a hard time with the idea that scripture teaches us to rally around political issues. I don't see the early apostles standing in front of Rome asking it to change its political ways.. And how if they don't it's all going to pot. They just preached Christ.
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs
Fran E. Vestal
Fran E. Vestal Saji Joseph I'm wondering if the scripture say that so much or how we're taught. In my opinion religion teaches us to be passive sheep the only people doing anything saying anything are n the pulpit I don't think that's biblical. Remember after the cross was house-to-house no platform. Background came against them was to scatter them and carry the gospel and not to be just in Jerusalem. So there was a purpose in the chaos. I do not see u.s. as that
Like · Reply · 2 hrs
John McDonald
John McDonald BUT sheep are not stupid.
Like · Reply · 1 hr
Saji Joseph
Saji Joseph I guess I have a different reading on what should be pressing on the believer's mind. I am not a part of any religious structure, and have been a part of "house church no platform" since my salvation in Christ. I do not believe Christ calls us to be passive sheep about the kingdom, but He was an example to His disciple when He allowed Himself to be subjugated to the hands of men. He did not allow it until the proper time by telling them that they cannot follow Him yet but will eventually. To me that was a teaching and example of dark conspiracy happening between religious leaders and government to take down Jesus. He was very aware of what was happening and then let it happen like a passive, silent sheep. He tells us this will happen all over the world but to not worry. I am very aware that the lies are there, I'm just not sure how much we are called to be about all this stuff.
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Chris Welch

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Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore I am Canadian. Saji Joseph - Look deeper. It is not an intellectual thing. It is reality my friend. Just shouting out for all who can hear. smile emoticon
Like · Reply · 5 · 3 hrs
Saji Joseph
Saji Joseph I don't mean to squabble over things we may actually agree on. Maybe I am a bit hesitant to believe that the acknowledgement that there are sinister plans brings us any closer to seeing what those plans actually are and will keep us from being chained into those plans. I will follow Christ in the midst of adversity and hopefully in the midst of severe adversity.
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs
Jimmie Donald Lewis
Jimmie Donald Lewis Come on Jeff get real, focus on the Bible, trust in it, not the Government. Psalm 22:28.
Like · Reply · 2 hrs
Toni Miles
Toni Miles First, I believe Jeff is getting "real" when he clearly said in his post, "it is reality my friend." Second, he focused on the Bible when he said, "we can pray and do what God shows us to do" (instructed by His word in the Bible) . Third, it is clear that he is trusting in God and not the government when in the last sentence of his original post he said, "God, help us now!" . . "The earth is the Lord's, the fullness thereof, the world and ALL those who dwell therein, " Psalm 24:1.
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs
Fran E. Vestal
Fran E. Vestal How long have we had prayer Ministries it's praying for our country 24/7? It's time for people to be involved it's time for people to speak become a town crier where you live
Like · Reply · 3 · 2 hrs
Chris Welch

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Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore Yes Jimmie my friend I trust God. But for reasons that God has told me I must speak out. I must give people the chance to change the direction. The civil war was not because of lack of prayer but lack of action of faith. God is not an American. He is who He is. The Lord almighty. You think perhaps He will spare the USA? What and apologize to Africa? I agree we must keep our head in the clouds but common sense still tells me I will reap what I sow. That includes ignorance. I hate deception of any kind. Love you my friend Jimmie.
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Jimmie Donald Lewis
Jimmie Donald Lewis Their is a sin of ignorance in our Bible. But I know He does not want us to be ignorant any more. I to love you brother. O, there is no dough about reaping what we sow, that's been proven many time, and a lot of it in Ministry.
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Jimmie Donald Lewis
Jimmie Donald Lewis If you come to joyful sound in June, we will see you there.
Like · Reply · 1 hr
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore I am planning to see you!!!! grin emoticon
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Jimmie Donald Lewis
Jimmie Donald Lewis Great, we'll see you there Brother.
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Chris Welch

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Chris Welch
Chris Welch One of the mysteries of the gospel is as we preach against the bogus realm of the independent self we actually cross

You can see the alarms being set off in increasing measure in the gospels by all that Jesus did and taught.
He led people in the Way of freedom which meant He was pulling them out of the Pyramid
He actively challenged all the high place speculations He came across.....all the circularities of thinking. A telltale sign was the way the religious slunk away.....because whatever they said would have incriminated them
And lastly His POWER was increasing, more resurrections from the dead. The Greater the supernatural the bigger the problem for Darkness, which relies on people feeling powerless. It simply cannot have people wandering around quoting Isaiah 61
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me.....to set people free etc!!!!!

So I kind of agree with both sides. We are not called to set up a new and improved form of PYRAMID.....
But we are called to speak as the Spirit gives utterance against every form of Satanically controlled existence that refuses to yield to any Lordship of Christ.
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Tuesday 10 May 2016


As a Kingdom person I almost couldn't care HOW a country is managed. If Kings are like King David, then that's some worship base for a nation.If people want to be communist, then as long as it isn't atheistic Freemasonic communism like in Russia China and Cuba....well even that can work in God. Or how about Presidents? Well if they aren't Skull and Bones, they should be OK. Skull and Bones is the secret Satanic pact to create conditions for Armageddon...or Golgotha 2....or "the Place of the Skull"

God's actual order is the church....but as nobody can possibly imagine a church with thirdlevellers in....(think loads of Mother Teresas, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's ,Watchman Nees) I'll shut up about it, because everyone in the West has been brainwashed by
(Masonic) "separation of Church and State" purely because of the messed up massacre that is the Catholic Church.
Similarly the saints I have connected with
the Franke's in Germany
the Nugues in France,
real cool Finnish guys I met in Kenya,
wonderful Spanish Christians....
Please understand...the basic concept of a Rothschild free Europe appeals to me....
But as things stand here is the truth as the Brexit people see Europe
What you should know:
The United Kingdom is the 5th most powerful economy,and trading nation in the World.
The UK occupies one of only 5 permanent seats on the UN Security Council.
The UK has the greatest military power within the EU.
The UK has a trade deficit with EU countries of £89 billion, £36 billion of which is with Germany alone. These countries need our business. They're not going to jeopardise that!
UK farmers will continue to receive their subsidies after Brexit, as they did before we joined the "Common Market".
Much is made of the 500 million potential customers in the EU, but within our Commonwealth of Nations established in 1949 consisting of 53 countries, the total population is 2.2 billion! And they mostly speak the international language
English! And we'll still trade with the EU.
There is no "status quo" if the UK stays in the EU. With a
constant flow of directives at the rate of almost 3000 every
year, our country will increasingly be absorbed into political,
monetary and legal EU control, to our considerable detriment.
The EU does not provide national safety - NATO does! The EU, at least in part is responsible for the civil war in the Ukraine and with its open border policy with millions of migrants heading across Europe, the EU is responsible for considerable insecurity and instability.
The EU annual accounts have NEVER been reconciled.
Much is made of the last 20 years accounts unsuccessfully audited, but the EEC/EU, etc., has been in existence for over 50 years­ Originally, the accounts were on a series of spreadsheets and
about 20 years ago the EU belatedly introduced double-entry accounting. When their chief accountant reported her findings
to the EU Commissioner Neil Kinnock, he sacked her!
Despite the EU accounts "irregularities" the UK pays £millions to the EU every day, money that would be much better spent here at home building new hospitals, etc., supporting British citizens and reducing our national debt, currently of £1.6 trillion.
The Institute for Economic Affairs has stated in Feb 2016, that AEU membership currently costs every UK household approx.
£2,900 each year.
Under UN rules, the UK has the right to control the seas around our coast out to 200 miles. Under the EU Common Fisheries Policy, this is not possible. UK waters account 0- 80% of the total EU catch, but UK fishermen may only catch 13%.
The UK Government would ban live animal exports for slaughter, but under EU legislation this is not possible.
ln June, Turkish citizens (almost 80 million) will, under EU law, have the right to enter EU countries, including the UK.
The 3 million jobs lost claim originated from a report commissioned by Britain in Europe, which stated that "up to 3.2
million jobs were associated with exports to EU Countries." The
same paragraph also stated that "there is a case that withdrawal from the EU might actually offer net economic benefits". The
report was subsequently rewritten to read that '3.5 million jobs would be put at risk'. Not true!
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership(TTIP) is a series of trade negotiations carried out mostly in private between the EU and US. It is designed to reduce the regulatory trade barriers for big business in such areas as food and banking, but also even the sovereign powers of nation states. It is apparent that the EU will push through this deal with the US.
The EU Commissioner
for Trade intends to conclude
negotiations before President Obama leaves office.
Dave's 'renegotiated settlements" aren't worth a jot. They're not legally binding and won't be enforced, even if they were significant, which they're not!
Once free we can: (a few examples!)
Ban live animal exports for slaughter
Be governed by those whom we elect
Control our own borders
Cut unnecessary red tape
Negotiate our own trade deals around the World!
Protect our coal and steel industries and
Protect our environment properly and stop flooding
manufacturing companies from overseas dumping
Rebuild our NHS
Regain and control our sovereign fishing grounds
Save millions every day, for what WE need
Scrap Corpus Juris in favour of our Habeas Corpus
Scrap the European Arrest Warrant
Scrap the European Human Rights Act & replace with
our own UK Bill of Rights, encapsulating Magna Carta
Scrap TTIP
Scrap, or set VAT levels to what we need
Scrap useless directives and set our own laws
Support our farming and fishing
Support and reward our inventors and innovators