Friday 30 December 2016

Engaging With Scripture :Lektio Divina

What is Lectio Divina?
Campbell McAlpine used to go round the UK teaching Bible meditation. That's what this is. Upon this foundation, upon house church meetings sharing and waiting on God, and Bible House itself...I have used these techniques in the 35 years I have been piano tuning.

If meditation in God's Holy Spirit, waiting on God, and moving in the Melchizedek Order were taught properly, Christians would not be dashing off to Buddhism to learn consciousness.

Lectio divina (pronounced "lec-tsee-oh di-vee-nah"), Latin for “sacred reading,” “divine reading,” or “holy reading,” is a spiritual practice that has been in use for over a thousand years. It was originally practiced by monks who spent a large portion of their days praying and reading Scripture. While reading they noticed that at times individual words, phrases, or verses seemed to leap off of the page with a special personal importance. Have you had the same experience? These special words or verses can give a sense of encouragement, comfort, thankfulness, or conviction that often applies to present situations and can draw us closer to God.
Lectio divina is an intimate way of communicating with the Lord. All too often in prayer and worship, we talk to God but don’t give him a chance to communicate back to us. Lectio divina employs God’s own words to have a personal conversation with him.
Not Magic
Lectio divina is NOT a magical practice that guarantees you’ll hear God’s voice. Magic attempts to manipulate God into doing what we want. There is nothing magical about Scripture engagement. Lectio divina involves ruminating on God’s Word and listening to what he says so that we become more like Christ. This practice has the ability to open us up to daily communication with God as the Holy Spirit illuminates the Bible so that we are supported and sustained in our day-to-day lives.
Four Stages
The four traditional stages of lectio divina are lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), oratio (prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation). The steps were created simply to provide structure and guidance for people who wish to learn how to perform this practice. Consider how people learn to play a new instrument. A man who is learning piano must go through the steps of reading the notes, putting his hands in the right place, pushing down on the keys, listening to the notes, and then repeating the process. At first, each step seems rigid and awkward, but over time he learns to perform each of these steps as one fluid process leading to the actual art of music.
The four steps of lectio divina have also been compared to “feasting on the Word.” Reading is taking a bite of food. Meditation is chewing food. Prayer is savoring food. Contemplation is digesting food and making it a part of your body......(end excerpt)

Thursday 29 December 2016

Engaging with scripture: Timelining

Bible Gateway have collaborated with Taylor University on an exciting Study Helps Programme.

The Next two posts are samples of this ENGAGING WITH SCRIPTURE programme.

Today's  piece is a video on the importance of Timelining.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Another Principle of Giving. Being targeted in our approach - Eric Rukin

Eric's Facebook note·

A lot of attention on social media has rightly been raised about Christians giving our money for the right the "why" of Christian giving.
The grace portion of our bibles teach true giving is only done when it is voluntary, cheerful, spontaneous and from love, rather than out of obligation, fear of punishment or hope of reward.
Yet almost strangely, little to no attention has been given to the "what" our money goes toward.
Perhaps we have we been trained not to ask "to what" the money we choose to give goes toward?
Let's think about it.
Love responds to needs.
And love also has the right to decline when it doesn't grasp the importance of a need or deems he/she does not want to meet the need, for whatever reason.
When it comes to giving money, God gave us an ability to respond in love, as long as tangible and specific needs are presented to us.
Yet, where giving money is encouraged without knowing what our money is going toward, we are giving blindly.
And blind giving is always a recipe for manipulation and fear-based giving to occur.
Search the grace portion of your Bible and you will not find an instance where a single shekel was given to a yet unidentified, "to be determined" need.
Go further and search the grace portion of your Bible and you will not find an instance where ritual giving is encouraged and money is stockpiled for a yet to be determined need.
Go further and you will not find a single instance where a child of God was made to feel bad because, for whatever reason, he chose not to give.
Whether it be time, money or things, God designed that our "giving" must be a response to a known need and our giving must be done willingly.
If giving is not done willingly, it won't be giving for the right reason.
Yet, so many churches and ministries today ask you and I to give our money regularly out of "devotion to the Lord" while failing to identify any specific need our hard earned dollars are going toward.
And they fail to allow us to decline.
This is blind giving and God discourages it because it is the vehicle of fear...and the enemy of love.
Ritual giving robs us of the joy and spontaneity God intended for us in creating us to be responders.
Because God made us responders, wherever needs remain unidentified, it is truly impossible to give money cheerfully and motivated from real love.
As long as the "what" is unidentified, giving for the right "why" remains impossible.
As long as ritual giving is encouraged without identifying what need or needs our money is going toward, and without a clear choice to decline, we can't give spontaneously and lovingly as God intends.
As long as we are unable to say, "I'll pass this time" and do so repeatedly without being viewed by others as less than Christian, it is fear based giving, not love based.
Let's get back to grace in regard to giving our time, our things...and our money.

Tuesday 27 December 2016

45 Years on this side of the Cross - David Heisler's testimony

Facebook Posts 1-7
On December 16, 1971 Jesus put His arms around me. He saved my life and gave me Life. Here is my Testimony:
I’m a Jewish guy, born in New York City and raised in Connecticut. Jews, if they believe in a Messiah [Christ] at all, will generally say that he has not arrived. Most won’t talk about “Messiah”. There is some notion, in the Old Testament, that when the Messiah arrives there will be “peace on Earth” and since there is not peace now, then, ipso facto, there is no Messiah, yet.
In Jewish tradition there are different beliefs as to exactly who or what the Messiah is. There is certainly no consensus that He is the Son of God. As a kid I did go to synagogue (Jewish church) to some extent, but I never did my bar mitzvah at age 13 as some of my friends and most of my cousins. I did not take the study of Hebrew seriously so my family decided not to spend the money on the bar mitzvah. Bar Mitzvahs can be very expensive.
Nonetheless, I always believed in God. To me it was fighting words if someone said that God did not exist. I never thought that life or anything for that matter could exist without God. Nothing made sense if there was no God. I remember lying in my bed at night, looking up at the ceiling and thinking, “I know You’re out there, somewhere, but I don’t know You.” I was speaking to and about God. I believed in Him, but didn’t know Him. Believe me, there is a difference between acknowledging existence and knowing.

In 1971 I enrolled at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas – it’s a long story how a Jewish kid from New York and Connecticut got to TCU – a story for another time. But, hint, hint, it had something to do with the Dallas Cowboys. It seemed as soon as I arrived on campus I immediately started meeting people who wanted to talk to me about Jesus. This all was shocking. I was a Jewish kid that grew up in a largely Italian-Catholic, African-American neighborhood. Back home no one tried to “convert” me. No one asked me if I was “saved”.
All the Jesus talk in Fort Worth was a different language to me. And, I never really considered “eternal” questions before. And, yes, I did hear a bit of “fire and brimstone”, but that neither persuaded me or truly concerned me. I never, and don’t now, consider God to be concerned with correct theology, only a correct heart. But, for the first time in my life I was confronted with the Jesus people. Previously I was convinced that Jesus was not the promised Messiah. But my new Texas friends said, to the contrary, that he was the Messiah. Now, not all these conversations were the afore-mentioned “fire and brimstone”, and at first this talk seemed amusing, but later disturbing and I eventually tried unsuccessfully to avoid it. But, I did not stop thinking, as the foundations of everything I knew and believed and thought about God were being shaken to the core. I guess He was up to something.

I can’t really picture Who God Is. But Jesus says, “… Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?” [John 14.9] So, I’m thinking, Who is this Person Who so arranges my life that I get to Fort Worth, Texas at the precise moment in history? How can He take a personal interest in me and everyone? My human mind cannot really fathom or understand such a Person. But I can see Jesus, the Person as myself, yet the Creator and King, Who defines Himself as Love, “God is love” [1John 4.8], and knows exactly how many hairs are on my head. “But there shall not an hair of your head perish.” [Luke 21.18] He knows everything about all the billions of us and is active in every life.
Over the course of my first semester in college I got mononucleosis and stayed in the TCU infirmary for two weeks. I met the head nurse Helen Williamson and I had previously met one of her four sons, Nathan, as he was also a freshman at TCU.
College life was not as I had hoped. My football career was in shambles with a torn up right knee needing surgery. I missed home and family. I felt very alone at times. The Jesus people were getting to me. I wanted to go home. So I decided that at the end of the semester I would go back to Stamford, Connecticut and enroll in a local college.

So I decided to go home and my last day in Fort Worth was December 16, 1971. There is nothing random in the universe as the Designer Himself tells His-story as He sees fit. Yet, I can’t recall why, but for some reason, on that day, I wandered into the TCU Health Center. The head nurse, Helen Williamson spotted me immediately and asked me into her office. We sat and she asked me point blank, “are you happy David?” I said “no”. She said “you need Jesus”. I said, “no I don’t.” She said, “why don’t you come over my house for dinner tonight and meet my family”. I said, “If you make brownies you got a deal.” She said “yes” and I accepted the invitation to dinner.
I don’t recall for certain anything other than the brownies, but I think I ate fried chicken. A surprise guest showed up after dinner, Rocky Freeman, a Jewish evangelist. Rocky and I talked and mostly argued for about two hours about God, Judaism, salvation and mostly his opinion that I needed Jesus. I was not convinced by the time dinner was over. However, over the course of my conversation with Rocky I happened to get a glimpse of the Williamson boys who were trying to listen in to our conversation. Three of the four boys still lived at home: Nate, Rod and Clay. When I saw them they giggled and were quite playful with each other. That scene, which I will never forget, was what convinced me that there was something different about this family and that there was something, or really, Someone, behind all this Jesus talk I had heard for months.

So, all these months of listening to the spoken word regarding Jesus and the often repeated claim of my need for salvation was important but not what eventually convinced me. By December 16, 1971 I knew all the words and scriptures. But none of that clinched the deal. I had to see Him. I had to see Him in action and I did. I saw Him in the faces of Nate, Rod and Clay Williamson. I saw the living word. That night I saw the most loving and caring family I have ever seen – Helen, her husband, Charles, and Nate, Rod and Clay. Now, don’t get me wrong, I grew up in a family that loved each other also, but there was something different in the quality of love expressed in Williamson family.
At the conclusion of the evening I thanked Helen for dinner and then Nate gave me a ride back to my dorm room. Later Nate told me that he tried his best to say whatever he could to polish off the night’s discussion. I didn’t hear a word. I just thought and thought about how someone or something had made this family so warm and loving toward each other.
I knew when I got in my room that I would do something. What? I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough and ran into my dorm room and right to the small mirror above the sink.

The ride back to Tom Brown Dormitory at TCU was surreal. I didn’t and really couldn’t hear one word Nate said. Jesus has been called the “Hound of Heaven” and I know why. If He’s after you, He’ll get you, eventually. I think of so many people who spoke a word of faith to me along the way. They couldn’t close the deal. Did they feel frustrated or, perhaps, a failure? I don’t know. But the lesson on that is clear. Just speak a word of faith regardless. Encourage people. You may never see the “moment of faith”. The Williamson family didn’t know for many months what happened to me next.
I got out of the car. I don’t know if I said anything to Nate. I ran into my dorm room. My roommate was gone. I walked to the sink. I looked into the mirror and said, “Jesus Christ, if you’re the Son of God, I give you the opportunity to prove it to me right now.”
Well, He had been hounding me for some time. He was right there. Jesus was standing behind me and He put His arms around me. I did not see Him. But He was there and the experience was real. At age 18 He seemed to be a mature, older man at age 33. Now, He seems to be a young man. Regardless, that was the most real moment of my life. My eyes swell with tears every time I think about it. I have not doubted since then. That was December 16, 1971. From that moment forward I have known Him in a personal way - Jesus embraced me and came into my heart.

So, what exactly did happen on that night, December 16, 1971? It was my moment of faith. As I said He is the Hound of Heaven. He is after, really, everyone, no doubt. In Revelation He says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” [Rev. 3.20] There are many ways to describe how He approaches each and every one. But He does. He can be subtle. Or He can pound on the door. But the situation always requires us to do something - an act of faith. The words that I used, “Jesus Christ, if You are the Son of God, I give You the opportunity to prove it to me right now”, was my personal act of faith. I really have no idea where those words came from. Maybe He gave them to me, but I had to voice them. I had to take action. And I did and He did.
Once I opened my heart, He provided the proof of His existence. That’s the key. You must open your heart, even a just crack. The assurance will come. For me, it was immediate. For others it may take time. Probably, no two experiences are alike. I have had any number of people say to me that they “tried” exactly what I did, saying what I said, and it “didn’t work”. I’m not shocked by that. My experience is mine and yours is yours. But He is the same and when the door of your heart is open, He will come in. And, either at that moment, or another moment that He chooses, you will know Him.
So where do I go from there? It’s been a long time, 45 years. Well, I’m not writing an autobiography. But I have a few more thoughts, so there will be a Part VIII.

Saturday 24 December 2016

Our Apostleship.....

So, history has done this. When Abraham saw the sand particles and the stars he definitely believed for a son, now, to kick it all off. How much he understood the stars thing? How much we do? Certainly spiritually I take it to mean sons by rebirth, or heavenly birth, totally out of the realm of blood connection. By the time Jesus came the Jews had forgotten the stars bit. They were so for the here and now, that many were the liberators attempting to wrest Israel out of the control of.Rome and Peter was still hardwired for this, just before Jesus was taken up to heaven. He asked ,"when shall dominion be returned to Israel?"
The Roman Church began with earthly dominion in mind and through the order of Malta, the knights of the Templars, the real meaning of the Crown, the American security forces which are all Catholic, the logo above 10 Downing Street, the European Commission itself, began and tabled by a Jesuit in this day Catholicism is, in its own mind, about the dominion of Jesus Christ over the globe. At the top layers, the true meanings of.IHS logo on everything is understood as the solar cult.
Protestantism became.somehow a political resistance force. But true evangelicalism eschewed politics completely except for things concerning justice like.slavery, or social.welfare like Methodists and Salvation army.

Like a computer can't finish a level until you have done all the tasks.

Over the last month some of you know I have launched a twin salvo against Lance Wallnau's 7 mountains of influence, because it is purely a reaction to the Freemasons clever plan but in reverse. We don't preach mountains of influence we preach Christ crucified and taking up the Cross to experience Galatians 2.20 consciousness NOW and out of the spontaneous life flow in our hearts, we trust the Keeper of the Testaments within,Jesus, to provide the fulfilling of His Word in real time. But my other salvo has been at the Union Crowd. Now most of you have never heard of the Union crowd, so for you they are an irrelevance anyway. But for discovering the secret of how Christianity really works to bring everyone to Fatherhood level in Christ 1 John 2, I would tend to agree. But they are paralysed by their American millennium belief system which has been largely orchestrated by Jesuits to paralyze the independent churches. Please understand I am not saying Jesus isn't coming again nor that there isn't a millennium, but instead of a tool and leverage for launching you, Satan has crept in to shut you all down. In the Old Testament various "good things of God" from Rhema or" Now" obedience lessons.....were later used as idols. Gideon's ephod. The golden snake raised in the wilderness.
Like a computer can't finish a level until you have done all the tasks.
Jesus is to sit at the right hand of God until His enemies are made His footstool. He as the Head is given with full authority over all things To the Church. My role apostolically is to share that with you and continue the work of Ern Baxter and Bob Mumford, but to clarify that the first Ishmael generation did not adequately hear God, so like Catholics to this day, and indeed visionary groups.....Talmudic Jews.....Islamic jihadists......they began putting into motion their pyramid plans, this time with their apostles as the Head pulling the strings of the churches. This is NOT the nature of our apostleship.
We instead attempt something altogether more fun, more unbelievable and more supernatural. We teach Christ the Head to every believer according to the Jeremiah 31 , and for each believer as a member of His Body to do what Christ is doing by them. We teach the Church initially in meetings, but then as they mature,outside, to function in the Melchisedek Order according to the mystery of Christ in us the hope of glory. What Protestants taught as a bit of a nebulous concept, that we are indeed ALL PRIESTS AND KINGS.....We teach and show in the Holy Spirit. If Christ the Head is not operating His Body, we don't rally the troops, we adopt the Psalm 123 position of a servant glued to the eyes and hand of the Master. We don't do anything He is not doing. But instead of practicing this ourselves as ministries, as we always have, we teach and instruct the Body in this protocol.
For 40 years the Levites had learned to function one way in their desert training. They raised the Ark to their shoulders and walked six paces then, rested and sacrificed.
But when all the people came to Jericho this time everything was different. This time they walked round silently FIRST....They were in rest first.
This time the "work of shouting and walking" happened in the seventh time.round.
The "work", the believing, the obedience is by now inextricably mingled.....who really knows.which bit where. So it is with the Galatians 2.20 walk. I do not pull strings as a leader lording it over the Body as is the manner of the gentiles, instead I preach Christ the Head, and if Jesus is who He says He is, and He is, then the Body are individually connected to Him, and connected to each other by the Spirit. The Spirit is like the wind which blows this way and that. Those that follow the Spirit these are the sons of God. This is the victory.....even our faith. Our faith that Jesus is God come in the flesh, and now by the Spirit God is coming in my flesh, our flesh. It's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. If I don't write these things with the apostolic authority given me, then no matter, the Head has already written all these things down in His Word for some other to find and preach, or other person to sovereignly raise up and instruct as God did with Saul of Tarsus. I do not preach myself.....I preach your hope of glory.....Jesus Christ.

...........pulling the strings of the churches.
This is NOT the nature of our apostleship.
We instead attempt something altogether more fun, more unbelievable and more supernatural. We teach Christ the Head to every believer according to Jeremiah 31 , and for each believer as a member of His Body to do what Christ is doing by them.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

More Light Concerning Isaiah 9's famous Christmas Reading

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us a child is born,
 unto us a son is given:
 and the government shall be upon his shoulder:
and his name shall be called
The mighty God,
The everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace.

7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end,
 upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom,
 to order it, and to establish it
with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever.
 The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

This just appeared in Kingdom Conversations  forum on Facebook.
Reading it carefully, it is such a familiar passage, I am struck by the amount of extra things it now means to me.


You can think you understand this text. It's read in churches.

Verse two announces that this is the great Light that arrives in the midst of Darkness. And that is linked with Isaiah 60 1-2

Here are some key phrases

We who were in Darkness receive Jesus as a kind of child waiting to be born and grow in us

He is the Head.... but the active government is not the Head. This again is where Roel Velema and America is wrong. The government is here upon His shoulders. Shoulders in the OT picture are that which bear the Ark or in the New Testament the active kings and priests....sons of God following the Spirit.... who blows like the wind... these are the sons of God.

So yes Roel is wrong but so is the converse....the Catholic Church... who believe the government rests on an organisation, a hierarchy.

One belief is too passive and doesn't engage in the Spirit the other is like Abraham with Hagar bringing about an Ishmael.

Americans will be aware of the millennium paralysis .... but few will realise like the film series Man in the High Castle.... it's not Hitler who rules... but the Jesuit rule which literally is behind virtually every infrastructure everywhere in an attempt to fulfil Gods shoulder government for Him.

Jesus Name. The first we have to do with His Name is gathering in His Name. Song of Songs says His Name is as oil poured forth. He brings me into His banqueting House and His banner over me is love.

The first thing I learn or better that is revealed to my inner eyes is that His Name is Wonderful.

But in the Holy place, particularly after baptism in the Spirit , or if you will the Mid Section of the Lords Prayer..... I AM COMPLETELY REPROGRAMMED BY HIS COUNSEL. We have our very own counsellor the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth.

I don't have revelation on the sequence....Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of peace

But like waves or moves if revelation our generation has been co celebrators of Gods Might

Of the revelation of His Fatherhood,

And also when a locality experiences an Open Heaven and His Peace extends in a place....

So truly as God reveals Himself people well up from within to call Him by His Names....

The second evangelical doctrine of death that Roel Velema was infected with from the traditions of men was to be totally one sided about leaven. I want everybody to hear this again. Isaiah 60 describes two things going on. The Bible is not in denial. Darkness is becoming gross Darkness over all the peoples. This is the leaven of sin and also religious leaven.... whose fruit is not religious.... it's pedophilia and worse.

But Jesus Also used the leaven Word to describe the Kingdom. Both spirits operate like leaven....exponentially. DARKNESS and LIGHT.

Of the increase of Jesus Government even during my lifetime alone, with Holy Spirit moves across the whole planet.... just when the bishops in the UK(probably Freemasons anyway) were declaring God dead, no resurrection and at Lausanne in 1966 they were roundly declaring the end of church by 1990. But God was already explosively growing the church.

" to order it, and establish it"

The heavenly Tabernacle order is related to its earthly mirror.... but not always so obvious..... so first of all right in the middle of Jewish Feasts the Holy Spirit got Jesus to remind everybody at the top of his voice...... hey.... I AM THIS WATER....I AM THIS BREAD....I AM THIS LIGHT...

But when the Church arrived we go through it all again. And those drunken heaps of people in Gods courts who weren't immediately identifiable as Gods Pentecostal Feast had to have it pointed out by preacher Peter.... hey this IS THAT WHICH JOEL PROPHESIED WOULD HAPPEN.

so do you start to see

GOD ordering and establishing his kingdom by the Spirit is a bit different from a " human order ?. It is an order though. It IS Gods protocol. I mean those of the Union Crowd who think they can bypass things because God won't mind and He Is full of grace.... well what it means is, they haven't got the tools that were handed out free to our generation to build with.

Our generation were " called" supernaturally by the Isaiah verses to build up and restore the waste places of Jerusalem. Who last did that? Yes, Nehemiah rebuilt the 12 walls and Gates which all have Spirit meaning. See what the Spirit was teaching me by checking my blog index for gates of Jerusalem.

So to summarise, yes God orders His Kingdom using two tools...

He judges all independent self stuff and brings in justice.... where He allows Christ stuff to operate freely where before it was blocked.

Here's an example....for the last 20-30 years people have got really angry at God for elder/pastor abuse in charismatic churches (not usually pedophilia by the way.... not yet reached that degradation).

They blame God. But the charismatic churches have thrown out the prophets. And other well meaning and wise saints. Charismatic churches are sick environments with insufficient internal checks and balances.

When churches lose their salt and light..... they really do.... and Jesus talks in Revelation of removing lamp stands. How many churches are still operating but now without any lamp stand whatever?

What performs the Kingdom?

"The zeal of the Lord will accomplish this."

In the 60s nothing was happening.... then a rain of the Spirit fell on all of us young people. We enter into the zeal of the Lord. It's not something we manufacture. It's a high wind frequency that surrounds the Throne. Around Gods throne is permanent acceleration and quickening of Life. Flashings of Light and grace empowering. More happens in two seconds there than whole centuries passing in certain dead places on earth.

This zeal is behind Psalm 110 and psalm 24 and seeking the face of the God of Jacob. It's this type of generation that will consummate Gods plans speaking to the doors and pillars on earth..... be lifted up and let the King of glory enter.

Roel Velema believes we wait and then God will turn up, because this is the evangelical trash they have taught him. But the Bible isn't's Spirit and Word... it's a quantum book waiting to be spoken into being by the kings and priests on earth!!!!!

But the Bible isn't's Spirit and Word... it's a quantum book waiting to be spoken into being by the kings and priests on earth!!!!

Rudi Guiliani Letter - True or False?

Like the famous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it is worth reading this information for general awareness, without having to attach 100% crediblity to it. Many things shed light on other know the drill by now. If enough people in enough places writing from enough belief systems (often opposing ones) are saying the same type of things it's worth assuming some or a great part is true.
Another blog author is looking into it........

pon close observation of the Rudy Giuliani letter, there were a number of key observations noticed by both myself and others which revealed this letter to be questionable. I originally posted on this subject with the impression that the situation held a certain amount of simplicity to it.  However, further examination has revealed a number of unforeseen possibilities.Read more here

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Why we need the baptism in the Spirit and fire? - A study by Chris Welch

The Anointing Oil for Priesthood
The gift of Christ includes the anointing that is now upon Him, and as he comes to be a resident inside you, guess where that anointing resides?
A description is in psalm 133...the priestly anointing oil.
This is the baptism in the Spirit that was first poured out on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2....
and as Jesus must reign until His enemies are made His footstool....then the anointing oil continues to flow ever since that day.
Baptism in the Spirit is only an option if you think it is. Nothing is forced on anybody....
but spiritually speaking, and here I speak in the same terms as the admonition to tell every man to repent....there is no spiritual option....but if we really don't want heaven and spiritual things nobody is there to force us....(apart from Catholics and the CIA)
but spiritually speaking the Holy Spirit and the baptism in the Spirit are no option....
Jesus whole work was to take the Jews first, out of the "outer courts " realms of their experience with God, and take them via the baptism in the Spirit into the "innercourts realm" of the heavenly Temple.
When the Jews weren't interested, apart from the first few thousands in the Jerusalem church, the gospel was thrown open to anybody in the gentile world who WAS interested.
They weren't expected to go through the hundreds and hundreds of years of life experience of Jews first, Jesus Christ included the Gentiles in the same experience straight away that He wanted to take the Jews into.
The New Covenant
The new Covenant born again community
ONLY WORK in the realm of baptism in the Spirit and ofcourse new birth or John Chapter 3 spiritual rebirth.
There is no option. If you try to operate without the command to repent, be baptised and be filled to overflowing with the Spirit,you reproduce the Jewish synagogue idea of Rabbi and laity that all evangelical churches have.
Apart from a general experience of rebirth, there is nothing about an evangelical church that functions in the New Covenant.
They may have bought the early Mercedes Benz but it is still being pulled by a cart horse.
You NEED the Baptism in the Spirit to lead you into all Truth, and that includes the basic call to WALK the WAY, to LEARN THE TRUTH and to GET THE Life Jn 16.13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.

You NEED the baptism in the Spirit to be able to run church. 1 Cor12
"Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. 5 And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord. 6 There are varieties of effects, but the same God who works all things in all persons. 7 But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good." THERE IS NO COMMON GOOD without baptism in the Spirit. The NEEDS of the COMMON GOOD ARE SIMPLY NOT SERVED
You NEED the baptism in the Spirit to interpret what He has already Divinely caused to be written down. It was written in RUACH or breath of God, so it has to be translated from RUACH to be life to anybody.
1 Cor 2 Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard,
And which have not entered the heart of man,
All that God has prepared for those who love Him.”
10 [d]For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. 11 For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God. ..................
But [f]a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually [g]appraised.
Baptism in the Spirit takes us out of the realm of natural or carnal man and into the "covered are of the heavenly tabernacle" where there is no natural light or sunlight. WE NEED the Spirit's Illumination in this realm or we are stuffed!!! But we are NOT an OLD COVENANT CONGREGATION , we are learning to be led by the Spirit of God as ones born of the Spirit. See John Chapter 3

Ephesians 4
Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, 2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, 3 being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6 one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.

WE NEED THE BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT to know when people are ready for ministry
joints who are "working properly" Ephesians 4
Acts 13: 2 While they were ministering to the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3 Then, when they had fasted and prayed and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.
4 So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia and from there they sailed to Cyprus.

Revelation 22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.
For Healing the sick, casting out demons, conducting spiritual warfare, for the miraculous gift of utterance in preaching, also for the gifts of word of wisdom and knowledge to help and deliver people completely unknown to us.

Then the angel who was speaking with me returned and roused me, as a man who is awakened from his sleep. 2 He said to me, “What do you see?” And I said, “I see, and behold, a lampstand all of gold with its bowl on the top of it, and its seven lamps on it with seven spouts belonging to each of the lamps which are on the top of it; 3 also two olive trees by it, one on the right side of the bowl and the other on its left side.” 4 Then I said to the angel who was speaking with me saying, “What are these, my lord?” 5 So the angel who was speaking with me answered and said to me, “Do you not know what these are?” And I said, “No, my lord.” 6 Then he [a]said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel saying, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts. 7 ‘What are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become a plain; and he will bring forth the top stone with shouts of “Grace, grace to it!”’”
He is describing the middle area or first covered area of the heavenly Tabernacle, wherein is the candlestick.
This preeminently is the function of the LOCAL CHURCH
meeting in the Name of Jesus
and being accelerated into full growth as sons as the first disciples were, as described by the third area of the Temple the Holiest Place.

The whole first 5 chapters of Ephesians prepares for Ephesians 6
To UNMASK the secondheavens, and the fallen principalities and powers there
to paralyse their usurped rulership over nations
to reclaim our rightful earth under the Lord and Creator Psalm 24
to say to all ancient curses and boundaries : Be lifted up ye Ancient Doors and Let the King of Glory Come In.


Without baptism in the Spirit....we see human and spiritual monstrosities such as all the denominations including Catholicism
We see UNPREPARED ministries
We see churches that remain in Old Covenant worship with one leader doing everything
We see Churches exercising no authority and effect over localities, nations and continents, but instead we see the power of the enemy's people grow stronger and usurp more and more territory and laws
we see very few people properly born again and filled with the Spirit and learning to function in the Melchizedek order under their Head King Jesus.

Monday 19 December 2016

The Cog of God - David Weber

The Cog of God by David Weber through Annalize Mouton
I feel to say something briefly here about “Ezekiel’s Wheel,” of how it can represent for us a son who walks in COMPLETE UNION WITH THE SPIRIT, this one perhaps in ceaseless activity and yet always RESTING perfectly in God, this because GOD IS THE COG within this one’s wheels (his activities).

For brevity’s sake, I’m not going to quote scripture here, but I will comment on Ezekiel’s vision…

Beloved, Ezekiel states that the four living creatures of his vision had the likeness of a man and that each “likeness” had four faces. I believe that “four” represents here a creation work (something wrought out on earth in men), and as I have shared, “wheels” can represent man’s ACTIVITIES. Keep this in mind. With regard to the faces, I propose to you that they represent FOUR DIFFERENT PURPOSES OR DIRECTION OF FOCUS for man, all of which ARE TO BE SUBJECT TO THE SPIRIT and in this way reflect the purposes and the glory of the Father. I believe that the wheel beside each creature in the vision represents the particular ACTIVITY associated with each of the four “faces of man” in the earth, the “noise of the wings of each creature” representing activity in the spirit realm, and “the noise of the wheels beside the creatures” representing the corresponding activity in the natural realm. These things are ALL TO WORK TOGETHER, side by side, and not independently of each other, nor independently of the Holy Spirit.

What this is saying, beloved, is that the wheels of our activity are not meant to spin outside of THE PRESENCE AND THE LEADING OF GOD. Our Father and His abiding presence must be THE COG within the wheels of our activity. Another way of putting this is that if the Spirit lifts but we remain in our activity, then that wheel/activity has spun out of control and will produce NOTHING for the Kingdom. If the Spirit turns but we continue on a straight path – same thing.

With regard to the faces, I have said that they represent our different “purposes and focus,” all of which must be SUBJECT TO THE FATHER and the leading of His Spirit if they are to be a Kingdom work/activity. As far as I see it, here is what the faces represent…

The face of a man – this represents the natural responsibilities of Adam, son of the earth, born of a woman – his family obligations, etc.
The face of a lion – this represents man’s Kingdom authority – his spiritual gifts and ministry.
The face of an ox – this represents man’s work, his labor.
The face of an eagle – the represents the spiritual dimension of a man’s life – his prayer life, even his prophetic seeing, speaking and moving.

Beloved, having presented to you what I have here, I propose to you now that in ALL of the above mentioned “purposes or direction of focus” you CAN exercise Kingdom authority and power by you being in CONTINUAL subjection to the Spirit, OR you can manifest DEAD WORKS by having your wheels of activity spin out of the control of the Holy Spirit. Look at it this way; in even your family conversations, learn to lift from a subject as the Spirit lifts from that subject. In your spiritual work, stay within your anointing and calling. In your daily job, let the Spirit show you how all that you do can be a KINGDOM EXPRESSION. In your life of prayer and prophecy, be sure to let the Father be the COG that drives your thoughts and your prayers and your words. The wheel within the wheel of your activity is God’s call upon your life and is the grace to see His kingdom come CONTINUALLY in your life, beloved. So, be careful not to step outside of your grace-gifting or to “turn aside” from the direction in which the Holy Spirit is leading you, for if you do that, YOU will become the drive behind the wheels of your activities, and from God’s perspective, that is death, not life.

Saturday 17 December 2016

Roel Is Wrong, so is America

Roel Velema :So true. The world starts big and ends small. God begins small and ends big. When our Lord said: "Shall I find THE faith at my coming?", the Greek text demands a negative answer. So, the big reformation we wait for is millennial. In the meantime God's main work is inner. However, when the millennial revelation of the sons of God is a fact, the world will be amazed and also shocked of the blindness of not seeing God's prepared work thoughout the centuries. (2 weeks ago)

My answer is an even more emphatic


‘The Lord said to my Lord,
“Sit at My right hand,
35 Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.”’





Sit means don't move from your throne

Until is a time word that joins two times by the necessary state that finally triggers movement.

I am not including England in any of this status. England died some 1500 years ago when they received the gospel and let Catholics take charge.
No Englishman even knows a word of prophecy.
They only know Darwinism
If they know God they only know the Catholic Tyrant God
They don't know Jesus is coming back
All English people are for the sake of this status compleyely completely dead. Useless for God's purposes.







But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, 5 even when we were dead [f]in our transgressions, made us alive together [g]with Christ (by grace you have been saved), 6 and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 7 so that in the ages to come He might show the surpassing riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. .......EPH2

To me, the very least of all saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unfathomable riches of Christ, 9 and to bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; 10 so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places. 11 This was in accordance with the eternal purpose which He carried out in Christ Jesus our Lord, 12 in whom we have boldness and [h]confident access through faith in Him. ....EPH3

I pray that the eyes of your heart [x]may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the [y]saints, 19 and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe. These are in accordance with the working of the strength of His might 20 which He brought about in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, 21 far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come. 22 And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church, 23 which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.EPH1

Positioned in Christ, ruling and reigning with Him
Task: that the CHURCH NOW ADDRESSES ALL LEGAL ISSUES and OBSTACLES now raised by principalities and powers in the heavenly places keeping earth in bondage, using all manifold wisdom which WE HAVE NOW and must believe for
HOW? God the Father has put all things in subjection to Jesus Christ, much as He did after the 40 days in the wilderness, giving Him authority over Israel, but now Christ's Headship includes everything...only this time He is being given to an international Body...HIS actual BODY , but as the HEAD.

There is nothing future in any of these passages other than being an extension of what is NOW.

Letter to Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau describes his accelerating programme  to rebuild "the 7 mountains" of human influence."

he writes
We are on the edge of a whole new chapter and there is an urgency like I’ve never sensed before. Nations are all in flux right now and a fresh word is needed. We need a new clarity on how the kingdom comes. We are answering calls now to Singapore, Jakarta, China and Ethiopia. We are working hard to expand our influence in all of the 7 mountains and expand our impact in nations. And we do all this while spying out our new kingdom work in Washington D.C. and touching 120 nations from Jerusalem each year during the Feast of Tabernacles.

This is my letter of reply. As you know from this blog, periodically I feel strongly to reply to a major personnage, and I have done this since the eighties with people like John Wimber. The advantage now is that my replies can be logged here and peer reviewed as to how I am thinking.

Lance, although at the level you are seeing, you may think you have something to repent of, I can assure you that just building a 7 mountain resistance force to the Freemasons's plan really is only at one level of seeing.
Peter was trying to do the same, allbeit worse, because he used a sword on somebody's ear.

I can assure you the PLAN is a lot deeper than yours, but it isn't high or out of reach either.
If Jesus had followed your plan in the Gethsemane week, none of us would have been saved.

Yet in the space of just one week and mostly 6 hours he stripped the power of every single one of your mountains....
by what?

DOING PRECISELY NOTHING.....but being God the Father in His form.

"A body thou hast prepared for me"
" and God was in Christ (doing nothing) reconciling the world to Him"

You are missing completely the third level in Christ, the one John talked about in 1 John 2.

This is the level Rees Howells moved on to despoil 3 world dictators.(read Norman Grubb)
This is the level  Mother Basilea Schlink moved on to paralyse Chairman Mao's European attack that he had scrimped saved and starved millions for in China....

This is the level we read about of the "generation " in Psalm 24, and psalm 110.
This is the "declaration" levelof Psalm 134 and psalm 149

Whether God is somehow using you to soften things up....I don't know.
Certainly when Bob and Rose Weiner got fired up to mobilise all the university students to form what was then the Republican right of the 90s....I am sure they never foresaw the devil using it to create the War on Terror through mythical tricks.  For me, it was an Ishmael work. I pray that yours isn't. 
But I seriously believe you only see the first and secondlevels...evangelical and charismatic, and have no idea there is a thirdlevel....the one  Jesus moved in and the one the apostles in Acts moved in.

To me you are still playing toy soldiers, and if you are not careful the Illuminati may already be recruiting you to play their two sided fronts.  (Rick Joyner has already been recruited as member of the Order of Malta)

 Jesus said the sons of this world are much more shrewd than the sons of the Kingdom.  Be assured of this, all the secret societies operate in the equivalent of the third level, but in they play all of the Christians and God Channel round their little fingers.


Chris Welch

Tuesday 29 November 2016

2016 Letter Addressing the Union Crowd's False Millennial gospel

Fred, I have no idea at all why we are not more connected, but I like yourself, haven't fussed about it but gone on in what I felt led to do. I have no idea why Ole suddenly disappeared on me. I DO know why Nancy got the hump. And I do know why Daniel Yordy got the hump.

I really got excited about what you and Ole were seeing to do with Jesus literally beginning another priesthood in the Jordan and I feel that has been growing in me, but building on what the Holy Spirit took me through in the last 40 years via our church community.

We walk in the Light, which means in the mystery of God we will pick up wrong or fuzzy inner seeing in the other that we can address in the manner of taking a splinter out. And this is the LIVING and GLORIOUS Ephesians 4 church which exists primarily in the heavens but manifests in different ways visibly on earth......and according to Revelation 12, in a troubled and "pursued" way. Jerusalem Church in Acts being our foundation.

If Paul hadn't clobbered Peter about circumcision, we may not be here today.
This is walking in the Light as He is in the Light.
In His Light, Ps 36 says, we see Light.
When we gather in Him He is there among us
If we are on our own....then we are told to chuck away all our Gentile Genesis 3 ophan way of heaping up prayers....and go inside and shut our chuntering leftbrain door, and meet with the Father in the secret place in side of us.
So whether on our own or with the Church, and using all the gifts the Holy Spirit gives....we are on a massive "syncing" process which ends up experientially at getting better and better at John 15 abiding....not because it us doing anything, but we crash into the REST of knowing it is He in us, in an ever more SURE WAY.

So I am wanting to bring something up with yourself, Sylvia Pearce, Roel Velema and Brian Coatney. My heart leapt just now to see you had done a recent series on "On Earth as it is now in heaven"
for that is the reason for my concern.

I have already addressed this with Brian, but I did the same with Roel this morning.
But first I want to tighten one of the phrases you wrote in this series.

You wrote : presumably thinking of leftbrain doesn't matter what your eschatology is.
At a surface level I would put John Noe right in that category, because I like his heart and his book, but he is in fact a Preterist.

At Spirit level it actually does matter as I am sure with reflection you will see in a moment.
Anything that gets our inner seeing off the Eternal Now is a perversion.
Anything that takes us away from the "blank cheque" that was offered Moses at the Burning bush...
Who shall I say sent me
This is what we preach
a "The Kingdom is at hand " Kingdom
we teach people to gather in the Name of Christ where He comes Himself to the gatherings, and we watch them run in the Melchizedek Order.

This is what is wrong with the false eschatology it puts the Kingdom in a millennium
It shelves the believing in my heart, the confession of my mouth, and the real time experience of deliverance.

If some leftbrain belief was the offense....well that wouldn't be a problem....but it's not a leftbrain belief only, it is a high place, a place raised against the knowledge of God. A speculation that we have to bring down in the Spirit.

In America just about all the Union people have been raised in millennial teaching. Millennial teaching is only just slightly warmed up Jesuit Catholic teaching derived from a carnal understanding of "1000 year" mentions in scripture. There is an inactivity , a passivity throughout the whole Union move, that is odd if you have come through the Jesus Move streams, and the 70s Bible weeks which were raised on a unique event.....the message Ern Baxter was given in 1975 to the Kansas City Shepherds Conference, at which the guy was physically levitated off the ground....(in the manner of many Catholic saints who loved Jesus muchly over the last 1500 years). I was asking Ern if I could use some of the tape and set it to music, and I asked him to verify this in case I had got it wrong. No. He really said this happened.

The Word we received in the Holy Spirit in the 70s, in exactly the same manner that Abraham did with his stars and sand, was not always heard in faith, and as is now well documented a huge generation of Ishmaels were models.....that were what we call "Triumphalist".

But as real as Hagar and Ishmael in the Old testament may have noticed
Isaac....which means laughter (see psalm 126) REALLY REALLY HAPPENED.

The MISSING KEY to anything happening, to the Revelation 12 woman clothed with the sun being able to bring forth a manchild......IS
the second in "Grace, Grace to it"
is the second deliverance in the message of Sylvia Pearce
is the Romans 6 to 8 teaching of Norman Grubb

But like the little boy with the Emperor has no clothes
or like young David with a silly catapult

I am saying the millennium paralysis that seems to run right through the Union movement needs uprooting today. It is grand THEFT. It is Death by Paralysis. It is a whole generation of Israelites dying in the wilderness.

I would also add to Fred's teaching here about the BEAST being inward , to divide it even more in the Spirit.
While fully getting that "all is spirit."......that wecan't ever say of the Kingdom of God it is "LO HERE" or LO THERE"....and we can't do that either about the Kingdom of Darkness....

It's not quite as nebulous as Fred writes.....why? Because it's like the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. Whatever chemicals were involved or whether it turns out it is all petrified stuff....although nobody made the hexagonal tube shapes....whatever substances were involved...THE ORDER or PROTOCOL of those substances FORMS the hexagons every time.

The order of Satan shows its reptilian scales.....LITERALLY
IT BUILDS in Pyramids in fear. Hittites or Heth means fear/terror
The order of Satan naturally predisposes to 13 Bloodlines, the order of the Kingdom 12.
The Bloodlines are tight, preventing intermarriage to maintain occult power
God's Kingdom couldn't care less taking into it Rahab, Ruth, the murderer St Paul became the main writer!!!!!

Our CLASH though now in an Ephesians 6 style......and with a priesthood that began after the order of Jesus stepping out of none the less a real clash as Jesus was.

Jesus "was brought before" the main opposers on earth. Psalm 2
Paul "was brought before rulers over cities"
Paul AIMED for the Big one : ROME

Fritz Springmeier, Dr Coleman, Barry Smith, Miles Johnstone, David Icke.....countless more on the internet , Christian or non Christian,are unearthing the literal structures and hexagons of the "Giant's Causeway" which have always remained behind the scenes, we only saw the Dictators, Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers. This was the fading glory of all of Rees Howells work.
No sooner had he stepped in the gap faithfully, then died immediately after the war, the Freemasons were sending Kissinger and the CIA to create Korea then Vietnam and Cambodia.
Mao Tse Tung Stalin and Pol Pot were all trained by the same Anglo French Masonic team called Tavistock.

SO YES....while switching us off with millennial teaching, the devil is actually doing some of his finest work.....but so is God.....and really the ONLY WORK WE HAVE is to say these words



My words to Roel this morning, but really i want to address any of you still not quite embedded in the eternal Now of the gospel. Today is the day of salvation.
Who shall we say sent us?
I AM who I AM.

Roel :So true. The world starts big and ends small. God begins small and ends big. When our Lord said: "Shall I find THE faith at my coming?", the Greek text demands a negative answer. So, the big reformation we wait for is millennial. In the meantime God's main work is inner. However, when the millennial revelation of the sons of God is a fact, the world will be amazed and also shocked of the blindness of not seeing God's prepared work thoughout the centuries. We should distinguish between the entrance into the kingdom (John 3), and the reward of ruling in the millennial kingdom (Rev. 2-3). There are earthly and heavenly aspects of the coming kingdom, a distinction almost no one sees today. This is one of the reasons why Christians only scratch the surface. They don't see that the Abrahamic covenant contains both earthly and heavenly promises.

Chris replied
Roel, you and the union crowd really really need the Holy Spirit. It's urgent. You write such tosh that isn't backed up by Jesus Christ at all, but comes out of human traditions of Darkness.
What you need to know?
God was.faced by complete Darkness and spoke Light and we are the product.
Now is the Light of the gospel.come and guess who has been invited to take the Fathers role this time with the New Creation?
Here's a clue Romans 10. We believe in our heart we confess with our mouth and are saved. The millennium is currently on hold until Roel gets his jaw into gear. You need to sit down and listen to Thy Kingdom Come by Ern Baxter , you and Brian Coatney, but this time take your cotton wool out or turn up your deaf aid. WE ARE IT. THERE ARE NO OTHERS.
Chat conversation end
Seen 11:13

Saturday 26 November 2016

Shift Happens - (many components to this blog)

Lydia Du Toit on Facebook shares Ralph's status
1 hr ·
brilliant!! shift happens
Ready to land, seat belts buckled, seats in the upright position the flight attended reminds us all that once the plane had taxied to its gate and came to complete shut down, to take care when opening the overhead luggage space because as she put it " sometimes the luggage will shift upon takeoff and landing". She added with a hint of humor "and we all know shift happens"
Well shift is happening in the church…lots of shift. Its not the plane that was changing or shifting, it is the contents, the luggage, the travelers, its us…the message is being re-told ~ this time the way it was first revealed and as intended.
We are shifting…not God. The shift is taking place without our permission. We are being taken for a heavenly ride with our God that upon takeoff and landing, the things once lodged in what we assumed were "stable" and "unshakable" are being shaken and shifted.
A shift from the stagnant air of powerless legalism to the fresh air of heavenly life of Rest of joyful receptivity of God's finished work(s) for us and through us…Where the journey brings us back to joyful relationship and peace even in the bumpy ride we hate so much…where heaven and earth collide in effortless living…
Like or love it….shift happens. We are being shaken around and re-settled into the life God as intended….This shift is very "Good News"
Prepare to land…watch the overhead containers…we are shifting
~ ralph brier

Another Word for Shift in this context can be acceleration also

Canon Andrew White is establishing his very own mission to give him more freedom in the countries he can visit. Jerusalem Merit and CAWR

Torben Sondergaard's ministry name is the Last Reformation. He posts some things on YouTube and somethings to Facebook followers and friends.

i hope you can see both.

Here is Torben's Lesson 23 in Pioneer School describing the difference between religion and genuine experience of Christ, in this way Torben and I are very similar.

Art Montgomery from Facebook over at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Finally the very shocking news that the young man who first dared give ear to me speaking about the Thirdlevel online on his blog and in his comment sections ,called  Dan Bowen, a nurse in Birmingham, died suddenly two days ago.

He grew up in Dunstable Church under the very pastor Stanley Jebb, who had driven Ern Baxter round England during those absolutely stunning Bible Weeks in the 70s that were so pivotal in launching all the new churches. Dan was for a time a part of a Sovereign Grace Ministries Church  which began under the twin ministry of Larry Tomczak and CJ Mahaney. His friend Scott and his family who are doubtless having to come to terms with this shock, must surely appreciate prayers and thought right now.

Thursday 24 November 2016

The Faith Paradox - Before the Law by Franz Kafka

In Early Harvest,my double CD, which is a musical version of the walk into the third level, and because I am using it for this I add the words "Before the Law of Life"
The law of life St Paul wrote in Romans 8 has set me free from the Law of sin and death.
Those who have experienced Romans 6,7, and 8 in their own lives know the cost of this transplantation process....this second grace.
Romans 3 to 5 is about the Blood Covering.....the Blood deliverance
Romans 6 to 8 is the hitherto secret of Christianity that Sylvia Pearce writes about, the second deliverance, the Body Death of Christ.

I refer to this story in my video yesterday which I put on Facebook as a public post.

Here it is again for those who prefer Youtube

Thursday 17 November 2016

The Mystery of a Man and a Maid

The way of an eagle in the sky, The way of a serpent on a rock, The way of a ship in the middle of the sea, And the way of a man with a maid.Prov 30.19

One of the real mysteries , indeed it is named as such, is of the man and the maid.
Male and female.
And this is the thing. If you believe in evolution, just suspend your disbelief and think of it as a parable or picture.
Woman was taken out of man. Not the head. Not the feet. Not even the stomach . But the rib.
Neither heart nor mind, but thankfully in full use of both!!!
If you thought scooping up dust and mud was something and then creating Adam, this was taking a nondescript part of Adam and creating female complete. But the DNA matched!!!
Adam was complete but ALONE. Adam and Eve were this new two part mystery, man and woman.
But they are jangled threads. Consider this. 'Fraid we enter Generalisationland about here.
A "fallen" non spiritual male tends to be leftbrain locked, singular minded, and a bit too bound by boundaries.
A "fallen" non Christ spiritual female tends towards all manner of spiritual things, but not particularly defined on which source. Just have a look at French newspaper ads. I choose France because it seems a country without spiritual boundaries, While. purporting to be totally materialist humanist.
So here's the bizarre thing, in the undeveloped spiritual world, men dominate evangelicalism with their tendency to remaining leftbrain locked, and by far the most Pentecostals are female, because females glide quite easily into the "spiritual" and "parallelthinking" worlds.
So who is correct?
Neither. Males are hidebound and don't launch easily into spirit stuff.
Females launch into any which spirit going.
This ISN'T the whole story because women read their Bibles.
And MEN, even evangelical men, learn to "meditate " on the Word.
So if you are a Spiritfilled man or woman and meet an evangelical schooled in the Word for decades, you can sometimes be amazed at the depth of their wisdom in Christ. Every so often Jesus met people He was amazed by, and yet at that precise instant He was the only baptised in the Spirit person on the planet.

So here is where I am getting to. Helen Blavatsky,Annie Besant Alice Bailey are the three women whose teachings to this day steer the One World Order, The United Nations, your kids schooling, and all the esoteric orders and Rudolf Steiner schools.
John Lennon. Led Zeppelin. In short the "modern world".
But these three were occult women driving what became known as "Golden Dawn".Cult of Isis. The Solar Cult. Hermeticism.

Men and women need to be thirdlevel, that is past the evangelical and charismatic stages of spirituality to be able to contest these foundations that are across the earth.

But following every which spirit alone won't lead you out either.

The Holy Place training, to use the tabernacle blueprint describing the transitional "acceleration room", that catapults you into the thirdlevel or mature spiritual level has these two ingredients....
which represent the twinning of Spirit and Word....

The 12 pieces of Shewbread neatly cut for each tribe laid out on a table of meeting.... ie part of the "magic" is what happens when all 12 tribes meet

And the Holy Spirit illumination of the gifts of the Spirit, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the FLOW of the Holy Spirit.

Now after all I have said read the first 3 verses of 1 Corinthians 12, and if you are keen enough, read the whole chapter....
because at the moment the churches are a mess....
they are either hidebound...
or they are following any which spirit....


The Greek original translated word for word YLT
And concerning the spiritual things, brethren, I do not wish you to be ignorant;
2 ye have known that ye were nations, unto the dumb idols -- as ye were led -- being carried away;
3 wherefore, I give you to understand that no one, in the Spirit of God speaking, saith Jesus [is] anathema, and no one is able to say Jesus [is] Lord, except in the Holy Spirit.

Complete Jewish Bible
But, brothers, I do not want you to go on being ignorant about the things of the Spirit. 2 You know that when you were pagans, no matter how you felt you were being led, you were being led astray to idols, which can’t speak at all. 3 Therefore, I want to make it clear to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God ever says, “Yeshua is cursed!” and no one can say, “Yeshua is Lord,” except by the Ruach HaKodesh.

Led By Dumb idols?
Not relevant?
Anybody stared at the Royal Heraldry?
Anybody bemused by the Gold Dragon facing Buckingham Place and the Black Dragon marking the start of the City of London?
These are the FOUNDATIONS of the wealthiest structure in the world. The Crown is the Vatican, not the Queen. And the three untaxable world centres, representing Isis and Horus, are Washington, London and the Vatican all bound by 3 obelisks (male) and three domed buildings (female)

Still think the mystery of the man and the maid is a tiny side issue?

Thursday 10 November 2016

Honour: Who are you Calling Good?

Bill Johnson is ofcourse correct about the "dynamic " of honoring people but in the thirdlevel everything is much more precise, less fuzzy.
In the first and second stages of Christian growth we only perceive things approximately. Pretty soon like Jesus we will be whirling round on people to question them from which spirit they are moving. "Good Master" someone said. Jesus said "Who are you calling Good - there is only One who is Good and that is My Father in heaven."
In other words are you still seeing double? Seeing in separation. Honoring me as if i am some independent self-run soul.....or are you honoring MY Source of Goodness who is My Father in heaven, and you are receiving Him in Me, which is after all my AUTHENTIC self, my spirit self.
Union makes everything clear.
It's seeing with a single eye.
God going on in the flesh.
This then is the power of honoring people.
All you are doing is seeing and recognizing and affirming God going on in them. That is why it has such a glorious ZING about it.
Let us now praise famous men.....the sentence and hymn from Ecclesiasticus, the apocryphal book and so much the mainstay of "Greek-style" secular education in boarding schools, and grammar schools....
This to me at any rate, has always been twisting our arm to try and admit that these great names are great in their own right as independent selves apart from God and therefore we are honoring Satan's lie, Satan himself.....that we can be "independent".
This to me is the spirit behind ancestor worship which surely is a portal for secondheaven fallen heavenly beings to be given leverage on OUR spirit guides,as "Masters".
What I have just written is VITAL in understanding how Christ's gifts to the church operate. Apostles prophets pastors and teachers, and evangelists ARE charismatic ministry giftings to the Church. They are not, as secular people have it, just flavours of talkers....people giving talks to the church as they call it.
NO out of their bellies flow the Spirit power to get precise Spirit jobs done.
BUT BUT....this all connects with
spontaneous Life
God's NOW Presence
the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy
Guard your HEARTS for out of them flow the fountains of life.
This is spirit to spirit communication. It switches things on in the Spirit. A carnal person hasn't been born again so cannot even hear on this register yet, so ascribes the carnal word "talk" to what is really a supernatural gift of utterance.
The grace gift of God FLOWS
It comes out of our innards and flows to another person.
Jesus knew when He healed people like the Canaanite woman because He felt the power flow out of His Body.
When the five ministry gifts operate they feel Jesus Christ Himself being imparted.
But people hanging onto their coat tails as if they are something in themselves. Well, in Acts, people on one island (Malta?) tried to do that with Paul and Barnabbas. "hey these guys are gods....Zeus etc No Paul and Barnabas weren't having any of that. So the people immediately tried to stone them.
This is the minister's dilemma. The people WANT to enter into an "illicit" relationship with you. They are still living in the independent self. They haven't grown up yet in the Lord.
But you HAVE to back off in the Spirit . YOU CANNOT join them in their spiritual adultery. They are trying to relate with you "apart from the Lord", this is when you turn on them like Jesus and say "Who are you calling good, or great? We are but servants of the Living Lord Jesus. We do as He says, and when he isn't saying we are powerless."