Monday 31 March 2014

What really is choice?

Facebook Post by Mikkel Thomsen today

So this brings us to the fundamental principle of opposites which condition a person.....
We know and we desire and, 
as we are forever confronted by
we choose. 

Knowledge and desire
lead us to choice. 

The "autonomy of our freedom" is what the world today is so busy defending, 

yet that freedom 
involves the necessity
of making choices. 

We are free, but we must choose.

 Freedom is not some vague, windblown thing 
which floats about anywhere and everywhere.

 No, freedom must make choices. 

It exists to make choices, 
because life is only life
 by the interrelation of its opposites. 

Those who have tried to escape 
to what they conceive 
as ultimate freedom
by some mind-blowing drug 
only arrive at 

Life consists of making choices.
We have to choose. 
But the curious effect is 
that we are all slaves to our choices!
We choose to go to a meeting: 
we are taken over by the disciplines of that meeting. 

We choose a profession: 
we are taken over by the know-how of our profession. 

Our freedom has become a slavery! 
But because we freely choose, we enjoy our slavery.

So now we see that to be a person means we have desire and knowledge and will. 
Yes, we must make choices... and want always controls will.

from Chapter 4 Yes I am by Norman Grubb

Saturday 29 March 2014

The Facebook Forum

Chris Welch
Imagine how painful Peter James and John would find it relating the Transfiguration on Facebook. Half would claim they were trying to appear spiritual. Michael Hardin would call them gnostics. The scientists would all point to some illusory state caused by psychosis. How hard it has made things now everyone looks out of eyes which mirror bitter and hardened hearts.

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Michael O'Hara "Then answered Peter, and said to Jesus, 'Lord, it is good for us to be here online with you: if you will, let us build here three websites; one for you, and one for Moses, and one for Elijah."
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Chris Welch In Jesus day He had the overview to see He was building lives with Himself...not buildings. Is such a thing possible online? The disciples had all sorts of form of Word coming at them including ,where necessary rebuke....this generation online dont or ...See More
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Chris Welch In Jesus day He had the overview to see He was building lives with Himself...not buildings. Is such a thing possible online? The disciples had all sorts of form of Word coming at them including ,where necessary rebuke....this generation online dont or cant or perhaps are worth more than mere black and white anyway we're at an impasse. There is no church online....only a tarty community that tries to be nice to each other....but there is no thirdlevel church offline either yet. One is limited by the media. Offline is limited by paucity of mature Word that Jesus gave. And nope.. I currently have no answer. But clearly without worship and seeing each other move in that context any form of deeper relating is viewed as completely skewy..with a similar accuracy level of perception as an 8year old boy considering why he would ever kiss a girl and get married. People are visual and first Jesus then 12 disciples in Acts 2 modelled their believing......their new consciousness. Doesnt really work online
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Michael O'Hara It IS a "social media" and it's hard to escape that cultural atmosphere. I've been on a few subjects over the years whereby those on it seemed anointed and we sort of "clicked" but very few in many years. Sometimes we are called to speak word (s) and leave it there but we get pulled into a discussion and lose the clarity. (Heavens like Paul said "I am the chief of sinners" in that capacity.
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Chris Welch I have often compared this section of my life to Paul's time in the forum expounding "his gospel". He never did it that way again. I don't think I will. But what it gives you is an extreme crash course in how different people believe. None of us set out to start huge rucouses, we only see our corner on truth. Paul's corner on truth has outlasted every other historical empire as yet because 1. it plumbs the depth of who humans really are and who they are lays a foundation of Christ's actual Person and 3.the vehicle which is the only one sanctioned by God to properly propagate the message: THE CHURCH made up of local churches of sold out individuals to the grace of God.

Rich Novek
Your Word is a LAMP to my feet And a LIGHT to my path. Psalm 119:105

A lamp is not a flood light, neither is it a 100,000 candle power flashlight. Christ IN us as our lamp provides just enough light to our feet to take the next step.

How else would we ever know what it means to walk by (His) Faith and not our sight?

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Christie Trabazo Gibson Amen Amen & Amen
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Lori Rockriver Amen
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Merle Rutherfoord-Jones Love it Rich it makes such sense
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Breck Rubin To see Him leading the Way as Provider.
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Chris Welch Here's another difference. The reference to light in the gospels is the one about setting it on a is not to be hidden. Now in the Spirit I can see two completely different uses of the Light.
For one set of people it is all about having enough light in this world of darkness to be able to function in our agendas. Have a job,a good living, a good house, a good car, pay our taxes...some to relax with....and just to achieve these things requires some Light to get around with. This however is like using a lamppost to see up your driveway. if you are that worried about your driveway, I would suggest a houselight. At least that would be more honest.
The Light of God is a HIGHWAY. It is a HIGHWAY of HOLINESS.
The Light of God is to put out all Darkness on the Earth for all time.For this reason was the Son of God manifest to destroy all the works of the evil one."
It is a totally different agenda.
One person uses Light to just about get by.
The other person sees the Light and believes Jesus words
"The Gates of hell shall not prevail against my congregation."

While I was working this morning I had this phrase go through my brain
Church that satisfies all our homely requirements and keeps the ladies happy.
It is a totally different form of church to the one espoused in the book Wild At Heart by John Eldredge.
I think the Union Crowd are a bit of a Ladies Circle Church.
Fred Pruitt puts up a few roaring lion noises every so often.
I suppose many men long decided about Facebook as a social medium it is a ladies's domain and what else can be expected.
I'm only on here and my blog because any realworld environment was completely closed until 2008.
It comes as agreat shock to me as a bloke who wrote off Facebook from the start as not for us guys....that I'm on here.
Well we've had a bash. But the power of the Jezebel spirit here disguised as kindly women with beaming faces, is pretty strong, and already the men are beginning to look like emaciated waifs who dare not speak above the Politically Correct speech of the Ladies Circle. Even if our generation never make it, and I intend to.....the next generation down will see straight through these women and the result of their version of Gospel Lite. LIGHT.
See LIGHT has a 12 tribe spectrum. And for ladies it is enough for there to be a 6 tribe core agreement. I don't know if it's a man type thing. It DOES SEEM TO BE A THIRDLEVEL THING...but the only ladies I know that can handle anything like 12 tribes worth of spectrum are already in all Christian bookstores.
people like Corrie Ten Boom. Mother Basilea Schlink. Mother Teresa. Whether they can articulate it properly or not, it does seem that built into man's ribcages is the FULL KINGDOM spectrum. Whenever you see churches of largely female congregants, you should steel your self as soon as you enter, especially if you are the one preaching. Hidden behind those welcoming smiles the reason will soon become apparent as the spirit of Jezebel attacks you full on to try and pare down your gospel to creepy crawly worm size, instead of the threshing sledge that is in your chestcavity. BEWARE BEWARE O MAN the LADIES CIRCLE CHURCH.
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Rich Novek Too late Chris, most Christian men have been completely emasculated by the lie, so what's the alternative?
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Chris Welch shopwindow mannequins!!!

Chris Welch I actually don't have a problem with women not handling all tribes worth of material, because perhaps that is the wisdom of God in order that they be what they are good at. My problem with women is when their collective agenda closes down the work of God as it advances in this generation. Nowhere is this more apparent to me than in those having the closest gospel to the one in the Bible, namely the Union crowd. Because none of them have the vision of the Church, we are condemned to this slow drip drip, decade long advance. And largely for no other reason than those of this generation who were quicker at picking up Norman Grubb's discoveries happened to be women...but they never completed the job. It seems to be outside the scope of what they can handle or imagine.
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Chris Welch A good way of discovering what women want in a man is to look at eunuchs or gay men. In the UK we have a fashion stylist called Gok Wan. As he is gay and interested in clothes and high street life, he is the archetype of all that women would seem to want in their males. Kind of like a plaything. A fount of relevant female information. Absolutlely no threat of hankypanky as that is the last thing he wants to do with women!!!

It's very similar online. Christian women want these playthings. Furry little purveyors of Biblical insight and knowhow, plus someone to pray with them in the problems of the week or the odd real crisis's. For years this has been their relationship with pastors. In no unreal sense has it been a scapegoat for their own spouse who is often perceived as a farting, snoring, skiddie producing person who does supply some of the house income, but also has this annoying insight into the psychology of the wife, and she just isn't interested because some of it at least could be negative. So in churches everywhere, the glamourpussies avert their gaze to pastors like Joel Osteen or other Joseph Prince doe eyed candy...especially when they repeat the glorious childhood food of Romans 3 to 5 on a weekly basis. You can see it is infinitely more pleasurable.

But none of it is covenantal relationship. It's brush back my locks Gok Wan, relating.
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Chris Welch So in short, has facebook worked? Well it is surprising what we have been able to share in only 4 to 6 years, which up until then was absolutely impossible in the larger world, which is so entrenched in the Genesis 3 lie from the atheist in one corner right through to a church as prophetic as Havant and IHOP and Toronto Vineyard and Bethel,Redding.
Are there drawbacks? Yes. Like the manger in the stable, and born with no human proof of a Father...this was not ideal humanly speaking for Jesus when He began ministering. So in the same way, a social medium largely perceived as a gossiphouse for women, isn't the ideal venue for credibility for rolling out the Royal Highway of Galations 2:20 living. Especially when the agenda of most Christian women is spiritually speaking at least (And I have not had any of the other I must really speak clearly here to protect others) non covenantal. Apart from ladies such as Annalize Mouton who recognise the seriousness of what the Body of Christ is, most other christian women haven't a clue. They are in it for themselves and their small parochial eyed view of the world. The exceptions are magnificent. Like Elaine Waterfield. Most Christian women today just weren't around for when God was rolling out the covenantal vison of Church as community in the 70s. It's a glorified coffeehouse, and Facebook is absolutely superb for breeding this view of what Christian relating is. In the week that I have heard of a man drop dead in the UK after deliberately not heeding an apostolic Word, can I just say that this whole idea of men as Christian playthings is not just false, it could prove deadly. The Bible puts it this way "rightly discern the Body of Christ...for in not doing so are many now sick and some have even died." We are dealing with the House of God. Whether a manger, or Facebook is ultimately the best is the House of God we are dealing with.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

This is the kingdom of God - a letter by Phillip Owen Morris

this is what God told me do do one Day in 1986. Go outside, don't pray a Jesus prayer and be brutally honest with yourself, (like in a Job interview), and listen with every breath what God is saying and don't respond with your mind. Do what it say's and your Life will never be the same. And that Day I left to never return to the vomit that I had created that was the Drug culture nightmare I had grown up around in DeKalb, County Georgia. I stumbled around a few more years until Christ finally got me in tune with what He was saying and led me to some other folk who were hearing what the spirit was saying to the Churches inside of them and gathering together his flock all over the globe. Here is the next installment in what he has revealed to me over the last few month's since we talked.
Jesus has told us that the kingdom of God is within the “still small voice,” that if you want God, you have to go there. And that would mean that many millions who want God and pray to God are not in direct communion with God because they are not hearing the still small voice. I think you could clarify that statement by knowing where the still small voice is. So that would tell you why you either hear it or do not. And it’s really in two places. It’s in the Kingdom of God for one thing and if you are not in the kingdom of God you’re not going to hear the still small voice. For God can never be outside the kingdom of God. And then what are you going to hear it with? This mind of ours can only hear the world mind. It can only hear the static of this world. And you know by now that only your Soul can hear the still small voice.
So, the full statement would be, that the kingdom of God is in the still small voice, which enters your Soul. And with this complete picture at least we know where to go to receive Divine guidance, Divine impartation, Divine love, Divine will and all of the Divine qualities of the Father. We have been told that, “the Kingdom of God cometh not with observation.” And this must mean that the human brain with all of its probing and scrutinizing and analyzing is never capable of making contact with the kingdom of God. And then we are told to wait for the millennium or to wait to be ushered by a returning leader into the kingdom of God. And we have all been under some misapprehension about the things of this world, completely unaware that nothing is here but the kingdom of God now. We walk in it unaware. We think we are the creature, the natural man living in the world. And the great stupendous revelation of the Bible is that you are the Divine man living in the Kingdom of God, which is not from hence.
Here we stand in the kingdom of God, suffering, tyrannized, dominated, finding little surcease from constantly returning problems while the ground upon which we stand is holy. Why do we do it? Because we have not awakened to the fact that the kingdom of God is here and available to us through our Souls. The fruits of the kingdom can only flow when you are living in the kingdom. And if you just cast a casual glance in any direction sometimes even at union life, grace walk students, it is sad to relate that we are not aware that we walk in the kingdom now. And so we draw upon ourselves the veil, the great cosmic fog, and we walk in the world which is not there while in the kingdom we stand blind.
The pity of it is that, this was the case when even Moses came upon the scene. And he didn’t say a word any different than we just heard other than to call it life in the Garden of Eden, with two people who did not know that they were in the Kingdom of God. And so the complete symbology was, here is the human race walking in the garden of Spirit thinking that it lived in the garden of matter. And here in the 20th century our modern Adam and Eve walk in the garden of Spirit thinking they live in the garden of matter. And in those intervening thousands of years the complete story of Adam and Eve has completely lost its meaning for the human race. It’s an anecdote instead of a description of a human dilemma. The cosmic mind, the world mind, the carnal mind (it’s all the same) are still fooling the human race into believing that there is a future kingdom, not a now kingdom, that there is a remote kingdom and not a here kingdom. And the first sign of light within your own Consciousness tells you that God is here and God is in the kingdom and God is here now and the kingdom is here now and we’re sainted.
In our third day in the wilderness– for us the third, but it will turn out in a later study to be the eleventh day. In the eleventh day in the wilderness you suddenly become aware, this is no wilderness. There is no such place. There is no such thing as a world. There is only the kingdom of God. What else could there be? And because My kingdom is not this world but My kingdom is here; we who accept the presence of the kingdom of God are privileged to begin an accelerated journey into Divinity. Your Divine birth and your Divine rebirth can never take place outside the kingdom of God. And the longer you remain in the belief that you are not in the kingdom, the longer you push away the very salvation of your being.
And therefore, our first wilderness theme for today, forgetting all about this morning and last night, our first, right now, is:
This is the kingdom of God.

We’re stepping ahead one thousand light years, banishing all the hypnosis of centuries that have waited for Jesus to return. This is the kingdom.
And therefore, were you to begin your wilderness experience in the morning with that; you would awaken with the knowledge that, I am in the Kingdom of God now. There are no human beings in the kingdom of God. And so your acceptance is incomplete if you’re still looking out and seeing something that you label a human being or a bird or an animal or a squirrel or whatever you want to see. You must see it Spiritually. You must see the mountain Spiritually and the water Spiritually and the atmosphere Spiritually and the activities of the world Spiritually, because all that takes place in the kingdom of God is Spirit.
Now the adjustment to living in the kingdom of God is quite radical, quite joyous, almost a total turnaround. There’s only one life, the life of God in the kingdom of God, and there’s is only one will in the kingdom of God. That banishes all individual human will. There is only one substance, the substance of Spirit, or if you wish essence, or if you wish light. There’s only one law-perfection. There is nothing but harmony. And so you’re going to have to see with the inner eye as you walk in your kingdom through all of the visible denials of that fact. Everything in the world will try to trick you and tempt you into the belief that you are not in the Kingdom of God and unless you are aware that you are and alert to the treachery of the world mind you will easily be persuaded that you are not in the kingdom that man is in.
You might go another step. When did you leave the kingdom of God? And where’s that word “you?” Because your answer will tell you who you think YOU are. If your answer is that you left the kingdom of God at some time and you’re not talking about I, the child, the Son. If your answer is, “I never left the kingdom,” you’re in truth.
Now let’s hope you can, with conviction, find a way to know that I, the child of God, have never left the kingdom of God. There’s no way and there’s no place else to go.
And so, number one, if you are upholding the truth that you are in the kingdom of God, to you that should be more than an assignment for the day. It is meant to be the beginning of a lifetime practice. I am in the kingdom of God now and it is here invisible. And the I that is in it, is as if it were invisible. I am that pure Consciousness which lives in the kingdom of God. I know that in this Consciousness maintained effortlessly, in spite of every attempt of the world to hypnotize you back into a human body and a human world, you will be the prodigal returning home. And you will find that the Father will come forth to greet you with the treasures of the kingdom that you acknowledge. All things will be added unto you because all things are here ready to be added.
Now this is quite different from the earlier days in the wilderness when with your senses you were looking at things and trying to figure out how they’re not there although you saw them, and when you were trying to adjust to this new approach to life. This is apparently easier at first blush because it’s right across the board – it’s total. This is the kingdom. The substance of it is my Father’s Spirit and my Spirit. The life of it is my Father’s life and my life. The rhythm of it is my Father’s rhythm. The will of it is my Father’s will. The power of it is my Father’s power. Now go ahead and prove to me that I’m wrong. That’s your attitude. Tempt me. Go ahead, that’s your attitude. And that’s the way the day is spent; in the Kingdom of God, not in the office, not in the home, not on the highway, not on a sightseeing trip. You do all those things but you do them in the kingdom of God. You take along this invisible Self, and to your joy, as you are making this effort to maintain continuity consciously, as the Spirit of God living in the kingdom of God, you are bringing into play that remarkable faculty which has the capacity to hear the still small voice. Your Soul will respond when you are standing in I Divine; I’m standing here in this kingdom of God. Your Soul will be awakened. And it has the capacity to transcend every trick of the world mind without the slightest effort. All that your mind has been trying to do in your adjustment period, your Soul does in one giant stride. But it has been waiting there dormant, as it were, for your recognition that, here in the kingdom of God I stand.
And so you find you’re coughing, don’t be fooled by it. There’s no coughing in the kingdom of God, and that’s where you are. And if you hear the cough ten times, remember, I am in the kingdom of God and that which is coughing is the cosmic mind saying, “No you’re not,” but I am. The fact does not change though the world mind makes your senses believe there is another fact than the truth.
Unwaveringly you remain where the truth is knowing it cannot be changed by the lie. And whether it’s a cough or any other form of disturbance, no matter how serious it might be, it does not and cannot exist in the kingdom of God. And that is the inner declaration which opens your Soul, starts it in flight. I am in the kingdom of God, now, and I will be in the kingdom of God all this day and for everyday to come and I will rest in that Consciousness and let it deepen. That of course is only a beginning.
The total demonstration of Jesus the Christ was that the kingdom of God is what I am revealing to you. Here is my Father’s kingdom. Live in it. Seek it first. There’s nothing you can do that’s more important than to consciously become aware of that invisible kingdom which has ever been present waiting for those who love God supremely. For how can you glorify the Father when you live in the world? How can you express the Father when you live in the world? Here in the kingdom we become instruments for the Divine expression.
Our Soul is discovered to be in its natural habitat, where it can weave the garment of Immortality, where its thirst for Divine essence can be fulfilled, where Spirit can kindle the Soul with fire. Here in our Father’s kingdom we find that meat that satisfies. We find the water that eliminates all need for thirst again. Here we are made whole, complete in the image and likeness of the infinite Father. Here you will be anointed. Here is the baptism of the Spirit. All this you open your Soul to when you accept the presence of the kingdom of God though it be invisible to all human sense. And the longer you live in it the more you will discover that old man Goliath is just the little guy standing on stilts, hiding behind a big coat of armor that collapses when you stand in your Reality. All the horrors of this world have no way to express in the Consciousness of the presence of the kingdom here now. You are nurturing that unborn child within you. You are feeding it Divine essence.
There will be a moment when something will occur in your life so startling perhaps and so sudden that you lose all knowledge of being in the kingdom of God. Instantaneously you feel, “How can I be there if this is happening? I’ve made a great mistake somewhere I have strayed.” Don’t believe it. It’s just the disguise of the world mind all over again trying to make you believe you’ve made a mistake. Trying to make you believe that something in you has in some way lost your way in the invisible kingdom.
But know this, please, you never have left the kingdom and you never have the power to leave. There’s no way out of the kingdom of God. If you try to leave it you cannot. What you can do is go back into a false self but you are always in the Kingdom. Only the false self created by a false belief in a world of flesh and blood and matter. Oh yes that’s not in the kingdom because it’s non-existent when you are forced to create a non-existent self it would appear that you’re not in the kingdom. But we’re talking about your Identity, not the creature that you once thought you were. And so whatever startling may happen, have the capacity to look at it with that beautiful phrase, “Who convinceth me of sin?” I, the Divine son, I’m not falling into the ocean, I’m not going to be buried under an earthquake. I, the Divine son, can never step out of the kingdom of God which is forever perfectly maintained by my Father.
That’s what temptations are all about. They’re trying to convince you that you’re not the Divine son and you’re not in the kingdom of God and they’ve succeeded fairly well for thousands of years. There can be a conscious realization of this and I’m sure it will come. All it requires is your willingness to live in the kingdom consciously.
I can never leave the kingdom for I am the living Christ of God.
I am in it the first day and the second day. I am in it forever. I can never leave it just as my Father can never leave me, I can never leave the Kingdom of God. All that says I have, or can, or will, is a denial of the truth.
With this should come the capacity and perhaps the courage to stare at the iniquity and knowing it cannot happen and is not happening in the kingdom of God that I inhabit. And your fidelity to that is more important than your reaction to the iniquity. It cannot happen in the kingdom of God that I inhabit. I’m not stepping out to honor the iniquity. I honor the kingdom. That’s where your integrity lies; the courage to withhold your response to the iniquity in order to firm your unwavering acceptance of where and who you are and to trust it totally.
Harmony is the law of My kingdom.
I walk in the midst of the visible discord knowing harmony is the law of My kingdom. I’m not living in the world of discord. I’m not walking in a human form in that world of discord. I’m living in my Divine selfhood as pure Consciousness while appearing to human sense in a mortal form in a world of discord. Against that Consciousness, practiced, practiced and practiced again; the tempter finds no capacity to penetrate your armor of Truth. And though at first you may struggle to maintain it, that struggle will solidify your capacity, strengthen your capacity, and every test will be an aid to the ultimate triumph. There must be these testings for the triumph to follow.
Your acceptance of the discord as happening, is the acceptance that you are not in the kingdom – and that is death. The penalty for stepping out of the kingdom becomes death itself. Everyone out of the kingdom dies. Everyone in the kingdom goes through the mystical death first and then transcends to higher ground. So you can win the argument and surrender to death, rather to, seemingly lose the argument, and transcend. “Peter lay down your sword.” You don’t need swords in the kingdom of God. Live your life on your Divine terms, not on the terms of the cosmic world mind.
This is the kingdom of God. The life of God is the life of the kingdom is the third day. The life of God is the only life in this Kingdom. And so, don’t stop there. That’s part of our problem. We take something and we think I’ve got to just hold that phrase, and stay with that phrase. No, no, expand it out. That’s the generic idea. The application of it is what is important. The life of God is the only life in the kingdom of God. Where the world appears, the kingdom of God is. Where other lives appear, the kingdom of God is and the life of God is. And so this dead man that you’re called upon to resurrect, is he dead? The life of God is there says Jesus the Christ. This is not a dead man. Oh yes, I saw a soldier come over and get into an altercation with him and stab him to death. And he’s lying in his coffin. But he didn’t choose to die. He’s not a suicide case. It was not his will to die. He’s not beyond redemption even now because what you saw happen, happened in your world. But what I know happens, happens there in the Kingdom, where you see the world. And I see the life of the Father where the world sees the life of a man. And says Jesus the Christ, “Watch, I’ll prove it.” And the boy sits up in the coffin.
What else is the demonstration telling us? That there are two lives there. The one the world sees and the one that is in the kingdom of God. Where do healings take place if not in the kingdom of God? Where the world saw the sick person, the comatose person, the dead person, the leper and so forth, the Soul of you sees the life that is Divine and in the recognition of it, manifests it invisibly in the Kingdom and brings it forth through the Soul of the so called deceased or diseased individual because there is one life, one Soul. And that which appears finally as a healing is the revelation of Jesus the Christ that here is the kingdom of God right where the world sees dying people and here is the infinite, eternal life of God, all here! And that is why it is manifesting as Lazarus walking forth, the comatose girl awakening, the little boy in the village of Naim sitting up and the nobleman’s son recovering. Proving here is the kingdom of God, here is the life of God. And it can’t be just in that little spot over there. It is omnipresent. It is living in the kingdom of God, in the Consciousness of the life of God as the one who is ready to manifest that life. And that one should be you. That is our quest, our mission. We our here, wherever possible, to bear witness to the life of God in our self, in our fellow man. And whenever the opportunity arises for you to know the truth it will be done by you only if you are living in your Divine Consciousness in your Divine kingdom, in your Divine selfhood. You can’t change paths suddenly to meet an emergency. You’ve got to be there, and the emergency may be you.
We’ve covered approximately thirteen days in the wilderness and although this is only a trial run, even in our trial run here now, you should be developing a confidence, a feeling that it is within the realm of attainment. It isn’t as remote as it may have seemed at one time. After all, who’s the hero but the Spirit itself? And so your proper identity at this moment should be, I am that eternal Life which is the only life in the kingdom of God.
And then your fourth principle for the fourth day would be:
I am the life of every self who walks this earth.
I am the one invisible Life of every human self. That’s important because if you’re not the life of every human self then you’re accepting a finite life, and there is none. So you lose your life unless you accept your Self to be the life of all.
Now we did that earlier but now you’re doing it in a slightly different way. You are doing it with the knowledge that you’re living in the Kingdom of God where there is only one life. Before you did it without knowing or thinking or feeling that you are living in the Kingdom of God. Now this gives you a portification to understand why you are the one Life. For there is only one in the Kingdom. Your kingdom is not of this world. But your kingdom is right here and totally available to manifest its treasures through your Soul Consciousness, not your mind consciousness, not your brain consciousness. That was why we had to stress at the beginning that brain hypnosis separates us from our own Divinity. Your only expression of Divinity comes through your Soul.
The bible calls it the single eye. “Thine eye be full of light. Thy body will…“ The body spoken of in this phrase is your Soul body. In your Soul Consciousness the light of your Soul becomes your Soul body. It will be the body with which you will live in the Kingdom of God. It will not be finite. You will not be its shape per se. You will see a facsimile of it. You may see a facsimile of many Soul bodies in your Spiritual kingdom. But there is only one Body. And everything you see will be a facsimile, or diminished symbol of the one infinite Soul body.
To practice, that I, am the life of every form walking this earth, takes you away from this personal sense of being which has been so hampering, so limiting. Let us practice that. I am the life of my human son. You see, the life of my human son is the infinite, Spiritual life in the kingdom, so my son’s real life and my life are one Life. I am the life of my deceased mother and her life is living as my life and both are the same life. She has never gone, only the form.
I want you to feel this. You are the life of all your ancestors. Throughout eternity, your ancestors have never died. Their life is still the one life, the very same life that you are. Accept it or deny your own life. Your life is the invisible life of all who have ever walked this earth. Your life is the life of your competitor in business. It’s the live of every boy who allegedly died on the battlefield. The same life was theirs and is, because that life is eternal life. The life never dies, the life is always present, it is always one. It is always infinite. It is always perfectly expressing the Father.
That’s why we have tried to learn not to be attached to form. The life is always present and you can never be separated from it. I can never be separated from the one Divine life in the Kingdom of God. And therefore it feeds me. It is my meat and my bread. It feeds my Soul. It knoweth my need. It fulfills all that the Father knows I need. Your trust in your life will be fulfilled if you accept your life to be without beginning or end, totally un-separated ever from its own infinite life. That is the miracle awaiting us all, in the kingdom of God in the life of that kingdom.
We are in Divine labor now and we are moving towards the experience of the birth of Christ. When a woman is in labor, or prior to that, she changes her whole lifestyle. She consults her physician, changes her diet. She gets a lot of sleep and a lot of rest. She asks friends about childcare. All her thoughts are about this coming event. She concentrates on it. Her mind isn’t elsewhere. And we in this Divine birth, let’s keep our Consciousness on this as the prime motivation of our lives. There is nothing more important than the birth of Christ in you, the realization that I am the Divine self of God. And so every sacrifice that you make is nothing more than a contribution to your own eternal life and every time your mind has a tendency to stray away from your prime purpose, your absolute mission here, it’s your function to say to that mind, “You be still, you are here to serve the Father,” and in time this mind will be linked with your Soul.
“After Jesus had said that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer and be killed. Then Peter took him and began to rebuke him saying, ‘Be it far from thee, Lord, this shall not be unto thee’.”
I will not let you go to Jerusalem and suffer and be killed. Now this is your mind saying to you, “Do not die to mortality.” That’s what this is.
Your mind speaks out and it says, “no, no, no, no, you can’t die to mortality. What have you got left?” Why did you get it in the first place? And this is the world mind’s attempt to dissuade you from your conviction that Divine birth is your mission. Jesus going to that cross knowingly to die, willingly giving himself to that, is the teaching to you that you will be challenged by your own mind in the form of Peter here. And don’t forget Peter loved Jesus. See, it’s not an enemy. It’s someone very close to you that says to you, “Once you give up your mortal self you might find out too late you’ve made a mistake.” So what do you say to your mind?
[So], “he turned and said unto Peter, ‘Get thee behind me Satan’.”
That’s what you say to your mind. Because that’s who it is; that’s Satan, that’s the world mind in disguise, pretending to be your mind trying to protect you from surrendering your mortal sense of life. You know it’s going to happen many times. It will take so many disguises and sound so plausible when it happens. It will appear to all of your instincts for self-preservation and you will see the logic of what your mind is saying. That’s why this is happening, to alert you to what you should expect, for the more you intensify your determination to live in the kingdom of God, in your Divine selfhood forsaking your mortal sense of life, so will your determination be matched by the cosmic or carnal mind. It is building a crescendo for a final confrontation. And if it can out-talk you and intimidate you, that’s what it’s trying to do. Or it beguile you with truth-talk, pointing out all the nice things you can do with your mortal life. And there are so many. So be alerted, to detect what is called the serpent in the garden.
“Get thee behind me Satan,”
…said he to a disciple, to a disciple who adored him.
“ Thou art an offense and an abomination unto me. For thou savorist not the things that be of God but those that be of men.”
Spirit has placed before us the Christ, who knows he is the Christ and the Christ, Peter, who does not know he is the Christ, showing us the difference. One wants to save the mortal skin of his dear commander and chief. And the commander and chief who lives only in his Divine selfhood, is perfectly ready to demonstrate, he’s not in that form.
“For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it.”
Whosoever refuses to mount the cross, whosoever refuses to move out of mortal sense and to move into the acceptance of Divinity here and now, in the kingdom here and now. Whosoever cannot catch that vision and tries to save his mortal life, will lose it. Time will take care of that.
This to you is your confirmation, that is the will of God expressed through Christ, that you try not to save your mortal life. And he goes further by telling you that by trying to save it you will lose it, which you already know. Because everyone who has passed from this earth has not passed because they were living in their Divine life. They have passed because it was necessary for them once more to return to find their Divine life they were unaware of with those thousands of exceptions who did discover their own Divine reality and made the transition.
“For what has a man profiteth if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own Soul?”
When you reject the temptation to step out of your Divinity into mortal life it is because you are living in your Soul, but when you respond to the temptation you step out of your Divinity, out of your awareness of Soul and you lose it. And so even if you should gain the world, having lost your Soul, you have lost the only instrument which has direct contact with the infinite Father.
These are the stakes. You’re almost saying, you can, by your fidelity to remain in the Soul Consciousness in the kingdom, you can prevent the need for that death which results in reincarnation and you can bring into play, that inner resurrection which discerns, lifts you above the human death into the inner death of mortality, prior to death, which finally breaks the bonds of the world mind and exults you into the first heaven.
We are at this point given the capacity to determine whether we ascend or repeat. And it should be clear that you have that capacity to make the choice. A capacity you did not have before the demonstration of Jesus Christ, because it was unknown to the mind of man.
“Whosoever will save his life, shall lose it.”
Conversely, what happens? Whosoever will not try to save his mortal life, but will try to slough it off, will find his Immortal life. And your faith in the words of the Christ, will be rewarded.
“[So] the son of man shall come.”
The son of man shall come. Now we are being introduced to another idea here. The son of man shall come. Where from and who is this son of man?
We have been up to a point, the child of woman, the son of woman. Everyone walking this earth is the son of woman and everyone walking this earth is being told to become the son of man. That’s the transformation of the creature who is the son of woman, to the Christ, who is the son of man. The birth of Christ in you makes you the son of man. The birth in your mother’s womb makes you the son of woman. That was the birth into this world. The birth of Christ in you is the realization of your own Christhood in the kingdom of God, as Spiritual being and Spirit is the man who is meant here. This is a portent, a Divine foretelling; that as your Soul is able to mount from the first heaven and to find its way into the second heaven of Spirit, the mystical union there, between the feminine which is Soul and the male which is Spirit will produce the birth of Christ in you which is the son of Spirit or the son of man.
“For the son of man will come in his glory.”
Christ will be born in you; the child of Spirit.
“In the glory of his Father…”
And so this is the realization coming that that which you have accepted as being, that child of God which you say I am. And which you must live with, and be true to, this will come to pass as a realization called the birth of the son of man in you.
“For the son of man will come in the glory of his Father.”
This is Christ in you, the full expression of God that will come forth as the Christ of you. And always remember, although this seems to be something that will happen, it already has. This in not about a will that will come tomorrow. This is to tell you what has already happened. It’s trying to get you to realize that it has happened. It has happened. Christ was born as you. On the sixth day of Genesis, “In the image and likeness of God was he made.” And that is your name. But your Soul, moving through this under world, is finding its way back to its own kingdom of Soul that it may rise higher to the kingdom of Spirit where male and female are reunited. And the realization there that I am the Christ of God will then lift you into an understanding of your own infinite Selfhood which we are being asked to accept now before this realization occurs. For in that acceptance you will of course, change your certain lifestyle to comply with the requirements of this Divine birth just as a pregnant woman does. And you will cooperate with the Divine plan which is governing your Soul, the real prodigal. Humans are not prodigals, humans have no existence.
The prodigal is the Soul of you, with a descent from the Father into time, so that it may find its way back to eternity. For the lessons it learns in time, enable it to bring to its mystical marriage with Spirit an understanding which will be eternal.
This is an inner process going on in all of us now and we’re trying to cooperate with it by not adulterating it with facsimiles of truth, pseudo truth, all kinds of human opinions about truth. But rather, to follow scrupulously, the Word of the Father to the highest level of our capacity.
“For then the son of man will come in the glory of his Father, with his angels. And then He shall reward every man according to his works.”
Actually, the works are the acceptance of Divinity in the kingdom of God, and the reward is, that acceptance which begins with faith in the Word of God, is confirmed, fulfilled, expressed, made manifest; and you will walk consciously in the third heaven. For the marriage of Soul in the first heaven with Spirit in the second heaven, becomes the birth of Christ of you and your realization of existence in infinity.
This is the path of Christ, outlined to us by Christ Jesus, and I see no reason to do anything but follow it to the best of your ability knowing that you are walking the path of God. You are literally walking with God. And what is that reward? The very thing that we have been trying to learn, that we abolish death, we transcend death, here it is:
“Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here which will not taste of death, till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.”
And that son of man coming in his kingdom means your Christhood. And then what is the death you face then? The death that opens the door to eternal life.
This has been here for us through every incarnation and it is clear. This takes work, and because there are more than one of us, we have the support of each other we can pick each other up when we stumble. We can learn from each other. We can support each other. We can, “Love one another.” And we can forgive one another when we find one who has not the capacity to carry his cross. This is the path to Divine birth.
Number one: This is the kingdom of God.
Number two: I have never left the kingdom of God. I never can leave it.
Number three: The life of God is the only life in the kingdom of God.
Number four: I am that life and therefore I am the life of all who walk this earth. I am the life of every animal, every insect.
Harmony is the law of our kingdom and that is the fifth.
When you practice the five days it’ll prepare to liberate your Soul that it may continue higher in its flight, it will release your Soul from the trappings of mortality in matter. It will send it on its way to the mystical marriage with the Spirit, because you’ll be cooperating. In the world mind you will be finding you’re own, its hold on you will be diminishing by the yard and by the hour.
Why don’t you in this final contemplation, run over those five points, to yourself. Just trying them on till you get the feel of them. But one day you’ll be doing them one day at a time and ultimately all at once.
I Love You My Dear Son,

Phillip Morris

Monday 24 March 2014

Rob Bell,Mike Morrell Interview 2006

Mike Morrell: Rob, how do you feel about church growth?

Rob Bell: What do you mean?

MM: I mean the way it’s classically framed in ministry circles, in terms of numerical growth as the sign of the health of the church.

RB: James said that true religion takes care of the widows and the orphans. Are our widows and orphans being taken care of? Are people who can’t make their rent having other people chip in to help them make rent? People with cancer, do they have someone to drive them to chemotherapy? Are people in the local jail getting letters written to them and someone to visit them? That’s exciting church growth right there. It’s not a phrase that we ever use at Mars Hill; it’s not something that we talk about.

MM: That makes sense to me. Do you feel like the call of pastors has changed or evolved in our present context?

RB: A lot of people are rethinking the ways they have understood a pastor functioning in the past. For years, for many people, a pastor was somebody to “do” the ministry. But in Ephesians 4 a pastor is somebody who equips and trains the Body to do the works of the ministry. I think a lot of pastors are rethinking some of those fundamental roles in light of what the Scriptures actually teach. I think there are all sorts of fascinating things going on.

MM: Recently in one of your Mars Hill messages, you were talking about how your church is moving from a concept of “membership” to one of “covenant.” What is the difference in this shift?

RB: Membership sometimes has very static notions attached to it. You join, you’re a part, you pay your dues. You’re in. But a church is a living, breathing thing. It’s a body of people who have centered themselves around the risen Christ, so we wanted something that had a living, breathing, feel to it. Every year you have to renew. Every year we ask the question: is Christ present in our midst? Is the resurrected Christ on display? And we use that for another year of journey. So we’re trying to take it out of static, fixed, unchanging ideas and to move it into a living, breathing covenantal relationship, where we’ve all committed to this thing together. We’re going to journey there and see what happens.

MM: So what would happen if someone honestly assessed their lives and the life of the church, and decided “This year we aren’t going to be in covenant?” What would happen then? Would you all encourage them to find another sort of community?

RB: We have people who leave our church all the time! Yes. We’d say, “Tell us more of your story and let’s sort it through. If this isn’t the community for you, great. If there’s all sorts of junk and you’re running from, things you’re refusing to go on the inward journey and deal with, then let’s talk about that.” There could be all sorts of reasons. For us the issue is always entering into the person’s story and searching for what the Spirit of God is up to here.

MM: It looks like when I’ve read interviews with you the past few years, you keep referring to your church as a church of 10,000. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but it’s been that size for the past few years, hasn’t it? Has Mars Hill hit a plateau at 10,000?

RB: Well, there isn’t any room. We moved into a former mall, so I think that’s how we can fit in three services. Building a bigger building seems to me to be an abomination that causes desolation when so many people in the world don’t have food.

MM: There’s such variety in churches today. I’m a part of a house church community with about 25 people.

RB: I think that’s great. I’m trying to preach messages that will thin the crowds out. Like in John chapter 6 when the crowds get biggest, Jesus starts saying things, and people are like “wow” and they start leaving. So maybe I’ll just start to preach some real sermons and we’ll see what happens.

MM: You make a good point about bigger buildings and global hunger. You said recently that we had the resources to end poverty. Who was the “we” in your statement? Do you think that church initiatives, government initiatives, celebrity initiatives (like the ONE campaign) are doing a good job? And how can we avoid making our “help” just another form of paternalistic colonialism?

RB: If it gives voice to the suffering in the world, it’s a good thing. Often, it’s important to go back a year later and see what’s happening. For us, our passion is always to find those who are in a particular geographical setting with some credibility, who have been there for awhile, who have a proven track record; people we can come in and partner with. In all humility we approach them and say, “Can we serve?” I think that some of the paternalistic colonialism comes with the assumption that we have the answers to others’ problems, and that’s not always true. So at first you have to chuck all results out the window and just listen. Find out if there is any clear and compelling action you can take. I think a lot of some of the negative effects of colonialism come simply from a posture of arrogance, which is probably rooted out of ignorance.

MM: What better theology and better readings of Scripture do you think can help us get the spiritual energy and resources to facilitate humble helping initiatives? Do you think that sometimes the evangelical emphasis on the “Fall” of humanity or the “end times” interferes on a practical level with our ability to reach out with compassion and humility to people?

RB: Ha! That’s an awesome question. First off, in Genesis 1, we’re all created in the image of God. So every human being is created in the image of God, then you have gender, male and female. Next you have location, some moved east to the plains. You don’t really have the birth of religion for a good twelve chapters. So first and foremost, other human beings are fellow image-bearers. So, when Jesus is teaching people to love, it’s not love so that you can… or love because…it’s just love. Period. It’s reclaiming the divine image that’s equal on every human being. And often some of the dangers of past works have been a failure to respect the whole humanity of others. “This person is a convert, this person is a project, this person is a possible notch in the belt,” and in the process, the image of God in every person isn’t respected. And that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. First foremost we feed and robe and visit and serve. These are things we do because Jesus said to do them, not because they will get us something. Everything has become “They’re wrong, I’m right, they’re missing, I have…” That whole posture will get in the way of actually blessing people.

MM: Why don’t so many Christians care about the world around us? We seem to almost have contempt for their neighbors unless they happen to convert.

RB: My observations have been that truth appears on the lips of all sorts of people, as does compassion. Grace and love are exhibited by all sorts of people with all sorts of labels and religious affiliation. So we’re back to every single person created in the image of God, breathed into by the divine. And, obviously, all of us are dreadfully in need of reconciliation with our Creator. But I think sometimes there’s a notion that if we beat people into a place of shame, where they don’t actually think they can make a difference, then they’ll receive Christ into their lives. That’s where things get very toxic, very fast.

MM: I agree. In this vein, I’ve heard a general critique about this understanding by some fellow Christians that I’d like to bounce off you. When we talk about a narrative understanding of redemption history, God’s story and our part in it, the critique is that this is humanism, that God’s sovereignty is being threatened in all of this. Do you ever run into the accusation of being humanistic in your efforts at Mars Hill?

RB: Of course it’s humanistic – we’re humans! I don’t even know what that means. This is how God has worked for thousands of years. I have a high view of humanity because I have a high view of God. When people speak against humanity they are speaking against God. The idea that our playing a real role in the divine/human story questions God’s sovereignty implies that humanity doing great things and God’s sovereignty are somehow either/or. This is an extremely limited and ultimately very narrow understanding of the world. The Bible did not drop out of the sky. People wrote it, people exerted a lot of sweat and toil. Luke says I’m writing for this purpose and the author of Proverbs says he writes for our instruction….so if you have a low view of humanity then you must have a seriously low view of the Scriptures, because this is how we got the Bible. If you’re a Christian, the only reason you’re a Christian is because somebody told you about Christ, and someone told them, and someone told them. You must at some point acknowledge that humans are capable of passing this message along to each person who’s so critical of the narrative theology to even have heard the message of redemption in the first place! People who say things like this rarely change the world. It generally just boils down to those who are trying to make a difference. History does not remember nay-sayers much. But we remember Nelson Mandela; we remember Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

MM: There is so much of how we see God and God’s purposes rooted in how we look at one another. Why do you think that so many of today’s Christians think of themselves primarily as “sinners?”

RB: In the New Testament that is not how people are identified. They’re identified as saints, they’re identified as holy ones, and they’re identified as the Bride of Christ. The whole premise of trusting Christ in the Scriptures is that you have a new identity. If you insist on calling yourself a sinner, you have to do it beyond the Bible. According to the Scriptures you now are somebody new, you aren’t who you were. I understand the value of “I still sin, I still struggle. I still need to be reminded of my fallibility, or my brokenness.” Yes, but you are a new creation. So you’re fundamental identity, and we all still struggle with this as it says in James, your fundamental identity has been radically altered in Christ. We’ll just call it eschatological realism, I’m being pulled into my true identity…

MM: That was the major discovery for me several years ago. It still amazes me how many Bible-believing Christians have a real hard time with that.

RB: These are the kinds of people who put Christ on the cross. Religious people who have a set understanding, an agenda of how way things are supposed to be, and are incapable of understanding or reconsidering the original intent of the Scriptures.

MM: When you first started Mars Hill, you said you wanted a place stripped of the clutter. You wanted a place where God to be freed up to speak. What are some ways we can challenge harmful religious systems in a loving way? To put it another way, how can we repaint our ecclesiological practices? For instance, do you feel like the professionalization of clergy, and the spectator arranged, monologue driven weekly event, ever undercuts the vision of Jesus?

RB: I’m leery of challenging conventional practices. If the intent is simply to challenge or be controversial, that’s never a noble attempt. The attempt for me is always truth, an attempt for the community of people who are learning the way of Jesus as his disciples. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a group of people gathering in a room to hear somebody talk; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a person in a church who gets a paycheck for their work in equipping the Body to the work of the ministry. What’s dangerous is when we fail to call things what they are. On Sundays at Mars Hill, we would simply say this is just a gathering of the church, or churches. We gather throughout all the days of the week as communities, but we actually journey together in smaller networks of people. So, if you come here on Sunday, you come for an hour and a half for whatever teaching and singing, and get some information, but please don’t say you’re a part of this church. You went to a services of this church put on. So to me, God can use all these different ways. The issue is whether we’re honest about what things are, and we call them what they are, and we don’t place expectations on things that can’t deliver. There are nineteen “one anothers” in the New Testament that are repeated 43 times—love one another, pray for one another—you can only do a couple of those in a church service. So let’s just be clear that when the Bible talks about. Let’s give those services proper weight. They can be extremely important, and at the same time, it’s not the flow of how you live your life day in and day out. There’s always a group of people who say that churches can only be small to be authentic, churches can only be house churches to be authentic. The truth is that people can be fake in a room of ten and they can be fake in a room of 1,000. We tend to have unbelievable moments of the presence of God, in rooms of 10 and in rooms of 1,000. Generally when somebody’s all against something I ask, “So how did you get burned by that group?” The reaction is generally against a bad experience. The issue is whether we’re being honest about the current expression we’re in the midst of.

Mike Morrell is also presenting material with Frank Viola at the Buzz Seminar

Sunday 23 March 2014

Lance Lambert and Me

How the 12 tribes work? Example: Lance Lambert and me. Lance won't remember me. I spoke with him for 2 minutes in 1978 when he spoke in Exeter. (My university friend Tim Johns was his chauffeur for a good while in Israel)Anyone who knows Lance knows that virtually his whole reference point is Israel. In the 70s, thehousechurches reference point was the vision of the Church. Lance and I had an impenetrable gulf between us. He could talk. I could talk. But it was like a goldfish in one bowl trying to talk to another in a different bowl. In the 70s much of the Body of Christ was like this. Running any sort of conference on a national or international scale must have been a nightmare. So it's not that the tribes disagreed with each other...they were so out of alignment, so on a different planet you couldn't even articulate enough to disagree!! 40 years on.... Well in the 80s I had a supernatural download on Israel. In the last 5 years i've had a more balancing revelation on Israel as she is now. Meanwhile lance has had a lot more prophetic downloads himself, and his last book is almost thirdlevel, certainly it is on the thirdlevel protaganist in the Old Testament, who is Jacob... So the example I am trying to give is that everything in the Kingdom comes by revelation...not by didactic reasoning. GOD HIMSELF is switching on all 12 tribes worth of information in the Body. Christ joins Himself to Christ. Gradually we will understand what each of us are on about.

Friday 21 March 2014

Testimony by John Edwards, Evangelist and Revivalist based at Abundant Life Bradford

Don't rely on your ability or your gifts but rely on miracles within your calling.
Several times over the years I have been hounded by hell, the enemy has used man and devils in his pursuit of me. My insecurity. Mistakes and lack of experience tried to stop me too. I can sadly but honestly say that some would have rejoiced if I had fallen in the battle field, they would have been glad had I died. Yet today, after 24 years fighting for freedom for self and others I stand on the brink of the greatest breakthrough and influence in my life. Several years ago I prophesies in Stormont (the seat of Government in N Ireland) and in the presence of some well known 'Men of God' one or two of them took offence at me (a former addict & homeless man) prophesying, they were mad and wouldn't work with me from that day. Last week I sat 10feet across a corridor from where I uttered that prophesy..I sat with senior Government leaders as they talked with me re the things I had prophesied about just a few years ago. The next day I sat with some 'Folk' who had been involved in the troubles' as they asked me to help lovely but hurting folk in their communities. WOW!! It's unbelievable, it's Kingdom. Where are the people who came against me?? Well as usual, 'Nowhere to be seen'. See in 1993 God asked me to walk through the length and breadth of Ireland and then from Belfast to Dublin. I did it 670 miles I walked and prayed. "Your Crazy John" leaders said, God told me He would raise me up to be a voice for the addicted and hurting in the land. Since then I've walked through 7,000 miles in total praying the same thing.
My point is. Do not ever get sidetracked by men or by demons, believe in Gods call on your life. Persevere and God may bring you back to the place where man and devils tried to finish you off. BUT He will bring you back to confirm His call and release you into the fullness of your call. There's a miracle waiting to be released through your calling. BUT what releases it? You ask.. Keep fighting, keep being who you are, keep reaching for the lost and hurting, don't lost your voice, Don't let Noone shut you up or take your authority.. Then your calling will rise like the sun. God bless you all.
It was winter, cold and windy , in the mid 1970s. My friend Brian and I were VERY stoned on a cocktail of Drugs. We were both hallucinating ridiculously, we had lost our grip on reality. Suddenly a small rock Brian was carrying popped out of his hand and went over Dublin Bay sea wall. The tide was full in, the water was very choppy. Without hesitation Brian who was in full blown hallucination jumped over the wall to retrieve his rock. Reality was lost. I too was absolutely stoned, talking to folk not really there but when Brian jumped into the sea another SOUL reality kicked in. My mind cleared enough to look over the wall, Brian was drowning. My love for my friend came into play and a strong sense of responsibility. I saw a wall sea ladder about 20 feet down the way. Without hesitation I jumped into the rough sea, I'm NOT a great swimmer, I grabbed Brian's long black hair and dragged him towards the ladder. I swallowed a lot of sea water and at one point thought that I too might drown. Some folk arrived on the scene. They climbed down the ladder and pulled us both out of the sea. An ambulance brought us to hospital, our stomachs were pumped, we were safe. Of course everyone I knew was angry with us, your stupid John, jumping into the sea when your stoned!! If those folk hadn't turned up to help you you both would have drowned. BUT they did turn up I argued, I had to jump in, I couldn't let Brian drown, choice was taken from me, My Friend was drowning,and in case you haven't noticed we were both saved... How many folk in your town are drowning in their sin and behaviour. 60 in Belfast overdose the other night, many, thousands committing suicide, my friends pal in Limerick chopped in the head with a hatchet is on life support. God help us. And we do church and life almost without a care for them. You say there's no folk to help us reach them, or we've no money to do it. My friends people are drowning let's jump in and save them. A couple of weeks later I met Brian's mum and dad, I thought I was in trouble with them too. Instead they both came and with tears in their eyes they hugged me and said, thanks for risking your life to save our Son. It's time to risk our lives on behalf of the lost & dying. It's not enough to just support Big ministries, orphanages or hungry kids when our friends and neighbours are dying and going to a lost eternity. Listen to love in your hearts my friends, allow your hallucinations of what you perceive as reality to clear and take responsibility and let's jump in to the raging, dangerous streets of our towns and cities. Money or no money, helpers or no helpers, sick or well I'm going back in next week. I've recovered enough from my Hep C, I can still walk so I'm going in where it's dangerous, where I need Gods protection, His power and provision. So PLEASE Will ya go in too?

John Edwards on Facebook

Healed and I didn't even know.
A woman came to me in Life Church Bradford,(She was just visiting) she had read my book and wanted to say hello. We chatted a bit and before she left, both Tricia and I hugged her to say goodbye. She got in touch several months later through a friend ,she said that when we hugged her a terrible sickness in her stomach was immediately healed, she has been well since. Wow, and we didn't even know. It just goes to show that Jesus is the healer, not us, no not us in any way . I cannot understand it fully, but I am blessed when it does happen.

Alex ex dealer,now pastor
Theres a presence of God that we think is revival, it is when God comes when we meet together and worship with him, some miracles happen here. BUT there is another presence that comes when we go out and reach others, it's usually only when you return home that you realize that you have been with the Lord and He has lifted you up to sit with Him in the Heavenly's in actual experience. Many miracles happen here.

Irish evangelist carrying cross and walking America
By Jeremy Reynalds — ANS

SANTA MONICA, Calif. —Beginning the ninth day of his walk across America, Irish-born John Edwards said he is living the evangelist’s dream.

His “Crosswalk USA 2005” started at the Santa Monica, Calif. pier April 5 and is scheduled to end May 13 in New York.

“There is a team of eight of us and we will be walking and cycling for 120 miles a day between us all the way across America—via Phoenix, Arizona, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia and up to New York,” Edwards, 50, said prior to the walk. “We hope to finish in New York on May 13, and we will be carrying an 11-foot wooden cross with a wheel on the end. We will preach the gospel as we go across the nation. The aim of the walk is to bring hope to the addicted and their families, and also to preach the gospel to the lost and whoever we happen to come across along the way.”

In a telephone interview from Datil, New Mexico, Edwards described the previous week as “really exciting.” He said the team has seen individuals commit their lives to Jesus daily since the walk got started.

Edwards said that one incident really stood out.

“My wife was reading (from the Bible in Acts 5: 15-16: about Peter’s shadow falling on people....” the cross-walker said.

Later on, while walking with the cross near Phoenix, Ariz., Edwards said he talked to two people working in a field.

“The shadow from the cross was on them, and as they began to talk, the presence of God fell on the two of them and they began to weep,” Edwards said. “One of them was a former drug addict, and he had no support (system) around him. Both of them committed their lives to Jesus.”

Edwards put the two in contact with Pastor Tommy Barnett’s Phoenix-based First Assembly of God Church. That Sunday, Edwards and his wife also attended Barnett’s fellowship.

“He (Barnett) called us up to the platform and he presented us with one of his books. We also got a chance to chance to speak to the church (and got a) fantastic reaction,” Edwards said.

The salvations continued, he said. While walking through a town on Tuesday, a man saw Edwards carrying the cross and ran out from inside a store to speak to him.

“He started crying when he saw the cross,” Edwards said. “He asked me to pray for him because he was a drug addict, and he needed God to help him. He invited Christ into his life.”

Edwards said he put the man in touch with a nearby Foursquare church.

Earlier in the journey, while still in California, Edwards recalled ministering to street people.

“I used to be homeless and he knew where I was coming from,” Edwards said, describing an encounter he had with a homeless man. “This guy had been on the streets for 20 years. I put the cross down and spoke to him for 10 or 15 minutes. I prayed for Him and he accepted Jesus.”

Edwards also spoke to business owners.

“(They) were wondering what I was doing and ... why. I was able to share my testimony and pray with some of them.”

Edwards said he has also found a new “captive” audience.

“People (who have to) stand outside bars smoking,” he said. “I give them my tracts. It’s what the walk is about.”

Edwards said he also had the opportunity to share the gospel with two police officers.

According to Edwards, a lot of people to whom he speaks tell him they are going to ask Jesus into their heart when they are by themselves.

“We are having a significant impact,” he said. “There has been no negativity at all because what I am doing is different, and (perhaps) because I am Irish. I think everyone had a bit of Irish blood in them— at least they claim to have.”

Edwards said prayer is an essential factor in the work being undertaken by him and his team. He asked that people pray for him, his wife and team members. Special needs, he said, included their vehicles as well as the need for “divine appointments.”

“We also need prayer for our feet, because we are getting a lot of blisters due to difficult roads and our toenails are falling off,” he said. “We are also continuing to ask for prayer that we would be able to speak to people of influence, and that we will have a lot of people come to our Web site.”

Edwards also had words of encouragement.

“I pray that whoever is reading this will realize that no matter what they are going through, Christ is there for them and no matter how bad things are they should never give in. There is always a blessing around the corner.”

Assist News Service
Published, May 2005

Thursday 20 March 2014

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