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The Corporate Christ - by Daniel Yordy and Chris Welch

  • A Facebook thread Dialogue

    Daniel Yordy
    • Difficulty in relationships that you make no attempt to "escape from," except into all the answers the Lord provides is the essence of Christian community - of the life of the church. None of that exists in modern churches, no matter how blessed one is by the services.

      There is always a tension between oneness in spirit and oneness in practice. But the world will not know until they see. And since our oneness causes the world to know; it is evident that they must first see.

      All conflict or contention is based entirely on disrespect. In our bumblingness, we go up and down, in and out - that's humanly normal. But underneath is a care for one another, and so we see our foolish emotions for what they are - meaningless, and continue on together.

      I receive the least response, I think, when I write about some aspect of Christ is a corporate body. But the truth is, He isn't, actually, anything else. He's not really a bunch of individuals who acknowledge some sort of "spirit oneness" that really doesn't involve them. That's in-part churchianity.

      Until the world sees brethren walking together in the deepest respect and the highest honor for one another, Christ has not shown up again in the earth. When we are in the presence of someone we honor so highly, above all, we never speak unguarded words of disrespect or accusation. And when we are with our closest life-long friend, we speak freely in complete comfort and ease. Both of those realities govern the relationships of Christ in His body.

      If Christ is in you, than you are as high as the King, and if I were not foolish as most humans are, I would bow on my face in silence and awe before you. If Christ is in you, than you are as close as my dearest friend, and we know one another in intimacy of heart and long familiarity.

      This is the fruit of Christ. There is the seed of Christ, which every Christian knows, and the plant of Christ. But we want the fruit of Christ, and to have that we MUST have one another. There is no other place to find that fruit except through direct connection with one another. It is not known in the seed or in the plant.

  • Daniel Yordy
    7 hours ago
    Daniel Yordy
    • We will never see Him or know Him until we say, "Blessed is he who comes in His name." If people knew how critical this relationship of deepest respect between brethren is to knowing Christ, how highly valued it is in God's sight, they would pursue it with all of their lives. Alas, most believers see no real value in it at all.

  • Chris Welch
    6 hours ago
    Chris Welch
    • Funny how stuff arrives in the Spirit then percolates through us. Here is my percolation over the last few hours. In the Spirit it is identical to what Daniel has just shared, but it has different packaging. It goes like this:

      Have you ever wondered why, when representing what the Incarnation of God would be like,God showed Moses the blueprint in this form?

      A box.
      Covered within and without with gold.
      With clasps and sockets to take some poles.
      Which would be on the shoulders.
      Of some dedicated class of people set aside called priests.

      Question One?
      If the cattle on a thousand hills are owned by the Lord, and if the whole of Creation were set aside as a Temple building for God that still wouldn't really be come the box is not bigger?

      Answer. It couldn't then be carried.

      Question Two.
      If John 4 specifically makes mention of how and where worship that the Father desires will be in the future and it is
      us worshipping in spirit and in truth,
      why is the box not smaller and just carried by one person, if the incarnation is going to be represented by Christ in Me the hope of glory?
      Answer. Because the glory is not going to be carried by just me.
      Christ is corporate.

      He is not just a series of golden covered acacia boxes running around everywhere.....and listen to this....
      JUST AS THE TRINITY is NOT three individuals running around everywhere.

      Ern Baxter described the Kingdom as
      the Trinity projecting its own community out of the Eternal Now to be revealed in a community of men and women called the local community of God's people.

      We are the new Kings and priests. But as priests we walk together a few paces then sacrifice.
      We "hear the next thing in the Spirit"...then do it for 7 paces...then we rest again to hear some more.

      We circle Jericho for 6 days, and on the 7th or whatever it was we circle and shout!!!!

      Whatever the instruction is we do it. Together. In step. With those poles on our shoulders, which carry the Ark.

      We don't do it on our own. We don't behave disjointedly and throw everyone else out of step. But we don't do man's thing of hiring a new cart, and trying to automate the things of God.

      This thing is on our shoulders. It is part and parcel of us. It is not separate from us. We are one with it. We are not doing what David did and plonking it over there somewhere on a cart.

      Which then brings me to today's Word.

      You know I began the day on my status making a bold declaration about what I want to give my life to. it's not yet as bold as Daniel's, which is nothing less than overturning Death itself. Perhaps that is next week.

      But having lived touched experienced the outer fringes of 3rd level church life and worship I'm not really believing for anything special. The only element of belief there is quantitive.

      I literally believe I can walk into a room of saints anywhere on the planet, and if they don't know already, I can take what I have learned in Emsworth and Havant and do what St Paul obviously did with the Corinthians.

      It's not really interesting to me what he said about punishing that man for sleeping with his stepmum. What interests me is Paul's phrase before they hand him over as a church for judgment...that he might repent...which in fact he it must have been powerful.
      This is the phrase Paul used:
      When my spirit is amongst you... this either means blasphemy...that Paul is taking on the role of God here...which it doesn't

      Or it means this.
      When that spirit is in the meeting that I have taught you about accessing...and although we don't know for sure...we know from Philippians that he knew what we now know about the protocols for approaching the throne of grace...boldly..knowing complete access...and with praise and thanksgiving.

      And we know that because that is what they were practicing in the middle of the Phillippian jail when the earthquake sprung them all out of their jail cells and chains.

      From what we've learned here on the south coast, and through Ed Miller and Jorge Pradas,I can take any community anywhere through the outer courts , through the inner courts and on into the Holy of Holies experientially. Why...cos I'm special? No.
      Anyone with the Psalm 84 blueprint of "the highway to Zion" in their heart and some Spirit knowhow of having learned how to follow Him in meetings, according to the Melchizedek order, can do this stuff. The Bible further embarrasses the clever clogs among us by saying
      Thou hast perfected praise in babes and sucklings....
      So the threshold is quite low!!!!

      Now what I heard today was the verse that Jacob spoke then was repeated by Jesus

      I saw the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.

      Remember I said last week on my status
      God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son.

      We were all begotten, how come Jesus was the Only begotten?
      Aaaah...but you see...WE WEREN'T BEGOTTEN.
      We were scooped up in Adam from the soil. From the dust.And it is true once he had life breathed in and became a living soul...a self-replicating version of that system kicked in such that we have been begotten after the flesh
      after the dirt

      but the Bible in the Spirit talks in terms of origination and substance.

      Jesus really was Begotten from nowhere by the Father.
      He really did come down from above.
      But He was in the "likeness of human flesh...but without sin"
      Adam Mark 2 but not really.
      He never was of earth, soil and dirt!!!!

      So when Peter exclaimed suddenly
      You are the Messiah (as in the one always promised to Israel) the Son of the Living God....
      and he got this without human prompting just looking at his friend who looked just as normal as we all do....

      Jesus got really excited.
      Wow....flesh and blood did not reveal this to you Peter....this is fabulous. This stuff is nothing less than how I'm building My Church....and I'm going to make you the first stone by calling you Peter.

      So this "foundation piece" had 2 elements
      It was revealed supernaturally...and every Kingdom advance was going to happen this way forever is the Kingdom which comes down from heaven.

      And secondly the foundation substance...which is that God's Life is NOW come in the flesh. This man is not man....this is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF MAN.

      Do you catch that?
      So at any meeting. So if I or Annalize or Joan...or anyof us "have a gift of faith" to impart it is in the form of SON OF MAN substance coming out from my Spirit to build the same in you. But it originates in heaven. It is of heavenly material. And God uses the folly of preaching.
      Teaching is outer description.
      Preaching appears mad...for one thing we preach very simply...often ridiculously straightforward least for our intellectual mind....but tagged to the words because they are "Deep Calls Unto Deep"
      they are Spirit and Life.
      They are calling forth the Son of Man in you.

      For this reason Rothschild has banned all preaching in schools in all the West. Now it is the unholy inoculation of teaching ABOUT comparative religions. But it ISN'T the folly of preaching, so noone anywhere gets saved. But rather inoculated against the Son of Man. It is evil.

      So where are we? Oh yes

      Today's revelation.
      On whom do the angels ascend and descend?
      The Son of Man.

      Why don't we see the third level in our churches?
      They are not inhabited by the son of man.

      Chris,they are Christians.
      Yes sure.

      But Christians at the moment are Christians at one remove.
      They are not rooted and grounded in who they are as consciousness.
      Such a church of gathered saints is the Son of Man.
      And such a church has the Third Level RESIDENT among them.

      Angels ascend and descend continually on such a church.
      The place beyond praise is praise and adoration.
      Jorge Pradas had this revealed , then led our churches in it.

      Adoration has no referece to sin whatsoever.People are established in their New Covenant identity.
      if people weren't when they came in...theHoly Spirit has taken people through the place of entry, praise and thanksgiving, through a more introverted place, like the middle of the Lord's prayer...and now...having ripped off them anything other than
      "Single Eye SEEING"
      they enter corporately into a level of adoration that is without the consciousness of sin altogether.

      The Power of God is so present quite often it is difficult for anyone to stand
      or they get drunk
      or they start to dance extraordinarily
      or they touch others and they too are zapped
      or healed
      or receive almost blinding revelation.

      But it is all possible because like the Levites
      they shoulder the Ark to themselves...
      that is we are "owning" the SON OF MAN Life come in the flesh, come down from heaven....and not doing what Abraham did and calling "our promise" some half sister....out of fear

      you know, as I have already reproved our leadership...because they believe they are schizophrenics, dual personalities, a bit of them and a bit of God all rattling around in the same peapod...

      This is all denial of what Christ has done for us in Galations 2:20.

      And the second reason, as Daniel says above,
      is cos those Levites are fixed and joined through the Ark
      TO ONE ANOTHER. They know they are ONE THING.

      They have lost their sense of being random sole beings. They are fully individuals...but in their heart is the Body of Christ and their relation to it.

      This week, I may have offended some with my poem. If you read the spirit of it carefully...even the Mae West reference, though it seems dirty at first actually saying the opposite...
      it's saying us men want a woman to relate to us genuinely...not just because our physical form is going to fulfil then for an hour or too...

      But the point is...I am receiving back me in resurrection
      this is the poet me.
      But you may not be called to be a poet. It may not be what you do naturally. And whatever you do naturally I am not meant to despise either. This is the meaning of 1 Corinthians 12.

      But all the inestimable amount of variety still tends in one direction
      to the manifest corporate form of the Son of Man in the Earth.

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    The Sacred Name and Character of the Father and the Son by Maria Merola


    by MariYah Arielle Merola on Saturday, 5 March 2011 at 20:42 ·

    © Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, March 2011

    The Sacred Name & Character of the Father & the Son
    By Maria Merola

    There is a common response that I hear lately that says that we do not need to pronounce the actual literal name of our Heavenly Father or the Messiah’s name. They say that we need only know of his character and that is what we are declaring. However, there are several flaws with this line of thinking.

    First of all, let us understand the correct way to interpret scripture. There are four layers of understanding scripture in Hebrew thought. There is the Remez, the Drash, the P’shat and the Sod. Yahu’shua Messiah said that the greatest commandment is to love YHWH with our whole heart, mind, soul, and strength. This represents four aspects of our being (intellect, spirit, emotions, body), hence four layers of applying scripture.

    We ALWAYS start with the literal application of scripture (the P’shat). And then we go deeper to the other levels as the Holy Spirit opens up these other layers to us. We never skip to the most deep mystical application while ignoring the other applications of scripture. When people do this, this is a form of Gnosticism. Gnosticism only applies the spiritual or allegory to scripture and never applies the literal meaning. That type of interpretation leads to people saying that the story of Noah’s Ark and Jonah and the Whale are allegories and they did not really happen. That is what this type of interpretation leads to if we skip the literal (P’shat) and go straight for the deeper level of understanding (Sod). It leads to believing that Messiah Yahu’shua did not come in human flesh, but that he came as a Spirit only. That is Gnosticism! (See 1st John 4:3 in KJV).

    People who use this type of logic are ignoring the literal application of scripture and skipping to the “Sod” level of the commandment to “call upon the name of YHWH” in order to be saved.

    If calling upon his character were enough, we could then rationalize that since one of his characteristics is “Love” then I can call upon “Love” and pray to “Love” instead of the actual name of YaHuWaH himself!

    Then the commandment to call upon his name could then mean that one could say “Love, I call upon you to please save me by your character which is Love.”

    The commandment to Call upon the Name” of YaHuWaH is both literal as well as knowing his heart and character. Using just the phonetics of his name but not knowing his heart and character will not lead to salvation. And yet, knowing only his character and never calling upon his literal name does not lead to salvation either because even Satan can come as an Angel of Light (2nd Corinthians 11:14) and he can pretend to have all of the same characteristics as our Heavenly Father (Love, Joy, Peace, Gentleness, Kindness, Faithfulness).

    The Anti-Messiah will pretend to have those same characteristics but he will say that the name is not important. The man called “Maitreya Buddha” who is now appearing all over the world especially to Muslims, is called “the Imam Mahdi” to Muslims. To those who take the Mark of the Beast, he will be known as “Maitreya Buddha” to Buddhists. He will be called “the Christ” to Apostate Christians, and he will be called “Mashiyach” by Apostate Jews. Satan loves Anonymity! He loves to work behind a mask and be very vague! That is one of his best strategies! He can come in so many names so that he can be relevant to every one!

    And so to those who say that we are only to call upon his character and not his literal name, it means “both”, that Messiah has come in his Father’s literal name (John 5:43) as YaHuWaH means “I am he who exists” and the son’s name YaHuW’shuwa means “YaHuWaH brings salvation.”

    The name of the Father and the Son go hand in hand with their character, and you cannot separate the two.

    Every Letter in the Pictograph Hebrew illustrates something about his character. That is why the letters are called “characters”:

    Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey means: “Hand, Behold, Nail, Behold!”

    Here is what these letters look like from right to left in Ancient Paleo Hebrew:

    Yod = Y sound
    Hey = ah sound
    Waw = oo sound or long u sound
    Hey = ah sound
    Pronounced as: Y-ah-oo-ah

    And so to say that his name is not important is wrong. Both his literal name and his character are important. They go hand in hand. That is why the Noahite Laws say that any so-called Gentile who pronounces the name shall be decapitated. In Judaism, if a person believes in Messiah YaHuW'shuwa, they are considered a Gentile and not a Jew. Therefore to believe in Messiah and use his name and his Father's name buys you a ticket to the Guillotine!

    Not important? Hmmmm.... why then does Satan care enough to kill us over this?

    The Four Layers of Interpreting Scripture in Hebrew Thought

    1.)P’shat Level: The P’shat level is the plain sense of the text. What does it actually say? Every word, phrase, and thought has a meaning, there is no word that is redundant or idle. Even if it appears to be, it is not. It is filled with meaning for us to learn. (Physical or literal application)

    2.)Drash Level: The Drash level is where truth and principle are presented. Truth can only be truth if it is confirmed. Confirmation as we know must come in the form of evidence and evidence must be at least two or three witnesses. (Intellectual, or rational)

    3.)Remez Level: The Remez level is the underlying theme or story that is told while speaking of other things. It is how prophecy is laid into the story of history. This level shows the plan for Yashua’s redemption and restoration. (Emotional application or parables we can relate to)

    4.)Sod Level: The Sod level is the mysterious and coded level. This involves the understanding of numbers along with the meaning associated with certain numerical values. For example, the number 1 represents “Echad” or Oneness, “Two” represents struggle, division or witness, etc. This level also involves the meanings of names. (Spiritual application or metaphor, allegory)

    The word “character” comes from a Greek word:

    #5480. charagma khar'-ag-mah from the same as 5482; a scratch or etching, i.e. stamp (as a badge of servitude), or scupltured figure (statue):--graven, mark.

    It means a literal scratch or etching of handwriting! It does not mean a personality trait or a person’s spiritual attributes.

    All 22 Letters in the Hebrew Alphabet are called “characters” for a good reason! Because in Ancient Paleo Hebrew Letters, every letter is a “pictograph” and every letter literally paints a picture of Messiah. Here are the letters that spell Joshua in Ancient Hebrew:

    Yod, Hey, Waw, Shin, Waw, Ayin.

    In Zechariah 6, we read a Messianic prophecy about the man who is prophetically called “the Branch” elsewhere in prophecy (Isaiah 4:2, Jeremiah 3:15, John 15:4):

    Zechariah 6:

    11 Then take silver and gold, and make crowns, and set them upon the head of YaHuW’shuwa (Joshua) the son of Josedech, the high priest;

    12 And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh YaHuWaH of hosts, saying, Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of YaHuWaH:

    13 Even he shall build the temple of YaHuWaH; and he shall bear the glory, and shall sit and rule upon his throne; and he shall be a priest upon his throne: and the counsel of peace shall be between them both.

    The Strong’s Hebrew Concordance shows us these 6 Letters to his name in bold letters. The other letters were added by the Masorites in the 10th Century:

    # 3091 Yhowshuwa` yeh-ho-shoo'-ah or Yhowshua {yeh-ho-shoo'-ah}; from 3068 and 3467; Jehovah-saved; Jehoshua (i.e. Joshua), the Jewish leader:--Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Joshua. Compare 1954, 3442.

    You will notice that the name of the Son contains the letters of the Father plus two added letters, the “shin” which means “tooth” and the “ayin” which means “the eye.”

    Yod = (Yad) the hand
    Hey = Breath, Revelation, Inspiration, Wind
    Vav (Waw) = the nail
    Shin = the tooth
    Vav (Waw) = the nail
    Ayin = the eye

    As you can see, every letter in his literal name spells out his character.

    Messiah’s Character Seen in the Spelling of his Name

    The Yod: the hand or the arm:
    This term “the arm of YaHuWaH” or “the hand of YaHuWaH” is an idiom repeated over and over again in the scriptures. This phrase is a picture of strength and power, pointing to Yahu’shua the Messiah. It was the arm of YHWH that conquered Pharaoh and his army. And the psalmist declared, “You scattered Your enemies with Your mighty arm” (Psalm 89:10). The arm of YHWH brings deliverance and victory. Whenever you read about the hand or arm of YHWH in the Bible, this is prophetically referring to person of Yahu’shua. Our Heavenly Father has no image of his own for he is invisible. He can only be seen through the “image of the son” hence he has no “right arm” of his own, but his “right arm” is Messiah’s right arm.

    Our Messiah is seated at the “right hand of power” or “the right hand of Elohim (God)” and this is a Hebrew idiom that denotes power and strength.

    Mark 14:62 And Yahu’shua said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.

    Luke 22:69 Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the right hand of the power of Elohiym.

    Hebrews 1:3 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high:

    1st Peter 3:22 Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of Elohiym (God); angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.

    Deuteronomy 26:8 And YHWH brought us forth out of Egypt with a mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with great terribleness, and with signs, and with wonders:

    Psalm 136:12 With a strong hand, and with a stretched out arm: for his mercy endureth for ever.

    Jeremiah 32:17 Ah YaHuWaH Elohiym! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:

    Ezekiel 20:34 And I will bring you out from the people, and will gather you out of the countries wherein ye are scattered, with a mighty hand, and with a stretched out arm, and with fury poured out.

    The Hey: the Breath or Inspiration of YHWH
    This Hebrew Letter resembles a person lifting up his arms to praise Yah and it also resembles the Messiah’s arms being stretched out to save us as his hands were nailed to the tree.

    Elohiym (God) breathed into Adam “the breath of life” (Genesis 2:7) and we know that our Messiah is YHWH who came as the “last Adam” in the likeness of sinful man (1st Corinthians 15:45). The Hebrew letter “Hey” means “behold” or to “look upon.”
    The Strong's Hebrew Concordance shows the meaning of this Hebrew Letter:

    #1887 he' hay a primitive particle; lo!:--behold, lo.

    We can see that the Father’s image of the Son will be “looked upon” in Zechariah 12:10 when the House of Judah will “behold the lamb” who takes away the sin of the world!

    The Waw (Vav) = the “nail” or “tent peg”
    Another letter in both YaHuWaH and YaHuW’shuwa’s name is the Vav. This letter resembles a hook and means “nail.” The vav is also the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet, (the number of man). Yahu’shua came as the Son of Man. He is YHWH in the flesh. What does the vav teach us about Yahu’shua? Remember that Hebrew letters are pictures and symbols. The connection in these letters is apparent. Yahu’shua (the yod) came as the son of man (the vav) to offer His life as a sacrifice. His hands (yod) were pierced by a nail (vav) to bring salvation.

    Yahu’shua was crucified through his hands and feet, as prophesied in Psalm 22:16 – “The assembly of the wicked have enclosed me. They have pierced my hands and my feet.” The letters in Yahu’shua’s name foretell His death. The fact that the nail can also mean “a tent peg” alludes to the fact that Messiah died for “the Two Houses of Yisra’el” and both houses are thought to be “tents” in ancient Hebrew thought. The House of Ephrayim and the House of YaHuW’daH (Judah) are going to be brought together into “one stick” or “one tree” according to the prophecy in Ezekiel 37:15-19.

    Pictured here is the first and last letter of the Paleo Hebrew Alphabet called “the Aleph & Tav.” It is a picture of the sacrificial animal (the ox head) being nailed to the cross. Messiah is the “Aleph & Tav” meaning “the first and the last” and also “the beginning and the ending.” (Revelation 1:8; 1:11; 21:6;22:13). The last letter, “the Tav” is shaped like a cross because it means that we must come to the “end” of ourselves and die to the old selfish nature. The Greek word stauros (cross) literally means "self-denial" which is why the Apostle Paul spoke often of preaching the "message of the cross." What he meant was the message of self-denial---not an object that people wear around their necks, and not something to be worshiped or bowed down to.

    The son of Yisra’el who received the firstborn status of the sons of Yisra'el is Ephrayim yet Judah was bioloically and chronologically born before Ephrayim. Technically, Judah is the older brother, and yet Jacob made each one of them the "tribal leaders" over the two families (Genesis 48:14-18, Jeremiah 31:9).

    As we can see, the last letter in the Hebrew Alphabet known as the “Tav” or “Taw” is in the shape of a “cross” for the Two Houses of Yisra’el. Our Messiah was crucified on "two sticks" for his hands (symbolizing the horizontal relationship with one another) and his feet (symbolizing our vertical relationship with the Father). The two greatest commandments involve first loving YHWH (vertical) and then loving others as we love ourselves (horizontal). Interestingly, the Hebrew word in Ezekiel 37:16 for "sticks" is "ets" which means "trees." And so Messiah was nailed to a Taw (Tav) which was made out of Two Trees or Two Sticks for the Two Houses of Yisra'el!

    The Apostle Paul even confirmed this in his letter to the Ephesians:

    Ephesians 2:

    14 For he is our peace, who hath made both (houses) one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

    15 Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain (two) one new man, so making peace;

    16 And that he might reconcile both (houses) unto  Elohiym in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:

    Messiah has reconciled Ephrayim & Yahudah, Jew & Gentile by the Tav or Cross!

    Later on in history, the pagans hi-jacked this symbol and used it for the cross of Tammuz and Mithra. But before the foundations of the world YaHuWaH had ordained this letter the "Tav" to be the mark that he marks his elect with in the foreheads (See Ezekiel 9, Revelation 7). All those who receive a "mark" in their foreheads receive the "Tav."

    Creation Testifies to the Taw or "Cross" of our Messiah

    Pictured here is a "Laminin" cell that looks like a cross!
    Laminins are a family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every human and animal tissue. You see, laminins are what hold us together---LITERALLY. They are cell adhesion molecules. They are what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Without them, we would literally fall apart. If you look up laminin in any scientific/medical piece of literature, this is what you will see!

    The Body of Messiah (The Two Houses of Yisrael) are literally held together by his one sacrifice on the Taw or Cross!

    And so Messiah embodies the Two Houses of Yisra’el by becoming as the “last” at his first coming (Messiah ben Joseph), but then he resurrected and became “the first born” over all creation (Colossians 1:15) and he will return as the “first” as Messiah ben David at his second coming. He will then bring back together the Two Houses of Yisra’el as the “first and the last.” There will no longer be competition in his house because both Houses will be one stick, (one olive tree) when the remnant of these two Houses are born again into incorruption, they will both be his “first born” as Yisra’el.

    There is no other name given unto man for salvation. But why did he have to die such a cruel death? This question is also answered in His name.

    Yahu’shua came to offer His life as the remedy to sin and death.

    The Shin = the tooth
    The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has teeth that will gnash upon the wicked at his return. He will rescue his sheep out of the mouth of the impostor (Satan who comes like a roaring Lion). Messiah’s teeth are likened unto a flock of his sheep because they feed upon the nourishment of his word and chew upon the spiritual food that brings nourishment to the soul.

    Song of Solomon 4:2 Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them.

    Here is a prophesy about the House of Jacob (the elect of YHWH) and the men of Israel and though they may feel helpless like a “worm” against their enemies, YHWH will come and redeem them through his son YaHuW'shuwa and he will make them as an instrument that has teeth that they may thresh the mountains (the impossible situations).

    Song of Solomon 6:6 Thy teeth are as a flock of sheep which go up from the washing, whereof every one beareth twins, and there is not one barren among them.

    Isaiah 41:

    14 Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith YHWH, and thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

    15 Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff.

    The Ayin: the eye
    Messiah teaches us with his Torah (instructions) and he guides his sheep with his watchful eye:

    Psalm 32:8 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will  guide thee with mine eye.  

    Psalm 33:18 Behold, the eye of YHWH is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy.
    What is theeye of YaHuWaH”?  It is the Messiah’s eye! Remember that YaHuWaH has no image of his own for he is invisible. He can only be seen in the image of the son YaHuW'shuwa. Yahushua’s body contains the “fullness” of the divinity of YaHuWaH (Colossians 2:9)

    Revelation 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

    Revelation 2:18 And unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write; These things saith the Son of Elohiym, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass;

    Revelation 19:12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

    When Messiah returns he will take vengeance on the enemies of his elect:

    Job 16:9 He teareth me in his wrath, who hateth me: he gnasheth upon me with his teeth; mine enemy sharpeneth his eyes upon me.

    As it was done to his beloved bride, so shall it be done to those who persecuted her. Our Messiah is coming with teeth like a Lion and eyes like a flame of fire to execute justice and avenge the blood of his saints.

    Now we can see that we must call upon his literal name for Salvation because in his literal name contains his character!

    Jeremiah 23:6 In his days Judah shall be saved, and Yisra’el shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, YaHuWaH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    Jeremiah 33:16 In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith she shall be called, YaHuWaH our righteousness.

    Acts 2:21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of YaHuWaH shall be saved.

    Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of YaHuWaH shall be saved.

    Can People Be Saved Calling Upon the Name Jesus?

    The answer to that question is “yes.” Back in 2007, I had been praying and asking Abba Father "what name shall I call you and what name shall I call upon for salvation?" I was confused about whether or not the Greco-Roman name of "Jesus" was really from Zeus or not. I had heard the arguments on both sides and I was not really sure what to believe about this. But the Holy Spirit taught me a very profound truth when I asked him about this.

    What he revealed to me was many patterns in scripture that show that the prophets of old were given the names of false pagan deities while in exile (Esther, Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego). But this was only so that they could be relevant to their pagan cultures and do mighty exploits for the Elohiym of Yisra’el. But then came the moment of truth, when their true identity and the identity of the one whom they served had to be revealed.  Esther went “incognito” in the Persian Palace in order to save her people. She took on the name “Easter” the name of a pagan fertility goddess from Babylon (Easter). But later on it was revealed that she was from the House of YaHuW’daH (Judah) and her real name is Hadassah.

    The Hebrew name for Joseph is actually YaHuW’ceph because his name actually has the name of our Heavenly Father in it. But his true Hebrew name was hidden for a time as he was given a heathen Egyptian name:

    Genesis 41:45 And Pharaoh called YaHuW’ceph (Joseph’s) name Zaphnathpaaneah; and he gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.

    #6847 Tsophnath Pa`neach tsof-nath' pah-nay'-akh of Egyptian derivation; Tsophnath-Paneach, Joseph's Egyptian name:--Zaphnath-paaneah.

    In the Blue Letter Bible, it says this about this Egyptian Name given to Joseph:  Zaphnath-paaneah =“salvation of the ages" or "treasury of the glorious rest.”

    In Hebrew this name means “revealer of a secret.”
    The Egyptian meaning of this name meant "Salvation of the Ages" but yet in Hebrew it meant "Revealer of a Secret!"

    Aha! So now we see that at Messiah’s first coming as “Messiah Ben Joseph” he had a “hidden name” among the Gentiles. But now, as he is getting ready to return for his elect of Yisra’el, he is now revealing himself as “Messiah Ben David” who has a name that no man knew but he himself (Revelation 19:12). And so this means that he is now revealing his “secret name” to his servants the prophets:

    Revelation 19:12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

    Amos 3:7 Surely YaHuWaH Elohiym will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

    The true sons of Yisra'el are now being shown his "hiddden name"  just as Joseph revealed himself to his eleven brothers when they came to buy grain in Egypt and they did not recognize him at first because he had a "hidden name" Zaphnathpaaneah. When Joseph removed his Egyptian costume and told them his real name, the sons of Yisra'el were all restored back to him and there was reconciliation!  

    Daniel and his three Hebrew companions from the House of Judah were given Babylonian pagan names for a time:

    Daniel 1:

    6 Now among these were of the children of Judah, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah:

    7 Unto whom the prince of the eunuchs gave names: for he gave unto Daniel the name of Belteshazzar; and to Hananiah, of Shadrach; and to Mishael, of Meshach; and to Azariah, of Abednego.

    And so the Holy Spirit showed me the same thing about our Messiah. He was given a pagan name for a season as “Jesus” but now, his true Hebrew name is being revealed in these last days!

    In 164 B.C, Antiochus Ephiphanes erected an image of Zeus on December 25th in the 2nd Jewish Temple (another pattern of the Antichrist). This is another Anti-Type showing how our Messiah’s image has been distorted to Zeus born on December 25th. It totally fits the pattern!

    The reason why people can be saved calling upon the name of “Jesus” is because the Holy Spirit interprets the deep groaning of our hearts and he interprets the name Jesus as YaHuW'shuwa before the throne of YaHuWaH for us.

    Messiah is like Joseph who was the "Saviour" to the Egyptians (Gentiles), as Zaphnath-paaneah. Yet to his Hebrew brothers, he was known by the Heavenly Father's name YaHuW'ceph meaning "revealer of secrets."

    The Holy Spirit searches out our hearts and he interprets the name Jesus as the secret hidden name of YaHuW'shuwa before the throne!

    Romans 8:27 And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh ntercession for the saints according to the will of Elohiym.

    But now in these last days, YaHuWaH is restoring his remnant to “one pure language” as prophesied in Zephaniah 3:8-9:

    8 Therefore wait ye upon me, saith YaHuWaH, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.

    9 For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of YaHuWaH, to serve him with one consent.

    And so let us keep on moving with the Holy Spirit as he gives revelation to the Name that is above all other names, the one and only name that we call upon for salvation. And so let us not be stagnant. In the wilderness, the children of Yisra'el had to keep on moving with the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. If they remained stagnant, they would be left behind as the rest of the camp would keep on moving! Or else they would be stampeded and trampled as the rest kept on moving. We are in that day and hour where YaHuWaH is raising the bar!

    Did the name Jesus Really Come from Zeus?

    The Greeks and Romans did indeed change his name to Zeus for a good reason. It is because Zeus had a December 25th Birthday!  

    This is a true historical fact. But having said all of that, I know that people are still saved using the name Jesus when they are using this name based on their corrupted Bible Manuscripts. I don’t go around correcting people when speaking to them “one on one” when they use the name “Jesus.” I try to lead by example in my lifestyle and show them his character and use his real Hebrew name YaHuW’shuwa ha’Mashiyach.

    But I do write about his real name in my public ministry and forums because I have been called to be a “watchman to the House of Yisra'el.” My primary calling is to call the sheep to come out of Mystery Babylon paganism (Revelation 18:4), to embrace our High Priest whose name is “the Branch” and who receives “many crowns.” That name is already revealed to us in the Hebrew Scriptures in Zechariah chapter 6 as YaHuW'shuwa (Joshua). This is a Messianic prophecy of the future High Priest who would come after the order of Melchizedek (Malki-Tzadiq).

    Here is the evidence about Jesus coming from Zeus from a reliable source:

    The deceased Messianic Jewish Evangelist and historian Art Katz, cites the origins of the true name of the Messiah and the Elohiym of Israel from his former website:

    The original Hebrew or Jewish Name of the professing Jewish Messiah, who was accepted as such by a certain section (some 3000 souls) of Israel, at and after His Appearance in Israel, some 2000 years ago. To them He was known as YAHU’SHUAH (abbreviated: Y’SHUAH, also pronounced YEHOSHUA or YESHUA). In time, over the first few centuries after Messiah, His Name was gradually changed to “Je-Zeus Khristos” by the pagan masses who converted and joined the originally Jewish Messianic Sect.

    Out of this, Christianity was born, which was a mixture of originally pure Judaism, and gradually, progressive influences of pagan customs and traditions, together with a growing tide of an anti-Semitic spirit. This was greatly due to the instigation of influential leaders like Constantine the Great, who was a Zeus worshiper, and who purportedly converted to Christianity. It was also a natural process as a result of the infiltration of followers of the sun god, Zeus, into the Christian ranks. Even the name of their pagan idol Zeus was applied to their new-found Jewish Messiah - and Y’Shuah (the abbreviated transliteration of YAHU'SHUAH), became “Y’Zeus” or Je-Zeus - which became ‘Jesus’ in English (NOTE - the middle 's' is pronounced as a 'z'). In other languages, it took on various other forms.

    Art Katz's biography is at this website:

    And so we can see why the Heavenly Father allowed our Messiah Yahu’shua to take on the pagan name J’Zeus for a time, in order that he might win the heathen nations to himself. Like Queen Esther and Joseph in Egypt, our Messiah has a real Hebrew name. Esther’s true name was Hadassah. The Heavenly Father has allowed our Messiah to be given a heathen name for a season so that a later time in history, when “The fullness of the Gentiles” is accomplished, all the nations who love J’Zeus (Yahu’shua) would rise up to fast and pray for the House of Judah (Jews) to be saved from their enemies.

    After all, YaHuWaH is the one who confounded (confused) our languages in the first place at the Tower of Babel because he did not want everyone to be unified under a Satanic New World order under Nimrod (see Genesis 10-11).

    And so he knew that the gospel would be published in every tongue, tribe and nation of the earth. He knew that his name would be "hidden" and distorted by the enemy. However, he also knows who we are calling upon when we call him from our hearts based on the transliterated scriptures that we have available to read. And so I believe people can be saved using those incorrect names (I was also saved using the name Jesus). But once we know better, then we are required to follow the revelation that the Holy Spirit is giving us.

    In Genesis 1:1 in the Ancient Paleo Hebrew text, it says“in the beginning Elohiym created the Aleph & Taw.”

    And then it says that he created “heaven and earth.” And so the Aleph & Taw is the Hebrew Alphabet which Elohiym has created from the beginning! The original language is Ancient Hebrew and he is going to restore us to this one pure language as it says in Zephaniah 3:9 at his second coming!

    Every Letter in the Hebrew Alphabet is a pictograph of Messiah!

    What is the Name that we Call Upon for Salvation? 
    Joel 2:32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of YaHuWaH shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as YaHuWaH hath said, and in the remnant whom YaHuWaH shall call.

    If the name that we call upon for salvation in the Tanakh (Old Testament) is YHWH (Psalms 116), and we know that our Father in Heaven does not change, how is it that the name that we call upon for salvation changes in the New Testament (Brit Chadasha)?

    In Romans 10:13 the name YHWH is shown in the Aramaic Peshitta instead of the word “Lord” which was later used to replace the proper name that we call upon for salvation. The Greek term “the Lord” (Kurios) is a title that can also apply to the person you pay your rent to every month---your landlord!

    And so how did the name for salvation suddenly change to “Jesus” in Acts 4:12? Well the answer to that question is “It didn’t!”

    The name we call upon for Salvation is “the same yesterday, today and forever: YaHuW’shuwa Messiah” (Hebrews 13:8).

    He came in his Father’s name! (John 5:43).

    Believe me, I did not start using the name YaHuW’shuwa on a whim. I fasted and prayed about it from 2006-2010 before I realized the history of what the scribes did to hide his name. What is the name of Salvation in the Tanakh/Old Testament? And what is the name of Salvation in the Brit Chadasha/New Testament?

    Psalm 116:4 Then called I upon the name of YHWH; O YHWH, I beseech thee, deliver my soul. 

    Psalm 116:13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of YHWH. 

    Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of YHWH shall be saved.

    And so we see that the name that we call upon for Salvation in the Tanakh (Old Testament) as well as the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) is not the Greek word “Kurios” (Lord), and neither is it “Jesus” but it is the Father’s name (the Tetragrammaton) which are the four letters: Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey.

    Did the name for salvation all of a sudden change in Acts 4:12?

    Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. 

    If the Torah and Tanakh is consistent with the Brit Chadasha, how is it that the name for Salvation used to be Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey and now it is only Yod Shin Ayin (Yshua) or Jesus?

    There is only one answer to this question that makes any sense at all. That the name of Salvation has never changed! It is still Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey!

    The son’s name contains the Father’s name in it!


    Wednesday 29 August 2012

    Light Seeking Resurrected Grain Missile

    It's kind of obvious when we juxtapose the life of every main Bible character to the Feast Calendar, and consider a grain falling into the ground.
    Christianity was never about just going to an altar once and asking Jesus into your heart.
    Passover is different from the Day of Atonement. If it wasn't the altar of Incense and Yom Kippur would all be one experience all tucked up in the Brazen altar outside in the outer courts. But it's Not.

    John Bunyan's Christian in Pilgrim's Progress would have had his Cross experience on Day One...but he didn't...he had to pass through Vanity Fair first.

    The limited theology of certain grace groups just don't get that Israel spent years and years (390) in Egypt first. Nobody celebrates the process of the grain falling into the ground. The fact that there's an experience of death first.

    God's idea of a day in Genesis 1 is not a secular idea. We call the day, sunrise to sunset.

    God calls a day

    And there was evening and there was morning.

    God CELEBRATES the DARK birthing the Light.

    The seed cracks open and the new emerges first of all

    and DARK light at all

    But IS THRUST up by the Darkness itself to SEEK THE LIGHT


    And in that upwards spurt it derives its "supernatural" strength to burst up from the ground floor and hold a whole plantsystem which gives birth to many more times the grain that it began with!!!!

    The Church is a field with two seeds in it.

    Shall we remove the bad seed?
    No, the farmer said. Let them grow alongside each other that the good ones are STRONG.

    -the farmer says with a profitmaking gleam in his eye...
    as does that same sort of streak in our Father's!!!!

    Tuesday 28 August 2012

    This Present Darkness. This Present Light

    Isaiah 60 “ Arise, shine; for your light has come,
    And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
    “For behold, darkness will cover the earth
    And deep darkness the peoples;
    But the Lord will rise upon you
    And His glory will appear upon you.
    “ Nations will come to your light,
    And kings to the brightness of your rising.  NASB

     Oliver Bob LagumenChris, I'd like to paste our recent conversation here from your status when you said:

    It is hard to believe until you have your eyes unveiled that religion is all about power, control and money. Gary Sigler
    We don't need to look further than ourselves really...but if we need outer confirmation:the overarching branch of world Luciferianism looks after all Catholic money,controls Anglicanism through Freemasonry,and also controls Mormonism, Scientology and the Moonie cult..just for starters.

    Chris. I believe in what Gary said and I love him so much. Gary and I used to communicate often. He also constantly give me articles in my mailbox.  But our work is not to discover darkness. Our work is to let the light SO SHINE before men. We all know that as light shines, darkness will disappear. Do you agree?

    By that I mean that our goal is "TO MAKE PURE TRUTH" to the highest available level that we know and make it available for others to see for themselves. That is why, up to the present, I have yet to find a Kingdom teacher as balanced as J. Preston Eby. His son Mark Eby Sr. is a good friend. I always get light not to expose my darkness, but to let that darkness disappear when reading brother Eby's articles.

    [I'm so blessed with our email exchange in the former years and I feel so much indebted with the high favor they manifested. Mark Eby, has been instrumental to the path of my learning the Ancient Greek, which paved the way for me to connect to Costas Stergiou's wonderful software of Bible compilation, a valuable software (© 2003-2010 - Costas Stergiou) that is integrated in the KingLin OS by OBL Systems as a branch of the sLitaz Linux distro.]

    And I admit, some of his writings are HARD TO SWALLOW, but I do keep myself in constant prayer over the matters that are seeking balance (at least within myself). Brother Eby and Gary are one of the greatest examples "IN OUR TIME". And I know they might disagree, but to me, "They are now Manifesting Sonship". Coz Im beginning to realize that the Manifestation of the Sons of God is a GRADUAL PROCESS, or else we'l wait until we die 'til after ions of time rise up again to finally manifest (but to what degree of manifestation I ask?)." But I also believe that there is going to be that time when ALL THE PROCESSING IN BETWEEN GROWTH AND FULLNESS reach the final point, then and only then, will our MANIFEST FULLNESS OF SONSHIP will begin [and according to Father's dealings, this is just a new beginning], otherwise, none of us would be affirmed by the Holy Ghost bearing witness that we are the Sons of God.

    The book of Romans 8 does not tell us whether or not the manifestation of the Sons of God IS THE FULLNESS. It only indicates however that it is CLOSELY TIED UP with the REDEMPTION of our body (body being singular, our being many). I have witnessed the power and glory of the immortal, incorruptible body by personal experience on July 13, 1998. We can not deny that some in the early church did also experience the same as 2 Cor. 12:1-2 obviously states that:

    ["It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven" KJV - end quote].

    And suppose that taste of the "redemption of my body" which I saw in myself as myself in my experience was to take into account the reference to Romans 8, why then was I FULLY REDEEMED with an incorruptible body BEFORE THE HOUR OF MANIFESTATION?

    I am not saying I am a manifest son of God, for I have done nothing in the Kingdom that can transform the earth [TO-GET-HER with you] (I might be doing something for the Kingdom, but not through the power of the Kingdom), I am only saying that perhaps we need to get back to our knees, knock heaven and pray until we find an answer from our Father.

    Our brother John the beloved, came up into the realm of "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" but he did not experience the FULLNESS, for his purpose was to communicate unto the present church in their time (and/or even extending up unto us) an ELABORATE description of the REALITIES of the FULLNESS as beautifully revealed to him BY THE HOLY GHOST through SIMULATED GRAPHICAL SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE "which symbols are not real objects as they are only SIMULATIONS, (sort of like things occurring only in a VIRTUAL WORLD) sufficient to PORTRAY "A VISION" to John concerning the REALITY OF THE INNER REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, revealing in itself how our AWESOME GOD as a great teacher is able to teach us IN POWER, to which I bow down and give to him all glory and honor.

    I wish I had the vocabulary of words before I met the Father in that experience, so that when the experience was finished (according to God's purpose), I could tell afresh what was it that exactly happened while it was fresh IN TODAY'S VOCABULARY OF KINGDOM WORDS. But being under the slavery of Babylon at that time, who among the Kingdom in 1998 would expect such thing to happen to a serious but imperfect believer?

    Now then, today, as sons of God, will we just continue in our minimal ministry and influence following the pattern of early Christians other than Paul who confessed that "IT IS NO LONGER I THAT LIVE, but CHRIST LIVED THROUGH ME"?

    I mean, why don't I see this KIND of ministry at the present among the Sons of the Kingdom? Where are they? Am I so blind that I should not have the privilege to see the aftershock of their influence at the very least? Why on the other hand is Babylon DOING HER BEST to do the EXAMPLE of the Pauline ministry than the Sons of the Kingdom? Have any of us tried to investigate these Kingdom Bugs?

    If I need light, then this is my darkness. This is what I mean when I('d) say, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! It must reach down to my darkness and give me light so I can move on. I confess and say, that I'm stuck in this matter.


      • That's a great series of questionings Oliver Bob...and I can hear Daniel's cogs turning as we speak.
        I wanted to share in return two main things.
        Ephesians 3:10
        10 so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places.

        and secondly a bit more about "the grain offering".

        Wow...we all get so frustrated as you see I did over the weekend.There's three things going on simultaneously and there's quite a wrangle on Facebook about it.

        Ephesians 2:6 and 7 says....... 6 and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 7 so that in the ages to come He might show the surpassing riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.

        So this is the first thing. FACT we have been installed in Christ.
        Paul or somebody(Hebrews) says "since you have tasted of the powers of the age to come"

        So, there you are...seeking God at 18....and like Nancy, or like many here...we've been caught up in the tangible experience of what is OURS NOW in Christ.
        Every time we prophecy. Every time we heal the sick under an anointing particularly....this is us being a lightning rod for this age to come. The NOW of God is invading our world.

        So fact number one is that it is Always true that God has positioned His Church seated with Christ in heavenly places.

        Fact number 2 is the little Melchizedek windows through which He pours some measure of this stuff into our dark world through us.

        But Fact number 3 is also happening. Something about the daily rub of this universe on the mystery of our humanness is bringing forth something so goes beyond anointing, which God can do any time.

        There's a spiritual mystery going on as it was with Job and the devil's bet, that Job was going to fluff it. And God proudly demonstrates to the devil....
        There you see.....My Son.....a person after my very nature...who swears to his own hurt....who honours me when the last dregs of pleasantness and being sucked right off him....there he is saying...
        "In my flesh I will see God."
        Wow, tears are filling my eyes. I didn't mean that to happen.

        Ephesians 3:10 is happening NOW. Especially with our generation who are seeking the higher things...and we don't seem to really have made them our possession yet in the Spirit

        (I remember when Jorge Pradas, one of our apostles announced by the Spirit, first...."I have given you the realm of praise"...then a few years later "I have given you the realm of adoration".....And God is switching on HEAVEN'S NOWNESS on by one....thing by thing....according to His timing.)

        But even while this is going on...what is MORE outstanding to God is the patience, the longsuffering, the hope, the faith, the courage,...His attributes...which are being formed in us who are following the WAY.

        As regards the stupendous power and manifestations you long, like all of us, and the disciples too...have asked this.

        And Jesus's like this...
        and He went on to describe the servants in the field as I said the other day...
        then...even after they have tolied all day and are shattered...they don't get their food....but instead...precisely THEN....the Master tells them to serve...oh yes...put on different garb first...then serve Him at table

        Except this is how God forms Christ within His sons, to be able to be grounded and fixed enough in Him, so that when He blitzes them with anointing...they are very firm foundations in the earth for His lightnings.

        Jesus had the same ruthless training. 30 years...probably growing and then running His carpentry business. When that was over, you'd think that would be ruthless enough...but God sends Him into a wilderness.
        How long for God?
        Not telling you. Wait upon Me.
        40 days of nothing ness and hungering
        On the 40th day, His body is starting to cave in, which is what happens after the 40 th day...your body has used up the fats and now starts on the vital organs.

        On that day the devl arrives.
        And in supreme weakness....Word comes out of Jesus stomach to meet the devil's pulls and pressures...

        And when the Master was satisfied...He sends an angel to let Jesus know it's all over and that He now has jurisdiction over Israel. But only Israel.

        So many of us, Rich Novek, Daniel, Annalize,Cathy, Jim,myself....
        Oh I include the Wentworths here, who sold their house to provide money for Emsworth church property....and have been virtually expunged from leadership...and only a small house now in Wales

        We all have similar's like the servants in the field.
        It's when we're burned out,cleaned out...that the training session really seems to start!!!!

        Which is a funny way to run a theology course if you ask me? But God thinks otherwise. He's not about a theology course. He's about reproducing HIS OWN ESSENCE, HIS OWN CHARACTER,HIS OWN SUBSTANCE in real time ON EARTH.

        Now in the cyclic ,seasonal way God does well as preparing us as individuals, as well as fashioning supernatural churches as He was at that time in Emsworth....( before I believe they got bewitched a bit)
        there are these seasons of revival
        open days on God's glory.
        The apostles used the good works so that in the Day of your visitation people may give glory to God for your works.
        Tabernacles has a FEAST oF INGATHERING. If you read my Warnock series you can read how God revealed to me that God has continually been running an ever expanding cycle of the Feasts. Some of the past ones included Azusa St, and Welsh Revival. Indonesian Revival and the Jesus People outbreak that I came in on.

        These are the OPEN DAYS like University opendays, that are the Advertisement for a new breed of intake.
        Acts 2 was such.

        The Unique thing about the coming ones , as Juan Carlos Ortiz said...people will be born again in the Holy of you and I and many others here were, as a kind of foretaste of things to come.

        I hope that helps a bit.
    • Cathy Rheeder
      about an hour ago
      Cathy Rheeder
      • Beautiful Chris,awesome! Written so well. My first night in Hermanus in the wee hours,i had a dream of us all. I dream that i open the bedroom door, the tiled floor turned into a spring board.olimpic diving board,the vast ocean turned into a vast transparent swimming pool.i dove into the deep center,water didnt even ripple! U were all in the water!we all had gold medals around our necks,father said ive already won the race for u in Christ,i got the gold for u,then father grabbed us all by the ankles& said
        • Chris Welch
          about an hour ago
          Chris Welch
          • That's the sort of thing Nancy shares...and it's great to hear it from His mouth direct. It's an awesome repositioning in our thinking, we who have been in a Christendom of separation, and feebleness. This is much more in line with the phrase "Since we now have boldness to draw near!!!

              • Im blessed to have my eyes tested,after 6yrs, new frames + lenses! All this my father planned behind my back! How awesome! Im very greatful. Hello to u
            • Cathy Rheeder
              about an hour ago
              Cathy Rheeder
              • My son has just blessed me with a new BBBOLD,biger screen,faster,im now connected to Too blessed to be stressed. Love to u all.
              • No more seperation! Only ONEness. Love what u all shared here.
            • Daniel Yordy
              27 minutes ago
              Daniel Yordy
              • Chris, I so appreciate your continued emphasis on the expression of church as it is supposed to be. I would much prefer to be writing out from such an experience and only my faith in God allows me to accept my present solitude in that regard for this season.

                I do agree that Preston Eby has, probably, the best all-rounded extension of the revelation of truth coming out of Warnock's Feast of Tabernacles. I just wish Sam Fife's teachings could be laid alongside, but, alas, they are too sectarian, at least for me to deal with right now. Eby was never sectarian, that was the major disagreement between the two. Sam Fife's approach produced a lot more real experience than Eby's ever did, and a lot more pain and confusion as well. The only thing with Eby is that he, at least when he wrote his stuff, did not see the joy of our present union with Christ.

                I do agree, Oliver, that the teaching and presentation of the gospel is always a positive and a joyous thing. And when it comes to imparting Christ to people, that is the whole picture. Christ lifted up is sufficient to expel all darkness in people's lives. That doesn't mean we don't teach the lines drawn between light and darkness, between Christ and anti-Christ, people need to understand those lines. However, Christ as Savior is only confidence and joy.

                However, Christ is more than Savior and we are more than saved. Christ is also the Vindicator of His Father and He proves all that He speaks through us, His sons, sent by God out from Himself into this world for His purposes. You see, I have committed myself to all that God speaks in the New Testament. And while 85% of the NT is the positive salvation of Christ, maybe 15% is devoted to the purpose God has for allowing darkness to exist in His universe. God's purpose for darkness is that we defeat it, and His purpose for the curse is that we cast it off.

                You see, even in the "speak positive" people and teaching, I see the tendency to leave God Himself out in the cold. The earth and all creation is as it is because God has set it so for our sakes and for the sake of His revelation through us. The Rothschild's and friends have a perfect purpose in what God is doing in the present moment in the exact same way that the Pharisees had a perfect purpose in Jesus' day. God, by His wisdom, has placed the Kingdom and the World in open opposition. He has a purpose for that.

                The majority of God's people need to know grace, now, in all that it means - but, personally, I am convinced that it is partly to prepare them for what is about to hit and for the martyrdom that will transfer many, many into a real and true knowledge of Christ their life for real. The sons of God, on the other hand, those who have risen above the storm before it hits, have their eye on all that God intends, to prove His purpose and glory in all things.

                Nothing is out of place; all things bend themselves to God's purpose. And His sons understand the times and the seasons and see His incredible wisdom through all of it, including the billions of demons living presently in the heavens of this planet and all the wickedness taking place inside the governing powers of this world.

                Many today have found various ways to draw a line through the "negative" parts of the New Testament. I am simply incapable of doing that. I've tried my best, but I never could get God to shut up or to turn from His determination. Therefore, I have chosen to ride with Him through whatever, no matter how "dark" the currents flowing around Him may seem. It is all purpose; it is all love; and it will all make sense through hindsight.

                I am amazed, more and more, how little people really care about God Himself, His feelings, His concerns, His purposes. Very few want to get inside His heart to know what makes it beat. Very few want to be His voice alone. I make no claims for myself, but only for the desire of my heart.
            • Annalize Mouton
              17 minutes ago
              Annalize Mouton
              • I do, Daniel, with everything that is within me, I want to be His voice only. That is the desire of my heart. Jesus Christ, God, only. That has been my prayer for so many years. His prayer, His desire in my heart.
              • And in all honestly I can say with you that I have also "chosen to ride with Him through whatever, no matter how "dark" the currents flowing around Him may seem. It is all purpose; it is all love; and it will all make sense through hindsight."
              • And Chris, I agree with you – he is reproducing Himself in every fibre of our beings.
            • Shirley Unger Cunningham
              • Every fibre of our being.. yes! I have also made that conscious decision to ride thru the storms with him not against him. Not sure how it all will look but he is with me and doing his thing. I sometimes have to stay away from certain environments that are a bit much for me but I accept my weaknesses.

            more precious things were said.....

    Monday 27 August 2012

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ by David Heisler parts I - IX

    These parts were published separately as online Facebook Notes. David Heisler is on Facebook. And there are at least 7 of them.

    To say Jesus Christ is “divine” is easy.  If you are reading this chances are you have already made some profession of faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ.  That’s how you say you got “saved”, right?  But to say and truly embrace the fact and reality of His humanity - He is human - is not so easy.  Why is that?  Actually we do “accept” His humanity, but only in a cerebral manner – not in our hearts.  Because, to admit His humanity requires that we admit our own.  We don’t want to do that, because we think we can improve on our humanity and we really can’t.  We don’t like our humanity, that’s why we buy into the nonsense of self-improvement.  This is curious place we find ourselves.   For God so loved us He gave His only Son to die for us.  [John 3.16]  But, we don’t love us.  People want to take the simple truth of John 3.16 and qualify the truth of the statement.  We hear things such as, “God loves the sinner, but hates the sin”.  I don’t care how nicely a person makes such a statement, it always is interpreted, as “God hates me and would prefer that I change or become someone else.”

    We neither understand, nor accept our own humanity and that‘s why we don't understand or accept the Savior’s humanity.  We have bought into one of the most insidious lies ever told – that our humanity is not God’s asset.  Our humanity is God’s asset.  Jesus was not just the Son of God – He was and is a man – a human being – exactly and precisely as we are.

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ II

    Why is it so important to embrace the humanity of the Savior?  Plainly said, that is the only way we will ever embrace our own humanity.  Why is that important?  Our humanity is all we have.  We were specifically designed and created to be the very individual human beings that we are.  Now, within that design we were meant to contain and express the deity within – the Savior, as we embrace the reality that we are really and truly Him in the very mundane and everyday normal lives that we live.  But, the expression of Him will operate in no other way other than by our humanness – our humanity.

    So, let’s look at His humanness.

    At the moment of His birth Jesus said to Himself, “I remember a moment ago, I was playing cards with the angels and now look at me – I’m a little baby.  Look at my little baby hands.  I wonder if I’m a cute baby.  Would someone please hand me a mirror.”


    The Humanity of Jesus Christ III

    The last statement I made, poking fun at the thought that Jesus “knew” His true identity from the moment of His birth, is of course silly.  Or is it?  I think it’s not far from how most conceive of the Savior.  I get this feeling at times that people think Jesus was basically playing at His humanity – that He had this special knowledge of His true identity and was therefore basically playing at being human – just going through the motions.

    And we get this feeling that, because we often doubt our identity as redeemed persons, that we fall short.  Or, because we think we are lacking in faith, we feel that we are failures.  In our humanity, what if He was no different than us?  What if we are no different than Him?

    Most believers will say that the key to salvation is belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ and that failure to so believe will buy you an eternal ticket to the “hot spot.”   However, do we know and understand the humanity of Jesus Christ?  Do we have to believe that he was a human being as well as God?  Or do we even consider the possibility that He was really, really human?  Do we consider that he was not playing at it?  Do we consider that every feeling, highs and lows and every perception we have of ourselves is exactly the experience of the Savior?

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ IV

    Here’s the point – you must understand His humanity to understand your own.  At least that's what I needed for my experience.  Understanding His divinity is easy – if you believe in Him at all.  Understanding His humanity and how that affects you and the world you live in is a different story and not so easy.

    Is this important?  It means everything to the world we live in, because, “as He is so are we in this world.” [I John 4.17]

    Well, what does that mean?  It means exactly what it says.  However or whatever way He is –we are exactly the same – no difference.  And, you can “but, but” all you want but that will not change the scripture and the truth that it states.  We don’t want this to be true.  We don’t want to be “as Him”.  We don’t want Him to be “as us”.  If we truly accepted the fact that “as He is, so are we”, then our self imposed, self-improvement religion would be revealed for what it is.  Self-improvement religion in any form or fashion is simply incorrect.  Becoming more “Christ-like” is just as wrong as ascending the steps to Nirvana in Buddhism or Hinduism.  Self-improvement is an incorrect concept in any format or religion.  The essence of your person – your self – will not ever improve.  But, you will accept, embrace and understand the truth of your union with your creator – a fact that we aren’t born knowing.  He wasn’t born “knowing” that either.

    You will not walk in His footsteps.  He will walk as you in your shoes.

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ V

    In the last part I quoted I John 4.17, “as He is so are we in this world.”  Can you grasp the enormity of that statement?  “As He is” – we are the same in our world.  Life and reality don’t get any bigger for us personally.  John states this truth boldly, unabashedly and with the full expectation that each and every one of us will take this truth and run with it.  But we don’t.  We want self-improvement.  We want to wait until we get better or are more knowledgeable in scripture, or, perhaps, until we have more faith.

    Do you see why it is so important to understand the humanity of this Man?  You will not walk in His footsteps.  He will walk as you in your shoes.  You will walk as Him, not like Him and not imitating Him.  Do you see the difference?  The difference is immense.

    We must understand the truth of the fact that Jesus was not only divine, but fully and totally human.  The true understanding of the fact that Jesus was a human being, unfortunately, is lost on many.

    “But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.”  Philippians 2:7

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ VI

    “But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.”  Philippians 2:7

    We often have more of an academic understanding rather than an intuitive or heart understanding of the humanity of Jesus.  Although the verse says that He took on the “form” of a servant that does not mean that Jesus was not really a human.  He did not “fake” being a human.  It was not a game for Him.  The “likeness of men” does not mean “sort of like” a man – or that He simply “looked like a man” but inside he was all God and not man.  That’s nonsense.  He was a man – really, really, not “like” or “looked like” a man.

    Why is this so crucial to understand?  Because, by the very same token, we are not to be “like” or “look like” anything or anyone.  We are to be ourselves - absolutely, 100%., and not just a “self”, but a redeemed self – a self that knows that we are His expression – but ourselves, none-the-less.  We are not to fake it in any fashion.

     “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” Hebrews 4:15

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ Part VII

     “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” Hebrews 4:15

    He was not only “tempted” to sin, but also that He was “touched with the feeling of our infirmities”.  Why is that so important?  It is important because He was a human being.  He was “touched” in the very same way we are and for the very same reasons.

    Whatever “infirmities” touch us or others, touched Him.  An “infirmity” is an emotional or physical weakness.  Am I saying that Jesus had a weakness?  I’m not saying that.  Paul said it and I am inclined to agree with him.  What was Jesus’ weakness?  I don’t know, except, if you consider the fact that, by definition, a person must have weaknesses – that is part and parcel of being human. 

    You see we want to perceive Jesus as One without weakness, perfect in all ways, including His faith and totally conscious of His eternal past.  Well, I don’t buy that.  It means nothing if Jesus had a human body but, had an eternal consciousness from his birth.  He was not born with a consciousness or memory of eternity.  He really didn’t remember playing cards or, for that matter shooting hoops or playing touch football with the angels.

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ VIII

    “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground [body], and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life [spirit]; and man became a living soul.”  Gen 2.7

    Jesus’ humanity had to be much deeper than his human body - his soul had to be human.  And what is a soul anyway?  Soul is the union of spirit and body.  And it is our soul that makes us human.  And Jesus had a human soul.  Please bear in mind in this discussion, that I never say or even hint that Jesus was not divine – the Son of God – God Himself, and the Savior of the Universe.  But, He did not live on that plane.  He lived a man’s life – a human.  I suppose somewhere, in eternity, He made that choice – but He was not conscious of that choice in His humanity.

    Upon His birth He commenced a thirty-year process of knowing and settling in the knowledge His true identity as Messiah.  But He was not born with that knowledge.  And, when I say “knowing and settling” I don’t mean in the same way that we know two plus two equals four.  His “knowing and settling”, as ours, is neither math nor science – it is faith and intuition.  Am I saying that at some point Jesus had to step out in faith and assume the life that was intended for Him in the beginning?  Yes I am.  Am I saying that because it was faith and intuition that He never “knew” the reality in the same way we understand math or science?
    Jesus’ humanity had to be much deeper than his human body - his soul had to be human.

    The Humanity of Jesus Christ Part IX

    I ended the last part posing a very serious question about what Jesus knew and didn’t know about His identity.  I suggest that He could not have know His identity in the same way we know that two plus two equals four.  When you think about it, even with math there are certain things we must take by faith.  I can acknowledge that ten times one million equals one billion, but I will never count that high.  I will never see or hold exactly one billion items in my hand.  So, do I really know that one billion exists?  Maybe.  Maybe there is some faith involved.

    Search the New Testament and you will find the story of Jesus - what He did and what He said - but little of His psychological make-up – inotherwords, little, of what made Him human – with a few very notable exceptions.  And, maybe the reason why many do not believe in Him is that they cannot see or understand His humanity.  For that reason some don’t “connect” to Him or to us.  Often we don’t present His humanity or our own very well.  We set Him on a pinnacle that He never intended.

    Okay, so what is, for me, the most significant “notable exception” – the most important verse that reveals the humanity of the Savior?  Here’s a clue – it is the shortest verse in bible.  You know which one.  It’s bible trivia time!  “Jesus wept”. [John 11.35]