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I Love You, America, But Not Like That - Brian Zahnd

July 4th 2017
Happy Birthday, America. Today you’re 241 years old. I’ve known you for almost a quarter of your life, so I know you well. You’ve always been my home. But lately I feel something has come between us; there’s been some misunderstandings and I would like to clear the air.
First of all, I love you. Like I said, you’re my home. I’ve been all over the world, but I’ve always come home to you. There’s so much I admire about you. Your energy, your creativity, your entrepreneurial spirit. You invented the blues, jazz, and rock ‘n’ roll. You’ve led the world for most of a century in science and technology. You even put a man on the moon! You came up with the idea of preserving vast tracts of your natural beauty through the genius of National Parks. (Some have suggested this is your best idea and I agree.) You’ve given us great artists like Walt Whitman, Harper Lee, and Bob Dylan. You provided refuge for great thinkers like Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, and Abraham Joshua Heschel. You opened your door to millions of immigrants from around the world — the poor looking for nothing more than safe haven and a new opportunity. You welcomed the Zahnds from Switzerland at the beginning of the last century. Indeed, you’re at your best when you live up to the lofty ideals of Lady Liberty.
Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
Yes, America, I love you…but not like that. Not in the way of supreme allegiance and unquestioned devotion. You see, my heart belongs to another. I’m a Christian and I confess that Jesus is Lord. The Savior of the world is the crucified and risen Son of God, not “We the People.” The gospel is the story of Jesus, not the American story. I know your 16th President claimed that America was “the last best hope of earth,” but it’s simply not true. The last best hope of earth is Jesus, not you.
Okay, brace yourself. I’m going to say some hard things.
Sometimes you embarrass yourself when you get drunk on hubris. At times you display an arrogance that borders on blasphemous. Take for example, The Apotheosis of Washington in the Capitol Rotunda. Obviously you know that apotheosis means to “make a god of” — because that’s clearly what you’re attempting to do with George Washington. You appropriated the Christian iconography of Christ ascended to heaven and replaced Jesus Christ with George Washington. Come on now! That’s a bit much, wouldn’t you say? Honored as the first President, fine. But made a god?! As if America is a divine creation or something like that. That’s a very unhealthy ego on display.
That’s what I mean when I say I love you, but not like that! If I loved you like that I would betray my baptism. I am betrothed by faith and baptism to Christ alone. Jesus told his followers, “whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, cannot be my disciple.” Obviously, Jesus doesn’t want his disciples to actually hate their parents, but he is making a point about the requirement of unrivaled allegiance. So, America, when people accuse me of hating you, please know it isn’t true. I don’t hate you. But I can’t allow you to rival my allegiance to Jesus. I can’t put you first. I have vowed to seek first the kingdom of God and you’ll just have to understand that.
Now that we’re this far into our difficult conversation I feel like I have to say some other things. It’s true that I love your energy, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. I love your amazing contributions to science and art. I love you because you’re my home. But there are things I don’t love about you.
Here we go.
I know you hate to be reminded of what you call “the past,” but the truth is it’s not past and you need to be reminded of it whether you like it or not. I’m talking about your twin original sins. The brutal enslavement of Africans for the sake of “The Economy” and the ethnic-cleansing of this land’s indigenous inhabitants. You seem willing to acknowledge the sin of slavery. (Though you still have a long, long way to go in righting the wrongs of racism.) But you appear incapable of acknowledging your other great sin — the sin of genocidal ethnic cleansing. You want to pretend it didn’t happen and get mad when I bring it up. But you’re going to have to face it. I don’t know exactly how you can atone for this sin, but I do know that you have to face the ugly fact that you built your nation on stolen land and buried bodies. You are Cain. You can receive the mercy of God as Cain did, but you have to be honest about what you did to your brother Abel. America, you’re my home, but my home is haunted by native ghosts.
So please try to be more humble. You don’t have to be great. It’s enough to be good. You don’t have to be so obsessed with being “Number One.” It’s enough to be a moral citizen among the community of nations. You don’t have to try to be “King of the World.” (Jesus already is!) And your obsession with possessing the means to kill — your trillion dollar war machine, two thousand nukes, billion dollar bombers, a new thirty billion dollar warship, and your 270 million guns! — scares me. It reminds me of something ominous that Jesus said. “All who take up the sword will die by the sword.” Please think about it.
America, I’m one of your citizens. And I love you like a sister. I’ll seek the common good. I’ll gladly pay my share to help provide for education, infrastructure, healthcare, emergency services, and everything else it takes to live in a civilized society. (I’d like for you to spend a lot less on bombs and killing machines, but I understand that’s not up to me.) Yes, America, I love you like a sister. But not like I love my Lord. Not like I love God. I cannot love you like that. I cannot pledge unconditional allegiance to you. But I can promise to be a good citizen by attempting to love my neighbor as myself.
On the Fourth of July I cannot worship you with the liturgies of civil religion, but I’ll gladly eat a hotdog in honor of your birthday and listen to some Johnny Cash. And better yet, I can pray that you would become more peaceable and just, more humble and kind. America, may God bless you to be good.
(The artwork is The Apotheosis of Washington by Constantino Brumidi, 1865, as seen in the rotunda of the United States Capitol. In the fresco George Washington is depicted as ascended to heaven where he reigns as a god, flanked by the goddesses of Liberty and Victory, thus forming an American Trinity.)

History: No Argument when a President tells it

And Now we come to Ephesians 6

Ephesians 6 - But it is the same use of faith as previously
As we come to this stage of our calling on earth people need.reminding.
How.did you receive salvation?
You heard the Word, it registered. You believed in your heart. You confessed.
Did you see anything first?

When you were.baptised in the Spirit, how did it happen? Did you see anything outwardly first?
You believed God's Word. Perhaps you were praising a God you cannot see or directly perceive
In your outward five senses.

In your outer world.of business,family, church. The testing ground of Ephesians before you
got to Ephesians 6, did you start to see victories because you saw things first, or because you believed in your God? Who made straight your paths? You? Or did you experience a straightening outside of yourself which you could never manage? Like power steering, yes you had a hand in something, but it of itself seemed to unlock things you could never of yourself have unlocked. Yes like Jericho you walked round that thing.....But no way were you responsible when those walls tumbled.

When in Ephesians 5 you awoke O sleeper. Did you awake by your own power, or.did you see your own death inside Jesus in Romans 6? In other words did this happen to you because you saw the outer first or because you saw it in God's Word and believed?

Sit and reign until all your enemies become your footstool.....
So that'll be some of my enemies Dad?
You heard me the first time Son
Ok Dad, Ill do it from here.

Based on all your experiences of faith so far, you begin to enter the big one. The one you were called for before the earth began. Ephesians 6.
How do you operate? Because, as Preterists you see all things already sorted with your senses and all over since 70AD? Or the same as ever before. With your senses you see nothing but trouble:
           A world in hoc to a few, who.seem impregnable. They have you on satellites. CCTV. They are about to chip you. If you are not in their secret organisational.structures it is hard to get a job. You have to advance their agendas, which are Bilderberg agendas.....more.military spending, more.conflicts, more terrorism, which means more "security" more Sercs, moreLGBT, more unisex, more transhumanism.....
But you have seen it before in your life now. Things never began with what you perceive. They began to change with the Word. The Ephesians 6 armour is you. Is.Christ as you according to Galatians 2.20.
As.He is so.are you in the world. This is your time to change the history of generations.
To say no to the same ever expanding cycles.
The Rock that smashes the feet of iron and clay
Is the same Rock on which the Keys.of the Kingdom opened the door
The Rock that Peter saw
God, in a man, incarnate
Now coming in you.

Fyodor Dostoevsky (a.k.a. Boyd Barrett) reviews Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God.

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Call no man pastor

Chuck Lawless writes old school telltale signs "that you need to pray for a pastor"
10 SIGNS YOUR PASTOR NEEDS PRAYER By Chuck Lawless • August 24, 2017
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“I’ve seen the most patient, giving pastors surprisingly lose their cool when other issues are weighing on them.”
RECENT STORIES10 Signs Your Pastor Needs Prayer
“I’ve seen the most patient, giving pastors surprisingly lose their cool when other issues are weighing on them.”
The Style of Your Church Doesn’t Matter (So Stop Judging)
“No wonder this world is often turned off by followers of Jesus. Lord, keep us from becoming Pharisees.”
10 Lessons for (Not Just) Younger Church Leaders
“If we desire personal growth, we have to get around people who are or have already been where we wish to go.”
I write this post as one who has served as a senior pastor, associate pastor and interim pastor. I know the times when I desperately wanted the increased prayers of my church for various reasons, but I was too private and arrogant to ask.
Based on my life and years of interactions with pastors, here are some signs you might watch for:
1. Pulling Away From People
Pastors who begin to disconnect from their people are likely dealing with something. Whatever it is, seclusion is seldom the answer.
2. Disorganization in Sermons
Pastors whose sermons unexpectedly begin to lose focus need our prayers. Something’s likely in the way of preparation.
3. Less Passion in the Pulpit
This one’s a subjective assessment, but you know when your pastors lack the fervor they used to have.
4. Fewer Stories of Day-to-Day Evangelism
When we carry heavy burdens—or are even dealing with private sin—we do less evangelism. That’s not a good sign.
5. Difficulty Listening
You know the scenario: You’re talking to someone, and that person is looking right past you. Pastors who no longer listen well are probably dealing with something else in their head.
6. Quickly Becoming Frustrated
I’ve seen the most patient, giving pastors surprisingly lose their cool when other issues are weighing on them.
7. Unfinished Tasks
Leaders who are increasingly distracted often fail to complete tasks they almost always finished in less-stressed days.
8. Forgetfulness
It happens to all of us on some days, but struggling pastors are often more inclined to forgetting their commitments, appointments, etc.
9. Burdened Spouse
Sometimes you can first tell something’s heavy because you see the weight in the eyes of the pastor’s spouse. A family is at times more obviously burdened than the pastor is.
10. Denial
When seemingly distracted pastors deny they’re dealing with something, that very denial should be a call to prayer. Take the signal—and hit your knees on behalf of your pastor.
What might you add to this list?
Well what I'd like to add to this list Chuck is that no scripture anywhere talks about one man heading up any church anywhere. I think you may have that confused with Jews, synagogues and Rabbis.
The "one man " technology was bought wholesale with Catholicism. in the Bible there are elders over local churches, plural, and all sorts of recognised ministry callings, all functioning along side each other.
Apostles ,prophets, pastors, teachers evangelists, discerners of spirits,administrators, helps. A pastor is not a designated head over anything, so right there most of your examples are registers of illegal burnout caused by nobody reading the scriptures and learning from the Holy Spirit what a church really is. But i guess Chuck , actually putting things right would be too much for your generation, so thirdlevel Christianity will have to wait , like the Israelites for the next generation down. When are you planning to die?
3 Cecilia Tacuboy Urian, Andrew Thurner and Paul Noble
Paul Noble
Paul Noble This list is like someone talking about crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship when we have air travel!

Explaining why the last phase is taking some time.

Lara Croft passed through an unimaginable series of graphics until finally being reinvented as a feisty every day look female that both men and women would feel happy working with, and not just hormonal young men .

Anybody ever play computer games?
Or platform games on the older consoles.
The idea is you have to complete one level before you have collected enough skills and equipment to even think about the next level.

So think about the Israelites leaving Egypt. Now it's one thing bringing forth one family prototype in three generations.... Abraham Isaac and Jacob....

But rolling the whole thing out among was it by then 2 million including kids?
That is quite another thing.
Are you all aware exactly how long the Israelites were in Egypt? 390 years was it? I know the exact no. Of years prophesied to Abraham was fulfilled to the day!!!!

There's a tendency in bless me Christianity to forget that God Meant those years.
And back in Genesis, Frank Viola has pointed out God meant Adam to be face to face with animals that all had male and female as he named them....
But errrrr..... where was his female????
That cry that went up in Adams soul WAS Meant.
The cry that went up in Rachel and Leah's hearts as each taunted the other was meant. And they produced 12 progenitors of tribes between them.
Samuels mum was MEANT to cry to the Lord over her barrenness
In Isaiah 54.... Israel or the church is meant to be crying over her barrenness!!

And this was the real birth of Israel the nation. The birth of their faith muscle.
The whole scenario was the womb, the necessary womb.

This is such an important understanding. The way the devil drills into our mind, all day long the Lord is being cursed for all the groaning and writhing of this current creation....
For all the things that go wrong....
For how hard sometimes basic processes are....

But this is all to squeeze us like toothpaste into the next stage.
See Romans 8.

Then, we get to the second stage, where it's not just a long protracted cry for deliverance, but after Passover and the Red Sea, much like our own Christian lives we enter into specific test after test after test.
This builds a very specific faith....
For God the I Am to manifest Himself according to whatever is needed.
But overall El Shaddai..... the supplier.

It's only 11 days journey.
11 days nothing!!! What takes the time is building faith on the insides sufficient to be able to takeover a whole Land..... up and running.... current....and take it over from giants.

The first generation never dealt with their bitterness ..... their capacity to see evil....
So they ruled themselves out when faced with Giants....
They just didn't go up when they were meant to go up.

So you see what I am really saying about the Feast of Tabernacles.... going up into our corporate Land....

Our generation when faced with this message, fresh out of the charismatic move in the mid 70s...... no way were we ready for the next phase. And we found our own level, refused all the people bringing the thirdlevel message in the late 70s.... and there our generation has stayed walking round praise mountain for an endless 40 years without actually engaging with the thirdlevel..... as described most articulately by Norman Grubb in the book Yes I Am
second facebook post
Following on from what I wrote this morning......which has now magically reappeared....
I was.talking.of.Israel's history in terms of a computer game......Where is complete then there are the necessary begin coping with t he next step change.
Here's.another way to think ...think Kingdom materialising.
You remember, like the cloud of.rain that appeared.first " the size.of.a man's hand." to quote the description of.Elijah as he prayed.
Now think of dimensions.
First a singularity.....a dot
Then a line
Then a plane
Then three dimensions......a in 3D. have Abraham.Isaac.And.Jacob faithing in the concept of.Kingdom on earth
But died without ever seeing the city that comes.down.from above, as it says in Hebrews 11.
Then this single dimension of.the Kingdom.was.drawn not as.a dot, but now.a.full.fledged one.dimensional.line, as the rest of.Israel adopt the lifestyle.of the patriarchs.
Then eventually.Jesus.came. But there are.almost two Jesuses. There's the Jesus of.Nazareth Jesus.who.had an earthly ministry and who announced the Kingdom is at hand.
He.was taking the linear version of.the Kingdom and.yanking it kicking and.screaming in t o a.full two-dimensional longer linear but two.dimensions.....a plane.
Still not real life.though. Definitely on its way through ,because the midst in meetings.And.gatherings after Acts 2.
But Jesus isn't just the earthly Jesus. He sowed this form into the ground and.rose.again with a new.body and.a.New.form as the heavenly Jesus. In this way the Cross stands as the hinge point.
Jesus is.eternally the cornerstone of this.New Temple.
But guess what.....if.Abraham Isaac.And.Jacob be the people to bring in the nation their believing
And if.the nation of.Israel were bringing in the Messiah and the whole new thing of the Kingdom in two dimensions...
You've now.guessed what the task of.the supernatural born church is.....?????
To believe in, to faith in the final.dimensions. of.the Kingdom......the full three.dimensions by which the Kingdom manifests in real time on earth.
It takes a mature church to be tasked with birthing it.
Now.can you understand the resistance against attempts at killing it by religion......the temptation to get altogether here online.
But no, nothing less than a unified.psalm 133 church is being tasked with calling into being the cry of the ages
Lord. Thy Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven.
A.3D city in every locality on earth

Bilderberg, Chips and the Israeli army

It's not the fact that implanted chips are being rolled out in Sweden. Implanted pacemakers have been going for.some time as well as.many other surgeries.
I object to the fact that an unelected elite drawn from the Council of 300 gather together as the Bilderberg group and then without anybody else's discussions proceed to foist their decade-long plans a stage further into implementation.
If you search my Facebook timeline somewhere is a graphic of all the main 2014 Bilderberg determinations....or.Diktats.
Encourage the last few.businesses to cards bringing the monthly costs right down.
Rollout payment systems on phones
Begin chipping the world
And.doubtless the drive for.unisex, complete blurring of.the sexes.
I hadn't put two and two until recently , but everywhere you see the drive.for.unisex you see the same Elite groups at work.
Of 80% owned by Rothschild is going to be the first to and.women in their official army.....Israel. Traditionally men went into.war and allowed themselves to be psychologically tortured by it as frontline people. It does not help.a.nurturing society to.have the females all psychologically hardened and in many cases damaged then being the main ones.raising the next generation. It creates a.society that is detached and where the State itself acquires far too great an importance, as we Fascism and Communism.

Where administration becomes more than administration

Administration is administration. The elders in the gates.
But then Israel turned their back on the King who spoke through prophets.
We will have a king.
But they will tax you severely,.said the Lord.
Nevertheless we will have a king class, just like all the other people's.
And since that time it has been so. VAT now is taken upon a fifth of all transactions.
Just in our own lifetime this would have seemed ludicrous.
We have lived in a world of.the ruled over. And.barons have fought to reduce the kings powers.
In churches we are ruled over by priests,vicar and pastors and support them through an Old.Testament tithing system.
But basically it's all one reality, where we will not have God rule over us but choose the Oppressor in His stead. This must be the ultimate slap in the face for one who has provided us with all things and every spiritual blessing.
Now States are no longer administrations but oppressive in their own right, having failed to fight off oppressors, but instead are spiritually weak and are compromised by them.
Where weakness is ,spiritual compromise reigns.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Past the Foliage

Santo Calarco
2 hrs ·
Let's get real.
The absurdity of religion.
1. 15-year-old girl repeatedly raped.
2. Rapist sentenced to prison.
3. Soon after girl goes to a Bible camp and shes asked to repeat the sinners prayer to be saved.
She refuses… She is emotionally and spiritually damaged from the rape ... She Can't believe in this God who allowed her to be repeatedly raped!
4. She leaves the Bible camp gets hit by a bus and dies… She goes straight to hell for all eternity!
5. The rapist however says The sinners prayer in prison… He dies and goes to heaven.
This is what western religion believes!
What's my comment?
Yeah right!!!
The father of Jesus would restore both relationally and individually after death.
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Michael Albert Cuypers
Michael Albert Cuypers Hah@
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Paul Myers
Paul Myers The ♥️ of it all.. this thing called life..
The universe is a confusing place. No one asked to exist in the first place, but here we find ourselves in these bodies, going through much suffering, trying to find some meaning, and finally ending in wearing out and dying. While we can put our faith in a theory of the meaning of all this, there is no one who actually knows what the right theory is. All of us have different ideas of what God is like, or if there is a God at all. If we are honest, it's all up for debate. People don't reject the gospel because they know it's true and just don't want the truth. They are just sincerely convinced of something else, or perhaps they were presented a bad version of the gospel. Existence is perplexing. Meaningless suffering and injustice happen. We didn't ask for any of this. God remains invisible and debatable.
What's my point? The idea of a God who is angry with the human race is absurd. It cannot be stressed enough how absurd the idea of eternal torment is. Given our situation, that is the most absurd and unjust thing anyone could ever possibly think of. The idea is unfathomably asinine that there is a hidden God who is so angry at us little creatures for not getting him right when we are all just confused and indoctrinated into our particular cultural worldview. The fact that anyone ever believed in such is a testament to how gullible fear makes humans.
I absolutely believe in God, if you want to call it that. A personality and presence breathing through existence who gives reason to being and is summoning all things to a revelation of love. When this whole thing is consummated it's going to be bigger and better and more happy than any of us could have ever imagined. Meanwhile, we are in the middle of a cosmic drama and we have a part to play to awaken to the beauty of love and help awaken others, to ease suffering, and liberate captives, to be the face of God to each other.
~ Jacob M. Wright
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Michael Albert Cuypers
Michael Albert Cuypers Amen Jacob
Like · Reply · 1 · 38 mins
Dave Windhorn
Dave Windhorn In the end they will both love Jesus and each other because that's what it's all about!!
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Rodney Spencer Davis
Rodney Spencer Davis Alrighty then!!
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch The mists and the fogs are NOT about torment....
The mists and the fogs are about people who will press through
their own figleaves
will press through everybody else's foliage
will press through the Adamic to find the lifegiving Spirit.
Romans 12.2 as announced by Richard Wurmbrand simply talks straight to some of what Paul Myers just said....

Romans 12 .2 says we are on a proof mission....not that we as flesh can prove anything...
But as Job my flesh I will see God....
Or as the apostles put it
This life that we have touched tasted and handled we now pass on to you.
God is Spirit thats the first hurdle when we a in the West are almost totally leftbrain.....
There's what Blaise Pascale calls "Le Pari" or Norman Grubb calls the risk of faith, the "freefall of faith".

But to say "While we can put our faith in a theory of the meaning of all this, there is no one who actually knows what the right theory is. " is absolutely not true at all. What is better to say is that LIFE presses us through into knowing bits of Christ.....not intellectually only...but as our very fabric, our flesh our substance.

In Ephesians 4 it says when each joint is working properly it supplies that particualr part of Christ certainty and Christ knowhow to build the rest of the Body.

A related link is here This Body (of Christ) has Apps

The Body of Christ has Apps!
A blog about mature Christianity and 1 John 2

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Yes It's time to go Beyond

Well you can't help be stirred by present politics in the media. It's like the whole of the bipartisan choice system, erroneously called democracy, is creaking and groaning under its own old age.
And in direct parallel, since all things are parallel, we have come to the end of pyramid church. Both systems, which in the Spirit are exactly the same under close have one of those Diversion signs that says," you cannot cross beyond this point."
Here's the thing I feel God has slipped into my insides.
Corporately speaking the whole of history has NOT MOVED ON from the days of Moses going up the Mountain.
i will repeat that.
Essentially NOTHING has changed in the Spirit on a corporate level since Moses asked "who will follow me into God's Presence up in the Mountain?" and absolutely everybody stayed down below.
Ever since then we have remained below.
We have even caught glimpses of how things should be....namely the greeks seeing democracy....and
staying below, we have tried to shoehorn it into planet earth.
But the "glass slipper" won't fit ugly sisters.
Back up a little bit.
Jerusalem's gates. They all have meaning. Unknown to most of the earth's citizens we have been trekking round Jerusalem's Gates.
We now come to the 10th Gate.
The Gate announced consciously or not by people like Lance Wallnau and Ian Clayton and Justin Abraham.
The 10th Gate is the Gate of Miphkad.
Miphkad means judgment.
Somewhere in the middle of this time period....well make that , beginning 1215, then much more so 1600s onward....
KINGS started to lose their power to banking systems....
But have no mistake about it.....
The elders of Israel socalled (as in the protocols) and also the Jesuits.....which actually contain some of the same personnages.....
In churches we have a mixture. We have a Pyramid Vicar or Pyramid priest or pyramid pastor, but we also have boards of elders, and denominational infrastructure.
Kind of 2 HOUSES battling out policy
Keeping a check on the other....
Remember this key principle....
Until the sons are mature God never gives over the world to anarchy.....He preserves a scaffolding until the Building has come
He instals a Master to lead us to Christ....
He instals NOT anarchy but a rule of outer LAW until the inner law has arrived.
Well that time has now come.
YOU SEE CONTINGENT UPON CHANGING THE WORLD SYSTEM is not Lance Wallnau's ideas of doing 7 mountain copies of what the Freemasons have already accomplished.....
Is US CHANGING SOMETHING from the days of Moses.
We have to repent of our Zeus mentality....
Our comic book hero ideas
Our gods
Our " Hey you go up the mountain for us"
"You face the blackness and the thunderstorms surrounding God's Presence"
Greater things shall you do because I go to the Father
Whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven
Whatsoever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven
Whatever you ask IN MY NAME.......shall be done for you.
Essentially asking a pastor to rule over you, and that is not anywhere in the Bible....apart from obeying instructions to GET TO KNOW THE LORD HIMSELF.....thats all a pastor is....
But enthroning a pastor over a local body of Christ is nowhere to be found in the Bible....
And that whole spirit that drives that is the same spirit of 3- 4000 years ago of refusing to go up into the mountain ourselves and pushing Moses up there......" to be our spokesman"...
that is the spirit which maintains the current "order " in churches, and which drives the Old Testament Tithe paying mentality.
Giving is a lot more fluid and unspecified in the New Covenant.
Well it IS SPECIFIED....right here and everything comes out of it
Romans 12. 1
Therefore ....(ie because of all the teachings from Romans 1 through 11)
I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, [a]acceptable to God, which is your [b]spiritual service of worship. 2 And do not be conformed to this [c]world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may [d]prove what the will of God is, that which is good and [e]acceptable and perfect.
it is up to you through the work of the Holy Spirit within you
to be working on Proverbs 3.5.7
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your insight, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.
The reason our paths have not substantially changed...
ie we have the same basic coarse management of our daily affairs, allbeit through ostensible bipartisan politics....
Trump v Clinton etc etc
is because we have not set our minds on the Spirit as Paul commanded
we are still leftbrain locked and trusting our own insight implicitly
and not obeying anything to do with Romans 12 .1 and 2
so essentially our churches are run the same as ever
and our natural daily lives are run the same as ever.
It's a change of consciousness we need. Galatians 2.20 consciousness.

Thursday 17 August 2017


Chris Welch :Do I believe in Church attendance?
Not sure. I believe in many people living and worshipping together 
as they discover Galatians 2:20 consciousness.
Is that the same thing? Not yet,on planet earth.

This article is courtesy of Missio Alliance, an organization dedicated to equipping the church for fuller and more faithful participation in God’s mission. For more resources, including articles, videos, podcasts and more, go to

Going to church is one of the spiritual disciplines that forms us into Christlike people. As we meet with others, pray, engage in hospitality, encourage one another and read God’s Word together, we are shaped into the people of God.

James K.A. Smith, in his article “Alternative Liturgy: Social Media as Ritual,” says that these kinds of rituals or liturgies shape our imaginations:

Liturgies are covert incubators of the imagination, because they play the strings of our aesthetic hearts. Liturgies traffic in the dynamics of metaphor and narrative and drama; they are performed pictures of the good life that capture our imagination and thus orient our love and longing. By an aesthetic alchemy, liturgies implant in us a vision for a world and way of life that attracts us so that, on some unconscious level, we say to ourselves: ‘I want to go there.’ And we act accordingly.

As we practice the discipline of gathering as a church, our imaginations are meant to be fashioned and fueled. We begin to long for a certain kind of world as we engage in worship. Hopefully we long for the alternate reality we call the rule of God, expressive of shalom, which is about peace, justice, wholeness, reconciliation, mercy and truth. Then, as we envision it, we begin to practice living a life in that reality.

However, this ideal does not always manifest itself. In fact, I think “going to church” can sometimes run counter to this purpose of transforming God’s church into a people who embody shalom.

I often wonder whether the practice of “going to church” is shaping Christians into people who flesh out the practices and posture of shalom in our world, or whether the practice of going to church inhibits that purpose. I know this sounds like a contentious statement. We know the benefits of church attendance, but could there be pitfalls and temptations in the practice of “going to church” that can draw us away from the mission of God?

Here are four ways church attendance can be a stumbling block for mission.

1. We can feel as though “going to church” makes us good Christians.

Christians have been taught to think that if we attend church regularly, we are obeying a well-established rule set out for us so that we might become good Christians. This is potentially legalistic and can take the place of a meaningful relationship with God.

The temptation can be to think that if we go to church, we are then doing enough to be followers of Jesus. The focus here is primarily on attending church rather than engaging with God’s mission. Of course, the two things should not necessarily cancel each other out.

2. Church participation can keep us busy and therefore satisfied.

Churches have many programs, events and weekly meetings that Christians are expected to attend. Our culture places a high value on busyness, so sometimes it can seem that if we are busy, it means we are living meaningful lives. This attitude has infiltrated the church. We believe that if we are busy, then we are hard at work for God at ministry.

Sometimes, however, church programs are more about keeping the internal machinery of the church going—that is, survival. When this happens, and Christians get caught up in this busyness for the survival of the church, it hinders God’s mission. We might feel satisfied that we are doing “God’s work,” but it can in fact be shaping us to be inward-oriented rather than missionally focused.

3. Church can foster a sense of dualism.

We are very good at discerning the Spirit of God in our churches, but we are more ambivalent about what it looks like to discern God’s Spirit in the world. How is God active in our neighborhoods? Where is God in our workplace? Is church ministry elevated above the call God has placed on the lives of doctors, cleaners, architects and technology consultants, for example?

Going to church can sometimes foster a sense that we are moving into, and then out of, God’s presence when we enter and leave the gatherings. This stops us from participating in God’s mission in our neighborhoods and society.

4. Going to church can make us feel safe.

Church can make us feel comfortable. On one hand, this is for meeting together as Christians. We gather to practice the habits of an alternate world, and we get a glimpse into the coming kingdom. That ought to fill us with hope, longing and comfort.

However, if we are not prepared to interact with a world that is broken and sinful, if we fail to see brokenness and sin in the church, if we stop lamenting and crying out to God for a new universe, then we are being shaped into safe, comfortable Christians who will avoid the radical call to join with God in his mission.

5. We can turn into hearers, not doers.

When we attend church, it can be a consumerist experience in which we listen and receive doctrine. This fosters a passive stance. We evangelicals love our theology, worship songs and doctrines. But what produces transformation is taking action and putting into practice what we hear on the platforms of our churches.

We become witnesses to the gospel as we embody the gospel, not merely talk about it. In this way, a watching world will point to us and say, “There is the gospel among those people. There is shalom. There is the reality of another kind of world.” An embodied apologetic is important in a world that is highly suspicious of the church today.

Am I saying that we should stop going to church? No. But I do believe that we can rethink what gathering as the people of God looks like, and the structure of our gatherings can reflect this.

The practice and structure of church gatherings must not disable our mission. The church is God’s light in the world, and it exists for the purpose of God’s mission, not for the sake of itself. When going to church becomes an end in itself, it frustrates mission.

We need to gather as the church to worship God together—but worship is always about being formed by the Holy Spirit, who sends us out on mission when we leave where we meet. That’s what makes the heartbeat of the church quicken, when it is motivated by self-sacrificing love, so that our world sees the attractive face of Christ in the people of God. As we practice the values of the reign of God, we are transformed into those who truly see and hear.

As Sarah Bessey says, “We’ll practice the ways of Jesus, over and over, until the scales fall from our eyes and our ears begin to hear.”

As God’s people, this must be the purpose of our gatherings.

Karina Kreminski is lecturer in missional studies at Morling College Sydney in Australia. Before that, she led and pastored a church for 13 years. This article was originally published on

Friday 11 August 2017

See What you think ? II - Further clarifications of the world of "As" by Kay Fairchild

This really merits staring into.......

Kay Fairchild
18 hrs · Fort Wayne, IN, United States ·
As an addendum to my last post about our never being in the first Adam, let us draw Romans 5:12,18-19 into the subject, which records: "Wherefore AS (remember what I said about the word 'as' in the last post? It was 'AS' we were in the first Adam, but always existed in Christ) by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned." Again, we have the word 'as' which conveys the idea that it was AS we inherited Adam's sin and death. Now certainly, all mankind believed the lie, had mistaken identity, and therefore experienced death, but as we pointed out in the last post, it was AS we WERE in one (Adam) which we really never were in. It was a Jewish belief that man was conceived in iniquity and born in sin, not God's perception of us. Then verse 18 records: "Therefore AS by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life." Another way of saying that is: "To be carnally minded IS death," which brings condemnation. If one believes himself to be in Adam he will certainly live out of a 'sense' of adamic life, and will experience the Romans 7 type of 'up and down' life. But if he will realize that 'what God does NOTHING can be added or taken away from it' according to Ecclesiastes 3:14, and that from our Father's perspective we have never been in the first Adam, then as verse 18 infers 'there will be no condemnation'. Condemnation is a heart/awareness issue rather than a 'being in Adam' reality. The Scripture says that "If our HEART condemns us, God is greater than our heart." When God came to Adam asking: "Adam, where are you?" Adam replied: "I was afraid and ashamed so I hid my SELF." Our true identity has been hidden from ourselves because of a false belief--We have hidden our self from our self, and now we must show the house to the house! Remember, the word 'sat' in Matt. 4:16 where it records that 'the people SAT in darkness'; that word 'sat' means, To seat one's self. We sat ourselves in darkness and obscurity not knowing ourselves perfectly; not because we inherited darkness from Adam's fall, but through the conditioning of our mind and religion. The reason we have sin, sickness, poverty and death in the world today is because of the individual and universal belief of good and evil. The last part of verse 18 uses the word 'shall' which again, is 'exists'. Therefore it infers that by one man's disobedience it was AS THOUGH we were in Adam because we believed we were, while all along we existed in the righteous One--Christ! That was always our Father's perspective concerning all of mankind. However, man believed the 'religious' perspective rather than the Father's perception.
Then verse 19 records: "For AS by one man's disobedience many were made sinners (Where were we alienated and enemies or made sinners? IN OUR MIND according to Col 1:21), so by the obedience of one shall ('Shall' is exists) many or all EXIST as righteous" (Paraphrased). So, in our minds we were conditioned to believe that we were alienated and enemies because of Adam's transgression, while all along we existed in/as Christ.
In order to get our Father's perspective on truth, we must begin to see the 'big picture' rather than taking several isolated verses of Scripture while trying to build a doctrine. There are many truths that convey the reality of our never having been in the first Adam. If we will listen by the Spirit we will hear the love of the Father echoing from within: "WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED AND VOID OF MY LIFE-- I NEVER TOLD YOU THAT!" Then as you hear from within, He will clothe your awareness with the quickening reality of your eternal identity! This is what Jesus paid such a tremendous price for; to reveal and bring to light the awesome reality of our eternal identity, salvation, redemption and inheritance, and to ask us who told us that we were ever in the first Adam!
These posts are available as youtube presentations and on my facebook page as well. #Kay Fairchild
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82 Gene Chapman, Cathy Rheeder and 80 others
Billy Burris
Billy Burris Thank you, Kay!
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Lynn Spinks
Lynn Spinks thank you! this is soo good. but just as a point of clarification, when the verse uses 'as' and then goes on to say 'even so', doesn't that equate to the same thing? at least grammatically? I am just very cautious about taking in the full context and i...See more
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Lynn Spinks
Lynn Spinks the subject there is the single act 'offense' vs. righteous act....?
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Kay Fairchild
Kay Fairchild "Even so" means: In spite of that or nevertheless. So in spite of the fact that we thought we were in the first Adam and experienced condemnation as a result, nevertheless we were always in Christ.
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Lynn Spinks replied · 2 Replies
Jennifer Vetter-Gunter
Jennifer Vetter-Gunter 😭♥️ I Am a blubbering MESS at this moment..
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Jennifer Vetter-Gunter
Jennifer Vetter-Gunter Christina ♥️
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Christina Monteil Jans
Christina Monteil Jans Jennifer Vetter-Gunter Just read it! I'm overwhelmed!! 😳. Awesome!
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Chris Welch

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Michael Porter
Michael Porter What a great truth and beautiful examination of that truth. You words continue to enlighten and awaken, the Spirit says amen, and I agree. Thank you for sharing
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Carol Anderson
Carol Anderson I see Adam was never in Adam either❤️ He was always in Christ.
And Adam ( mankind ) will always be in CHRIST ❤️
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Kay Fairchild
Kay Fairchild His identity never changed, only in his awareness did he embrace carnality which is death. Romans records that he IS the type or figure of Him who was to come. If his identity changed it would say: Adam WAS the type or figure of He who was to come.
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Carol Anderson
Carol Anderson Amen!!!! I see that for the first time.. he was the type and figure of HE who was to come.. thank you Kay!
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Kay Fairchild
Kay Fairchild Just as the prodigal remained a son of God even though his awareness took him to a place where he wasted his inheritance on riotous living, so Adam remained a son of God as far as identity was concerned.
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Carol Anderson
Carol Anderson Kay Fairchild no separation ❤️
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Chris Welch

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Lori Zwirecki Craine
Lori Zwirecki Craine As it was in the beginning so shall , exist, in the end, it is finished. Some remain on detour, some by pass and live spontaneously in Christ.
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Carol Anderson
Carol Anderson Love that Lori!!!HE sees the end " from" the beginning ❤️
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Chris Welch

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John Parrish
John Parrish Thank you sister k
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Jimmie Donald Lewis
Jimmie Donald Lewis AS He is So are we, even As just as So are we.
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Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson I was just talking to HIM about this! Awesome
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Christina Monteil Jans
Christina Monteil Jans This is awesome! What a revelation and confirmation! Took my breath away; rather I mean breath giving and refreshing!! 😃 Overwhelming tears! 😭
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David King
David King Lee O'Hare
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Lee O'Hare replied · 1 Reply
David Williams
David Williams Love it!
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Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith This whole message is wonderful Kay - The fact that we never were in Adam is fairly new to me, & is an overflow of JOY! Glory! Thank & bless you!
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Annette Hatfield Trent
Annette Hatfield Trent Dont know why someone posted angry face icon...truth is nothing to get mad over 😊
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Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith Annette , he is someone I know, & think he accidentally clicked the wrong button. Lol 😂
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Annette Hatfield Trent
Annette Hatfield Trent Carolyn Smith lol that happens . The darn icons are so tiny
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Chris Welch

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Victoria Blanco
Victoria Blanco So refreshing!!!! Thank you kay!!!!
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Andre Chaisson
Andre Chaisson Amen ! We have to go back to the beginning !
We were chosen "in" Him before ; "before" the foundation of the world ! ( "before" Adam) !!!
Jesus said : " ...I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end !!! (Rev 22:13)...See more
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Joan Mayes
Joan Mayes So glad Kay I am now listen to a counselor that speaks the truth concerning our Heavenly Father!!
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Mike G. Ward
Mike G. Ward Kay, that was the most informative definition of being in Adam and not being in Adam that I have ever heard I think it was marvelous and all scripture based thank you so much I enjoy reading you God bless you
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Gary Sigler
Gary Sigler Wonderful Kay
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Cecil Cockerham
Cecil Cockerham AWESOME, Kay!!! Doc Cecil "Your friend for life"
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Michele Martini
Michele Martini "I was afraid and ashamed so I hid my SELF." -WOW!!! Powerful!!! Love this teaching!!!❤ Thank u, Kay!!
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John Ellis
John Ellis Thank You for sharing another really good one Kay.
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Jody Sink
Jody Sink Yes and Amen!
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Tracy Gale
Tracy Gale Corrie Lee Drankowsky
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Leonard Gregory
Leonard Gregory ❤
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Mark Sullivan on Judgment

Mark Sullivan
7 hrs ·
Wow, CA(not me , some other) you are so judgmental...
As sooo many are not content with the Good News unless it includes Judgement,
I will judge still more:
Daily judgment:
I hereby judge sin's claim that you incurred a debt of unpaid wages as true and valid.
"for all have sinned
and fall short of the glory of God,"
-- Romans 3:23
"For the wages of sin is death"
-- Romans 6:24a
I further judge you as
justified from guilt of sin,
and reconciled to God
through the ransom
Jesus Christ paid sin
by dying at the Cross,
paying sin its wage,
ransoming you from
every claim of sin had
against you.
"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus." --Romans 3:23-24
"the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
-- Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45
"... God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people's sins against them.
And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation."
-- 2 Corinthians 5:19
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3 3
Patty Sabine
Patty Sabine Amen
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Billi Kraft
Billi Kraft Yes
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch It is my belief that the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin righteousness and judgment.... in a manner of shaking that which can be shaken..... yet once more will I shake the heavens and the earth.....
And the Rock remains .
I think as you have stated here judgment is a complete package judging error and reinstalling righteousness. Perhaps we are too used to human courts which are "Dumbasses".... not proactive at all.... just about a slammer/ jail.
God as the righteous Judge is about a solution... namely His own indestructible life as it says in Hebrews
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Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan Right on!!!

Thursday 10 August 2017

See what you think?

This is one of Kay Fairchild's most recent articles on Facebook, and I put some of my thoughts to Sylvia Pearce.

‎Chris Welch‎ to Sylvia Pearce
Just now ·
Kay Fairchild wrote this and I think Andre Rabe would be more or less here.
I am kind of here but I will put my comments afterward.
I Cor. 15:22 records: "For AS in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall (The word 'shall' infers that it 'exists'. in Greek It is #5409-5411 to bear or wear as clothing or a constant accompaniment; we wear/ bear the image) all be made alive." What this verse is conveying is that we thought we were in Adam, but always existed (wore/bore His image) in and as Christ. For example, if one were going to a costume party and dresses up as a character that they really are not in real life, we would say that they went AS a certain person. We would know that the person that they went AS is not who they are. How could we exist as two people? Jesus spoke a parable and said that there would be two women grinding at the mill, one would be taken and the other left. There would be two men in a bed, one would be taken and the other left. I recall hearing teaching many years ago that stated that we are no longer an old man (of course it was taught erroneously that we were an old man, but Jesus' crucifixion killed the old man), but it was taught that since the old man is dead we still have an old woman; meaning that we had a carnal mind. We have since learned that there is only one Mind, and that is the Mind of Christ. It may look at times that we have a carnal mind, but in reality it only appears that way from appearances when we act or think carnally. Scripture records over and over that we have the Mind of Christ. The old woman concept was only a false awareness. Thank God that false idea has been taken from our awareness/thinking as Jesus said in the parable. It was taken through the proper understanding. Then the old man being taken was the false awareness that we were in Adam, and Jesus went to the Cross to take us out of Adam and put us into Himself. When a person BELIEVES himself to be in Adam he will live out of a 'sense' of adamic life, because 'as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (ruled by) in his experience'. Jesus' going to the Cross, in fact His incarnation, His life, ministry, death, burial and resurrection REVEALED that we were eternally in Him from before time began (Eph. 1:4 & II Tim.1:9). When a reality is revealed we then can fully experience and walk in that which was always true of us. Heb. 9:12 states that His blood OBTAINED eternal redemption for us. The word 'obtained' in Greek means: To see, To perceive and To find (or to discover), that which is eternal, or was always true of us where redemption is concerned.
The Jews were the ones that believed that man was conceived in iniquity and born in sin, therefore David penned those words of himself; and religion has adopted it as the reality of all mankind. That which released sin, sickness, poverty and death into the world was not what Adam did, but was the universal belief in good and evil that man believed, apart from what Adam did. We had our minds conditioned from our parents and religion. We came here knowing all things in our spirit, but were conditioned mentally. That is what Col. 1:21 records; that we were alienated and enemies IN OUR MIND. Ezekiel said, 'don't say that the fathers ate the sour grapes and it set the children's teeth on edge'. In other words, do not say that we inherited a sin nature or Adamic identity from what Adam did. That doesn't even make any 'good sense' that God would allow what someone ELSE did, to cause us to inherit death. Dt. 24:16 records: "The fathers shall not be put to death for the children; neither the children be put to death for the fathers; EVERY MAN SHALL BE PUT TO DEATH FOR HIS OWN SIN." Ezek. 18: 19-20 records: "Yet say ye, why? doth not the son bear the iniquity of the father (in this case Adam)? When the son hath done that which is lawful and right, and hath kept all my statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live. THE SOUL THAT SINNETH SHALL DIE. The son shall NOT bear the iniquity of the father." The inference is that we did not inherit anything from what Adam did. Our own carnal awareness of sin which is mistaken identity, IS death.
Eccl. 7:29 records: "Lo, this only have I found, that God HATH made man UPRIGHT; but THEY have sought out many INVENTIONS." The word inventions means: To think and imagine vain imaginations. In Matt. 4:16 where it refers to the people who 'SAT in darkness', the word 'sat' means: TO SEAT ONE'S SELF. Adam didn't seat us there, we sat ourselves there by believing the lie about our identity.
Eph. 2:3 records: "Among whom also we ALL had our conversation in times past in THE LUSTS OF OUR FLESH, FULFILLING THE DESIRES OF THE FLESH (legalism) AND OF THE MIND; and were (Where?-- in our mind Col. 1:21) by nature the children of wrath, even as others." Rom. 5:19 records: "For AS by one man's disobedience many were made sinners (Where? IN THEIR MINDS according to Col. 1:21 and Eph. 2:3), so by the obedience of one shall (Meaning exists) many be made righteous." The words 'be made' infer realizing who we are-who we have been from eternity. So in other words, man believed himself to be AS one that he was not, while all along existing in/as Christ. Go figure!
My thinking goes something like this (Chris Welch)
The condition known as the world, the flesh and the devil which is a linked condition around the spirit of sin....
Daniel seems to be saying in his prophecy is that that condition, that Government, will be struck at its clay and iron feet, and the whole lot will come down.
Prophecies speak of the devil being driven off the earth.
I think its generally true that most union believers were largely evangelical in belief and like Brian Coatney and Roel Velema relate this with Jesus return.
Those of my generation felt the voice of the Holy Spirit stripping all that former belief system out mostly by the phrase in the Bible which says
Sit at my right hand UNTIL all your enemies are made your footstool....
which implies Jesus doesn't get let off the hook that easily and has to take His new Lordship position seriously, and do it all from the Throne room....
Giving Himself as it says in Ephesians as Head to the Church.
The Government is not (on earth at least) on the HEAD
it is upon His shoulders.
The traditions of man made this the Catholic church's heirarchical structure of rule in the earth. They firmly believe that their "Inquisitions", their secret orders military and religious, the CIA the FBI....all their religious wars against any "heresies" not submitted to them.....are God's rule in the earth. They are largely responsible for the slaughters in the earth either, solely or shared responsiblity. Much of the history of the Balkans comes out of their false belief system that they have the mind of Christ other people's not submitting to the Pope don't.
I say that to state they take seriously the fact that the church are involved. For me it is all an incredible Ishmael. A work of the flesh.
The Government shall be Upon His shoulders is taken I believe, though no human has told me, from the type of the mechanism by which the Ark was transported. Upon the shoulders of the Levitical priests.
Now that has become Romans 12.1 and intercession.
Christ is our first Lamb operator in the earth.
Then Paul is our greatest Biblical prototype, as well as the other apostles. One may call this
But to cut a long story short
Just as Goliath was no more and Israelites didnt have to do their daily line up.
just as the Hittites and Jesbusites and so on DID get driven from Canaan
so....Daniel says.....the whole of the Beast system is going tobe driven BY THE ROCK into oblivion.
Now imagine what Kay is writing about in such a scenario.
Imagine a world where
the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea
imagine a world where we know that there is only One sole source of living....
it's surely going to be more like what Kay is writing.
As our identity is spirit and not soul or thinking or feelings....
I believe Kay is wrong.
I believe certainly at present we NEED to be born again
we NEED to have our false identity at spirit level kicked out of us, we need to be born again from on high.
This doesn't make sin any more a real existence.
Satan's entire false delusion that he can be a god in his own right and run his own reality is totally bogus....well it's real...but it includes theft, lies and murder to try and cover tracks....
it's cobbled together
it's manipulated
it's clunky....
More and more as we see with a single eye we will see everything God does is totally alive and organic and develops out of itself....
everything the devil does is cobbled together like Frankenstein's monster
like Tussauds waxworks
it LOOKS real, it has the apparence of being real....
but its as dead as a door nail.
I think Kay is seeing the authentic as being from the beginning in God, but it's like she sees evil purely as wrong thinking.
Well you can easily get someone to change their wrong thinking
that 3 plus 14 plus 56 is not 79
but by demonstration 73.....
but as we all know engaging somebody about the independent self or some aspect of behaviour caused by it.....
you are entering a bear pit....
you really are engaging in Ephesians 6 spirit warfare....
it's not just whoop de doo changing your thinking.
It really is like third world war....and who knows may yet turn out to be what it's about......
Anyway my thoughts.
Kay's teachings and Andre's teachings are gathering pace , so they'd better be right or people are going to be disappointed if their newly built houses crash in storms.

What's so big about the Dark?

Just heard someone preaching on God Channel......saying if you see the Dark....that's observation....we must see the Light.
I really believe this is a secondlevel rally call to faith , to those who are discouraged.
But can you step up one level?

To the level where your spiritual and heart hearing is circumcised, feel and perceive Light and Dark intensely....without freaking out in terror.....
There was nothing good in the immediate future for Jesus in gethsemane...but he stared it down....he stared everything he saw down and sweated great drops of blood.
Actually Philippians says for the joy before Him He endured the Cross
despised the shame.
Those are the two main forces internal and external.
It's seeing the Dark as it is but seeing the greater God.
We know now from the Bible all manner of God coming through
Build it yourself...the Noah deliverance
Speak to it yourself the most common Moses technique
Walk round it....The Jericho technique
Losing your son and God NOT answering....David and his fast, then surprising everybody and dressing immediately and getting back on course straight after when God dint answer his prayer
The Jesus deliverance through relocation in Egypt
The Jesus deliverance walking through all his home town people as they tried to kill him
The case when James wasn't delivered....the first martyr
The case when Peter and then later Paul was delivered from jail with attending angels or not, but thunder....
Jesus said....don't fear him who have power over the body
Face terror down
In the Old testament Heth means terror. Thats the meaning of the Hittites....sons of terror.
Also don't give me that garbage about observable Darkness...
Thats not what we have to worry about....
it's the Darkness in the bushes that Gideons 300 were looking for
It's the truth about the conspiracies emanating out of Psalm 2 and the devils notion that he wants Jerusalem for himself.
Very very very few charismatics ever attended Barry Smith and Grant Jeffrey don't give me that rubbush about you being prepared.
God builds characters over their lifetime especially to warn the people of God and be prepared for utter rejection. David Wilkerson. Basilea Schlink.
Don't now try to tell you me were didn't want to hear a word of what God's servants were saying.
God prepares servants to feed the Word of Christ and He prepares those with natural answers and supplies, and He cares about our futures so much He sends servants in ahead of time.
Jews openly admit now that God sent in so many people warning Jews to get out of Germany. They have no excuse.
The only Armenians on the planet are those who heard the prophecy of the boy in the Pentecostal church and fled.
The Kaiser and the Turks killed all the rest in 1915.
We engage with reality as it is, not the fluffy thing we want it to be. The world hasn't really changed. The devil is the same devil....roaring around yes....but he will try to take power over where he can.

It's seeing the Dark as it is but seeing the greater God.

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Why the perfect has come does not imply Cessationism.

A reply about why the perfect has come does not mean cessationism

The perfect has come refers both to the full nature of what Christ has completed,
Ofcourse the nature of our spirit DNA in being now literally
Hidden or Greek intertwined or layered with Christ in God. There are not two people an old or a new.
But fully come, like any materialisation process involves our bodies.
Just as it took Adam 900 years to die in the first place.
Paul fully expected resurrection from the dead. It was within his gospel.
Every bit of the New Testament is in alignment with the victory of the Cross.
But if en route you shortcircuit Gids work by suddenly declaring
Not by might not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord is an Old Testament scripture under the old covenant and now it's all about sitting and studying " the perfect has come " Bible.....
Well you will soon realise that you cannot match up verses like
I came to you in fear and trembling wanting to see only the power of God among you
Power as we know from repeated history after history, wave after wave, and the Bible itself in revelation and Paul's own conversion
The power hits a gathering and many if not all are falling to the floor too weak to stand.
In Revelation the Angel has to keep supporting John.
And the elders seem to have spent their whole time interceding and crying holy is the Lord and either bowing down or falling over.
When the power of God is moving as Jesus said, it is often manifesting as the Presence if God to heal....
It's like a wave. You pray for everybody and they get healed.
Similarly there can be waves of specific types of healing or deliverance as the spirits behind those conditions are confronted.
Or the worship can rise to staggering levels then declarations be made over families over wrongdoing.
We had years of one man terrorising the northern part of Britain. The Yorkshire Ripper then mocking the police by phoning them after killing yet one more. Obviously phone tapping wasn't what it is now.
But one incredible time if worship the Lord made it plain that this was the time so led us in a declaration that he would be stopped in his tracks.
I forget the details whether it had been 5 years 3 years or what but within hours or perhaps two days he was banged up in prison.
I have story after story of examples from the church I was in.
Things like Jesus praying and at that instant the centurions boy was healed in a totally different place.
The gospel is the power of God unto salvation.
God comes in power 1 John 2 to save us out of our sins impressing the Blood upon us
In the young man stage he leads us in the baptism of the Spirit and real world victories
As we enter the Father level via Romans 6 and 7 God brings us low to strip every last bit of Genesis 3 consciousness then His power raises us in all of our life here to be able to show forth the praises of God.
It's all real world power
without which we would genuinely be stuffed....

This is the gospel that we preach not just intellectual table tennis.

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Push Button Priesthood

Not what you think, this Facebook post. This is about the new energetic priesthood that works proactively to materialise the Kingdom
Paul's" set your mind not on the flesh for that is death set your mind on the Spirit for that is life and peace "
Madame Guyon's do not fight your conscious thinking just lay it gently in the back burner as you focus centrally on God His attributes and character, for the mind is like a serving butler having to learn it is not Lord of the house.
Me going on about the leftbrain frontal cortex.
School learning produces this incredibly authoratitive voice in newly broken registers.
Psychologists doctors scientists learned men of letters speak with incredible authority about " the usual things that occur"
We are swayed.
But all they are doing is quoting back to us facts about what usually works pretty much like clockwork
As we live from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, according to an unwinding universe, according to the laws of sin and judgment, according to natural seasons and times and boundaries set in place.....
So while the schoolmaster is leading us to Christ, we know roughly what is expected, and we don't get too damaged by gravity, by momentum, by laws of cause and effect. So leftbrains give what they assume to be absolutely immutable laws....
Then comes karma or whatever the people call it
Acting in the laws of eternal supply
Give and it shall be given you
Fast/ don't eat in order to concentrate prayer and spirit
Prophesy and declare things by the Spirit
Get baptised in the Spirit
Gather as a church for a period of time in the genuine Name of Jesus.... and as Gerry Andersons Stingray programme announced
ACTION STATIONS!!!! Anything could happen and probably will in the next half hour
People getting straight in relationships as both sides come into intimacy with the Heavenly Father
Machinery just starting up again of its own accord ( read Mary Sisters Realities book Darmstadt Frankfurt
The Holy Spirit poured sovereignly over our teenage generation just about the time " these authoratitive leftbrain know it alls had announced in the World Council if Churches 1966 Congress, that with all likelihood Marxism would have taken over by 1990 and there would not be a church or Christianity.....
And right on cue in 1989 and 90, the whole of the Iron Curtain falls instead.
Very similar by the way to Voltaire's proud declaration through the Deist Move. "100 years from my death the Bible will cease to be read!!!"
100 years from Voltaires death to the day, Voltaires house was a Bible publishers!!!!!
But the five measuring senses don't do the Kingdom as it comes....
As it materialises...
For that you need to be born of the Spirit to see the Kingdom
You need to be baptised in the Spirit to operate the Kingdom
We are drivers
Press button operators
The posher phrase is kings and priests
We are a regenerated race of them.
Denominational people mostly aren't because they were never told you can experience being born again and being Spirit filled.
I was 12 years in a METHODIST church without hearing the gospel more than once from a travelling bunch from Cliff College.
But no the leftbrain can't handle give and it shall be given you, nor that the universe is set up for abundance and not death,
Nor can it handle
" whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall have already been loosed in heaven.
So what are you going to believe
rather a stiff jumped up over primped little shrivel of a leftbrain front cortex spoken through someone's lips like it's total truth....
Or the Person who set everything up, and even micromanaged the second temporary state of the law of sin and judgment, of a universe subject to vanity?

Thursday 3 August 2017

Prayer, Healing and Body Fussing

Testimony through Facebook
Roger Webb
19 hrs ·
July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017 I ministered in Clermont, Florida and a dear woman and her husband drove over 2 hours to come to the miracle service. As I laid hands on her she was slain in the Spirit. After being there for a while shaking under the power of God she got up and I asked her how she felt and her response was "I feel wonderful and I feel like I can run" Then all of a sudden she took off running laps around the church which it is a big sanctuary seats 1,400. She returned to her doctors a couple days later to find all cancer had left her body. Here is her husbands own words in a testimony he sent me today Aug 2, 17

Here is Chris Shaheen own words...
Happy to report that my wife Bonnie Shaheen who was prayed for on June 19th at Roger's service in Clermont was totally healed of stage 4 colon cancer which had spread to her lung and her liver and was stage 4 in those areas as well. To this day she has been free of all symptoms which were present when we arrived at the service, severe coughing, lack of breath, inability to eat, lost 40lbs in 6 months, unable to walk more than 100 ft without resting. I witnessed these symptoms first hand over the 6 months from December 2016 through June 2017. I know that today, in her own words, she said that she is in the best physical shape she has been in since her twenties. Don't tell me cancer is a death sentence! It was just like every other trick and lie of the devil when it came face to face with God's truth - it had to flee! I am grateful that my son-in-law Nick Rimert was bold enough to share with us what the Lord spoke to him about how and when and where my wife would be healed. He had to obey what God told him and act on it. We then had to believe he had heard from God and act on what he shared. This is the body of Christ in action, and the devil still has not figured out how to deal with that!

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. #preacherinthewild

Chris Welch continues

Jesus said don't be like the Gentiles heaping up prayers.
Do you get that?
This is how outsiders pray.
This is how young born again people pray.
This is how charismatic people pray....
The one is a pattern of orphanhood jumping through hoops to make the universe run the way it thinks the universe should go. This is none the more subtle than in areas of the Tree of Good
like healing....Norman Grubb calls it body fussing
like debt
like bad relationships
like joblessness....
we think in separation
as alone people
somehow trying to get through to a distant God....
Satan USES the negative to leverage us into that thinking and stay there.....
HAH....see that cancer...God has abandoned you
HAH see that person in your family not talking to you what kindof a relation are you?
Hah see you never could hold down a job
And CHALLENGED in our that doubt....
we start heaping up things faster and faster to get out of it....
fasting, praying, giving to this giving to that
lighting candles
the charismatic equivalent : rattling off in tongues like motorbike
if i can just get enough prayer in
If i can just shoehorn enough into this creation maybe i can tip the balance
If i just rub Aladdin's Lamp enough.....

We had a cancer victim in Havant Church. By the Spirit I was led to do what I often do here....
Launched into this
" And so what if you do die?"
"Say the worst happens and you do in fact die?"
Now humanly this isn't what the London school of Diplomats would advise.....but they don't walk in Jesus Christ.
You see, right there, right there before we could even consider praying....sitting right over her eyelids, squatting right over her shoulders like a foul green Jabba the Hutt
was a son of Heth demon.
Heth or Hittites means terror.
How on earth you can pray sensibly about anything with jabba the Hutt pressing his slimy green fingers all over your ears????
So I addressed her worst fear and said in the same spirit that Jesus talked when he said
Don't fear the one who has power over your body (or Death) fear Him who is absolute Lord and has power over the second Death.
God has created this universe with a safe bubble...two deaths.
Satan only had one death in when he chose his own way he was flung out.
Our central respect preoccupation yes FEAR if you like, but in the clean Holy Spirit sense, has to be the LORD of LORDS.
"So if you die, the worst ever thing that will happen to you is that you will be with Jesus
and ever
and ever
and ever.....
and ever
and ever
and get the picture

Sadly the Jabba the Hutt over her ears twisted this whole thing to:
"You are condemning me to death."
I saw her 6 weeks later at a church barbecue and she accused me of cursing her life....
(Once the fear had gone, we could have reached her....but she chose Jabba the Hutt instead)
No matter all the prayer that went up at her bedside, and I firmly wasn't allowed near....
She died. And her husband still blames me.

We don't pray like Gentiles.
We go into our inner Room and get a glimpse from heaven's throne about what is next on earth. Then we try to get a fix on where our particular situation and need fits in or doesn't to the whole picture.
Then we COMMAND< speak into being as sons of God from that "seeing"
that "advance viewing" of which bit of heaven is to be exported to earth's Kingdom building site next.
Now en route there are all kinds of things....
Lets take cancers.....

Right now they are developing genetic manipulation and the use of our very own DNA to cure cancer.
Several decades ago the pharmaceutical companies already had the solutions to all or most cancers....but they weren't going to make them enough money, so the tremendous wait,the tremendous energy to raise money through cancer charities, has been all about developing expensive bespoke treatments that will save the phamaceutical companies from almost certain ruin if cancer is not there in their business model.

Naturopathy is simply natural solutions to boosting the bodies natural "policing " of rogue cells or immunity. And 80% goes on in our own guts if they are healthy.
Hence lacto fermentation which sensible communities unlike England have been practicing with yogurts and kombucha and kimchi for thousands of years. Bit it makes Big Pharma no money whatsoever.

Jesus ascended and gave gifts unto men.
Some are transient.
Some are like ministries
Some people in the Body of Christ just have a high rate of success with cancers or particular strains
As when Jesus was here, the Spirit does "waves of healing" in church and outside using His people.
Really this is the Holy Spirit going behind the scenes, behind creation where demon spirits are tweaking things, and he is pressing the reset button !!!!
This happens a lot when there are experiences of "Open Heaven" in a revival or over a geographical area.
But God is about whole of Life.

I may be walking in Galatians 2.20 believing....but I am still obviously I am missing the mark. Chima Tasie Freeman referred to that the other day.
Am I panicking. Am I going to feverishly do some fad diet by my "works"? Nope.....but God is increasing wisdom quite naturally about what to eat and how.
We don't heap things up anymore....
Our whole lifestyle and modus operandi is
what Buddhists call centering down....
well we center down not to an ALONE I in the Universe
Not to an impersonal force or power
we enter our inner room and find a lovely fusion of our heavenly Dad there and my life hidden in Him.
It's a whole different way of living and praying
And no....apart from that I can't give you a
10 steps to the perfect prayer life....
because we are nolonger in that Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and "steps" to this and that....
we are connected through the death and resurrection of Jesus to God

Alarming statistic by Roger Webb on Facebook... ROCHESTER, Minn. — Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two, Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center researchers say. Antibiotics, antidepressants and painkilling opioids are most commonly prescribed, their study found.Jun 19, 2013.
Now see why many do not attend miracle services. I have found many like their drugs and monthly checks. They get healed (then)something has to change. #preacherinthewild