Thursday 23 December 2021

Pyramids and Goldfishbowls


23rd December 2021 Facebook Live Teaching
How single person pyramid leadership just isn't big enough to bring forth people in Christs Crown of 12 star Fulness that we read in Revelation 12.

Thursday 16 December 2021

How are you doing carrying those poles on your shoulders?

 These are this morning's posts on Facebook about the new priesthood that began in Acts

But first some December 2021notes:
As you can see, currently I have been writing more directly to 2400 specific friends on my friends list on Facebook. A few months ago my friends urged me to make the posts public so they could share them easily. This I did, so now any blogreader can read my Facebook posts also on a daily basis should they want to see more.

16th December 2021

Today's writings were trggered through Kathie Walters posting Kev Dexter's experiences with secondlevel church. ( Church that is evangelical AND Spirit-filled but still largely fleshly in operation - what Jesus calls "one flask virgins" Matt25.)

Do You Have the Right Badge?

Kathie Walters 8 h · DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT BADGE I FELT TO REPOST THIS TESTIMONY FROM A FRIEND WHO WAS THERE IN UK AT THE TIME - This is WHAT TO DO IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT "BADGE" Hi EVERYONE HERE IS A NEAT TESTIMNOY – This is the friend I spoke of who got kicked off the prayer team because he prayed too loud.. Well all I can says go and pray for the people in the highways and byways. If they don’t want you in church because you interfere with the “program” and disturb all the religious spirits go where the people are Two years ago the Holy Spirit told me there would be a revival in the pubs in the UK ..Thats where the people are From Kevin - Hi Kathie, that inspired me to write that little episode down, feel free to use it or amend or not at all lol While at church, the head of the prayer team had told me that, quote “I was doing stuff that their prayer team couldn’t do and it wasn’t right because I didn’t have the “badges.” They went on to ask what books I was reading on healing? I replied that I hadn’t read any, that I’d just had a “hands on” guide by the Holy Spirit in healing and deliverance. This caused a frown, followed by a debate. Although I’d been used in lots of healing, some were just straight forward miracles, but some healings were linked to deliverances. Well they disagreed with deliverance ( although the Bible says that Jesus is the Deliverer) from the unclean spirits. Kathie has a book on her website by a Pastor who was delivered from a spirit that brought Aspergers into his family - when they discovered it- he and his son were instantly healed. "I FORGOT TO SMILE" by Tim Cairns. Email Kathie for it Lots of spirits cause sickness and disease- some have come down through the family line. As these people didn’t believe in deliverance I reckoned that’s why hadn’t seen much in the way of healing and miracles. Without really thinking it through I foolishly at the time offered to submit myself under their authority so that they could put me on their prayer team. Because I loved to pray and things happened when I prayed, but I was rejected as I didn’t have appropriate acceptable badges. I loved my church and as the pastor was retiring soon I didn’t want to cause him problems before he left or o be branded a “trouble maker” for his replacement. After all who was I to tell pastors that the prayer team’s doctrine was off.. After about a month of disappointment, one of the ministers who was also mentor to this head of the prayer team rang me and said that they had been compelled by God to call me and asked if I was o.k. Wow this was obviously my opportunity to share my hunger for the church to receive the healings and miracles that I’d been experiencing outside of church, so we arranged a meeting. At the meeting she turned up with a guy who needed prayer, a young man struggling with his identity in Christ, I was a little disappointed as I felt this meeting was important and I wanted opportunity to talk with her. So we both ministered to the young man and to be fair, everything she said was good. So after about an hour I asked him to stand and receive some prayer. I stood in front of him and the minister stood to the side with one hand on his back. I then gently placed one finger on his chest and said in a firm voice “In the name of Jesus,” and at that moment he nearly fell backwards and the minister leaned forward as to check if I had pushed him! I then again placed my finger on his chest and said “In the name of Jesus”, and again he nearly fell backwards, and she checked again! It almost felt that she was looking for an excuse to deny that it was the power of the Lord. So thinking that I was going to get accused of pushing him over, I stepped backwards two paces and raised my hand and said in a loud firm voice, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” and at that moment to my astonishment both him and the minister hit the deck! Wow I never expected that! I had a grin ear to ear inside. Well I knelt by him and placed my hand upon his heart and finished praying for him. When the minister finally rose from the floor she seemed to be furious, she pulled the guy back to where we had been praying for him and then proceeded to pray for him again, it felt like a “celebrity prayer off!” When she finished the guy stood there bewildered by it all and asked me if that was really God that shook him to the ground, I said, “Well it certainly wasn’t me I never touched you.” To which the minister said, Well, I think something else, but I’ll tell you later.” The poor guy was still in the room! His face dropped and asked if we were going to talk about him after he had gone? And that’s when she said it, “Well I think, well you are so loud and this guy is so timid, that’s why he fell over.” The Bible says that God’s voice causes the nations to shake so maybe my voice can shake a spot where someone is standing!!! My heart sank; all that ministry time spent with this guy to end on a note of doubt, what hope is there for this church which I love! I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I was a bit mad by then so I turned and addressed her, “Don’t be ridiculous! What! You both fell over because I’m too loud! Where is your faith in God?” I then turned to him and said, “Don’t listen to her, you received a touch from God and don’t let anyone rob you of it.” He left on that note, and then she composed herself and asked if we could then continue our meeting, unbelievable! For an instant I questioned myself on how I had handled that situation, in the sense of respecting my elders and their authority. But I think the problem today is that the early church chose their “badge holders” who are good people mostly but not full of the Holy Ghost as reuired in the book of Acts. ( Acts 6:3.) Today it seems very sad to me that people can actually be promoted through church by either their own works, leadership courses or by being groomed from the “inner circle”, of being a good businessman who brings money into the church. All without being filled with the Holy Spirit. So if they can’t be led by His voice, how can they help and show those they are leading to hear from God for themselves. I was sad to see the church and people I love robbed of receiving the true Glory they keep singing about every week, but if they rejected Him then they are going to reject you, so I consider this little episode as growing pains. When I saw how many other people have sat under false authority and “bottle necked” structures, and have and are sitting under a spirit of control, I felt compelled to tell my story. Kevin -The too loud praying guy lol.. Kev Dexter

Notes: Being in the thirdlevel, apart from the fact that our spirit is always in God's throneroom, is a specific reference to a two week experience when I was 20 of being in both a natural flow type experience and a Spirit ministering type of flow in and out of meetings with a family in Northern France as we drove then around France, including us singing with angels singing outside the car. My host  got delivered from epilepsy in one instant then a year later got her driving licence back. It was wacky, but it has served as a reference point to how this stuff works.

Melchizedek Order Priesthood

I’ve been in the third level . So I judge everything on that . The thirdlevel is incredible because it’s connected to normality , that’s why it’s taking so long. Jesus spent 30 years “ getting “ normality . God , who created everything , spent 30 years putting on a human form , “ getting normality “. The fact that his family didn’t recognise Him was ofcourse frustrating , but on the plus side it was a great metric of where He was at . Normal doesn’t get seen because it’s errrr Normal . He wasn’t going to the right . He wasn’t going to the left . He wasn’t stretching out His hand to any strange trees. He was like Joel 2 says , marching straight ahead without jostling . Then all of a sudden at 30 , the Holy Spirit said “ Down tools and visit your cousin John by the Jordan “. Now what I’m going to write is important . Hebrews says Jesus was not of the tribe of Levi so He could hardly enter Ministry as Levites did . Jesus is of the tribe of Judah of which it is said no priest ever came . Levites wash their hands and various other laws of purification . They put on outer signatories of their “ office “. In the Melchizedek order we humans have put on Jesus . Jesus didn’t need to wash . We come from a different place as . We do need to wash. But Jesus still had to signify priesthood so to fulfil all righteousness He was baptised . Another way to look at that is that Jesus was cleansing the Jordan by entering into it . The Jordan wasn’t cleansing Him . Instead He was instituting the new priesthood which nolonger was Levitical and washing hands in a bowl to minister . Hebrews says Jesus priesthood was based on the authority of a Divine Life of an imperishable Life . Our only means of entering the Divine Melchizedek priesthood is to die and the one priestly signatory left is our body death in water , which sets heaven free , yes , to cleanse us from our fully complete newborn spirit outwards to our soul , but it enters us by the baptism of the Spirit into a new priesthood of normalcy in God terms , of going not to the left or right , but to walking only in God . Before ,in Genesis 3 we did everything as “ separate beings “ trying to be like God . All earthly priesthood and religion is Cain religion . Religion apart from God trying to get through to Him . All genuine Life not religion , comes through the Cross of believing on Another Life , in us in our spirit , but AS US . Like a prophecy that is spontaneous and involved moving our lips and tongue and out flowed all this speech that we” knew not “…… that’s what we now do in Romans 12.1 . We tested out the water spiritually speaking in Ezekiel 47 , found it worked , then tossed our whole bodies in , and watched Jesus prophesy our lives out of Gods Throne Room as a shoot out of parched ground . Isaiah 53. Totally unspectacular . Until the right time . Until we are fixed enough like Jesus was at 30 . Until we are “God normal “ enough to operate , not like Moses by striking rocks , or by calling fire down from heaven to highlight us as independent selves who then Lord of the Rings like , draw undue attention from Mordor , who then raises Jezebel witches to terrify us with spells . Let me say another sentence . Most current attacks come directly out of wrong protocols . People not reading the priest manual on poles and multi priesthood . There is in the Melchizedek order no Levitical priesthood , but even in the Levitical priesthood there were loads of them . Only the High priest entered the Holiest Place . Now we all get to enter , and we all get to put on this new Body and Blood of Jesus Christ Himself , not as a Nazarene , but as He is now in the heavenlies having cleansed everything in the heavenlies for human beings to enter the Throne . Only angels could enter before that . There is in this new Body only One Head Jesus Christ . He is the only High Priest . There is no vicar . There is no MINISTER . There is no Pastor over the flock . That’s Cain religion . That’s not the New Covenant in His Blood . We don’t put skins of animals over us , we put on Jesus on . In this new Body of God are five types of interacting establishing ministry , plus ongoing gifts that emerge in the Holy Spirit like administrations , healers , discerners of spirits, encouragers , cheerful givers , you name it , you watch , you observe in the Spirit what God is doing in a place . The new Church protocol since the Cross is - 1 John 1 , “ we share what we do know “….. If we don’t know , we shut up . If we get a gift or a prompting we deliver that gift of the Spirit, but the mature are ministering out of what they have “ touched tasted and handled of this Word of life “.

Things Just don't continue the same
Notes : In John 7 Jesus said to His own brothers " Your time is always with you" which means inside Genesis 3 you just do what you decide to do......

In the flesh things continue . In the Spirit things end abruptly . Day follows day in the flesh . In the Spirit Jews leave Egypt in one day . In one day Jeremiah is released from prison . Everybody else goes into slavery . Jews wanted to continue the old order . In one day in 70 AD their whole existence in the Land ended . In one day Jesus downed tools as a carpenter . After 42 months Jesus in one Passover meal , downed tools . No more do I call you disciples but friends if you keep My commandments . In one day a new order formed , the ekklesia of Christ in Acts 2. In one day the one is taken the other left . The old order “ continues “. The new order starts something new by the RHEMA word of God . Ever new . Not conceived in the heart or thoughts of man but of God . We don’t live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God . The natural serves the Spirit as training frameworks , but when the new Spirit thing is formed, the training wheels of the bike are discarded . Forms are subservient to Spirit. When the world has learned not to live in pyramids then the Feast of Tabernacles fully arrives .

Kingdom Stuff Is Free

It’s funny how human stuff is always funded by cash which induces bribery But Kingdom stuff is free so always looks more naff but is in fact the genuine thing . The world induces and bribes by money . Kingdom stuff just IS. I’m not in ministry because I can’t be induced by tithe coercion systems . I have ministered now already non stop since 2008 free of charge . My blog has reached 2.5 million impressions . People ask me have you written a book ? I don’t believe in selling Gods Word . So I have no worldly church recognition . I address all Pentecostals even like Benny Hinn with the same thing “ Why are you still rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp to get the genie ? Dont you know you are dead ?” Every friend I lose , my wife continues to roll her eyes like Sarah and laugh under her breath . “ Another friend lost “ But I know how God works . I can tell real life from Aladdin’s Lamp rubbing . I’m not even rushing after Carlos Annacondia who led 80s revival across Argentina . Because he had life as a converted businessman but I’m not sure what he’s doing now . He seems like Benny Hinn to be teaching the two level gospel and not the one in 1 John 2 which has three stages to it .

Noah’s operation started when he and his family were in the boat .
Joseph and Jacob really started becoming Israel when the whole family were in the boat .
Jesus really began His main operation - The Church , when they had replaced the 12th member and they were all in the Upper Room Boat .
Israel the Nation will really restart when they have the “ we wait for your salvation “ tribe of Dan back and they are all in the boat .

Gates 3,4,5 and 6

Gates 3,4,5,and 6 are important .
 There’s a place of loftiness that is pride  The mountains shall be laid low .
There’s a valley . The valleys will be raised up .

Here we go .
It’s the Gates of Jerusalem .
 Gate no 3 lays out what is known of the Lord up until now . The Old Gate . It includes that which endures from everlasting to everlasting , so it predates Moses and the Law . It sets out what is what . When we enter the Way of the Lord we enter Gate 4. The Valley Gate . The gate of humbling . Why is that good ? Because it gets us out of the limelight so we can investigate all our Matrix pipes . The three classes of pipes are inside the Lord’s Prayer . Those are blocking the Kingdom coming through all the earth right now . When the disciples saw Jesus move in power they thought “ we’ll have some of that “ and they said “ Lord teach us to be Benny Hinn. How do you rub Aladdin’s Lamp and get the genie “ Jesus heard their inner thoughts even though Benny Hinn wasn’t alive yet , and He said “ Pray this , Our Father , who is in heaven …..”etc In other words Jesus wasn’t answering their “ one flask of oil “ question , He was REALLY ANSWERING THEIR QUESTION . Teach us to pray . He wasn’t answering the question Michael o Hara asked me for years “ How do we pray for fire to fall from heaven like Elijah “ Or Pentecostals Andy Elmes ( Portsmouth Uk)going off to learn the power of God from Vaughan Jarrold in New York State Jesus really answered teach us how to remove the Kingdom of the Devil from the earth fullstop . He also taught us Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness And all these Andy Elmes things will be included inside all the other Kingdom things natural and supernatural from the Throne itself . He has blessed us in the heavenly places with every spiritual blessing …… with Cana wine which goes down well , to the blessings and power of Gate no. 12 the Prison Gate which blasts hells doors off its hinges !!!! Like Jesus , then the apostles !! They tried boiling John in oil , but when that didn’t work they put him on an island so the Roman Empire would be safe . And blow me down he finishes the whole Bible !!!! So that didn’t work either . It’s the only book which specifically blesses the reader in a special way !!!! It’s a higher realm leveraging tool !!!! I digressed .
The Matrix pipe dismantling Valley leads to Gate 5 the Dung Gate . The complete Disestablishment of the whole Genesis 3 Matrix pipe platform in the Dung Bin .
Gate number 6 is the fountain gate . The full release of our spirits by the inundation of the baptism in the Spirit . The point of this post is to say the ONLY FUNCTION OF THE HUMBLING OF THE VALLEY is the separation from the system . Gods promise is to always raise the valley . Evangelicals are wrong because they spend their whole lives miserable . They remain in the valley . Gods end goal is Kingdom not valleys of nothingness .

We need to enter the realms of gate 6 and 7. The Anointing and the Water Gate of “ learning daily flow”. God doesn’t have a problem with “ high places “, He has a problem when they are not His Throne Highest places . The devil and New Age , Buddhism and Hinduism inhabit high places of power but they are NOT HIGH ENOUGH . Man has a high calling . The very Throne of the God of Gods . To be the Bride of the Man with the most brass buttons in the Universe . The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords . Power we can arrange with spells Or in Christian circles with rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp But God says this . It’s not by might , earthly or demonic It’s not by staging brief power events in God It’s by My Spirit . It’s always been psalm 123. It’s always been following a Pillar of Cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night . It’s always been about seeing what the Father is doing . He’s not really doing what we called churches any more . He’s building families of broken people into community . He always did . Noah . From Egypt slaves to people compacted together as it describes Jerusalem . New Testament saints after Jesus went home . The Jesus Move . Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk . There is actually no one Graham “ over a people “ . Graham was Episcopalian and they think in those cultic terms . Ephesians 4 lays out how Kingdom works . So does the Old Testament instructions for carrying the Ark . There’s the High priest abd then there’s the Ark carriers . There’s Jesus and His Body . There’s the Head and there’s the shoulders . The shoulders isn’t the Pope. The shoulders are the priests , and now functioning priests are all those ministering under the anointing of the Khavod in the Holiest Place . It’s actually beyond the Holy place charismatic realms , it’s a greater anointing uncontaminated by the leaven of Genesis 3 and pyramids . And the Government shall be upon His shoulders . How are you all doing carrying those new poles ?