Tuesday 31 March 2009

Christine's Hanging Basket example

So the Godliness post showed us that we need to be stacked out with God's Word

Not to impress friends
Not to pass RE exams
Not to walk around religiously quoting stuff to the guy at the fish and chips shop
Not to pass Bible College finals

We need to know the Word sdrawkcab forewards upside down(google doesn't do this)
Because this is how life works

Because when we know it ,it can begin to move from left-brain to right-brain
and become us...and not just something in our restricted "spout-zone"...the mouth region.

While this is happening there are some "direct lines of attack"

Swift right-brain or more importantly spirit insertion tools

(Cut -out the middle man...the gobby bit of you!)

The gifts of the spirit both for the user and the recipient are all geared for this.
The gift of tongues is one of the best for this.

Praise and worship. Praise literally waits for God. Literally is a reception foyer! Why do you think all Billy Graham crusades began with Cliff Barrows. And all Morris Cerullo events begin with Black African praise...(cos the English praisers are too cerebral and cannot be trusted to bring the real Presence of God)

Fire tunnels
This lovely technique is the Body in action. Instead of being prayed for by one anointed person,you go through a tunnel of a gazillion anointed people.

Fire Tunnels in the UK. I'm not an expert. But I do know we use them here at the May Conferences in Havant.

Larger tunnels - but anointing isn't always size right!!!- can be found here:

RiverCamp August Bank Holiday Weekend

We have a secret weapon in our church like Ursula...she is over 60 and should know better..well actually she shouldn't know better...she's called Sylvia. One of our Mums in Zion. A prayer warrior. Anyhoo at the last River Camp Fire Tunnel she could be seen staggering about...well that's far too mobile a word...more crawling and collapsing...then using her finger in the shape of a pistol...to shoot God's blessing on people.

She's high up in the local social services you know!!! No, I mean she is employed as a skilled worker! Not high up the register!!

River Camp, by the way is not some quaint Anglican come Scoutcamp by a river. There is no physical river in sight..or in site.... only the River of God.

In fact when I knew they did lots of "soaking" I imagined lots of girlies lying with their backs on cushions...doing some gentle Vineyard thing...thinking to myself...how on earth will Ben cope with that?

But it turns out it is an Elim Camp...but you'd never know...bit like Capel Bible Week that Ern Baxter preached at in 1976. Certainly no one from the inner core leadership of Elim in Britain ever shows up there...far too dignified!! Which is probably why it's OK.

The kids work is outstanding at every age level....often exceeding the adults meetings...which is saying something. The praise band is incredible. The presence of God almost floors you when you go onto the camp grounds because of decades of prayer and "healing rooms" (John G Lake-style)type activity there.

Last year we ran an "open caravan policy" for all the posh riff raff in our church who went and stayed in bed and breakfasts!!! They are not making that mistake twice. Many are staying on site this year.

Christine received special insight as a result of the last Fire Tunnel which ties in directly with these last posts about our spirits, and our spirits expressed through this so underdeveloped right-brain region of ours.
She was watering some hanging baskets during a dry spell after being away last summer. She noticed the first couple of waterings appeared to run straight off, because the soil was so dry.
She felt God say something about this regarding English left-brain people when confronted with the Holy Spirit . Those spiritual parts of us are so so so dry in England..
We're so used to living from, managing everything, doing everything from these little pea sized left-brain computers of ours...that when the water of the Holy Spirit is first applied...it cannot do anything. It almost runs straight off. We have to soak several times to even water those areas of us that eventually will have the capacity to recive God's Presence.

We have to do many repeated applications. We have to be like Naaman in the Old Testament and dip 7 times...both to humble our proud self-sufficient left-brains and also simply because our spirits need that to begin softening up and then be able to take the application!!
Our left-brains need humbling!!! Oh yes they do! They were never meant to be the foundation we live from. They are usurpers to the throne!! The truth is we are far bigger than that with far bigger capacities...to love, to laugh, to be filled with joy,
to praise, to receive wisdom - the supernatural, to fulfil the first and second commandments with ease...remember them??? Love God with all our heart and mind and soul and strength and love others as we love ourselves....and even greater love than this in the New Covenant.
Einstein never learned about relativity from his left-brain. His left-brain only came up with the maths afterwards as a proof. He was dreaming about a sunbeam at the time. His right brain got it first.
The truth is Britain is a creative place. But you'd never know it from the left-brain buttoned up manner in which we conduct ourselves. People need acouple of units of alcohol before they will even talk to each other. What a country!!Famously known for this in all the world. Actually only a few steps off autism. Living with Argentinians during the 1981 Argentinian war period...but over here in Emsworth, this became painfully apparent.
Well England this is not Kingdom! So as more and more come into the new life in the Spirit...you'd better get used to a bit of change. As people become less Dalek like...and come into the real world. For over 100 years the English have been saying to Pentecostal people ...you're not in the real world. No England, we're becoming normal! You are weird...ask any other nation.

The left-brain tends to only function like Richard Dawkins says...from what it can receive as definite input from the 5 senses. So when externals dry up in hard times, all the left-brain can do is come back with increasingly shrinking data about its straitened circumstances. God gave me a picture of this like a hamster wheel. Britons who are locked into their left-brains are like a hamster....they think they are doing something definite, but in reality they are moving paper around, they are just going round and round on a wheel! And then they develop an education system to teach other people how to live on a hamster wheel. And they take great pride in it.Instead of teaching the stuff that came over to this country 2000 years ago in the gospel...."Seek God and Live".

We need to learn familiarity with the River of God!

Good Word Christine! Britain are you listening?

picture taken from http://www.ambius.co.uk/showcase/catalogue/hanging-baskets.aspx?gclid=CKuB_s28z5kCFQETGgodgGcytw Their views may not be reflected in this post

Key Of David - Training, then evening session

This Saturday 4th April there are some spaces for leaders and worship groups to attend the Key of David Sessions. The training sessions have been found to be helpful, then on to the practical session in the evening. The office would know how much space is available. We' re not a huge church. admin@portsdowncc.org.uk

People travel quite large distances for these more regional events.
Venue: Beacon Church Store Front upstairs in the Meridian Centre, Havant Shopping Centre

Sunday 29 March 2009

Evangelicals preach on it,Sometimes Spirit-filled people mention it, and the 3rd Level is all about it.In one word it's........

Godliness. The Mystery of godliness.

The epistle 1 Timothy is peppered with it. Sort of like writing in Blackpool Rock.

1 Timothy 6:11 pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.

1 Timothy 3:16 By common confession, great is the mystery of godliness:

He who was revealed in the flesh,

Was vindicated in the Spirit,

Seen by angels,

Proclaimed among the nations,

Believed on in the world,

Taken up in glory. ========Probably quoting from a song they used to sing.

1 Timothy 4:7-8 discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness;
v8for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come

Evangelicals love preaching about this stuff. Laying it on thick to people.

The Fall left us in the delusion that we are independant beings...like God..able to know the truth and bandy about godliness directives to one another...as if we as independant beings can ,like gods...just try a little harder and press into it. The worst thing about evangelicalism is that without a clear Sword of the Spirit coming out of the Presence of God....at no point is this "independence" position confronted. And it's just laws and precepts coming tumbling out of a preacher's mouth.
The Spirit-filled can so major on spiritual experiences....and in these days the grace message, that any sense of "discipline" and "energetic pursuit of godliness" kind of looks old-fashioned.
Helen Rubio was taking some time over this in The Russian Dolls talk last year.She said this key thing:"We make dates and appointments to be with special people in our lives."
As in our work and home life, there are things we do regularly that by dint of regularity "become us". They become the rhythm of our lives. This is the other side of things to those one-off Divine special encounters. This is encounter as lifestyle.

This Peter Stott extract from this morning sparked this post off:

Legalism is what you do on the outside to look holy.

Godly training (from 1 Timothy 4:7above) is what you do on the inside to open yourself to God.

People say the answer to misuse is no use....when the answer to misuse is right use!!!

The third level is slightly more insistant than this. The third level is all about godliness and how it works.

The clue is in 1 Timothy 3:16 onwards. "revealed in the flesh". Christ must be revealed in our flesh too!!!

I am an expert on all the things that Helen Rubio and Peter Stott were recommending. Actually in truth I am not an expert...and am revisiting these things in these days....but from a 3rd level understanding.
But what I mean is this..................

In the 80s, (like Rob Rufus) I fasted weeks on end. I was desperate. I attended every meeting possible. I got up at 5am to seek God. I prayed with a few. I prayed along with all the Bible House people. I prayed in the large gatherings. I led in worship. Between us and in our stream of churches we received a deluge of songs. Many songs live on...or would if known by other streams...to this day. I led an evangelistic drama troupe. I helped in the beginning stages of a church in France.

In a word....I'm all Rubio'd up on the Rubio plan of meeting God.
But there was something I'd not seen. I'd read the books. Actually Ed Miller describes the process perfectly in Thy God Reigneth. I kind of received the breakthrough in my spirit first. But the actualization of it.The articulation of it comes from the book "Yes I am" by Norman Grubb...see the complete book in my Stages of Growth Link section

Godliness, Paul writes, is a mystery. And more and more if you see the word "mystery" and "mystic"....understand it as Spirit. As Spirit revelation. As touching those inward believing parts of you that completely bypass your conscious mind. What scientists say mostly goes on in your left hand side of the brain is the conscious language bits of your brain. Where you string coherent thoughts together.Step by step thinking.

The spirit of man. His innermost heart is found here. And though it may express in the right hand side of the brain or "right-brain"(apart from China where their picture language and musical speech has confused things somewhat) spirit is spirit....and the material is material. Which is why no surgical scalpel is ever going to turn up some spirit somewhere in the body.

What Peter and Helen Rubio are saying is no different to saints for centuries....in modern speak it's this "at some point in your Christian life you have to make the shift
from left-brain to right -brain"
or from conscious surface thought to deep within the recesses of your heart and spirit."
Later I will publish relevant extracts from the French saints - Madame Guyon and Bishop Fenelon. I haven't read him yet...but the mystic philosopher theologian Jacob Boehme of a century earlier in Germany was apparently covering similar ground. I noticed Union Life were offering his book.
So after centuries of suspicion, and public burnings by the Catholic Church, can we now do away with the word mystic?
It just simply describes the Holy Spirit's main activity in a believer's life of acting as a Removal Company. Moving us out of our main dwelling as a result of the Fall
which was a "dead, lifeless adherence to life lived according to :
Surface Conscious thought
but all based on the stupid notion that we are gods in our own right see Romans Chapter 1

to our new primary address
Dad's Home by Crystal Sea
Heaven on Earth
Spirit as expressed in Right-brain Town
based on the new notion that we never had a separate existence...that that separateness itself was a lie of the devil....and we recognize the base of our life now is our permanent joinedness to God who re-birthed us by a Holy Spirit birth the instant we said "yes" on our insides to inviting Jesus into our heart. It's our left-brain that has to catch up.

So all activities such as
Opening our hearts
Meditating on the Word
Being still and listening to God
Maybe soaking, while listening to Spirit anointed musicians
Opening ourselves to the prophetic
Yes, breaking the outer reliance on the food cycle by simply ignoring it and fasting

All these things are just things/activities which move the rest of our bags in to our new primary address!!!
Does this mean we don't use our left-brain anymore?
No. I think you'll find that God's earthly and pre-born again representatives on Earth the Jews (soon by the way to pick up on this third level stuff - have you noticed how nothing in 1st level or 2nd level Christianity has interested them so far?) for all their adherence to the Word of God
and to the Worship of God
are the most intelligent Left and right brain people percapita on the planet? For a start anyone counted Jewish BBC and Hollywood actors and movers and shakers recently?

The left-brain, Oh Mr Richard Dawkins of the God Delusion, was never constructed to be a foundation to live from!
It was constructed as a somewhat slender limited bit of gear to
express and articulate what is in our hearts
and to be consequently a step by step computer to guide us through our actions and changes
and to aid us in explaining, teaching and directing others.

The left-brain cannot love
Cannot make love
Cannot make music - though it can make the mechanics of noise-there is a difference
cannot laugh....though it can articulate a laugh
Cannot dream up anything radically new
Cannot even learn to drive....though it may in a limited fashion learn a few of the precepts of driving....spatial stuff does not go on in the left-brain.

People who have shut-down adherence to other parts of us as foundations and made the left-brain the foundation for existence are
Jews when faced with Jesus Christ
Communist China and Russia. China to this day persecutes born again Christians,
Fascist Germany, who after Pietism, closed the door to the heart and through Nietsche and later German "higher" criticism made sure the Lutheran Church did not go anywhere near the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which was outpoured in the Black Forest area around 1906.
Bertrand Russell...whose background includes helping incitethe Boxer Rebellion in China while a young Watchman Nee was leading revivals amongst his fellow youngsters there.
A whole swathe of scientists right through the 20th Century up to and including Richard Dawkins.
Oh....and a large part of Radio 4 output

Were the left-brain neutral as we were led to believe in the Fall, Dawkins would not be so dangerous a figure. But somehow this inward choice we made in Genesis 3 was never neutral. It plugged the depths of our innards into Darkness on a permanent basis. Only accepting Jesus by faith in our hearts can begin to turn the ship around and give us another foundation for living. And only the baptism in the Spirit can forcibly begin us moving the rest of our belongings into our new primary address here on Earth. Anyone who knows me knows that being baptised in the Spirit in itself does not impress me. I wanted to know that this God stuff works on a daily basis. That's why I listen so intently to preachers to hear if I can hear God in their lives.
Any idiot can preach Jesus and being filled with the Spirit.We (Christine and I, separately and unknown to the other)were doing that at age 13.
That was not what we read in the New Testament. It was the foundation yes...
But the apostles and especially Paul were imparting something else:

a Jesus who came to DESTROY ALL the WORKS of the Evil One
they were imparting a Kingdom lived on Earth...NOW
A Kingdom where because they were founded on spiritual realities
they could be madly, deeply,passionately in love with God and with one another safely
such that when Paul left on the beach in Acts they were all hugging ,kissing, and in tears!!


Homeless Christians

Extract from Peter Stott-Havant 29.03.09

A Christian was never meant to be homeless.

They were meant to live in the House of the Lord.
Under the shadow of His wings. In the secret place of the Most High.In the dwelling place of God. Enjoying the emotions of God. The ambience of heaven, in just as real way as we experience the changing atmospheres in our own families.

Many talk about " I go and prepare a place for you" as though it's a verse to be read out at funerals. But it's about now as much it is about the future.

He wants to come and make His home with Us. Some people try to separate out their favorite Persons of the Trinity. The truth is, you get One , you get the lot. But as the Shack so eloquently describes...they all have different roles and personalities , yet move as One.

But everything but everything is about the focal point being the Father.

Friday 27 March 2009

Build up to Maelstrom Power

I won't copy the entire post...and if you want to see Dan's gaming video example it's all here anyway
Boy this rang bells so I did a reply on Dan's post today. I bet many of you who have experienced God's power working through you will identify with his post.
Dan writes:I was playing Scott's Wii and my favourite new game; "Starwars -Force Unleased" (yes I'm a nerd!). Essentially you are a character who has the ability to do different things to defeat your enemies. And one of the more powerful abilities is called a "Maelstrom". I was using it to defeat a crowd of enemies and I felt God begin to speak to me. Here's a video I took demonstrating the two different ways. You can gather energy for a short small burst or you can take longer to build up power and then release it in a blast that scatters the room.
Here's the essence of what He said to me;"That while it was and is My will that you went to Hong Kong and indeed receive everything possible from every portal of glory - I can and will work this together for good. If you had gone to Hong Kong then you would have had the glorious experiences of letting loose everything that has been burning in your spirit for the last few months or so. But now you will find that everything that has been burning in your spirit will continue to burn and grow to a greater degree and a greater dimension than you had even realised was physically possible.
In My economy I have designed encounters with Me as high points and they are to be loved and appreciated, but to miss one is not the end of the world. For I have many others planned and in store and in mind to surprise you with. For it is My delight to see you desperate to draw close to Me. And there is no Old Covenant dictate that you must draw close to Me and only then will I draw close to you. No! Rather the New Covenant glory is that it is by My proximity, My closeness, My passion that you feel the longing to reciprocate and open your heart up to Me and encounter Me.
So continue to allow this passion and desire to grow! Let it circle you, you fear it will drive you mad for longing - but that is love! My heart burns as I see desire for Me! And then ... when the time comes there will be a loosing of that desire in a powerful rush of glory that will demonstrate to all that I am not merely a God of the intellect, a God of the cerebral. Rather a God who delights to verify His Word with signs and wonders and miracles!".

Must be something in the airwaves about all this. First in the natural....then in the spiritual etc. I heard today that various amendments to Formula 1 mean that cars are being used with KURL...which is the controlled build-up of a power boost so that once a lap drivers can press a boost button for a release of extra power to pass an opponent....sort of similar isn't it. The stuff of Need For Speed Computer Games anyway.
Here's my reply:
Your blog is outstanding. Which is why it's had so many hits. I was just reading the Star Wars bits with Ben and Christine.Ben said..."What!! God talks to people when they are playing computer games." "Yes Ben. God can say things when you are doing anything!!" %%%%%%%%%%%%%I think you've hit on a motherlode there by the way. That relates so much to the build up I had when I went on that amazing French trip when I was 19. It's something to do with this 3rd level concept of birthing the miracles first! This as you stated so well is NOT A WORKS THING. It is Christ in you Himself incubating the miracles within you.So when God said to me "Do not put your name down for the usual student posts in France...but write to Rue de Musset church instead..." having obeyed...I simply had to trust and believe that I'd done what He told me. And then the pressure came on when nothing happened. And I had to go with that peace within and just stay with it.....The summer holidays came. Nothing. Rather dejectedly I thought...well I could do my parents' large hedge.Interesting. It was while I did that hedge...with all hope completely lost...That the Nugues phone me...said they used to be in rue de Musset...said come over tomorrow!! And I had 2 weeks of the wackiest, powerfilled revelation filled weeks of my life...beginning with that first breakfast when Mrs Nugues got zapped by the power of God and was instantly and permanently healed from epilepsy.So what the power build up thing describes is actually incredibly awesome. It's believing that you are in the right place,obediently doing what you feel called to do...and doing it by faith...until you feel called to do something else. It is a fulfilment of that verse " A Body thou hast prepared for me".It's a mad way of living because things happen like when Lazarus died, Jesus felt to stay longer in that other place. And every human being on Earth knows that when your closest friend is dying and close to death...the first law of human compassion is that you drop everything and go to be with them.So this power build-up thing...this"body you have prepared for Me" thing...has ramifications that make you want to scream!!! This is inhuman!!But it is itself the intercession- the incubation- the cooking time - for an absolutely awesome release of power far beyond what we could ever expect.It is this sort of process that happens when we fast.But loads of charismatics fast. Fasting is scriptural. But the fast God desires is on a whole different level. He says I want to live my life through You...give me a body. " " What my body. I was just going to give you a stomach!""I've had enough of stomachs.That was for the charismatics. This is the 3rd level. In this day I'm looking for bodies. Now give me a body."" But I was rather planning to do things with my life. I'm an intellectual. I'm a musician you know.Did you know God, that I've got a song in the Songs of Fellowship songbook!" " Yes I know. And that doesn't impress Me. Now give me your body."etc etc ...you get the gist anyway.Have we any idea...back to the Star Wars game...what will be the power build up as we patiently do the simple things we are called to do as a Body? Imagine a 100 people like Rob Rufus in a room.
27 March, 2009 17:34

Sunday 22 March 2009

Ship Propulsion Unit Vision and The original Word as a suspended Orb vision

Re-issued in Facebook: Prophetic Voice - last week.

I am not sure how to respond about the recent news of Todd Bentley regarding his 2nd marriage.I do pray that he be restored...but on a very deep level. I just pray we're not into quick fixes in order to "preserve some face" with the world. What is interesting is that God allowed the release of a word in the last Key of David meeting in Havant. And last night Jose encouraged me to share it here. It came originally 9months ago while I was at an HMS Sultan open day while Florida was still ongoing - 21st June last year. Like a lot of things that came during the Florida Outpouring they began life in Dan Bowen's Life On Wings blog. see http://ern-baxter.blogspot.com/This is how it appeared
Ship's Propulsion Unit
I've just returned from a day at HMS Sultan.Great time with my son Ben who is 8.There's always plenty of stuff going on. but , uncharacteristic for me, not being too engineery, we stopped off to look at just one stripped down frigate propulsion unit. (There can be 4,6 or 8 on one vessel)A sailor took us right through how it worked. When we got to the burners I noticed they were a group of cylinder type things, about 12 or 20 or something positioned in a circle. Then at the side of all this were 2 small ignition burners on the left and on the right. Don't switch off artist types- or non engineery girlies!!!I asked how often did they have to be stripped down for maintenance? He said after around 600 hours all the cylinder burners were completely changed. OK..got all that? This is what God said. All that we have seen up until now...from John G Lake, Smith Wigglesworth through the one man pioneers of the 50s through to Morris Cerullo Rheinhardt Bonnke...(maybe Todd Bentley)far from being the main show...were just ignition burners for the Kingdom. The real Kingdom ministry as pioneered by John Wimber and later Toronto and hopefully Florida is a faceless affair. Its the whole Body moving into overdrive. Men like the aforementioned were called men, ahead of the game, but now in secret,all over the world,the Body has been growing. So i felt God say that many would be used as simultaneous burners at full throttle, but then they would be put aside for another set of burners. In the navy example the burners are thrown away...but in God's Kingdom,people are not discarded after use, they experience a reassignment!! So imagine...if what we look up to now are just the ignition burners, the fire starters, what does the Kingdom look like when all the rings of 12 or 20 burners come on working simultaneously and in parallel??????Only to be replaced immediately by another set, then another set.And one ship can have 4 or 8 of these propulsion units!!!!To a world fed on church comedy like the 60s "All Gas and Gaiters" through to the 90s "Father Ted" and "Vicar of Dibley" they won't know what has hit them. "Where did they come from?"21 June, 2008 20:45
I would now only add to this further confirmation that what I am saying is accurate. Here are some obvious examples of "rings of burners" rather than one man shows. On the day of Acts "Peter stood up with the other 11!!!"The pattern was seen immediately on the day the church was born.In 1974 some incredibly significant London meetings were held by another set of ring burners...that for a few months held it together. They were Gerald Coates, Dave Mansell,Maurice Smith,John Noble,John McLauchlin,and a handful of others...including at one point the Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr. I was in that one age 16, and it was a fantastic move forward for the UK. Sadly this was so shortlived.In the early 70s up to the Dales Bible Weeks the UK was affected by another set of "ringburners". They grouped around Fort Lauderdale. They were Don Basham, Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Ern Baxter and a few others. For a brief instant while under the anointing...the stuff they were bringing was in the Holy Spirit...and actually fathered the birth of nearly all our churches...indirectly or directly. This too did not last.The point of my blog (http://080808onnowto.blogspot.com/ )is to say that in order to get longer burn from sets of "ringburner ministries"...more like the initial 12 apostles in duration....(though this period admittedly itself was cut short by persecution and death...not by adultery and leaders falling out!!!)leaders need to be of the same mettle as the apostles. St John calls this the "Father" stage of growth...what I am calling the 3rd Level. It is absolutely distinctive in the Holy Spirit and often comes after amazing high profile failures. See St Peter. So maybe Todd is in with a chance!The Key of David meeting did not emphasize leadership. The Holy Spirit was particularly emphasizing churches of faceless people all moving in their giftings, and that collectively something greater than the sum of all the parts is produced in terms of anointing and power.
Suspended Orb Vision (original)- relayed in email to John Stevens Sep 07
My latest revelation goes something like this. Truth as we know is many sided, like a brilliant cut diamond. But this is what I have seen...only I cannot describe it exactly...something like this. Imagine in a science lab, some sort of orb, suspended electromagnetically in space, say surrounded by electromagnets.
Well imagine turning off the electrics, and yes, you still have the orb, now come to rest on a bench, just sitting there.Now, a lot of Christians think they have the Truth, because they have the Bible words, but in reality they have an orb on a bench.
The Truth, the real truth is a Person, the Living Jesus, expressing Himself here and now through the lovely Person of the Holy Spirit.Now, in the Old Testament, they were instructed to build the Holiest Place exactly as instructed, which included The Ark and the two golden Cherubim above it.When everything was done exactly as instructed, then God humbled Himself to come and dwell above the Ark between the cherubim.His real presence suspended (like the orb) between the cherubim, needing nothing of man for support...He is who He is, and we can like it or lump it.
So when we act on the Word, which contains the extremes of:

  1. Fearing the Lord and respecting His codes of behaviour
    yet all the while acting with grace towards those who act and live otherwise
  2. Living and moving by the Word of faith on our lips yet still doing a good job of day to day stuff, towards our families and employers,
  3. Praying with believing for the sick yet all the time suffering and bearing with those for whom nothing at the moment is changing.

    After 35 years of living with the divided notions of Christians in this country, I am starting to have sufficient clarity in my spirit to begin to take people to task, but only because, I myself am such a failure, and Jesus has been building stuff in me, to give me more stability. God is not pleased that evangelicals remain unbaptized in the Spirit, or that baptized in the Spirit people so called, are not reaching out, both practically and in the gospel message.It just is not good enough that Anglicans are not taken to task, that Methodists are so blase about being born again in this country.
    So to recap...Watchman Nee said nothing less than the whole Bible makes a whole Christian.
    It seems, there is none among us who can naturally hold the whole of Truth, so our secular brains need to yield to the Spirit,
    who transforms us inwardly , the spirit of our mind changes, the whole of our insides stretch, to take in more of the extremes of His Word.
    When I came to Emsworth, David McCulloch senior prophesied Enlarge the place of your tent;Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not;Lengthen your cordsAnd strengthen your pegs.
    Each one of those pegs hurts our former way of viewing things.
    Somehow , as we submit to His Spirit doctrines , God humbles himself to stretch His Presence over us, like a covering.
    It is not good enough that some say, I like praise. Others say, I like prayer and intrcession. Others say I like those, but don't talk to me about giving money, and sowing seeds. Others say, I move in the anointing and the Word of faith, but I am not interested in the three stages of growth:1st level, 2nd level and third level.One brother has recently left us to devote himself to evangelism in a local very fast growing church, which is great,but I knew in my spirit that I could never talk with him at this stage about Christ living our life as us. So he will learn the hard way, as people come in the revolving door, and leave by the opposite one, because the very crunch point of how sin operates in our lives has never been addressed or communicated properly.
    But as we in the Spirit raise each one of these pillars (of Truth), we create a venue, that God delights to dwell in, like between the Cherubim.It's something like a series of electromagnets
    which holds His Presence like that orb, in tension between all the points.But those electromagnets are themselves God things, they are revelations of His Word.


The 1978 Aeroplane Take-off Vision

This has been one of two or three compasses for me giving overall direction for my life. This passage features first of all during the Lakeland Outpouring on Dan Bowen's site here in the comments section May 21st 2008 11:23pm

"Never before in history, have we had the technological means to literally stand together globally in a Psalm 133 setting of unity, to await a supernatural enduement from on high , to fulfil the calling in of the Gentiles in unimaginably large numbers.In 1978 I had a very strong Word come to me as I was in a 12 seater aeroplane waiting to lift off.Up until now I have only related it with the time period between then and now. Today I also related it with Florida itself. The pilot went through 3 prophetic phases before lift off. The first 2 seemed to take an age. Phase 1. He spent ages fastening himself in, checking and re-checking all the dials, switches and levers in the cockpit.You can see it all on a 12 seater. Phase 2. The engines are revved faster and faster and faster, but still nothing actually happens. Then, when you think nothing will ever happen, phase 3 is when he effortlessly removes the brake!!! And the plane feels like it is catapulted into the air. At which point the Body of Christ will fly like it has never flown...full of the very glory of God.

This is Huuuuuuge!

I'm not sure it's hit everyone yet....
a) what this blog is about and b) how huge the implications are. Think huuuuuuuuge.

Gerald Coates and John Noble immediately saw the ramifications of what a true Spirit-filled people in the Earth would be. And they produced "Fulness " magazine. The distinction was this. "Restoration" magazine saw God restoring the church to a place where it would propel the message of the gospel out into the four corners of the Earth. "Fulness" magazine could see that God doesn't want to just save us to inhabit church meetings...He wants to fill us with the Fulness of Himself so we learn to carry on where Adam left off...living out our whole lives in a newness of life, issuing out of a relationship with God Himself. Perhaps a broader vision than just having charismatics exporting charismatic meetings everywhere.

Thing was....we only had secondlevel equipment at the time. And as fabulous as it was to prance about to Christine Noble's freedom dances....and to hire big halls and events and call them banquets......we were all just secondlevellers attending bigger meetings!!!!

But Maurice Smith's vision "The Glorious Church" is accurate. Gerald Coates and John Noble both saw that this was going to be nothing short of a new Reformation....maybe one that would put the Lutheran and Calvinist one right in the shade!!!

So this post is a kind of summary. In an unsubtle manner I am pointing with a 60 foot finger to the strands we have covered so far.

It all went wrong in the Garden...so this is where God is starting again. Most gracebloggers...in fact let's be clearer...just about all the charismatic movement...start too late. Tonight you can probably watch Creflo Dollar or Kenneth Copeland or Jesse Duplantis starting at Deuteronomy 28...declaring how God is reversing these Chapter 28 curses into the blessings at the beginning of the chapter.

Well....the gospel's better than that!!! See, you can have all those blessings and still feel as desperate as Dan Bowen does at times. I had no idea that was what was behind the cutting. Truly I feel torn apart when I read this...because you see folks...we are all in this together...we are all joined!!! And quite apart from this...although Jesus demands a total seriousness of heart regarding sin.....just as He does different aspects of sin...like fear...when He says...don't fear him who has power to hurt the body or kill...fear Him who has the Power over the 2nd Death...He who has the power to cast into hell... Or regarding wealth...it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle....etc etc...or before removing the speck in your brother's eye, take the log out of your own....

These are all serious statements in the Spirit....but not meaning we have to take a knife to ourselves....but having got our attention He wants to tell us something worse....He has killed us. He killed us on the Cross, then bound up the resurrected remains in Himself...so if we want to find life and deliverance...we have to peer into Him in heaven to see Dan Bowen hidden with Christ in God. Then what we peer into in heaven becomes manifest out through our bodies on earth. Which is a far less bloody way of dealing with things...the only blood ofcourse being already shed 2000 years ago!!! Back to the post............

So what went wrong in Genesis 3? And what went right for us when Christ died and was raised to the right hand of God the Father.
  1. It's this simple..........PERIOD.
    ADAM reached out an arm and grabbed a fruit.As he did so a false spirit entered his spirit chamber.Permanently. At the Cross, this false spirit was ejected from our spirit chamber.Permanently. Now we reach out an arm, leg,.....anything....believing it is Christ as me...in my form. PERIOD.This is expanded on here
  2. Some Doors and Gates slammed shut. This has caused seismic problems for us. This and the reversal of this curse is discussed in Peter Stott's blockbuster message on Psalm 24 (Split into 4 parts)
  3. Last year and this year has been for our Havant church a completely fresh understanding of God as Father. Peter Stott has talked on intimacy with God for ages...but somehow it has been and still is God's timing for opening this as a well of understanding and revelation in the church.

    Both the Havant May2008 Who is the King of Glory Conference - particularly Clive Jackson of Shaftsbury....and then Mark Stibbe's messages in RiverCamp2008 opened this whole area.

    In Chapter 7 of Orphans and Heirs Mark Stibbe writes about the cycle of grace.Original source Frank Lake"Clinical Theology".

    The Cross restores this cycle to the right order.Acceptance - Feeding on it -til it becomes a fixed thing in us-then out of that we achieve.Beforehand, we were operating in reverse. It was a cycle of Law. Feeling hollow and useless we try to achieve,to work - to get a feeling of worth - then out of that to try and gain acceptance.Churches are full of this stuff. It is not my intention to say any more about this, because his book can be purchased here .But it is very important material. Just to say there is a very interesting paragraph on Jonathan Edwards.

    One of the questionable aspects in the charismatic renewal has been the tendency to trust in external sensations rather than inward communion as the basis of assurance. There has been an unspoken
    tendency to thirst after bodily reactions to God's power more than the inner testimony of the Spirit. This has created a culture in which shaking, falling, laughing, weeping, jerking and groaning have become the only signs that God truly loves and accepts us. Those who experience these things feel affirmed by God's touch. Those who don't experience them feel rejected and left out.
    Jonathan Edwards wrote a great deal about the dangers of this particular tendency back in the First Great Awakening in eighteenth- century America. By the time he wrote his classic work, Religious
    Affections, he had become very cautious about the more sensational phenomena associated with revival. For Edwards, the true sign of "grace in a believer's life was not constant visions (much of which he attributed to the imagination), nor the 'bodily exercises' (such as shaking and falling),
    but those operations on the heart that are spiritual, supernatural and divine. In other words, Edwards looked on the heart of a person rather than on his outward appearances. His chief concern was whether or not a person knew in his heart something that could never have been discovered naturally and could only have been communicated through the work of the Holy Spirit. Did a person know the royal seal of the Prince of Princes? Did he know that the seal of the High King of heaven had been stamped upon his heart? This was what Edwards meant by the 'divine' operation of the Spirit, for nothing could be more divine than the revelation that we are God's children. This, then, is what Edwards called the witness of the Spirit-the revelation that we are the adopted children of God with attendant
    evidence of that fact in our lives. For Edwards, the crucial passage of scripture in this whole area is Romans 8:16, where Paul says that the Spirit witnesses to our spirits that we are the children of God. Edwards showed that the Spirit referred to is the Spirit of adoption that dwells in
    us, leads and guides us, and disposes us to behave towards God as children towards a father. This is the Spirit of love that creates 'the disposition and temper of children, appearing in sweet childlike love to God, which casts out fear or a spirit of a slave'.Once the believer knows this internal work of the Spirit, he will never need 'multiplied signs' because he feels plainly the intuitive and immediate union with Abba, Father. This kind of operation could never be created by the flesh or inspired by the devil. While both an unholy and the human spirit can suggest scriptures and give false visions, neither can lead to genuine intimacy with Abba, Father.
    Jonathan Edwards"Religious Affections
  4. Rob Rufus has been preaching on this fourth strand of what went on in the Garden.http://www.citychurchinternational.net/mp3_2/2009_02_15.zip We received a lying spirit about the nature of the goodness and greatness of God. This was because we swallowed Genesis 3:5 For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and (D)you will be like God, knowing good and evil." i.e He was holding out on us. Instead we would be like God. And in our independant godlike status we could judge things...weigh facts. And this is why our faithlife...our miracle life is like scaling a cliff face. because any faith that we are trying to muster is coming out of 2 false foundations. 1 - that we can be independant...this is Satan terrain...and 2. That God is a liar and He is not really that good. These 2 false roots need ripping out from the insides of our beings before we can ever get anywhere. This is why what Rob Rufus and Bill Johnson are preaching is so vital to the church at the moment. It is grace!. But it is WARFARE! Because God wants His Church back...to operate through...to reach the world.

So to sum up. The third level is not the same as the charismatic movement. It is deeper. It goes back further in time. It deals with the roots. In posts to come I want to deal with our left-brain living. Our manner of life that is darkened see Romans1/ Ephesians 2. The opposite in other words of living as the Bible instructs in Proverbs 3:5-6.

Rob James said last week while we prayed as men, that Time magazine had announced among the top 10 discernible trends of the immediate future would see a Rise in Calvinism, especially in the USA. This is what Iggy is up against. This Calvinism/Armenian debate is to this day stripping churches in places like Liss here in England.

Instead of getting into this I am going to now spell out the real truth! The real truth is that the English and the Americans, after centuries of wrangling are still locked into their left-brains. That is what this argument is showing. It is almost as if the recent waves of God from the Great Awakening onwards...have not happened. Churches are still filled with darkness.Jesus said"If the light within you is darkness....how great is the darkness!!!"

You may as well wrangle over the Trinity in the way Muslims do when confronted by Christian doctrines. The truth is that all these truths, and many many more to come fall instantly into place in the third level. So faced by wrangling males...and it usually is....ripping God's own church to shreds by their disobedience and darkness of thought, and shrivelled faithlife....I would say

SHUTUP! SIT DOWN! HAVE PATIENCE! LET GOD LOVE YOU. AND ALL WILL BECOME CLEAR ...once the idolatry of your own minds has been torn down...ready for God Himself to speak to You.

The other thing that will sort us out is something I've only just seen in the last few days. Those in the "Prophetic Voice" group in Facebook know that Jose asked me to put down the Ship Propulsion unit vision fom HMS Sultan Summer fete last year. The Lord only released this vision locally in the last Key of David meeting in Havant. But the original appeared in Dan's vaults on 21st June last year. (Keep an eye on our blogs...you will see stuff first here!) But what I have only just understood is that the ring burner ministry vision is to be married with the "orb" vision I had. I will put them down afresh for you in the next post. In other words , through relating giftings and ministries , as we saw in the past through Fort Lauderdale and the London group of ministries....something like a circular forcefield of God's Presence was created. A safeguard. A fulness of ministry. A balance of Word. Not an intellectual balance. We are talking in the Spirit. And the Power and anointing upon these circles of ministries will be unlike anything we have seen to date. Why different than before?Because, as Ian McCulloch shared with me once about the London brothers' gatherings, as anointed as they were on a platform together...they were still pretty left-brain locked when it came to arguing doctrines amongst themselves in leader's meetings. Having met some since...I can believe it!!! Brethren....I have faith for this to stop. Why? Because He has been doing something to stop this in leader's gatherings in Havant...so He can do it elsewhere too! Even in the USA!! Imagine that!! Anyway...back to the subject of the post....

This thing is huuuuge. If everything that went wrong....if everything that we see surrounding us...came out of a marriage of creative mankind marrying up with a Satan spirit....what on Earth will be the outcome of a creative mankind learning to live fulltime in the Son....Jesus. There is nothing the River of God won't touch. There is nothing left out of the verse "The knowledge of the glory of God will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea!!!!"

I think it's bigger Rheinhardt Bonnke, than even filling stadiums with nigh on a million people! I think it's bigger Morris Cerullo, than collecting hundreds and thousands together and praying an Elijah anointing on them! I think it's bigger Rob Rufus, than building a big grace church in Hong Kong! I think it's bigger than collecting orphans into the biggest orphanages and most successful orphanages that this world has seen! I think it's bigger Bill Johnson than recreating what John G Lake had years ago....an anointing for healing and miracles!I think it's a bit bigger Iggy than creating perfect Emerging churches...or sitting at home and learning the Father's love on your own like Amy is Walking In the Spirit. I think it's bigger than building ever bigger networks of charismatic churches with only 2 out of 3 revelations: The Abraham and Isaac revelation...but no Jacob revelation.Listen to me Terry Virgo! Mark Driscoll!

It's bigger than just becoming good at improving education. We're talking about teaching and imparting all of Romans...not just the first 3 or 5 chapters. The result being that we lead people into turning their environment around....Romans 8 "the sons setting creation free." St Paul knew how to do this. The third level is the biggest single thing to hit the Earth since Genesis. What bigger than the Cross? No it cannot beat the cross in any other way than this.....Jesus came to raise a multitude who would live,sleep walk,pray...in the same anointing and the same quality of life that He had. He was the firstborn of many brethren. That's why it's huuuuuuge! He is pouring out revelation in these days to show us the tricks of how we do it....just like He did it!!! The charismatic thing was the practice run. It was Isaac and Jacob faithing things in. The third level is what happened after Jacob met God at Peniel! Then the history of corporate Israel really began!!!! This is when the corporate Christ will really hit the planet! The rest has just been boxing the air in a gym!!!

Maurice Smith - 1977 Prophecy-The Glorious Church

Have you noticed the way I have led you so far?First of all I have lifted your eyes and given you a vision. A vision that encompassed the whole church. A vision that speaks in ultimate terms and shows you the finished product from heaven's perspective. Your heart was touched by the thought of a great church 'without spot or wrinkle'. As Ispoke to you in those early days it all seemed so attainable,so within reach. The detail was not apparent to you, only the fact that I had spoken, and you saw clearly that now was the hour for the church to become one people. Now was the hour for barriers to go down, for people to come together,regardless of their upbringing and background.
John 17 -•that they might be one' - seemed to be re-echoing fromevery corner of the world and without any collaboration between the voices. You were convinced God was at work.This was his move and he would accomplish it. (So far so good, but now pause and think).

Have you noticed that the outworking is not as easy as it seemed when you received your revelation? Had I wanted to wave an arm in heaven and accomplish my purposes, I would have done so. But I have set my heart upon a personal relationship with everyone who forms a part of this glorious church. 'My ways are not your ways' still remains true, and whereas men would organise a one-church-movement, and set the wheels in motion to co-ordinate this group with that, I have spoken again into the hearts of men that I am growing the church. As ever I am starting small and consolidatingevery move I make. Every now and then there is an upsurge and an outbreak on a larger scale, which is an encouragement to everyone, but the master-builders know that at such times extravagant things are said and believed, and the idea spreads that we are farther on than we really are.
According to eternal principles I then prune that which has borne fruit that it may bring forth more fruit, andthe master-builders are not token by surprise when thishappens. They know that every step of the way I insist that the personal relationship of God and man is developed, and that this explains many apparent set-backs. I do not want people carried along on the crest of a wave, but people with some realisation of the cost, who nevertheless still desire above all else to be a part of this glorious church which gripped their imagination long ago. Indeed many only get their first glimpse of this holy and unified church in the midst of this upsurge stage of my purposes. (Pause again and think about what I am saying).

Now, because of all I have allowed to work upon your lives,you have a deepening relationship with me. Now you really begin to relate to one another. Not as a people who have in mind some grand successful church movement, but as a peopie captivated by my love and grace toward you; as a people thankful to be included at all in what I have set my heart upon. Now you are prepared to go at my pace, you do not despise the time it takes to form a relationship.You begin to understand that I really was unhurried as I made my friendship with sinners, that I was fully prepared for the disappointments and the rewards of friendship, and so it shall be with you more and more. As the barriers between one and one go down, as friendships are formed,and commitments made, you became more vulnerable to being hurt, and yet also on the verge of great discoveries. The riches that I have placed within every single one of you,becomes the available treasure of each other, and the poverty that has marked my people for so long shall be swallowed up in an abundance of supply.There I go again, re-envisioning you and lifting your eyes to the inevitable goal; but take it steady, be prepared for set-backs, be realistic - all in the true knowledgethat,although in one sense it has to be done stone upon stone, it is later than you think, and that finally everything shall be done suddenly.

For there shall be a great unveiling, a pulling aside of the curtain in a moment of time, a trumpet blast and the body of God forged through many trials and heartaches, joined together by many sinews and main arteries across the world, shall arise and dismay shall strike the hearts of many as they see that which they have scorned so long become the evident dwelling place of God.

In an hour when all is falling down, this church shall stand up like an army with abundant life and flexible structure. The bones shall have real flesh on them, andall the world shall see and marvel at this glorious church without spot or wrinkle, that first captivated the hearts of many of you so long ago.
Prophecy through Maurice Smith 7 January 1977 at the Friends MeetingHouse, London

Originally buried in Dan's vaults here....if it sounded familiar! Wanted to make sure it wasn't lost in his comments section. It's too important!!!

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Blogs are in real time!

Books you can construct over quite a time period. You can finesse them. You can get people you rate to check them over. And anyway...you've got to collect the money together...or be shackled to a publishing house...in order for them to see the light of day.

Blogs is us! In real time!
Jamie's silence. Sheila barricaded in with some Word!
Dan off working at his job.
Me restoring a piano in Kegworth. Half of us disappeared off to Hong Kong!

But I wonder if people are beginning to get it??!!!

Ephesians 1:9He (Y)made known to us the mystery of His will, (Z)according to His kind intention which He (AA)purposed in Him
10with a view to an administration suitable to (AB)the fullness of the times, that is, (AC)the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth.

With each advance of the the church....there is a change of administration.
A hundred years ago saw incredible Keswick Convention Bible Conventions.
Then 30-40 years ago there was another fresh wave of the Holy Spirit and we began....began mind you....to get a vision of the Body of Christ...and a fresh conference style and wineskin began.
Then Christian media took off. People still argue over the 80's presentation of prosperity...abundance....our sowing....one man ministries on the receiving end...

But take heart! This was one step out of slavery. There are clearer, more concise steps to come...and a lot of the 80s prototype will become clearer. But in a Kingdom context.

Others say"What.....you're saying Kenneth Copeland.....Morris Cerullo...weren't Kingdom!"
No,I'm not saying that! I'm saying they were pioneers. And just as a seed doesn't look that pretty compared with a fullgrown flower....I'm saying the Kingdom is Ezekiel 37 with clothes on !!! It's beautiful and attractive. And it's the corporate full grown. Not one man putting his neck on the line and announcing it. Christian TV has been talking heads. Florida was one better. Miracles and Kingdom worship in real time over the airwaves into every home.
If first and second level wineskins had a certain glory about them....you can bet that as we press into the 3rd level a greater, more glorious thing is emerging.

And part of it is things we've never had before.......
like Rory and Wendy - God TV....if they can stay the course and adapt to the new things!
The internet - Facebook- Blogs. And goodness what will follow. This is all the stuff of an international Body of Christ knowing no boundaries of race, colour,denomination,non-denomination....

and more than this....it's lived in real time.
The first and secondlevels were not experienced in real time. They were meetings.Evangelical meetings. Then Spirit-filled meetings.
The 3rd level is about you learning Christ as you
In real time
Alongside a gazillion others all round the world
simultaneously. It's a faith walk. It's a grace walk. It's an exploration of Christianity with the guilt and manipulative techniques stripped out. Where the only thing that makes it work is you experiencing Jesus for yourself. Because if you don't...then nothing happens.

And to actually allow that.
Instead of faking things....just to fill the gaps. Which is what happens in 1st and 2nd level churches. Helping God along! Why is that ultimately destructive?
Because if you allow Isaac to actually be born.....he is more than enough to fulfil God's plan. And nothing else will do.

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Praying for all of you - but this is the first report

I found the following quite encouraging following our weekend of just about non-stop prayer at Havant Church.....(shared out between us)....So I wrote to Julie about it:

Hey Julie,I have been praying for all the people that I link to and (for those who have )commented on my site...during our church's Prayer 24/7 weekend.... well 5 days actually.

When I came to (Praying for)you I was led to pray about hotel accommodation in Hong Kong. I thought ..how weird is that...cos I was thinking every hotel in Hong Kong would be pretty swish anyway...seemed like a waste of prayer!!!

Wow wow wow!!!truly we are all in one Body!!!!

This is what she has written in today's 1st Hong Kong post:
I am seriously behind on keeping the blog up to date on relevant news. I have a few rather big announcements actually, and one is that I'll be attending the Glory and Grace conference '09 in Hong Kong! I'm actually already here and the conference starts tomorrow, I'll be meeting Lydia at the airport tonight and we'll be staying together in our somewhat flashy hostel, which God graciously allowed our room to be upgraded (believe me, this is a big blessing, I should have taken a picture of the room I stayed in the first night!).

Friday 13 March 2009

Thin Places and 24/7 Prayer

My friend John Stevens, a biology teacher did a one week fast openly and all blogged up here:


But at the bottom of his blog he expalins the double meaning behind thin places.

During the summer I read a number of books doing the rounds such as Blue Like Jazz (which I enjoyed immensely) and The Irresistable Revolution (which I admired). T.I.R. attempts to recapture the radical monastery life of centuries ago and re-package its call and relevance for us in the 21st Century. It tells us the Celts located their monasteries in places were the presence of God seemed unusually real. And that communities grew around these sites. What a refreshing modus operandi that could be for current town planners to consider!The Celtish Christians called these 'thin places' where the normal divide between earth and heaven seemed to grow thin.

So just about the time that us charismatics/pentecostals/Norman Grubb readers satisfy ourselves that God is to be experienced everywhere...and is the same everywhere...just then we read in Acts that people are healed by the shadows of apostles as they walk past...by handkerchiefs anointed with oil....then certain places as I describe below on John Stevens blog

Oh and.....regarding thin places...they really exist. A client who is not overly spiritual says that he knows when he is near a closed order monastry on the way to Henfield Sussex, because the whole area feels different.Dunno about that. it's not my patch. but even I experienced this a bit at last year's RiverCamp see 2009 http://www.river-camp.co.uk/ It is on some land that has been used continuously for prayer....including as a Christian healing centre for decades...and it's that much easier to hold Christian events here!!!!

Then as if that is not enough, Theresa in Havant Church goes into Sacre Coeur at Place du Montmartre, Paris and is overwhelmed by the sense of prayer in that place. Nuns have been offering up prayers continually here since well over a hundred years ago.

Grace people in general don't talk much about discipline. This word covers a lot of things. But here it refers to a repeated activity. Self-control is a Holy Spirit fruit...and you need a bit of that when undertaking anything in a continued and persistent fashion. The idea of crafted prayer...or a prayer like the prayer of Jabez...is a prayer that is formulated hopefully in the Presence of God, then prayed consistantly until a change occurs. Actually The Lord's Prayer is such a prayer. These type of prayers , because they originate in God, actually themselves, unfold like a snail shell, and are packed with meditation power....unfolding and unfolding.

All this to say that the Moravians who had a 100 year prayer meeting were the inspiration for a movement originating here in Chichester called Prayer 24/7.

Over this weekend Havant church are setting aside a room for 24/7 round the clock prayer from tonight until Tuesday. As I was struggling with a seized up lock on a piano...I was hit by another example. A lock that is repeatedly used locks easily and smoothly. If people regularly walk across a strip of grass, a pathline emerges. So I guess in the Spirit, that is the secret behind an Open heaven being over certain places...or being experienced in any of our houses....wherever Kingdom activities are being conducted...wherever heaven is being accessed.

Pray for us....that we do access heaven...and may it have effects for you.

Iggy Rocks In

This post takes its title from the writer of Emerging Thought In Montana see blog link.He is called Iggy...though his first name is Carlos...which is a lot more subversive sounding. Iggy runs an internet readio station called Iggy Rocks.

Two of his last posts are well worth a read http://wordofmouthministries.blogspot.com/
Grace: Falling Forward - Monday March 09
The Wages of Sin - Tuesday March 10 09

I commented that they were very much in keeping with what others were writing and preaching. He replied that he has been preaching much the same for over 20 years. Which is a bit how I feel when people reply to my blog...only minus the preaching. God has only let me prophesy. No other openings have ever come in 36 years.

However , contrary to Iggy's reply I have since heard a couple of the latest Rob Rufus sermon's
particularly this one:http://www.citychurchinternational.net/mp3_2/2009_02_15.zip
Faith is conducting Heaven's Influence Into The Earth:Part 1 Becoming a Lightning Conductor

And I would say there is a prophetic edge to what Iggy has written whether he appreciates that or not. As the 3rd Level Church arises in the Earth there seem to me to be two main strands:

We have to change our believing
We have to allow this believing to penetrate the depths of our being.

The last posts here have been about opening those gates within us that were slammed shut in the Fall. Helen's message was about knowing who we are...and waiting before God to let Him establish this in us.

Rob Rufus brings fresh revelation to what went on in the Garden by showing us we received a spirit that DENIES the GOODNESS of GOD. This denying spirit acts as a barrier to God's supernatural restorations, miracles and healings. So you can see - Iggy too - this is not grace business as usual...this grace message has a new edge to it. It is actually warfare as we seek to restore the supernatural to the Church and out into the world.

On Wednesday night we had a Healing Rain meeting here in Havant. This is where we are seeking to press in to open the wells of healing...that ofcourse have been always there for us in God. I got a revelation as we were waiting before Him...which I briefly prophesied out. It was so clearly impressed upon me that God is always broadcasting on His frequency. In this frequency there is en endless supply of supernatural healings and miracles. Waiting on God is simply us tuning into this frequency rather than spending much of our days listening to other traffic in the airwaves. "we cast down false speculations and everything that is exalted above the Name of God"

As we catch hold of this ...miracles will not be a strain. They are the natural stuff of this frequency...this River that comes out of God's throne.

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Helen Rubio and the Russian Dolls

This post is not Helen's latest chart-topping CD with a backing band from Moscow...this is her message which came more or less after Peter Stott's block buster on the 17th May at the Conference last year.
It throws up a link between 3rd heaven and 3rd level. About 2 years ago I was talking with Peter Stott after a Key of David meeting...and he made the link between what I refer to as 3rd level living and the 3rd heaven. I was not sure about this at all. I could not comment. What I'd received from the Lord 20 years ago was all I'd received...and I was just getting on with it. How it flowed with anything else I hadn't a clue and I could not be responsible for...because I'd received nothing on it.
But through Dan's input last year...and him pointing to Rob's Church in Hong Kong...and being introduced to the sessions with Josh Mills which anyone can download from the City Church archives 2008...this and Helen's own admiration for Josh Mills...this forced me into seeking to get light on things. A few posts ago I put up the results of my musings...to see that all these things are mirrored by the furniture in the Holy of Holies. Josh Mills takes us into the glory Presence of God and often experiences visible gold dust falling on his body straight out of the heavenlies. This is like the glory Presence above the Mercy seat and between the cherubim. The 3rd level living that I am talking about is like the furniture below this...The Mercy Seat in which is the Ark of acacia wood covered on the inside and out with gold. This is us living Christ as Me...in my form...in my shape...with our inward believing of who we are in Christ. It is not an intellectual knowledge. This is revelation to our insides. Now Helen at the moment would not talk about 3rd level living as a phrase....but in this message you can see where she's going. And she does make the direct link between 3rd heaven and our walk on Earth. I include this post for all the comments it will hopefully provoke...which I was going to discuss here...but it was a 2 track CD message...so I guess it will have to be another post. So, please feel free to comment about anything these last 5 Conference posts throw up...things you find good...things you are not so sure about...sometimes the problem areas force greater understanding.
What I’ve been feeling in my heart as I’ve been preparing for the conference is very much part of my journey…..I love sitting and hearing Peter and others preach. That today was just like hearing Peter declare prophetically what is happening in the church. But I am the sort of person that will go and say, “Where does that leave me in the middle of that?”….”When I go out of here now and I go home…what does that mean??” So it is in my heart to share some keys….. to share some tools with you.
maybe this is little faith, but I believe that is the extent of it…but I believe it is very important. These are keys and these are tools that I have kind of tested over the last couple of years. I am not 100% proficient in them , but I am learning.

Do you remember either last year or the year before we talked about the journey of ascension through praise and worship? First heaven, second heaven and third heaven and the journey of praise. (Chris:For blog readers…I have not covered this yet, but you can get the outlines in Peter’s message preceding this post : Lift Up your heads 1-4)
We had praise gathering type songs in the first stage, we had spiritual warfare going on in the 2nd heaven and then we have the 3rd heaven where God inhabits. he is ofcourse everywhere, but His natural habitat , where His throne is , is the 3rd heaven.
The heaven of heavens. What we have discussed is that as we go in worship to that place, the 3rd heaven begins to be manifest in the Church…we begin to see the supernatural we begin to see manifestations of the supernatural Presence of God.We begin to see healing, we begin to see really effective intercession because we are interceding (from our true position) of heaven back down to earth.

But I was thinking about all this…we often think of it as an outward journey.here we are the Church… the congregation…we are on this journey…this ladder…(like Jacob’s ladder) into the Presence of God…and it’s external. in my head that’s how I visualise it.

But I felt that God showed me there was a correlation between this journey and our own spiritual being. And what I saw is that right in the middle there we have the spirit. Then here we have the soul, the will and emotions…(Chris writes, I’ll come back to that). and outside you have got the physical body. So the body is kind of like the first heaven where we dwell in our physical reality…The emotion or soulish area is relates to the area of spiritual warfare. Then the spiritual area of me is where God dwells. But it is not an outside place. It’s an inside place. So the same way I need to make this journey of ascension , this outside journey, my journey in this life is to make an inward journey all the time. And just as where we’ve lived for a long time as churches is …here (the outer levels), in our outward physical things and in our emotions and in our soul. And where God wants to teach us to live from is there…in our spirits. But I would go so far as to say that our ability to operate as a church here…moving in the 3rd heaven…relates consistently to our ability to live here…from our spirits. So our journey as a congregation or as church together is directly related to our ability to live from our spirits.( Chris says he can feel the grace hackles rising here…so we’ll come back and look at this…panic not!! Don’t excommunicate Helen yet!) She continues: All very good…in theory!!!

I was thinking about Brother Lawrence, (reference to Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence)bless him (said with meaning) and I said to the Lord…because I have these frank discussions with Him… and I actually said to Him, “ It’s alright for Brother Lawrence! if all I had to do all day was to stand and do the washing up…I reckon I could have a pretty good stab at focussing on being in the Presence of God all day.I think I could probably do that…at my kitchen sink….looking out the window… I could be in the Presence of God. Thanks to my mum I have a dishwasher now…so I don’t even get that time now…

I get up, I get the breakfast, I get the children ready for school, I get myself ready, I get myself off to work, I teach young people with challenging behaviour most of the day…(said at lightning speed) then I go home do the cleaning the cooking look after the car look after the house look after the garden do the worship team do the music da da da… da da da….when do I get time…in my understanding of what living from my spirit means WHEN DO I LIVE FROM MY SPIRIT? I’m so caught up with what I have to do all the time. When do I live in that authority? When do I live in that Presence and Power of God? How do I do that? how do I really do that?

I have really struggled with that. (Yup…and I bet many reading this blog would identify. See, it’s easy for the secular person and the cessationist Christian. You don’t know the power of God can actually surge through you today. So for you there is no option. Once you discover that yes….the Holy Spirit is still around doing what He did in the gospels and Acts…this presents a major problem!!! John Cleese said,”Despair I can live with. It’s the hope I can’t take!!”)

And I’ve spent the last few months up until a couple of months ago getting an understanding of it…but not completely… So I would be thinking “I’ve gotta make time…to access the Presence of God…I’ve gotta make time to understand that authority and understand His Presence…and I need to find time and that’s what the answer is. But ofcourse my life on days gets busier and busier. And when I wasn’t getting that time I was getting frustrated. Oh that means I’m not living from my spirit. I’m not being a spiritual woman. All this….condemnation…..you know…

I had a revelation one day. It was very interesting because Kaye (Gill…the one referred to in Havant Parchment) prayed for me a few months ago. As she prayed she said shefelt something shift in my head – (Probably my brain just getting into gear!!!)
And nothing much happened after that. and a couple of months ago I’d got to the point where I’d actually taken a couple of weeks off work. I was really having such a difficult time. I just got before God…and as I was doing this I got this revelation.
It was from John 14 …and I just felt something in my brain just shift!!! have you ever had that? When you get a revelation. if you haven’t ever had it then begin to seek God for it because there is truth in the Bible that God wants to reveal to you..and we need to give time to that…and when it comes…when it clicks…you’ll know! And you’ll know that you know that you know!!!

I could suddenly see that I had a place of abiding in Christ. I want you to turn to John 14 and I am going to bring out somebody to help me. I could do with a few volunteers……….

You know God’s way of doing spiritual warfare is radically different to the way we think spiritual warfare is done. I have been in so many meetings where there is lots of shouting…and I’m not saying there isn’t a place for that…but in those days that was all our understanding of spiritual warfare was. I want to read you what I believe is God’s definition of spiritual warfare. Jn14: 9Jesus said to him, "Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? (M)He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, 'Show us the Father'?
10"Do you not believe that (N)I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? (O)The words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative, but the Father abiding in Me does His works.
11"Believe Me that (P)I am in the Father and the Father is in Me; otherwise (Q)believe because of the works themselves. Then in the next verses He speaks about the works and the greater works….he’s been talking about how He is in the Father and the Father is in Him…..but He is saying all this in the context of spiritual warfare and authority. So Jesus sees that the Key to both these things is the Abiding in the Father. Now this is where I need some helpers. Quick quick quick.
You’ll have to give me a bit of poetic licence here. This is God the Father…..Disguised cleverly as a Russian doll….just try and imagine…(said with intent)
This is Jesus. And then I need one more person. This is me. There you are mother. And this is the Holy Spirit. Thanks Emma.
Now Jesus says I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit. So that’s me with the baby Russian doll inside – the Holy Spirit. This is not a magic trick by the way. I am not going to magic a dove out of thin air! Right. OK.
Then it says I am in Jesus. See. Then Jesus says I am in the Father. Where are you in the middle of all of that? What does the Enemy see when he looks at you? Not a Russian doll…thankyou Clive. (Jackson of Shaftsbury who should know better - Lots of laughter.) How to ruin a good sermon!
When the enemy looks at you he sees the Father!!! If we remain in Him. Wow!!
But Jesus has done the work. He didn’t say…once you’ve done this, and once you’ve done that…and the other…when you come to church every Sunday…when you pray for an hour every day…then that’ll mean you remain in Me. He just says “I am in you. And I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. It’s all there!!”
So what’s the point of me spending time with yYou then, God? I don’t mean to be heretical…I was just following a train of thought. Why do I find that need then to come and spend time? And I just felt the Holy Spirit say really clearly, “When you come and give that time to Me, you begin to experience that abiding. You begin to experience all that that means.You begin to connect with it and then begin to receive all the benefits of that. You receive the love. You receive the comfort. You receive the strength, the joy the peace. Everything that you need.”
“But when you move out of that place, nothing has changed. Your position has not changed.You’re still abiding . You are still in that place. But you just plug into it for that time.”
And so the challenge then is to know that we are abiding for all that time, and by abiding, we have that authority. How do we stay conscious of that…in all the busyness and activity?
One of the keys is to just keep coming back. ( In returning and rest you shall be saved) And the other key is to just turn our minds…just say “ Lord I thankyou that I am abiding in You.I am in You” and to thank Him for that.
But there are certain keys that enable us to go deeper. Because the biggest amount of daily warfare that goes on in our lives, is not against huge demons and principalities and powers. The biggest battle that goes on is here …pointing to the soul realm. Over my flesh (sinful pulls) my soul, my emotions. How I actually am. So we are on this inward journey…so how do we stay inward?
These are five things that I find useful
contemplation and meditation
worship and beholding
waiting and soaking
Proverbs 3:5-6 trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. This is about us coming and doing these seemingly insignificant things…yet we trust that God is the One who is in us doing the things He needs to do.
He KEEPS US ABIDING…we keep trusting He keeps us abiding. The more that we understand that we are abiding…that we’re in Him that He is in us…that therefore we have His authority. Therefore we can deal with all the things that come up in my life…in my flesh…in my job..in my family.
Quiet. So very quickly…it says in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.
And here I mean Quiet. A lot of us have got into using Cds …but I believe there is a place for quiet…. it’s an outward silence…but what needs to happen is that there needs to be an inward silence. And if you start to practice this…the first thing you will notice is the amount of noise there is – inside. As you keep going with it…eventually you learn to still all that internal noise. Just be patient. we used to call it Quiet Time. Listening. Jesus constantly took time out in a quiet lonely place. Solitude is really important.
Contemplation and meditation. ps 119 I meditate on your statutes. It’s about understanding the ways of God.
A lot of people have heard the prophecy about the Unknown Way. I call you to a way that is unknown….Quite often on this journey, we don’t know what is happening on the next day.But if you know your God…if you know how He works…how He thinks…you will be secure. use crafted prayers. When you hear something from God…write it down…then maybe later when you don’t feel in the same place…use what has been written down before.because this lines you up with what your spirit is saying…not what your changeable emotions are saying.
Worship and beholding
If you play an instrument. if you sing. Sing! put on a cd. At home . In the car. Sing in tongues. become focussed on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you.That you can gaze upon Him. That you can behold Him. Because that really is the place of transformation. And we become part of that circle of intimacy. we love the Father. the Father loves us. The Father loves Jesus. Jesus loves us…..
Discipline is a key to authority. Not as a heavy religious thing. But as a pursuit out of desperation to see something different in my life. making time to pursue this inner journey. A commitment that is carried through with persistence…as with anything we undertake in our life. Maybe a commitment to a regular 10 minutes. A lovesickness.We make dates and appointments to be with special people in our lives.Make appointments to be with Jesus. Nope…sorry I’m busy then…I have a prior appointment …with Someone Important!!
be aware that IT IS A JOURNEY. It is a process. God said to me the other day “I am not preparing you for an encounter. I am preparing you to understand how you live with My Glory” So many of us are looking for that encounter, that experience…that moment … but actually God is training us to be a people that know how to live and work and move in His glory. So if you think this is all taking time…it’s because this is not just for a quick encounter…this has got to be something that is sustainable. and the more that you go on this journey…you will find there is a hunger arises in you. be prepared as he is training you for this spiritual authority…the first thing He is going to deal with…IS YOU. So all the things that you have kept hidden away. all the things that you have got away with over the years.The first area that God wants to establish dominion is in your heart, your house…your family.We say oh the church…the church…but who is the church. We are.
It is a hidden way. Sometimes for long stretches you will not feel anything. This is where trust is important. He is working!!!
Waiting and soaking.
God is after our hearts not just our emotions. Be content sometimes to just wait!!!!
When you are in a marriage you are in it for the long haul…even if on some days you feel quite cheesed off with each other.
Showing the Russian dolls…this is not process…this is fact…we are hidden in Christ. The process is for me to bring my will and my emotions into line so that I live this stuff! hen we begin to live experiencing these already established truths then everything that Peter was preaching this morning will begin to manifest. But this takes obedience to step out in faith with what God shows us to do.

Friday 6 March 2009

Lift Up Your Heads O Ye Gates part Four

This is the final Part of this incredible message which attempts to break down for us the power of Psalm 24 for today's church. I believe, in revelation terms it is the direct sequel to the mountain top we were left on by Ern Baxter's "Thy Kingdom Come " message of 1975.Peter Stott in last May's Conference here, is coming in at a different angle to either Rob Rufus, or myself on the rest of this blog. But to me, it is all so exciting...because Rob is talking about a completely different way of living and relating with the Lord, based entirely on a grace walk. I am wanting to take people back to the knot that was tied in the Garden...of the false delusion of the independent self...which is also what Peter refers to as the ancient doors which slammed shut when we literally invited Satan into this Earth realm...and which Psalm 24 refers to as needing liftingUp. But all in our own ways are proclaiming a different season in the church. A season where we walk!!! As you received Christ as Lord...(which was all by a gift of faith) so now walk in Him! Peter is also taking the words of the Lord's prayer "Your Kingdom come,your will be done,in earth as it is in heaven" and putting more flesh on these words.

Peter continues:
Take a look at this picture( picture of a saint on her knees praying…then all around her mighty, mighty forces of angels being released into activity)… here’s a simple saint….. evidently praying. Somebody said one Christian with God is a majority.
God….help me with this bit……
Can we turn to the book of Esther for a moment. Esther chapter 4:13 to 5:3
Ch4: 13Then Mordecai told them to reply to Esther, "Do not imagine that you in the king's palace can escape any more than all the Jews.
14"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and (
H)deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father's house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?"
Esther Plans to Intercede
15Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai,
16"Go, assemble all the Jews who are found in Susa, and fast for me; (
I)do not eat or drink for (J)three days, night or day. I and my maidens also will fast in the same way. And thus I will go in to the king, which is not according to the law; and if I perish, I perish."
17So Mordecai went away and did just as Esther had commanded him.
Ch5: 1Now it came about (
A)on the third day that Esther put on her royal robes and stood (B)in the inner court of the king's palace in front of the king's rooms, and the king was sitting on his royal throne in the throne room, opposite the entrance to the palace.

2When the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court,(Peter is weeping as he reads this) (
C)she obtained favor in his sight; and (D)the king extended to Esther the golden scepter which was in his hand. So Esther came near and touched the top of the scepter.
3Then the king said to her, "What is troubling you, Queen Esther? And what is your request? (
E)Even to half of the kingdom it shall be given to you."I take it you know the story of Esther…that is the beauty of a conference like this…most of you know where we are coming from.
Now I want to say this : Who you are determines your authority. Who you are determines your access. And I said to you earlier God has put in place certain legalities. One of them is that he has given government of the Earth to the human.
The other right or exousia…is the right of entrance into the very Presence of God by a new and living way, because of who we are there are certain rights which are implicit in that.

My dad was a director of a fairly large public company and sometimes when I was coming home from school I wanted to go in and see him in the office…. it was a fairly awesome building. And you went past the receptionist and that wasn’t too bad. she knew who I was so she’d just wave and I’d go up the stairs to the director’s suite, go through the big doors and head for my dad’s office. But I couldn’t get there without passing the secretary. It’s a fearful thing falling into the hands of the Living God….but this secretary would rank a close second!!! But anyway whatever was going on I could go into my dad’s office and just sit there. When I walked in he used to have a huge smile and say “ Sit down boy.” When we were very small he used to pull out a string of paper clips and say “Play with these” and we used to play with them for hours. But always always always we could go and see Dad. Why? Because of the relationship. Because of who I was to him I had access. And no one could deny me that access because he would grant it me.That’s just a simple thing, but I want to tell you that in Christ you have access.

Here we have Esther. God I thank you our relationship is far more than legal. You see Esther said it here…she said to her mates…you fast and I will go into the king- which is against the law…and if I perish, I perish. In those days if you went into the court without invitation you were liable to the sentence of death. It was that strong. So she goes with a certain amount of temerity and fear and arrives at the gateway, the doorway to the throneroom.
And you don’t know what was going through her head even despite the relationship she had with the king. Do you identify with that …sometimes? When there’s such an awesome sense of God’s Presence you think, “who am I?” But the bit that is so wonderful is the King looked across and she caught his eye (lump in Peter’s throat).
(Dan Bowen has alluded to pretty much the same phrase in Song of Solomon : You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes" (Song of Songs 4:9).)
and I just want to tell you although he was this powerful, awesome ,majestic personality…his love for her touched his heart; and he beckoned to her. The warrior Bride! beneath his breathe”Oh God” as in how wonderful You are…

You see the whole thing of intercession is totally changing!!! (Chris’s note: I have yet to do a post on intercession from a 3rd level perspective….but imagine the difference between rattling off prayers in tongues in a meeting…and selling up all you have to go and bring up orphans in Jerusalem like Lydia Prince….or announcing by faith to an unbelieving nation’s press that the Dictators were defeated already in 1943 knowing everyone would call you mad…as did Rees Howells by the obedience of faith in Britain during the 2nd World War…when things were far from finished….. and you start to get an idea of the difference between the levels of operation.)
Peter continued: Sitting on Earth. Reading out shopping lists of prayers. Praying out good ideas….(sound effects:three great big raspberries). True intercession comes from intimacy. Clive said something yesterday, which I’m going to put in my notes…it was a corker!!

He said “One of the foundations of intimacy is self-disclosure”. And I want to tell you that the King on His throne wants to disclose some things to you….of His affection…of His love…but also the secrets of His heart. So Esther finds herself drawn, welcomed…Legalities all forgotten…they were there…but hearts had been won!
The place of true intercession is the place of heart communion and worship. You cannot separate them.
It’s a place of revelation. True intercession comes from revelation. Then an invitation comes. It’s just awesome stuff. Esther reach out your hand and touch the sceptre.
What was the sceptre? It was the sign of government, rulership, authority and majesty. Esther , touch the sceptre my dear. My friends there is an authority in intercession that God wants to release to us. When we know who we are. And out of the intimacy and self-disclosure and sharing of heart…..

Do you know…I don’t know about you but it says at one point that Esther was weeping in the presence of the king who was her husband. What husband is there that is not moved by the tears of his wife? And your heavenly Bridegroom , who is the Lord of Hosts, who is the King of Kings, who is the Commander of Heaven’s armies, who is your lover is moved with what touches your heart…because you share a heart with Him. And you share His heart and He shares your heart. So when you weep you touch His heart…you know what’s on His heart…so you weep…and you move His heart.
By the grace and favour of the King she found herself in the place of the most incredible influence….because she had touched the heart of the King. But she’d gone through the purification…months of the stuff. Oils poured all over her…the beautification…you read it all.So her heart was pure. she was not coming with agendas…mixed motives…she was coming with one desire…for the Kingdom.For the will of the King to be done on the Earth as it was in heaven. And she recognised that she was an instrument of letting the King of Glory come in.

God needs a human channel through whom to release His glory and His power and His authority into the Earth. I haven’t got time to go through it all…but that kind of intercession is in an incredibly safe place. There was huge warfare represented in this scenario.It was the warfare for a nation. For a nation that was in bondage. It was huge warfare involved. But do you know what she had such favour with the king, such audience with the king,such access to the king, such security with the king that the enemy Haman was present …but could do nothing. And he went out shamefaced.
And there’s a place of intercession in the secret place of the Most High. There is a place of intimacy where huge warfare is done…for the battle is His not ours. And it is warfare right in the face of the Enemy. But when we are in that intimate place with the King the Enemy cannot come near because He will not approach the Lord of glory. Oooh…glory.
What is your request? It shall be given to you ..up to half the kingdom. Because they shared heart. He knew he could trust her. He knew that what she’d ask for was from a place of sharing his heart. And then the most amazing thing happens. Not only is there an enduement of favour. Not only is there access. Not only is there the instruction to touch the sceptre….the impartation of power and authority from the king. Not only is there the request to make petition. But then there is the right of decree that is given.

Then the king said to Esther and Mordecai the Jew…surely I have given Esther the house of Haman, the house of the enemy and they have hanged him on the gallows because he tried to lay his hand on the Jews. Now you write to the Jews as you see fit, in the king's name, and (I)seal it with the king's signet ring; for a decree which is written in the name of the king and sealed with the king's signet ring (J)may not be revoked." Esther 8.8

The Psalm 24 theme is reprised and continues on  here 

My friends this is a season where out of the intimacy of the throneroom, out of the revelation of the heart of the King there is coming a prophetic anointing and a mantle of decree that is coming to the church of Jesus Christ…..please handle this with care.. we cannot go making decrees in our own…. (right) these are things that come from the throne of God. There is coming a time and it now IS when intercession ill still need to continue in the way I’m describing but there is going to come a moment when God will release authority to make decrees into the Earth. Why am I saying that? Because WE have been given the Earth. We have authority in the Earth. And when we speak under the anointing of the Spirit. When we speak according to the Word of God, we are releasing His Power His Word into Earth realm. AND IT WILL HAPPEN.

Let me give you an example. When Elijah was faced with his nation in the lowest point of its spirituality. there was more evil being done in the sight of the Lord than at any time, and God raised up the prophet Elijah. He raised him up initially as an intercessor. And it says that Elijah prayed that it would not rain. And I don’t think this was a little petitioning. I think this went on for months and months…it says in James..effective fervent prayer…”He was crying out “God will you dry up the heavens” Why? Because God had given him the strategy. He said what I am going to do is to dry up the heavens and cause drought. I am going to cause an economic famine in the nation so the nation will turn back to me. Does it sound familiar? And He was crying out and crying out and crying out. And then the Word of the Lord came to him saying “Elijah, go and show yourself to Ahab.” And intercession changed to decree. And he stood before Ahab…which I think was a pretty scary thing to do…and he said..Ahab, your time’s up mate.He said there will be no rain in this land according to my word.Yeah? He had touched the throne. He had touched the sceptre. He had been given the right of decree.And he went into Earth realm and made a decree and from that nanosecond the heavens dried up and there was no rain for three and a half years. Intercession changed into prophetic decree and declaration.

Could we have the other picture up please. I want to finish with this. Just look at that for a moment. It’s David and Goliath…but these are not the garments of a shepherd boy. This is like a 20th century young person. Haircut. Clothing.Hoodie? Goliath representing the strongholds who are over the land. The little shepherd boy.David.Who had learned intimacy. He’d learned how to worship. He’d learned how to move the heart and the hand of God.
I want to finish by talking about something that is written in the pages of scripture…but I want you to be very careful with this.I am going to make the statement…but first of all before I say anything…Paul says our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers in the heavenly places…the dark places…the second heaven…wherever…and I want to say this very very carefully…

Oftentimes the scenario of warfare that is played out even in churches is flesh against blood.

Many times splits, contentions, strife that goes on in the local church is the playing field…but behind it is a lot more. Yeah? I’m going to tell you a story about our church in a few minutes…but….we wrestle not against flesh and blood. A principle of Biblical interpretation is this. What is often natural in the Old Testament speaks of the spiritual in the new…cos you can have all kinds of bother in the Old Testament. People’s heads getting cut off…goodness knows what…you know.And the kind of language used by David in intercession would scare the living daylights
out of you…”God crush the Enemy Lord. Lord break his teeth. And I read this stuff and I thought…What!!!?? Can we just leave that for a moment. Because what I believe is natural in the Old Testament is spiritual in the new. And I want to talk to you just for a moment about imprecatory warfare. What do I mean by that? It is seeing God’s wrath meted out among His enemies. And when I am talking about enemies I am not talking about people. I am talking about spiritual forces which may control people, may control churches, may control nations…whatever. The battle is not ours it is His. but because we have access to the King…to the the throne…we have the right of access and we have influence with the Lord of Hosts to actually mobilize the armies of heaven. He commands them, we don’t. And I’ve found myself praying in recent weeks over a number of issues that we have seen dramatic change in.

I said” Lord I bring this to You…I know there is something going off here…that is not just about people. This is about a spiritual influence that is coming and I don’t want it anymore. And I’m not going to get into all this binding and loosing stuff…I’m just going to let You loose…because You know who the Enemy is…I know where the battlefield is..I tell you where it needs to go and I am going to watch what happens. And I found myself in the study on my own…and I’m not taking on national things..just local issues which I think I have faith for…and I’m just saying to the Lord of Hosts…will You send your troops and will You slaughter the beggar that is behind this.I can see a manifestation of something that is not You. And these people do not want to behave like that …but they are under the influence and control of something.

This is Biblical ...please. Jesus actually said to Peter – “Get behind me Satan.” Why? Because the enemy was manipulating Peter to try to distract Jesus and get Him off course. Now I’m not getting silly and being over demonic or anything…or giving a principle of life…but I am just chucking out something for you if you want to look at it. And I’ve found incredible things have begun to break out…even over individuals. Changes that are happening. Why? Because a warfare is being waged in heaven. God knows who the Enemy is…and I think I know the scenario…but I’m not going to go there…I’m not going to get tangled up with these beggars…I say Lord You know it…I can see it. We need to have discernment. Don’t go and read all the books and then go popping stuff off just cos it’s fun. We need to have revelation from God. There is going to come a spiritual discernment in the church because as our spirituality increases…you know the higher the level the bigger the devil. We are going to need to see more about what is going on in the spirit realm at large and God is going to raise up people who have spiritual discernment so we’re not having all this rubbish and stupid nonsense about this and that…we’re going to have clear revelation from heaven. We are going to know where we target but it’s not for us it’s for HIM. But He needs our co-operation to release this into Earth realm. This is what this is all about…am I making any sense?

Now intercessors for a long time have been “watchmen”. Standing on the city walls. And a lot of it has been about warning. - “I’m warning you that the enemy is coming!!” I get fed up of warnings. I want to get to grips with the beggar . I don’t want to be just warned that he’s coming! Yeah? And a lot of it has been about defensive warfare. Just to say to you…if you have stood through the last two decades, you’re a victor! That was all you were required to do. Having done all to stand!!! BUT NOW. IT’S CHANGING.The season is changing and it’s a time for us to see the Kingdom begin to advance. The end of all spiritual warfare is for the salvation of human beings. As they come into full salvation, they then take their place in government in the Earth under God.
This is the time of offensive warfare so two kinds of people will emerge in the intercessory realm. One will be spies. Who will go in and look at the land and will come back and say this is the territory we are going to take. And these are the giants that are in the land. Lord raise up the spies to go in.
And there’s another crafty little group that are going to get raised up…and they’re eavesdroppers. I like the eavesdroppers…they’re there in scripture, I am not making this up.Gideon sent his eavesdroppers in to listen in to the Midianites. And they returned and said…”Actually we’ve caught the mood of the enemy. The enemy is terrified of us.Because of the sword of the Lord and Gideon. They had this dream of a big loaf of bread which rolled into the camp etc etc.
And the other event was actually the thing that invoked the Syrians to come against Dothan…which I mentioned before. The King of Syriah said there must be someone passing the info on…cos every time we go anywhere the Enemy know about it and are there ready. And one of their guys said well actually the problem is their prophet Elijah who hears everything that is spoken even in your private bedroom.He hears all the battle plans and tells it to the army and they just go out and do it.

I tell you there’s going to come eavesdroppers.We need that kind of intelligence.We don’t want to beat the air. We want to see some battles won. Because we are hitting real targets. Lift your hands up a moment!
Lord, I want to pray in Jesus Name that you will raise up from amongst us…not just watchmen who warn us…but I want to pray for those who will be eavesdroppers and spies…who will give us spiritual intelligence Lord God so that we will know from heaven what You want us to wage war against on the Earth. Right now release that anointing across the Body of Christ Lord, I’m tired of mumbo jumbo…of all this if but and maybe.Where we can say by the mouth of two or three witnesses..THIS IS THE LORD. Lord the Enemy tries to conceal himself but I decree that in this time he will be exposed in the places that he needs to be.Because Your people will be given discernment Lord, Divine revelation and understanding.Thankyou Lord. Hallelujah.
So…in this next season as we begin to engage in the Kingdom.. as we ascend the hill of the Lord…that place of intimacy with the King..as our eyes begin to behold the Lord of hosts the King of Glory the Commander of heavens armies…Lord I thank you that You are going to release to the Body of Christ the authority that is hers. Lord and as we look at this picture we thankyou that this uncircumcised Philistine fell to the stone of a young lad.Lord that you train our hands for war…and that where the enemy comes against us one way…I want to see them flee by seven…because YOUR HOSTS have been released Lord.We declare your glory right now. We declare your victory.We declare that You have never been defeated and You never will be Lord.And I pray Lord God that You will mobilise us Lord …that we will see the strongholds torn down Lord…not by our imagination but by revelation of the Hoy Spirit…and Lord I pray that thousands of men and women will be tipped into Your Kingdom…because the god of this world is being blinded himself…In the Name of Jesus , thankyou Lord!

Peter Stott is currently with Mariette in the USA for 2 weeks, in Chicago and Paduka,Kentucky.He can be contacted here: admin@portsdowncc.org.uk and the web address for Portsdown Community Church which I refer to most often as Havant is here http://www.portsdowncc.org.uk/.

The Psalm 24 theme is reprised and continued here