Tuesday 30 September 2008

Comment on Monday's post (Jamie)

This is Monday's post on Jamie's site.
This post is absolutely stunning.
If Jesus was building a religion, He'd have given us a normal instruction book for us to follow.

It shows that contrary to our previous ideas, what He is building in to us is Life.
All the disparate histories in the 66 Books of the Bible - NEVER tell us anything other than how God builds Life...uniquely...never repeated twice.... into all these historical(and present in heaven) brothers and sisters.

We enter The Way...which for each of us is different...but is Jesus'unique instruction to each of us.
In this suck it and see approach...we learn (hopefully not too eventually)
His anointing, His Love, the reality of His Presence,
and who we are NOT, but formerly thought we were.....
Lost individuals , making our way on our own way through life
Isolated, making a go of things and hoping for the best -

Nope....now Sons....learning how to operate in grace and glory
Loving others because we have ourselves been filled with His love
once lost , now having a Father
once trying to get to God, failing hopelessly..

As well as Jesus being the Way the Truth and the Life
He is Himself also The Way to The Truth to the Life

So as a traditional religious Book the Bible is a total frustration
Because it contains Life. it's built to be a Life container for the readers and hearers
not a how to manual for a lost generation to follow... a Life Book not a Law book

No Ordinary Weapon,No Earthly Battle

These are two of the latest messages from Isi De Gersigny. Dan and now Ursula have been recommending Fini and Isi's ministry over many months.

I spent yesterday driving around to these two messages. There are a few audio problems in both, but worth persevering with.
Fresh light concerning the meaning of Epheians 6 Armour....also there is a stunning silence when Isi touches a few raw nerves...both in the people present and me personally. She pinpoints a couple of "enemies" of spiritual warfare...2 types of attitudes that cripple our effectiveness.

Thanks Dan. Thanks Ursula.

Felt God really highlight the fact that part of the present acceleration is the ability now to be able to eat and eat Divine food...books , Cds but also downloadable podcasts and videos. God is behind this voracious appetite He is stirring in His Body.
We need this stuff to grow. And grow faster than any other generation.

Morris Cerullo for decades has gathered all the most on the edge spiritual teachers in the Body of Christ to address his 4 or 5 day teaching sessions. If this system has been a Divinne method in the past, so is our current enabling via the internet. This combined with local Bodies growing themselves in love makes for swift growth.

Sunday 28 September 2008

Email from Joanna

I am posting this just as another example of what is happening all over the world again and again and again. There is no media reporting any of this silent,quiet,beautifully loving stuff...but it just goes on...everywhere.

There are multiplied thousands of other young people who do the same sort of thing, who may or may not have a faith...but out of the kindness of their heart and a sense of fun and adventure also give their time to helping others in other countries and continents.

It's just that Sheila's daughter in Cambodia...and Johanna, daughter of John and Wendy Wilbraham, pastors of Havant...have a love to give that will keep loving long after they are gone. This Love's Name is Jesus. And as He grows in the hearts of those people these guys have touched in Cambodia or India....He will keep on Loving others through them...and so it ever multiplies and multiplies....this is the Kingdom we're in. We're not transplanting USA, or England....it's the Kingdom reflected in the varieties of different cultural ways...transplanting itself on and on and on.
Hey everyone! I hope all is well back home. I'm sorry I haven't emailed before, there hasn't been an awful lot of time to devote to it. The kids are fabulous! It's great to be back and immediately felt like home. They live in a different rented building now which is better than the last, but they hope not to be there for long as the building of the new orphanage is the 'promised land' they were given is due to start in december if everything goes smoothly.

The main issues here have actually been office politics really. An engineer came from England. He a lovely guy called John Gunn willing to help us for free and associated with the orphanage's charity CherishIndia in Scotland (who raised the 50 000 for this construction). As you can imagine, it will be great for the kids to have their own place on this very large and peaceful piece of land, but there has been a lot of conflict about the realities of this dream. A fabulous plan for the place has been drawn up, but Sophia's ideals are very different, ideals which the money doesn't allow. So as a prayer point, conflict resolution and peace is at the top of my list!

Adam is coming back out here for just less than 2 weeks on the 19th October now, which I'm looking forward to, as from monday me and matt will be the only volunteers, so the extra hand and company will be much appreciated. The girls in the orphanage can't wait, and I'm sure they will urge him either to marry one of them or me haha.

We have been hearing here quite regularly about the problems in Orissa, and prayer requests have been sent around churches and Tamil Nadu so the kids have been praying about it quite a lot. Very strange to think its all happening in a state that many of the kids families live in.

I'm looking forward to monday as that will be when I'm released to do their bible teaching and prayer time again (up to now it has been the matt that was here since july doing it all- and it would have been stepping on his toes to take it over). As usual, I'm pretty rubbish at discipline and need to get better fast (Matt was quite the disciplinarian). I'm teaching them about the Holy Spirit and have high hopes for them, or well..for God really to move...but I don't know how!

The next few weeks are set to be pretty manic with the kids on holiday. I'm teaching the bible college kids english (albeit not very well) and will on monday start teaching a handful of the kids who struggle at school to read. I found and bought a white board! This should be good, but I know, 100% know, that teaching is not something I'm actually any good at with kids! I laugh too much.

So all in all, having a great time here, enjoy every second with Milan in particular, and the kids in general. Showed them high school musical which I found in Chennai and they LOVE IT! The matts, however, do not, so i have been banned from putting it on again til matt leaves on monday despite the childrens urgency to watch it again. Haha. Thanks for all your support and prayer, I wouldn't even be here without it. There are so many moments, like when a small kid is playing in my lap and repeatedly kissing my face, which make me feel so incredibly lucky to be here. I hope that the kids spiritual eyes will be opened in the next few weeks through looking at the Holy Spirit with them.

Thanks again to you all!!!
Jo x

Saturday 27 September 2008

Thou shalt not upload: religious leaders draw up Ten Blogging Commandments

This, for your interest only, appears in today's Times.Click for the whole article.

Church leaders have drawn up a new set of the Ten Commandments aimed at delivering “God bloggers” from the temptations of the blogosphere.

Alarmed by the extent to which religious blogs can descend into vitriol, senior evangelical clergy are calling on bloggers to obey the new commandments or risk perdition.

The commandments, based on those delivered to Moses by God at the top of Mount Sinai, were drawn up at a “Godblogs” conference in Kennington, southeast London.

They have been engraved on cyberspace tablets by the Evangelical Alliance, the leading Christian umbrella group founded in 1846 that represents thousands of churches of most denominations nationwide.

Ten commandments for bloggers

1 You shall not put your blog before your integrity

2 You shall not make an idol of your blog

3 You shall not misuse your screen name by using your anonymity to sin

4 Remember the Sabbath day by taking one day off a week from your blog

5 Honour your fellow-bloggers above yourselves and do not give undue significance to their mistakes

6 You shall not murder someone else's honour, reputation or feelings

7 You shall not use the web to commit or permit adultery in your mind

8 You shall not steal another person's content

9 You shall not give false testimony against your fellow-blogger

10 You shall not covet your neighbour's blog ranking. Be content with your own content

Friday 26 September 2008

Rory and Wendy's message and Heather Clark

I was going to put up Rory and Wendy's message on Lakeland but Lydia Joy beat me to it. Heather Clark does not write every week, her blog is linked on Lydia Joy's site: A joy to be me.
This is what she wrote on 30th August about her experiences.

Gosh I'm naive
This is taking some toll on me I think but I am trying to walk strong. Todd has come out that he was sinned and that’s hard on us all. It’s hard on those who walked closely with him, his staff and team.

I realized that some people don’t even think he’s saved. They think he’s leading the church of Satan, stuff like that. They call him a FREAK, hellish and demonic. That breaks my heart to be honest. Some of those youtubers (Youthoughtyouknew being one of them- thank God he can’t comment on here) just cruel mean in the name of discernment. Thinks I’m just the dirt under a dogs foot with a brain about the size of a nut. I was half hoping he was into MMA and him and Nolan could face off :)

So I am realizing that I am part of a mean family. I am STILL shocked at what people will say. At first I thought it was just because people felt brave on their computers and that they would never say things like that in real life... not so. You know one of Todd’s associates was SLAPPED IN THE FACE in Target. Like are you KIDDING ME? That’s for real. The lies are amazing! And what’s true? Todd sinned. That’s true. I’m upset with him. I can’t turn my back on him. I just can’t. It’s not in me. Somehow though people think that means I talk to the dead and go to Starbucks with Emma every few days! Come on already.

So my other realization is that I am being grouped IN with people (more like doctrines) that I not only disagree with but that I have distanced friendships over and there are people I won’t minister with (never met them before) due to such things. Yet people think I BELIEVE that stuff. Dang. I don’t. I think that stuff is dangerous.

It’s a FINE FINE line walking whether or not to minister at certain events. I do ONLY if I think that I can be me and bring who I am what I have to offer. That means I have to feel like I can influence the worshippers with Christ centered worship. I would never have thought of myself as out there. Isn’t that funny? I mean I’m so down the middle of the road on my beliefs. I don’t have any fringe heresies I’m carrying around.

Well now I do dance that’s true! And I sing words that aren’t on the screen - got me there too! But if it’s any consolation I’m dancing for the glory of God and I’m singing cause I can’t help it.... I’m in love.

You know I don’t know what to believe about Lakeland. I felt God. I was changed. I was personally healed. I was renewed. I loved my family more. I saw my kids fall in love deeper with Jesus. My 5 year old was totally impacted by the Lord. My 1YEAR old - EVERY SINGLE DAY says to me now “mo desus mamma” (more Jesus mamma) Every day. I turn the worship music off and he has a fit.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think there was hype - yes sure... flesh... yes sure... and demonic - sure. There is going to be a mixture in everything! But I met the Lord. And I felt like I could really run in the worship cause those people who came were hungry and it was the first time I felt like I could run and they could keep up. It was awesome! It was so amazing. Thank you to all those who were there in those services. That was a dream come true.

I was the real deal. I want revival and healing and freedom and deliverance and passion and holiness - the real deal.

I’m so naive though. I always think the best until the last second. I think, “no they didn’t really mean that I’m demonized” - uh no heather they did mean that! So that’s ..... hard a bit. I’m not sure if I should be stronger than that. You don’t need to email me a bunch of encouraging notes over it. I’m not going to fall short of anything over it, nor am I going to let it slow me down, but it brings a reality check to me.

So mean..... can you believe we’re that mean? I still don’t believe it. Even at the END of writing this... I’m still in shock. I’m not sure what’s worse... Todd’s sin or all the cruelty it brought out of the rest of us!

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Bonhoeffer says it!

In between making a Revell Star Wars "Y Wing Fighter" with Ben and reviewing a booklist I'm compiling, I came across Chapter 8 of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "Cost of Discipleship". Another suss for Jamie.

In Hadron III I describe "the Willing Christ who wants to fulfil the Law through me." Chapter 8 is called the Righteousness of Christ and says the same stuff, in more traditional language and with greater eloquence..... But if you get your Holy Spirit XRay specs out, you should find it is exactly the same spirit underneath that I am wishing to convey. As I've said many times from Song of Solomon the real Truth is something like a "Dance between two armies". It is the picture of the suspended orb (3rd 07000INTUNEpost) The problem is you get both armies after you at once! Once you are firmly established in the 3rd Level, you can like Jesus, or Stephen,or Paul, with the Pharisees and Sadducees set the two onto each other, to remove the heat from yourself!!!!
But you'll find this with virtually every Bible Truth....Predestination/freewill. Grace/Law. Word/Spirit. The Truth who is a Living Person steps out from the shadows of 2 opposing Left-brain statues.
The Righteousness of Christ - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets;

I came not to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you,

Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no

wise pass away from the law, all things be accomplished.

Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments,

and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom

of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them,

he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

For I say unto you, that except your righteousness

shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and

Pharisees, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom

of heaven. (Matt. 5.17-20)

IT is not at all surprising that the disciples imagined that the law
had been abrogated, when Jesus made promises like this. For these
promises reversed all popular notions of right and wrong, and
pronounced a blessing on all that was accounted worthless. Jesus
spoke to his disciples and described them as men who now pos-
sessed all things through the sovereign grace of God, as heirs-
apparent of the kingdom of heaven. They enjoy perfect com-
munion with Christ, who had made all things new. They are the
salt, the light, the city set on the hill. The old life is dead and done
with. How tempting then to suppose that Jesus would give the
old order its coup de grace by repealing the law of the old covenant,
and pronounce his followers free to enjoy the liberty of the Son
of God! After all Jesus had said, the disciples might well have
thought like Marcion, who accused the Jews of tampering with
the text, and altered it to: 'Think ye that I am come to fulfil the
law and the prophets? I am not come to fulfil, but to destroy.'
Many others since Marcion have read and expounded this saying
of Jesus as if that were what he said. But Jesus says: 'You must not
imagine that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets....'
And so saying he vindicates the authority of the law of the old
covenant.How is this to be understood? We know that Jesus is speaking
to his own followers, to men who owe an exclusive allegiance to
himself. He had allowed no law to act as a barrier to his fellowship
with his disciples; we saw that when we were dealing with Luke
9.57 ff.Discipleship means adherence to Jesus Christ alone, and
immediately. But now comes the surprise - the disciples are bound
to the Old Testament law. This has a double significance. First, it
means that adherence to the law is something quite different from
the following of Christ, and, secondly, it means that any adherence
to his person that disregards the law is equally removed from the
following of him. It is, however, Jesus himself who points to the
law those to whom he has granted his whole promise and his
whole fellowship. Because it is their Lord who does this, they are
bound to acknowledge the law. The question inevitably arises,
Which is our final authority, Christ or the law? To which are we
bound? Christ had said that no law was to be allowed to come
between him and his disciples. Now he tells us that to abandon
the law would be to separate ourselves from him. What exactly
does he mean?
The law Jesus refers to is the law of the old covenant, not a new
law, but the same law which he quoted to the rich young man
and the lawyer when they wanted to know the revealed will of
God. It becomes a new law only because it is Christ who binds
his followers to it. For Christians, therefore, the law is not a
'better law' than that of the Pharisees, but one and the same; every
letter of it, every jot and tittle, must remain in force and be
observed until the end of the world. But there is a 'better right-
eousness' which is expected of Christians. Without it none can
enter into the kingdom of heaven, for it is the indispensable condi-
tion of discipleship. None can have this better righteousness but
those to whom Christ is speaking here, those whom he has called.
The call of Christ, in fact Christ himself, is the sine qua non of this
better righteousness.
Now we can see why up to now Jesus has said nothing about
himself in the Sermon on the Mount. Between the disciples and
the better righteousness demanded of them stands the Person of
Christ, who came to fulfil the law of the old covenant. This is the
fundamental presupposition of the whole Sermon on the Mount.
Jesus manifests his perfect union with the will of God as revealed
in the Old Testament law and prophets.
He has in fact nothing
add to the commandments of God, except this,
that he keeps them.

He fulfils the law, and he tells us so himself, therefore it must be
true. He fulfils the law down to the last iota. But that means that
he must die, he alone understands the true nature of the law as
God's law: the law is not itself God, nor is God the law. It was
the error of Israel to put the law in God's place, to make the law
their God and their God a law. The disciples were confronted
with the opposite danger of denying the law its divinity altogether
and divorcing God from his law. Both errors lead to the same
result. By confounding God and the law, the Jews were trying to
use the law to exploit the Law-giver: He was swallowed up in the
law, and therefore no longer its Lord. By imagining that God
and the law could be divorced from one another, the disciples
were trying to exploit God by their possession of salvation. In
both cases, the gift was confounded with the Giver: God was
denied equally, whether it was with the help of the law, or with
the promise of salvation.
Confronted with these twin errors, Jesus vindicates the divine
authority of the law. God is its giver and its Lord, and only in
personal communion with God is the law fulfilled. There is no
fulfilment of the law apart from communion with God,
and no
communion with God apart from fulfilment of
the law.
To forget
the first condition was the mistake
of the Jews,
and to forget the
second the temptation of the disciples.

Jesus, the Son of God, who alone lives in perfect communion
with him, vindicates the law of the old covenant by coming to
fulfil it. He was the only Man who ever fulfilled the law, and
therefore he alone can teach the law and its fulfilment
. Thedisciples would naturally grasp that as soon as he
told them, forthey knew who he was.
But the Jews could not grasp it as long
as they refused to believe in him. It was thus only to be expected
that they would reject his teaching on the law: to them it was
blasphemy against God, because it was blasphemy against his law.
Jesus, the champion of the true law, must suffer at the hands of
the champions of the false law. He dies on the cross as a blasphemer,
a transgressor of the law, because he has vindicated the true against
the false.
The only way for him to fulfil the law is by dying a sinner's
death on the cross. There he embodies in his person the perfect
fulfilment of the law.
That is to say, Jesus Christ and he alone fulfils the law, because
he alone lives in perfect communion with God. It is Jesus himself
who comes between the disciples and the law, not the law which
comes between Jesus and the disciples. They find their way to the
law through the cross of Christ, Thus by pointing his disciples to
the law which he alone fulfils, he forges a further bond between
himself and them. He must needs reject the notion that men can
cleave to him and be free from the law, for that spells enthusiasm,
and so far from leading to adherence to Jesus, means libertarianism.
But this allays the disciples' anxiety that adherence to the law
would sever them from Jesus. Such an anxiety could only spring
from that self-same error which cut off the Jews from God. Instead
the disciples now learn that genuine adherence to Christ also
means adherence to the law of God.
But if Jesus comes between the disciples and the law, he does so
not to release them from the duties it imposes, but to validate his
demand that they should fulfil it. Just because they are bound to
him, they must obey the law as he does. The fact that Jesus has
fulfilled the law down to the very last letter does not release them
from the same obedience. The law is fulfilled, that is all. But it is
precisely this which makes it properly valid for the first time.

That is why he who obeys and teaches the law will be great in the
kingdom of heaven. 'Do and teach': we are reminded that it is
possible to teach the law without fulfilling it, to teach it in such
a way that it cannot be fulfilled. That sort of teaching has no
warrant from Jesus. The law will be obeyed as certainly as he
obeyed it himself. If men cleave to him who fulfilled the law and
follow him, they will find themselves both teaching and fulfilling
the law. Only the doer of the law can remain in communion
with Jesus.
It is not the law which distinguishes the disciples from the Jews,
but the 'better righteousness'. The righteousness of the disciples,
we are told, exceeds that of the scribes. That is because it is some-
thing extraordinary and unusual. This is the first rime we meet
the word Trepiaaeveiv, which is so important in verse 47. We
must ask, how exactly does the righteousness of the Pharisees differ
from that of the disciples? Certainly the Pharisees never imagined
that the law must be taught but not obeyed: they knew their
Bibles better than that! No, it was rather their ambition to be
doers of the law. Their idea of righteousness was a direct, literal
and practical fulfilment of the commandment, their ideal was to
model their behaviour exactly on the demands of the law. Of
course they knew that they could never realize that ideal, there
was bound to be an excess which needed forgiveness of sins to
cover it. Their obedience was never more than imperfect. With
the disciple also righteousness could only take the form of obedi-
ence to the law. No one who failed to do the law could be
accounted righteous. But the disciple had the advantage over the
Pharisee in that his doing of the law is in fact perfect. How is such
a thing possible? Because between the disciples and the law stands
one who has perfectly fulfilled it, one with whom they live in
communion. They are faced not with a law which has never yet
been fulfilled, but with one whose demands have already been
satisfied. The righteousness it demands is already there, the right-
eousness of Jesus which submits to the cross because that is. what
the law demands. This righteousness is therefore not a duty owed,
but a perfect and truly personal communion with God, and Jesus
not only possesses this righteousness, but is himself the personal
embodiment of it. He is the righteousness of the disciples. By
calling them he has admitted them to partnership with himself,
and made them partakers of his righteousness in its fulness. That is
what Jesus means when he prefaces his teaching on the 'better
righteousness' with reference to his own fulfilment of the law.
Of course the righteousness of the disciples can never be a
achievement;it is always a gift, which they
received when theywere called to follow him.
In fact their righteousness consists
precisely in their following him, and in the beatitudes the reward
of the kingdom of heaven has been promised to it. It is a righteous-
ness under the cross, it belongs only to the poor, the tempted, the
hungry, the meek, the peacemakers, the persecuted - who endure
their lot for the sake of Jesus; it is the visible righteousness of
those who for the sake of Jesus are the light of the world and the
city set on the hill. This is where the righteousness of the disciple
exceeds that of the Pharisees; it is grounded solely upon the call
to fellowship with him who alone fulfils the law. Their righteous-
ness is righteousness indeed, for from henceforth they do the will
of God and fulfil the law themselves. Again, it is not enough to
teach the law of Christ, it must be done, otherwise it is no better
than the old law. In what follows the disciples are told how to
practise this righteousness of Christ. In a word, it means following
him. It is the real and active faith in the righteousness of Christ.
It is the new law, the law of Christ.

from Memoir at the beginning of the book:" We know that Dietrich Bonhoeffer,who was never tried (by the Nazis) went steadfastly on his way to be hanged, and died with admirable calmness and dignity

Tuesday 23 September 2008

More on James Hughes

Shawna was so faithful to pray and ask after James and his film project "Mercy is a Person".

(Shawna reminds me of something Don wrote on Dan's site...especially since she actually does the "boring things", the secret things, that make it all happen!!!!)

Well....this is the interesting thing. James has had a sudden breakthrough in some of the thematic linking in the music...and was groaning that he hadn't got just two more weeks to utilise some of these new ideas. What happened was that the person he was meeting just wasn't well enough on the 19th...so things are re-scheduling for after 8th Oct....which is actually advantageous. Carry on lifting the project.

Monday 22 September 2008

Hadron III - A Summary of February to September 2008

The Hadron Collider is currently sick. There has been some burn-out . Some fracturing of tubes means helium gas is leaking which means the likelihood of worse problems if that explodes. So they are working on it.
I had 2 or 3 prophetic sensations while Florida was ongoing. One concerned the ship's propulsion

unit that spoke to me of the Kingdom way of doing ministry...see 07000Intune 3rd postRings of burners and Ignitor burners.
But the 2nd main one referred to the 1978 directional prophecy which concerned what was going to be happening in the Body of Christ. Then I felt God apply this picture to the Florida Outpouring itself. This one is here, the 2nd post at 23:23 This one I find particularly interesting in the light of what happened by August. The fact that when we had sat together in that plane in 1978, for what seemed an age, while the pilot checked over every dial and function....then after all this, once he had revved up the engines to top speed....WE STILL SAT THERE!!! "Hold on Jesus! I thought the acceleration had begun! We're still sitting here!" Then after further fastidious checking, with the engines still revving at full pelt....one further detail was added. One tiny, quickly accomplished detail. He let the brake off! And the little plane catapulted into the air. I so remember the weight of God's Presence on me at that time. And His exact words..."So shall it be with the Body of Christ ." Then to feel something about this staging process in this actual acceleration we are experiencing this year.
As the Hadron Collider shows.....everything has to be ready....because when we move at speed THERE ARE NO SMALL PROBLEMS!
That is why there is a third level. Even Moses' equivalent of a third level, his calling and ministry to shepherd hundreds of thousands, some say 1 or 2 million, out of Egypt towards the Promised land....hit a big problem. Once you are representing the Lord of the Universe, it is nolonger quite as simple as "the grace message", and just repenting and picking yourself up again. Moses was angry.Before the people. And the effect on Moses' life was permanent. It did not affect the plan of God for Israel. But Moses was never allowed to enter the land.

Things we learn from the Florida Outpouring: (and hopefully from Dudley as it is being televised on God TV)
1. It is a totally new order of operation.
2. Like the Feast of Trumpets in the Feast of Tabernacles...it was a worldwide warning system!
Get ready Church.
3. As I wrote to Sheila referring to Psalm 92:12 The appearance of the Kingdom,(which has a dammed up reservoir of 2000 years of praying "Thy Kingdom Come" behind it) will manifest like a palm tree. A palm tree flourishes at the very top, with nothing but barren looking palm trunk below it, stretching up for what seems like ever...skywards. A green explosion of life where there appeared to be nothing.
4. Like all revivals , Florida was a shock! Like the Melchizedek order, Florida appeared to come from nowhere.
5. Florida is a picture of how the Kingdom works. Birthed in secret in prayer, each component part is pre-honed like the stones in the Temple. Unlike the Temple, the Melchizedek order seems to operate with everybody totally unaware what the other is preparing. Then in a flourish, all these unknown elements are put together in one place, seamlessly, fitting together perfectly. Totally miraculous. (Actually - on a local scale - when you consider what each church member has to pass through each and every week...isn't that also true of every Sunday meeting that is conducted in the Spirit? How God uses the experiences of each member to construct a theme each week. "Every one hath a...."1 Cor14:26KJV
6. Worship was taken to a new level. Prophetic songs became almost the norm, the default. People were unhurried. God was given time. If worship was the only agenda in a meeting,that was fine. The irony is, that many,many were healed, born again, baptised in the Spirit,learned about waiting on God asPsalm 123:2 - all during these times.
7. The Presence of God descended tangibly at times.
8.A sense of the Unlimited Might and Power of our God. Expectancy back in the Church. Boldness to step out for new levels of the supernatural...like raising people from the dead.
9.Todd Bentley,though with faults, is a godly example of how fast we can move if we are willing.Some would cite his reaching a million souls in his first 10 years. I would cite the fact that he is starting to run 3rd Level meetings after only 14 years of knowing Jesus. I'm not sure which is the most impossible...considering our low-level sense of vision in the Body of Christ in recent years.
10.The Baptism of the Holy Spirit was placed in context. Power to get people saved! And not just in meetings. Spilling out into the streets and restaurants. Evangelism teaching. Exactly the same pattern that people put together in 1972, when a whole roomful of us youngsters, first had teaching and training in evangelism, then were prayed for to be filled with the Spirit. The same pattern as both Morris Cerullo and Rheinhardt Bonnke use, in sessions with hundreds or thousands.
11.Some 24 years ago Psalm 45:16 Instead of Your fathers shall be Your sons, whom You will make princes in all the land....and may be another verse...something like "you shall be known by the name of your offspring" (anyone help me?) - these leapt out at me...and surely that was the pattern in Florida. The major thrust was coming from men and women in their early 30s. When Dan began his blog, he was 30 or so. Todd was this age. Ryan was this age. Roy Field was this age. When George Warnock wrote "the Feast of Tabernacles " in the 1950's(see links)he was 31 or so. ( He is now 90 or so. In a way, virtually unused for 60 years.America, you foolish, foolish ,foolish nation! How you have loved your hype and missed the 3rd Level under your very nose!!!May you repent deeply at this time, and grow up in your Head,King Jesus))When I recorded the message "Third Level Christianity"in 1989, I was 31. (Since February 2008 I have been allowed to share it for the first time.)Ed Miller was in his 30s when he sought God in Argentina...and found these truths.
12. A kind of forerunner version of the vision of the propulsion unit mentioned above...that is a ring of main burners....maybe 12 or 20, all operating together....was the pattern we began to see emerge in Florida. All major Kingdom advances have come from Mighty igniter ministries, but in recent times we have seen rings of Covenantally joined ministries operating together. It was this pattern in Acts 2 that launched the Church. It was a group of such, moving with Graham Pulkingham, called the Fisherfolk, who birthed the vision of Living together as the Body of Christ. It was the London meetings, and the early 70s Bible weeks run by covenantally joined men that means that England has largely pioneered the independant churches of the last 30 years. The proliferation of apostolic hubs. It was John Wimber in the 80s, openly raising up this pattern of ministry. It was this pattern of ministry that evolved into Toronto and Pensacola, and Florida. My reserve as I mentioned before, is that the apostolic ministries coming in to Florida are used to establishing churches...even warehouse size churches...in the first 2 levels....but they are still very young in anything to do with the 3rd Level. And as I have been saying, there are many aspects to the 3rd Level. Running Church in the awesome manifest Presence of God, for one thing.Teaching people how you live in the 3rd Level...how the Christ Life works daily. The tricks of the trade. What this "Father"stage of 1 John really means.
So now there has been a kind of lull..................
I want to answer this , and also do a kind of summary of everything I have been saying since February( Feb-August on Life on Wings comments sections 07000INTUNE or Chris), thereafter here on this blog.
See....God is not phased by things going wrong. He is , as usual, just planning something better!He is giving us extra time to check all the dials!! (the aeroplane example).
Here is a list of things going wrong : The Devil's rebellion with the angels in heaven. Adam in the Garden. Moses coming down from the mountain and smashing the first 2 tablets of the Law.
The Law - fullstop!!! The Church falling and falling in stature, until it became acceptable to sell indulgences to foreshorten time spent in a mythical Purgatory, by Luther's time. These were all the downside!
Here is the foundation of the Upside.
A challenge resounds in heaven. God always wanted a people with whom to create an Eternal,loving,sharing Covenantal Community based on Agape love. Him pouring out for us. Us ,responding, pouring out ourselves for Him and for others. His first attempt went wrong. He gave the angels a free will, and a large number chose rebellion. Because of the nature of heaven, this was a permanent rebellion. A fixed position. Forever and ever. Necessitating a place of separation called hell.
So this is the challenge. Both a challenge for God personally. As well as a direct challenge to His Name and Glory and Wonderful Person, from the fist of the Devil himself. How can He safely give a second group of free-will beings the chance to safely and freely choose to be in His heart forever.....without them making a permanent choice in the manner of the angels, which might instantly lead to an eternity of hell?
He created a safe Universe. A material creation which could be 2nd Death-Proof!!! Should we follow Him and heed His safety plan. And more than this.....to SO SUCCEED, that not only the 2nd Adam race swallow up the first failures of Adam and Eve....but to so rub the Devil's nose in it....that whereas he rebelled in the glory of heaven.....we learn to live this victorious life by concious choice and determination of our wills even here on this sin-infested globe called Earth.
This is the Glory of the Third Level. This is God's big thumb on His nose at the Devil. You see for centuries we looked at Jesus and marvelled...as we should...His sinlessness...His offering of Himself for us...and we took Communion in Churches, and just accepted that when we die we could go to heaven. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE POINT.
You see if Jesus wanted to, He could have come down and given us a glory show to marvel at...like no other. He is God. Second Person of the Trinity. But the point is, He left it ALL aside.
Phillipians 2:5 There was not a shred of anointing until He was 30. So if He overcame until this point...IT WAS NOT through a baptism in the Spirit. It was as a Man. Hooked up in His spirit to God...in the same way as it was in the beginning for Adam and Eve.
The thing is...this man Jesus, while still in heaven as God, had determined fixedly one thing. As it says "It says of Me in the book:I have Come to do Thy Will O God." And this DNA, which was worked out in the Earth for 33 years....was then poured out for us.
So in the 80s, when I'd been born again and baptised in the Spirit for way over a decade....but seemed hopelessly bound to ever repeatedly fall into the sin patterns I HEARTILY LOVED, but knew I should not....and in my desperation cried out to God in many stages......this is what I received...but could not for a long time articulate....
This Jesus who WILLED TO DO THE WILL OF HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN, allowed His very life pattern to be smashed into the grave, with my opposite will attached, taking it down with Him, then rising again,with me also bound with Him....to form in me a new will...a will that comes from His very Person. In this He became Christ in Chris form, to fulfil in me, and while I am still alive....all the things I could never do or be!!!! How absolutely,absolutely amazing is that? That if you haven't guessed already...is the 3rd Level. Is the type of Church emerging right now. We are an absolute abomination to the devil. Because we disprove every theory that the devil has flung at the justice of God.
We are literally the feet of the Body of Christ, as described by Eldred Linden (IMA)Fishers Pond Conference 1979, who are the last to be born. The Head pops out first. Jesus. But we are those feet as described in Ephesians 6:15having shod YOUR FEET WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE; There is a preparation. But we are the people who will walk this thing out. Not just in meetings. But the same sense of flow and intimacy with Christ that we have in meetings, will now work for us all the days of our life.
So against this backdrop of the challenge of the Devil, we have this prayer. Our Father, our Daddy Abba God...right there we've got a relationship the devil never had......Who Art in heaven....Lord make Your Name holy.This name that since before time began has been sullied, trampled through the dust by the devil. Lord ,now, now at the end of this age....make your Name holy. See it's not just about little us. It's about His Name. His Glory! Who He is!
Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done. You come and be my King. When it came to the crunch Adam did not want your Kingship. But Lord let me, let this generation rise, with this Willing Christ, who now lives within us...changing us, empowering us so we can now really pray this prayer...maybe for the first time truly corporately...ever!!!! Psalm 110.
And this is the gist of Peter Stott's door opening Word this May Conference about Psalm 24 " Lift Up Your heads o ye gates and let the King of Glory Now Come In." Those ancient doors clanked shut in Genesis 3:5 when Adam and Eve made their decision.....and now it is to be this 3rd Level Church who open the doors...the Ancient doors.
The prophecies like Maurice Smith's (my comment)
The prophetic words of Ern Baxter
even the whole vision to do with discipleship as delivered by Juan Carlos Ortiz
these all become realizable. See , you can't do discipleship with 2nd level leadership. You will destroy people. You've got to have 3rd level people ...Fathers of 1 John 2:12...to father.
Finally,over the past months,I have called into the witness box:
-The International Ministry Association on the prophetic fulfilment of the Feasts
-Zerubbabel who propagate Norman Grubb's findings
-Ed Miller who describes his own personal history and takes churches in deep with God
-Exchanged Life Ministries
-Maurice Smith book " 20th Century Pilgrim"
-Juan Carlos Ortiz "In the future everyone will be born again in the experience
of the Holy of Holies(Third Level)
-The pattern of Jesus life
-The disciple's growth stages
-The threefold Revelation of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob,
-Paul's findings in Roman's, his corporate vision in Ephesians
-The Growth levels of 1John 2
-My own testimony of conversion,Spirit baptism,utter despair, then revelation of the solution,
-The three stages of Moses Life
-The development of Joseph's life in Egypt
-Ern Baxter's corporate message Going Into the Land, featuring Egypt,Wilderness,The Land.
-Mother Basilea Schlink 2 messages heard live in 1974 "Going the Way of the Lamb is a Way of Great Power" and "Seek the face of the God of Jacob as at Peniel"
-Many,many threefold patterns in scripture describing different aspects of growth:
-stalk,ear of corn,full ear of corn
-the Three Feasts of the Lord
-the Three areas of the Tabernacle
-verses such as "Ask,Seek ,Knock"
-When I recorded my double CD( in readiness for the 3rd level message) called "Early Harvest" I saw "They overcame him with 1.the Blood 2.Their testimony 3.Laying their lives down even unto death.
-This year in prophecy I was twice given the Revelation verse as 3 stages "Behold,I stand at the door and Knock,...1.he who opens the door 2.I will come in to him and eat with him3.And he with Me. And this year God has been labouring that now we are to do the third thing,come round His house and eat with Him at His place. This is very much the message of Mark Stibbe and Peter Stott currently.
I would like to now leave this foundation stage. I hope that you are starting to see we are in something more amazing than we ever realised. I hope there are enough witnesses to give you more confidence that I am not just a lone shooter here. I will do my utmost to prepare a list of books and messages that have brought me to these conclusions. And I want also to properly catalogue the subjects covered in the vaults of Dan's blog since February.
Every blessing. Let's move on.

Thursday 18 September 2008

Hadron Part Two : Particle Acceleration

There is a difference between Matthew 10 and Acts 3. It is not easily discernible initially. In the first passage Jesus " called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil[a] spirits and to heal every disease and sickness."
Every disease and sickness. First ministry trip! Not colds and headaches and after you fully receive the Spirit you get the rest! From the word go...it was the full package.

No, the difference is more subtle. From shortly after I received the anointing I found I could do extraordinary things. Straight away. Quite early in the 80s I was prophesying into a National Welsh conference. It was a complete shock...I was there under the guise of children's ministry...and only an assistant at that. So Jesus sends us forth, giving us tasters. Ministry trips. The same anointing. Nothing inferior about the anointing.

The difference with Acts 3 is this. THEY WEREN'T ON A MINISTRY TRIP! They just "were it" full-time. That's the difference. They were just going to a meeting. And supernaturally something happened....they both simultaneously suddenly looked at the same man who was always there!!! The Holy Spirit was pointing him out. Just occasionally that happens in our Havant meetings. One or two of us will suddenly find ourselves looking at someone. And sure enough the Holy Spirit is then up to something with them. It's often a kind of signal to stretch our hands towards them and pray...or prophesy... or maybe pray for healing.

Let me draw another man out of the wings. Eldred Linden. A teacher with the International Ministry Association , whose related Spanish site in La Linea, is the Buddy Cobb message link on this blog. Eldred can tell you the prophetic significance of every knothole in every floorboard in the Tabernacle! But another thing he said was about how a caterpillar changes. It has 3 forms.
Eldred uses the phrase"earthbound" for the caterpillar stage. And it doesn't seem much better in the pupae stage. But the 3rd level stage is ofcourse the butterfly...which is free to fly off anywhere. Earthbound is our natural material vision of life. We haven't yet learnt that our spirit is the main bit of us. With a soul sheath, in a body suit!!!

Well God has an accelerator to get us sped up for the 3rd level. God's particle accelerator. His Body. The Ministries in His Body. The Word. The Holy Spirit creating in us a relationship with this Word, Jesus. In the first 2 levels we do ministry under the anointing. In the 3rd level we have been accelerated on our insides. We ARE THE MINISTRY.
A particle accelerator type verse is in Daniel12:4 "many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase" and in verse 3 "Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever." Now it could be that "many shall run..."means people are running about frantically trying to unseal what Daniel was told to seal...but it would seem to me to be a prophetic vision of the end, when both in the natural with air transport, and vehicles, and in the Spirit, people are energised, moving around with great speed and anointing, turning many to righteousness, because the time is short.

If Romans describes an individual's particle accelerator to get him whizzing around like Romans 8, (greater detailed description of 3rd Level Intercession Life is given in Romans12.) Well, Ephesians gives a more corporate vision of particle acceleration. Once we are established in the founding truths of where Christ has placed us and how His Body works Ephesians Chapters 1-4, then Chapters 5 and 6 are about positioning ourself to reflect the truth that, in fact we are now LIGHT 5:8. This is tested out in every natural relationship context...family, work, state,churchlife. THEN, ONLY THEN, are we allowed to really go into action in the last few verses of Ephesians Chapter 6. All that intense preparation, just for a few verses of action.

Jesus spent 30 years without one hint of anointing...during this period he was confirming his own self-belief, that He was the 2nd Adam, God Himself come down to Earth from heaven...worked out in every day spheres of work and social life. Then He was anointed...specifically tested in the wilderness....and then He went into action...for a relatively short but highly accelerated period.

Here's my problem! The last post described the tremendous workings that prepared a people to go into action under the banner name of Israel. Three whole lifetimes of revelation. The Revelation of God to Abraham - The Faith Walk. The Revelation of God to Isaac - The Well Opener. Then The Revelation of God to Jacob concerning the Name Change.
Then, 2000 years ago, these three generations of revelation were squashed into a Discipleship Course spanning only 3 years with 12 men with Jesus as the Course trainer.The course had to have an additional 40 days added to it AFTER THE RESURRECTION, as a catch-up refresher for the bits they weren't getting in the main class. (Questions such as Philip saying "Show us the Father" kind of showed Jesus He was going to have to do an extension module.) But by Acts 2 we are looking pretty much at a 3rd Level bunch of accelerated men.

This is my problem then. If we know what 3rd Level is...even if we don't call it 3rd Level, why do we act as though we are ignorant? In every Christian bookstore are the same names over and over again. Independently chosen by each bookstore owner and the buyers in that locality. None of the authors represent the same denomination. Clearly wiping all denominational importance away right there! Spurgeon.George Mueller. John G Lake. Watchman Nee. Mother Basilea Schlink. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. George Verwer. Graham Pulkingham. Yonghi Cho. and all the modern contemporaries. They are all forerunner 3rd Levellers. They are Father ministries. Maurice Smith calls people like this "twinklers". 1st and 2nd levellers flunk out at this point and say "Oh...them...yes they are special Christians aren't they? Remarkable people!"

Nope. Nope. Nope. They are not remarkable people. Let's call them what God calls them. Christ in their form. Just mature Christians...that's all! Period! People that have done a bit of dying and resurrecting. You 1st and 2nd levellers are liars. By calling them special, you know you are making God out to be a liar. Because the truth is...you too were crucified with Christ. By calling them special, you are wriggling out of your own grave. You are trying to let yourself off the hook. because if you don't call them special, the next uncomfortable question is why are you not like them also!!!

The second of the two related problems is this. Clearly ALL our ministry training in the whole world, be it evangelical colleges, attempts at apostolic centres such as George Kouri....Certainly Youth With a Mission...and Morris Cerullo's School of Ministry...
Yup. All of them. Are Naive. And that is putting it politely.

Once you see what Ed Miller saw, and describes as a roomful of snakes, suddenly having the light switched on, so you can now see them. That is our natural life that according to Genesis 3:5, is hooked into a totally delusive sense of independence.
And like Ed Miller or any of the IMA, you begin to see how deep and "incurable " this disease of the self is..... you can understand that our current 3 years of Bible training is totally insufficient, which is largely left-brain...at which point we fill in a few exam questions, receive a certificate at the hands of some authoritative Board...and people point us towards a church, where we inflict ourselves on a bunch of expectant pew-fillers...and we call that Kingdom training!

Ridiculous. Absolutely STUPID. The devils are laughing to high heaven as they continue to plug into us and live through us in this religious setting. Jesus has a great description of how we do church. He was ofcourse talking of His contemporaries the Pharisees. He said "You go 200 miles to make one convert...then you make him twice the son of Hell that you are."

Another of Jesus (true) jokes is always taken wrongly. He said if you see a speck in your brother's eye, first take the log out of your own eye. So we think, if I see anger in someone else, I must first take out anger from my own life. That is not what is meant by the log. The Log is the BIG ONE! Not Big Sin. But Sin itself. The Spirit of Sin which we hooked into in Genesis which expresses itself through the whole gamut of sins...given the right circumstance. That's what this phrase is saying.
It's Jesus saying "You're all nuts!" Just as we are with our stupid ministry training programmes.
"You great bananas!"Jesus is saying..."how on earth do you hope to do a 3rd Level job (bringing in the Kingdom) if you haven't even sorted out where you lost the Kingdom by hooking into the devil in Genesis. That's the devil's smile on your face as you welcome them to accept Jesus. You phonies! "

Are you beginning to see how radical the message in this whole blog is. There is not one thing in our lives that will remain unaffected. As we begin to bind in our belt of truth (Ephesians 6), and pull in all our loose and flapping garments....can you begin to see the sort of authority we will have now when we talk, pray or share. We'll be doing this from the position of Divinely accelerated beings.

Sunday 14 September 2008

Collision Or Embrace or Both? A Hadron Question

As Sheila might have suspected, this post had a certain inevitability about it given the launch of the Hadron Collider. BBC Radio 4 gave the whole day to it. Children everywhere including Ben, have been having end of the world nightmares, and one child in India committed suicide. How careful the media reporters have to be on sensitive issues.
For 36 years I have been prophesying in meetings. For 20 years I have been carrying the corporate " entering into" of the third level described by this blog. But this has only become public this year. Interestingly enough, while there may be oblique references to us moving on as a Body....most of my prophecies this year have been about relationship with Jesus and the Father. This further goes to prove, those who prophesy do not choose their subjects. They don't say to themselves...oh, I think I'll say this today.
Although I began this post mid-week, today is Sunday and I was singing and proclaiming about "testimony" today. A good deal of that has been unpacking itself since hearing Rob Rufus speaking about "testimony". Rob Rufus' preachings are peppered with third-level concepts - only he would never describe them as such. Probably wisely.
"Third Level "items are cultural distinctives of a Body that is maturing, and their only relevance is in relationship to our former manner of running Body Life. They are changes that the Holy Spirit is sovereignly making, without some denominational head's say so, or charismatic stream leader's approval. Here is one such Rufus-ism and third-level item. Rob said he dislikes being known as Pastor Rob...or if he is called that , then he reserves the right to address someone as plumber Dave.
The more the third-level message gets out :of Christ in us as us, the more the concept of ministries per se pales away. For example, Norman Grubb calls this whole level, "the apostle level", or "father level". One of my first-ever posts on Dan's site (seems like years ago)was:" Chris said...A safer view of ministries has been stated by Ed Miller who helped father the 50s Argentine breakthrough, and various subsequent moves. He talks of them as taxi drivers.Taxi drivers to the throne of God. Once they have done their task, they actually have less relevance. The end goal of ministry being to reproduce Christ in others. comment to 31st Jan 2008"
Do you remember the Mel Tari books on the Indonesian Revival? "Like a Mighty Wind" and "The Gentle Breeze of Jesus". Apart from the staggering miracle content, the thing that really stood out was their tone. Humility. Normality. No hype. Just: Jesus is alive and does these sort of things,OK? They were a team of people who loved each other, each with their distinct personalities, who went out proclaiming the message. No special ministries. No special names. No conferences. Nope. Just lots of jungle. And facelessness.
This was and is still happening as a result of the Florida Outpouring. I mean who has has ever heard of Matt? From Rustington. Don't know his surname. Yet he has permanently impacted a mass of teenagers at RiverCAMP.
OK that was all an insert.....back to the subject of prophecy.......... Many times this year I have gone into meetings determined to say nothing, because from an English "retiring personality" point of view I have overstepped the mark already. Then I'm off prophesying again. The now Word into the Body, being conveyed by people such as Mark Stibbe , Peter Jackson of Shaftsbury and our own Peter Stott is about coming home to the Father. If this was just a nice trendy talk, that would be one thing, but the most incredible signs and wonders are following this message everywhere. See a copy of Peter's comments for example about what is happening this week (my comment on Dan's blog).The Bible records two types of collisions (probably more - but these two anyway) The colliding embrace of the Prodigal Son with his running Father, and the collision Jacob had with an angel or God Himself in a pre-incarnate form, we don't really know, in Genesis 32:22.
My question is are they the same thing in different manifestations or are we talking about the unfolding of two entirely different experiences in God?
The Hadron Collider explodes atoms in order to view their constituent parts....many of which will never have been viewed before. Later I'll talk about a God Collision.
The prototype revelation of God, which He subsequently sowed into the ground, in order to gain more and more sons in an ever-expanding version of this same revelation, took three generations to unfold. The revelation given to Abraham,then Isaac, then Jacob. This was quite specific and why God is referred to as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If it was not meant to be as self-contained, presumably a whole further genealogy of names would have been trotted out. But no....it is again a matter of the three stages of revelation which we have with us to this very day.....no more so, because, for the first time in history a whole generation are being called into the Third Level, or Jacob revelation simultaneously. This is referred to in Psalm 24 :6 as "This is the generation of those who seek You, o God of Jacob."This subject is not just Chris Welch going off on one.....this is God now deciding that we as a Body are now corporately well-grounded in the Abraham and the Isaac revelations, and now is the time for the unfolding of the Jacob experience of God. "Seeking His Face".The Abrahamic Covenant concerned the Body believing God and it being reckoned to us as righteousness. Believing on the death and resurrection of Jesus for our salvation. The brazen altar. Also, our obedience to sign on the dotted line of God's New Covenant by our water baptism, and our receiving of the cleansing , washing waters of the Spirit by asking Jesus into our heart. Both describe The Laver (v.18).
The Isaac Covenant is one of Grace Provision. Many commentators look at Abraham and Jacob, then at Isaac and say, well what did he do? He opened wells Gen 26:19. Again and again. Opposed at every turn. He is a figure of the Corporate Pentecostal blessing which has driven us into testing, into a crash maturation process. All we seem to be doing is opening wells and then forced to move on. A lot of maturation comes with us brushing up against orthodoxy(Our Ishmael half-brother), sons of God after the flesh. Some, I said some notice, of our brushes are with denominational approaches to Christianity. Or even in independant churches, this dreadful man-made approach to running churches...even after having received the Spirit. We echo Paul in Galations..."Who has bewitched you??"The third and most important foe is none other than ourselves. Our own Ishmael attempts at doing the Christian Life. I'm afraid it all has to stop!Like Ed Miller, we just stop! Doggedly and determinedly, one day we make a decision...God I'm not doing another thing until You do something through me. I am absolutely not going to fake this stuff anymore. And you know what. God likes that!!!
The wells were pre-dug. This is grace. We receive miracle anointing by grace. We receive the Spirit by grace. Every supernatural gift manifested in our meetings is by grace. Will always be by grace. Then, much as Brad Jersak or others who criticise faith ministries of the 80s...but shockingly , yes, abundance,blessing,riches, all this is included in this stage of revelation see Genesis 26:12, even if at this stage our abundance seems only expressed in our capacity to survive...since with the Devil's onslaught we should surely be dead. Bit like Moses in the desert with his sheep. Exactly how prosperous was he? But he was still alive...after 40 years of it!!! And SO ARE WE.
This is like the Holy of Holies where there is no natural light...only the light of the Holy Spirit. Meetings and churches which make no sense at all but for the experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit...experienced individually, but baptising us into our first experience of being a corporate Body...the Body of Christ on earth.
The Jacob Covenant. This is the final revelation stage. We all thought that with the Abraham and Isaac revelations we could swing into the Earth and fulfil Ern Baxter's vision of Going Into the Land (Awe-inspiring and door opening Dales Bible Week 1976) Morris Cerullo grabbed Ern to minister for several months into his newly formed San Diego Schools of Ministry in the late 1970s. These guys have gone on to build huge "warehouses"...hopefully they are more than this...but they really are huge...25,000 or more in one church.
But hold on fellas....there is another anointing, another step to God's Covenant with us. "Seeking the Face of the God of Jacob".This is the Hadron Collider. Throwing up particles in us we never knew we had. The Apostle Peter openly swore violently that he had never even met the man Jesus. Juan Carlos Ortiz talks about John Bunyan's description in Pilgrim's Progress as being too mild. Not laying down your burden at the Cross....but an atom bomb being laid underneath your whole life. What the Bible describes as the Altar of Incense in our approach to the Holy of Holies. Or the Day of Atonement in the Third Feast, the Feast of Tabernacles(14-16).The Jacob Covenant revelation is the last one. It is after this Jacob became Israel. Then history really started happening. The third Level isn't some nice bi-product kind of Christian blog ministry. This is the level where we start unravelling where things went wrong in the beginning in Genesis 3:5. You don't put this right by asking Jesus into your heart. You don't put this right by being baptized in the Spirit. But you do put it right as a Body, by having a Name change.Christ operating in us as us. A Name change.
Later on I will describe more about spiritual warfare and a third-level view of Intercession. But as a taster, I want to take everyone back to Dales Bible Week 1976. In the article link transcribed by Dan you can see Ern talking about "order". This was the first time we saw the thing about going to conferences, as going up to feasts in our tribes. And as rightly related, and submitted groups (which Ed Miller freaked out at)...yet as proto-type embryonic vision...this was accurate...and in this order, for the first time in recent history we addressed the spirits over regions in England. It was not lightly done. There was awe there. There was some smashing of the lightbulbs. There were many many reported sightings of angels. Stuff, of an order, none had ever felt before was happening in that huge cowshed. We weren't that sure what would happen. What we would stir up.
Then on to the late 80s and 90s. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs, and others in Argentina were understanding more about intercession over regions. Opening up cities and lands for God. This was critical as we came into the 90s, because there were many lands we could not reach. So then there was the 10/40 Window thrust, to reach many of the middle Eastern and Asian lands. As a direct result a whole spate of direct personal sightings of Jesus in these nations has been experienced.Coupled with the raising up of satellite TV. I'll tell you some stuff about Rory and Wendy one day.
What I am now saying is this. Intercession so far has been carried out with Abraham and Isaac Revelation only. Now is the time of the Third-Level anointing. Now is the time of a corporate Name change. Now is the time of a corporate Christ in us as us....when each individual just knows who he or she is. A Body like that, across the Earth, history has never seen. That is the Body I am referring to, and describing here. That type of Body is going to exercise huge and paralysing damage to the devil...but remember it is still only enforcement. Enforcement of what Jesus already accomplished on the Cross. And I guess it is that kind of Body that will, with the Spirit, say "Come!"Revelation 22:17. Notice who they say "Come" to. Not to Jesus, as I'd always thought....but to all those who are hungry and thirsty and want the free gift of the water of Life.
That is the Feast of Ingathering at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles. And so the cyclic sowing and reaping cycle of the Body of Christ continues, from Feast to Feast, from age to age, from God move to God move, the same spiritual laws apply. Unbreakable laws of going into the ground and bearing much fruit. This is evangelism. The surface methods are the means. The preaching. The tents. The Sattellite TV. The church activities. But all are meaningless if the Spirit and the Bride are not saying" Come"by the power of the Spirit underneath it all.

Friday 12 September 2008

Prophecy - with Special Reference to Singers and Musicians

This prophecy dates from 1989 and was one of the very few written prophecies, as opposed to the more usual spoken prophecies given in meetings. It contains some aspects which blend with the writings in the previous post.

Prophecy - with special reference to Singers and Musicians 

I have opened a new door in Heaven. The way to this door is very difficult .It is difficult because of the pride of man. 
But in fact it is a very simple way.
A way of faith. A way of humility. 

This door is deceptively unimpressive, but in truth it is a door to great Things. 
Great powers.
Great movings and stirrings of My Spirit.
As always,the singers and musicians go ahead, and their song becomes a 'way' for many to follow. 

Many great individuals, (great because of My workings in them, not because anything was in any way special about them) have found their way through this door in this century. They have been responsible for great outbreaks of My Spirit over cities and lands.

They have, at times, almost singlehandedly - held the enemy at bay as he sought to prevent the outpourings of the Spirit
over the last thirty years - the very outpourings in which you yourselves were bom of My Spirit. 

You need to acknowledge their work in your heart.

But, I say I open a new door, I do a new thing, in that I now call a corporate people into this place.

You enter as individuals. But you enter corporately. 
Now is My time for this. 

 Many will resist this move, saying that it is not necessary. They say "It has not yet been necessary, so why should it now be necessary?" But I say to you, while you were playing as children in the other place, these former individuals were baring their very breasts to the enemy, unsure of their own lives, as if giving their lifeblood, and in some cases they actually did, in order to protect you while you were still children. 

The time has now come for you to grow up, to take your place, to find your life by losing it for the sake of others.
You speak of weapons now • • • but in reality, these are as but toys compared to the forces and powers I will unleash among a mature people. 

Many have grown discouraged during these years of training. Many have hardened their hearts. But the scripture is true which says. Wait upon The Lord. 
My word remains true. 
My promises remain true. 

You should fear lest you run ahead of me, lest you build what I am not building. For I build swiftly and well. My work will arise amidst your works and yours will splinter like matchsticks in front of the solidity of My work. When I build, people stand and stare, dumbstruck. 

Fear, lest you too be ashamed.

The song of My Spirit is a mighty song. You will feel the surging awesome power of My Spirit arise when there is no song. When your song has long been exhausted then I will sing.

The dance of My Spirit is a mighty dance. You will feel the surging awesome power of My Spirit rise when there is no dance. When your dancing has long been exhausted, then I will dance.

As in the Feast of Tabernacles, the Great Day of the Feast of which it is said "He who has not seen the rejoicing of the pouring out of the water, has not seen rejoicing in all his life" so shall there be a dance among men, the likes of which all history has not seen.

Chris Welch 1989

Relates to Last Post

Sometimes I think I'll leave it to others!!!!

What they write is so brilliant. So RJW
had a comment from Ursula Kuba in Australia, (who writes about Wes Sumner who I cannot find.....................)
Awakening the Burning Ones
I found this poem on a website quite a long time ago, by a guy called Wes Summer. Not sure who he is...and I can't remember which website I found it on...but I think its awesome... I read it again and it just stirred me up. Here it is:
For centuries, an army has been longed for...
For centuries, a force so humbly powerful has only been dreamt of...
For centuries, this army has laid dormant...thirsty and hungry...
For centuries, passionate individuals have cried out for God's Fire to fall...
For centuries, God has heard their cries and has smiled, thinking of what is to come...
For centuries, the earth has patiently awaited the arrival of the Burning Ones...
A siren sounds in Heaven
The appointed time has come
A single spark is seen shooting from the throne room
It lands in the midst of sleeping babes
An explosion of Holy Fire awakens the children
Instantly transformed, they are children no longer...
They are refined into the army long awaited
An army purified through prayers of ancient believers
Sustained only by the Fire of God...
They are God's chosen.The Burning Ones.

This poem impacted me on various levels, its right on for the season we are currently in. It reminds me of a vision I had in April when I went to heaven and saw dancers in the streets, and they were singing, "All of heaven dances, all of heaven dances, because we have heard that what we prayed for for centuries is coming to pass, all of heaven dances, because we have heard revival comes to the earth". These saints who contended for this years and years before...are seeing the fruition of their prayers, and they have front row seats in heaven...!I asked Jesus once, "Won't You show me Your heart? More of You?" and told me the following: "To know My heart you need to have your head on my Chest Ursula. My heart is for My bride...of which you are a part. My heart overflows with love for the lost and the hurting. My heart is to see My bride whole." I'll never forget the intense look in His eyes, as if He was looking somewhere and seeing something I could not see, and He said to me, "My heart is to see My bride restored and laughing and dancing in the streets of Heaven. To have her with me in Heaven. My heart is for the church to awaken and rise up! To GO out into the world a whole, healed church, and show My love to the world, to catch My passion for My bride."Saints of old have prayed for the time we live in. And God is shaking the sleeping church awake. She has slept for too long, covered in chains and dust and cobwebs and He is shaking her awake and shaking off the chains that hold her! He is cleaning off the dust and the cobwebs. He is doing a massive work within her and putting her through the fire of purification and cleansing. To the degree to which she walks in the fire is the degree to which she will walk in purity. He is equipping her. She will be ready when the time for the final harvest comes. It is beginning already. First revival will come within the church and ministries...and then it will flow out onto the streets. This is the best and most exciting time to live. What a privilege we have!!!
Posted by Ursula Kuba at 7:44 PM 1 comments
Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ursula continues:
Visions of a world wide revival
I'm convinced...totally convinced that today is the best day to be alive. That these times are the most exciting. That the revival that has been prophesyed for generations is about to come to pass. Can you feel the mist of the wave about to crash on us? Can you feel the excitement? All of heaven is watching. The bride is getting readied for her crowning hour....the marriage to her King!Why does it seem that now is the time that the most attack is hitting the body of Christ? That things seem hardest and driest in the countries we just KNOW are going to experience revival first. Why does it seem that opposition is at its highest? Because these are the days of the forerunners. This is the time for the prophetic forerunners to run...unceasingly, without fear, totally abandoned with love and courage...knowing the time is now! The call has gone out, the trumpet has sounded....now is the time to run over the hills, across the desert, over the oceans, through the rainforest's and herald in the coming revival. The season for decree has come. It is time for the intercessors to meet with their King in the secret place and do war as never before. To pick up their sword. This is the moment. This is the time. This is the season when their prayers will avail much more than they ever dreamed. Its the pivotal time. Now is the time for the prophets and evangelists to pick up their batons, and run...run in the spirit. Now is the time to hold the banner of revival, run on strong legs, run swiftly, unceasingly, with much love, rooted in Him. Run with your eyes on Jesus...only on Jesus. As you run, sound the trumpet for the hungry to come and gather around the banner of Jesus.Now is the time, for nations to turn their eyes to their King, to seek out His face, for it is His eyes that hold everything needed to run well. It is in seeking His face, that mantles will be placed on people. That giftings will be revealed. That character will be chiseled. That strength and wisdom will be placed on His people. It is in this season when the true sons and daughters will be revealed. We live in the most critical time in the history of this world...the forerunners are released, the hungry cry out, and their King answers. The wave is about to crash right over us, prepare the Bride, her King comes!

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Last night's Heidi Baker meeting on God TV

.....entitled "Intimacy" is the same thing as.................................................................................................
the middle sections of meetings run by Jorge Pradas , Jack Schisler or Ed Miller in Emsworth in the late 70s and early 80s.
This is as much a revelation to me as those reading this blog. I have never been to an "Intimacy" meeting ...so I could never be sure. This is a Holy Spirit inspired pattern that you do not learn from Bible College, or from men. Ed Miller , an American Pentecostal missionary to Argentina, so fed up of beating his head against a brick wall in evangelism...said to God one day...I am not doing another thing. I am going to pray...and unless You do something...I am not going to do another thing.
So through a convoluted series of events which are described in his book "Thy God Reigneth", Ed did just that. And eventually God came...and bombed Argentina with His grace. This was the 1950's. Ed has spent the rest of his life teaching the truths of entering the Presence of God, and running meetings in the Presence of God....of which the mid-section often takes the format of what you saw last night. When I said to Dan, I have been chucked out by better people than some of New Frontiers ministries, I am not joking. So imagine how confusing that was. And imagine how keen I am for the Body to join up the dots between Zerubbabel and Ed Miller. Zerubbabel have no concept of Ed Miller or Heidi Baker. Ed Miller if still alive, has no concept of Zerubbabel. Yet as truly as I have lived the last 20 years, they are both the "Third Level" but viewed from different angles. One angle is from over the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies, the other angle is from the gold- covered acacia box called the Ark of the Covenant upwards. It is time to stop fighting, to worship and get the complete download.

Saturday 6 September 2008

It's the Power that will bring the Young, Dan's last post

It is strange that Dan has just posted this.
I really haven't begun to share what happened to Christine and myself at various times through this year's RiverCAMP. And I have not much time right now. Bear in mind where I am coming from. My background is the power encounter in Great Kingshill in 1972 which energised a lot of us to spread the Kingdom around our year at school. I have hung around Morris Cerullo's events here, and Chicago and San Diego. I missed Toronto. But I have been schooled (and I mean that positively and negatively)by Ed Miller and Jorge Pradas in seeking God's face ,face down on hard concrete floors, for hours at a time sometimes, other times just lesser time periods...but really meeting with God on my insides...just knowing that a connection has been made and that the 3D answer is just a matter of time away.....it's just a necessary detail....a bit of the bureaucratic function of existence!!! What, you mean you want to actually see the results too!!!! That's just crossing the T's!!!!God's confirming Presence on a matter was always the final say...because time and time again the answer followed some time later. Folks, this was real stuff. We saw money come from nowhere to setup an outpost south west of Paris. We saw people in the same family in our church totally healed of leukaemia. We saw the most rebellious people in Bible House have such grace break through on them...they actually were streets ahead of any of us who were praying.

So..... the thought of lying on your backs on cushions while listening to worship music surrounded by lots of girlies for a few days was not my idea of a spiritually extensive breakthrough time.
I really began to understand Toronto better through Florida and our own glory conference in May.....because, as many of you bloggers will have realised by now sometime before Noah's flood:
Toronto is about the Father's love for us. And really marks a new season in the Body of Christ.
Mark Stibbe's teaching sessions were fantastic. As were all this year's speakers. But how much of the drive of our previous "work for the Lord" actually comes from our own "orphaned" view of existence. Oh I must work hard for the Lord so He'll accept me. Do you know, once we have a true Holy Spirit drive embedded in us we'll achieve more in a millisecond of actual obedient walk, than we'll have achieved over a decade with the other stuff.

So just to say....although there were soaking times....but we tended to actually fellowship together as a church(the 20 or so that were there)...and sad to say this is still all too rare at home in our busy schedules...... the worship and teaching sessions were really powerful, and God's Presence really hovered. I tell you what was really nice...haven't experienced this since the early Dales Weeks with Ern Baxter.....when God the Choral conductor brings in different sections of the Body in tongues throughout the large hall. Awesome.

But how this relates to Dan's blog is that the Youth Work was Outstanding with a capital STAND OUT. Do you know that the same Matt from Rustington who came over to pray over us as a church the other week...he was leading the over15's. He said he had never in his whole Christian life been in any meetings like the ones the 15 plus age group were having. There was a prophetic flow in one meeting he had never seen anywhere. When they took the praise...and my eyes are filling up at this point as I once again crack up, the young men were dancing with a vigour that you have never seen anywhere. The girls too. But generally if there is any life in a church, teenage girls will tend to bop around....but this was something else. And I'm crying yet again, because this was what Ern Baxter prophesied and I am now living right before my eyes...and what I put 20 years ago on a part of my double CD under the heading X - Rated Christianity : " Psalm 110 :3

Thy people offer themselves willingly In the day of thy power, in holy array: Out of the womb of the morning Thou hast the dew of thy youth.

4 Jehovah hath sworn, and will not repent: Thou art a priest for ever After the order of Melchizedek.

And there it is again : AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK.....which I've been writing to you about and you've been thinking ...what's this weird guy on!!! I didn't remember it was here....Now I'm crying again.

Have you seen a young army of men ...not sullen...not spaced out on drugs...not primarily interested in the next bit of skirt they can insert their member into, not the next fast car.....

but single - minded drive to see the Kingdom of God come down from heaven, to see Jesus worshipped with the respect that is rightfully His , and this done with all the strength they can muster, all the heart that God has given them.....I tell you, if you can still stay standing at that time,and not collapsed on the seat in front totally , absolutely wrecked, then you have more strength than me.