Friday 31 October 2008

Rattling of the Bones: 2 blog posts of note

I have been away with the family. I have also been reading through some of the books in my recommended list. Some I have only skimmed before and am only now reading properly, others I am reading with great interest to see how I feel about them now.

In this blog I want to ignore these and recall a message by Alan Vincent to the church in Hazlemere, Bucks in the mid 70s. It was on the subject of the "rattling of the bones"in Ezekiel 37:7.

But first here are two outstanding blog posts of the last week or so.
The first from Jamie is an outstanding description of how grace works in our lives .
The second is from Terry Virgo on not forgetting the commands of scripture.

When I returned from RiverCamp (see link) Morris Cerullo had sent a brochure on the Names of God. John Paul Jackson has done a series on these names as have many teachers and preachers. When we receive the Holy Spirit at salvation and more so as He is released in our lives in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, unknowingly we find ourselves signed up to a Holy Spirit Training Course on the Names of God. This is the same course that the Israelites were on in the Wilderness after leaving Egypt.
My purpose in mentioning these is to catch the spirit behind Jamie's post."We can simply let the Life of Christ within us do the walking and with each step see how our paths are made straight for us, one step at a time. "
But rattling alongside this is the substance of Terry Virgo's blog describing how God's ministries were sent in with apostolic commands and injunctions.

But I want to stress even more than Terry does various points.
Firstly...unlike today when we have Bible studies on these scriptures....
1. The substance of these commands was coming out of a warm , caring relationship of the Holy Spirit's Presence coming through the love, care and intercession of the apostles ministering the Word. Many of whom had been through this same living, breathing, process with Jesus Himself whilst on Earth. Initially in 3 years of ministry, plus 40 days of rather special ministration with the resurrected Christ, before His ascension.
2. The total understanding of these injunctions is that NO WAY, no ABSOLUTE WAY were the hearers going to fulfil this in their own strength.
3. If that was true under a Pentecostal Baptism in the Spirit is a gazillion times more to be stressed in a 3rd Level approach.

Let me explain the last point.
Maybe the apex of "Holy Spirit and Me" technology was reached in the late 80s with Benny Hinn's book "Good Morning Holy Spirit"
This is Pentecostalism to the nth degree of intimacy. You can't go beyond this.
Jesus said about John...there is no one born of women greater....but the least person of the Kingdom would in fact be greater.
This might have sounded very strange at the time when Jesus said this. I am going to say something just as strange. What I am saying is this.
The next generation in God will go way beyond Benny Hinn's book.
Because it was always prophesied so.
Psalm 110:3 Your (F)people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power and

Psalm 24:4-6(He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
who does not lift up his soul to an idol
or swear by what is false.

He will receive blessing from the LORD
and vindication from God his Savior.

Such is the generation of those who seek him,
who seek your face, O God of Jacob.

You see in Genesis 3:5 we picked up an evil spirit of the Devil himself
whose total way of existence is summed up in a delusion of separateness.
He catches us up in his lying existence to make-believe that we as him can
live as self-running beings, with no need for a spirit battery!!!
When really in the background he swapped our God linkage in our spirits for
a permanent devil linkage. Only Christ's cross has severed this link.
But throughout history until the present day, this has not fully come to the fore.

So to this day Christians are running around as "separate " beings
trying to focus on Christ
trying to pray
trying to work miracles
trying to preach a message of salvation
even....and listen to this....trying to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Now in the best light that Benny had at the time, he saw himself in a dual relationship with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit and Benny.

But from now on the Holy Spirit does not even allow us this luxury.
He is saying in Psalm 24 verse 4 "You have spent your entire lives
living by what is false. You thought you were gods in your own right.
Then you tried to live your renewed lives in this same old separate beings in your own right. I have overlooked this since the Pentecostal outpouring in the 1900s, but now
is my time for a generation who seek the face of the God of Jacob. Who experience within themselves this Name change. Not Benny and the Holy Spirit. Benny is dead. Now it is Christ Benny and the Holy Spirit.

So you see the generation that is now emerging and is to come will be a totally new type of believer. Totally identified with the death of Christ
And consequently because of the Jesus words "if you abide, in my Word,then you are Truly my disciples, and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free."
On Earth.
Not in some heavenly future.
AS real as we experience the outbreak of the Presence of God in meetings this will become our every day experience together...all day long. And the apostles were the prototype.
Yup, they had disagreements. They were slow to grasp that Gentiles were included in the deal.

But they didn't lie.
They didn't go off with other women.
They didn't grasp money to themselves.
They were submissive one to the other.
Not one was on a power trip. And they had raw POWER!

So don't any of you dare talk to me about the sweet by and by. About some Feast of Tabernacles in the future, as if it can't be lived today. (Joseph Prince I've got your number) It is in the future...but only if it is now...if you see what I mean. My heaven in the future is dependant on me getting heaven now by asking Jesus into my heart. It's like that.
Don't give me that rubbish about putting up with one another's sins til we limp into glory.
Don't give me that grace rubbish which never actually cleans up our lives.
Grace is like honey. But is also like fire!!! Just you wait and see!!! You won't know what's hit you.
Well actually you will. Because of this very blog.
But listen!!!You're going to be OK.
Jacob was OK after his wrestling. God let him live.
You and I are going to live too. On this earth.

So back to Alan Vincent.
You will notice there are 2 stages to the revealing of this glorious Body in Ezekiel 37.
The one prophesying assembled the bones. Called them together. Then they began rattling.
If you put all our blogs together there is a tremendous rattling.
Some are more Calvinist. Some are more Armenian.
Some are more grace...some are more like Janelle
Some are more individual in outlook. Some are more corporate Body of Christ
Some are more faith and here and now, some are more glorious Hope of our Calling

Well I've got some good news.Whatever you currently are becomes irrelevant in the 3rd level.
Why. Because as Paul says in Corinthians they were immature, saying we are of such and such a ministry. In the 3rd level we get the LOT. Everything we are now missing.
Evangelicals who currently get the exchanged life thing, the "I am dead with Christ thing" but have no clue about moving in the Spirit....Guess what!!! they're going to get particularly soaked!!!
Charismatic Christians, who love the gifts of the Spirit, but who haven't the first clue about living a normal every day life in God...guess what.......they're going to carry their giftings and anointings right into family life, creative life, work life, educational life....and God's going to especially bless them at that, because now everyone is laughing at them.

The 3rd level is the 2nd prophesying. How do I work that out?
Well in the first level the Body of Christ as lived out corporately was impossible.
It's the release of the Holy Spirit. The baptism in the Holy Spirit that makes Body life a reality.
This is represented by the Holy Place and the Holiest Place. The outer courts was about us cutting covenant as individuals. The Holy Place and Holiest Place is about corporate life.
Particularly in the 70s the first prophesying was taking place as described by Maurice Smith's prophecy.

Now I believe is the time for the 2nd prophesying. The rattling was about assembling everything together. It was never meant to look good folks. It's a skeleton!!! Actually the Bible says skin and tendons came on it. But it was still a dead body.
Have you noticed the world has not been attracted by us so far!
Do you think there may be possibly another stage!!!!
Well that's what the 2nd prophesying is for!
This is the gist of Alan's word...but he didn't add the 3rd level bits.
So I believe that the 70s impartations were real. The visions were real in the same way that the Bible passages are real. But at that stage we did not have the Holy Spirit technology.
Our vision was a vaguely warmed up version of the church life as we knew it back then.
But the Way of God is a heart thing. David was the prototype of this.
Psalm 84:5 How blessed is the man whose (H)strength is in You, In whose heart are the (I)highways to Zion!

Later it is still my intention to do a summary on my thoughts about ministry, as affected by the revelation that a mature level, a third level, a father level as experienced by the Early church fathers, does exist. And it affects every single aspect of
1 the way we do church and
2 the way we do or don't do seminaries.

You don't getPsalm 84 " the strength" or "the internal heart highway" to Zion in a seminary.
You don't get it necessarily in a Morris Cerullo school of ministry or Youth with a Mission training centre. Perhaps you get an earnest...or a downpayment....
Jesus knew how to bring forth ministries by the power of His Word, all while they were sharing in ministry with Him. How cool is that? Maybe Rob Rufus is on the way to this. Maybe Peter Stott is also.

More on this later............

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Chris's Pre Blog in Dan's Vaults(Now with Links)

These are the dates and times and a summary of the subjects covered
in the comments sections buried below Dan's main subject posts in
Life On Wings between February and August 2008 prior to
commencing this blog.They are listed either under chris or 07000intune. Hope it's a resource.....

03/02/2008 10:18 True leaders as taxi drivers to the throne
06/02/2008 08:15 A clear example of how we are spirit soul
and body
10/03/2008 21:20 The Cry of desperation opens doors
for servants of the Lord.
31/03/2008 19:25 The two watchmen references in
Song of Solomon.
How I first discovered about 3rd

Confusion of different voices and
Ern,Ruth Heflin,Ed Miller
04/04/2008 17:59 Ern's photo not Dan's
04/04/2008 21:55 Chris's connections with Dunstable
07/04/2008 21:37 Wheels within wheels view of history.
1st important
mention of how God still intends to

carry out what Ern Baxter was preaching
about in
the 70s.Jesus speaks strongly to Martha
11/04/2008 07:37 Melchizedek order living.1st mention. 70s

Amersham and France

1st real experience of 3rd Level power
and anointing
24/04/2008 17:50 Florida Outpouring Ist mention.
Gutenberg Press
28/04/2008 13:07 Shaftsbury prophecy regarding
Outpouring and
Havant starts changing
30/04/2008 10:30 Holiest place and its different features
from the
Holy place.
Important 1st
05/05/2008 22:08 1st reference to Key of David.
brother returns from Florida.
10/05/2008 09:58 George Warnock Ist mention.How
Chris differs from
Rob.Important post

The reality of the 3 growth stages.
The different
growth waves of the 20th Century
17/05/2008 06:17 Global Outpouring here to stay.
Bob Jones 1st mention
11/05/2008 09:19 Synchronicity as both I and Rob
talk about the
Prophetic fulfilment of Feast Of

How different ministries talk
about different Holy
of Holies aspects
11/05/2008 16:45 Repro of letter to IMA and
Zerubbabel attempting to
introduce them to each other.
May? The difficulties of dealing with
Zerubbabel IMA etc"All
servants of God are mine"

Ryan Rufus nutshell.Brett
Burrowes and sarx - how
Augustine steered us right off
15/05/2008 00:05 God meets us when we are real.
15/05/2008 10:20 Answering criticisms of Todd and
rough style of
ministry with example of Jesus
15/05/2008 11:30 The two conferences Eastbourne
and Havant
15/05/2008 12:31 Chris only really able to operate in
3rd level type

Natural recurring patterns in our
lives, unique to us.
15/05/2008 13:59 Natural recurring patterns II
15/05/2008 18:28 Leader's wife's dream like Ryan's phrase.
All of Him in all of me .

Whole document "Letter to the
Charismatic Movement 1990"
21/05/2008 23:23 Florida Outpouring and Feast of
Aeroplane before takeoff illustration
04/06/2008 23:32 Michael Hammond on Cindy Jacobs
Jaqui on hospice work like Dan.
Moving as One
Person on Dan's blog
- Juan Carlos
Ortiz 1977

explanation of 07000INTUNE
16/06/2008 00:45 ms dos and Windows. Charlie
Chaplin and the
drawers.Bob Dylan,

Romans 7 and independent self
1st mention
16/06/2008 18:02 Left-brain struggles. Testimony
mid 70s.

Maurice Smith - Glorious Church
Prophetic Vision
Highly recom-
mended if you are unfamiliar.
It is One of the prophetic wayposts.
18/06/2008 00:02 Difference between doctrines and
getting in Christ's Presence.
The effects of John 7 :17 "If a man's will

is to do the Will of the Father………
The speed at which spiritual downloads
can happen.
Chris' 80s testimony

Deeper Yes's for each stage of growth.
21/06/2008 07:04 Assessment of the Jesus Generation
and the Kingdom.

Shall I do a blog? Synchronicity IS
the Kingdom Way.
Maurice Smith:20th Century Pilgrim
Chapter 1

21/06/2008 The prophetic illustration of the
Frigate propulsion
burners and the igniter burners
23/06/2008 19:03 The ability to debate without
mudslinging. More on
20th Century Pilgrim
23/06/2008 22:44 Ern Baxter:Covenant Love Message
and Agape
love feasts
24/06/2008 07:34 How discerning Christ in Schlink,
Wurmbrandtand Ed Miller changed
the course of my life
29/06/2008 21:03 Growing Impatience with
evangelicalism. The joining of
Word and Spirit
03/07/2008 22:26 If we used the same logic to
dismiss the reality
of the born again experience,
that evangelicals
use to dismiss us
06/07/2008 21:36 The last Days qualifications for
the Kingdom…..

Peter Stott and Genesis 24
may Conference message
07/07/2008 14:34 My water baptism testimony and
hearing Polish
08/07/2008 16:10 Roy Field preaches.My book is on
this blog!
Pacing ministry.Misgivings with
English ministries.
Only Fathers can father.

3 levels brief description.
Bob Dylan mention.
08/07/2008 20:33 The Apostle Paul using 3rd Level
Intercession tools.

1st mention
13/07/2008 18:06 relating to Shawna about
Body of Christ
entering into
3rd Level phase.The same
Jesus operating through

us as soon as we are saved…
Florida Outpouring description
testimony(Nicholas and Pam)
20/07/2008 23:38 celebrate recovery - Derby. More on
22/07/2008 13:20 Running Churches in the
Melchizedek order.How new
physics is a pointer
22/07/2008 22:22 Further description of How
God runs His Church by
the Holy Spirit - recent history
23/07/2008 16:55 Warning to Todd Bentley not to
be seduced to tone down.

Isobel Chapman example
24/07/2008 00:01 my personal testimony and my
views on a more correct
24/07/2008 13:56 very special summing up by Don
on our current position
in the Body of Christ and maturity
25/07/2008 19:42 My uniqueness for 10minutes:
Linking up various teachers
that none have linked so far.

recommendation of Alphabet soup.
Song of Songs gives us
the pattern of how we grow.
26/07/2008 21:06 God's Divine strategy through history:
Give everyone little bits.
Norman Grubbs potted lifestory
27/07/2008 09:48 Shawna and the Bomb.
27/07/2008 21:57 Havant Church changes. Discerning of
spirits - an amazing tool
28/07/2008 22:39 How many more 2nd levellers have to
fall through lack of
knowledge of the existence of a 3rd level

God is at work to WILL…………….1
1st mention
29/07/2008 23:04 Ryan Wyatt's preaching. What the
Church will increasingly
enjoy….comment on Mark Driscoll's
30/07/2008 12:59 Michael Hammond sends J.Matutis'
Prophecy about an
incredible explosion
30/07/2008 17:56 Some Jesus type descriptions He
used when He was around
1st and 2nd level types

Stereo sound example.
07/08/2008 17:25 Various Kadesh-Barnea moments
in recent history
when people refused to go forward
and a door was

closed for decades.We have to Act
on what we hear by faith.
Abraham example of how he fluffed things.
08/08/2008 09:32 What to tell your left-brain when it
thinks it's so clever.
09/08/2008 15:31 The other side of the grace coin. A very
important post
which does not negate
the grace message.

The Word as a suspended orb
descriptive picture.
11/08/2008 17:23 Would Jesus make the grade by
contemporary seminary standards?
12/08/2008 15:41 Dan's explanation of Ministry gifting.
12/08/2008 19:13 Shawna's testimony about her husband
Brian's escapades
12/08/2008 22:17 ref www.exchanged and
how this message
needs joining to the Baptism
in the Spirit message
13/08/2008 14:57 Sheila's excellent reply and similar
example to the orb picture
13/08/2008 17:23 Sheila defines true success and
Kingdom Life
14/08/2008 16:44 Music that really blessed me at a
time of transition

Body of Christ get ready - IDENTITY
plus FUNCTION for the first time
in recent history

Havant's first healing rain meeting
14/08/2008 1:02
LYDIA JOY's blog comments section:
Don on NehemiahYou get one
or the other,
but the 3rd level is both.

Also excerpt from Norman's book
Who am I : The Total Remedy
17/08/2008 19:09 More than grace. The power of an
Exchanged life.
My 1980s testimony
31/082008 10:57
very important post defining what
I feel is the truth
concerning the Romans Chapters
opposed to

Ryan Rufus's explanation.
31/08/08 11:55

03/09/2008 14:02

Lydia Joy on no indwelling sin.

So what happened when the 3rd
level message began to be pro-
claimed in England in the 80s

Sunday 19 October 2008

Basil De Souza reports tonight on Orissa

It is Sunday evening and a collection of local churches have been meeting in Fareham,Hampshire,England. Tonight Basil De Souza from Mumbai is over to minister.(Yellow shirt)
I felt to pray prophetically that a whirlwind of prayer be stirred up in the Body of Christ worldwide,
to cover, to empower, to heal, to bless, the saints in the decimated region of Orissa. That, just as the Church rose up in revulsion at the murder of James in Acts, to pray for Peter who was the same way a mighty whirlwind of prayer be stirred up all round the world to see a deliverance on a regional scale. Just as Peter's case was a test case for the Body of stand up as one and resist the inevitable murder of Peter also, so may we stand up in the Spirit and through prayer effect a deliverance and mighty victory on behalf of a region. For what we are seeing is nothing less than a story from Acts, be it Jerusalem or Ephesus with Paul.

Here are the facts as I remember from what Basil was sharing.
India is experiencing a mighty growth of Christian faith.Many individuals are receiving supernatural visitations of God. Some are experiencing a healing anointing, praying for folk, then only weeks later asking Jesus into their heart. This is God out of the box. This is God pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. Messy. Not how we'd do it...but nevertheless God. Basil is from Mumbai, but has close links with the Christians in Orissa.

Basil has known anointing in a powerful way for years...but nothing like since Florida. He took a whole new level of anointing back with him to India. Whole swathes of people being zapped by the Spirit in huge numbers. One person was propelled backwards into the air as if levitated. He came back from Florida, whereby just gazing upon people, fire would come out of his eyes and people would be baptised in the Spirit, healed and delivered. So this was happening in his area but also Orissa.
Unofficially the conversion rate in India may now be as high as 10%. Certainly some 27% of the Orissa area are Christian. Now, like Ephesus, this area traditionally is inundated with temple trade. There are temples everywhere. With the huge increase in Christians this has affected the region's temple trade.
Since late summer, the Hindus have risen up and hordes of demonically inspired young men have been committing the worst crimes against the Christians. And in many cases right in front of the local police stations. The authorities have stood by and done nothing. Hundreds and thousands have evacuated as if overnight to try and find refuge in woods and forests , or local refugee camps.
Basil's experience is similar to the heaviness Jesus must have felt when John the Baptist was murdered. It was all just too much and Jesuus had to go away to pray.
DK, an apostolic figure in Basil's life, and one who has raised up great works in Orissa, just looks on bemused as the churches are all burnt and the members vanished. Their homes destroyed, and their crops harvested by the Hindu locals.
Tonight we managed to raise £2000 to send out with Basil. Seeing as no one was particularly prepared to give a special offering this was encouraging.

In addition a rare form of malaria has just taken and killed DK's beautiful 20 year old Christian daughter. He has also had to try and encourage pastors who have had their wives and offspring hacked to death in front of them. One girl tried to escape into a house to hide. They dragged her out, repeatedly raped her, then stripped her naked to walk unclothed in the streets. A fellow Hindu girl who was helping in a Christian orphanage was burnt to death by the mobs, too.The tremendous envy of the Christians by the Hindu locals also arises because the gospel and the changed lives have been producing a relative prosperity among the Christians.
An aid agency has conducted a fact finding report and heartily condemns the regional authorities.
They report on the appalling lack of food and shelter, and criticise India's Government for not taking action.

Despite all this, Basil had taken time to come over to the Christians in our area, holding leadership training among some in Southampton, and encouraging us with the might and power of the Lord, from various teachings of Paul in the latter chapters of Romans.
Truly an outstanding brother in the Lord.

I submit my prophetic prayer to any who feel this to be of God.

Sunday 12 October 2008

Books and Messages that have helped me

Dan Bowen on Life On Wings will help out with many older books of note. Lydia Joy, Dan and Julie, list or frequently mention new books, some of which we are wading through also. Books by Bill Johnson, Mark Stibbe, Joseph Prince. This list I realise contains some teachings in specific areas, but largely they are testimonies of the growth of faith in a believer, or describe the growth of the Life of Christ in a believer. Some of them describe lives lived on the cutting edge of God's purposes.....truly the Melchizedek order. This is a list to dip into , and reference for some time to come....not to get a hemorrhage over.
There is a balance between"Those who do not read, can have little to think, and far less to say...." Jane Austin andmy Christian friend who hardly reads a single Christian book, she is too busy hearing and obeying Christ in the minutiae of daily living, showing hospitality to the Body of Christ.If books are out of print, you can usually find them on the UK or USA sites.Where possible get them in the same country. Or you may be paying twice as much for postage as the book itself!
The Holy Spirit.....
Dennis and Rita Bennet The Holy Spirit and You - Shawna says it now comes with 9 0 clock in the morning
Don Basham -
Face up with a Miracle
Benny Hinn -
Good Morning Holy Spirit, The Anointing
Claudio Friedzon -
Holy Spirit I am Hungry for you

The Fatherhood of God.......
Floyd McClung: The Father Heart of God
William P Young: The Shack
Mark Stibbe :Orphans and Heirs
Ruth Heflin : Revival Glory.
George Warnock:The Feast of Tabernacles
Juan Carlos Ortiz : The Call to Discipleship. (pub.Logos) written with Jamie Buckingham, the latter by the way was another man who only came to world prominance and effectiveness after a dizzying crash in his pastoral ministry through adultery. This was the book that described what was happening with us young people in Amersham, after the school revival had waned. It wasn't a text book for rather helped explain this new way of the Spirit that we were already on.Cry of the Human Heart is a brilliant evocation of the true meaning of the New Covenant. It is the forerunner of the current revelation to do with the outworking of grace in the Body of Christ. Both books are so important.
Dr Larry Lea: "Could you not Tarry One Hour"? Messages on the Our Father prayer and in mid 90s was used to break open the whole area of Shame, such that he even earnt a parody on The Simpsons.
Books by Spurgeon. 12 specially produced book on Spurgeon's sermons recently given to Morris Cerullo partners. That by the way is how I got to receive many useful books during the period of my exile from 2nd leveldom in the late 80s and most of the 90s. These Spurgeon books such as "Spiritual Warfare in a Believers Life" come in two 6 part series: Believer's Life series and Life of Christ Series. They are available from Emerald Books. If not does others
George Mueller: The Life of George Mueller His amazing life of faith .Free downloadable mp3s.
Larry Christenson: The Renewed Mind...Using Romanas12:2 as a spring off point
Watchman Nee: Normal Christian Life(Probably only superceded by Norman's book Yes I am),Release of the Spirit,Song of Songs, Sit,Walk,Stand, What shall thisMan Do?
Graham Pulkingham : Gathered For Power. The testimony of Church of The Redeemer,Houston. (Or how God starts to invade denominational churches.) They Left Their Nets. (Testimonies - plus contains one of my alltime favorite poems by Martha Keys)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Discipleship. As you have experienced ,a difficult read but you will look back and it will grow increasingly precious.Praise and worship...see also Ruth Heflin
Ed Miller: Thy God Reigneth, The Flaming Flame. (Testimonies of Argentina)
Judson Cornwall:Let us Praise Greatly influenced by Ed Miller. Took my German friend Martin Franke around with him for a month in 1976. The real deal. See also a superb study on true faith, written in response to American 80s TV faith ...well the worse kind : Unfeigned Faith
Merlin Carruthers Praise series. Especially - Prison to Praise.
Heaven and the Glory - People who have been there. The great thing about these testimonies is, like the gospels themselves, they are different enough to know they are not cloned, that they contain new information, but they tally enough with all the rest...and some contain such striking similarities...while all bear out the scriptures on heaven in our Bibles.Here's looking forward to what's in store Kings kids!!!!
Percy Collett: I walked in heaven with Jesus. 12 cassette series of a 3 day trip to heaven by an American missionary to South American indiginous peoples. Had prayed for decades to be able to see heaven (In my possession - pressed into my hands at Martin Franke's wedding by a little South Korean lady, who said she had prayed who to give this to.)
Roberts Liardon: We saw Heaven. Also 2 other extremely important items. Liardon's God's Generals series, which Jesus specifically commissioned him to complete when he went to heaven. Also Smith Wigglesworth : His Complete Life and Teachings.......a collection in the same vein as the John G Lake book.
Jesse Duplantis: Close Encounters of The God Kind 2 DVD set. Again an amazing testimony.
Ian Mc Cormack A Glimpse of Eternity - free download. You may want to donate a gift to his work
Don Piper: 90 minutes in Heaven ISBN 1 84291 227 5Angels.....Charles and Frances Hunter : Angels on Assignment
HA Baker (Roland Baker's grandad) Visions Beyond The Veil
Terry Law :The Truth About Angels
Mother Basilea Schlink : Realities. (Describes Life on their Canaan Community - everything from walking in the Light together to how God blesses the very fruit and produce of the land)Repentance - The Joy - Filled Life, ( I'd now describe this as the secrets of living a life not hooked into the Devil, but hooked into Christ full-time), Those Who Love Him - (will inspire love for Jesus), Lo He Comes (an example of an earlier book heralding the sort of signs that indicate Jesus' soon Coming) She was Lutheran. Very Lutheran in style. Very very Lutheran! Be warned. But if you are listening in the Spirit you'll catch the heartbeat of God...and many of the Kingdom tricks that make Jesus life work in our lives, and in our Christian communities.
Mother Theresa : Transforming Love . An amazing and hard-hitting book which will show how a 3rd leveller goes into operation. In her case she spent some 40 years being established in her identity in Christ before she received her full call to go to India's slums. Great for Protestants to get their heads round. This is someone who takes the Eucharist in faith. She experiences the Presence of Christ in the Bread and the the same way that say, many experience the reality of the Holy Spirit's anointing going through a Fire Tunnel. You see once we've got the Realities of Jesus...Prots can start really communicating with Catholics...and if they still don't like's not because we're not oozing Jesus....which let's face it probably the main reason why the Northern Irish were beating each other Jesus Name, by the way!!!
Jorge Pradas : Congregados Para Darle Gloria Spanish PDF download . Free. Use Google Alta vista to translate it...badly....or perhaps you speak Spanish. Apostle of the Vision of Living and worshipping as the Body of Christ...and being transformed in a step process into the image of Christ corporately. The vision was correct. Just needed a few 3rd level extras!!! Which we've now got hold of!!! His life message was also "Unity In the Body of Christ" mp3 Spanish message free download. You can hear his spirit of gentleness and firmness...even if you can't get the Spanish!!! I have very little time for 2nd level tunnel vision. Especially when I've had my spirit ripped open by the extremes of the Kingdom as expressed in this book and message list. The Corinthians had tunnel vision and Paul writes to them in a similar vein to Jorge's burden here.
Lee Strobel : The Case for Faith. The Case For A Creator. The Case For Christ. 3 books by this ex-legal journalist. Really absorbing fact-filled books....also introducing you to some of the main Christian intellects around the world today.
Sadhu Sundar Singh: A converted Sikh Sundar, wise holy man. His extraordinary story, his visions
Grant Jeffrey: Is a very prolific author providing much information on how the world is getting ever nearer to fulfilling the very prophecies they scorn and laugh about. Covers a whole variety of topics such as Jewish background, Prophetic fulfilment, how the Jews want to rebuild the Temple, even practical Christian issues of how to manage finance. Probably have received over 10 quite lengthy tomes through Morris Cerullo. Good to be informed on what secular media never tell you.
Bill Cooper: After The Flood. Tries to explore some of Biblical history outside of the territories delineated by the Bible itself. Why are so many of the geographical names derived from Hebrew names? How Israeli artefacts have turned up even in Japan. Some of England's pre Roman history. In a word, don't let the secularists snatch all the real details just cos it doesn't fit their worldview. Let's try and tease out real history.
Bert Ghezzi: The Angry Christian . Ann Arbor Michigan was the epicentre of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and produced some fine Bible teachers and worship music. Bert Ghezzi goes into this thorny area of the different ways unprocessed anger can seep out of a Christian's life, souring all those in his/her immediate environment. Often the Christian is absolutely blind to it. Probably similar to Griff Rees Jones' recent TV Programme. I had a baptism into this subject with the many related anger verses mentioned in Proverbs.
Colin Whitaker Rheinhard Bonnke: A Passion For the Gospel. One of the best biographies of the fellow-countryman the German's ignored for many years as he started to storm through Africa. Lessons in boldness! Like Morris Cerullo.
Maurice Smith - in particular..."20th Century Pilgrim". Why. Because although 5-5-55 and Amazing Grace detail his initial revelation of the Grace of God, this latter takes him further through a virtual breakdown, which was hugely worrying to many other key leaders in the UK, into an understanding of what I call the 3rd Level which Norman describes. I believe this is a fuller more accurate revelation than his previous writings which only went so far. I am biased because I experienced a similar breakdown in my more sheltered context. I was never a high profile conference speaker!!! Actually no kind of speaker at all.
Norman Grubb : Yes I am, (The most complete of all his books studying how Christ's life works in a believer ) CT Studd(How a top cricketer is turned into a fiery missionary), Rees Howells Intercessor, (Indepth biography describing God's training steps for a mighty national intercessor. I would call this 3rd Level Intercession. More on this later.)
Gene Edwards: writes on historical figures who have ploughed the furrow of the depths of Jesus Christ. Also the vision of Body Life,how the Church functions or doesn't....then also several novels on Bible events. Christian Classics Transcribed:100 Days in the Secret Place featuring Guyon ,Molinos and Fenelon, Practicing the Presence of God Brother Lawrence and Laubach in one volume by Edwards publishing name Christian Books,Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Teachings of Madame Guyon); Three Kings - had me in tears, about Saul,David and Absolom , Divine Romance (The Whole Bible as love story) , Our Mission - how to handle splits and disagreements in the Body.
Ern Baxter: Study Books :The Beginnings of Christian Life. The Beginnings of Church Life.His greatest influence on me has been his messages.
Dan's the man to sort you out on these. see also New Wine articles/ many other things.Key Messages
1975 series "The King and His army" On Saul and David.
"Going Into The Land "series on the people in the Wilderness.
Dales 1976.
"Thy Kingdom Come " Kansas City Shepherd's Conference 1975. Door opening Word on how the Church does the stuff now...not relegating everything to Jesus some time in the future.
"Jonathan and David" - Covenant Love - a vision for how we now should live in the Body of Christ. 1976 Capel Bible Week. Devastatingly moving. You will never live the same again.
Richard Wurmbrandt: "Christ on the Jewish Road" (restores the Jewish content in Jesus story )"Tortured for Christ" "Marx and Satan"0-89107-379-5 This latter book gives lots of background details that are hardly known, and together with the secular book on Mao by Jung Chang and others by Solzhenitsyn will help fill you in on how evil this spirit of so called "secular independence" that we hooked into in Genesis 3:5 really is when allowed free reign, manifesting in the form here of Communism. All this info should serve to wake you up to what according to The Book of Revelation., is around the corner, in the battle to see God's reign come to Earth. I lived in a second level Christian Community. Second levellers are not defined on who they are. They slide in and out of Christ dangerously. Like Peter, they will stab you in the back without thinking about it....until Christ has pinned them down and prepared them for 3rd Level living. Paul's decription of the Corinthians captures 2nd levellers perfectly. Unbroken saints in community together can be at times nearly as bad as any socialist/communist state... or maybe in extremis worse. Unfortunately we have to pass through the 2nd level to fully understand our need for the 3rd Level, and Christ's free and flowing grace.
Brother Andrew: "God's Smuggler", and "Light Force". It's not just what he is doing. It is about who he is, who God has made him. Hears God and gets on with it.Often a decade ahead of the general Body of Christ. Light Force is about his 90s Muslim work. If the Body had listened to him, if USA had listened to him, it is unlikely 7/11 could have happened in the way it did.
John G Lake : "His Life, His Ministry and Sermons" A collection of writings and sermon transcriptions. This man was a pioneer on every level. An apostolic breakthrough ministry in South Africa, then after returning to USA and to Spokane, Washington, is on record for making this town the healthiest in the a national statistic. He started sketching out many spiritual and Biblical principles which describe life in the Spirit....principles we are building on and seeking to fill out in many of today's writings and messages, including Bill Johnson and RobRufus.
Steve Lightle: "Exodus II". Life and ministry in the Melchizedek order.Probably the true value of this book will only be seen in the difficult years ahead.
Arthur Blessitt: "Turned onto Jesus". Evangelist to the Jesus People. This is a testimony book of these times...but important because He too had a real encounter one night with Jesus Himself.Preached in Trafalgar Square to us all in Summer 1972 at London Festival For Jesus.
Graham Cooke: Develop Your Prophetic Gifting
Sentinel Group Transformations I and II DVDs. Check for your area whether to order PAL or NTSC. If you've not seen these examples of how whole areas and regions can be released by the power of the gospel. Should be seen by every UK Town Council before planning anything.
Fasting and Intercession.....
Arthur Wallis God's Chosen Fast. Perhaps THE classic on this.
Derek Prince: Shaping history through Prayer and Fasting
Cindy Jacobs:Possessing The Gates of The Enemy. A training manual for Militant Intercession. I think this book is a great 2nd level book....but bet you anything you like it will all be revisited at a deeper level as the 3rd Level breaks out.
Lydia Prince: Appointment in Jerusalem Third Level intercession fore runner in the same vein as Rees Howells see Norman Grubb.
Morris Cerullo : Just about any book is worth reading. A Fore runner general in the Body of Christ. I have supported him and his operations with thousands of pounds over the years. He is both the best of what there is, but alternately drives me nuts as well. Has brought a lot of stuff /paraphernalia from his conversion time (1950s America) with him to the present day. The closest I have seen him to the 3rd level message in print was (absolutely surprisingly for its subject) a recent booklet on Generational Curses. In general has great revelation on 60 whole years of subjects including for example "God's Covenant Anointing". "You can know How to Defeat Satan" Life testimony book "Son Build Me an Army". Has absolutely awesome authority in Christ, but probably needs a few other 3rd Levellers to tell him some truths. Probably surrounded by too many that are overawed by him. Americans are very pragmatic. I am called such and such. I have a ministry. Therefore my ministry is called "Kenneth Copeland Ministries, or Morris Cerullo Ministries, or Kenneth Hagin Ministries. They haven't a clue how offensive that is to the rest of the world....saints such as Mel Tari of the Indonesian Revival. Best things you can learn from reading Morris and watching him move: how revelation is an advanced burst of supernatural knowledge. He runs all his meetings and big operations on this principle. His God is a big God, so he expects the projects he undertakes to be on an absolutely massive scale. Has operated like this for 60 years!!!! His sons in the faith are legion and work on similarly massive scales.
Mel Tari : Like a Mighty Wind, and Gentle Breeze of Jesus. 2 books by this gentle forerunner ministry with the vision of the Body of Christ on the outbreak in the 60s in Indonesia.
John Rea: Mel's father in law. Great and exhaustive learned tome on "The Holy Spirit". American Professor does Holy Spirit studies. My Dad liked it when nothing else was learned enough. Very similar to Dr Heribert Muhlen's effect on Germany in the Paderborn seminary when I was with Martin Franke in Paderborn in 1977.
Bob and Rose Weiner studies. 1980s.Quick way to learn about Jewish subjects and end-time revelation in the Bible from a Holy Spirit perspective. Had to tone down their message for 20 years to wait for America to catch up. But contains a lot of 3rd Level details way ahead of time.Haven't wasted their interim years though, moving at very high levels with Harvard students and mobilising Christian political activism. Studies include: Overcoming Life parts 1 and 2. Bible Studies for the Preparation of the Bride - a study of the Song of Solomon.
Yonghi Cho -"The Fourth Dimension". And "Prayer:Key to Revival" The former is an attempt to describe through biographical testimony the actual practics of how faith works. This marries up with details in Norman Grubb's books about the use of faith, and the training that Rees Howells underwent. The annoying thing to an artist is it can seem a bit deluded in its conceit. Though if you read the terrible things that Cho experienced en can see his way through to the Tree of Life was very much through the double-edged swords of the angels guarding nearby.(Genesis reference). Probably needs a bit of balancing with Judson Cornwall's book "Unfeigned Faith"
Brad Jersak Can You Hear Me (developing listening prayer) Kissing the Leper (seeing jesus in the least of these. Both excellent. see blog Links section
Corrie Ten Boom The Hiding Place. Her wartime autobiography in a labour camp. Tramp For the Lord. Amazing Love. Was truly an apostle of Love.
Jessie Penn Lewis War on the Saints free. Awakening in Wales.(1906 revival) . Thy Hidden Ones (Song of Songs...influenced Watchman Nee's book) Life in the Spirit (Ephesians)
Israel......Basilea Schlink - Israel My Chosen People
Neal W May - A Biblical Tour of The Holy Land
Michele Guiness - A Child of the Covenant
Muslim subjects..........
Don Richardson -
Secrets of The Koran
Bilquis Sheikh
I dared to call Him Father

Doctrinal Struggles
Using the example of predestination v freewill in this case, but could be anything.
The sort of destruction it can cause:
Roy Hattersley
:A Brand from the Burning - The Life of John Wesley, and containing the struggles with Whitfield.
Roger T Forster and V Paul Marston - God's Strategy in Human History. More of an Armenian balance to the Calvinist tendency of Freezing solid into a Que Sera Sera attitude to the Church moving forward.
The Blood Of Jesus and Truths about what Covenant is........
Benny Hinn Power in the Blood
Andrew Murray The Power of the Blood of Jesus. (See all his other books too)
Kenneth Copeland The Blood Covenant
Copeland is half Cherokee and understands the old covenant rituals of blood covenant, which reflects on the absolute binding nature of Christ's Covenant. The CD message. If you can ever get to see the old 80s DVD will be marked for life!!!!
Two books on the secular shelves.............
M.Scott Peck The Different Drum . The one on everyone's shelves is "The Road Less Travelled". This guy is a respected Christian psychologist counsellor. But this book again helped shape my understanding of how we grow internally as we get older. The sort of transformations that we go through in our different growth stages, which help again re-define the growth stages listed in 1 John 2:12ff.
Jeffrey Satinover - The Truth Behind The Bible Code.0-283-06335-1 Grant Jeffrey also covered this subject, to do with the way that God seems to underline the inspiration of the Bible in the very warp and woof of its internal structure. Kaas is even more sceptical in his approach than Jeffrey....but at the time of writing he had become at least a believing Jew, and was noting how scores of high level Jewish mathematicians the world over have been converting back to Judaism or Messianic faith and were becoming increasingly excited by the mathematics in the scriptures. EW Bullinger, a Unitarian, and Bible Scholar has also researched scriptures along similar mathematical well as doing a treatise on the Gospel themes as written in the stars....basically God knew how the universe would look from our little old planet, so allowed constellation shapes to declare pictures of His the Water Pourer for example. Jesus pouring out the Holy Spirit.

Thursday 9 October 2008

Shawna's Holy Spirit Reading List and Yes I am Chapter 7

I woke up this morning with this post title on my mind, but then was surprised to find Shawna's comment on the last post. This encouraged me no end. And in case you have not seen it , it contains a copy of John Paul Jackson's recent Perfect Storm prophecy. See the complete prophecy here:

I just wanted to honour her recent comment , saying how she definitely felt she'd been on a Holy Spirit reading course. And I just wanted to stress...I believe she has!
I have certain jigsaw pieces that I wanted to bring forward in the last few months , and have done so on Dan's site (which I must finish cataloguing) and here on this blog. These jigsaw pieces go back over some 36 years...and ofcourse the main title core (3rd Level)dates back to 1988.

So as fast as I am putting stuff on this site...there is a side to this which is a bit like David being told he wasn't going to build the Temple, he could help with providing materials.
You see God is doing some building of His own this year!!! I even watched a bit of Patricia King on God Channel, when she was talking about coming into another level. In particular she was saying for herself the time of straight conferences was over...she wondered whether to call them "Reviverences".

The other main strand which is not just a is the main core of 1 John 2:13-14 . The GROWN-UP stage "I write to you fathers, because you have known Him who is from the beginning." And even "little children
because you have known the Father.........."

So in this 3rd stage of growth, out of the mists, coming down out of heaven, like a cloud the size of a man's hand at the moment, but soon to be a mighty downpour...................
Is the Relationship with the Father.
God wants His precious children back! For good!
The fact that the very first stage of knowing God is listed in this passage as both knowing sins have been forgiven on account of His Name, and secondly that you know the your very own Abba.... shows a very different worldwide church to the one we are in at the moment.

And this is what is to happen in the 3rd Level. Father ministries who raise up fathered churches, who go on to reproduce Fathering people....and so on. For some reason this didn't particularly happen that well in the second level. The Charismatic Level. I plan to do a later post summarising the material regarding ministry covered since February.

Today, I want to highlight the fact that these three books above trandem well!
Just as I regret the day I told my newly converted friend to throw away her Cliff Richard record
"Small Corners" as it was worldly !!!! Yes that was me. 2 and half decades ago.
Just as my previous head pastor confidently declared that all AEROBICS was of the Devil!!!
Yup. Glad that one wasn't me!.
Mark Driscoll openly declares in front of 8000, then hundreds of thousands more on podcast, that, without reading it, "The Shack" must definitely not be read at any cost! Wow! He has to live with that for the rest of his life!!

Far from it not to be read, I think Christine and I who have just read it, would say this is precisely what is happening. It is in the top positions of the bestseller lists.
A world that does not know fathering. A world increasingly broken. People this week, whose investments are crashing around them.....ARE READING THIS BOOK whether we Christians like it or not. And just like in the post about Nicholas and Pam, where time and time again, God is intervening directly in people's lives.....people the Church will have nothing to do set up His own train them in the true heart behind the Bible, the Father Heart of God....this book is another huge vehicle. And interestingly enough : Mark Stibbe's Orphans and Heirs,ISBN 1 84101 414 1 and The Shack by William P YoungISBN 978-0-340-97949-5
make a lot of sense of previously "untouchable" material like Chapter 7 of Yes I am. Do you then see how, whereas the church might not understand the 3rd level at all.........there's a whole generation of totally broken people who will??..because they are connecting direct with their Father in heaven. What Norman took 50 years labouring over, they will "get" in the Spirit the first week of their Christian lives! How flash is that!!
A lot of you have read The Shack and Orphans books. Now read Yes I am Chapter7"What Is God's Wrath?" All these impinge on each other to enlighten what really went on in Chapter 3 of Genesis in the light of the Fatherhood of God.
The effects of the disobedience were the opposite to what the
natural guilty world would expect God's reaction to be. We
would think God would, in anger and wrath, turn His back on
the two But it was precisely the other way around. It was
Adam who hid from God, not God from Adam. Here was God
"walking in the garden in the cool of the day" and looking for
Adam. But where was Adam? Hidden in the bushes. Nor was
God displaying some wrathful retaliation, but only
questioning Adam ... to bring the reality of the disobedience
home to him. For when He came face to face with the three the
serpent and Adam and Eve, there was not a word ot
condemnation or wrath against the two, but only His full curse
on Satan. To Adam and Eve everything God said was to clarify
to them the "beneficial" consequence which they, thankfully,
could not escape - a way of life which always has sorrow at its
roots God said in effect, "Eve. you will have sorrow one way,
Adam you will have sorrow another way." That was all. And
of course, the point of the sorrow would be that the whole
human race through all its centuries of history would always be
inwardly miserable, always knowing they were missing the
mark and meaning of life, always seeking a phony happiness
which would always escape them ... and thus, always at the
heart of every man, however covered up, is a sense of lostness
and a longing for fulfillment. That alone was God's judgment.
on His disobedient children, a judgment totally for their
benefit. Where then is what we would think of - and what the Bible
often refers to - as God's wrath? The answer is that the wrath
is not in His eternal person, for He is only love. But it is in the
human race, who have their being in Him; for always, no
matter how apparently apart from Him in their way of life they
be, they actually live and move in His being (which was Paul's
unique revelation to the men of Athens, in Acts 17).
The consequence must always be that we, in our separation
from God in His perfect personhood as love, have all the
effects in our persons of our wrong way of living; and those
constitute the wrath of God, experienced not in Him but in us.
This was well put by Paul in speaking of the effects of certain
sins in Romans 1 - that we receive in ourselves that
recompense of our error which is meet. Quite naturally, to
fallen man - seeing only with the external eye - it appears as
though God is the God of wrath imposing punishment on us;
and it is good in our blindness that we do see it as that, for then
the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But to
continue in that misconception of God as the God of
punishment and wrath after we have become His children by
grace, and so should know better, leaves so many people who
are justified squirming under the misapprehension that God is
punishing them or has deserted them. Even when we read the
words of Moses or Paul about God hardening Pharaoh's heart
- and that God raised him up to show His power through the
hardening - we should understand that the hardening was
actually in Pharaoh's persistent, refusal to respond to Moses'
word of the Lord to him; so the hardening was of his own heart
and in himself, as one who had his being in God and was
misusing his being. That is the truth of God's wrath in His
rebellious sons, for as Paul said, the truth concerning Him is
that "God has shut them all up in unbelief that He might have
(Rom. 11:32, margin), not judgment on them.
Actually, what did God give Adam and Eve in that crisis
interview? The answer is in what was addressed to the serpent:
"You have sown your seed of enmity in My human family, so
that they are your children. But I have a seed [one seed,
Galatians 3:16] of this woman. My eternal Christ, the Lamb
slain from the foundation of the world; and in all who receive
Him that Seed will destroy your seed and crush your head,
though wounded by you in the process." That promise was
experienced in its truth by Adam and Eve's second son Abel, to
whom God first witnessed that he was justified with the
offering of a slain lamb, the first symbol of an atoning death as
the gateway to life. And Adam and Eve, as they covered
themselves in the skins from slain animals, with which God
provided them, must have seen this as the first symbol of
atonement. So all God gave them, after this first disobedience
that separated them and us from Him, was His all-conquering
grace. That grace was in the One who, from that first moment,
they could and did receive by faith, and who freed them from
eternal death.
But the necessity still remained - again we say it - that for
us to become reliable sons in the love-purposes of the Father
throughout eternity, we must drink to its dregs the reality of
the opposite - the misuse of the self in self-centeredness. We
must so know it to the depth of its wrongness and misery that,
once we are wakened from our blindness in seeking to make
the false way be the true, our disgust and hate and disillusion
are so total that when and if there is a way of escape, we're "not
going to go back to that again." In that we have one secure
basis for our new "reversed way" of life. Even if we visit the old
haunts under the Lure of temptation (as it were, when God is
not looking), we're not staying there. Guilt, shame,
repentance, confession bring us shamefacedly back. Thank
God, "once bit, twice shy." A competent professional has
learned and discarded the wrong way of practicing his trade.
And so have we! Once again it is Paul's "0 the depth of the
wisdom and knowledge of God" - for God foresaw and
provided for the necessity of the human race going
the death-way and experiencing its vanity before we
could confidently tread the life-way. We are safe
as well as saved sons: not one stage in our history
is out of place,the negative any more than the positive.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Dr Sharon Stone's Glasgow word and fulfilment

Forwarded by Nicholas before he left.



Just hours ago we received this e-mail from a lady who attended a meeting at which I spoke this summer. The dramatic events that have unfolded this week in the US and within the past 24 hours here in the UK resonate with the truth God spoke through this word. I want to share this with you in light of these events as an encouragement that the Lord is faithful to His Word and He has made both provision and a way.

Blessings in Christ,

Dr. Sharon Stone

Prophecy given by Dr. Sharon Stone , Glasgow , Summer, 2008

“September is a turning point and a sign of the times. It is all about those who have made Godly alignments in this season being blessed with revelation and information in the midst of world crisis.

“I see more banks will suffer: a USA world bank’s shares are in trouble (Lehman Brothers lost 45% this week) - I see government in the USA bailing out mortgage giants (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and the government in England cutting house purchase taxes for the sagging housing crisis, to no avail. I see a European airline failing with no notice (XL). I see the eyes of the world looking to see, ‘who is this coming out of Alaska ? (Sarah Palin)’ And I see smoke coming from the Chunnel (Fire).

“As I see these things I hear the encouragement of God to His Isaacs in the earth who sow in the times of famine and reap 100 fold in the year. I’m not a prosperity preacher, I’m a prophet. And God is saying that September will convince you that you must connect to His economic system. There are always the few that are greatly blessed when the majority are shaken, threatened and fearful.

“God says, ‘Have you positioned yourself for THE NEW? Your storehouse is not an earthly bank. Hold on and I will bail you out of your mortgage issues. Am I not better to you than any government? I will not leave you stranded on foreign soil, and I will carry you above the circumstances better than any plane or jet. And your hope is not an Alaskan saviour, but Me. ’ I know that sounds strange, it does to me also.

“ England , the smoke I saw coming out of the Chunnel is a warning for your intercessors to arise and cut off the enemy’s plan to sabotage and siege England 's favour in trade. Let him who has ears hear.

“God I release an Isaac anointing upon us now!”