Friday 30 September 2016

When The Rabbis Cry by my friend John Stevens

When the Rabbis Cry is the result of research into the Yemeni Jews and the wider issues surrounding God’s purpose with Israel. The book considers the intriguing history of the Jews and of Israel as a nation after Jesus’s time and explores how we should view the regathering of the Jews to the modern state of Israel from a biblical perspective. What we find is a story within a story—an Israel within Israel where God is at work bringing salvation and reconciliation between Jews and Palestinians in a remarkable way.

I bought the Kindle version.
It is available on Amazon now

Who's your Father?

The reason I lump Catholics ,Jews especially Talmudist Jews and Muslims all into one camp is because they do. All three have writings that say the end justifies the means rather than simply believing for the Living God to bring forth His purposes. Talmudists Muslims and Jesuits all declare secretly among themselves that they plan world takeover. And they have armies , forces and guns to match. All their literatures the Jesuit code, the Koran and the Talmud declare it is quite quite Ok to lie through your teeth to the enemy and right there all three self confess their true Father. The father of lies. You will remember that when Jews were walking with God their takeover established a foundation..... Merely walking round a city. Now you have to get this right. Cities have armies and if God doesn't show up they certainly don't like other nations walking round them to take them over. I guess as this was the first instance Jericho looked on bemused. But you only pull off things like that once. Jesuits flagellate themselves and think that this gives them the right to exercise Gods own judgments for Him. I have no idea what Talmudists and Muslims do as self justification. I suppose Muslims self immolate , and Talmudists quote the early Torah blessings but conveniently forget the relationship with Adonay bit and choose Lucifer. Anglicans and Uk armies bless em are somewhere in the middle still operating in the Old Covenant with priests and one archbishop but thankfully without the Bulls and goats..... But conveniently forgetting all the basic teachings of Jesus like total repentance total baptism in water and the fullness of the Holy Spirit , being in other words properly born again. Psalm 2 the kings of the earth all gather together against My Anointed. Which kings.....?all authorities which have the same father of lies. Remember Jesus said to his own people .....your father isn't Abraham or else you'd recognise me. Jesus says the same to Anglicans Catholics Jews of all persuasions and Muslims

No Partiality with God

Some straight talking from Romans 2. Evangelicals don't like this.........
For there is no partiality with God.
12 For all who have sinned [f]without the Law will also perish [g]without the Law, and all who have sinned [h]under the Law will be judged [i]by the Law; 13 for it is not the hearers [j]of the Law who are just before God, but the doers [l]of the Law will be justified. 14 For when Gentiles who do not have [m]the Law do [n]instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having [o]the Law, are a law to themselves, 15 in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them, 16 on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus.
Now read also Psalm 1. And Proverbs 1.
Forget terminologies. let's talk about our human experience on planet earth.
I mean you can call it Karma as eastern religions do.
You can call it Law...or the Law of life as Jews do
You can call it healthy functioning as atheist humanists do.
You can call it doing what God wants as Christians (as well as Jews) do.
Basically, we all piece together internally or externally what we should be doing. Then we do it.
Or we don't, and inwardly we know we should....and face the consequences.
What you call that is up to you. It really really makes no difference.
Now an atheist will say, we go through all this process and after 70 years or more, it is all as nothing....that was your human experience, that was your stab at, according to the length of time your memory lingers in people's minds, so is your longevity before all trace of you is gone.
We and other faiths no no.....we don't go through all these troubles just to go through them....then nothing....
we go through them because we are growing souls....and as the easterners believe, we either reincarnate and carry on....
or as we believe, we walk straight through thin veil of our molecular spirit container, and step straight into another dimension called eternity to face judgment....either to life....or....and here people are divided....different forms of disciplining or endless hell.
But here and now we experience real life grillings for things we have left undone....
or as I have written recently....
"this one is taken, the other is left", in the form of promotions, demotions, or relocations, or isolations, or praise and honour....
This stuff is absolutely daily fare.....WHATEVER you call it.
This is what evangelicals don't like....
For when Gentiles who do not have [m]the Law do [n]instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having [o]the Law, are a law to themselves, 15 in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them, 16 on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus.
They don't like it, because it "sounds like works" and Martin Luther said it's NOT works.....well it was St Paul who said it's not works.
The Bible is the WHOLE WORD. When we rightly divide the Word we are , by the Spirit, sloughing off the wrong spirit which either
A. says we can get salvation by works
B. says as long as we believe we can get away without doing a thing
Both A and B are wrong spirits.
Everything is complicated in the leftbrain.
It's either/or
It's not this but this....
But in the Spirit it's easy.
Spiritually, Juan Carlos Ortiz said, when you get to the gates of heaven, they don't ask what you believe, they take your pulse.
if you are alive in Jesus you can walk in.
The Union message doesn't half clear up a whole load of Christian tosh talked about daily on Facebook.
Works or not works. Grace or hypergrace this or that.
Nancy Gilmore says it straight.
If something is fake, manipulated,'s not actually God going on.
It's masquerading as God going on.
For when Gentiles who do not have the Law do instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having the Law, are a law to themselves, 15 in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, ........
"Instinctively" means God is definitely going on here
It's consistant with love
with self for others action
with man acting according to his original God authenticity.
The evangelical says.....but is that man or woman saved?
If they are not's just works....
As if nothing any man or woman does can ever be any good.
Well King Cyrus provided a lot of the materials for Solomon to build the Temple, and he wasn't "saved".
Let's take another example. God said in the Old Testament, let's reason together.
Now clever clogs philosophers think reasoning is to do with seeing how many leftbrain parameters you can fit together like a jigsaw to impress your opponent.
God knows everything and could bamboozle us a bit like He did Job in Job 38 -42.
But you know what? He's dead simple in what He says....unlike cleverclogs.
"See that sinful behaviour of yours that like leprosy is currently red raw like a rash......well it's about to get so bad that it will become so white like dead skin your limbs will start dropping off one by one. You simply have GOT to address that problem now before the repercussions hit you full on!!!!"
For there is no partiality with God.
Do you understand that?
Sin is a bad affair that destroys those caught up in it. Whatever we believe. Whatever we call it. Whatever language we put to it.
Proverbs 1 says.....wisdom can call out to us all day long for weeks. If we ignore it, when calamity hits us.....wisdom won't help us.....but will appear distanced and laughing at what is after all an objective set of laws.....
step in front of a'll mow you down
if you are merciless to others.....they will be merciless to you
fail to pay the rent.....YOU WILL BECOME HOMELESS.
Because there is NO PARTIALITY with God, the Samaritan gets the praise, because he helped the person who was mugged in the street, and the well to do or religious man will get no praise whatsoever. THERE IS NO PARTIALITY WITH GOD.
The Jews were all about themselves as the "Kiddies" and God by Jesus words, sidleines them and throws the Kingdom open to those people bearing the fruit thereof.
You can be "saved". You can be part of His Move. But as the Israelites in the wilderness proved.....if you become hard of heart, and fail to go with His flow.....He will just bypass the whole generation for the next one.
And let's be honest.....God has so far bypassed EVERY MOVE in EVERY GENERATION for 2000 years waiting for one that will manifest
Catholics and Anglicans are even worse, because they were never a move of God, so were never alive, but were simply a manmade constructed "work of God" to look as if genuine.
God is not partial.
He will throw the Kingdom open to a "nation" who are no people. In the highways and byways.
In the hedges and gutters.
He just doesn't care.
It's all simply about finding a people

Thursday 29 September 2016

Personal word

Saints and saintesses
you may have noticed there has been a slow down.
I wasn't too worried, because last month we were away in Barcelona (July) and Lake Garda (August).
But I have noticed, yes I have been quite busy midwifing an increase in business, some from, some from, that even so I haven't had the same drive towards blogposts.

I am writing consistently on Facebook, but the status is private only to some 2500 friends.
I was writing to my friend John Stevens the other day that I was feeling that I had expressed a lot of the "spiritual dam" that had been collecting for nearly 30 years with no outlet anywhere. So, as many of you realise, 080808 is really significant for me. It was on that significant numeric day that I decided to go into action and share openly on this blog.

What is NUMBER 8 in Hebrew?  It stands for gateway or Door. It even looks a bit like it in Hebrew.
Therefore 080808 is the opening of the third Gate,the third place in God.

God did this before time began, purposing the total inclusion of us in Him way back then.
Jesus ofcourse OPENED the way into God's Holiest Place for us. He is the Pioneer and the Perfector of our faith.


there's our human, corporate reality
and there's Jesus own perfect fulfilment of ALL THREE PLACES IN GOD in His One Life

Long before Jesus, the first ever Passover was experienced corporately with Moses and the people leaving |Egypt and passing through the Red Sea.
In Tabernacle terms   Jesus was our brazen altar at the Cross, as well as our cleansing, the Laver.

But when Jesus came it was the time for Him to raise humankind, and in particular the Jews that were listening, from an outer courts religion, to a corporate priesthood. And so....


Acts 2 lifted us via the birth of the New Church into a Pentecostal reality in God.
A transition stage.
And for 2000 years spontaneous moves of God have maintained this type of walk and revelation, while those who slipped back fell again into an outercourts, Old Covenent walk with God again.

And so in these days, since about 1950 we come to  a new thing
NOT NEW individually, since Jesus Himself tore the veil of the Temple and His flesh 2000 years ago.


But apart from the precursor of Acts 2 when 12 spiritually mature leaders helped pioneer this new thing in the earth called the Body of Christ....

It is only now that the Light and Life of God is leading us to a mature Body, a mature Man, a mature expression of Christ corporate....

but much like King David's story, we began in a flush of anointing in the 50s and 60s,  but since have been driven right "round the houses".....even doing lots of harm en creating a false triumphalism energising USA's War on Terror.....

and like David , now broken and at last more willing to hear God, in a very similar way to the disciples after their desertion of Jesus.... at last people are willing to really hear the real Living God.

So having shared this burden online, it's not that I am saying I have finished, but I am certainly open for God to be transplanting all that  many of us online have shared,, in real visible community all over the world.

Certainly my Facebook writing has not dried, so maybe I should be continuing to share my most up to date  "seeings" from Facebook as blogposts here for those that are not on Facebook or in my friend's list.

Generally daily readership is around 300 viewings daily or 9000 per month

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Third Level Musings, sociologically,spiritually,politically

Facebook statuses today

I'll give you Late development and Midlife Crisis !!!
We are grateful for those psychologists and researchers who have mapped out some of the phases humans pass through, and even in the last twenty years it has been a shock just how big the transitions are physically and mentally in teenagers. I always thought something was going on!!! This was so massive, coupled.with school performance factors, and the general Holocaust and atomic malaise.we were brought up in, it led me to find Christ.

But I have always felt there were gaps in what we knew. For.example why boys are "late developers". They aren't of course. This is something else that hasn't been mapped.out properly yet. A bit like mid twentieth century know it all's declaring the appendix useless just because science hadn't caught up.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made ps.139 and.just as many adjustments still need to be made to assessing how.we.develop differently male.and.female, so too the restrictions of.secular thinking have to be cast come to the issues of.spiritual.development , and what is really happening in that hush hush area of.the male midlife.crisis. When a cog fails to fit in a particular mechanistic system......and routinely and universally's not the time to.change the cog's the time to change the whole mechanistic system. e.g.. that boys develop late. Or that men go stupid about 40. And there have been similar historic blandishments made by men about women.
There are.mysteries here psalm 139 says that need digging. Not just researching about the womb, which is on going, and finally.will.result in abortion being totally abolished. "What were we thinking?" As the Illuminati and Masonic plan to cull populations is revealed, together with their pincer drive to sexualize people as soon as they possibly could, and long before anybody had the vaguest notions of.parenting .
No and women continue to "make themselves" , be fearfully and wonderfully made for.all their human life.....and this largely reflexively without any external programme, since there is so precious little knowledge still as to what a human is. The nearest Prieure de Sion Royal Society science can get to is slightly more.developed animals, so you can see the drivers of our.societies haven't a clue what to.foster growth, once human males can put a penis in a vagina. There simply is precious little learning as to what the final 50 to80 years are all about. Yet the truth is declared, we are.fearfully and.wonderfully made.

Once you "get" the threefold tabernacle structure, the threefold way humans develop....children,young men father's...the threefold way the whole of history's arc is you don't write stupid Facebook posts anymore about the Old Testament being crazy. This would be like.condemning nursery school because they have teachers telling stories, and not professors giving erudite lectures.
Everything has a glory.
A comedienne was suggesting that babies be subjected to the garbage bin because they are totally useless to.society. All tongue in cheek. Yet they become the centre of the room. They probably have the most attention for being able to do the least.
Third level living can hardly be perceived at level yet because Americans and English people are still caught up in the "young man " or.transitional concept of.democracy, which is one better of course than Lord's and serfs....Or.complete social childhood.
But ever since "the people" in Greek.democratic style chose Barabbas the writing has been on the wall with democracy, and Ephesians 1:9-11 declares a better administration is on the way suitable to the fullness of the times, when everybody is thirdlevel, according to Jeremiah 31.....and the least shall know Him.
This is also the meaning behind the Rock that Daniel saw coming out of the mountain and crushing the feet of the Babylon world systems.
I.e. internal knowledge of the Rock making a way for.itself, and all.else.crashing to the ground.
This is also behind God's thoughts when He declared "As.surely as I live all the earth shall be filled.with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

The Third Testament
Ok Chris,you are telling me there are three levels. How come there are not three Testaments?
There's only the Old and New Testament,there ought to be three. Can't answer that can you?
The Old Testament is the Outer Courts of Gods House.
The New Testament is the holy place, the first covered area of God's House.
There Is a Third Testament.
But Its Not a Book
It's a many membered human being.THE HOLIEST PLACE.

The time of the True Isaac
Have you ever been a big fish in your own small pond and then a small fish from an ocean somes along and completely wipes the floor with you?
This is what happened when Jesus turned up with the chief priests.
Their small pond had been quite manageable until that pesky no good comes along raising people from the dead.....effectively rewriting the whole Book !!!!!
This is what will happen as the thirdlevel hatches !!!!
I mean we saw an Ishmael version in the beginning of church history. One minute Christians were being burned as human candles by Roman Emperors, next thing....almost without any hoohah at all, it quietly becomes the State religion.
This is because, even at an idea level, Christianity is so infinitely superior to anything that preceded it, jewish or secular....that it just swept its way round the administrations.
Hah!!!! Not least because it made for great submissive peoples to tax heavily!!!!!!!
NO.....The Isaac Version will be similar in that it won't have to fight its way.....not in the human sense.....
But THIS TIME we are talking CONSCIOUSNESS.....or Jesus Consciousness....into the Cross and out into resurrection the other side.
So if the "idea of Christianity" was deemed good.....
Imagine what the full blown Isaac is....
The Gift of Righteousness now MANIFESTED !!!!

Thursday 1 September 2016

Brian Coatney on the truth about our Will

Is the Will in the Soul or the Spirit?
by Brian Coatney
The question of where the will resides popped up freshly in a recent discussion at the Hopkinsville mini-conference. In my early Christian years, the idea of the will being in the soul did not satisfy. There in the soul, along with emotions and mental reason, the will seemed out of place and the spirit too vague with its definition of being a more intuitive and conscience oriented entity.
But let’s think about what it means to be person. Whatever it means, a seeker of truth needs to penetrate to the core. Either a human is a spirit person or not. If to be a person is to be a spirit, then the key has to be there. How can the decision-making faculty that determines life and death reside in a part of you that is not your core?
Another matter that has to be decided is whether love is of the will or of the emotion. Fallen humanity revels in love being of the emotions and body, both of which God created, but neither of which makes a good governor of one’s person-hood. William Law put the Bible’s concept of love well when he said that love is willed action for others. Love is not self-for-self and this makes emotion, or mental reasoning, or hormones a poor place into which to tuck the most essential of all human capacities – the will.
Thus it made much more sense when I read Norman Grubb to see that he identifies a person-hood as the capacity to desire, to will, and to know. This in fact is the image of God and what gives us the spirit to Spirit connection with him that we are created to cultivate.
Consider too that as right as soul and body are as the outer means of God’s expression on the earth, they are not spirit and therefore need a governor. Jesus told the woman at the will, “God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” Life is inner but expressed through the outer.
Frankly, it sounds animalistic to place the will of a person in the outer casing of the person–among the functions that Hebrews says must be divided from spirit. Hebrews chapter four says that the mature let the Spirit of God divide for them soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It would take a spirit to see as a spirit sees, and thus the spirit of a person gets illuminated and sees the difference between soul and spirit when the Holy Spirit does that dividing and reveals it to the spirit of a person.
Because of the fall, order and priority got reversed. Adam was meant to live in this world but not of it. He craved to be of it and fell. He craved to be as an animal, and the only reversal to the fall is for one who is lost to move back into the heavenly realm inside by letting the will be drawn back into subjection to God’s will and nature. Then, the outer man will take its proper place and not be the center of interest.
Fallen humanity is in love in a self-centered way with evolution and progress because they inflame the false hope that to be human is to be a self-indulgent animal that thinks only for today and its flesh instead of eternity and life in the Spirit of God. It’s the fall that keeps hope alive that will resides in the soul, whereas a spirit will is free in Christ to live above the soul and body. It is not too good to live in a soul and body and does not despise them, but it does not make them central either.
God put the will in the spirit, right where it belongs and according to the image of God.
from Facebook, passed on through Roel Velema

Generational "Gatherings in the Square", in the order of Nehemiah 8

St Mark's Square, Venice

Every generation the Holy Spirit organised something equivalent to Nehemiah 8. You see every generation God speaks new Rhema Word to different cultures and church tribes. He does this something like the 12 pieces of shewbread in the Holy Place. One speciality for each tribe or group or move or wine skin . Why one piece? While people are growing in the Lord they can only really handle one main area of truth. So God gets them working with their trowel and sword repairing one gate and a piece of wall. But then it's time for Nehemiah 8 when everybody gathers in the square in the Holy Spirit and God blows every bodies minds with the enormity of what He is really building. Festival of Light London 1971 was one. Kansas City Shepherds Conference 1975 was another keystone. So were the 1970s seminal Bible Weeks. There were the London and Bradford Housechurch brethren . There were the Fort Lauderdale Crowd
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The sons of God follow after the Spirit. They look erratic. So does the wind. Nobody knows where it blows. So are those who are born of the Spirit. Did you miss something. Did an event happen and you never even heard about it? God lets this happen so any remaining Cain heart be brought up short in you by Abel brethren. Where the dead body is there the Eagles gather.