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Science Versus Evolution P7 - Checking out the Public

The three Illuminati lies laid out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are
1.Nietzsche -  NO GOD
2. Darwin -  Evolution of the Species   dovetailing with the geological times enumerated by Lyell
3. Marx's Communism.

The Illuminati don't believe this stuff and date their own families lines back to Biblical events at Babel, but they tell the rest of the world the Bible is useless.

Poland set a precedent in the 80s. They prayed. They didn't battle the Communist lie head on. They simply began peaceful demonstrations. Communism is a lie as the protocols explain, and the best thing to do with lies is  LIVE the OPPOSITE. How can a lie do anything to stop it? It has zero substance.

It is hopeless even debating Richard Dawkins and utterly pointless. Evolution was dead in the water within 5 years of it being proposed in the 1860s. The only reason it still stands is because of the money and pressures keeping it alive, as Communism was kept alive solely by robbing our moneys via banking. But by the 80s the facade could not be maintained any longer. All Communist countries were collapsing. The same with evolution.

All these things require little boys willing to face emperors with no clothes and just speak the truth.

God or Evolution?
Evolution IS an illusion!...share this video and spread the word. Based on science....Darwin & Evolution??? What do you think? What do you believe?
Posted by Mona Sabet- Generation Young on Monday, 24 August 2015

Beginning of Series 

Saturday 24 October 2015

Heaven has a sound even if it has lost a finger

Paul McCartney and Phil Keaggy
Heaven has a sound. Truth has a sound in the Spirit. When you are leftbrainlocked you only hear words in a surface way. Jesus continually said he who has ears to hear let him hear. Darkness has been able to put a lot past us in the west because people have no spiritual grid. You develop a spiritual grid in several ways.
Originally parent's teaching was to be sound in content as well as having that sound of wisdom and relationship context. People are usually so naffed up by the devil convincing them they are bad parents and not up to the task, that they lose all confidence, and the Illuminati make sure they have kids at 3 anyway to further confirm to the child that they are the teachers now, and that State and school information is way more truthful. like evolution for example.
The other grid comes by knowing the Bible well and knowing the patterns and seeing the same things in your own surroundings.
The last grid comes by developing your actual internal hearing to what God sounds like, what His ways sound like. The devil messes with this and it is one of the main distortions that led to Adam and Eve falling. They had never been anywhere near an expert conman before. Apart from God's express command NOT TO DO what they did, they had never been exposed to lies before and fell hook line and sinker.
There are loads of trademark scams the devil recycles.
He's told everyone there was no Flood. Not only does every civilisation record it, there are people around Ararat who know where the Ark is.But the devil has that area screened off (*politically).
Archaologists report back there is no evidence of Israel at Sinai. Ofcourse not. The devil has them looking at the wrong mountain. And funnily enough the real one is....errr screened off politically.
The current Illuminati "study" says Israel and Jesus never existed at all. Then they ascribe what would have been Israel to the movements of the tribe of Dan who Julius Caesar reports as founders of Greece....Danaii. I did that in my latin class at school.
Jesus referred to Greeks as serpents because this was the prophecy over the descendants of the tribes of Dan....a serpent in the way. And so the Greek influence over western education has been destructive. No matter that Dan were adept at all the gnostic teachings and occult teachings from Egypt, and this all leads straight into freemasonry and occult secret orders like Rosicrucians and Prieure de Sion to this day. This is one of the devil's main techniques to ascribe to the innocent party all the infiltration of his own sickening blood cults, and put any one off what is actually the correct path. He has trussed up Jerusalem. He has infiltrated the Jews, so only 10% are actual Semite inheritors of Abraham's original blessings, and they are trying to kill them. He has infiltrated the church. Any church that is older than about 5 minutes Revelation 12 clearly states will be attacked and pounced on , twisted and perverted. Catholicism and Anglicanism don't have much New Covenant left...only the sign of the frontboard of the church, if it isn't already a carpet shop or mosque.
Then his own Illuminati people are promoted to the highest ranks of any film ,books, newspaper and music. We Spiritfilled Christian musicians wondered how people who couldn't play three chords were rolling in millions, but Phil Keaggy who can do with one finger missing what Dire Straits need a whole band for, and yet apart from gigging with Paul McCartney at his wedding....only guitarists in the know have heard of him. Same with our Gordon Giltrap who i first saw at the Jesus Festival in Trafalgar Square in 1972. When you understand how the whole game works it doesn't half help.Before that everything was foggy and just mind numbingly depressing. But when you see the whole world is in this complete con, from Nietszche, through Darwin then Marx, and it is even spelled out as such in the protocols of the Elders of Zion, which in an MI6 type of double bluff is true but it isn't but it is.....
you can then understand that your innards were 100% correct all the time. The devil cannot really put much past our innards. We just don't as a rule listen. But one portion of the public do listen. And it wasn't me. In 2003 before UK went to war I was quietly tuning a piano in Beaconsfield when my client told me her daughter was demonstrating against Tony Blair. See, I like all the rest wasn't listening properly. But thousands were. Yes thousands marched but the Illuminati media reported a modicum. See the Illuminati had decided that those billions of war dollars were coming to them and that was final. People can demonstrate as much as they like, the Illuminati own the news you will never know!!!!

Friday 23 October 2015

Third Eye or Just Dancing Funny?

Forgive me if this is offending you. Forgive me if it looks like I am publicising Satanism and other religions, giving him free publicity.
I am going to trust you on this.
Normally addressing two sides of an issue at once is too much for folk, but I want you to understand what the Kingdom is exactly and not just in half measures.

People are beginning to ask me to preach over Skype into their churches, so on Facebook today I wanted to make sure people knew what message I preach.
I wrote:
You are Not your own you were bought with a price. You are Not Your Own.
You have identity. A unique identity. But not as a self run being. Life is consciousness and life is spirit. I know how you'd like to think creation is.....but it isn' the sooner you wake up from your dreamworld the quicker we can all get on. I watched a famous Hindu guru teach last night. He and I are doing the same thing....except He teaches one set of deities I teach the Sole Life and original Life in the Universe....The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
My primary call is to share what others are not yet sharing.....other wise I will get sucked in to doing what any others preach and there are thousands in the West that can preach the evangelical and charismatic message. The actual message of what the Cross is is so divisive it divides all existing churches because they are not founded properly on Grace and then if that isn't bad enough.....upon our unique new identity and union hidden within Christ within God. Every single other church believes in the lie of Genesis 3.....that my identity and consciousness is my own and God has come into me as a second pea in the pod and we rattle around together. This is still Genesis 3 but with a Christian cassock on.

I believe in the general trend of the third video, that as the Bible says, the whole world is being deceived, and there is much interesting information and visual substance. At least SOME of the charismatic clips will be fine and nothing to do with Satan.....anything can be made look bogus if you lump it in with other stuff. A harmless clip of kids dancing around at a birthday party can be made to look Satanic if you edit it in with other videos. I think the compiler of the video probably doesn't like dancing....which is a real problem in the soon as your heart gets filled with God just try and keep those feet nailed to the floor!!!!!
Anthony Robbins videos also feature, and I just refuse to comment here,because this is in the "grey soul area" of  the entrepreneurial.   As some of you know, I am a person who believes in network marketing. Now you can be a Christian , Muslim, atheist or Hindu network marketer but whatever your believing ...your inward believing HAS TO BECOME entrepreneurial even if you weren't by nature very entrepreneurial.   GOD IS VERY ENTREPRENEURIAL.....He is selling free of charge  His Product of OTHER LOVE....or SELF FOR OTHERS LOVE....or  His LOVE which has the Cross running through its centre.
ONLY GOD would dream of selling this product to be reproduced in the beings of a selfish world. Everybody else would consider it  impossible. But God just laughs at impossibilities and sends His Holy Spirit. This is how He did the first Creation, you recall!!!!! We are now the NEW CREATION in Him.

The third video gives the impression that we just make the decision to follow God but nothing much changes. This is more of an evangelical belief.
The BIBLE is a middle Eastern religion in two sections describing a worshipping people. It cannot be compared to the Western world brought up to function like leftbrain clocks in a materialist society.
The Greek word meta noia is used for repentance. Now western preople use re in repentance to be the same as Meta in metanoia....but meta doesn't just mean going back on your opinion or doing a 180 degree turn. META is a prepostion that has 5 meanings. One of the others is to joint together that would be rising up a level to join with God in the MIND OF CHRIST....which isn't bad.
This too is favoured by Christian leftbrains. But another meaning of META is coming out from the confines of the NOUS.   (Have you heard of the English saying ...he  or she has a lot of nous....for quite intelligent?)
This last one is better for the way the Holy Spirit when He baptises us in the Spirit restores thewhole of our being, and makes His Power available through the whole of us. Listen! I didn't realise I was a musician until the Holy Spirit started pouring songs out of me.  I have laid hands on the sick and they were healed instantly. I have known things that were humanly impossible to know. I have commanded things into being that were not happening at all before.....but you can do none of this without sensing this is what Jesus is doing through you and in you now....and this all comes through the Holy Spirit.....and is actually normal church if you read the actual Bible itself and ignore the pig's ear that most people call church.

This first video is I believe someone receiving the help of fallen spirits to do things which are not possible.  I include it to show you the reality of these powers. People whose paradigms do not allow for these things will think up some ear piece or trick photography ruse and there is no shifting them.

The second video is a famous Hindu guru who tells a mixture of truths and falsehoods. Again the powers he is in touch with are his Hindu gods, but really they are demonic principalities and powers.
There is a COST to getting involved with demonic power. It's easy to initiate, but humanly impossible to leave. Jesus can break every chain.

That said.....the guru is right about inner seeing controlling all.
All life is consciousness.

Once we are sure who we are now as Christians at our inner centre
the Blessings of Deuteronomy 28 are ours....because Christ is also the Fulfiller of the Law in us.
Most Christians are still locked in their leftbrain and into step by step processes. It's a great tool to explore further....but true LIFE flows from the heart. Out of the heart flow the issues of life.
There is a flow to life.

When we gather as Christians there is a FLOW to the gathering in the Holy Spirit.
We do not access the Holy Spirit to chase after demonic abilites....we seek God and see what He wants to do and use.  Demons use astral projection, the Holy Spirit transports people bodily.
Demons use clairvoyance, we prophesy.Prophecy actually speaks things into being.

Some of the guru's talk is in Tamil and some in English.
I would guess as friendly and nice and smiley as he looks, demons will be getting him to do some really ugly stuff behind the scenes.  My impression also is while they are spending theor lives getting more and more filled with demon power, they wouldn't be that practical to live with.

Christ promises fulness of life and the only way to operate in this is to carry the Galatians 2.20 consciousness with you through everything you do and are.
I wouldn't think this guy would be anything at all in Richard Branson's Virgin Flight Offices.
I can't tell for sure, but I assume he doesn't live at all what any of us would consider a normal life because people are paying him such extortionate sums of money he would have no need for normal life.  But in Christ like Paul, we know how to be abased and how to abound.

Compared to a normal western discourse it is very interesting that he only speaks as he is moved to do from within. This is much more how ministry is in the Spirit, and we learned this off the thirdlevel ministries of Ed Miller and to a certain extent Jorge Pradas both in Argentina. (Ed was an American Pentecostal missionary originally)

Thursday 22 October 2015

Some of what Piano work entails...

This is what I have been doing for the last week. The first two raw pictures of the grand lid were taken in the house at Gerrards Cross.
By last Saturday and facing yet more hours of fruitless labour with all the incredible water damage, and rippled thick veneer that had probably been in that state for years and hardened terribly....I was just about ready to give up.
But I was able to devise fresh techniques for bringing the lid back to being flat again.
I restuck the veneer that didn't have enough original glue left using that traditional bone glue you heat in what looks like a cauldron.
Then I began again from scratch staining the veneer black, in order to then build up the polish again with black stained shellac french polish.
This is the traditional furniture finish which allows the wood to breathe and brings up wood grain when it isn't stained matt black.
It is however very susceptible to water damage which is how the problem occurred. These pics and more of my work life can be seen on Piano-s in Facebook, and my website

The Revelation 12 Dragon Pounce through history

Revelation 12 describes how when the ManChild is born, God's breakthrough, God's New thing,God's own Child form for that particular Age, the Dragon, the devil is poised already to pounce on it. It doesn't get the Child, as we saw with Moses and Jesus.....they are whisked away...but the original wineskin or Woman by which the Child came gets pushed off....and revelation doesn't say this but what we see is that a Madame Tussauds stuffed version is put in its place.....wired up to the world system:
The original Church under Jesus Christ direct in local churches taken over by Catholicism and ruled by one man the Pope in a pyramid.
Education...Oxford and Cambridge and monasteries, 18thC Church schools....becomes State system
Science was mainly in the province of Christians because Christians understood God had made an ordered universe and proceeded investigating on that basis. Prieure de Sion through the Grand Master Newton soon worked on that, and within 100 years The Royal Society was run by atheists and has been ever since, bringing in every which theory just as long as it doesn't include Creation.
The Quakers, disallowed from British society for believing in the writings of St Paul as opposed to the bastard institutions of Catholicism and Anglicanism, then found their own successes in chocolate firms and the start of the Industrial revolution at which point House of Rothschild took notice suddenly, changed the farming laws and drove people into cities.
Boys Brigade was pushed aside to run the new thing Scouts by the pedophile Baden Powell
Temperance Movement pushed aside, and Jessie Penn Lewis's 12 steps stolen and made secular in AA.
Hospitals were pushed aside and taken over by the State system , whose financing included drugs to be bought from certain pharmaceutical companies related to? Yup....the Elite.
Church related co ops and networking became the occult run Rhodes Rotarians and Round Tables.
Freemasonry was once about stones and bricks, but was taken over by the occult and made the main vehicle for structuring all world events. Juri Lina Architects of Deception.
Gnostic knowledge,always the preserve of the few, is always the secular version of God's own deeper truths. Before our age it was never relevant to many, because most did not ever progress beyond linear thinking, my BOX 1.
Gnostics and New Agers have terms for the present manifestation of things and the higher level is one where everyone decides to live service to others instead of service to self. Norman Grubb's Self for others and self for self spirit. It's like demons read God's script and then transmit their "secular version". EXCEPT FOR THIS
We saw this rivalry of the two Kingdoms in Moses facing the wise men, astrologers and magicians in Egypt. This is meaningless to the present world, because everyone lives in the secular goldfishbowl where there is no magic....or so they have been told, to keep anyone from knowing how to control their lives.
SURE there's magic. It's called demon power, fallen angels, or Holy Spirit Power Spirit and Life. But in order to keep you on a hamsterwheel they have told you that everything is secular cause and effect.
Well the Moses story makes it clear there is no rivalry where God is concerned. One reason by the way...."if you MUST decide to progress....then you must think of the Bible as a myth and come into our lovely clutches" say the demons.
No the Bible is very clear. God's power is greater and we see this later in Daniel where he actually sees the time period where the ROCK comes smashing down on the feet of the evil world empire and the whole facade and illusion of the Madame Tussauds electrically wired stuffed exhibit comes crashing to the floor, never to rise.
God's word says....As surely as I live all the earth will be filled with the Knowledge of my Shekinah, my glory, as the waters cover the sea.
There are a couple of thin facades covering the glory. Firstly linear thinking and the false secular veneer. Then if you make it through that, Gnostic knowledge of self and "magic processes"....which are really in the realm of fallen angels. Grand Masters, evolved humans....nothing more than demons who have lived for thousands of years and know our creation backwards. This is what the Bible calls the second heaven....with squatters in. Principalities and powers in high places. The millions of gods worshipped by Hindus and other natural peoples.Basically appeasement religion.
Or in religions with less gods or one god, they refer to ancient hybrid lore where demons penetrated human kind. The former giants and heroes of legend.
Can you imagine like Moses driving off all the wise men?....a time where all falsehood is driven off the earth? This is what Ephesians 6 is saying. Not the occasional breakthrough of praying for Obama or Hilary Clinton's cough.
The Gates of hell shall not prevail against My Church, My congregation.
Who are Jesus congregation? The Sheep who are actively moving with the Shepherd.
Those who follow the Spirit these are the sons of God.
and The Spirit is like the wind which blows this way and that and no man knows where it goes, and so are all those who are born of My Spirit.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Richard Dawkins Versus Islamic Al Jazeera at Oxford

Well worth watching. Usually a Dawkins discussion will leave you feeling quite backfooted and for no other reason than the way the discussions are set up vitually ridiculing all belief apart from atheism.

This one is different I promise.

Thanks to Bob Greaves for posting this up on Facebook

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Universal Reconciliation versus Demand for a Response

Facebook post

John 3 :14 As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up; 15 so that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life.

16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. 18 He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21 But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”

OK leftbrains of the with this
It's all in the Bible (and the reason we have to cross the line of Spirit)
Universal reconcilitation UR.....Christ's sacrifice paid for all
demanding response R but all who received Him He gave power to become sons of God
UR God does not wish any to be condemned.... He leaves the 99 and searches for the one that none should be lost
R God KNOWS all who are His
The way is broad that leads to destruction, the way is narrow that leads to eternal life
Either side of the Tree of Life there were two cherubim guarding the way to it
R The sign of His people is in the Old Testament circumcision of the male
The sign of the new covenant people is circumcision of male and female hearts
UR Jesus upbraided the authorities. You stand in the door and don't allow people to come in
R In the Tabernacle /Temple OT we enter with thanksgiving in our heart knowing we are allowed to come in by way of a sacrifice looking forward to THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB
In the New...the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (UR and R)
UR Jesus announced about the Temple and the One he would build
The Temple is to be a house of prayer for all nations
Revelation : from every tribe and tongue a multitude that no man could number
R The earth has been given to the sons of men and devil's have always sought to gatecrash the party. To extend their rule and authority over the earth,and do it by hybridizing and masquerading as human they invent the doctrine of no devil, no demons, then universal reconcilitation of man in his flesh lifestyle in order to overrun the temple. (And the Holy Place was overrun for - so many days? time time and half a time?)
Unitarian belief in America is the church most associated with Freemasonry and witchcraft and universal reconcilation
UR And God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself
R/UR All those were recorded in the Lamb's book of Life....How BiG IS THE BOOK????
R/UR Jesus describing the leaven of the Kingdom....and the leaven leavens the whole lump
R There is no reincarnation....this life is it....It is appointed for man once to die and then comes judgment
Jesus said Go into all the world and preach the gospel for the forgiveness/ remission of sins
Repent be baptised and be filled with the Holy Spirit
where am I? ...if God says it i believe it.
Psalm 123 says we are like a servant looking to the hand and eye of the master. Jesus lived this way....He saw what the father was doing and got in on it. "I am working still because I see My Father working"
And when Jesus "perceived" that the Lord's Presence was there to heal  he prayed for all who were sick.
God is Lord of the Harvest. pray to Him that He may thrust out workers.
Go in the Name of Jesus.
There are two FIRES in the Universe. One is set on fire by hell. We have to choose which fire we live by.
One thing is for sure....there will only be the FIRE of LOVE in heaven.
Whatever forms they take...the primary nature of these FIRES is spirit.
The Fire of Self for self
The fire of Self for others. Love with a Cross through its heart.
Just an added thought for linear thinkers...
I refused some time ago to carry "a position"....I carry Word and the Word to a carnal mind looks like a bunch of opposite lies....but Spirit is Spirit and won't be contracted to human whim or understanding. Our own conflict is this....God has set eternity into the hearts of as fixed as we would like to be in doctrine our hearts are searching grander mysteries continually. Eccles3.11

Sunday 18 October 2015

How a Baptist boy got to be a Satanist High Priest at Bohemian Grove

  • Important not for the way various Presidents are named but
  • explains how covens REALLY ARE to begin with
  • the process whereby you are drawn in, possibly by people who have access teachers,scoutleaders etc   SETUPS made to look like you initiated it all
  • how there are 10 High Priests
  • how you operate
  • the three methods of splitting churches
  • that all magic takes you into the devil and his control
  • that Wicca claim to be about white magic   UNTIL they have anything to do with Christians and they use black magic to attack and kill where possible

Saturday 17 October 2015


Facebook status

Some time ago some visual experiments were done on indiginous natives. It was some European item...was it a ship, when they were used only to kayak type boats and rafts? Anyhow they physically could not see the ships because their interior world had not been introduced to them. They did not know anything that size that could float was possible.
We cannot see things we are unable to believe. This also works backwards so Jesus, for example would have had to put Richard Dawkins out of the room while praying for people.. He seemed to be OK once the miracles were done and quite what Richard would do then? Presumably say the person was never really dead or ill.
In the end you cannot argue with such people, you just get on with your own life faithing stuff in. Take Elaine Waterfield. You can explain away how she received funding in Kenya, but you notice that no NGO does what she did, nor would dream of going to Kenya unless the £30,000 salary appears first. Richard Dawkins is exactly the same with his funding. He has no God to supply for him so he always draws a salary while poo pooing all the people who live on nothing because they have what he calls "a delusional God." Well this delusional God continues to supply all the while poor Richard is glued to his salary.
Where this inner visual spectrum is even more important is among Christians. Evangelicals have a narrow spectrum and so do charismatics. INTERESTINGLY they have a common core, which is forgiveness through the Blood of Jesus , but otherwise evangelicals are more like Sadducees in their lack of supernatural belief and the Pharisees more like charismatics or Catholics at Lourdes.. But both have narrow Kingdom spectrums, but think they have big spectrums. If you wander round the Gates of Jerusalem both groups believe in Gates 1 and 2,- Gates 3,4 and 5 are particularly evangelical, Gates 6,7, and 8 are particularly charismatic. 9,10,11 and 12 only come into play in the third level church.
That's for nothing....a digression.
The sons of Darkness have studied the church for what we can see and what we don't see. Interestingly evangelical groups like L'Abri at Liss UK (Francis Schaeffer etc) see "some" of what the Illuminati is doing. Largely the charismatics are totally unaware. It'snot in their field of view.
Non Christians are split. The majority still haven't a clue what is going on or don't want to know. And many church members are like this too.
Like Jesus, you have to leave people where they want to be, just try to get them out of your way when they prevent you from operating. So it would seem in these days we have to leave evangelicals and charismatics to their play pens while we ask God to do what Revelation says and Ephesians says
Anoint my eyes with eye salve and in Ephesians seek the wisdom and revelation Paul prayed for the church.
We NEED 100% VISION to be able to be aware of the real state of the world. But ofcourse we need to be expanded in our Galatians 2.20 believing and our Psalm 91 protection believing to be able to handle it without sinking in depression.
Remember Joshua and Caleb did not deny the report the others gave about the giants in the land....probably hybrid peoples that we read about in ancient hero folklore...but they DID see the size of the fruit and the Land's fertility and the GREATNESS OF GOD.
I want to be like that. Leave the previous generations, the evangelicals and charismatics to die their own death while they sing their old songs and preach the same old limited teachings. let us grab hold of God and like Gideon's 300 be staring at the other side of the bank. WATCH the Youtubes!!!! Keep your ear to the ground. Be aware the Jesuits have their MI6 false propaganda the issue is open your eyes but don't believe every rustle of the leaves....not until confirmed and reconfirmed by several sources. But just remaining as ignorant as the man in the street at this very dangerous time in which we live is not an option for grown up sons of God....leave it for the evangelicals and charismatics to idle away the time.

Friday 16 October 2015


Norman Grubb states we are egotists with a wink.
We are the I AM in our forms.
Not trying to be anything....we spent decades or however long doing that.
We just do the next thing.
We are humility...not in the Charles Dickens ever so umble way
but in the servant saying I did what my Master said to more no less.
Adam and Eve were living quite happily
Satan's not enough. If you want to be gods you have to DO THIS ONE THING...."But that one thing we must not do, for we will die"
"You surely will not die"
OK then....said Adam and Eve.....and died.
Satan said to Jesus in the desert....just do this one thing
get some lunch from that stone.....NOPE my food is what God says and that only
OK just do this one need are you going to get known? Chuck yourself off from the Temple......Nope....not into testing things out to see if they work...unless God says
OK just worship me. I'm the ruler here. Just that one thing for me? are NOT the ruler around here
And Jesus left the wilderness full of the power of the Holy Spirit and went into Galilee.
But He didn't DO anything.
Then He started to DO

Thursday 15 October 2015

Matthew 5 as an area of the Bible built into a " high speculation"

2 Facebook statuses

Our job as Spirit people is to bring down high speculation.
High speculation is to the one side or to the other side of Spirit Truth. You can see Jesus doing this all the time in the gospels.
eg John came fasting and you wouldn't play ball, we come feasting and celebrating and you won't do that are as children playing in the playground saying.....
The Child state is funnily enough....the leftbrain and being locked in leftbrain "sides".
I say funnily enough, because to a goldfish in a bowl the free person looks very strange in deed and they will tell you so, but you ignore them, because you have been through all these things years ago. You left the bowl when you were born again and baptised in the Spirit.
Look at Matthew 5. Oh the denominations love Matthew 5 and the suffering. Oh doesn't it just make them look holy every week!!!!!
Blessed are you when these bad things happen.
Kenneth Copeland is going to be such a target for denominations because his message is believe for better.
Rich Novek has Matthew 5 really clearly but he can't stand Kenneth Copeland or Joel Osteen and has posted such.
The Kingdom isn't "any state".
The Kingdom is speaking to a state and making the Valley of Achor a door of hope.
The Kingdom is giving your nephew the glorious valley of Sodom and Gomorrah (swearing to his own hurt) and watching both go bad and go up in flames, while your own parched ground becomes fertile and a paradise.

Just remaining in the Matthew 5 original states isn't a blessing, what is a blessing is the clean slate you have for the Power of God. Just remaining in the mess makes you a religious idiot like in all the denominations that don't obey and move with the Holy Spirit. The Israelites practiced Matthew 5 the beginning part perfectly, but refused to believe for the blessings. They all died in the desert, much like most of the Word ofFaith movement. A bunch of 70 year olds who still go to conferences every year, get older and older, but never possess the Land.

So, do something for me. Apply this check.
Next time you hear a single person extolling the verses of the beatitudes in Matthew 5 ask yourself this?
is the spirit behind their words extolling the beattitudinous state of being bankrupt for Jesus, being poor for Jesus so you have no money to give to the poor,
so that you don't stick out in God's poverty brigade and make them jealous.....
so you don't have to actually exercise any faith because....why are going to be poor broke and humble for the rest of your days like Jesus on the Cross.....
or when that person says the BLESSED word does it impart Spirit energy, like they know how to move things around in the Spirit a bit.????
Notice the Cross was only 1 day in 33 years of Jesus life, where first as a carpenter, then, not doing a day job at all,but in His ministry He was believing for 12 people (one was a thief) and their families and His own needs, and on crazy occasions when the multitudes turned up....for them to have sandwiches as well....!!!!
Don't give me that religious poverty crap....go out and help somebody....move things around in the Spirit ....start changing your environment according to your innards and Romans 8.
Jesus only faced the Cross because He had built up sufficient faith....the last most crazy faithbuilding excercise was the strange incident of having to believe for somebody 3 days dead!!!! Now why would that turn out to be useful later on?
Jesus said the Kingdom would be filled with crap but at the end because of it, the sons of the Kingdom would be strong and do exploits....and the angels would help gather the crap into the barn. Let's begin to give these religious people a run for their money!!!!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Got to Keep the loonies on the path

Brain Damage
(Waters) 3:50

The lunatic is on the grass.
The lunatic is on the grass.
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
Got to keep the loonies on the path.

The lunatic is in the hall.
The lunatics are in my hall.
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more.

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

The lunatic is in my head.
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane.
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me.

And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear.
And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

"I can't think of anything to say except...
I think it's marvelous! HaHaHa!"
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

(Yup I know they only got as far as seeing religion was nuts!!!!)

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Being atheist is just the same dead end route that leads to the opposite of what it says like all other roads. You think by picking the independent self you are picking freedom and then you find nothing but bondage. You think United Nations will be great and stop.wars then you learn their stationery is printed by Lucifer Lucis to.spare Methodist feelings. You work for NATO to create peace and you notice you are not allowed to prevent genocide in Bosnia until the powers that be say you can enter. Because that is indeed their aim. You think it might be good to work for UNICEF or UK social services and you find the kids are now all on traffickers lists. You think Council on Foreign Relations sounds like a good body and you learn they are the architects of all wars. You are heartened by the Drug Enforcement Agencies promises of crackdowns then you learn they ARE also the Drug traffickers using the very returning dead soldiers body bags as CIA storage. You think it's a good idea US taxes then you find you are paying the Queen and Vatican.
....aaaah we'll sort out the obesity problem with low fat, low calories etc
Except that all the fake sugars mess with our trigger systems....traditional fats were never a problem, the study in 1950s was wrong and low fat substitutes have other worse fats or make you twice as obese.....
You think great to have freedom as a youngster to have concerts at fantastic you are deaf u can hear no music for the rest of your life. Wow unlimited the very least leave a string of hurt families and then many people pick up somehow that you are a sleaze just by being in the same room....and you haven't said a word or.done anything's just somehow exuding from your pores. Then you become as I say atheist and when all the hard science comes in from micro to macro of such infinite probability factors you find you have to exercise more blind faith per.minute than any Christian facing martyrdom. The independent self is just loony.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

New Bike

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Intellectually as I wrote before all the world's faiths are irreconcilable. You can't have no God....or a million of them. One or.other is a false statement. Unless....Unless....the millions of God's are just demons and principalities in a secondheaven principality and power system and the no God issue among Buddhists is solved by seeing into the One who is all and in all but not having refined enough binoculars to see He is Dad as well. Put everybody in a room including Richard Dawkins crowd and something goes on which you wouldn't expect.....what Dawkins calls basic humanity going on....well until people.start their intellectual hot air that is.....But normally speaking get them all in a room sipping coffee....and people are amenable. For short periods. Ish. What I am saying is there is a dual edge to the human condition. There is enough still there in man of God's own Person that there is a subterranean understanding and comfort being together. But there is a second reason. Everything that is not specifically in Christ shares another spirit however crazy that is when the top coat
of paint is Christian by name....or atheist or Muslim or Buddhist. Privately you must realise a Muslim likes the Buddhist religion less than what He perceives Christianity to be. I was raised a Methodist but I never changed spirit until I personally had an encounter with the my case through Billy Graham. At a secular level I would have been fine with a Buddhist or an atheist. Methodists used to until I became a real Christian. The Methodism I grew up.with made me atheist. I thought.....cut out the Christ....and get to the bottom line Methodism is atheist secularism with Christ as fairy icing on top. I was.wrong. But I.discovered what John. Wesley did having been a vicar and missionary in America.....on the boat back he met some born again Moravians and realised what he was in before was garbage..... Jesus actually was alive and in His believing people....rather than in his intellectual assenting Anglican co breed. Christianity is a change at spirit level....But then non Christians expect you to be perfect over night.....this pressure helps push you forward. But the reality is you have your new Spirit bike and it takes time to learn to ride.....otherwise you remain in default....which is the independent self that secular people live in anyway. So you know the phrase.....oh says he's a Christian but he's just the same....or.worse. Well congratulations non Christian you have just spotted a secret that Christians don't know.....yes....a Christian that hasn't got much good at his bike riding yet is just the same because that's what life is.....either Christ living our life....But masquerades in one of His new forms.....or Satan masquerading as US and we tell by the slugslime people leave behind them. By their fruit you shall know them. Which is very embarrassing for the young Romans 3 to 5 community who haven't really learnt much about their new bikes yet. In Little Britains airport sketch I cannot work out if that lying thieving Pentecostal is meant to be a cultural Pentecostal.....i.e. born of parents who.came here....or.whether born again but a complete a greasy graAcer but one thing is clear she ain't riding no Spirit bike.

Monday 12 October 2015

Epistemology-How do we know Truth?

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I am interested in Truth. I am not interested in My Truth.
Epistemology is the study of how I know things to be true.
This ology was thought up by a leftbrain person with a Western or greek mindset. It wasn't invented by a Buddhist. So epistemology in all the American and English universities immediately loses any relevance at all to most of the rest of the earth which recognise spirit, and not just two hemispheres rattling around in a cranium.
I am not a Buddhist, but i am grateful to the Holy Spirit for waking up my innards to be able to at least talk with them for as a normal Brit,I was destined for total non communication.
Perhaps it was through Christ on the Jewish Road by Richard Wurmbrand that I suddenly sensed Romans 12 full on and that I nolonger had to fear a world that seems all the time to prove my spiritual ideas bogus.
Romans 12.2 says that our Christianity is PROVABLE but only through laid down bodies, prepared to totally let go and let God.
God also says Come let' s reason together...but nobody continues with the says Let us reason together about your sin
which like leprosy (BobMumford told us) begins like a red inflammation but ends white as snow and DEAD. So these are the matters which we reason with God about, before it is too late.
Real TRUTH is about WHO we really are, which is vessels for spirit.
And if we live from the wrong spirit then what begins as corruption ends as a total leprous waste....until all life is gone.
Jesus says He is the way the Truth and the Life.
The Holy Spirit has been given to lead us into all Truth
All scripture is profitable....all the 66 Books of the Bible come with the warranty that no man composed any of the books out of their own ideas.
Anybody familiar with prophecy knows the truth of this. You will find yourself saying things you don't know. Jeremiah and Isaiah and John in Revelation could only have some notions of the meanings of their words. Other portions of scripture, namely the histories are easier to understand. But every detail was recorded....down to a woman using the time of the month as an excuse for stealing an idol, and down to Elijah accusing the Baal gods of the pagan priests of going off to the loo. They are Holy Scriptures but absolutely rooted in the human events of life.
Only when you begin to understand the cross threads of the Psalms of Ascent, the events of the disciples with Jesus, the arc of God's unfolding revelation to the Hebrews and then through to us, the pattern of the Song of Songs,the way Romans unfolds, the way Ephesians catches the same material in corporate form, the meaning of the 12 Gates of Jerusalem, the message the apostles were preaching in Acts which causes the throwing of stones, as opposed to the limited Truth of the way the gospel is now preached, and nobody even throws Coke cans.....ALL is a unity but we have to get caught up in Christ to see it.
The falsification of evidence becomes increasingly clear the more we continue. In Ministry terms in the military, MI5 is the secret operations MI6 is to cover the tracks and say they never happened. So the devil has operations of Darkness and then bunches of people employed to tell lies.
The Mafia and Illuminati invent and plan all the badstuff. One of their other departments lie to say they never did it and they usually blame it on the people of God instead so people curse God. For example missionaries to West Africa and the slave trade.

Sunday 11 October 2015

2 Building Techniques

Corporate living as Christians or anyone for that matter(read about the New Age community at Findhorn, and see the faces of your average nuns and monks) doesn't work without Norman Grubb's message, which is Paul's message and Jesus message....but Jesus wasn't in a situation to be able to explain it He carried on lecturing through Paul.
So I always tell the Union folk there are two Biblical models and the Church....the proper God's real method in Rev 12
1. Method 1....most saints so far
The Hewn out secretly in the quarry method
Then at the right time the Holy Spirit glides you together and you function seamlessly..... we saw protoypes in Fort Lauderdale bunch (to begin with).....and here in the 1970s London housechurch leaders...(to begin with). (The picture of stone slabs cut perfectly away from the Temple site then put together with no noise)
Method 2.
The Jesus and the disciples method.
The rattling of bones for 3 years
Painful....but quick
Has to be a thirdlevel church.....because first and secondlevel churches don't "get" the depth of the Romans 6 and 7 excavations
They are far too Peter's statement
I will never betray you Jesus
Jesus said you will.....and all before the cock other won't even make the night out!!!!!!

Saturday 10 October 2015

Does Universalism have an on switch?

Jeff Turner made a comment that nothing less than total inclusion excludes Jesus. And you see this spirit in Jonah's story...that is not in Jonah who was sulking but in the Lord who gently reminded him that He had made all the inhabitants of Nineveh.
I got perturbed by the spirit intent of what Jeff was Jesus forces Himself on everybody whatever their desire. I said a kettle can be used by everybody but you have to switch it on.
WE have to engage with the Lord. I didn't go into this with Jeff....but the mystery is unveiled in a kind of Union Dance in Psalm 85 at the end.
The God bits are springing up from the ground in us to meet the God bits coming down from heaven. It's all God and nothing of ourselves.
But there is a mystery surrounding "inclusion".
And "inclusion" has to answer this mystery.....Jeff didn't like or respond to it..... but
if the VEIL was torn at the point that Christ died ie Passover
surely you would think the DAY of ATONEMENT would be in Passover, no? But it is during Tabernacles as we shall see.
And the mystery is something to do with what is NOW true in the timeless Eternal Now of us in Christ.....which incidentally doesn't even refer to 2000 years ago.....that's when the Cross manifested in our time space world.....
but as for us in 2015......our spirit can freely enjoy the finished work whenever
but the Tabernacle is about a complete work of salvation in us....spirit soul and body......and the mystery of Matthew 5 is how all those nasty nasty outer things get to rip through our flesh, like circumcision and skilfully reveal
Christ in us the hope of glory.
To others and many times ourselves....we what bad stuff....
but you never see old and mature saints only see them glowing, and their eyes twinkling more and more....
Are they satisfied? Do they think it's all been worth it? Would they go again? You bet. You don't find mature thirdlevellers going:
well I thought getting Jesus was going to be worth it....but it turned out to be pretty tacky cheap and nasty....
NOPE....not one mature twinkling saint that i have ever heard hasn't been full of absolute insistence....time is short....Go for God....He will pack you out with stuff....nothing that we experience can in any way compare with the weight of the glory to be's just embarrassing!!!! The exchange rate...of a little present suffering....doesn't even the glory....we have short changed God big time!!!!!

On lies and history

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There is a youtube of the history of Islam and it makes clear that the same Venetian Old Money that financed slavery and helped Islam spread into Spain, is the same money that centuries later, upon hearing of the wonderful findings of precious missionaries who laid down their lives and visited Gold Coast and other parts of Africa, knew the continent was ripe for exploitation.
Two principles have always guided the "love of money" which truthfully asserts that it is the root of all evil. Darkness believes in Divide and Rule.
It loves neither Jew, islam nor Christianity, but as in the Rise of islam, if they can use one house to kill another, then wheedle themselves into the catastrophe they will. Secondly , as it says in Revelation 12....for every GOD DEVELOPMENT in the earth, they will pounce on its source of it a new system, a new discovery, a source of wealth and subsume it into their system. So, also Black slavery was born, and to outsiders and the perverted history of schools, (presided over by the same forces incidentally),it appears that "missionaries brought slavery".
The East India Company is regularly referred to by "whiter than white" BBC in a fond and important manner, but as history becomes more purified and less perverse and England's history is exposed, history largely becomes a simple question of..."Was the East India Company involved in this?" if the answer is yes....then you almost don't need to trace the resultant degradation , mayhem, and destruction that surrounds every "occult" act they were a part of. THE ONLY BOATS available to Hudson Taylor were East India ones perverting China with opium. Because English people are only taught cursorily about England's own crimes, nobody has a clue why Chinese people should speak with so little expression to English people. WE SMASHED UP THEIR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY WITH OPIUM ADDICTION.
Those occult wheelers and dealers of the East India Company were also the financiers behind Karl when they commissioned this sponger of a fellow who lived off the rich all his life to write the Communist manifesto....they told him....oh and don't forget to put in the phrase about " religion is the opiate of the people...just for the Chinese!!"
What did they mean? Well the Chinese got the reference immediately. Except it was their" blooming" ships(East India Co.) that had to transport Hudson Taylor who is really the father of the modern house church and underground movement there today. Satan always makes sure Jesus gets the blame for his own slugtrails. Luckily the thousands upon thousands of genuine Christians in China who understand the lie, and come to visit Hudson Taylor's birthplace here.....completely confuse the ignorant British Council in Barnsley....
who go
"Hudson Taylor....who is he?"
You foreigners have to realise that British people don't know of atrocities they have committed, nor do Americans. They simply are not taught them.
Brits have no more understanding of Christ and God's purposes than the Jews had when Jesus arrived.
Brits don't know about Hudson Taylor, CT Studd, Norman Grubb and poor Americans don't even know about George H Warnock.
Brits only know what the BBC tells them and Americans only know what CNN and Fox tell them. Outside that they know nothing of true history, of how God is working His plans out exactly as He said He would thousands of years ago. Poor Brits think in terms of Anglican and Catholic churches and maybe the odd happy clappy one. Considering I live 3 miles from one of the earliest church buildings on planet Earth , the people of Bosham West Sussex are some of the most stupid intelligent people to have ever existed. They are very rich by English standards but have absolutely no knowledge of Christ and His ways. If anybody is in anyway semi interested in Christ they have to go to the next town, which is Chichester for the only half baked church near them. That is a church that covers some of the first two levels in Christ.

Tuesday 6 October 2015

So Why All the Belief Systems???

All of them including Christianity are decoys.
The real issue is dealing with the masquerading spirit as us which is hiding underneath

Why has God consigned huge swathes of people across earth to these belief systems?
Jews and the Talmud
Walt Disney!!!!!
Obviously all these huge numbers have theories that are approximately true. In other words in most aspects of living, all these different perceptions of reality are upheld long enough to contain many many people from the cradle to the grave. Yet they can't simultaneously all be true.
For example, an atheist, a Hindu and Jews/Christians cannot all be right simultaneously.
There is either NO GOD. ONE GOD or MANY GODS.....but not all at the same time!!!!!
So why would God allow all this?
Revelation tells us that Jesus is going to come out from all tribes, tongues and nations. So therefore there is something about
Jews and the Talmud
Walt Disney!!!!!
that with Holy Spirit nevertheless Kingdom enough to be compatible with Him speaking Word into...
Or put another way....locked up in all these environments is a part of Truth that the whole Body needs....but cannot be yet grouped all together while men are still in the flesh....
Men have to be airborne to get all of it simultaneously

Monday 5 October 2015

Christianity the religion is dead

When I am rude about atheism,Islam,Hinduism,Sikhism and Christianity realise that Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, so what chance do the other "faiths have" of getting it?
These are things the Bible and Jesus Christ oppose in Christianity
1.Christianity teaches the church is led by people at the top of pyramids. Catholics:the Pope. Anglicans :the Archbishop of Canterbury. Locally in churches: one man called a priest, vicar,pastor. The Bible does not talk of pastors as head of a local church. Jesus is Head over local churches and uses Overseers to oversee that people are tapping into Him.
2. Christianity apart from Baptists teaches every which form of baptism but the one in the Bible. NOT BABIES...people capable of making their own freewill decisions
3. Christianity never refers to Christ's main role in the gospels as One Shouting out His fulfilment of the Jewish Feasts. It is there quite plainly in the gospels. Christianity tries to hide the Jewishness of Christ and all reference to the huge significance of the 3 FEASTS.
4. Christianity tries to bury John Chapter 4 where Jesus nails any reference to the thing He is building as being connected to any geographical location like a stone building
5. Christianity never once refers to the existence of three specific growth stages in the Spirit (1 John 2)
6. Christianity only barely recognises the supernatural again outside Lourdes....and this only in the last 100 years
7. Christianity does not teach the total exchange at the Cross that Jesus accomplished. Though the Bible explicitly teaches that the life is in the blood, and that Jesus bled every last drop, no church on earth preaches the One New Man at regeneration. They only preach a schizoid gospel of an old and a new man battling it out. And denominational churches are worse....they do not even preach the New Man, just an old man trying very hard. And if you have ever met believers from historic denominations, that's what they are "trying", very trying indeed,
8.None of the old churches in Christianity preach John Chapter 3 on being born again. So the Queen of England who represents the Anglicans, belongs to a Christian organisation that does not preach the first truth of Christianity. In human terms, this would be like the Queen not allowing babies to even be conceived and born.
9. Jesus speaks of giving , but the idea of giving a strict tithe is an Old Covenant idea and Christianity observes the Old Covenant rather than preaching the new. In the new not even the lefthand knows what the right is doing....and it is more like a game....seeing if you can outgive God. There simply is no law about this any more. If people don't give from the heart, then we don't want to be cursed with their money.
10. Christianity has reduced everything which Jesus said by the Spirit back down to Old Testament Laws again.
11. Christianity ignores totally the words of Jesus that those who are born of the Spirit are like the wind, which you can never guess where it will be moving next. This flies in the face of just about everything practiced in Christianity.
12. If Jesus was on earth today, He would say the same thing about Christianity that He announced to the Jews.....Now is the Kingdom being removed from you and given to a people bearing the fruit thereof.
13. (This point should be first) What Jesus was teaching in John 6 and people really didn't like it, and what St Paul was also teaching and this seemed to stir up incredible anger in that the VERY ESSENCE of everything is EATING CHRIST, is having Christ fully formed in you. THIS IS THE VERY LAST THING THAT CHRISTIANITY IS ABOUT. Christianity is about outward acts, outward clothes , vestments etc,outward behaviours, going to meetings, listening to boring sermons, learning why the Bible isn't true in seminaries,learning to read the Bible as a leftbrain textbook instead of a Holy Spirit packed meal of FIZZING revelations.....
14.Christianity is a dead museum piece, a half built tower, an army halfway through a campaign with no reserve finances, salt- with no flavour left, fit only for throwing on to roads to be trampled.
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Friday 2 October 2015

That Christ may be formed in you

These are the sequence of thoughts that came as I was  tuning the pianos in West Hill , London today.

Chris Welch
11 hrs ·
Infrastructure is only important while Christ as you remains undeveloped. It is not just a good idea....its essential. Proof......the army and special security forces pick from people with no fathering for their more psychopathic operations. Indeed the world is run by psychopaths specially chosen by the illuminati, and then schooled to look like us.

Chris Welch
10 hrs ·
How do you know when Christ is formed in you? The equivalent to the Illuminati.....the Melchizedek order sets you apart openly and commissions you for a project. Then while the Antioch church were gathered did the Holy Spirit set aside Paul and Barnabas as sent ones to the Gentiles
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Chris Welch
10 hrs ·
In Isaac shall your descendants be named
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Chris Welch
10 hrs ·
Many are called few are chosen. The church is run by people who have been called but have not waited and believed on Christ in them until they were chosen
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Chris Welch
10 hrs ·
And the government shall be upon His shoulders.
Who had the Ark on their shoulders?
Who are now priests and kings in the earth?
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Chris Welch
10 hrs ·
Chris are you talking about flesh and blood government? this is hermetically sealed in the Throne of God. Whatever is bound in heaven shall be bound in the Earth and whatever is loosed in heaven shall be released in the earth. We saw a prototype at Jericho and the falling of walls. Did flesh do that....well in so far as they got caught up in God while circling on foot.
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Chris Welch
10 hrs ·
This temple shall be a house of prayer for all Nations
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Chris Welch
10 hrs · Edited ·
The true meaning of the Gate of Miphkad the 10th gate of Jerusalem is being currently unveiled. It is not democracy which is the glory of God in veiled is the judgments and authority of God in unveiled man....Galatians 2:20 as corporate Body
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What does in Isaac shall your descendants be named mean?
It means Jews are wrong when they consider themselves the Chosen race by blood alone. It means that everyone should read the old and new testaments again and not be so Naive as to the purposes of God in man . The Christ being born in man is Supernatural. It means also that just because someone says they are Christian doesn't mean you should trust them the Christ might not be fully born in them yet it also means that Jews should cut Christian some Slack when their bad behaviour doesn't go good straight away . Anybody read the story of Judah in Genesis 28 and they are the chief tribe of Israel see what I mean
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