Monday 31 October 2016

The NEW Holy Spirit Order.....A GIVING ORDER

Three related Facebook Statuses from today, from the same train of thought by Chris Welch


Smith Wigglesworth used to get told off for giving away clothes and money that he and his wife needed to the poor. It would be very interesting to go back and see if Smith was always acting in faith...or just emotionalism. Remember, he only came into his true anointing after he made a covenant agreement with the Lord at his wife's graveside.
I gave a gift to a brother who works with the really really poor of a mobile, and he was asking if he was free to sell it to be able to feed people. From my point of view everyone must be free in the Lord to do what they feel He is saying.... but here is my reply about some of my own experiences.
"well don't let me hold you to anything if you feel that is what God is saying.
However you will still have the same problem next month....what is next?
Are you going to sell your wife?
At some point you have to say....hey
we need this and this to function....
maybe you don't need a mobile....but It sounds like you do to be able to co ordinate things with other pastors and new believers....
Now if God is saying me....give me the mobile OK....
I once gave my mother's 21st birthday present to me which she had saved for. In today's money it would be £200-300.
I gave it to a young man from the streets of Paris who came to live in Bible Hpuse.
I felt that was what God was saying....but now I am not so sure it wasn't just religion.
It certainly didn't bless my mum. And the man didn't continue wih the Lord....and frankly probably just binned it, threw it away when he got to Paris. He used to rob banks. I think if somebody's heart is honest and open God moves all sorts of things to help a person....
but some people are not really showing themselves worthy of such honours....not by fleshly merit...but I mean, actually their heart is closed and they remain in bitterness.....and no matter what we give them nothing will ever change.
For many months local young people would come to our church and we would preach. Soon it became clear that they were purely coming to tease us and to have fun at our expense. Really we were casting our pearls before swine.
After 3 months or so it was like God said to us.....enough and no more. About that time one of the youngsters died in a car accident and suddenly things got really serious, and I think more of a fear of God came over them...but they never came to make fun of us any more. One of the late comers did get to know the Lord and he is still my Facebook friend 30 years later.

Social Media, the First Glimmers.....

Naturally speaking you would think....Aha....we have social media. Now rich nations can speak and share with poor nations. What could be simpler?
Except that African bogus pastors and Asian bogus pastors all have socalled orphanages coming out of their ears and no Westerner now knows who the scam artists are and who are the genuine ones. their fruit you shall know them still applies....and gradually be developing friendships you get a feel for real situations and ones which are no more than a front for scamming. does seem to me....without the Lord's overall birdseye view....strange that those who are genuinely practically burning their own furniture to keep others alive....are simply not receiving any help from Westerners who are actually swimming in possessions, income,which weekly is pouring out to items at the highest retail prices, that will hardly be used, and will probably end up being binned in a few months or years as rather stupid purchases.
But maybe God's Birdseye with the to "train David's hands for war"...."to give people experience of shoes that never wear out"...."training people to stand alone with their God as overcomers"....and "training up a people to be able to subdue their own Land of Promise from scratch."
Nobody can accuse the Jews who escaped from Russian pogroms to the West of not using their skills learned in poorest of poor conditions....they practically own America and the terms of High St retail....poshest of tailoring....many many banks.....practically all the media....
Huge tranches of the most cutting edge science inventions....
So instead of getting bitter at how mean we perceive people to be...perhaps we just have to bless God for having a purpose in absolutely everything....
THAT ALL SAID.....I still stand by Facebook and social media as the very very early seedlings of what St Paul meant when he foresaw NOT democracy...(that killed Jesus)
no, leave that to the Americans to plunder the world with
NO...St Paul saw Ephesians 1:9-11 an administration suitable to the summing up of ALL THINGS

Lords and Serfs,Democracy, the True Administration

Lords and serfs don't work, and although St Paul and Jesus ministered during that period they both had their eyes on the Body of Christ in the earth.
Lords and serfs was effectively ditched by the 1215 Magna Carta but has died a slow death.
Democracy doesn't work, as we saw at Jesus trial. But it IS better than lords and serfs....because one lord is usually twisted....and the voice of many is slightly more accurate....although as we see with abortion and many can make people pass any which law if you lie to them long enough on TV.
Democracy is the "uncircumcised" man of the flesh herded into great congregations and expected to come up with the right answer.
So they come up with Trump versus Clinton.
This could probably be the death of democracy worldwide.
The Luciferian / witchcraft notion is that you need an enlightened Elite to guide the ignorant sheep. For "enlightened" read that back as
Totally demonised through 33 esoteric and secret initiation steps by which the person is now nolonger their own man or woman, but totally controlled by Dark forces.
The LAST GREAT ADMINISTRATION.....while acknowledging the need for initiation....
it is a full baptism into holiness.
Instead of 33 steps into Satan....
It's one great Spirit baptism into Christ and His Spirit led Body....
so that rules out the whole of the charismatic movement !!!!!
The depth of this initiation is so profound it took 12 disciples living hook by jowl for 42 months with the ONLY PERSON EVER who was totally free of and night.....7 days a week training by the Spirit.
In other words what Norman Grubb calls
A bunch of such people is true democracy.
We don't have it on Facebook yet, because even the vast majority of Christians on here are still wading through Romans 3 to 5.....and although that is something.....
St John still refers to it as Children Christianity, spiritually speaking. (1 John 2)

Sunday 30 October 2016

What Happened to the Flat Earth?

Nobody can accuse this generation of not exploring off-limits areas.
When I was born nobody on earth recognised homosexuality as legitimate. Now states and kingdoms are recognising same sex couples committing together as exactly the same as marriage and calling it such in law.
Nobody would have even thought in the terms of trying to improve humans genetically, or by mutation, or by the addition of machinery.
But the one belief that is surely unassailable is that the earth is a globe that goes round the sun.???
This video is a summary of the flat earth position to date.

  • Admiral Byrd in 1928 did an expedition to Antarctica and discovered the land to be virtually endless. The Antarctic Treaty was signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 by the first 12 countries whose scientists had been active there, making it a protected land. The signatories now number 53 countries.  The countries of earth agree about nothing else so consistantly and in so great a number. WHY?  Is anybody so concerned about Greenland? or the forested and wild wastes of Poland that have scarce known any human, as one Pole told me.Trespassing Antarctica will get you arrested or killed. 

  • The Bible talks about the circle of the earth, built upon foundations that shall never be moved. Not a spinning globe

  • 1000 year old  Japanese Buddhist Temple map  contains the countries we know as well as 33 continents outside. But the section we know as earth is the same as

the flat earth map

the 1781 world map

Gleason's 1892 Standard World Projection

The azimuthal equidistant projection is an azimuthal map projection. It has the useful properties that all points on the map are at proportionately correct distances ...

the logos for the United Nations, International Maritime Organisation, World Health Organisation and World Meteorological Organisation.
(Not part of the video but included for relevance and because Ellen received her Queen's Award the very same day as my father Alan John Welch received his MBE, and James Galway the flautist was knighted to the illustrious sound of  Monty Python - Liberty Bell March)

  • NASA

1) admits they never sent anybody to the moon talking about Orion as the next generation space rocket.  They admit that at present they can only operate in "low earth orbit"

2)NASA admits the earth is flat

Heliocentric model has these probems  : 1. LIGHT DARK SCHEDULE. We are taught the earth is going round the sun. So what is daylight today, in exactly 6 months to the minute should be facing away from the sun and not towards the isn't is always day.
  • (There should be a day to night slippage allowed for every 6 months)
    2 NORTH STAR visible in northern and southern sky
    3 TWENTY FOUR HOUR SUN  would only be visible at the poles,
    any offset would cause a zigzag. Because the earth is flat, places quite a bit down from the poles experience 24 hours of sun for many months of the year.  Remember....the earth is meant to be a globe and on a tilt!!!!
  • Gravity -1. Many equations. Proving that it is still a theory in flux.
    2. Gravity is frequently broken . Our western records are all of Catholic saints, but doubtless there are records in all civilisations.
    Royal Astronomer General George B Airey "On the whole we must express our opinion that the general cause of the earth's magnetism remains one of the mysteries of cosmical science."
    Nasa's pictures of Venus
  • All Planets are Luminous Bodies
    Venus as it actually looks through an earth telescope
    Several other examples on the Youtube at the top of the page......

  • Lens Curvature
  • Only on a flat earth can a sundial work
  • "Impossible photographs" if the earth is a globe

  • We should be able to see the undersides of planes and clouds if there was earth curvature
  • 200 Video proofs that the earth is not a ball   Eric Dubay
  • Missile Aviation Expert admits no curvature is ever taken into account even though they use a 2 degree pencil beam/illuminator, until the object is in line of sight and locks on 50 miles away.
  • Bible again has many many verses stating the earth does not move and founded upon pillars.

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Why Anglicanism and Islam as inferior religions need dropping like a hot brick

Here are a few reasons why Anglicanism and Islam are inferior religions.
They both conduct themselves like an Old Testament religion.
They both treat the Bible like a manual.
They are both completely prescriptive about corporate worship.
They are inferior because neither religion accepts what Jesus was teaching, which was to lift religion out of an "outer courts" religion, and to lift belief into the realm of the Holy Spirit, of regeneration in experience, and inner knowing and definite experiences with the Holy Spirit. Both of power, and releasing all the graces into men and women's hearts at once. In Jesus form of Christianity you can lay forth your hand to heal, you can speak to situations and see them change, and bind generational holds, curses and demons upon people's lives to set them free. Prayer is nolonger an Old Testament rote or facing a direction five times a day, but a Living relational contact by means of "bowels of compassion" or bowels of mercy deep inside your gut by the power of the Holy Spirit, either with sighs too deep for words or with the supernatural ability to pray with other languages whether of men or angels that no man has taught you.Romans 8. The way of the Spirit is prosperous at all levels, although while learning to be an overcomer, the initial experiences are often full on attacks.
Anglicanism and Islam don't give any conviction of salvation and the Koran makes it clear that this side of death you will never know.
Jesus teaching says if you call upon the Lord He will save, and you WILL know it. Where Jesus standards of believing in the Holy Spirit are preached in Anglicanism, for a while people can flourish within its boundaries, but really they have entered into a new Covenant relationship with Jesus Christ Himself and not the denominational infrastructure known as Anglicanism.
Islam prides itself on being the Final message of God. It is a hugely inferior message, just as Anglican practice is inferior also.
Both religions need dropping like a hot brick in the reality of the LIght of the True Jesus Christ as He makes Himself known supernaturally to a heart that is turning towards God the Father, Jesus the Son in the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Meet The Author of "When The Rabbis Cry" - John Stevens interviewed by Paul Stuart

An Octopus Named Wackenhut

This kind of information like Kay Griggs Videos, gives more insight into how the world works.
It is easy to blame the CIA or FBI, but it is often departments within departments.
by John Connolly
Additional reporting by Erzc Reguly, Margie Sloan and Wendell Smith
SPY Magazine - Volume 6
Sept 1992
from TheCatBirdSeat Website

What? A big private company - one with a board of former CIA, FBI and Pentagon officials; one in charge of protecting Nuclear-Weapons facilities, nuclear reactors, the Alaskan oil pipeline and more than a dozen American embassies abroad; one with long-standing ties to a radical ring-wing organization; one with 30,000 men and women under arms - secretly helped IRAQ in its effort to obtain sophisticated weapons?

And fueled unrest in Venezuela?

This is all the plot of a new best-selling thriller, right? Or the ravings of some overheated conspiracy buff, right?



In the WINTER OF 1990, David Ramirez, a 24 year-old member of the Special Investigations Division of the Wackenhut Corporation, was sent by his superiors on an unusual mission.

Ramirez a former Marine Corps sergeant based in Miami, was told to fly immediately to San Antonio along with three other members of SID-a unit, known as founder and chairman George Wackenhut’s "private FBI," that provided executive protection and conducted undercover investigations and sting operations. Once they arrived, they rented two gray Ford Tauruses and drove four hours to a desolate town on the Mexican border called Eagle Pass.

There, just after dark, they met two truck drivers who had been flown in from Houston. Inside a nearby warehouse was an 18 -wheel tractor-trailer, which the two truck drivers and the four Wackenhut agents in their rented cars were supposed to transport to Chicago.
"My instructions were very clear," Ramirez recalls. "Do not look into the trailer, secure it, and make sure it safely gets to Chicago."
It went without saying that no one else was supposed to look in the trailer, either, which is why the Wackenhut men were armed with fully loaded Remington 870 pump-action shotguns.

The convoy drove for 30 hours straight, stopping only for gas and food. Even then, one of the Wackenhut agents had to stay with the truck, standing by one of the cars, its trunk open, shotgun within easy reach.
"Whenever we stopped, I bought a shot glass with the name of the town on it," Ramirez recalls. "I have glasses from Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis."
A little before 5:00 on the morning of the third day, they delivered the trailer to a practically empty warehouse outside Chicago.

A burly man who had been waiting for them on the loading dock told them to take off the locks and go home, and that was that. They were on a plane back to Miami that afternoon. Later Ramirez’s superiors told him-as they told other SID agents about similar midnight runs-that the trucks contained $40 million worth of food stamps. After considering the secrecy, the way the team was assembled and the orders not to stop or open the truck, Ramirez decided he didn’t believe that explanation.

Neither do we. One reason is simple: A Department of Agriculture official simply denies that food stamps are shipped that way. "Someone is blowing smoke," he says.

Another reason is that after a six-month investigation, in the course of which we spoke to more than 300 people, we believe we know what the truck did contain-equipment necessary for the manufacture of chemical weapons - and where it was headed: to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

And the Wackenhut Corporation - a publicly traded company with strong ties to the CIA and federal contracts worth $200 million a year - was making sure Saddam would be getting his equipment intact.

The question is why.

In 1954, George Wackenhut, then a 34-year old former FBI agent, joined up with three other former FBI agents to open a company in Miami called Special Agent Investigators Inc. The partnership was neither successful nor harmonious - George once knocked partner Ed Dubois unconscious to end a disagreement over the direction the company would take - and in 1958, George bought out his partners.

However capable Wackenhut’s detectives may have been at their work, George Wackenhut had two personal attributes that were instrumental in the company’s growth.

First, he got along exceptionally well with important politicians.

He was a close ally of Florida governor Claude Kirk, who hired him to combat organized crime in the state; and was also friends with Senator George Smathers, an intimate of John F. Kennedy’s.

It was Smathers who provided Wackenhut with his big break when the senator’s law firm helped the company find a loophole in the Pinkerton law, the 1893 federal statute that had made it a crime for an employee of a private detective agency to do work for the government.

Smathers’s firm set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Wackenhut that provided only guards, not detectives. Shortly thereafter, Wackenhut received multimillion-dollar contracts from the government to guard Cape Canaveral and the Nevada nuclear-bomb test site, the first of many extremely lucrative federal contracts that have sustained the company to this day.

The second thing that helped make George Wackenhut successful was that he was, and is, a hard-line right-winger. He was able to profit from his beliefs by building up dossiers on Americans suspected of being Communists or merely left-leaning-"subversives and sympathizers," as he put it-and selling the information to interested parties.

According to Frank Donner, the author of "Age of Surveillance", the Wackenhut Corporation maintained and updated its files even after the McCarthyite hysteria had ebbed, adding the names of antiwar protesters and civil-rights demonstrators to its list of "derogatory types."

By 1965, Wackenhut was boasting to potential investors that the company maintained files on 2.5 million suspected dissidents-one in 46 American adults then living. In 1966, after acquiring the private files of Karl Barslaag; a former staff member of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Wackenhut could confidently maintain that with more than 4 million names, it had the largest privately held file on suspected dissidents in America.

In 1975, after Congress investigated companies that had private files, Wackenhut gave its files to the now-defunct anti-Communist Church League of America of Wheaton, Illinois. That organization had worked closely with the red squads of big-city police departments, particularly in New York and L.A., spying on suspected sympathizers; George Wackenhut was personal friends with the League’s leaders, and was a major contributor to the group. To be sure, after giving the League its files, Wackenhut reserved the right to use them for its clients and friends.

Wackenhut had gone public in 1965 ; George Wackenhut retained 54 percent of the company. Between his salary and dividends, his annual compensation approaches $2 million a year, sufficient for him to live in a $20 million castle in Coral Gables, Florida, complete with a moat and 18 full-time servants. Today the company is the third-largest investigative security firm in the country, with offices throughout the United States and in 39 foreign countries.

It is not possible to overstate the special relationship Wackenhut enjoys with the federal government. It is close. When it comes to security matters, Wackenhut in many respects "is" the government. In 1991, a third of the company’s $600- million in revenues came from the federal government, and another large chunk from companies that themselves work for the government, such as Westinghouse.

Wackenhut is the largest single company supplying security to U.S. embassies overseas; several of the 13 embassies it guards have been in important hotbeds of espionage, such as Chile, Greece and El Salvador.

It also guards nearly all the most strategic government facilities in the U.S., including the Alaskan oil pipeline, the Hanford nuclear-waste facility, the Savannah River plutonium plant and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Wackenhut maintains an especially close relationship with the federal government in other ways as well.

While early boards of directors included such prominent personalities of the political right as Captain Eddie Rickenbacker; General Mark Clark and Ralph E. Davis, a John Birch Society leader, current and recent members of the board have included much of the country’s recent national-security directorate:
former FBI director Clarence Kelley
former Defense secretary and former CIA deputy director Frank Carlucci
former Defense Intelligence Agency director General Joseph Carroll
former U.S. Secret Service director James J. Rowley
former Marine commandant P. X. Kelley
acting chairman of President Bush’s foreign- intelligence advisory board and former CIA deputy director Admiral Bobby Ray Inman
Before his appointment as Reagan’s CIA director, the late William Casey was Wackenhut’s outside legal counsel.

The company has 30,000 armed employees on its payroll. We wanted to know more about this special relationship; but the government was not forthcoming. Repeated requests to the Department of Energy for an explanation of how one company got the security contracts for nearly all of America’s most strategic installations have gone unanswered.

Similarly, efforts to get the State Department to explain whether embassy contracts were awarded arbitrarily or through competitive bidding were fruitless; essentially, the State Department said, "Some of both."

Wackenhut’s competitors - who, understandably, asked not to be quoted by name - have their own version.
"All those contracts;" said one security-firm executive, "are just another way to pay Wackenhut for their clandestine help."
And what is the nature of that help?
"It is known throughout the industry," said retired FBI special agent William Hinshaw, "that if you want a dirty job done, call Wackenhut."
We met George Wackenhut in his swanky, muy macho offices in Coral Gables.

The rooms are paneled in a dark, rich rosewood, accented with gray-blue stone. The main office is dominated by Wackenhut’s 12-foot-long desk and a pair of chairs shaped like elephants - "Republican chairs," he calls them-complete with real tusks, which, the old man says with some amusement, tend to stick his visitors.

The highlight of the usual collection of pictures and awards is the Republican presidential exhibit: an autographed photo of Wackenhut shaking hands with George Bush (whom Wackenhut, according to a former associate, used to call "that pinko") as well as framed photos of Presidents Reagan, Nixon and Bush, each accompanied by a handwritten note.

The chairman looks every inch the comfortable Florida septuagenarian. The day we spoke, his clothing ranged across the color spectrum from baby blue to light baby blue, and he wore a lot of jewelry - a huge gold watch on a thick gold band, two massive gold rings.

But Wackenhut was, at 72, quick and tough in his responses. Near the end of our two-and-a-half hour interview, when asked if his company was an arm of the CIA, he snapped, "No!"

Of course, this may just be a matter of semantics.

We have spoken to numerous experts, including current and former CIA agents and analysts, current and former agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration and current and former Wackenhut executives and employees, all of whom have said that in the mid-197O’s, after the Senate Intelligence Committee’s revelations of the CIA’s covert and sometimes illegal overseas operations, the agency and Wackenhut grew very, very close.

Those revelations had forced the CIA to do a housecleaning, and it became CIA policy that certain kinds of activities would no longer officially be performed. But that didn’t always mean that the need or the desire to undertake such operations disappeared.

And that’s where Wackenhut came in.

Our sources confirm that Wackenhut has had a long-standing relationship with the CIA, and that it has deepened over the last decade or so. Bruce Berckmans, who was assigned to the CIA station in Mexico City, left the agency in January 1975 (putatively) to become a Wackenhut international-operations vice president.

Berckmans, who left Wackenhut in 1981, told SPY that he has seen a formal proposal George Wackenhut submitted to the CIA to allow the agency to use Wackenhut offices throughout the world as fronts for CIA activities.

Kichard Babayan, who says he was a CIA contract employee and is currently in jail awaiting trial on fraud and racketeering charges, has been cooperating with federal and congressional investigators looking into illegal shipments of nuclear-and-chemical-weapons - making supplies to Iraq.
"Wackenhut has been used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies for years," he told SPY. "When they [the CIA] need cover, Wackenhut is there to provide it for them."
Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau was said to have rebuffed Wackenhut’s effort in the 1980’s to purchase a weapons propellant manufacturer in Quebec with the remark "We just got rid of the CIA - we don’t want them back."

Phillip Agee, the left-wing former CIA agent who wrote an expose’ of the agency in 1975, told us, "I don’t have the slightest doubt that the CIA and Wackenhut overlap."

There is also testimony from people who are not convicts, renegades or Canadians.

William Corbett, a terrorism expert who spent 18 years as a CIA analyst and is now an ABC News consultant based in Europe, confirmed the relationship between Wackenhut and the agency.
"For years Wackenhut has been involved with the CIA and other intelligence organizations, including the DEA," he told SPY. "Wackenhut would allow the CIA to occupy positions within the company [in order to carry out] clandestine operations."
He also said that Wackenhut would supply intelligence agencies with information, and that it was compensated for this- "in a quid pro quo arrangement," Corbett says - with government contracts worth billions of dollars over the years.

We have uncovered considerable evidence that Wackenhut carried the CIA’s water in fighting Communist encroachment in Central America in the 1980s (that is to say, during the Reagan administration when the CIA director was former Wackenhut lawyer William Casey, the late superpatriot who had a proclivity for extralegal and illegal anti-Communist covert operations such as Iran-contra).

In 1981, Berckmans, the CIA agent turned Wackenhut vice president, joined with other senior Wackenhut executives to form the company’s Special Projects Division. It was this division that linked up with ex-CIA man John Phillip Nichols, who had taken over the Cabazon Indian reservation in California, as we described in a previous article ["Badlands," April 1992], in pursuit of a scheme to manufacture explosives, poison gas and biological weapons - and then, by virtue of the tribe’s status as a sovereign nation, to export the weapons to the contras.

This maneuver was designed to evade congressional prohibitions against the U.S. government’s helping the contras. Indeed, in an interview with SPY, Eden Pastora, the contras’ famous Commander Zero, who had been spotted at a test of some night-vision goggles at a firing range near the Cabazon reservation in the company of Nichols and a Wackenhut executive, offhandedly identified that executive, A. Robert Frye, as "the man from the CIA."

(In a subsequent conversation he denied knowing Frye at all; of course, in that same talk he quite unbelievably denied having ever been a contra.)

In addition to attempted weapons supply, Wackenhut seems to have been involved in Central America in other ways. Ernesto Bermudez who was Wackenhut’s director of international operations from 1987 to ’89, admitted to SPY that during 1985 and ’86 he ran Wackenhut’s operations in El Salvador, where he was in charge of 1,500 men.

When asked what 1 ,500 men were doing for Wackenhut in El Salvador, Bermudez replied coyly, "Things."

Pressed, he elaborated: "Things you wouldn’t want your mother to know about."

It’s worth noting that Wackenhut’s annual revenues from government contracts--the alleged reward for cooperation in the government’s clandestine activities - increased by 150 million, a 45 percent jump, while Ronald Reagan was in office.
"You’ve done an awful lot of research, George Wackenhut said to me as I was leaving. "How would you like to run all our New York operations?"
If that was the extent of Wackenhut’s possible involvement in a government agency’s attempt to circumvent the law, then we might dismiss it as an interesting footnote to the overheated, cowboy anti-Communist 1980s.

However, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida has been conducting an investigation into the illegal export of dual-use technology-that is, seemingly innocuous technology that can also be used to make nuclear weapons to Iraq and Libya. And SPY has learned that Wackenhut’s name has come up in the federal investigation, but not at present as a target.

Between 1987 and ’89, three companies in the United States received investments from an Iraqi architect named Ihsan Barbouti. The colorful Barbouti owned an engineering company in Frankfort that had a $552 million contract to build airfields in Iraq. He also admitted having designed Mu’ammar Qaddafi’s infamous German-built chemical- weapons plant in Rabta, Libya.

According to an attorney for one of the companies in which Barbouti invested, the architect owned $100 million worth of real estate and oil-drilling equipment in Texas and Oklahoma.

He may also be dead, there being reports that he died of heart failure in Hospital in London on July 1, 1990, his 63rd birthday. Barbouti, however, had faked his death once before, in 1969, after the Ba’ath takeover in Iraq which brought Saddam Hussein to power as the second-in-command. That time, Barbouti escaped Iraq; resurfacing several years later in Lebanon and Libya. There are no reports that he is living in Jordan - or, according to other reports, in a CIA safe house in Florida.

Those reports can be considered no better than rumor; what follows, though, is fact.

As reported on ABC’s "Nightline" last year, the three companies in which Barbouti invested were TK-7 of Oklahoma City, which makes a fuel additive; Pipeline Recovery Systems of Dallas, which makes an anti-corrosive chemical that preserves pipes; and Product Ingredient Technology of Boca Raton, which makes food flavorings. None of these companies was looking to do business with Iraq; Barbouti sought them out.

Why was he interested?
because TK-7 had formulas that could extend the range of jet aircraft and liquid-fueled missiles such as the SCUD
because Pipeline Recovery knows how to coat pipes to make them usable in nuclear reactors and chemical-weapons plants
because one of the by- products in making cherry flavoring is ferric ferrocyanide, a chemical that’s used to manufacture hydrogen cyanide, which can penetrate gas masks and protective clothing
Hydrogen cyanide was used by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in the Iran-Iraq war.

Barbouti was more than a passive investor, and soon he began pressuring the companies to ship not only their products but also their manufacturing technology to corporations he owned in Europe, on which, he told the businessmen, it would be sent to Libya and Iraq.

In doing so, Barbouti was attempting to violate the law.
First, the U.S. forbade sending anything to Libya, which was embargoed as a terrorist nation
Second, the U.S. specified that material of this sort must be sent to its final destination, not to an intermediate locale, where the U.S. would risk losing control of its distribution
According to former CIA contract employee Richard Babayan, in late 1989 Barbouti met in London with Ibrahim Sabawai, Saddam Hussein’s half brother and European head of Iraqi intelligence, who grew excited about the work Pipeline Recovery was doing and called for the company’s technology to be rushed to Iraq, so that it could be in place by early 1990.

And the owner of TK-7 swears that Barbouti told him he was developing an atom device for Qaddafi that would be used against the U.S. in retaliation for the 1986 U.S. air strike against Libya.

Barbouri also wanted the ferrocyanide from Product Ingredient.

Assisting Barbouti with these investments was New Orleans exporter Don Seaton, business associate of Richard Secord, the right-wing U.S. Army general turned war profiteer who was so deeply enmeshed in the Iran-contra affair.

It was Secord who connected Barbouti with Wackenhut.

Barbouti met with Secord in Florida on several occasions, and phone records show that several calls were placed from Barbouti’s office to Secord’s private number in McLean, Virginia; Secord has acknowledged knowing Barbouti. He is currently a partner of Washington businessman James Tully (who is the man who leaked Bill Clinton’s draft-dodge letter to ABC) and Jack Brennan, a former Marine Corps colonel and longtime aide to Richard Nixon both in the White House and in exile.

Brennan has gone back to the White House, where he works as a director of administrative operations in President Bush’s office. He refused to return repeated calls from SPY.

Interestingly, Brennan and Tully had previously been involved in a $181 million business deal to supply uniforms to the Iraqi army. Oddly, they arranged to have the uniforms manufactured in Nicolae Ceaucescu’s Romania.

The partners in that deal were former U.S. attorney general and Watergate felon John Mitchell and Sarkis Soghanalian, a Turkish-born Lebanese citizen.

Soghanalian, who has been credited with being Saddam Hussein’s leading arms procurer and with introducing the demonic weapons inventor Gerald Bull to the Iraqis, is currently serving a six-year sentence in federal prison in Miami for the illegal sale of 103 military helicopters to Iraq.

According to former Wackenhut agent David Ramirez, the company considered Soghanalian "a very valuable client."

Unfortunately for Barbouti, none of the companies in which he made investments was willing to ship its products or technology to his European divisions. That, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t get some of what he wanted.

In 1990, 2,000 gallons of ferrocyanide were found to be missing from the cherry-flavor factory in Boca Raton. Where it went is a mystery; Peter Kawaja, who was the head of security for all of Barbouti’s U.S. investments, told SPY,
"We were never burglarized, but that stuff didn’t walk out by itself."
What does all this have to do with Wackenhut?

Lots: According to Louis Champon, the owner of Product Ingredient Technology, it was Wackenhut that guarded his Boca Raton plant, a fact confirmed by Murray Levine, a Wackenhut vice president.

Champon also says, and Wackenhut also confirms, that the security for the plant consisted of one unarmed guard. While a Wackenhut spokesperson maintains that this was the only job they were doing for Barbouti, he also says that they were never paid, that Barbouti stiffed them.

This does not seem true. SPY has obtained four checks from Barbouti to Wackenhut. All were written within ten days in 1990:
one on March 27 for $168.89
one on March 28 for $24,828.07
another on April 5 for $756
the last on April 6 for $40,116.25
We asked Richard Kneip, Wackenhut’s senior vice president for corporate planning, to explain why a single guard was worth $66,000 a year; Kneip was at a loss to do so. He was similarly at a loss to explain a fifth check, from another Barbouti company to Wackenhut’s travel-service division in 1987, almost two years before Wackenhut has acknowledged providing security for the Boca Raton plant .

Two former CIA operatives, separately interviewed, have the explanation.

Charles Hayes, who describes himself as "a CIA asset " says Wackenhut was helping Barbouti ship chemicals to Iraq.
"Supplying Iraq was originally a good idea," he maintains, "but then it got out of hand. Wackenhut was just in it for the money."
Richard Babayan the former CIA contract employee, confirmed Hayes’s account.

He says that Wackenhut’s relationship with Barbouti existed before the Boca Raton plant opened:
"Barbouti was placed in the hands of Secord by the CIA, and Secord called in Wackenhut to handle security and travel and protection for Barbouti and his export plans."
Wackenhut, Babayan says was working for the CIA in helping Barbouti ship the chemical-and-nuclear-weapons-making equipment first to Texas, then to Chicago, and then to Baltimore to be shipped overseas.

All of which makes the story of the midnight convoy ride of David Ramirez, recounted at the beginning of this article rather less mysterious. SPY has learned that this shipment is now the subject of a joint USDA-Customs investigation.

When we asked George Wackenhut what was being shipped from Eagle Pass to Chicago, the sharp, straightforward chairman at first claimed they were protecting an unnamed executive. He then directed an aide to get back to me.

Two days later, Richard Kneip did, repeating the tale that had been passed on to David Ramirez - that the trucks contained food stamps. We told him that we had spoken to a Department of Agriculture official, who informed us that food stamps are shipped from Chicago to outlying areas, never the other way around, and that food stamps, unlike money, are used once and then destroyed.

All Kneip would say then was, "We do not reveal the names of our clients."

Wackenhut’s connection to the CIA and to other government agencies raises several troubling questions:
First, is the CIA using Wackenhut to conduct operations that it has been forbidden to undertake?
Second, is the White House or some other party in the executive branch working through Wackenhut to conduct operations that it doesn’t want Congress to know about?
Third, has Wackenhut’s cozy relationship with the government given it a feeling of security-or worse, an outright knowledge of sensitive or embarrassing information-that allows the company to believe that it can conduct itself as though it were above the law?
A congressional investigation into Wackenhut’s activities in the Alyeska affair last November began to shed some light on Wackenhut’s way of doing business; clearly it’s time for Congress to investigate just how far Wackenhut’s other tentacles extend.

The #1 institutional stockholder is Britain’s Barclays Global Investors International (a key member of the Committee of 300).

Other top stockholders (as if 03/31/01) include:
Zurich Scudder
Goldman Sachs
Merrill Lynch
Deutsche Bankers Trust

And top purchasers (for the quarter ending 03/31/01) included:
Nomura Securities
Harvard University
Ohio State Public Employees Retirement System

Monday 24 October 2016

Let's have Permanent Revival

Facebook :Two studies on Revival by Chris Welch

Revival: Your choice Church

You can covenant together , or one individual over a longer period....and literally invoke the rain of God over a locality.
This was practiced in England and the UK in roughly 50 year intervals from the 1600s. !850 was quite a big outbreak, then groups met together in Wales over 50 years and this time was a huge national one, the last big one in the UK.
Elijah also believed for a "big event" and after 3 years got it. There was drought,and then at his prayer surrounded by priests of Baal, the fire of God fell followed by rain.
"The Big Event" way of working is mirrored by Jesus and the first big catch of fish.
Like Elijah freaking the disciples with the breaking nets, no coordination or unity, everyone after their own agenda....the nets broke and fish escaped.
Now in Wales, the attitude and hardness of heart after the revival in the 20th Century led to a state worse than the first.
You want the blistering revival.....OK you shall have it.
The earth was given to the sons of men.
We decide (God has stated) what happens here.
DO we actually build the KIngdom ??
which in Nehemiah's day and for our Jesus MOVE too...has been to completely rebuild the 12 Jerusalem walls and gates.
Or for Jesus, it meant building 12 LIVES over 3 and half years to form the LIVING PILLARS of this new thing on earth called REDEEMED COMMUNITY.....something that the Jesus Move tapped into in prototype form
All we knew was the Holy Spirit
The New Covenant
Breaking bread round each other's houses
Sharing Jesus continually
finding real disciplers with Jesus heart (see psalm 84) and not "BUILD THE BIGGEST STONE BUILDING ON EARTH" agenda folk like David Yongghi Cho to his initial shame. (Nearly threw himself out of a window)
Having all the walls in place in the Spirit
Having all the Pillars in place....real thirdlevellers
and unlike Wales....when the only guy there who knew how to run meetings in the Melchizedek order face down, was blown out in exhaustion....
and the "wonderful" teachers of the Law came in like in Galatians and killed the whole national revival stone dead.
"What the Revival lacked was teaching"
Listen thirdlevellers teach in the Spirit....prophesy in the connecting with the Melchizedek Order they get administrative directions straight from Jesus Christ.....
But you don't get thirdlevellers without a whole load of Psalm 110 Volunteering......and Psalm 24 SEEKING the face of God for Himself and not "Big WORKS" and "BIG EXPLOSIONS"
God Does Do the Big Stuff....but like the second FISH CATCH...this time it is in context.
The 12 disciples are broken individuals, being made whole in Christ. They cooordinate....they all help land the amazing fish haul.
It's easier if we believe what Jesus actually says, and let Him build everything!!!!! It's like He knows what He is doing or something!!!!

Sunday 23 October 2016

Message to Adobe regarding their new Stock Photo Services

Chris Welch on Facebook
Message for Adobe trying to reach out to new consumers in their.Adobe stock plan.
Your.advert reaches only those who are already inside the secret esoteric club known as artist and photographer.
Most of us Google.for.low.res. images.
We.'re not in the illustrator club.
We don't really know wwho Adobe is apart from the low end of Photoshop or Elements, and many of us.are.still on weedy clip art. I myself use Xara because I date from the time when Adobe lost me as a consumer because.of their £400 or.nothing days, so I got into Xara which was always infinitely faster and superior in certain ways......certainly enough for me to survive as a layman outside the cultural planet known as Adobe.
Your ad wants me to sign in in order to properly see the advert and to see.what you are offering. So I was.going to give this feedback to your contact us page......but I can't because.apparently I have to sign in to even speak to you. Maybe you have earned the right for this behaviour among the esoteric club of artist, in the same.way that Steve Job did with his Macs. But I am an artist - type......less visual and more.musical......who never had the money to be able to talk to you, so you lost me to Xara,and now that you dare reach out to a wider audience with the Stock Art Programme you are doing it again. To even read your ad properly and learn anything about the way you esoteric illustrators behave .....basically this whole.foreign cultural world.....which many don't know if they want anything to do.with may be way too are expecting us to sign in first.
This s like showroom manager locking his doors to all who haven't given their email, but they won't give their email if they're not sure enough that the cars he or she sells are even what they are interested in.
Now I would have put this quietly in your inbox.....but you wouldn't even let that, so I put it here. Adobe is for professional geeks only and "stuff reaching anybody else!!!!!"
But I thought that was the point of the Facebook Ad drive? Somebody outside the car showroom needs to gesticulate madly through the empty showroom windows, beside the locked entrance door.

3 Qaiser Bhatti, Aristarchus Gaius and Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I gave up on Photoshop when I discovered Pixlr & how I could do in one click what Photoshop would take me 10 to 30 minutes plus futzing & jiggling... I'm not a professional digital artist, of course, but as a visual artist even I find the eliteism annoying. It's like old computer programming languages that nobody uses anymore but the good old boys club grinds on not realizing that the commercial world has left them behind...

Saturday 15 October 2016

Nothing is as you think - USA and UK described legally- Nicole Terry.


Essays explaining what has happened to this World

By: Nicole Terry PH: 717-497-5231

The documents listed below, plus hundreds more and numerous Essays explaining what has happened to this World are available on Disks for FREE. The documents are not secret. They are all on the Public Record. All of the Cases and Documents listed below are on the Disks so you can see them for yourself. Just contact me (Nicole Terry) and I will be glad to send them to you.

What would happen to someone who played a major role in the discovery and publication of the following facts?

1. The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.)

2. The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)

3. The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921. (41 Stat. Ch.214 pg. 654)

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg. 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288)

5. The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States. No more reorganizations. After over 200 years of operating under bankruptcy its finally over. (Executive Order 12803) Do not personate one of the creditors or share holders or you will go to Prison.18 U.S.C. 914

6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the United States government. Even though the "US Government" held shares of stock in the various Agencies. (U.S. V. Strang , 254 US 491, Lewis v. US, 680 F.2d, 1239)

7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF. The Application for a Social Security Number is the SS5 form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 not the Social Security Administration. The new SS5 forms do not state who or what publishes them, the earlier SS5 forms state that they are Department of the Treasury forms. You can get a copy of the SS5 you filled out by sending form SSA-L996 to the SS Administration. (20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2) Read the cites above)

8. There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat. 138-178)

9. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1Stat. 138-178) 10. According to the GATT you must have a Social Security number. House Report (103-826)

11. We have One World Government, One World Law and a One World Monetary System. (Get the Disks)

12. The UN is a One World Super Government. (Get the Disks)

13. No one on this planet has ever been free. This planet is a Slave Colony. There has always been a One World Government. It is just that now it is much better organized and has changed its name as of 1945 to the United Nations. (Get the Disks)

14. New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that "New York City was the capital of the World" and he was correct. (20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2)

15. Social Security is not insurance or a contract, nor is there a Trust Fund. (Helvering v. Davis 301 US 619, Steward Co. V. Davis 301 US 548.)

16. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF which is an Agency of the UN. (Look at it if you receive one. It should have written on the top left United States Treasury.)

17. You own no property, slaves can't own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)

18. The most powerful court in America is not the United States Supreme Court but, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (42 Pa.C.S.A. 502)

19. The Revolutionary War was a fraud. See (22, 23 and 24) 20. The King of England financially backed both sides of the Revolutionary war. (Treaty at Versailles July 16, 1782, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80)

21. You can not use the Constitution to defend yourself because you are not a party to it. (Padelford Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Alderman of The City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

22. America is a British Colony. (THE UNITED STATES IS A CORPORATION, NOT A LAND MASS AND IT EXISTED BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE BRITISH TROOPS DID NOT LEAVE UNTIL 1796.) Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, The Society for Propagating the Gospel, &c. V. New Haven 8 Wheat 464, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774.)

23. Britain is owned by the Vatican. (Treaty of 1213)

24. The Pope can abolish any law in the United States. (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol.1 53-54)

25. A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain. (IRS Publication 6209)

26. The Pope claims to own the entire planet through the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493)

27. The Pope has ordered the genocide and enslavement of millions of people.(Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493)

28. The Popes laws are obligatory on everyone. (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844)(Syllabus, prop 28, 29, 44)

29. We are slaves and own absolutely nothing not even what we think are our children.(Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten v. Van Koten 154 N.E. 146, Senate Document 43 & 73rd Congress 1st Session, Wynehammer v. People 13 N.Y. REP 378, 481)

30. Military Dictator George Washington divided the States (Estates) into Districts. (Messages and papers of the Presidents Vo 1, pg. 99. Webster's 1828 dictionary for definition of Estate.)

31." The People" does not include you and me. (Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore. 32 U.S. 243)

32. The United States Government was not founded upon Christianity. (Treaty of Tripoli 8 Stat 154.)

33. It is not the duty of the police to protect you. Their job is to protect the Corporation and arrest code breakers. Sapp v. Tallahasee, 348 So. 2nd. 363, Reiff v. City of Philadelphia, 477 F.Supp. 1262, Lynch v. N.C. Dept of Justice 376 S.E. 2nd. 247.

34. Everything in the "United States" is For Sale: roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water, prisons airports etc. I wonder who bought Klamath lake. Did anyone take the time to check? (Executive Order 12803)

35. We are Human capital. (Executive Order 13037)

36. The UN has financed the operations of the United States government for over 50 years and now owns every man, women and child in America. The UN also holds all of the Land in America in Fee Simple. (Get the Disks for the Essay and Documents.)

37. The good news is we don't have to fulfill "our" fictitious obligations. You can discharge a fictitious obligation with another's fictitious obligation. (Get the Disks)

38. The depression and World War II were a total farce. The United States and various other companies were making loans to others all over the World during the Depression. The building of Germanys infrastructure in the 1930's including the Railroads was financed by the United States. That way those who call themselves "Kings," "Prime Ministers," and "Furor."etc could sit back and play a game of chess using real people. Think of all of the Americans, Germans etc. who gave their lives thinking they were defending their Countries which didn't even exist. The millions of innocent people who died for nothing. Isn't it obvious why Switzerland is never involved in these fiascoes? That is where the "Bank of International Settlements" is located.Wars are manufactured to keep your eye off the ball. You have to have an enemy to keep the illusion of "Government" in place. (Get the Disks and see the Documents for yourself.)

39. The "United States" did not declare Independence from Great Britain or King George. (Get the Disks for Documents and Essay.)

40. Guess who owns the UN? The disks have many more cites including Hundreds of Documents to verify the 40 statements above and numerous other facts. The Disks also include numerous Essays written by Stephen Ames and several other people that fully explain the 40 above mentioned facts. The Disks will clear up any confusion and answer any questions that you may have. The cites listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Also included on the Disks are several hundred legal definitions because without them it is next to impossible for the non-lawyer to understand many of the Documents. Simple words such as "person" "citizen" "people" "or" "nation" "crime" "charge" "right" "statute" "preferred" "prefer" "constitutor" "creditor" "debtor" "debit" "discharge" "payment" 'law" "United States" etc, do not mean what most of us think because we were never taught the legal definitions of the proceeding words. The illusion is much larger than what is cited above.

There is no use in asking an Attorney about any of the above because: "His first duty is to the courts...not to the client." U.S.v Franks D.C.N.J. 53F.2d 128. "Clients are also called "wards of the court" in regard to their relationship with their attorneys."Spilker v. Hansin, 158 F.2d 35, 58U.S.App.D.C. 206. Wards of court. Infants and persons of unsound mind. Davis Committee v. Lonny, 290 Ky. 644, 162 S.W.2d 189, 190. Did you get that? An Attorneys first duty is not to you and when you have an Attorney you are either considered insane or an infant.

The United States is still a British Colony
The Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!

Monday 10 October 2016

Discipleship methods in recent history

Kim Ilene was sharing about some rather controlling behaviour with Torben Sondergaard on the question of discipleship patterns. Sometimes it's good to look at the larger picture

Sunday 9 October 2016

Kingdom Portals

Billy Graham had a set sequence using Cliff Barrows and the singers as warmup people. Songs , well known hymns.
Now, it's always difficult to tell if the media response is genuine or just masonic-Luciferian posing as "concerned". You should know Time Editor Henry Luce was a Freemason in the pocket of family Rockefeller and very influential in crafting the first big attacks on fundamentalism in America. Then you have the ACLU like Liberty in England, which, posing as agents of freedom, attack anything Christian that moves and breathes unless it is Jesuit and dead as a corpse.
So this "manoeuvre" of Billy Graham began to be seen as hackneyed, dishonest,
Once humans hit on a system they tend to keep using it, and in the worst cases manipulate with it.
But the positive vewpoint is....
to create a Kingdom portal we have been instructed how we do it.
"I will enter His Gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise."
We recognize music as the interface in our materialistic reality with heaven. King David just had to strum a bit and King Saul's demons quietened down.
The Kingdom of Darkness has portals. That's why programmers use mirrors. It's why fortunetellers use crystal balls. It seems to be the underlying reason....forget the Higgs boson...why the Illuminati have pressed for 13 billion dollars to build Cern right smack on a former Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddon centre at Pouilly France.
Jesus has portals. They are called local churches. Believers gathering in the Name of Jesus where He says He comes to be in the midst.
It would stand to reason in the enemies attacks against "that which will prevail against the gates of the enemy"....
that the devil's primary goal is to shut church down.
1. He invaded the entire Kingdom, Jesus says in His parable with rogue seed.
2. So for every born again child of God, there is alongside someone mouthing the same stuff without ever having a born again experience.
3. All seminaries have been infitrated by Jesuit "scholars" posing as Higher critics purporting to explain away every miracle of God in the Bible.
4. These same "agents" frequent evangelicalism and steer evangelicals away from baptism in the Spirit.
5. In Holy Spirit circles they encourage the people to veer off towards "the godless mystical", the "third eye", Eastern religions, meditation...but NOT on God's Word...."because it can't be trusted"
5.1 John breaks down the test for all demonic spirits, which is the refusal to acknowledge Jesus came as God in the flesh.
The agents of Darkness are used continually to attack
God coming in the flesh in Jesus
the possibility of Jesus coming again in the flesh which is central to thirdlevel teaching
and the attacks are against the value of the Body death and Blood being shed by Jesus Christ. The reason being these are the hinge, the cornerstone of the coming Kingdom. They are the foundation of the PORTAL of the Kingdom of heaven and believers gathering in Jesus Name.
Catholics will say....ah....but the Mass is central to our believing.
The Mass is Christ being offered up again weekly as a "work" in order to "get to heaven". John 4 and Galatians 2.20 make it clear if everybody on earth was believing correctly UPON the one time sacrifice, and walking in that faith....
you have no need to enter a building or location nor to say "the Kingdom is Lo Here or lo there", but instead is NIGH YOU even in your mouth.
Neither here in Samaria says Jesus, nor in Jerusalem shall people worship me...but those that worship Me shall worship in Spirit and Truth.
The pots and pans shall cry holy to the Lord
Surely as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Saturday 8 October 2016


I did various blogs on this. The Red Arrows. Mother Basilea Schlink and Rees Howells and Norman Grubb.
It's true in Darkness as well. In fact Freemasonry and esoteric orders often fake their own deaths, which is why Elvis, and various others may just be around. Who knows?
What am I talking about?
My son Ben was talking about it to me today. The fact that yes there are particular skills that reach world top world football players. Formula 1 champions.
But what about Rally Champions? British Touring Cars?
Ben has brushed past some of the top skilled autochampions on earth at Goodwood. One was coming out of the toilets.
But some of the auto events are STILL off piste. They ARE on dedicated Sky auto channels....but outside this nobody, nobody at all has heard of them....but because Ben HAS....and before he acted in Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 as LEAD....he was socially he personally was far too STARSTRUCK to even ask for a signature.
As I wrote on my blog, who is going to ever recognise a RED ARROWS stunt pilot in Tescos or Wallmart as they push their trolleys?
What about in the Christian world?
Here's a weird weird thing. You can read more about it in the Visions of Annie Miller. (Ed Miller's daughter)
So here's the shocker!!!
Think of the most famous Christians currently hotly pursued on the Conference circuit?
Because I was effectively chucked out from these realms...unless I watch God TV, I actually don't know who they are so I tend to speak about the old names....Benny Hinn...Kenneth Copeland , Peter Wagner, Ayo Oritsejafor
Heidi Baker is interesting, because she is somwhere in transit between what I am talking about.
It's like soldiers and commanders...then the SAS
Here's the thing......the really big big ministries are only what St John calls YOUNG MAN Level.
because to become famous, you have to be appreciated....but to be appreciated you have to be understood....and because nobody "gets" the's off their wavelength.....
Possibly Heidi is on the way
Possibly Colin Urquart is on the way
THIRDLEVEL means powerful with God.
Kind of a hidden ministry that is hugely responsible for what really is going on.
Sadhu Sundhar Singh reported that he met a man called to interceed for the earth who was actually born in Africa in the late 1600s, and he was hidden away in the Tibetan mountains. When Singh met him he was 300. Some even say he went off to join him.
Rees Howells got brief mention in the newspapers when he announced the victory over Hitler about 2 years too soon. That's when Rees got the victory in the Spirit. Rees had a Welsh Bible College. He died young after the effort of the World War II intercession. But his college spawned 2 giants in the same bedroom. Bryn Jones, who was one of the main leaders behind the awesome Dales Bible Weeks and other Bible Weeks. Please....he did a lot more...but I was reflecting today what key Melchizedek events these were for our agegroup in the 70s.
Rees spawned Rheinhard Bonnke who with Cfan has led millions in Africa to Jesus Christ.
Anybody heard of Rees Howells? Only intercessors.
John Wimber was big in the 80s. But he speaks of an old farmer he used to go to. Bet you anything you like he was a thirdleveller.
When I arrived with other youth to spend time listening to Basilea Schlink...hopefully for a full month staying in their Darmstadt Sisterhood (and little brotherhood!!!!! The Nun's dresses didn't suit me!!! LOL) my disappointment and anger!!! was that Basilea had just upped and left to pray and interceed. I thought....hey hold on!!! This is my summer holiday. I gave up usual British stuff to hear Basilea and she had just upped and disappeared.
two or three weeks later (can't remember much...1974, I was 16)
she came back.
One of the greatest dangers at that time alluded to in Jung Chang's biography of Mao, was that having starved half his people, and saved and saved money he was now about amassing his troops on the borders ready to swoop on Europe. Basilea had somehow heard of this and went away to pray against it.
Ofcourse nobody else has ever heard of it. I am glad it is in Jung Chang's book. But literally as a one woman army, just like Rees Howells with the three wartime dictators, she went right before the Throne and paralysed Mao's operation. Next thing we know, Kissinger,Nixon and Mao are all having Freemason tea together....only that they were all in the same thing , ofcourse, wasn't known to us then.
Who has heard of Schlink? Only some Christians.
Now Jesus was amazing because He was able to move at the superficial multitude level
He was able to further instruct about 120
but ofcourse He was really working with 12 and particularly 3.
But you know what?
All the really thirdlevel stuff He was doing
The stuff behind the scenes on the Cross....
wouldn't even be known to us in scriptures but for the updates St Paul received from His heavenly encounters with Jesus Christ.
We wouldn't know HOW Jesus stripped powers and principalities
We wouldn't know how Jesus included us in His own death
We wouldn't know how intercession the |Philippians sense of a downward trail from glory to the Cross....and that this is indeed standard intercessory stuff, being made into the dung of the earth on behalf of others.....
a sequence St Paul then mastered for himself as he trailed a blaze across Asia Minor.....which the Illuminati are still trying to obliterate in this day 2000 years later.
THIRDLEVEL isn't just SAS powerful
THIRDLEVEL isn't just RED ARROWS powerful
The reason Jesus brothers couldn't begin to believe in Jesus is that His front cover was so so so normal. Isaiah says nothing about His outer form or activities stood out at all.
Jesus said Greater things than these shall you do.
And regularly you get bozos on Facebook saying since Jesus raised people from the dead, then the only thing greater is to get more resurrections.
NO NO NO NO you absolutle ignoramuses.
Jesus sad to us His followers
Whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven
Whatsoever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven
Who did the binding and loosing in the heavenlies???
Jesus. The Lamb slain.
Now He is going into action.
He the Head.
We the Body.
No No No...we're not going to be giving life to a few human bodies.
The Body Of Christ is going to BID all that will to COME and DRINK
Revelation 22
The Body of Christ is going to terminate the work of the devil in every nation on earth
The Body of Christ is going to be involved in a Psalm 24 Operation to Raise up and Lift up all the Ancient spiritual Doors and Boundaries and welcome the King of Gl;ory Back
A few dead bodies raised....NOTHING
Good job Jesus totally ignores the Facebook Christian BOZO school of human doctrines!!!!!
SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY....even if it isn't very English behaviour !!!!

Friday 7 October 2016

God's Norm for the Church

Understand we have limited doctrinal understanding but Life mercilessly sorts through us at levels so far untracked by any communities. If you searched out those in the Romford community 40 years on, like all communities everywhere you will find a handful that maybe have joined each other again and are more or less on the same wavelength but most will have been subject to the Life winnowing principle of " one is taken the other left" Sometimes as I said two weeks ago.... It is the community that has short circuited and stagnated.... Sometimes as Paul wrote.... It is genuinely a case of" but they went out from us and are no longer walking with us." Mostly we see a Moses or a Paul or the Desert Fathers being taken off somewhere for their " finishing" school. Emphasis on finishing. But Gods norm is Revelation 12..... That one generation of Spirit Church.....Woman.... Overshadow and bring forth the next ManChild, ready for the next wine skin.
The Church is like Araldite..... It's a two part system at all times.... It is simultaneously the Woman that gives birth and also the Jesus being brought forth . It's crazy talk humanly but in the Spirit this just is so. For other heavenly pictures of Spirit operations read the vision books of Ed Millers daughter Annie Miller.

Forget Kerosene lamps in thirdworld countries

Use A Potato To Keep Your Room Lit For Over A Month
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Look, I love potatoes. Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, french fries, chips… you name it, I’ll eat it. They’re absolutely delicious. Perhaps they’re not the healthiest but they do have their share of nutrients. Potatoes contain vitamin C and D, as well as minerals such as calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium. Not too shabby! This starchy tuberous crop is also easily accessible for most people, relatively inexpensive, and easily stored for months! But if you’re still a potato hater, here’s some news that will turn your world upside-down: the humble potato can be used to produce enough electricity to keep a room lit for over a month! That’s right… potato power is a thing!
Haim Rabinowitch is a professor of science and agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Rabinowitch and his team figured out a way to transform a potato into a surprisingly powerful battery. Apparently, a raw potato can produce power on its own but after boiling it for eight minutes, it produces ten times that amount. It should be noted that the potato itself isn’t an actual energy source. By attaching two metals to the potato, a chemical reaction takes place that allows energy to be released.

The full potato battery kit consists of a potato, two metal electrodes and alligator clips. With this kit, Rabinowitch proved that a potato could be used to provide a room with LED-powered lighting for as long as 40 days! Considering that potatoes are one of the world’s most abundant food crop, this is an amazing development for supplying power in poor and underdeveloped regions!

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Thursday 6 October 2016

Cure Cancer in 24 hours - David Vose on Youtube

Cancer cure: 

  • after 5 minutes tumour bruised
  • 24 hours goes black
  • 2 -3 days scabs
  • 7 days scab falls off

Emmanuel and the Kingdom Nigh Part Two

There is no in crowd. There is just God going on. God developing His human self and growing Himself in them. Jesus said I am the Vine and you are the branches. When He said this, and the very inflection of His voice would have carried the meaning if the disciples could.hear at that point......which they couldn't.........somewhere at the base of.their agenda was Yahshua Mahsheach conquering ruler, and reinstalling kingdom to Israel from Roman rule.......nope they weren't yet in hearing mode.
Neither are you I suspect.
When Jesus says the Vine and you are the branches.......does your hearing still read that as
I am the Vine and you are the minions.....??? you hear it as Jesus meant it.......
I am the Vine.......trunk and branches the whole thing and you are Christ the branches?
People get angry with me talking about a third growth stage, a thirdlevel to this Christianity thing. Well blame Apostle John in 1John 2. Is he writing about an in crowd?
Nope. There isn't one. There is just God going on. It takes three whole levels to catch it inwardly. Before we catch it it doesn't make it any less true. Just because a baby can't relate to you about what its synapses are doing in its brain as they multiply at the fastest rate, doesn't mean it isn't so!!!
Why not the charismatic move Chris......surely that's the ultimate? Well if.I pressed you.for what they teach.........would you.say......Union? Would you say Jesus total vine teaching? Or would you.say they were more caught up with signs and wonders and anointing?
By the confession of our own mouths are we known. And Charismatics continually confess Jesus out there somewhere and they are the little minion branches crying out More Lord More.Lord, as if they are unattached orphaned branches.
But Jesus says........if you are a cut off branch you can't bear any fruit. But by this He didn't mean to fast and pray that your little branch be attached again........HE MEANT.......SEE YOURSELF ALREADY IN........I AM THE WHOLE VINE NOW........THE TRUNK AND THE BRANCHES......YOU ARE RIGHT NOW THE CHRIST BRANCHES !!!! Why are you struggling?
The Kingdom is not Lo over here........with you crying endlessly. More Lord.over here please.
GALATIANS 2.20 is now true of you.
There is no in crowd. There is only God going on.
Or if there is an in crowd.........