Thursday 30 November 2017

Meghan Markle's Forehead, and why Britain Breaks God's Heart

Britain breaks God's heart continually. We disobey Proverbs 3 all our lives by trusting in our own insight. We throw ourselves into nothing. We are as far from St Peter as Australians are from us. Choosing this cautious, bury our talent in the ground walk......
we barely took up Magna Carta. The world ascribes it to us, but as David Starkey's book shows, it barely barely got anywhere.
The second proof your honour, is the way we run democracy. We have left Royalty, while preserving it, and preserving the unmerited "to the manor born aristocracy".
In a Christian country it does slow down antichristian efforts and perhaps that is why God allows it, but it's nowhere near democracy. It's another British half hearted decision.
Communism banned Christianity. Britain neither accepts Christianity, nor bans it.
Any church who is Biblical in any way whatsoever, historical Britain bans from immediate access,and prevents their members from entrance to the main universities,putting their churches 100 yards minimum off the main thoroughfare. You may remember that is why those who are not freemasons left Britain for America in the first place. (The freemasons were the other contingent)
Britain tars everything "Biblical" with the phrase Non Conformist. (Biblical adult baptism,Biblical plurality of eldership,Biblical  baptism in the Spirit, Biblical evangelism). Anglicanism isnt really a Biblical sect, but a subsection of the last dying sobs of the Roman Empire, and its sudden uptake of Christianity in its pagan mix of rite and Christian philosophy, called Catholicism around 250 AD.
But one thing or the other, again Britain doesn't make stands. It lives from cautious insight and hedging bets, which is as far from real faith as infant baptism is from the Bible version.
Next, Europe.
Only 4 percent more voted to leave Europe. This shows again, not having a whole hearted approach to living, people barely investigated Europe's freemasonic cunning plans, and so hardly merit the fruit of making the right decision, at least while Europe is a non representative, Brussels -led Luciferian enterprise bringing in the dreams of Alice Bailey and David Springer. But Brexit people wont know that because that isnt why they left.
Really Britain deserves to go down the plughole with the rest of Europe and experience things full on. This way they are barely ready for the enormous efforts at rebuilding our productivity and survival techniques.
You can't get anything more British, intellectual, and cautious than tapping Meghan Markle's forehead with a drop of water and calling that Christian baptism. No, that is Anglicans being whole hearted.

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Have you Upgraded your operating system yet? Covenant 2.0 available now.

Put simply, if you are trying to run the product "Christ's New Creation Life" in operating system Covenant 1.0 the two systems are highly incompatible.
If you havent yet downloaded Covenant 2.0 operating system from central authority then hardly any of the new features will work for you.
This new system works entirely within the Blood of Christ
"This is the New Covenant in My Blood", and it does not work in the old Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil operating system.
One of the main new systems is the Cross. The Cross which is a quantum operation outside all time but fixed on earth 2000 years ago, is the hinge on which the whole new operating system works.
You were always spirit, inside a body clothed with soul, but a complete death had to occur because the original God breathed power source was contaminated by Satan's spirit.
Rather than try and unravel it and improve it, the decision was taken in the Trinity, just to kill it, and recreate a completely new spirit identity, this time totally hidden and therefore impenetrable in God Himself.
Your life is hidden (Greek interwoven , enmeshed) with Christ in God.Colossians 3.3
Because of the way I AM operates outside all time, actually this was still so in a kind of way in the Old Testament.
So ity is that the Hebrew for wait upon God to rise like eagles...
wait here also means exactly the same kinds of image as "hidden /interwoven " with Christ.
In the Radiochemical industry there is a protocol for handling radioactive substances, with lead rubber arms and special suits.
As Jesus stated, the protocol for dealing with these Extremely Holy New Covenantal features without falling dead instantly,
is by using the Blood of Jesus as a barrier, and by developing your usage of a completely new suit as described in Ephesians 6. Jesus way of describing the process was to lay down all forms of Covenant 1.0 system praying,
no more heaping up of words and liturgies to somehow "win God over".....
to leave all that "orphan " existence behind
and draw near through the Blood of Jesus.
You now go inside where your new created spirit and new operating system 2.0 is and meet freely with your Father in secret,
all the while shutting out all remnants of the previous system
The old ways of praying
The old Law of sin and judgment
of sin and death
and now engaging through the completely ripped veil.

Covenant 2.0 operating system is available through baptism in the Holy Spirit based entirely on the merits of the work and Person of Jesus Christ, who came and installed the new operating system Himself on the earth.
After the beta master copy was rolled out and roadtested for 33 years, the Father confirmed it was reliable twice once in Jordan and once at a special Operating system 2,0 Open exhibition on the Mount of Transfiguration. This is when three disciples and two Old Operating system saints got to inspect it "under the hood", and they were all very excited about its new potential.
Finally in the Upper Room, all the testing procedures were finished and it was declared Satan Proof, and then the new mass reproduction system spun into action, involving the death of the beta version on the Cross.

Three days later the full beta tested copy was rolled out in new packaging and tested on material walls, which it was able to easily pass through.

Initially the first instalment of the new operating system has been distributed to all who desire by the Holy Spirit on and after the Day of Pentecost.

The equivalent of a kind of electrical power supply was turned on by the Father to mark the new High Priestly role of Jesus Christ, the first Man in heaven. The new operating system is based entirely on the Person of Jesus Christ being made resident inside all individuals everywhere.

For the last hundred years , after the best part of two thousand years of neglect, the first aspects of this New Covenant system has been distributed with renewed fervour from the early 1900s.

I was involved heavily with other distribution agents in rolling out the first part of this new operating system 2.0 as new download centres called local churches in 1973 onwards.
We hadn't received all the instruction manual in its new updated form, so the new download centres were highly beta in nature, containing lots of the new, but a whole lot of Covenant 1.0 as well.

It is hoped after an extended training course lasting several years on the internet, that a new generation of more skilled distibution agents will better form download centres all over the globe , just as we did from 1973 onwards.

The main updates include, but are not exhaustive:
*Fresh understanding of how all inclusive Covenant 2.0 is
That it really can be operated by small and great , simple and clever, old and young, male and female and Jew and Gentile

* Fresh Power

* A whole lot better basis on which to relate and deal with problems

* that the system really doesnt have anything to do with human might and armies, nor clever clever intellectual colleges but that it is entirely managed first and foremost "by My Spirit " says the Lord

* That the system comes with its own Systems Development engineer, the Holy Spirit. He provides each and everyone with the necessary tools

* That the system comes with its own Cloud based Melchizedek Order and Psalm 123 Viewing area

* Covenant 2.0 works equally well in the download centres as well as in all aspects of life.

The new system has as its product guarantee and everlasting warranty
"His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness."

If there is any problem in making the product work, the System Writer promises to write it upon our very it functions automatically...

if there is still a problem
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness

Although our spirits are instantly made right in the first download, "setting our mind on the Spirit" and this new operating system guarantees that all our previous code still in existence is completely rewritten.
You can read about its existence here in Ezekiel 8.10
And in the Parable of the Sower and the Seed, and the pure soil.

We are hoping to install new download centres all over the earth.

Lucifer in church?

Some of you know that I was thrown out physically from what was a "good church". Emsworth Christian Church.....probably culminating in the "glory" conference of 1984 after Ian McCulloch had spent time fasting in a caravan on Winsley and getting a whole new direction on "glory", what I would call the thirdlevel, or the Shekinah glory aspect of the thirdlevel.
What you don't know are these surrounding facts

  • Maeve who had led Bono to the Lord, brought a picture of a bowl of fruit going off.
  • Sally Prideaux  (the one a few posts back  who had been converted then LEFT QUICKLY out of Children of God Sect in the early 70s) had a picture of me stepping out of the swimming pool onto the side and walking away never to return. This is a lovely picture similar to Bethsaida  when Jesus says to the cripple in the charismatic you want to hang around waiting for an Angel or do you want ME. Which is another aspect of the thirdlevel
  • There used to be prayer meetings in the yard at Winsley and either here, or as I was led to march round the property 7 times during the time  immediately before they threw me out....I was aware of a huge octopus spider type strength with its tentacles/legs over the whole church
  • Telltale  was the fact that when the current grace doctrines that are now commonplace here, from Romans were being shared, very very few of us went to Brighton to hear more. This was mid 80s

Then after this in Havant church 2002-12  I was really conscious that so little of the praise and worship was going anywhere.  It's like there was a ceiling , and so rarely did the church push through.
So now, understanding that the only safe place, the only safe place....
is the secret place of the Most High
the thirdlevel
the Holiest Place BEYOND the altar of incense
or in Jewish Feast terms  BEYOND the Day of Atonement and into Tabernacles

And that any church that halfheartedly sings praise songs without real connection with Jesus  is now so liable to being diverted by the Fallen worship leader himself.

Hear this  talk

So What's Paul's point about 1 Corinthians 12?

Answer - Chris Welch
The Church is the Word and the progress of Word.
The parable of the sower shows the progress of Word. It shows it’s OK if some things only get as far as the stony ground. Humans require success , something that has the appearance of endurance like Madame Tussaud’s waxworks.
We however get Life and share Life.
You get Life by abiding in Word long enough for it to absorb, break up fallow ground and find good soil.
Then out of that we share.
The clever human mirror of 1 Corinthians 12 in only some aspects is the psychologists couch.
This too is another example of deciding
what are the components of Gods work, stripping God out and making it secular.
But it isn’t the same.
Jesus, the One Mature Man at 30 took 12 disciples and while ministering in the Spirit trained them in that realm, while also living with them and correcting their wrong inner seeing.
Jesus is no longer here physically so 1 Corinthians 12 and the baptism in the Spirit is how the gathering together aspect of Kingdom works now.
The disciples were schooled in Psalm 123 Living.....perceiving what the Father is up to and doing what He calls you to do.
1 Corinthians 12 gathering is how the Spirit uses each one to train and sensitize the other now to Psalm 123 Living. Maturity is simply exporting that new consciousness to all of our lives.
One sentence says
“ the mature, who by reason of practice have trained their senses( mind will emotions) according to righteousness such that they are now able to discern ( underlying) spiritual good from spiritual evil. The two spirits any of us can live from at any time.

Acer Keyboard Solutions that are not obvious

If you have just bought an Acer Computer with  Windows 10, and you are having problems this may not be a Windows 10 issue.
If you Google the problem, it may appear that it is a Windows 10 issue, and you will find sites like this one:

Here are two easy solutions.

How do I take a screenshot on a new Acer keyboard, especially the small compact ones?

Dual function keys save space on the more compact keyboards, so here you press function plus Prt Scr  (Print Screen ) Buttons to get 
a screen shot. In Windows 10 you can choose
to upload these automatically into the Drive
Pictures folder AND your PCs picture folder.

My Delete button (forward delete) suddenly

only prints dots!!!

Here, after much fruitless googling, would you believe that the answer is as simple as  pressing the Num Lk (Scr Lk) Button?
Again the fullstop/period button is a dual function with the delete button

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Ur, Egypt,Rome,United Nations/ global order - the answer is the same.

If you want to learn more about the world Abraham came from please read the entire post by Peter J Fast

But the important thought I had this morning was
and today differs little, just scaling.

The irritating thing about today's world is that unlike Goliath standing in the plain opposing the army of Israel, nobody can really see the current Goliath. Goliath is an entity , a body of a relative few, sometimes referred to as the Illuminati.  Louis Theroux did one of the first open TV series trying to find out more. The series was around 2003 and called "Them".

Probably the most important programme was on the Bilderberg meetings, Important, because one of the members ,Denis Healey, gave Louis a specific interview. In it he openly stated their rationale.
That they , the elders, and actually many honestly believe themselves gods, with trillions of pounds at their disposal, but as Denis said, they need to guide the sheep, because the sheep, the multitude, do not know what is best for them.

After a lot of study and digging it is possible to have  more of an idea of these people's very very disturbing intentions, namely to decimate population numbers to a manageable 500 million.
But even by doing all this digging, already I guess you are showing that you are not prepared to be one of the unknowing multitude, and therefore further underlining  Dennis Healey's premise......the sheep do not want to know, they want to be led.

But this morning I was imagining this picture.
Sometimes a stream will get polluted and diseased, and you have to follow it  back up and try to determine the root cause. It could be pollution from a factory, or it could be simply a dead animal which has fallen into a mountain stream which pollutes what is particularly immediately below.

Even if you remove the dead animal or pollution source, all you have is clean water. While water is vital, it doesnt of itself produce an adequate plan for the future. You just know that .now you are free to drink.

Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and we, could spend our lives analysing and tweaking the particular megalith.   And notably there are continued references to the sun god, in Ur, in Egypt, in Rome, and today through House of Rothschild a Temple to Apollo in his back garden.

But God's calling isn't that.
It is to follow Him.
It is to follow Life.
To follow the Word of Promise.
For Abraham that he would see a Child of Promise
For Israel that they would see a baby that would be their Deliverer, Moses. Except when he did arrive they hardly recognised him, which didn't bode well for Jesus the True Deliverer later.

A Promise is Given
A Baby is born

What kind of answer is that to Megaliths and giant cities and infrastructures and ruling powers?
Well ask yourself where Ur is now?
Ask yourself  if Egypt heads the world?
What about the former Roman empire?

God's answer is a Word. A Seed that multiplies.A Baby.  A LIFE in God.
It doesn't satisfy the leftbrain , Tree of Knowledge concept of ""What we should do now"
It appears to bypass it.

But not really. Because what went wrong in the beginning was entering into the "Alone-I" false godhood state, which  believes life is leftbrain.  Life is in our hearts.  We were given reasoning powers. But those powers are transformed by an exchange of Life on the inside.
So you see , it really doesnt bypass anything, it deals with the problem at source.....
which is about a return to consciously living out of God.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths"

Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the Lord and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your [c]body
And refreshment to your bones.
Instead of serving Rothschild and the sun god.....
Honor the Lord from your wealth
And from the first of all your produce;
10 So your barns will be filled with plenty
And your vats will overflow with new wine.
11 My son, do not reject the [d]discipline of the Lord
Or loathe His reproof,
12 For whom the Lord loves He reproves,
Even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights. from Proverbs 3


These thoughts came after this Facebook Conversation if any are interested


Joshua Campbell ...?

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Jeff Robinson
Jeff Robinson Whether Jesus is literally, physically “alive” anywhere (else) at the moment is beyond my ability to ascertain or verify. Anyone who claims otherwise likewise can offer no proof. I think it is possible, but also entirely beside the point (although most of Christianity considers the necessity of that reality to be the central point, and people like me, necessarily heretical).

To me, it’s not the particular human individual that is essential, but rather the particular and peculiar kind and quality of nature and character revealed in that life (and perhaps it is largely myth), that, when resurrected/followed/emulated in other human beings, offers humanity the only viable pathway to avoiding mass destruction, or complete self-annihilation. Whether Father, Son, or Spirit exist in real time somewhere or not is again somewhat irrelevant. Why? Because so many who claim that faith don’t understand it, or live it. They use it as fire insurance, and justification for rejection, condemnation, exclusion, retribution and violence. Hardly correspondent with the evidence, such as it is. The unfaithfulness of much of Christianity begins with its self-serving, empire favoring, power-OVER hermeneutic and interpretation. Rather than loving G_d for being Uncontrolling Love, they render G_d as being an vengeful, Violent Authoritarian, capricious and conditional.
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Joshua Campbell replied · 11 Replies
Dan Beverley
Dan Beverley I don't even know exactly where *I* am ;-)
LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 26 November at 15:23
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell That sounds good, Dan. But it is also the number one way to avoid actually answering difficult questions... Esoteric obfuscation.
Like · Reply · 26 November at 15:31
Dan Beverley
Dan Beverley meh. I know there are some things that are hard to get ahold of in words.

But I am fundamentally opposed to esoteria ;-)
Like · Reply · 26 November at 15:36
Dan Beverley
Dan Beverley Also, where is modus ponens? Where is "if p, then q"?

It's everywhere and nowhere in particular....See more
Like · Reply · 1 · 26 November at 15:40
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Dan Beverley What you say is true.

Changing direction a little: Let's say a man walks into a store to get a thing, it is a particular thing, and he knows it is a particular thing, but he doesn't know what type of particular thing it is and he cannot learn what kind of thing it is at the store. Can we agree that would be as one might call "foolish"?
Like · Reply · 9 hrs
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Well, presuming we can.. we have to realize it is no different than a man choosing a group or label from the world to identify himself by, but failing to first form an subjective definition of himself... He is going through this life looking for himself in a label or something in the world, but he hasn't reached a subjective conclusion upon his objective state of existence. That makes it impossible to rightly recognize what is fitting for him, and he goes through life with wrong lenses and standards.

That is kind of what you are doing, bud. All Christians, really. Shopping for identity within the World's existing constructs. But, then, you claim the "nothing is anything" defense to answering questions about your belief system meaning to you. You might not be wrong, in either sense, individually. The believe system or the claim that nothing is anything. But for you to claim a "something is something" label, like "Christianity," and also use a defense of that particular claim the "nothing is anything," I have to call incoherence, friend. The two cannot be true together, because they have no rational connection to one another. '

Now, for your own subjective definition of YOU, it is imperative that YOU define it FOR YOU. What is "IT" that must be defined? That's also for you to define. However, before one defines himself by anything in particular... which I believe
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Chris Welch

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Steven Gilmore
Steven Gilmore I don’t imagine God anywhere. I think I just kinda talk to the Universe. Put my thoughts and concerns into the world, and hope the energy returns.
LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 26 November at 15:31
Burton Rathburn
Burton Rathburn In the woods where Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit because I believe we will be judged on how we lived are lives
LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 26 November at 18:25
Burton Rathburn
Burton Rathburn An the was the first place he had judged humans
LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 26 November at 18:26
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Perhaps so, but what is the standard by which it is judged?
LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 26 November at 18:27
Steven Gilmore
Steven Gilmore Your preferred brand of shoes.
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Chris Welch

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Ryan D. Luelf
Ryan D. Luelf Following
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Mary Ann Bock
Mary Ann Bock
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Michael Kaminski
Michael Kaminski Just like a fart in the wind dude.....
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Don’t you think we are in dire straits. We have been fed in the West layer after layer after layer of lies. We are not raised in worship settings. We only really think in the leftbrain . Our hearts are now hard.
And into this setting dances New Age offering us the rest of our body.... which we could have had anyway if we weren’t raised in Rothschild schooling. The processes that should be safe in the Holy Soirit, are now offered with mind expanding drugs , or in the context of demons and false gods.... so now we not only have screwed up leftbrains our right brains and rest of our beings are being demonised too.

It’s getting as bad as the original culture of blood sacrifice and passing your very own kids into fire that Terah left all behindwith his family in the first place..... and having to completely go through from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob again just cos we are not hearing properly just kind of seems terribly terribly sad.
LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · Yesterday at 07:31 · Edited
Chris Welch
Chris Welch So many arguments are based on there being no thirdlevellers and thirdlevel communities.

“ I can’t believe there is a father Son and Spirit because the believers that say they believe in this stuff live so terribly”

To which God says “ fair dos” sends His Son who raised 12 who start a mature version of Church in Acts 2.

I guess it’s got all the logic of not believing in cucumbers until you have been in a cucumber greenhouse or seeing a completed one in a shop
LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · Yesterday at 07:37 · Edited
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Chris, I am not sure I follow what you are saying. I do not feel that mind-expanding "Drugs," as you call them are properly labeled. I find it distasteful and disingenuous, for example, that DMT, which is produced naturally in the brain, is scheduled 1, with "no potential medical benefit." "Wait, my brain produces that. Oh, I get it, you think I'm retarded :p."

I find a drug usefully defined as "a thing that a human uses to manipulate his internal state of expheelientialism (that is experience + feeling = existence in the moment, aka, Being OK)." The things used to do so abound, as ANYthing can be used in such a way, but the two very worst that are worthy of attention and eradication are 1. Money, (the love of it, but the love IS it), and 2. Religious hypocrisy. These two are by far the very worst offenders and HAVE NO BENEFICIAL PLACE in the world. Every other substance has been found to have its place. Greedy motives and religious hypocrisy have yet to prove any value whatever, except to the detriment of life for all humans.

The other points you raise, I don't have any strong feelings on. I generally sense you need somewhere to place your discontent with the world other than upon the things you personally believe and live that contribute to the way the world is. That is a fancy way of saying, "Your pretty normal." The world is a mess because people believe that living in a way that makes you feel like shit is required--find, have and hoard money. Look like you have it when you don't. Structure and stricture your whole entire time on earth in this body around its acquisition and hoarding, to the dismay and emptiness of your hearts and souls.

Because we hold this desperate pursuit of money so close to the instinct of survival, we naturally (almost supernaturally, in the blindness) accept it without question. We don't even want to consider it as The Problem.

So, ooking around the world, we find... OTHER things, whatever we can, something to blame and scapegoat for how we feel that isn't our beloved money, the balm of our fears, the guarantor of our survival, at the cost of our very life.

We need something else to have caused us to feel so badly except for that one thing that we couldn't bring ourselves to change even if we acknowledged. See, a person can never acknowledge a problem he isn't ready to resolve. Being infinite.., we know all of the answers. The problem is formulating the questions. And, ultimately, the problem with that is whether or not we are willing to implement the solutions. We have to be 100 percent willing to throw away 100 percent of our thinking at any moment when confronted with Truth. Then, we ate able to see everything clearly, as we were intended to be.

I am speaking as one who has achieved this state. Questions find answers, and answers find questions. My my is like an open window and things go both ways. The first thing I noticed about myself when this began was an absence of the need to label and dismiss any particular group based upon a judgmental thought of their particular mission or conduct. I accept that there are things I don't understand. If it is important enough for me to feel some kind of way about and sticks to my mind for any amount of time, I will go see what it's all about and resolve whatever it is that is calling my attention./
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Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell /
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Like I said you want to see it working
Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs
Chris Welch
Chris Welch Fair dos. It’s time.
Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs
Chris Welch
Chris Welch Do you feel better now?
· Reply · 4 hrs
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Chris Welch ? I haven't felt un-better... I express my piece and move on.
Like · Reply · 2 hrs
Chris Welch
Chris Welch Acts 2 was the presentation of something different and asked do you want it too, and 3000 men said yes not counting their wives and families.But how does such a community continue? After 2000 years hunting, we believe we have the same answer as St Paul but now better articulated, having just passed through the world of the last few hundred years.

Monday 27 November 2017

Resurrection by Nick Cabbiness

A few days ago Cortlin Cabbiness asked for prayer from friends on Facebook via his Dad Nick. Tucker his son was dying of Dengue fever.
A few hours later he was dead. Nick takes up the story.

A lot has been happening here. This may take a bit to tell. My son opened up to me about what he’s been going through—guilt for not being a better father, guilt for not finding a way to save his son, and how, since Tucker’s death, he’d been blaming himself. He described the agony of Tucker’s last hours, how hungry and thirsty he’d become (he hadn’t been able to hold down anything for the past week), how they had attempted to get him into the ICU of four different hospitals while his little life was slipping away, and how they had managed to finally get him in one only to watch him die within two hours.

I arrived and only one thing had been on my mind for the entire trip: to raise Tucker from the dead. Not that I had ever done that or knew anything about it, but the realization had begun to grow in me as I read the story of Jairus pleading to Jesus for his sick daughter’s life when messengers from his home arrived with the ominous words, “Do not trouble the teacher any further; your daughter is dead.” Time had run out. But what were Jesus’ words? “Do not fear; only believe.” ONLY believe; nothing else was required, and I felt the power of those words as I was released from the burden of having to figure out anything. Upon feeling that release, I immediately heard the words, ..., “You’re going to see the glory of God.”

This was my state of mind as my son met me at the bus stop late that evening. He promptly invited me to view Tucker’s body at his home where the wake was being held. I pondered whether this would be the moment. The room was filled with people. Would I put out the mourners as Jesus had done or tell them that little Tucker was only sleeping? As it turned out, I didn’t have to figure that out, nor was I alone in this decision, as I had precious brothers and sisters standing with me with encouragement and advice. This was when my son told me his story, and where our two stories crossed. He relayed to me the grueling 30 hours he’d experienced since Tucker’s death in intricate detail. For 90 minutes straight I listened to the horrendous path he’d walked, how God had taken him to the very bottom as he faced the fact that he’d been running from Him, even while making an idol out of his own little son. He related most intimately to the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac. The ultimate sacrifice of the son of promise. With all the mistakes he’d made, Tucker was the one thing he’d done right. He used to sing to him while still in the womb, and would calm him as a crying infant with those same songs. Though the mother was not his wife, and though they’d fought often, Tucker was their common ground of sanity and promise. And when he was taken, nothing was left. My son couldn’t eat or drink, couldn’t talk or leave his pain for even a moment. All he could do was weep. But then something happened.

Tucker’s mother, upon seeing the state of my son, challenged him: “You’ve got to quit crying. Didn’t you hear the story my mother told?”In his last moments, Tucker’s mom and my son had gone down the hall to see perhaps if they could donate blood that would give the little guy a chance. They were gone perhaps for ten minutes. While they were away, Tucker had started crying to his grandmother, saying he was seeing a monster looming there for him. But then . . . Jesus was there. . . And the monster was gone. Tucker then said, "Mama la, daddy, mama pay, Grandma (the two grandmothers and the parents). I love you. See you soon. I am coming with Jesus. Papa God is here.” And then his heart stopped.

The thing is, my grandson barely speaks any English, yet he was saying much of this in perfect English. And his grandmother doesn’t speak English either (but she does understand English so it was curious that most of his last words were not in his local Visayan language. Perhaps that was for our sake.

When my son heard this story, the heavy burden of the last 30 hours just melted away. In its place, he felt a peace he’d not experienced in a long time. God was in charge. Jesus had come for his child. The endless lists of “if only” were replaced by worship and the sweetness of brokenness before God. He began to rejoice. It was a dramatic change, and a new boldness arose in his heart. Soon after, he was witnessing to Tucker’s mother, challenging her with, “if you really want to see your son again, you’ve got to get right with God.” And so she did. For the first time, she received this same Jesus . who had come for her son. Immediately a change came over her. Peace filled her countenance. When I saw her, I knew she was different. She looked me in the eye for the first time since I’d known her.

All of this my son told me in that 90 minutes. Speaking up for the first time, I then told him of what God had shown me, and how Tucker could come back if he wanted. But it was his choice. Immediately, my son shook his head. “No,” he said. “Life will come out of Tucker’s death. God has told me this. And it’s .already happening, and this is just the beginning.” I then knew that I really was seeing the glory of God.
Additional comments from Cortlin Cabbiness

The only thing I would add is that I had felt that I had failed Tucker initially. During those 30  hours I kept crying out "I'm sorry Tucker. I'm sorry Tucker." I felt I had failed everyone. Being the man and father of the family, I had two jobs. To provide for my family and protect them. And I had failed to do both in that moment. I loved my son so much and yet couldn't stop my son from dying. I was overcome with sorrow to lose my only child, my only son. It was the realization that God was there the whole time and He was there every step of the way is what turned my sorrow into joy. That Jesus decided to take my son and that at any moment He could have healed my son or have given him the blood he needed or have could have made any of the hundred of other things that were all seemingly going wrong to have gone right. That when I thought I had ruined everything, God had had bigger plans than I could have imagined. God let me suffer those 30 hours to break me down into nothingness, so that He could build me back up again into what HE wanted me to be. God was going to do more with Tucker's death than He could have done with his life. I leapt for joy when I heard of what my son had said before his passing. I danced around the room and sang praise songs to Jesus. In an instant, God had traded my sorrow for joy at that realization. And that realization changed everything.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Your whole idea of Jesus Ministry is "mooncentric"

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; 2 and she was with child; and she *cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth.

Our idea of Jesus comes entirely from “ moon culture”.
Revelation says of the Bride in Revelation 12 “ the moon is under her feet”
Moon culture is separation , is Genesis 3 duality. God out there somewhere.
So the Catholic idea of Jesus
The Protestant idea of Jesus
The modern charismatic idea of Jesus,though better.... is still coming from separation.
My idea of Jesus is coming from two things.... experience in Him living my Life and the Bible.
See, the garbage preached about particular points isn’t what is in the Bible.
What points?
Jesus actual life and actual ministry.
If you go back and actually read the Bible you won’t find any basis for the crap that is in churches.
Pentecostals believe life revolves around miracles. It doesn’t. Miracles follow after the Word and our priestly ambassadorial ministry.
Ministry doesn’t come by the left brain , it is a gift of the ascended Christ which yes uses all of us and all of our experiences. It doesn’t come from seminaries. It doesn’t give us the right to pastor churches. No man pastors churches. Jesus pastors churches through many apostles many prophets many pastors many evangelists many administrators and many teachers. Jesus can’t trust His precious Bride to one human.
Jesus didn’t do a single supernatural thing until after the baptism in the Spirit . My generation did far more than Jesus at 13. We were blessed in our time period to be in the Jesus Move.
Many kids now are used to singing in tongues at church and laying hands in the sick.
But we are coming from a sin inheritance , Jesus wasn’t . Regardless of how that sin thing works: Kay Fairchild says there is nothing there... just human tradition. I say , no, we are born in the realm dominated by the god of this world , even in the pulls on what we think is our old nature.
The Union crowd. Zerubbabel. Me. Daniel Yordy. And I believe, the Bible, teaches that this lust for “ the independent delusion spirit” IS in the heart of a child. Folly. It is a spirit. But it is a mystery of sin.
When we see the word mystery we know it can’t be defined adequately in the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That goes for all of them. The mystery of Christ in you. The mystery of the Body of Christ. The mystery of marriage between a man and a woman , Ephesians 5, or the mystery of a man and a maid, Proverbs says.
There is no mystery in lesbianism or homosexuality. The mystery is what happened when Adam was put to sleep and the woman was taken out of his side.
The mystery is what happened when Jesus was put to sleep and the Bride was taken out of Him.
The mystery is how non spatial women are when driving
And how non spatial men are when it comes to fridges, shopping and cupboards
I mean how does that even work???
In Union there is a real incompleteness being put back together again.... and this includes Jesus!!!!! Think of that?
The other large lump of poo 💩 is what churches teach about Jesus coming into ministry. Jesus didn’t launch knowing exactly what to do, He followed the Spirit.
Like us.
He was driven into the desert.
At first He refused to do anything at the Cana wedding
At first He mistook the huge following He had for genuine spiritual hunger until the Spirit showed Him the difference and He declares it in John 6.
He did not know how He should do Jewish Feasts. The Spirit showed Him in JOHN 7 that He was the Feast.
He was just too affected by the death of His cousin. The Spirit showed Him He needed a close group.... not only for them.... but it was good for Him too.
Jesus learned on the hoof. He already had the Life, now He had to learn how on earth to share it. This is our challenge as Galatians 2.20 people surrounded by churches and Christians still living in separation.

Friday 24 November 2017

David's New Cart is a Bigger Parable than we thought

2 Samuel Chapter 6

David's New Cart is a fabulously rich allegory.
It speaks at every level flesh is to be found.
It speaks of the Catholics dire work round solution concerning the Mass.....has to be the biggest New Cart on earth at the moment.
But the New Cart also speaks into the second level....
the charismatic merrygo round in precisely the same way as the episode of Jesus by the pool of Bethsaida, and I must thank the apostolic figure Alan Vincent for perceiving that one back in 1976.
NEW CART dogs all forms of thirdlevel operations
E. Stanley Jones
The Move under Sam Fife - Daniel Yordy will tell you best about that
Certain aspects of me on here are new Cart.....for example some of what I am doing is sharing stuff of such purity that like Onan , I am spilling seed on the ground ready to be stamped underfoot by people that just cant hear it....and Jesus speaks soooooo strongly about that. "If you are not received shake your sandals (or trainers) from your feet and move on"
The Union Crowd's non involvement with the baptism in the Spirit and the Spirit revelations of how the Body is built is pure NEW CART.
Since Norman Grubb began his articulation of that which Christ worked in him at the precise time he was with Jessie Penn Lewis.....on the one side it has been the wisdom of God to get a fantastic leftbrain version out in several of his books culminating with "Yes I Am", but in another just going from little housegroup to little housegroup holding little lectures is incredibly NEW CART.
It's like the Communists nicked the method of proliferation of their radical ideas through little communist cells staright out of John Wesley's "Class Meeting Idea".
But God never ever said in scripture to hold class meetings.John Wesley got that from Oxford University tutorial systems which comes via Jesuitry from Greek Mystery religions and ultimately back to the rebellious tribe of Dan .
It's very sweet Norman Grubb helping God out by inventing the modern Christian Union in Universities
...InterVarsity Fellowship and the associated InterVarsity Press.....
But what that did was proliferate this awful leftbrain locked form of Christianity which, like David's Cart was a quick work round solution, .....
Hey it's good enough for the Philistines it's good enough for us,David said.
God said It isn't good enough for you because my Presence isn't safe in crucibles of man's design. People die.
Back a moment to first and secondlevel Christianity and the thirdlevel Christian Community which imploded in Colden Common, Near Southampton UK.
What did they all have in common?
Colden Common exploded into thin air because third levellers at that time were still infected with the Catholic Pagan overhang of ONE MAN overseeing a local congregation.( obviously Catholics call them priests or "fathers". But Jesus says call no man father.)
Two Pastors fought and knocked both of them out of the coop.
As far as I can tell since the early 80s there isnt a single thirdlevel church in the UK. And because of its New Cart features it is arguable whether the UK ever had a thirdlevel Church.
Are any of you getting how endemic our propensity to build what God isnt building ....or to use methods that come out of the mind of man and not purely by the Spirit of God?
And don't think Jesus had an easy time either.
Within a few short chapters of the gospels, he went from Benny Hinn multitude type operations, to actually turning the other direction when he saw the multitudes coming out of the cities and towns.
So I am not really condemning anyone....I am saying we are all learning on the hoof how today's new wineskins work according to the Blueprint of the heavenly Tabernacle.

Friday 17 November 2017

Not Kirk or the Greek goddess Cerce.....but Ekklesia

Ekklesia is a pattern, a protocol
in the Spirit...
seeing what the Father is doing Ps123
Activating the Body
And above all faith power and love.
You can have love but the afflicted leave still afflicted.
You can have power, and people leave delivered but as vulnerable as orphan sheep to get themselves tangled up in similar messes again.
You can have expectancy and faith but have no knowledge of your own personal need for power or personal relationship with Father.
Ekklesia has nearly nothing to do with church as it is.
Church as it is disobeys scripture at every level. If you are a ministry gift in ekklesia you are one of many, who love each other whole heartedly and simply don't care anymore who does what as long as people grow and the Kingdom and the Person of Christ become a little more rooted inside all the saints.

Thursday 16 November 2017

More Specifics on the gift of tongues

Mark 16.17 These [d]signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”
don't let evangelicals do what Anglicans do with infant baptism....take one single verse (in 1 Corinthians 13) right out of context and then build their convenient cessationist mountain by which they camp.
! Corinthians 12 For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, and to another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit; 9 to another faith [d]by the same Spirit, and to another gifts of [e]healing [f]by the one Spirit, 10 and to another the [g]effecting of [h]miracles, and to another prophecy, and to another the [i]distinguishing of spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, and to another the interpretation of tongues. 11 But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills.
1 Cor 13.1 If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
1 Cor 14. Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. 2 For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one [a]understands, but [b]in his spirit he speaks mysteries. 3 But one who prophesies speaks to men for edification and exhortation and consolation. 4 One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; but one who prophesies edifies the church. 5 Now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy; and greater is one who prophesies than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets, so that the church may receive edifying.

Quite separate to a discussion on tongues yesterday I received a bit more clarity inwardly as to why the gift of tongues is so powerful.
Separation thinking is so endemic to our fallen condition that we bring it into the Kingdom with us until we have had a radical encounter with the real living God. This can either be like Mary Magdalen who as a prostitute with 8 demons, had nothing to lose and just went for it..... or you be like the disciples and take 3 1/2 years of constant ministry alongside the Co creator of the universe in human form and only then, it dawn on you how much you need God .
Until we reach a Romans 7 end of ourselves stage in our growth in Christ , frankly every prayer we pray in our mother tongue is tinged with
the two sides of Satanic orphan hood
1. Either a grovelling to an “ out there somewhere God
2. Or an overcompensating overweening pride that calls down fire on villages for not listening to us.... see John in the gospels or Jonah sulking under a tree..... basically the same egocentric stuff
Tongues abolishes this from the start. It by passes our infected leftbrain from the beginning of our walk. We learn to pray from sensitivity alone since we haven’t a clue what anything means in English. We only learn senses of things.... like groaning within over a problem or situation , and then the release as the burden lifts and we know inwardly that it is answered or partly answered for now.
True prayer isn’t false grovelling... I mean it is a cry to the Lord but it is engaging with His strong arm of salvation.... if you are wracked with orphanhood not knowing your right to be there as a Son.... your praying will be dreadful. And God makes it clear in James.... that we aren’t to be as those tossed by the waves of the sea.
Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
Tongues speaks from our spirit straight and direct through to the throne.
Next, tongues doesn’t get fobbed off by a mind that says what we are praying for is too big.
God specialises in too big.
He is a too big God.
Our leftbrain cannot handle what our spirit is laying hold of God for .... not until we have reached Psalm 130 in our psalm of ascents.... when the leftbrain has been weaned of its egocentricity and also its imposition on God of its own materialistic ideas about what a God does and doesn’t do.
Our leftbrain is bound by the 5 material senses.... it just cannot handle Gods invasions into our reality and needs to be silenced.
Everything God does relates to the new creation so being grounded in the Old creation doesn’t help at all.
Are any of you now catching the sheer genius of this little gift of our pink loose and wiggly bit? The one girls have as well!!!!!

Wednesday 15 November 2017

How things run on earth.

Remember as you hear the information here, that Jesus called His Dad, (Yahweh) Abba or Daddy.
Nevertheless this is a lifetime's mine of information into how things run unearthed by Jordan Maxwell. (Thanks to Penny K)

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Western missionary writes the latest on Lebanon

Urgent!! Pray for Lebanon and Peace in the Middle East!

EG, a friend ,writes
Dear Friends,

I have a number of stories and updates that are in progress, so please keep an eye out as will likely be sending a number of emails in a short period of time as I am able to catch up and get my communication and stories completed.

I am writing this email first because it is urgent that you all understand what is happening right now in Lebanon and that you join us in prayer for the peace of this country.

This is politics according to EG. I am no Middle East expert, so I do hope I don’t oversimplify the situation, but I will do my best to summarize as I understand.

When I arrived back in the country just a couple of weeks ago, the attitude in the country felt different. The conflict in Syria is winding down rapidly. The Shia government of Assad are firmly the victors. Sunni ISIS is on the run, and the other Sunni rebel groups that might as well have been ISIS (Free Syrian Army, Al Nusra) have been defeated. All these groups were backed by the Saudis, Qatar, Gulf states and some even the west (USA). You can ask the people here in Lebanon, who have escaped ISIS and rebel-held areas, where those serving in ISIS were from and they will tell you that the fighters were largely from Saudi Arabia.

I won’t go into too much detail here about the dangerous ideology bred in Saudi Arabia, but if you research, you will realize it is no wonder that they recognized that ISIS was closely aligned with their politics and belief system and believed it was their duty to join the cause. Saudi Arabia human rights are some of the worst in the world, yet you don’t hear much about it because they so closely control what is presented in the media. You cannot just travel to this country. It is closed off to tourism and they closely vet and control work visas. Therefore, there are few outsiders that see the reality of life in this country.

The Christians from Syria have been telling me how much better things are now. These are people that I know that can travel freely between Syria and Lebanon. Assad has always looked out for the Christian community. It was the Sunni groups that were oppressing, killing and persecuting the Christians. And it generally has been that way throughout history. There is a reason that Sunnis make up 90% of the Muslim world and Shias are only 10%. Shias are the minority and the Sunnis are always on a mission to stamp them out.

I felt a level of unease at how firmly Assad seemed in control in Syria because I felt that Saudi Arabia would not stand for Iran (also Shia) essentially winning in Syria. And with Hezbollah’s grip on Lebanon & Iran trade and collaboration with Qatar (despite the pressure from the other Gulf states), the Shia minority seem to be gaining in power.

Here in Lebanon, the Shia factions in the government have worked hard to keep radical Islamic extremists from taking over. Lebanon has remained remarkably at peace and free of acts of terror of the last few years. I can assure you that it isn’t because they aren’t trying to get into the country or blow things up, it is just the intelligence and security here are that good.

I didn't think it would be long before something happened with Saudi Arabia. I just didn't know how quick that "something" would be.

Saudi Arabia human rights are some of the worst in the world, yet you don’t hear much about it because they so closely control what is presented in the media.

Last Saturday, Saudi Arabia decided to call up the Lebanese Prime Minister to Riyadh where he was forced to read a text prepared for him announcing his resignation. Then the pre-taped video was shown on a government-controlled TV channel. Prior to this, he had all his personal communication devices confiscated and all his Lebanese contingent were sent home. He is essentially being detained and even held hostage in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has declared their country at war with Lebanon and called all their citizens back from this country.

This is not a Sunni/Shia he says/she says. Prime Minister Hariri’s political party also feels that he is being inappropriately detained and have called for his immediate return to the country. His personal contingent here is very worried. I have a friend who is a journalist who helped break this story and so I have it straight from the horse's mouth.

What are the Saudi’s trying to do? They are trying to start a war to regain Sunni territory in the Middle East. They are trying to start a war with Hezbollah, Iran & Israel or else a civil conflict within Lebanon. It is advantageous for the Saudis if Israel decides now is a good time to disarm Hezbollah, which arguably is better armed than the Lebanese forces, thanks to Iran’s money.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Shias are not the ones that persecute and stamp out minority populations in the Middle East such as the Christians and the Yazidis. This is a Sunni thing. The Shias didn’t slaughter Christians in the Lebanese civil war, it was the Sunnis.
Yes, the Shias arch nemesis is Israel, but both tiny populations (related to the Sunni majority) picking fights with each other and having to arm themselves to protect themselves from the other actually helps them from getting wiped out and completely dominated by the Sunni majority.

People are on edge here in Lebanon and this story has the drama, twists, and turns of a crazy novel. This story seems too crazy for real life! I cannot believe I am here to witness it firsthand!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Shias are not the ones that persecute and stamp out minority populations in the Middle East such as the Christians and the Yazidis. This is a Sunni thing.

No one wants war. Everyone in Lebanon has worked so hard for peace despite the political and religious differences. No one wants the economy to collapse because of the interference of outside forces. We desperately need the international community to get involved in supporting Lebanon. The people in the West need to realize things aren’t always as they seem and our “friends” aren’t always our friends. We need to stop making decisions based on money and make decisions based on what is right. That means stopping always siding with the Saudi government on everything, quite frankly.

I truly believe that your prayers can make a difference in preventing this to escalate into a war. Your prayers for peace, prayers for wisdom for the leaders will make all the difference in de-escalating this insane situation.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Keep the prayers going up and share and get others engaged in what is going on here as well.

full name witheld because of sensitivity

Sunday 12 November 2017

Kathy Lee Gifford on her new book

Kathy Lee Gifford may not be known in the UK, but she is a household name on TV in the USA.
This is through Nancy Gilmore on Twitter.

Saturday 11 November 2017

BBC Radio 4's annoying Financial History Gloss Overs

In the week that BBC News is filled with "the Paradise Papers " which disclose companies and Royal interests all tucked up in the Cayman Islands, as I write this blog, Radio 4 is doing one of its interminable "explanations of financial history" but as usual missing the entire top third and most important factors in what it should be explaining.

Imagine introducing the profession of the Punch and Judy Show but not referring once to the " how tos" of glove puppetry,  Oh...Punch and Judy just move themselves.  This is the BBC idea of a lecture on finance and the history of the pound.

A Look at a Penny in the slot machine in a gaming arcade.

First thing to notice are both the mirrored sides showing more money than is really there since it is just a reflection of the central section.... 

and secondly the red plastic cover strips hiding gaps where a portion of the money on both sides is filtered off and kept for the profit of the arcade.

The BBC are sworn to secrecy about the equivalent red covered areas in  our country's finances.
The truth is we are in desperate hock to  bankers and financial institutions, and to the secret orders that control them.

We are more or less forced into wars. (This is Armistice day) Then our Government which cannot afford the wars, is forced to borrow money at exorbitant interest. Then when it cannot meet the interest repayments, it borrows more, or the interest rates are raised. None of this is passed onto you by the media in case of revolt.

The City of London and the Corporation of Washington are privately owned, so both America and the United Kingdom have the appearance of being just about solvent. But this isn't so because neither America nor UK tax payers have access to any of this money, we just add to their money mountain.

While we are mentioning Armistice Day , which has always sailed past me until my wife  reminded me that is was commemorating 11/11/1918.Here is a columnist writing about the occult significance of 11.
It's all prearranged. The original is here.    

Veterans Today 1/1/14

Today is New Year’s Day. Numerically, it’s 1/1.

So what, you say.

So it’s an auspicious day to talk about the Illuminati’s penchant for the number 11.

I was introduced to Illuminati numerology by Captain Eric May, the Army Intelligence Analyst turned mainstream op-ed writer. I helped convince Captain May to come out publicly for 9/11 truth in 2005, and published his “coming out article” at Needless to say, that ended his career writing op-eds for NBC News.

When Captain May first told me it was no accident the Illuminati picked September ELEVENTH for their big human sacrifice, I thought he was out of his mind. He pointed out: “There are 911 days between 9/11 (2001) and 3/11 (the Madrid bombings), a notable fact, made all the more notable by the fact that 9/11 and 3/11 are numerically connected in another way: the first numeric digits. 9 is the square of 3, as 3 is the square root of 9.”

It sounded like the John Nash character in “A Beautiful Mind.” Captain May explained that the Illuminati had put out “A Beautiful Mind” in 2001 as a pre-emptive strike against people like him who might figure out their 9/11 codes.

Was Captain May crazy, a genius…or both, like John Nash?

When Captain May came down with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) not long after taking on the “Synagogue of Satan” I took it as an indication that he might be on to something.

Then I started looking seriously at the evidence that 9/11 was a human sacrifice, and that the perpetrators were linked to freemasonry – which apparently rules Washington DC in reality, not just in Dan Brown’s imagination. I spoke with William Ramsey, author of a book arguing that the 9/11 perps were disciples of Aleister Crowley. I spoke with ex-Illuminati whistleblower Michael Adair and anti-Illuminati info-activist Henry Makow. And I did several interviews with Christopher Bollyn, who argues that the Jewish-Zionist freemasons of B’nai B’rith are the biggest force in freemasonry…and the logical suspects in the 9/11 coup d’état, a shock-and-awe operation that consolidated power over both the US government and the world of freemasonry. (The spectacular demolitions of Jachim and Boaz were obviously a message to masons everywhere signifying a hostile takeover of The Craft.)

In the end, I had to admit that Captain May was right: The Synagogue of Satan that carried out 9/11 seems to have an affinity for the number 11.

So in honor of 1/1, here are 11 cases of Illuminati numerology.

1. The New World Order banksters introduced the Euro on 1/1 of 1999. Note that the digits “999” are not just “666” upside down, they also contain “99” which is a multiple of 11…and not just any multiple! 1/1/1999 does seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to 9/11, which a few years later became the biggest, most emotionally powerful numeric symbol in human history.

2. On 1/1/1999 the Euro was introduced in exactly 11 countries.

3. As mentioned earlier, the Twin Towers were obviously the Twin Pillars of Jachim and Boaz, the primordial symbols of freemasonry…which together formed a gigantic number 11. This is probably the main source of Illuminati fascination with 11.

4. Since in the decimal system 10 represents transcendence (i.e. God), 11 one-ups transcendence. In other words, it fancies itself better than God. Hence the Satanic fascination with “going to 11.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

5. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami – supposedly “the deadliest tsnunami ever” – occurred on 12/26. 1+2+2+6 = 11. An apparent NWO website offers “11 Facts About the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.” Was this really a natural event? Or can seabed nukes and/or HAARP-style technologies trigger earthquakes and tsunamis?

6. Though the 2004 tsunamFukushima_1-320x246i killed 350,000, another unnatural-looking tsunami will eventually kill millions. That, of course, would be the “Fukushima tsunami” of 3/11/11. This date not only has two big fat juicy elevens, it also bears an uncanny relationship with 9/11 and the subsequent 3/11 Madrid follow-up. If you add up all the digits in 3/11/2011 you get “9”, and if you write the date in international style (11/3/2011) you get 11 3squared 11. Recall that in December 2010 the NWO banksters allegedly threatened to use an “earthquake weapon” on Japan if it didn’t hand them its Postal Bank, the biggest savings bank in the world. Was Fukushima the result of an undersea Israeli nuke plus stuxnet-style sabotage?

7. The phony “killing of Osama Bin Laden” occurred on 5/2/2011. Those digits add up to – what else – 11. And if you add them in order, you get: 5 + 2 +2 = nine; then you add the final two ones which form “11” and take you to eleven.

8. Which reminds us that the aforementioned Madrid bombings, the follow-up to 9/11, occurred on 3/11/2004…a date with a big juicy 11 in the middle, a date which falls exactly 911 days after 9/11. If we add up the digits of 3/11/2004 we get – what else – 11. And if we write the date in the international style as 11/3/2004 we note that the numbers following the initial 11 add up to 9…sort of like the “Bin Laden killing” date in reverse. What’s more, the official death total (peddled by the Zionist media) was 191 – two ones and a nine, which added together make 11.

9. The World Trade Center took 11 years to construct; and not only did two of its built-for-demolition skyscrapers form a gigantic 11 (and rise to 110 stories), the third skyscraper had 47 stories (4 + 7 = 11).

10. Construction began on the Pentagon on 9/11/1941 – exactly sixty years to the day before the big human sacrifice. Note that “Pentagon” (pentagram) is the #2 satanic/freemasonic symbol after the Twin Towers, I mean the Twin Pillars, of Jachim and Boaz. No freemason beyond the .0001th degree could possibly hear about an attack on the Twin Pillars and the Pentagram without getting the message. Note that a plane/missile describing a slightly curving flight path into a pentagram looks like a 9, just as the Twin Pillars form an 11.

11. Finally, as all Veterans Today readers know, Veterans day is 11/11, commemorating the eleventh hour on the eleventh day on the eleventh month of 1918 when the New World Order in general, and the Zionist occupation of the Holy Land in particular, began to arise from the ashes of European civilization.


“…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” —Revelation 2:9 (2 + 9 = 11)