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FOT9 - A Change in Priesthood by Adeyemi Adegbile,Ole Henrik,Fred Pruitt,and Chris Welch

Adeyemi Adegbile on Facebook Group : Mystery Revealed
You are the living and heavenly Ladder of the Most High sent into the midst of the creation both visible and invisible to allows all things to ascend(Songs of degrees) into the Essence of the Heavenly Father...Abba Father... You are now and was and will be the administration of the unlimited treasures of truth and life ... .The Angels are indeed ascending and descending through your visible form John "the Grace of the Lord" envisioned in this age and into all the ages of the unveiling of the Lord Jesus... the Essence of your FLESH(Bashar in Hebrew.. this is the everlasting gospel..)... for the Temple is the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb . But Ye are the Temple of the Most God... as it is written in you by the Spirit of Truth ... Bring forth the heavenly upon the earth and swallow up the earthly into the heavenly (the life bearing spirit)... Have I not given YOU ... all authority in the heavens and on earth...saith the Lord ... exercise the rights of the government that is upon your Shoulder... saith the Most High God. Create the new heavens and the earth ...through the agelasting Fire of Love which you are. Daughters and Sons... ... Arise... SHINE...ILLUMINATE...AND FILL all things with the glory you had before the conception of this Kosmos(World). As you express the glory before the conception of the Kosmos... none will be able to minister in the temple... this is the end of all the ministries.. except the FATHER OF SPIRITS.. this is the end of ALL DEATH IN THE UNSEEN AND THE SEEN , then shall all indeed see that all families in the heavens and the earth derive their name and nature from HAELOHIM(THE GOD).. THE ONLY TRUE GOD.. then you shall SEE the rain of glory upon both the invisible and visible CREATION ... HIS GLORY FILLS THE TEMPLES...

Shalom & Selah.

He Must Increase – A Change in Priesthood

By Fred Pruitt and Ole Henrik SkjelstadOle Henrik:
Assume you were a disciple of John the Baptist about whom it was said that he had come to prepare the way of the Lord. In what way could you have magnified his ministry? Would not that have been to go (on) from his teaching and to be taught by Christ to whom he directed you?
“The Baptist was indeed a burning and a shining Light, and so are the holy Scriptures; “but he was not that Light, but was sent to bear Witness to that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every Man, that cometh into the World. What a Folly would it be, to say that you had undervalued the Office and Character of John the Baptist, because he was not allowed to be the Light itself, but only a true Witness of it, and Guide to it? Now if you can show, that the written word in the Bible can have any other, or higher Office, or Power, than such a ministerial one as the Baptist had, I am ready to hear” (William Law).
He must increase, but I must decrease, John the Baptist humbly declared. John, being a type of the outward written word which office is to direct every man to the true inward Word, clearly stated that the outward word must diminish in us so that Christ can be the Word in us. John as a person was not to decrease. What folly that would have been and what a contradiction of God’s eternal purposes of seeing His image in every man. No, no, no! John was addressing his office and ministry which would decrease when its purpose was fulfilled by referring people to the true inward light.
The scriptures are our guide to Jesus Christ, the true Word whose office must increase in us. The letter can merely instruct us in an outward manner. Thus approaching the scriptures as merely being instructions on how to live will avail nothing. The true ground for life is the inward Christ who by His Spirit teaches us all things. He must increase in us and every effort at approaching the scriptures in an outward manner must decrease.
When John the Baptist’s ministry and office had accomplished everything it was designed to attain, that is, directing man to Christ he died a most violent death. In the same manner the letter’s outward influence upon us must be vigorously severed off from us when it has directed us to He whom by His inward work in us makes us wise in all things.
John the Baptist being beheaded symbolizes that the office and ministry of what directs us to Christ can only teach us separation.

Its outward ministry can merely teach us to see everything as disjointed and dismembered. It is Christ who takes us to unity in outlook and consciousness. That which guided us to Christ has to die in us so that what is alive can usher us into the total truth of who we are.
The beheading of John also signifies that a new head would be ‘installed’ to govern the body of believers. That old Adamic head with its limited consciousness, which outlook, seeings and knowledge imbued by the fall, could only relate to the elementary principles of this world. The mind of Christ had to be reinstalled in man, as it were, to assure the efficacy of the New Covenant.
I’m in awe,, Ole Henrik! Truly — stunned with awe!
I have no words. You ARE a prophet, as was once said of you. This is a very deep dive that you have attempted here, and you went deep and came back up with the Treasure. O blessed’ Day!
Interesting your take on “office.” In my mind you have certainly cleared up some major cobwebs of the “outer story.” To me you opened the curtains and let it receive the full light of the Sun. And how brilliantly it shines!
I maybe have shared this, cannot remember, but I saw that aspect of “office” on the Jesus side of the story a while back.
Here is how I saw it. Jesus came to Jordan and stood in line like everyone else waiting for a turn. It is impossible for us to know what was going on in His mind, or how much He understood.
Boehme says that everything we need to know of God in macrocosm, is in us in microcosm, so that everything there is to know is within man.

I read that in Boehme years ago, but it struck home. I began to trust that God would reveal Himself in me.
In doing so, I see I come to “know” Jesus both as a man (since I am a man [human being] and know the things of a man myself), and in God and as God, as He journeys as me. This is the training ground of the Spirit, here inside us, and hearing that from Boehme many years ago and having increasingly walked it since, I testify of its truth. That reorientation from how I started, of wanting to know a Separate God outside me, maybe knee to knee with me, or hovering above willing to “come down” if I fervently enough wanted Him and demonstrated it – that all led finally into a completely different consciousness, understanding and Spirit knowledge. It was in that I found “myself” when I found Him incarnate in me, and “me” being Him incarnate!
I know that might sound scandalous to some, but where else can we go but here, if we are to see the “finished work of the Cross” to its conclusion? Is the incarnation of Deity as Jesus of Nazareth really the main point of all this? Again we sound scandalous, as if we somehow belittle our precious Lord Jesus by getting to the heart of His Heart? Is not His Heart the topmost of all that He Has imparted within us? And what IS His heart?
That we might be the Same as He is because He is this Same in each of us, an outgoing, unreserved for itself, heart of love, knowing only the bounds of the Spirit’s winds within us.

I found this out about myself (Christ in me AS me) long ago, and the reality of it keeps expanding day by day. But it does not matter whether we are only seeing this for the joyous first time, or if we have walked it for decades, finding the Treasure of Christ within, is both the end and beginning of everything, and everyday is the same – Christ! Once caught, no escape! “The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up,” and there is no going back to Galilee to fish anymore.
Why has it come to us to know this? Who knows? Who knows the mind of the Father, except the Son, and to whomever the Son chooses to reveal it?
“I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, saith the Lord, which is, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty!”
I digress, back to Jesus.
I’m sure He must have come to faith about Who He was, and knew He was being driven to John’s baptism. Perhaps He already knew the whole “why,” maybe He did not — we do not know. Certainly, He was familiar with the scriptures concerning Him, and without doubt must have foreseen His end. Perhaps He had angelic and divine visitations, which we might be led to believe as I did in the beginning, but there is no record of that. Chances are he had lived a normal life before that point, because his hometown people knew him as the carpenter who lived down the street. Neither do I think he journeyed to India (in His “missing years”) to sit at the feet of the masters there. (I’m being facetious!)
It was a step of faith, no doubt. Norman always said He only fully knew Who He was after John’s baptism. Now I am beginning to understand that after all these years. I really did not understand what Norman said then.
This further clarity began to form itself on one our trips a few years ago. We stayed with Shelley and her kids Seth, Evan and Abby, in Spring TX, a Houston suburb. She home-schooled the kids then, and they were something like 4, 6 and 8, or 5, 7, 9 at the time. Since John Bunting and I were visiting, she appointed us guest lecturers for the day, in particular subjects they were studying. John was the obvious choice for science. I think I got geography. Shelley gave us the books the lessons came from, so we studied the lessons ahead of time. The kids already knew and loved us, especially John, because we had visited a few times before and we were granddaddy age to them, and John especially is good with young children. So John gave his “lecture,” I gave mine, and then it was time for the devotional. Shelley handled that. The subject that day was Jesus’ baptism by John. Shelley told the story. The kids were all ears; their eyes were fixed on her telling. Then she asked, “Does anybody know why Jesus had to get baptized, since He was without sin?”
I think we were all stumped. I was waiting for the answer myself. The first (and I think only) one to pipe us was Seth, the oldest, and he said, sheepishly, “Maybe he sinned just a little bit?”
We all laughed, and I don’t remember what was said after that. But it did set up the question in me that I kept pondering from time to time. Why DID Jesus have to get baptized? What was up with that?
Then it hit me when he told John, “Suffer it to be so for now, for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.” (Mat 3:15). Ah, that’s it, it all became clear.
This was the moment of the change in priesthood, from Aaron to Judah, as Hebrews brings out. Even John’s “decrease” is part of this new “office” that Jesus has inherited. John, under the law, comes preaching the law AND the One to come Who will fulfill all things including the law, and will take away the Sin of the world. John’s demise begins immediately causing Jesus to say, “Among those born of woman there are none greater … yet he is least in the kingdom of heaven.”
He and John both know John’s office is finished, just like the Levitical priesthood, most especially the house of Aaron, the high priestly line of the flesh. “I must decrease” is an acknowledging that the New had come, and now the old has served its purpose and is even violently ripped away in the beheading of John.

In Jesus’ going “down” as a good Jewish man under the law, subject to the law and the fleshly priesthood, He rises the Son of God, Savior, Deliverer, Redeemer, God Incarnate, the Eternal High Priest in the heavens, yet right here concretely in flesh and blood as Jesus of Nazareth.
Perhaps Jesus heard whispered in His ears in that moment, “My son, this day I have begotton Thee,” but then a Voice everyone could hear, thundered the final seal — “This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased!” Taken further, since this is also David who is rising: God has “found a man after mine own heart,” a Man to stand in the gap, a man to bring flesh and Spirit together as One — “Thy will be done on earth even as it is in heaven.”
And we can most assuredly know that we were in His spiritual loins at the time, just like Levi was in the loins of Abraham, and Jesus standing in line brings it home to me where I live. And where I live in me — the self-doubt that would gobble you up at a moment’s notice; the “worry” about things I’ve given into the Father’s hands knowing “it’s all going to work out,” and yet the stuff still churns, etc.
Was Jesus already so “holy” as He is standing in queue to wait his turn for baptism? Were His hands upraised, a beatific look on His face, softly singing psalms and praising the Lord? No one knows, but I think not. Like I said, I believe He knew in a “through a glass darkly” way, maybe less dark than it is to us – nevertheless, it was not “certain.” The completion of certainty comes at the moment you put your foot in the Jordan.
And like I have been saying, it is all a change of consciousness! More and more and more Norman’s oft-repeated statement, “all of life is inner consciousness” reverberates more and more in me! More and more I see this is what it is ALL about, there is nothing else. Life comes out of consciousness. It originates in His, but finds FORM in ours. This is what we are after, nothing short of it, the consciousness of the Total Christ totally operating a total humanity that He has redeemed for Himself and taken possession of, so that He is its perfection, perfectly expressing Himself in all His vessels perfectly.
One more thing I forgot to include, the “why” I think that was the moment of the change in the priesthood.
There were two things — first the baptism, which was twofold. First, the high priest, before he could don the robes and go into the inner sanctuary to sprinkle the blood for the sins of the people, had to go through a “baptism,” cleansing himself, for his own sins. He was washed from the laver before he was installed in his vestments.
It is the same when Aaron was first installed, and every high priest since. First wash the priest, before he dons the clean and holy garments.
Once he is clean, he is able to assume his duties of sacrifice, (washing everyday in the laver before their time of service, getting clean again daily), and once a year his most important duty, to enter into the Holy of Holies to intercede for the sins of the people.
So the baptism was and remained a very important operative element of the process for the remission of sins.
Knowing this, then, that Jesus has gone through the ritual cleansing required by the Law, He receives a higher call than that of Aaron, who is an imperfect mediator between God and man. Aaron cannot continue because he cannot deliver himself out of his own sins, but now One has risen Who takes away the Sin of the World! As Aaron dies, Jesus rises and takes the New Covenant upon Himself as the Lamb Slain. This is the “suffereth it to be so to fulfill all righteousness.” The True High Priest has come and has received His ritual cleansing in the Jordan, and after having been made clean, the Voice comes, the Divine Seal on His eternal priesthood!
And of course if we see this then it is easy to see how Jesus fulfilled the office of Eternal High Priest Who enters once into the tabernacle in heaven and no more sacrifice remaineth for sins, and the gift to men is out of that, no more conscience of sin and Sin, among quite a few other things more glorious than that.
Now then, what is this to us — a nice story? Some more Bible knowledge to put down in our notebooks? It is just that and only that, if all we get out of it is a story that happened long ago to other people long ago. We’re not really involved in that. But then we realize that these things are all internal in us, that they reveal US, and they subsequently drive US to the Jordan, to go down under and back up again, and we now are of this Same Eternal High Priest, that He might with us continue His intercession Eternal in the heavens and in the earth.
And this is really the pinnacle. There is nothing more to be said of this. Though we probably will still say a thing or two more, eh?
Ole Henrik:
When I had finished my part I somehow knew something was missing, but here it is in all its radiant glory. Again I am rendered awestruck by the words you speak that originate in the heart of our Father and which He shares with His trusted friends, of whom you are one. We most assuredly will say a thing or two more…….


8 I will listen to what God the LORD says;
he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants—
but let them not turn to folly.
9 Surely his salvation is near those who fear him,
that his glory may dwell in our land.
10 Love and faithfulness meet together;
righteousness and peace kiss each other.
11 Faithfulness springs forth from the earth,
and righteousness looks down from heaven.

12 The LORD will indeed give what is good,
and our land will yield its harvest.
13 Righteousness goes before him
and prepares the way for his steps.


5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.[a]
7 Do not be wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD and shun evil.
8 This will bring health to your body
and nourishment to your bones.
9 Honor the LORD with your wealth,
with the firstfruits of all your crops;
10 then your barns will be filled to overflowing,
and your vats will brim over with new wine.
11 My son, do not despise the LORD’s discipline, and do not resent his rebuke, 12 because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.[b]

A Change in Priesthood By Chris Welch

If I could have booked Ole and Fred to write a link piece between FOT 8 The Waving of the Sheaf of Firstfruits and FOT 10 Feast of Pentecost, this would be it. But I didn't, they wrote it and I then had to choose whether to follow George Warnock's writings rigorously or not.
You see, what is being spelled out here between us, without any human coordination , is also something that Clive Jackson of Shaftsbury picked up from his last journey to the States.
It also marries with two of the last blogposts from our brothers.
Rich Novek This is my Body broken
Daniel Yordy The Image of God
The Two sides of the same Priesthood coin are : 1. His treasure in 2. earthen vessels.
Priesthood Just got Personal
My two pennarth about the Change in Priesthood are these two.
1.If you track Jesus life as a man, and as a priest, He fulfilled in His very being All the Jewish Feasts, and all the STEPS/STAGES as you approach the Holy Of Holies in the Tabernacle. EXCEPT for one!!!!
In His OWN personal walk, as He was without sin....there was no equivalent of a time of entry into the Tabernacle...because there was never a time when He was outside of God's House. His own life, His own Body was the Temple. HE NEVER NEEDED a BRAZEN ALTAR. (Now later on His Life poured out would become the New Covenant equivalent of a pure spotless Lamb that was slain. A New Testament Brazen Altar for US to pass through.) But for Jesus Himself....He joined the trek into the Tabernacle at the Laver. This means washing. Washing with the Word. Baptism in water ....and at the same time an external Spirit anointing that prepares the priests to enter and function in the Holy Place.

So Jesus was baptised. Baptists , who think only in terms of sin, and repentance, do not really get why He was baptised, other than as Fred has written, "to fulfil all righteousness." But Baptism, as Fred has already stated , is ALSO entrance into something. He was the Forerunner. We undergo both water and Holy Spirit baptism to conform to and be empowered to perform our role as priests alongside the Great High priest.

If we were called to just live a renewed human life, the Feasts of the Lord could happily stop at the Waving of the Sheaf of First Fruits. But we are not.

This is where the Christ as Us revelation takes a new turning. Primarily the last few decades have been about unearthing the missing jewel about how we live life. There was just something not working in our evangelical and charismatic understandings. And through the revelation given to Norman Grubb and a handful of other explorers we began to understand what went wrong in Genesis 3 and what went right at the Cross. And as I said in FOT8 , we have had to retrace our steps, and track backwards to see why it was our lived experience, as Maurice Smith described it, did not match our life in meetings.
But the Earth has been given to the sons of men.
Sons of men like Abraham and Jacob, who blessed their offspring, and whose blessings stand firm in the Earth even today.
We are to learn ABOUT blessing.
Priests bless. And that Blessing comes to pass.
It's BLESSING that is taking place in Psalm 133 and Psalm 134 at the very pinnacle of the Songs of Ascent, psalms demonstrating the very High purposes of God through man.
So now, recognising we are not independent beings.
Recognising that it is not we who live, but Christ who lives within us....we can begin to more properly understand what on earth we were touching before in the charismatic movement, in between all the whistles and the bells, and the many many things that were completely superfluous to the actual plan of God in the Earth.

My second pennarth is to view how this Priest Man Jesus FIRST functioned in His new priesthood.
JESUS came out of the wilderness, having bound the strong man (His words) and now He was going to plunder the devil's goods. How did He begin? Well He began in a synagogue, but His first miracle wasnt religious AT ALL.
The water that got turned to wine came out of Jewish ceremonial washing pots.
It may have begun religious.....but it came right out of those first class a totally non religious setting.
Wedding Ceremonies are about relationships. Celebration. They are about life. The parties are not religious.
Genesis begins with God preparing a Bride for Himself: Adam and Eve and their offspring. Revelation ends with this marriage being consummated. God tabernacling Himself with His Bride.
Jesus ministry if about about the JOY of reconciling and preparing His Bride....but in the context of life and living. This is a totally different order of priesthood.
His disciples called Him rabbi....but He was a rabbi like no other. He wasnt teaching them morals. he was teaching them authority in life and LIVING.
Like Jacob, when he had the dream about the ladder...he was desperate...
Like in the first song of Ascents Psalm 120 when things are desperate
Like in Psalm 85 above (the green speech bubble) things were desperate
But the answer is always the same....a completely new priesthood.
One totally able to identify with us as humans, someone who has come down from the sky, but now injected into the human race, one who demonstrated righteousness and faithfulness. One who could actually hold the bottom of the Covenantal ladder that Jacob saw.
So it is on all this basis that we continue with George Warnock's writings about the unfolding plan in the Body of Christ. Spiritual. Priests. Who bless. Who see what Jesus is doing and do likewise. But ones who are being trained in Life.
Ones who respectfully appreciate the role of John the Baptist...but who really dont want to continue with that kind of human "Law" type of head, but to continue now with the NEW MIND of Christ". Trusting in the Lord with All our heart, and not relying on our insight anymore.
Ones for whom the Jewish purification pots are now irrelevant, because we have the wine in our glasses.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

George's Story by Elaine Waterfield

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Facebook note by Elaine Waterfield on Saturday, 24 September 2011 at 19:52
My dear friend George Okoth was born in 1979, in a remote east kenyan Viallge calllled Suna -Migori  which  is very poverty stricken. His mother was only 13 years when she had George as she was an oprhan and married Georges father at the age of 12. Georges father was born in 1956 and was married to two wives as polygamy is accepted here.Because of poverty the families had very little money and therefor childrens education suffered terribly.
George was the first born of 8 children and therefore money was even more tight in 1985 George went to prmarty school and as his family hgad to pay for this privalidge even at a young age he found himself having to take time off of school, to make bricks and weed to be able to pay for his own school fees.
George was a very bright child at his exams he got 578 out of 700 and was told he could enter National school  but he couldnt affiord to go and had to go to the more local secondary school instead whixch was called St Peter's.
The first year his father had to sell a cow to oay the school fee's which would have been a great sacrifice. But the following year George had to leave for 6 months as he had to  grow tobbaco to pay for this years school fee and school uniform.
As the school was 10km away he had to walk there until he got himself a bike and even then to make ends meat to pay for the feesw and books he had to use his nike as a taxi. in 1998 his bike was stolen and so he couldnt go to school again so he had to sell all his books to enrol in his school and begged for his friend s for their notes so he could continue to learn. However despite the fact that George hadnt been at school for the full year you poassed and got very good grades. Grade 2
During this timne 24th May 1998 george went to a crusade in Suna and gave his life to Jesus and was born again because George had gone through somuch suffereing in his shiort life of struggles at school.George told me that having to keave school and work and always being in poverty made him feel embarresed, disapointed, discourged, mistaken, insecure, worried, ovger burdened and abndoned, forgetting his vision of changing other childrens lives.
When George left grade four he had to work again to be able to buy his books again and as pastor suggested that he go and join Community develpoment assistnat an then he went to college for kindergraten school after a district officer
my brotherr george
informed him of this college.
A year he  opened up his own nursery becaue he wanted to do away with illiteracey and barbaric attitude.Duriong this time George  was in the church and was working along side the pastor in the church a trahslator, When he statred the school the missionaries showed interest in the school and supportred the orphans and teachers but the pastor was only interested in the support of the chuch and then sent the missionaries away,he didnt like George leading people to the lord and threatened his life so George had to leave and escape to Mwanzhein Tanzania  came back in 2008, he started the church with the suport of his church and family members they did with the mabubi church near nyabisawa
e3orge and hisbfamily
Joshua and George
Whilst George was growing up his father wanted im to be a welder and wasnt happy at his choice as being a school teacher, however in 1998 his mother got saved and during this tiome when goerge had his own church his mother helped and his father got saved last year and has offered to buy the land where theyb can have a school and clinic
Through his struggles and hearft ache he doesnt want to se other children to have to go through all the struggles he has through poverty and lack of rescources. He aslo is very keen to see justice for girls especially who have to prostitute themselves for Sanitary towels and education. He has a vision to have a clinic with medicine and equipment, and a hospital, schools and buses for the villagers plus electric and wate suppply to the village  and even have a lap top to bhe able to contact people from aroubnd the world and help other people.
Geiorge is a lovely ma of God and a great team builder and he has mnay many talents and gifts and as we said when we went to the mountain we agrreed that climbing it like at the bottom yiou dont know whats going to hgappen how to start and its tough at the start but if you just pace yourself and get to the top, but most of all you have to have faith, getting to thw top isnt the end you then have to back down the mountain which is trecherous.
But lets pray that all the kids in Suna will have opportubniteis for education and no more child sex trafficking prostitution and slave labour which is terribly unjust and i prayb that our school children will appreciate what they have in their free education as so many chilkdren truant,and dont want to learn yet children in poverty counbtries see education as a means to get out of poverty just like Geiorge did.Looking into this its so unjust and ubnfair in pkaces like Suna but its good to knownthat people lioke George are making a difference o theior communities.

Monday 26 September 2011

Why You Should read "Revise Us Again" by Frank Viola

If you are not quite at the point of accepting the material on this blog, or perhaps you don't quite understand it, or for all those who DO get a lot from this blog, but would appreciate another angle on things,this could be quite the BOOK for you.

You see the actual running script, to use a computer or production phraseology, behind a lot of how we do church, or do our Christian plain wrong. But only a handful of voices are forensically examining why.
Other authors may be Darin Hufford "The Misunderstood God"
Or Steve Mc Vey's writings and seminars.
Or Paul Anderson Walsh in his "Bonsai Conspiracy"
Or Andrew Farley  "God without Religion"

....and quite a handful of others.

In Frank  Viola's 10 chapter book, Revise Us Again,
  • Learn the Three major ways God addresses His people
  • What's REALLY often behind the phrase "God told me to do it"
  • What " Let me pray about it" REALLY means
  • A whole breakdown of the different Spiritual Conversational Styles and what huge barriers these relatively obvious, yet hardly discussed formats erect right across the Body of Christ
  • Our message itself needs completely revisiting. These elements are almost universally forgotten or hardly mentioned :  The Indwelling Christ, The Breadth and Greatness of this Christ in other words, He will NOT be bound by a narrow stream or view,God's Purpose Far transcends the question of sin,Christ is the GLORY of our humanity, Everything "other" than Christ quickly wears thin.
  • The Felt-Presence of God is a real humdinger. This chapter explores EVERYTHING the Bible means by the Presence of God. This one chapter could bring most of the World Church together to at least being able to talk to each other
  • Have you noticed that spiritual history demonstrates quite clearly that we can be "CAPTURED by the SAME SPIRIT WE OPPOSE." How many churches and moves could this one chapter have saved.....
  • The major Principle at work in the phrase : He takes away the First to Establish the Second. Perhaps you are still "stuck with the first", when God has long moved on to the second. Understanding,also the phrase, "And there was evening and there was morning - the FIRST DAY"
  • Learn how church is being stripped back to CHRIST ALONE. A lot of the add-ons are just crumbling into dust.
  • Finally learn how our actual "image of Christ" is FAR too small. We settle for a tiny bit of Him, and He moves on. Learn God's failsafe METHOD for moving us on into FULNESS : Living Community
 AS AN AFTERWORD,learn about the THREE GOSPELS, two of which are wrong and one is right, and see examples laid out clearly from the New Testament letters of how the gospel is TAUGHT in the light of the very challenges that faced the Early Church. Behaviour comes out of "inner working knowledge" of WHO WE NOW ARE.

Frank Viola has recently made available his message podcast Epic Jesus which moved some to tears.You can download it here

His main website can be found here with links to his blog and bookstore

Imagine - The Third Level Version.


Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

 Third Level   Annotations...
Imagine there's no separation from heaven as lived now, with Christ living as us, from a future heaven where all we do is relocate bodily, or receive new bodies in the crowning triumph of Christ's completed work.
Imagine no more dread of hell or separation, because the Knowledge of the Glory of God covers the earth as the waters cover the seas. No more Genesis 3 lies about an evil Father who is holding out on us, but only the knowledge that God has always been mad on us, has always been for us. Even when sin did occur, He initiated the questioning with such pain in His heart(Adam where are you?)...because He felt the separation more dreadfully than even we did. And straight away He'd arranged a temporary covering for us that involved other parts of creation dying in our stead, until the one true covering came, that would cover every single transgression that ever was or ever will be, namely after sending His Son to die in our place.
Imagine all people everywhere only living in the Now of heaven again, not frittering their lives away in remorse at what might have been, not hoping feebly in some never never land promise of what might still be, because everyone is 100% consumed in what Christ is operating through them now, fully AS THEM, and IN THEIR FORM...... knowing  
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"--
Imagine there's no countries with separate allegiances, separate competing agendas, only groups of diverse originality to contribute to the whole. The former need to fragment nations at Babel is no more, because the mindless drunkenness that comes from a humankind deluded and fixated in the utter lie that a separate existence from the Life of God could ever occur, and which corporately had such a false power and lying energy that literally any wild plan that could be thought up, could virtually be accomplished....but would drag the future further and further into its black hole of godlessness, duplicity, faithlessness.... All this need for fragmentation has now disappeared in the third level knowledge that Life, true Life, has a Cross in it. True life is sacrificial. It is self for others.In this knowledge is true freedom, which needs no corporate fragmentation.

Imagine no religion. Only Life. That form of pasty replica of true relationship with the One Living One who always existed. The formats that replicated themselves as Law Rulebooks. The manifestations of all fake imitations of the One who spoke time and space creation into being. Whether the millionfold Hindu dreams, the fake Jewish and Christian dreamery, the Allah concept,the Sikh,the Krishna imageries....the twisted confusion of Masonry ,witchcraft,druidery....the pagan ideal of a Lucifer, a Light bearing Messiah...who is no Messiah for he leaves mankind in their sins and only demands absolute slavery and mindless worship...

All these images, dreams,philosophies disappearing like morning fog before the reality of humans
Living in the One True Father,in whom dwells Jesus,In whom dwells the Holy Spirit,In which agape community the God tabernacled mankind find their home and their true identity...

not rehearsing endlessly 5 pillars of wisdom, Christian services where one figure paid by tithe speaks at you,books of laws of desperate attempts to find oneness with their god, their deity, their image made in likeness to man....

All this  shrivelled to nothing before a Living New Covenant written across the chests of living beings totally in love with the God that they know, they love they touch. No more buildings, for they ARE the buildings. No more to be added, because Christ is the Cornerstone, 
He is the capstone with the two cries  of Grace,Grace to it!
Grace of forgiveness, of realignment
Grace of complete Union, complete identity rediscovered.
Imagine there's no possessions...
or better still, what John Lennon couldn't himself live 
like in Acts 4:32-33
All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.
So they had possessions....but weren't claiming them as solely their own.
Anyone who has lived in marxist communities
or Christian communities knows that if no one claims ownership, all
possessions resemble the Council Houses here in Leigh Park which are rented but not owned. No one takes responsibility or pride in them for their maintenance. Someone wrote "Ownership is theft"....But the truth is "Non-ownership is destruction."
You cannot be in one heart and mind with other people who are themselves still fragmented. Our own personal Unity comes within the One who is One. God is One. God is Love.God never Lies. And God remains both always the same BUT always Filled to the Brim with Newness of Life. A Community that is tucked up in this identity will find it easy to share possessions as any has need. Not even John Lennon could do this.

Imagine a brotherhood of man. "The brotherhood of man makes no sense without a Fatherhood".
At the moment put one man with fears alongside another man with fears and they will make up a brotherhood alright. They will yield up to one another things that are sacred and should never be yielded up. But fearful men and women cannot help themselves. So communities are formed locked in fear.
So when you try to help an African community, you discover many doors that you have to pass your aid through....and it is not simply a matter of bypassing those doors, because you see at a fundamental level that African has yielded certain rights over himself and his community that should never have been shared. And so it is too in the West. So it is in China.
And for this reason Babylon remains....a world of fragmented nations trying desperately to unify....but the Union on the INSIDE has never been sorted.

But I believe in the third Level of growth. 
I believe in God tabernacling with His people.
I believe in Psalm 133.
I don't imagine this. I have lived it. For long enough periods to know it is on its way, though I see only a cloud the size of a man's hand....
I see in my spirit already the DOWNPOUR.

Psalm 133

A song of ascents. Of David.
 1 How good and pleasant it is
   when God’s people live together in unity!
 2 It is like precious oil poured on the head,
   running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard,
   down on the collar of his robe.
3 It is as if the dew of Hermon
   were falling on Mount Zion.
For there the LORD bestows his blessing,
   even life forevermore.

Friday 23 September 2011


If others feel in any way moved to give, please check this site out .
Elaine moved on from Iraq because of earlier invites to Kenya.
Facebook Note by Elaine Waterfield on Wednesday, 21 September 2011 at 20:37
I sat sobbing today and I said " i hate it here in Kenya, I hate it I hate it and I want to go home,"
I wasnt sure why I was feeling like this and so I asked God what this was all about.
I live in the western world, i live in a house, have a car, can go here there and every where. I have a nice toliet TV Computor, bath, cooker, nice food, I can go round the corner to the doctor when i feel ill and go to the dentisit, if I have any problems not having a job I can go on the dole and get a council house and have benefits to live on.
Why when I viisited Suna I was very broken and the culture shock was phoniminal. As we drove along the dirt track loads of little children saw me and put their hands to their mouths being the first " MZUNGU," WHITE PERSON they had seen. The village had a strong smell of shit and stale sweat, made worse by the stench of theiir toilet,just a small mud hut with a hole at the bottom of the mud dung floor.
The Children wore mainly thread bare clothes and many had ring worm and distended bellies from tape worms and so so many were suffering with malaria.I was shocked to see quite a few yioung girls carrying a baby on their backs and they were either their own child or a siibbling. this country has many many orphans and widows and elderly who are for the most left to their own devices and abandoned.
The problem is that the orphaned girls had to sell themselves as prostitutes therfiore becoming not only pregnant but alos contracting HIV /AIDS.STI's Another problem is child abuse which has seen many very young girls pregnant and unable to carry on withn their education whilst poverty has caused them not be able to afford sanitary towels and instead use dirty rags which cause scabies.Often when the girls are doing PE the rags fall out and hence they are too ashamed to go back to school.
I recently discovered that the orphan boys and girls are trafficked for sex to men in towns and cities and are given three thousand shillings which normally ends up with the traffickers which is terrible and heart breaking..

I was able to make friends with the children when I gave them the 5 action" that really did make them lauigh as did my dancing at the services and shaking of the mirracker. I was just privalidged to find out that I was able to lead many of the children to Christ, it was a total honour even more so as I fiound this out.
the children who i fell uin love with
When I think about it why dont you FB friends send this village an item of unwanted clothing it would make such an impact on this community.
Just like the clinic all it has is a pair of very small delivery forceps and a few worming tablets and ant malaria pills.
The need somant simple things eg
blood pressure machine
delivering couch
contrceptive pills and Condoms
sanitray towels
weigh scales
cotton wool first aid kits
all types of drugs
and as I say very basic drugs and implemnts and also dentistry equipment.
sylvia and Joshua giving worming drugs to sara the cklinic's nurse
sanitary towels as really n eded to as the girls cant afford them
if you feel that God is tellling you to give in anyway please contact George whose wife Sara is the nurse in the clinic
I am not begging anyone todo anything but this is what is so needed to help these children.
In this place there are so many orphans widows and old people who people simply dont want ti know. They arent lazy or breed like rabbits the Government is corrupt and they lack education because of poverty related problems.
I dont know whether I love this place or hate this place all I do know is that its heart breaking to see the need of the children and local people who need help
urgently, help that means life or death and when you see the chilldren yiu really cant help falling in lovce with them. One service a little girl was found crying in desperation as she cuuldnt carry the chiild any more,,,,,, you heart just yearns to help in some way.. anyway is better than no way. You can offer Christ but Christ would help at the point of need not just the Gospel, mathew mark luke and john

a young girl carrying a child
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    • Frederic Fergus-Aldric Delor That's where reality really hurts Laineloo...We don't really SEE what's happening where you are, and the media let us see what THEY want. TO BE THERE AND LIVE IT THE HARD WAY IS THE ONLY WAY FOR US WESTERNERS TO REALLY UNDERSTAND THEIR WORLD AND HELP THEM THE WAY WE CAN. gOD BLESS YOU lAIELOO AND YOUR TEAM.;0)
      Yesterday at 20:46 ·

    • Elaine Waterfield thankyou my bessie Mate love to Gareth, Dave, wayne, paul and martin and george hows his face?
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    • Frederic Fergus-Aldric Delor Back to his usual uglyness I suppose...!!
      22 hours ago ·

    • Chemosi Christian Arap I raised an issue like this and Elaine in her own innocence,accused me of seeking money from friends and termed me corrupt but her eyes and ears have at last seen the light,i thank God for this for the very stone the builders rejected has become a corner stone,this led me to resign at Walwise Orpganage home and am now jobless
      20 hours ago ·

    • Frederic Fergus-Aldric Delor This feels like bad news to which we could all learn something from Mr Chemosi, truly .:-)
      19 hours ago ·

    • Chemosi Christian Arap Seeing is believing the Thomas way sometimes.
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    • Canon Andrew White Come back to Iraq where you now belong we want you we need you.
      8 hours ago · · 2 peopleLoading...

    • Frederic Fergus-Aldric Delor She is calling upon you Mr Chemosi. Act in the Spirit :-D
      8 hours ago ·

    • James Lornie My darling we are living in a world of greed,and until our Lord comes back once more and burn the Evil out of this world, nothing will change , yes burn no floods the bowels of the earth will spew out fire and brimestone and molten Lava, we have to be strong and the best we can do is kept trusting in our Lords return, or the rapture which ever comes first. love you in the name of JESUS. xx
      6 hours ago ·

    • Frederic Fergus-Aldric Delor Rhanks for the share,
      5 hours ago ·

    • Frederic Fergus-Aldric Delor Thanks for the share I meant, Bless you James ;0)
      5 hours ago ·

    • Elaine Waterfield the thing is i havent targeted individuals for money i have just asked for help and left it up to people if they think they have vanything that could help.
      5 hours ago ·

    • Frederic Fergus-Aldric Delor Laineloooooooooooooooooo!
      5 hours ago ·

    • Elaine Waterfield xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      4 hours ago ·

    • Samuel Edison For I was hungry and you gave me food;I was thirsty and you gave me drink;I was a stranger and you took me in;I was naked and you clothed me;I was sick sick and you visited me;I was in prison and you came to me.' This is the GOSPEL! Mission is the Heartbeat of God.
      2 hours ago ·

    • Samuel Edison For I was hungry and you gave me food;I was thirsty and you gave me drink;I was a stranger and you took me in;I was naked and you clothed me;I was sick sick and you visited me;I was in prison and you came to me.' This is the GOSPEL! Mission is the Heartbeat of God.
      2 hours ago ·

    • Chris Welch Pastor Pastpat Bwayo who is doing the same work in Uganda and I were looking into the use of Paypal. You see friends in the States or UK that need help, we can send a little money as we can, but it all mounts up. Do you know that Paypal let Ugandans PAY money but NOT receive money. You Africans need to rise up, maybe on Face book and press for Paypal to change their policy.....or at least FIND OUT WHY Africa is being treated as the poor cousin. People like Justine Samba, Elaine here, and Pat Bwayo could be so easily helped. If people have to send by bamk exchange, the overhead costs eat a major part of small offerings, whereas Paypal is only a tiny percentage, even smaller when it is a charity!!!! It's time to take action, or else we will forever be just doodling around, salving people's consciences...thinking they've done their little bit for the poor. We are NOT looking to salve consciences, Jesus already did that....we are looking to clothe our brothers and that the Body and by extension other humans can be more evenly equipped from nation to nation.
      If others feel in any way moved to give, please check this site out .

Thursday 22 September 2011

Apostasy Watchers My Ass!


Facebook Note

by Chris Welch on Thursday, 22 September 2011 at 12:14
In 39 years I've never met an apostasy watcher that wouldn't have condemned Jesus in His own lifetime.
Modern apostasy watchers have Bibles with explanatory notes by the apostles themselves.
When Jesus was actually saying things by the Spirit...there were no notes.
When He said Unless you eat Me, eat My flesh.....there were no explanatory notes. There were no communion passages.There was no understanding of food as "hearing in the Spirit,believing in your heart and acting by faith on what you just heard." There was just in that moment a Spirit transmission from the depths of Jesus to your depths as He spoke these mystical words. And most left. And foremost among those would have been apostasy watchers...."This is a hard saying .I'm off"

Similar with the words  " I will rebuild the Temple in 3 days.". Apostasy watchers have their interpretation spelt out for them now.....but they would have been totally lost on that day.

You know, you dont need elaborate websites to pick up apostasy here it is, in the Bible:
1 John2 Test One Jesus who is God came in the flesh
Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist—denying the Father and the Son. 23 No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.
 24 As for you, see that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son and in the Father. 25 And this is what he promised us—eternal life.
 26 I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray. 27 As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in him.
Test Two 1 John 3  The genuine is of God who likewise they will genuinely love
Test Three related to test one but even more specific 1 John4
2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.

This is stressing the "flesh bit"..   God has come in the flesh
and by extension  God is coming in your flesh too.

How to recognise an Apostasy Watcher
They will categorise every possible shade of teaching BAR ONE
the extension of meaning of the above passage.
They will NOT refer to your anointing that you have received from God, because that means you would nolonger need the Apostasy Watcher....and they certainly will not refer to the Jesus extension that Jesus Himself is "coming in you"...for this apparently according to them is apostasy.
No. The truth is sadly for them the reverse. If they do not believe in a TODAY LIVING JESUS
who speaks
who anoints His own
who is "coming in His own"....those who are born again from above by the Spirit of God....

or even if they soften it down to mean

Hey..... a little bit of Jesus...has come into you to rattle around in your old man cage with you
and one day over the rainbow if you pay attention to our teachings
you will eventually be a good Christian and a little more like Jesus....

well congratulations   sir/madam

you have just passed the Holy Spirit's apostasy test.

While you yourself are passing out apostasy tickets to all and sundry


    • Cindy Lou Brown ‎2 Corinthians 6:16...And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.Hallelu-yah!!! For we are the Children of the Light of Christ..amen..Mwah!!!
      7 hours ago ·

    • Sheila Enaami you shall know them by their fruits. We are free in Christ but we are to choose our words wisely, "my ass"? are you doing it in love? using such deregatory words Chris Welch? are you edifying or condemning people? I do not even want to read this kind of note not coming from a heart of love. My Jesus will not use such words.
      7 hours ago ·

    • Michael O'Hara
      ‎"Whitened walls"? "broods of vipers"? "blind guides"? I think this note touches on an important (very important) issue Sheila....WHO is the Christ many say they are following? (today) That group of people who stand before Him crying "L...ord! Lord!" Are seeming quite surprised that this Christ who stands before them "in that day" is not "their Jesus" and far more obvious He says they are not part of His "little flock".See more

      4 hours ago ·

    • Rich Novek White washed tombs filled with dead men's bones, the "try and fail" promoters of the Different Gospel of Grace...AND! The mixed gospel of death! Thanks Chris!
      2 hours ago ·

    • Chris Welch as an aside, because I dont mind upsetting people who need upsetting, but there's no point in upsetting people who are already listening anyway.....perhaps i've been subjected to too many Simpsons episodes...but it seemed culturally "ass" is quite normal in the States even among Christians....bit like "bum" over here. But just try saying "arse" in church over here. So UK people are nonplussed somewhat how Bart Simpson gets away with it. It's something to do with the removal of the "r".
      4 minutes ago ·

    • Chris Welch Anyhow...God knows my heart....and I suppose that's the one good thing about testing things on least it's not an American congregation of 20,000..
      2 minutes ago ·

    • Chris Welch If anyone wants to know how Carlos Shelton feels about Apostacy Watchers he has an "Online Discernment Mafia " Website.
      A few seconds ago ·