Thursday 19 March 2020

I am a Prophet

And I know I'm a prophet
Because unlike Graham Cooke , Rick Joyner and Peter Stott,

I am like Jesus, prophesying something greater than the whole of the charismatic movement, than the whole of all the spontaneous gifts of prophecy by the Holy Spirit,
than the whole of the order of Prophet that is a grace ministry, one of the five listed in Ephesians 4.

What I am prophesying is the mass take up of Galatians 2.20 which means by the time we have stuffed ourselves full by eating of Jesus Christ continually, we too get to speak like He did.

Everywhere He went He was saying outrageous statements like One greater than Jonah is here. Or before Abraham was I am.
Or one greater than the Temple is here.

One hilarious day on Facebook about 8 years ago I had two conversations that reminded me of Watchman Nee talking about the Song of Solomon phrase:
"Like a Shulammite Dance between Two armies ".

We are completely outside the binary order  left and right. We march straight ahead.

On that very day I had somebody arguing with me that as the "perfect" has now come all gifts of the Spirit and the baptism in the Spirit have now been removed. We have the Bible. Except the Bible says we must set our minds on the Spirit and says nothing at all about remaining in the narrow confines of our leftbrains as evangelicals preach.

You know the cessationist gospel....either because you are one....or are still secular....or because you have been on the rough end of it.

But simultaneous to that  some South African prophet was inviting me to a prophetic conference.
I was in Graham Cooke's first ever prophetic training group in 1987 here in Fareham Baptist church rooms.UK.
Having been called to preach the thirdlevel message even before meeting people who led me to Norman Grubb's last book YES I AM and chapter 31 called "On, Now to the Third level", and that was back in 1989, why would I now have the slightest interest in a 2012 conference  which only taught about one type of grace gift ministry when now I know Jesus Christ , the complete package in my being, as me.

When God gave me a first foretaste of the thirdlevel at full power velocity  for two weeks when I was 20 in 1978, yes all sorts of gifts were flowing through me.  I rarely have been used in them since, because I believe we were the generation who had to go up the hill of the Lord as mentioned in Psalm 24 and also The Psalms of Ascent, to rediscover how the full priesthood order of Melchizedek works.
And you remember Jesus spent 30 years training without doing one miracle.
it's a life we He consigned to Himself with the Father in eternity when He said
"It is written of me in the book , I have come to do they will O Lord, behold a body you have prepared for me."
....why would I now have the slightest interest in a 2012 conference  which only taught about one type of grace gift ministry when now I know Jesus Christ , the complete package in my being, as me.

As Norman Grubb says, it's a whole step change different of intercession, because Roams 12.1 is saying , since all the rest of Romans teachings are true, .......
And I have a body.....
then I will offer it for the Master's complete usage.
Not just in a meeting. But for the rest of my life.
And ofcourse this could be a whole risk experiement because we only get one go at life. And if it doesnt work, we are kind of stuffed!!!!!!

But what it does do is render any previous idea of what a prophet is, or a ministry, or anything previously done in churches, as absolutely no relevance at all.

This is after all about bringing the KINGDOM OF GOD TO EARTH.
Who's even interested in the charismatic movement?
In prophetic conferences?
In churches as they are run now  by tithe funded circus ringmasters ?  There's nothing about a pastor, funded by an Old Testament tithe, running a church as a solo manager. That all comes from the Catholic church , with the name PRIEST changed conveniently to the more scriptural pastor.

When TV was first introduced people had the bright idea of bringing drama straight from the stage to TV. So if you watch the earliest TV dramas they are theatrical plays done in TV sets, usually with wobbly walls like the early Star Trek episodes or Dr Who.
Then portable cameras were invented and people could film outside, so they didn't need to make sets!!!

When Lutherans fished the gospel out of the Catholic pond they changed the priest name to Lutheran Pastor. They kept the confessional box and the same idea of somebody preaching information like a rabbi in a synagogue. That has more or less continued  to this very day with Bill Johnson at Redding on his podium, and loads of Talking heads on Christian satellite TV like Joseph Prince and Joel Osteen.
it hasnt hit people yet that Galatians 2.20 is like "portable", it means you can eat Jesus Christ, and be totally portable and be filmed being just you.....but as Norman Grubb says, it's with that Romans 6 wink....because you know that you know that you know it isnt you. You know that you have died and your spiritual identity is actually a new creation Christ you fusion. You dont have to fake anything. YOU ARE IT.

It takes a while to carry this believing through, which is why proverbs 3 says we have to acknowledge God in everything for a while to retrain our senses from being this Genesis 3 "Alone me" into knowing , hey, I'm not an orphan. I am Christ in my form. The Bible says so.

Other churches dont like it that the Bible says this . Catholics and Anglicans dont even like it that it says you have to consciously repent first then be baptised in water.  The Baptist denomination as a whole dont like it that it says we can be baptised in the Spirit.
Denominations all argue about everything.
John 7.17 -18 is really simple.
If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from Myself. 18 He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who is seeking the glory of the One who sent Him, He is true, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.
Right there is why we have schisms of 50,000 denominations as refers to houses of God, and that includes the original two houses who are still immature, Jews and Catholics.
This is why Hebrews 6 was written.
This is why Paul wrote to the Corinthians  I cant write to you yet as being mature because you still say you are followers of individual preachers....Paul ,Peter, Apollo . Everyone gives themselves away.