Monday 25 May 2020

Mine Canaries

Ive said for many years on my blog thethirdleveldotinfo (my Facebook post from 25.05.2020)
there are two sorts of canaries on the planet
Canaries were used in mines because they were extremely sensitive to lack of oxygen....better losing a canary than a human. Canary owners probably question that.
Perhaps there is a third category of canary.
Old people. Mother Teresa said to Britain on her visit true civilisation is measured in how we treat the old. She came from a culture that , when they weren't putting them on streets, looked after them in their families, so the new OP Home culture really got to her.
The other reason is, Old people have lived. They recognise how "flesh works". They know governments often talk crap to get elected and to prevent revolution. They know Marxism doesnt work. They know (mostly by this time) that atheism is stupid and that various conservative values are there for a reason, because they have experienced newfangled ideas stealing all their money, possibly several times in their life.

So here's the great challenge for the Ephesians 1.10 order
Jews are so far from their "Jacob becoming Israel at Peniel "identity stamp. . Most are non Semite imports who are so entrenched in Genesis 3 Living that they have one of the largest computers to automate it for them. Nevertheless stare very hard at what happens to genuine Semites, because they also are canaries.

Creatives are largely useless at living. So while being canaries and really ahead of the world game in the "flow" of the new Ephesians 1.10 order , they have very little accuracy yet.
They cant tell the difference between Luciferian flow (which really isn't, it cheats , steals and manipulates from what it doesn't own) and the true order that comes out of heaven.

Old People are usually abysmal at hearing Rhema Word neat and full strength from the Throne of God . See Psalm 19.
Currently the devil is using the fact the old people are spiritually deaf to bring in a whole New Order purporting to be genuine spirituality. You just have to examine Lucis Trust, United Nations,, Alice Bailey Gurdjieff and Rudolf Steiner up against scripture and you wont find any reference to needing the Lamb of God who takes away the sin and sin spirit of the world. It's all about using spirituality at full strength but not once changing the owner of our souls....but it's hoping you never notice that little detail. So instead we march straight into a prison planet.

So YES the canaries are important because real Jews are getting quietly removed from the planet.
Old People as we have just seen are becoming fast Do NOT Resuscitate culture
Creatives, if they don't swear to Lucifer dont stand a dogs chance of having Godly inspiration played on the airwaves, unless its just happy clappy music that makes people feel good for ten minutes, a bit like King David playing harp for the demon possessed Saul.

BUT HERE's the Good News.
Jews, when they eventually do start "seeing " Christ make great Christians. The first church which we celebrate this weekend was exclusively Jews there on the Day of Pentecost.
And they really "got Christ" big time, or else we wouldnt be celebrating today.
Old People it says in Psalm 45 shall take more and more notice of young people .....especially once they get connected to the New Covenant heavenly order of Jeremiah 31 New Covenant.. In place of your fathers will be your sons;
You shall make them princes in all the earth.
17 I will cause Your name to be remembered in all generations;
Therefore the peoples will give You thanks forever and ever.

As for CREATIVES.....Because the last to be born in the Body of Christ are the feet.....those who actually walk the stuff out....
having our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace......
And BLESSED are the FEET of him who brings good news of peace..... for the first time in history us creatives wont just be SEERS.......we will be at last Seers and DOERS.....that's radical!!!!!
So instead of geniuses like Dylan Thomas frittering their genius on 18 Vodkas in a New York hotel
Or Jimi Hendrix flushing away his totally new level of guitar playing as a corpse filled with drugs.....
Or others making endless females pregnant then wondering how on earth to look after endless kids......
there's a new thing in the undergrowth.