Sunday 9 October 2011

Life in the Melchizedek Order XIII : Outsiders - Havant Church

The predominant theme in this series is that that which makes a difference comes suddenly from the outside.
This is as true on a subatomic scale to do with particles that just appear momentarily and yet appear to drive the whole show, as it is on a church level, or in our natural lives as a whole.

Mendel I believe got genetics in a dream.
Mendeleev got the Periodic Table in a dream.
Einstein got the idea of relativity from a daydream about riding on a sunbeam.

This morning a question was asked about John Chapter 1 in Mystery revealed on Facebook:
Judy LoveintheAir McLean - Mystery Revealed
So, in the beginning was the Word, what is the Word?
Sisqo Christfyd Caleb this word is 'the person' not 'message' and its JESUS CHRIST! the voice of God the father.!
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Chris Welch
It is the voice, but Andre's books really nail things down infurther directions. It's things like "humanity" wasnt an also run design.It was His primary purpose to have an eternal Christ Man in heaven, as firtstborn of many brethren. Sin di...dnt disrupt the programme. This Word was unaffected by sin and totally over and above sin. Sin has been "used " en route, but WORD is without reference to sin. Jesus was the Lamb slain before there was any sin to be slain for, and even had sin never existed there is an existence in God that IS Life eternally for others. Imagine a Body living eternally inside this Life laid down for others....we just have no reference point on earth for the magnitude of this Life principle worked out through untold millions.
Later I had the thought of an algorithm. A piece of mathematical coding. An instruction. These are used to create many many returns on a mathematical problem, or are used in many different circumstances to test out designs before anything gets put into production.
Well Jesus is spirit not maths, not formulae, nor is He just a part of the Created Universe, since He Himself sustains the whole thing by His Word of Power.
Having said that Word IS like an algorithm, that is being passed through countless number of flesh, you and me forms, to come up with a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST.
"made for a time a little lower than the angels, now crowned with glory and honour." Hebrews.
Jesus came from nowhere, "at the right time to die for us sinners". This nowhere is actually the only SOMEWHERE of any real note, since it is where God dwells. And this is where this "algorithm" returned afterwards, to watch a whole reproduction of the same algorithm take place in other flesh forms like Himself.
Jesus even went OUTSIDE, in that He went outside the city, even once He had come amongst us. Golgotha was "outside". Hebrews 13:13 says we are to walk this way. This is the very description of our walk in God.
Yesterday I very nearly posted " One day churches will allow Brian Coatney, Fred Pruitt, Ole Henrik, Nancy Gilmore,Rich Novek ,Daniel Yordy and myself to speak, but until then we are too busy following Christ to look Christian."
Ern Baxter
This morning I was writing about Ern Baxter in the context of evangelicalism- Facebook.
Everyone on earth has two choices at spirit level: to believe this,"MAN’S EGO is a LIAR, and the FATHER OF ALL LIES! And Man’s Ego no matter how you dress it up, no matter how many times you call it Christ, will never bring you to the Promise of God, which is REST!" or to believe that man's ego is not the Father of lies at all, but so enmeshed within it a death had to occur, which led to the current total reality of Galations 2:20 "with Christ I have been crucified, and live no more do I, and Christ doth live in me; and that which I now live in the flesh -- in the faith I live of the Son of God, who did love me and did give himself for me"Youngs LiteralTranslation

In that first short phrase you see the spirit that paralysed Martha in the face of her brother's death, and why Jesus had to reprimand her, you see virtually the whole sticking ground of the evangelical church movement paralysed from the outset in ever fulfilling God's mandate on earth, and the reason Ern Baxter was sent to rebuke the whole movement, and you also see the underlying helpless cynicism behind current Enlightenment education and politics. Every human movement is stifled from the outset with the basic concept "Try as hard as you might you will never really get anywhere." The gospel says, give up trying, you're too late, the same Jesus who has already overcome is going to overcome IN YOU, in practice not just belief."
Ern Baxter was a necessary outsider. It had to be someone like him that God could use in such an awesome way in Lakes Bible Week 1975, Capel Bible Week May 76, Dales Bible Week 76 and 77.
Dales 76 was the most awesome Bible Week I have ever been in, and certainly the only one which had newspaper sightings of strange lights in the sky above Yorkshire, and also reports of singing by neighbouring houses disgruntled that we had continued into the early hours of the morning. We hadn't. At around 11 or 11.30 onwards there was no one in there!! We'd gone to bed.

You see Ern had a Reformed background, his theology was geared towards God's Sovereignty. But his own wouldn't really receive him because he was baptised in the Spirit. But had he been Pentecostal, his theology could have been so shrunken, so reduced in size to individual protestant altar rail conversion, that God could never have used him to propel the church in the UK out of quaint "Spirit -filled twee denominationalism" into the vision of the Supremacy of the Church, and God's mandate to the church.
Because Ern walked between 2 stools, he walked with incredible suffering and rejection all his life.
But in the end, who did God pick up between His fingers and relocate at strategic times to deliver His Word to a whole nation of Christians?
Havant Church - October Key of David
Last Sunday Christine and I were not in this particular meeting, but it was described this morning. The keener readers will know how anxious I've been getting about these meetings, which I considered as some of the most edgy meetings in the UK at this current time.(Not including actual purpose built Paul Anderson Walsh meetings and others)
Last Sunday there was a powercut during the evening Key of David meeting. Havant Meridian Centre is particularly susceptible to electrics, and this set off an alarm which meant everyone was sent outside to the Park. The meeting continued there on the grass. (Reminds me of our school revival 1972).
Now there were youngsters in the park known to some of our youth group, who in the last 2 years or so, have become quite hot stuff for Jesus.That's a blogpost in its own right...but you've seen the water baptisms of 2008 right?)
So some of our youngsters got to talking to these others who were drawn by what was going on in this open air Key of David meeting. One of our number, Chris Darmanin (a professional photographer, but former church leader elsewhere) was used to bring specific prophetic words individually to several of the youngsters.

So can you see the thread?
God always shaking things up....causing disturbances to our "dead systems".
Even the very first church in Jerusalem was effectively "blown to smithereens" yes...I know what the devil meant it for....but God is the "over and above God" who manages disruptions completely for His own greater ends.

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