Wednesday 14 March 2012

Pearls before Swine is closer than you think

You know the phrase "pearls before swine"?  Well, if you really want to make someone angry, you can deliver pearls before swine, or even worse, then use that phrase afterwards.

Do you know it's a lot closer than you think?

Do you know, that we can even be vulnerable ourselves?

We can receive something in the Spirit  from the Lord, then trample all over it with our own reasoning, robbing us of something that will change our life forever. Here's a bit more on how it usually works between a couple of people (from yesterday's Facebook note.)

What is casting your pearls before swine? Well, this again throws up the question,how is spirit related to "rightbrain".

Thing is even on a natural plane, many are those that have approached someone either gooey with love, to have it unrequited.

Or to try a joke only to be taken very seriously.

Or to share an entrepreneurial dream to have it laughed out of court by an accountant.

These are all Rightbrain contributions being summarily dismissed by someone in matter of fact mode.(Leftbrain). Well similar stuff is going on in the pearl's phrase. Now, here is a bizarre but true thing....a lot of spirit revelation seems either rightbrain or very similar, because when expressed in leftbrain sentences it comes across as trite, or childlike. 

But what the leftbrain is unable to appreciate is what may appear too simple for words, actually contains the power within it to change the outer world. Whereas all the leftbrain can ever do is reorganise what exists already in the outer world, by creating a plan of action. 

So an older man, for example can come across to a university graduate as quite simple...when the reality is he has developed faith knowhow to run a corporation, to be ahead of the market.He may not be able to put into words how he does it...but it's a facility he has got under his belt, whereas the graduate approaches it all with how to manuals.

The angel came to Abraham with the simple statement that in the fall Sarah would finally give birth. Sarah could not receive that statement, she had her evidence of years of she laughed unbelief. This was pearls before swine. Preachers have to wait until their congregation have clicked out of leftbrain before preaching. Most often this is after praise. The sceptics(themselves leftbrain locked) say this is preachers waiting for the congregation to be in gullible mode. But the reality is Kingdom faith does not operate in the leftbrain. It is the very power of God. The same power that spoke Let there be Light. In order for Word to transplant, it has to be in the right soil, and the leftbrain is not IT. It is not geared for it. It does other things. It is a useful tool but a despotic dictator.
Now here's a bizarre thing - The Interpersonal Relations Dance 

Not only can this "pearls" thing work either way between men and women, who by virtue of their sex, see things a bit differently anyway, but if that wasn't bad enough

what about AGE versus YOUTH.

The old shall dream dreams
The youth shall have visions.

So you see neither has overall advantage. So it is like a dance between the two, and this is the subject of this track off my CD Early Harvest.

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