Thursday 1 September 2016

Generational "Gatherings in the Square", in the order of Nehemiah 8

St Mark's Square, Venice

Every generation the Holy Spirit organised something equivalent to Nehemiah 8. You see every generation God speaks new Rhema Word to different cultures and church tribes. He does this something like the 12 pieces of shewbread in the Holy Place. One speciality for each tribe or group or move or wine skin . Why one piece? While people are growing in the Lord they can only really handle one main area of truth. So God gets them working with their trowel and sword repairing one gate and a piece of wall. But then it's time for Nehemiah 8 when everybody gathers in the square in the Holy Spirit and God blows every bodies minds with the enormity of what He is really building. Festival of Light London 1971 was one. Kansas City Shepherds Conference 1975 was another keystone. So were the 1970s seminal Bible Weeks. There were the London and Bradford Housechurch brethren . There were the Fort Lauderdale Crowd
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The sons of God follow after the Spirit. They look erratic. So does the wind. Nobody knows where it blows. So are those who are born of the Spirit. Did you miss something. Did an event happen and you never even heard about it? God lets this happen so any remaining Cain heart be brought up short in you by Abel brethren. Where the dead body is there the Eagles gather.

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