Saturday 31 December 2011

All in All

People think there is a choice in life.Actually there is no choice.Nothing else truly works. When the Bible says Christ is the All in all, and shall be manifest as the All in all. When it states in Acts , in Him we live , move and have our is no small thing to completely ignore Proverbs 3. Life doesn't mystically fork in two, for those who wish to "Trust in the Lord with all their heart"....

In this next period we are entering...which is simply "the shaking of everything that can be shaken" you'd better know ahead of time that your reliance on linear thinking...Animal Farm's 4 legs good, 2 legs bad isn't sufficient anymore. You are going to have to know the Truth who is a Person.

It just is not a question of free choice anymore to live from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil as "gods" trying to make your own way in the universe.

Take Israel. If you are in linear thinking, you are either a neo Nazi or like the majority , so shocked by Ausschwitz that you are super sensitive to anti Semitic speech. Both are linear thinking.

And both are wrong. Israel is a picture for and of the Christian life. Embedded in Israel are some of the worst individuals planet Earth has ever known. Embedded in the same nation are the best individuals,largely ignorant as yet, and some don't know God at all as yet. And both things are true simultaneously.The only way, you will ever know is in the phrase: "By their fruit shall you know them." But taking some either/or position on Israel with linear thought , just won't do!        Chris Welch  Facebook 31/12/2001

Yesterday I posted a post on baptism in the Holy Spirit which said you aren't really born again until you are baptised in the Spirit.I also read virtually the opposite on "Mystery Revealed,Facebook Group" saying ,as the work has been all done,and in Him we live move and have our being, we sort of are born again, but just don't know it. This is my Facebook life tiptoing through it all.

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Donna Crowley I knew at a young age that I needed a Savior. I knew He was faithful and saved me at this young age. I have no doubt. His Spirit was evident in me at such a young age. I didn't know anything about the baptism of the Holy Spirit until I was an adult. It was and still is a turning point in my relationship with God but not the beginning. I think we need to be willing to say that God is faithful to us even if we are ignorant to all that He has available in the Spirit. Oh and i was not physically baptized with water until after I was baptized with the Spirit so I guess I really mess up most doctrines that people have. I know the Spirit of Christ was residing within me from a very young age.
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Chris Welch Am I phased? Well what Ken Raggio writes, what gets written in Mystery Revealed are all just words. Windows on truth. Leftbrain black and white sentences leading us through descriptions of God stuff. In Jesus there is only one reality,one substance and it isn't leftbrain. We have within us spirits designed to feed on and pick up the Person of Jesus...the real One...not the words "about" the real one. Some of us were born with venteuse,some forceps, some were shot out like rugby balls, some by C section,some were practically found in the bed it was so quiet and easy.
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Chris Welch After 12 years gestation in a Methodist church followed by 1 year of giving up, and being an atheist instead, I know the day I was born again. Some 6 weeks before being inundated with the power of the Spirit. Whether your Jesus experience looks anything like Andre Rabe's description, or Ken Raggio's....the Spirit realities are not black and white letters, they are perceived by other Body members in the Spirit...and they are part of a variety of features all described by (Paul) in Hebrews as passing through the Tabernacle in the heavenlies. The thing you can be confident in is the same Spirit is on your case. He will guide you into all the same Truth, however your earthly experience registers it. One Lord. One faith.One baptism.
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Chris Welch I was baptised in the Spirit 4 weeks before being baptised in water, and about the same before speaking in tongues, yet all around me rattled away instantly. I think I had Norman Grubb seizure of the leftbrain...leftbrain intellectual lockjaw. And being infant baptised as a Methodist caused no small mess when the real stuff started happening. Anglicans, Methodists,Lutherans and Catholics will have to explain themselves to the Lord one day, if they don't repent here on earth. There is no such thing in the Spirit as infant baptism. Its called spiritual rape.You are not allowed to stir or awaken love until it please. Arranged marriages are illegal.
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The New Creation ..Norman Grubb.. Facebook note by Merrill Thompson on Saturday, 31 December 2011 at 14:04

Faith, so far from being works, is really only the flash of recognition of what is: in this case  ."Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" Matthew 18:3 God forever gives, man forever receives. In the glory of His grace, that is what God never ceased to do. "He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again." Therefore salvation, just as much as creation, is every iota a gift. And man, of whom it is said concerning his creation, What hast thou that thou hast not received?, can never experience the abc of his recreation in Christ until he is brought back to the act of simple reception. As Jesus said, "Except ye become converted and become as little children, ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven." Every iota of works, of self-effort, has to disappear. Faith, so far from being works, is really only the flash of recognition of what is: in this case, already redeemed, if we only knew it. I hope I have made this clear, because it is the first infant experience of the lost secret of humanity, a secret we shall never outgrow and never replace, for it is humanity's sole basic capacity.The Creator gives all by giving Himself, the creature receives all; and the faculty of receiving is so simple, obvious, natural and automatic that it can hardly be called an action at all. It is the first activity of a newborn babe, receiving air, receiving nourishment. It is the continued activity which sustains all life. And that is faith. The repentance side of faith is in essence the breaking down and giving up of a false faith which we have received from Adam, a faith in our own self-righteousness, our own religion, our own philosophy; the receiving of a false self-reliance as a basis of living. Thus it is the negative side of faith, the saying no to an illusory faith. The Deep Things of God

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