Sunday 11 December 2011

The Hood

The Hood- Thunderbirds
Facebook note today:
I've always assumed, before this month of piano restoration...effectively being taken aside for a while, that our flesh minds were quite sufficient to steer our Spirit doctrines off course.For example Ern Baxter talking about "the Land" got distorted into Kingdom Now Schools which were glorified Law Centres, or SGM's Larry Tomczak/CJ Mahaney 's Life giving Grace Message declining into "Reformed Doctrine". Now, having discovered the all pervasiveness of secret society infiltration, I think some of this corruption is "humanly and perniciously midwifed" by people you trust,but you dont know much about them...they are a closed book, which you thought was their's devotion all another father entirely,,,the father of lies.This is why we live by the Spirit from the NOW Word.
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    • Chris Welch In fact I'll go further than that. I think dangerous (to the devil) organisations like Prayer for Israel, Lydia in UK,Intercessors for Britain are seriously compromised and off track organisations. Let's take one for example. In 1988 when I received the call to go to Israel by special gift of faith after months of praying every day, one of the main opponents came from Prayer for Israel.I thought this odd at the time. Since reading or meeting more from these organisations, including the lovely Valeri Barinov, I am more and more disturbed by the paralysing effect of anybody who has anything to do with these organisations.What began in the Spirit, because they never pressed through to the third level as it has now been revealed, are becoming instead more and more oppressed and infiltrated groups actually working the very Devil's jobs for him that they were originally targeting.
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    • The Hood - Thunderbirds
      Chris Welch When Norman Grubb was at University he established what became Intervarsity Fellowship which later morphed into Christian Unions.(I was invited to become CU President of Exeter University,when God told me to leave Uni.)But back to Norman, who was aware of another group, the Oxford Movement. Now Norman stood for the centrality of Jesus Christ and His gospel.Innumerable thousands have come to know Christ through this vehicle.The Oxford movement never crowned Christ, but 4 virtues, and became Moral Rearmament which is now a covert front for One World values, ultimately to crown Lucifer, though ofcourse many being used dont know that. David Watson even granted it cult status and prayed for anyone involved in it.

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