Sunday 20 May 2012

Living In the Spirit

Facebook entry (otherwise known as a status. Yup Facebook owner Zuckerberg probably saw way too much Star Trek)
Let me "sell" living in the Spirit to you. And can I say from the outset is the only downside is being led into death so that everysingle part of you might be switched on and tingle with life. Now secular people spend millions of pounds annually on training courses, life coaches, of learning how to work/live/play sport at peak function. Christianity comes with it's own baptism of power system as well as Life Coach

    • Chris Welch
      Buddhists already know this, but Westerners have basically had all their spirit systems switched off. This for a Westerner is probably the biggest jolt as typically in the space of a day or several days about seven eighths of their being gets switched on again all at once. Presumably it's less shocking for Buddhists. One of my friends on FB has been telling us how she could suddenly look at people and tell what inside drive was pushing them. She told her husband and sure enough in the newspaper she read about a pedophile and a rapist who she had identified. For me, I suddenly realised I was a musician and wrote tons and tons of songs.

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    • Chris Welch
      This emphasis on "peak" performance becomes less relevant in Christ as you realise that the universe is LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS based. So the peak performance comes out of learning a new trick. That you have died inside Christ's Body 2000 years ago and by faith in His life actually Jesus Christ Himself becomes Your Life enshrouded in your personality through your body. For this trick, I'm sorry but you are going to have to have the rest of you switched back on by the Spirit. Your leftbrain cannot compute this, and was not designed to. Which is one reason why the Elite have turned off these operating systems in the school education they havve devised for you. You see they want quiet little cogs in the machine that have been made compliant by fluoride in the water, so that you will operate on their behalf somewhere in their network of companies or societal framework. Jesus says Leave everything and follow Me.

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