Sunday 20 May 2012


One of the proofs that there is a devil is this: put groups of individuals relating naturally together, it is just so long before new principalities are set up amongst them. There are cultural norms of behaviour and thinking. A lot of these, like patterns of food...have nothing to do with any the devilish ones, like say, abortion in our age, are so evidently evil, yet are enshrined in a cultural blindspot.

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    • Chris WelchOther principalities are like the evangelicals' collective belief that there is no such thing as baptism in the Spirit. You can reason with them for decades, as we have, but it is a principality over the whole of that wing of the church. Talking alone, or rational thought, doesn't touch a principality. And it is for principalities that God has introduced prophets and the special gift of discerning of spirits. You will notice that both of these giftings were long ago ejected from the evangelical movement....and that is one of the reasons that their movement is so prevalent online with many websites exercising their substitute....the gift of intellectual suspicion...which Carlos Iggy Shelton so mercilessly exposes in his Online Discernment Mafia site.

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