Thursday 9 August 2012

Dr Steve Mc Vey's Alternative Facial Clinic

Dr Steve McVey's Alternative Facial Surgery Clinic.
For several years now Dr Steve McVey has been saving women thousands of pounds on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. We sent our underground reporter Miss Andrea Garzon to see if
it would work for her.
She shuffled into his surgery with deep lines under her eyes hidden behind deep-rimmed dark glasses.
"So you are not going to put me under the knife at all Dr McVey?"
"I haven't found it to be necessary. In all the years that I have been operating I have found a simple three stage procedure is all that is required."
In appointment one Andrea learned that every single bad thing that she had done or was ever likely to do had already been washed away 2000 years ago at the Cross of Jesus. Immediately her face had lifted and she was beaming with joy.
In appointment 2 Andrea learned her true identity, that she was in fact primarily spirit, and that her "feelings" and "her thoughts" which could be quite oppressive and dark, weren't in fact her at all. By the end of the appointment much of the "inner programming" that she had always thought was her had been replaced by the truth of God's Word about her. Dr McVey called this product Grace, and made it clear that absolutely anone could get hold of this product. By now many of the wrinkles around Andrea's forehead had disappeared completely.
By the third appointment, Andrea fairly skipped in and wanted to hear the last instalment.
"You'll like this, Andrea." Dr Mc Vey said. "You see Galations 2:20 says we have died completely at our inner centre. Our spirit that was so linked in its identity to Satan himself had to be destroyed completely at the Cross, and we all had to be raised totally new in Christ as new creations. So actually Andrea you are not patching up something old. You're not struggling to be someone different. You already are. Christ in union with your spirit is glowing out through your personality and your body....He is in short living His Life out as you in your very own form. "
Andrea couldn't believe it could get so good. By now all the lines had disappeared from her face, and in the final photograph you can see she nolonger needed her dark glasses at all."
"How much will that be Dr McVey?"
"I have my own supply " he replied. "Isn't your facial reconstruction treatment in direct competition with Harley Street doctors and New York Surgeons, and Brazilian surgeries? she asked.
Actually, it was and Dr Steve McVey has to now keep in hiding because of death threats frommany commercial establishments.
Report compiled from Andrea's notes by Chris Welch.

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