Sunday 16 September 2012

Reporting Now - Poland and Israel, David Hathaway

 Krakow, Poland (14-16 September): We expect this coming mission to be large enough to touch the whole nation of 40 million. The evangelism opens on the Friday night with a VIP service in the National Opera House to an invited audience of top people who would not normally attend an evangelistic meeting — including politicians, church leaders of all denominations, businessmen and the cultural elite. Miraculously, I am invited to present the Gospel to them, pray and minister healing! Then on the Saturday & Sunday the Mission continues in the airfield. This programme includes the famous singer Ron Kenoly from USA and a Christian basketball team also from the USA — the cost of inviting them, which is enormous, has been paid by a Christian businessman I met in the Knesset in Israel! It will cost us nothing.
Because of the size of the airfield we are renting, hundreds, possibly thousands of young people will be camping at this Aviation Museum. In addition teams have already begun the programme of street evangelism and more than a thousand have already come to Christ. Finally because of the size of Poland, churches which are too far away are installing large TV screens to receive the preaching live---just as Billy Graham did 40-50 years ago in Britain. It is helpful that some of our organisers have worked with the Billy Graham Organisation.
To hold an evangelistic mission of this size costs a lot of money — so I need your support. Poland is not a rich country. And because there are very few evangelical believers we are unable to raise the money locally. As I have said before, there are more evangelical believers in Saudi Arabia than in Poland! Because time is so short, my vision for evangelism is not church or even citywide, but to reach a whole nation with the Gospel. We are only touching a small part of Europe. — yet this continent where you and I live is now the least evangelised part of the world. All the forces of secularism and Islam are destroying our historical beliefs and
we must act now — or it will be too late! But spiritual complacency rules in Europe today! Jesus said clearly that in the last days the invited guests would not come, so we must go out into the streets and 'compel' the sinners to come! (Luke 14:15-24)
Israel (8-10 November): In my last newsletter I said that the situation in Israel is critical and that I have been invited to return to Haifa this year. I have told the organisers that we are already overspending our budget this year and we cannot accumulate debt by simply borrowing to evangelise; I have prayed much over this issue. After much prayer I believe that it is very important to go again this year. Even the highest religious authority in the Middle East, when he saw how God is moving said: 'You have an open door, you must go in'. —So I have confirmed that we are definitely going back to Israel in November! I am simply standing in faith that God will provide the finance. — We cannot go without it — but we cannot refuse the challenge. Our God is able! This year we are experiencing the most amazing miracles in repentance, healings, and in financial provision! God honours faith. If we hold back and say we cannot afford to go, money does not come in — but if we go by faith God miraculously provides!
I am praying for you. Just as God needs me to respond, to say yes and go — so He also needs you to respond and support both with prayer and finance! The ministry is based upon partnership: I can only evangelise because you send me; and the evangelism only works because of the team God has provided. Our office in the UK work as a committed team, we only employ seven people. Our overseas organisers work as volunteers; we depend on local people to get the same vision as we have for evangelism. When they see the results they get fired up to do more. They can see that God Himself is fulfilling the vision — literally as the Word says, 'exceeding abundantly above what we can ask, think or imagine!' (Ephesians 3:20)
Thank you in Jesus Name! Together in the Kingdom we will share the reward.

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