Monday 8 July 2013

I am Mzungu Poem and comment on revival by Elaine Waterfield

I am Mzungu (white)You Jerating (black)
Like you
I was known by God before I was born
Before I was conceived in my mother’s womb God knew me
I live
I have breath
I suffer pain
I hurt when I fall
I cry tears
I love
I hate injustice
I have struggled all my life
Orphaned, bullied, abused, married divorced, widowed, grieved
Back slidden, alcoholic,
Ashamed needed Gods grace
Jesus salvation and transformation
The prodigal returned
I Mzungu
you Jerating
I cook
I clean
I walk
I dig the land, plant
Wash clothes
I give birth
I hold my child
Let it suckle at the breast
I know how to be abased and abound
I Mzungu
you Jerating
I have worked for all I have
No new cars
No new house
I have worked hard for all I have
Me I have no money
Jesus provides never lets us beg bread
I Mzungu
you Jerating
But why do you persecute me?
Over charge me
Then laugh at me
Expect, expect, expect
ATM machine
Money, money money money
Silver and Gold have I none but all I have is the Gospel
Me Mzungu
you Jereting
Am I friend or foe?
I feel your pain.
I know your pain
See your poverty
I know you poverty
I see death
I know death
I see hard work
I know hard work
I am a mere mortal
I am the same as you
I need Gods grace and mercy
God’s love
Your love
Me Mzungu, you Jerating
The only difference is colour
I am not experiencing different life
You live in a rural jungle
I lived in an urban jungle
What you don’t have
I don’t have in another way
What you do have
I have in another way
Me Mzungu am the same as Jerating
Just a different colour
I love you
Will you love me?
will you accept me
Me Mzungu
you Jereting

What is revival ??
A lot of Christians think its a lot of meetings where people get healed and Christians chase after signs and wonders but its my experience that Revival is about God doing something in the community, Addicts finding freedom and prostitutes having a 180% turn around, Muslims and other religions and cultures having an encounter with Jesus and then coming into the kingdom, crime reducing because lives are being changed and Christians in unity and harmony working together, being Jesus on the street Revival is Acts 2 and i Corinthians 13 sharing having fellowship sharing your things being taught the Gospel and then going out loving the unlovely and preaching the Gospel, healing the sick and casting out demons, love wins the day the love of Jesus.. Revival is so natural you cant see it unless you hear God
We are having revival here in Chungni ex criminals drunkards changa ladies, legions all coming to the lord the crime rate has reduced by 70% girls going to school with a 8% increase and performance higher, people being prospered by Gods grace its so natural that you would think it was normal when beleuve you me its not.

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