Monday 30 December 2013

Emeli Sandé - Read all about it Lyrics

Via The People's Voice

Pop songs are nicely ambiguous.
Much poetry is.
This song could mean for example:
Hey the times are fearful and bad, don't be afraid to have some "Tree of Good".
ie  we've had the bad end of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, let's have the Good end now

to , as it would say in Star Wars...restore the balance in the Force.

Is that all Emeli means? I don't know her.
I know what I mean by her lyrics.

I mean it's time to rip up the whole Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Floor Show, the Luciferian Taoist and witchcraft doctrines of you must have bad to have let's murder a few more babies in the Belgian Castle every morning as a blood sacrifice!!!!!

No, no,no
The Church is not here to preach a Catholic Nicaean Creed doctrine of appeasing an angry god...

we're here to continue Jesus' own message about laying the axe to the root. We're just not interested in the whole Tree...neither the good end or the bad end...

we're changing trees. To the Tree of pure Life source...the self for others Tree, the Tree with a Cross in the heart of it.

The life that goes into the ground like a seed and perishes that it might be raised as a fruitbearing plant....bearing an impossible amount of self replicating Life Seed....

And not being ashamed to say so....

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